Citizenship Amendment Act 2019: Why India Should Exchange Minorities with Pakistan & Bangladesh

Passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 is a great humanitarian gesture by India, though it should have been done long ago. The Act seeks to expedite the process of awarding citizenship to the ill fated minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan — Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist and Christian — by changing the definition of illegal immigrant. In these 3 neighboring Sharia driven Islamic States, they have been living under constant threat to their dignity and life on their own ancient ancestral land. Some of them managed to get shelter in India but then became people without documentation. When the Bill was passed by the Parliament, it was an extraordinary day (of Freedom & Dignity) in their lives. It meant permanent freedom from Islamic atrocities, ensured by Indian citizenship, humane constitution and safe social environment among other people of their faith in India. It is true home coming in every sense.

No Minority Rights in the Islamic States

Winston Churchill recognized this inherent trait of Sharia-driven Islamic societies where non-Muslims are treated with total contempt, almost as if they are non-humans.

No place for non-Muslims in Islamic societies.

In 1947, colonial India’s Islamic partition was an exercise in total insanity and betrayed all commonsense. Creation of an ‘Islamic State’ of Pakistan (drawn through the Radcliffe partition line) was basically designed to serve the future British interests in the region through a puppet Islamic nation. Separatist Jinnah got his ‘Pakistan’ as two pieces of lands, separated by thousand miles of Indian territory. He was badly disappointed and labeled his Islamic paradise “a maimed, mutilated and moth-eaten” Pakistan. But beggars can’t be choosers and he got what he deserved. This was the karmic punishment for his heinous crime of trying to destroy the great Indian civilization!

But the power hungry mullahs became ecstatic, hailing it as victory of Islam and Allah, hoping for a permanent heavenly life in the Sharia paradise. But their heaven became a hell for the non-Muslim minorities, despite Jinnah’s deceptive rhetoric of secularism and protection of non-Muslims. In fact, the dark realities of the Sharia paradise forced a dalit Muslim League leader, Jogendra Nath Mandal who was also the first law minister of Pakistan, to return to India in 1950 for safety when he saw mass genocide, rape and forced conversions into Islam. He was certainly one among millions fooled by the treacherous Jinnah gang. Here is a short narration of his story of return to India for safety:

Even Muslims from UP, Bihar and other parts of India who were actually at the forefront demanding Pakistan and migrated to Pakistan became disillusioned when they got despised as Mohajir (refugee)!. They are still like second grade citizens of Pakistan. In another Sharia masterstroke, Pakistan even declared Ahmediya Muslims as non-Muslims! They can’t legally call themselves, Muslims, or their place of worship, Mosque!!  And, Ahmediyas were also most vociferous in demanding partition of colonial India for Muslims — Islam must be really a very crooked ideology if it betrays its own followers.

What India’s ‘secular’ media has failed to highlight is the fact that since 2014, Modi government has also given Indian citizenship to around 600 Pakistani Muslims for reasons of other hardships. This section of the media is now busy instill fear among barely educated and mullah/madarsa controlled Muslims — and again trying their best to demonize Modi.

Here is a rare sane advice from a Muslim intellectual to his own community:

Historic Mistake

In 1947, Gandhi/Nehru led Congress failed Indian people on two counts: One, by agreeing to create Pakistan on the basis of religion to mollify some power hungry mullahs. Two, then they failed to declare India a Non-Muslims country and did not push for complete segregation of Muslims and non-Muslims. It was totally ridiculous to give some Muslims a sovereign Islamic State while the rest were forced to live among what their faith teaches them to see as lowly kafir Hindus in India.

It was clearly injustice to the non-Muslims in India to accommodate Muslims whose heart beats for Sharia driven Islamic State. As a result, Indian society missed the golden opportunity to get rid of Muslim / non-Muslim clashes forever. And pitiably, it kept alive the possibility of another Islamic separatist movement whenever the Muslim community throws more Jinnahs on the scene. Equally sad, no one worried about the well being of the non-Muslim minorities left in Islamic Pakistan. They really got doomed for a life of oppression and humiliation at the hands of mullahs.

In order to safe guard minorities on both sides, the Nehru – Liaquat Ali agreement was signed in April 1950. But it remained a piece of garbage paper for the Pakistani mullahs. In contrast, the majority Hindus in India treated ‘minority’ Muslims with their traditional kindness. As a result, the Muslim population in India grew from 9% in 1948 to over 16% in 2019. Pakistani mullahs almost eliminated Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians through their trademark forced conversion and abduction and rape. Consequently, in the Sharia Land the minority population shrank from 24% in 1948 to 2% in 2019 — and still diminishing, as each year around 1000 minorities’ girls get abducted, raped, converted and married to lecherous mullahs. It is the typical Islamic ploy to breed more Muslims and prop up their numbers, practically everywhere they live. The idea is to ultimately Islamize the world through sheer numbers.

The horrific tale of destruction of Temples, Gurudwaras and Churches and forced conversions and abduction of non-Muslim girls is a ‘normal‘ part of Pakistani Islamic society. A Christian woman, Asia Bibi’s torture under blasphemy Law, abduction of a Sikh girl, and rape and murder of a Sindhi student are the most recent reminders of the hellish life of minorities in the Sharia paradise. Bangladesh, after murder of its founder, also fell into the dark Sharia dark-age as Wahhabi mullahs became almighty, repeating the standard Sharia tale of mental torture, abductions, rapes and conversions. How the Taliban tried decimating non-Muslims and pulled down the ancient Buddha Statues are also well known to the world. The Sikh population in Afghanistan decreased from 200,000  before Taliban to meager 500 now. Disgracefully, the human rights community chose to remain blind to it.

Why India and Pakistan/Bangladesh must Exchange Minorities

pak blasphemy 1

The medieval blasphemy mindset is a curse on humanity

While shrinking population of non-Muslims in these Sharia States is openly recognized, what is never talked about is the presence of ultra radical mullahs and the mini Pakistans in India. These are areas where local demography has changed and Muslims have become the dominant community. Such mini Pakistans exist all over India, particularly in areas along Bangladesh border, in the West  Bengal, Assam, Kerala, UP, Bihar etc. In many of these pockets, medieval mullahs move around imposing Sharia restrictions and threatening non-Muslims. Very often, frightened non-Muslims prefer to leave the areas — that further weakens Indian society and its democratic roots. For the radical mullahs non-Muslims are Kafir and hence Wajabul-Qatl (worth killing)! Most striking example of this sick medieval mentality is the notorious Hyderabadi Owaisi brothers who openly call for genocide and total extermination of all non-Muslim in India!!

India should take lead in exchanging minorities with Pakistan and Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. For lasting peace and social harmony in India, it will be a great idea to exchange non-Muslims of these three states with sharia loving Indian Muslims. There are lots of Indian Muslims who aspire for life in a Sharia driven society. Their dreams will come true if sent to Pakistan or Bangladesh. They are a threat for the humanity, a nuisance for India’s diverse social fabric and a blot on the great Hindu civilization that thrives on the principles of non-hatred, non-violence and respect for all human beings.

You can also help the ill-fated Hindus who are victims of persecution through this website:

Who is Opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill — The Lobby!

As usual The Lobby came out opposing the Bill. If you don’t know The Lobby, you don’t know people who can’t tolerate having a united and strong India. The Lobby incorporates the anti-India group that aims to break India into pieces (in the name of Allah), the jihadi activists who bat for terrorists, the anti-Hindu Islamic radicals aiming to Islamize India, the pro-Pak elements of Gandhi-Vadra Congress Party and their ilk, the so-called ‘secular’ politicians who garner Muslims votes through scare-mongering and the Lutyen’s journalists/intellectuals who behave like self appointed spokespersons of the Imperial British and look down upon Hindus.

The TOI group, which is another relic from the Imperial British era like the BBC, and many other pro Islamic media houses actively nurture activists of The Lobby to push their divisive agendas. Till recently, they were advocating entry of Rohingya Muslims into India because they are Muslim. Now they are opposing entry of Non-Muslims because it goes against their Islamic agenda of propping up Muslim headcount in India.

The Lobby, along with Vadra Congress, is inciting people of the North East through misinformation campaign. They are obviously joined by the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim migrants.

The most ridiculous opposition comes from the radical mullahs; they call it anti-Muslim!! They are too dumb to understand that the Bill is all about giving citizenship to victims of persecution in the neighboring Islamic States, It has nothing to do with them or with any Indian citizen. Equally illiterate are the student protesters of Jamia Milia University and the AMU who can’t read English and the text of the CAA. No wonder, with such low quality education Indian Muslims remain cursed to live in permanent poverty and backwardness.

The same mullahs have been fighting for the Mosque built over destroyed Ram Temple in Ayodhya by the barbaric invader Babar. Why they want to glorify an invader and oppose Hindu deity on Hindus’ own ancient land is beyond the comprehension of any rational mind.

Another falsehood is propagated by the TOI group by claiming that India-Afghanistan don’t share border. This dumb imperial mouthpiece doesn’t know that the Afghanistan borders the POK which is an integral part of India. Its jihadi-like hysteria propagated by this anti-India media group against abrogation of the Article 370 is still fresh in the minds of Indian people.

Voice of Pakistani Hindus: Why They want Indian Citizenship 

Shameful Reality of Islamic Societies Liberals don’t Talk About

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