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Why Balakot Counter Terror Strike Is A Milestone

On February 26, 2019, India made a point before the world – that now the nation is no longer willing to accept jihadi terrorism passively. The Balakot air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad’s terror training camp marks an important shift in the … Continue reading

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Pulwama Terror Attack: Imran Khan’s Worst Blunder!

The 2018 Pakistan s(election) installed Imran Khan as prime minister on expected lines. Now can Imran lift his country out of the financial-terrorism mess? Most likely answer is NO. Continue reading

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FATF ‘Grey List’ Isn’t ‘Grey Enough’ For Pakistan!

Pakistan finds itself again in the FATF watch list. Yet, its bravado and denial of realities remain ntact. Continue reading

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The Comedy Of Trump’s “Triple Talaq” To Pakistan!

Just when the Indian Supreme Court banned instant ‘triple talaq’ in India on August 22 the US president Donald Trump said the unthinkable. He uttered “Talaq Talaq Talaq” to Pakistan!  Pakistan was shocked. It went into the trauma of confusion … Continue reading

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Why Should The World Worry About Pak Nuclear Weapons

According to former National Security Director of Afghanistan, Rahamatullah Nabil, terror groups have deeply and widely infiltrated ranks of Pakistani military and secret agencies. Therefore, the world has to act before it is too late. According to the Stockholm International … Continue reading

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BALUCHISTAN – Another “Bangladesh” in the making?- Part 2

Will the human rights champion speak for creation of sovereign Balochistan? Or they only make noises that suit the Western interests?

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BALUCHISTAN – Occupied by Pakistan since 1948 – Part 1

Pakistan invaded Kashmir in 1947 but failed. It invaded Balochistan on April 1, 1948 and is still occupying it. Where is the International community that makes noise on Kashmir?

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