Terrorism Sympathisers in India – A Wake Up Call For Hindus

They all wanted to stop Yakub's hanging because he was Muslim!

They all wanted to stop Yakub’s hanging because he was Muslim!

The unusual and shameful events that preceded and followed the execution of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts co-conspirator, Yakub Memon, on 30 July 2015 should be an eye opener for all patriotic Indians, particularly Hindus who not only make up 80% of India’s population but also inherit its ancient spiritual culture. India has a unique ancient civilization that has produced the Vedas, Ayurveda, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita, various yoga and meditation traditions and the eternal Dharma – all for the benefit of the humanity.

Although last 10 century of dominance by outside forces has changed its demographic homogeneity, but India is still known as a land of pre-Christ Buddha and Mahavira – unique messengers of peace and non-violence. Its universal dharma tradition was kept alive in recent centuries by the likes of Nanak, Paramhans Yogananda, Vivekananda, Sivanand, Satyanand Saraswati, and so on.

But the socio-political make-up of the country has drastically changed since the so-called independence from the colonial rule in 1947. Country’s partition gave Muslims’ their cherished land of Pakistan (land of purity) and saddled Hindus with the nuisance of ‘secularism’ in India.

Looking at how the political game has been played in last six decades, it is now very clear that anti-Hindu forces have been consciously nurtured, exploiting the lack of coherence among Hindus as a united political community.

Anti-Hindu and Anti-India Forces Exposed

In 1947, the Islamic communal virus divided the ancient land of Hindus that led to killings of a million people and mass migrations from one part to another. This divisive virus is still alive – may be even thriving 68 years later. Traitor Yakub’s sentencing proved it beyond iota of doubt.

The manner in which convicted criminal Yakub’s hanging was politicised made it explicit that forces thriving on anti-Hindu and anti-Hindu sentiments have grown to dangerous proportions. They can become a threat for nation’s integrity any time in the future.

The last week of July 2015 presented a scenario – totally unthinkable to any sane Indian.

The convicted killer of 257 people in 1993 Mumbai blasts was glorified as an ‘innocent Muslim martyr’ and thousands with skull caps gathered in his funeral in Mumbai. The juvenile Indian media added fuel to the fire by obsessively focusing on Yakub to the exclusion of practically every other news.

Even demise of a true national hero and a real patriot, Abdul Kalam, was pushed aside to highlight the communal and distorted agenda to make Indian judiciary look partisan and biased in ‘Hindu India’. Media’s love for communal elements of Muslim and Christian communities is an old affair. Its anti-Hindu stance is also now a new development, but for some strange reason it used Yakub’s hanging to show its utterly irresponsible and disruptive face.

The intellectual bankruptcy of media was glaringly displayed by the likes of NDTV, AAJTAK and ABP News – of course they enjoy the ‘absolute right to free speech’, without slightest sense of social or national responsibility. A lot of good natured and responsible Indians switched off their TV sets to look for some sane and balanced reporting.

The extreme communal Muslim politics was represented by Hyderabadi Owaisi, well known for his anti-Hindu hate speeches and endless talks of establishing Muslim rule in India. He did his best to depict Yakub as an innocent Muslim, persecuted by Hindu rulers of India.

The worst expose was the noted Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah who also wanted mercy for Muslim Yakub – and this actor was killing Muslim terrorists in disgust in the movie ‘Wednesday’ !

The midnight drama at CJI’s residence was the most pathetic and unnecessary defence of a traitor who was convicted after 2 decades of trial in various courts and pardoning of 10 other sentencings! It was a glaring display of irresponsible legal activism, led by ex-AAP activist Prashant Bhushan.

Question: Why these people don’t mourn the hanging of convicted Muslim terrorists in Pakistan? Are they not Muslim?

Indian people know it is all posturing by powerful vested interests who have thrived making noise around ‘distorted secularism’.

Who are These Anti-Hindu and Anti-India Forces

rahul gandhi 2

An alien wants to defend the “Land of Hindus” from Hindus !!!

The communal drama of Yakub sympathy was a well planned but silly attempt to paint Modi as a anti-Muslim and hence ‘communal’ prime minister. It was certainly a display of frustration by pseudo-secularists or “sickulars” of India who have been vehemently and continuously maligning Modi, BJP and Hindus as communal for last 10-15 years – as part of their standard minority ‘vote bank’ politics. During Lok Sabha election in 2014, they did their best to create an impression that if BJP and Modi come to power minorities (typically Muslims) will be in big trouble.

To their utter dismay they could not pick up any sign of communal trouble in the first year of Modi government – ‘Hindu devil Modi’ has proven their prophecy wrong!

Yakub’s hanging offered them the silly opportunity to play out their mental communal plot in public. Rajdeep Sardesai is the best representative of the media prophets who would love to see Hindus get radicalized like what goes on in the Muslim community – for their wisdom to come true.

Is Congress Party now  Muslim League?

Is Congress Party now Muslim League?

Anyone watching Indian politics since 2000 can tell that under the lead of anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi and pathetic ‘sickular’ Digvijay Singh the Congress party has been trying to demonize Modi – as a Hindu demon who wants to eat away the whole Muslim community. Remember Sonia’s idiotic and slanderous statement calling Modi a “Maut Ka Saudagar” after 2002 Gujarat riots. It was perhaps the sickest attempt to polarize Indian society along religious lines by a lady who hardly understands Indian people and their culture, but Nehru family connection has turned her into something like the First Lady of India.

During the 10 years of Sonia-Rahul’ UPA there was a conscious effort to malign 100 crore Hindus, whose philosophy doesn’t prescribe anything like terrorizing or killing people of other faiths, and equate them at par with Muslims and their philosophy of decimating non-Muslims.

I can vouch that over 99% Indians don’t even know what is the real meaning of ‘secularism’ and to whom it is applied. As a result, the likes of Sonia, Mulayam, Laloo, Nitish and other self-declared ‘secular’ con-artists of politics and media automatically brand Hindus as ‘communal’. They will do themselves a favour if they get some basic understanding of secularism.

Patriotic Indians should also feel grateful towards Yakub that he also exposed Islamic extremists living in India but take pride in maligning Hindus and weakening the cohesive social fabric of the country. It is good that the likes of Owaisis and Abu Azamis came into national limelight, for the filthy and disruptive thinking they promote.

At least now the country knows who are the hidden Jinnahs and Jaichands’ of ‘secular’ India.

Finally, a voice of sanity from a small neighbor:

Nepali Muslim want Hindu nation

80% of the 1 million Muslim population in Nepal want the country to be a Hindu Nation! Why? Because they feel insecure in ‘secular’ Nepal due to activities of Christian Missionaries!

Indian Muslims have a lot to learn from them, and all they have to do is to prevent spread of Wahhabism among Indian Muslims and become outspoken against import Islamic terror of Pakistan and Middle East.

Do Indians Suffer From Macauley Infection?

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Is ISIS A Serious Threat To India?

ISIS caliphate mapExperts advice that although the reports of a possible ISIS threat should not be taken lightly, there is no need for panic. In fact, Being the breeding ground of so many Jihadi terrorist groups Pakistan is at a bigger risk than India. And fortunately, by and large Indian Muslims are still more peaceful and tolerant than their Pak counterparts. Credit for this must squarely go to 80% Hindus whose Dharma based lifestyle is inherently tolerant and with inbuilt respect for other religious philosophies.

A 32-page Urdu-language document found in a Pakistan’s lawless tribal area from a Taliban fighter reveals that the ISIS has grand ambitions of developing a new terrorist army in the Afghan- Pak region bureaucratic uniting numerous extremist factions into a single Islamic army of terror. And then trigger a war in India to provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world.” The undated document has a title: A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC), The Caliphate According to the Prophet.

It demands that the Islamic State’s leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims under a religious empire called a “caliphate” and wishes to take over the entire world and behead every person that rebels against Allah.

It is not surprising because the Islamic State had made its threats and intentions clear in June 2014, when it released maps detailing the its wish to expand the caliphate to Khorasan – a historic name for a region covering Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other countries of the region.

The Taliban that ruled Afghanistan until ousted by the U.S. troops in 2001 is still fighting the current Afghan government. It has to decide whether to vow allegiance to the ISIS or thwart its expansion into Afghanistan.

The document talks of “preparations” for an attack in India that will provoke an apocalyptic with Indo-America confrontation. Attack on ‘Hindu India’ is always a cherished dream of every hardcore Islamist who loves to hate Kafirs and decimate them. It will surely raise the stature of ISIS.

The ISIS strategy is different from that of Al Qaeda which launched terror attacks on the United States and Western nations, it wants to focus on an armed uprising in the Arab world for the establishment of the caliphate and then ‘conquer the whole world’.

While the US actions against the ISIS has been limited to targeted air-strikes and training Iraqi army to fight this new and more deadly Islamic menace, the ISIS has successfully recruited tens of thousands of fighters and sympathizers from around the world.

Now most anti-terror experts believe that they will not be defeated by military means alone, it has to be simultaneously fought on the ideological front also.

Can ISIS Expand to South Asia?

Most military experts see the ISIS document as mere pipe dream because it lacks the military capability to reach out globally and it will be an achievement if it survives for long.

They point out that the ISIS succeeded in Iraq and Syria primarily because it did not meet an organized or united opposition. Iran is the only country that is putting troops on the ground against the ISIS, but in regional politics of middle east Shia Iran has to stand isolated among other countries that practice extreme Sunni Islam. For a variety of reasons they would be unwilling to unite with Iran against the ISIS – that also represents an extreme Sunni form of Islam.

The ISIS also continues to thrive because the mighty US and West is unwilling to put forces on the ground. Whatever limited air-strikes they do is grossly insufficient to finish the ISIS insurgency.

Thirdly, the neighbouring countries around the ISIS controlled areas have, for whatever reasons, are allowing it to sell oil in the black market to raise money.

Thus, the ISIS arose and continues to get stronger in the Middle East.

But at least at present it lacks the capability to take on Indian or any other South Asian army. However, it certainly has the potential to create some violent disruptions and chaos depending upon its local support in India.

Are There ISIS Sympathisers In India?

So far the ISIS did not have any significant recruitment success in India, comparing the response it got from Europe and other developed nations. As yet there is no report of any Indian Muslim joining the ISIS and coming back to plan terror strikes in India, as has happened in Europe. Thus, the ISIS appears to have no perceptible foot-prints in India as of now.

Although ISIS flag is often hoisted in Kashmir along with Pak flag but that is squarely Pak sponsored activity through its Jihadi factories in POK. In South India Kerala stands out as another possible flash point with Islamic violence, due to its high population of Muslim NRIs working in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and other gulf nations. Since they are used to seeing Islamic extremism and Wahhabism  the Muslim community in Kerala is somewhat easily radicalised. It’s a consolation that population numbers are rather small in Kerala, but Jihadi violence doesn’t need any big Muslim population for spread of terror.

Indian agencies have identified 12 states in the country which could be easily disturbed by the ISIS’s Jihadi terror: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal.

ISIS is Already Waging An Online War In India!

More than the occasional ISIS flag in Srinagar, it is its presence on the internet that poses a bigger threat to India’s security. The threat of such propaganda that gets delivered to personal devices across the planet, bypassing all security checks and censors, is something all countries are grappling with. But for India, the threat is gets bigger due to legal safety mechanisms to counter it.

Involvement of an Indian in ISIS cyber propaganda was unearthed in 2014 when an investigation by a British news channel revealed that a major ISIS propagandist Mehdi Biswas operates from Bengaluru. When Biswas was arrested he had more than 17,000 followers and around 128,000 tweets. Western experts who study the media strategy of ISIS say that it is well organized.

So far, only a handful Muslim youth from India have joined the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria – some estimates say it is less than 20. In the first such exposures, four youths from Kalyan (near Mumbai) reached Syria to join ISIS’s Jihad. Although one was brought back under curious circumstances by intelligence agencies, nothing can be said about why exactly they are attracted towards religion based violence in another corner of the world. On August 6, ISIS affiliated social media reported that a former Indian Mujahideen member Mohammed Sajid (hailing from Azamgarh, UP) died fighting for ISIS in the Kobani town of Syria. Then, there are reports of a Kerala journalist who had worked in Qatar joined the ISIS after coming in contact with its social media operators.

Some officials believe there could be more such recruits since the number of Indians who may have joined the Islamic State or its affiliates from their temporary residence in the Persian Gulf nations remains largely unknown.

Indian Government is Gearing to Limit Probable ISIS Support Base

Over the past few weeks, some counter activities from Indian government have emerged for deradicalization of potential ISIS/extremism sympathizers.

The Home Ministry has decided to increase the cyber patrolling program because almost 9 out of 10 recruitments take place there. There is a need to come up with strategies to ensure that more and more internet terror modules are busted.

The government plans to set up outreach programs by involving elders of the Muslim communities, so that the Wahhabi and other intolerant Islamic cults can be discouraged. Already, intelligence agencies are tightening their watch on people going to the Middle East.

Saudi imported Wahhabism is at present the biggest ideological threat that actually sows the seeds of extremism, hate and intolerance among Muslims. They have been importing this radical Islamic philosophy since decades all over the world and given the might of money this radical philosophy has virtually wiped out other peaceful and local versions of Islam from most countries.

However, given the huge population of Muslims in South Asian countries – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – and rather high poverty Wahhabis can easily influence or take over Mosques and Islamic education centers.

Intelligence agencies have discovered that during 2011 – 2014 alone as many as 25,000 Wahhabi preachers come to India for conducting seminars in various parts of the country. They brought with them a sum totalling about Rs 1700 crore and literature to propagate the Wahhabi Islam.

They achieved good success in Kerala, from where a large population works in Saudi Arabia, and it is reported that they have taken control of around 75 Mosques. Kerala has also seen the largest inflow of funds in recent years. Asection of Kerala Muslims mourned the death and Osama bin Laden and hanging of Mumbai attack terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

They plan to set up at least 4 universities for exclusive Wahhabi preachings, of which one will come up in Andhra Pradesh.

Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith is the umbrella body that oversees these Wahhabi activities in India. It was born in J&K but then spread to Maharashtra, UP, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Karnataka.

Wikileaks cables suggest that the Saudis are worried about neutralizing Iran’s influence over Indian Shia Muslims.

Explore Further:

Wahhabism: The Ideological Force Behind Islamic Extremism

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Yakub Memon’s Hanging: So, Terrorists have Religion !

yakub 2“Terrorism has no religion” – leaders all over the world repeat this line like a broken record, Indian leaders are no exception. But convicted terrorist Yakub Memon’s hanging on July 30 proved them all wrong.

Terror has a Religion !   Terrorism is not a ‘Secular’ act; it is very much part and parcel of political dominance and control in the name of religion. PERIOD.

This was the message India’s sold media, cheap communal politicians and activists whose strings are pulled from distant corners of the world gave to the whole world – loud and clear. They did their best to convey the impression that India is now a unique non-Islamic nation where a Muslim criminal has special privileges by virtue of his religion!

Foreign tourists who had been coming to India looking for peace, tranquilly and spirituality in this ancient land of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak, Kabir, Paramhans Yoganand and Vivekanand will now think twice. They would also find it hard to believe that on this spiritual land now a traitor and conspirator of 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, which killed 257 innocent people, wounded hundreds and brought the financial capital of India to stand-still gets glorified, as a Muslim martyr! No surprise, if they start to wonder: Is India being Islamicised?

1993 Mumbai Blasts: 13 Things You Should Know
What actually happened on March 12, 1993

Glorification of a Criminal

yakub - Indian expressNever seen before in independent India, it was an unbelievable blatant attempt to glorify a criminal – because he came from a particular religious community, darling of left-wing self-declared ‘secularists’ and appeasement politicians of all hue and shade, for vote bank politics.

“India should not implement the death sentence, because he is a Muslim” – this was the demand of a Hyderabadi parliamentarian, a well known communal face for his hate-Hindu speeches. If any one goes through his hate speeches, he would be left wondering why this man lives in India where 85 percent population is of Hindus and why he has not yet migrated to Islamic middle-east or neighboring Pakistan, for that matter. If Baghdadi of ISIS talks of a global Islamic Caliphate, this gentleman(?) has similar plans for India. Those born after 1947 can now easily imagine how India was divided by Jinnah (whose lifestyle was anything but Islamic), in the name of Islam.

owaisi logic

Here is a piece of Asaduddin Owaisi brain !!!   It speaks for his intellectual level – as any “frog of the Well” will know. Islam means a tool for power, control and dominance for Great Mr Owaisi – and the road starts with spreading hate. Read Jinnah of Modern India

Here are some more photocopies of Owaisi

Soon other out-of-power appeasement politicians joined the chorus, using different set of words and juvenile media did its best to create a hysteria as if the Supreme Court of India has wilfully convicted an ‘innocent’ Muslim man in a trial that lasted over 2 decades !

The Congress led opposition behaved as if the government of India (because it is headed by BJP and Modi) is running after an ‘innocent convict’ because he is Muslim !  But Sonia Congress is by now the best known anti-Hindu party in India. Sonia has yet to make a statement saying, “Terrorists are Maut Ke Saudagar” – it is not clear what is holding her back.

How can the print media stay behind when the agenda is to glorify a Muslim convict as an ‘innocent victim’. The INDIAN EXPRESS shouted on the front page: “And they hanged Yakub.” The Times of India with colonial roots can’t be expected to stay behind. It screamed on the front page: “Night Without End: Death at Dawn”.

Kalam’s demise was not worthy of central space on the front page of these two papers – now big and self-serving for the comfort of their ordinary readers.

Juvenile Indian Media

The fact that vested interests were dictating media was obvious to even any political novice. Here is just one (among many) example:

On July 30 at around 3.30 pm the anchor on NDTV gave away the story when she (yet again) announced the BIGGEST news of the day – hanging of Yakub Memon!

Here are other BIG stories of the day that were not the BIGGEST for this channel:

  1. Funeral of “People’s President” Dr Abdul Kalam
  2. Death of SP Baljit Singh fighting terrorists in Gurdaspur
  3. Massive floods in Gujarat and Rajasthan
  4. Congress not allowing parliament to function

There can be another half a dozen such news pieces on that day that should have been given air space. But what can you say to smug pseudo-intellectuals armed the “absolute” Freedom of Speech to choose and decide what India’s common men should or should not watch.

Are they wise enough to understand what news should be given priority over others, as part of their social responsibility?

Experience tells they are no more than bunch of half-grown middle school kids running with camera and microphone. Having the family-given names like Rajdeep Sardesai or Sagarika Ghose or Barkha Dutta or Rahul Kanwal actually don’t change the argument. They are certainly good and well known names; but so what? Names don’t make people smarter; quality of grey matter does.

Anyway, good thing is that Yakub exposed many traitors around us.

yakub 3But there were some channels that showed great sense of social responsibility- it must be highlighted.

Gutter Level Communal Politics

yakub Mercy_PetitionIf communal Owaisi highlighted Yakub’s Islamic identity (and made it look like persecution of Muslims in Hindu India!), for obvious vote bank gains, his communal tone was closely matched by Abu Azami of SP and his deputy who demanded Yakub’s wife’s in parliament !!  The likes of such miserable characters idiotically ended up equating Indian Muslims as criminals – it must be strongly condemned by all. With such a pathetic low level mindset they don’t deserve Indian citizenship.

These closed brain Muslim(?) leaders have no appreciation of majority Hindu’s tolerant nature and fairness of judicial system despite its shortcomings. Death Penalty Research Project of the National Law University (NLU), Delhi research tells that since independence 1414 people have been hanged in India; only 72 were Muslims – less than 5 %.  So, who was Mr Owaisi trying to fool ????

secular Hindus

Well known terrorist sympathiser Digvijay Singh of Sonia Congress echoed Owaisi’s sentiment and ‘secular’ Shashi Tharror was “saddened” by Yakub’s execution.  Digvijay Singh’s love for extremists and hate against Hindu organizations is well known and obsessive. He has earlier gone to the extent of blaming the 26/11 Mumbai attack on RSS!  Other Congressis went ahead with the usual game of calling the BJP communal. Below is the Secular certificate of Sonia Congress’s Digvijay Singh.

digvijay secular

So-called mainstream channels organized ‘debates’ with break after each 2 minutes as if they are retrying Yakub and ‘final’ verdict will be given by them!

Practically all forgot that the verdict was given by the apex court of India – which should be given TOTAL respect by all Indians.

While the battalion of camera/microphone live reporters got busy tracing misguided Muslims for their ‘remarks’ of Yakub hanging, practically no one bothered to talk to the families of 257 victims or those who suffered losses.

Sensationalism is what decides the worthiness of news items in modern Indian media where you can’t tell which news is not a “paid news”. Bihar elections are coming up: soon they will come up with PAID pre-poll surveys – result depending upon who paid for it !!

The midnight drama to save Yakub at the residence of CJI by Activist Prashant Bhushan and others convinced ordinary Indians that all is certainly not well in our intelligentsia. (I am sure soon there will be an announcement of some ‘human rights’ award to one of these rights champions, from some corner of the world.)

Indo-Pak demographies-horzOn a side note, will any of these champions of Muslim cause explain why Non-Muslims have disappeared from Pakistan?  And how the Muslim percentage in India is increasing; it is likely to touch 18% in next 10 years and India should surpass the Muslim population of Indonesia to become the global leader in Muslim population !

Despite the endless bad publicity of Hindu organizations and coining the deceptive phrase “Hindu terror” by Congressmen  Hindu life philosophy has no concept of killing people of other faiths.  I am sure not only Indian Muslims, but the whole world knows it very well – in no country Hindus ever provoke confrontation with people of other faiths; in fact, they mingle freely in local culture and tradition and remain FAITHFUL to that land and nation.

And why all this fuss on sentencing a criminal: because Yakub was a Muslim !  Even a toddler would laugh at this Owaisi logic.

Here is the confession of Yakub, which no one cared to mention

Let’s Remember the Real Heros – Dr Kalam and SP Baljit Singh

Here again the Congress culture of ignoring leaders outside Nehru family was uniquely displayed by Assam CM Tarun Gogoi who was dancing with girls in a function while the country was mourning loss of Dr Kalam. Many communal brains derided Dr Kalam for not being “real” Muslim – their “real” means a closed brain Islamic fundamentalist who puts ‘Allah’ in every sentence and talks of Jihad against non-Muslims.

kalam baby kissBut the picture here shows genuine tribute to Dr Kalam who has inspired Indian youth throughout his career. In Gurdaspur terror attack, SP Baljit Singh succumbed to head injury but paid media and appeasement politicians found no time to pay respect to him that he deserved.

Army was busy saving lives of people in Gujarat and Rajasthan floods – all went ignored by czars of Free Speech, who were busy faking love for Muslims. Mr Sardesai perhaps gets no kick in reporting such trivial news of dying poor people.

Yakub’s hanging exposed the hidden agenda of forces trying to destabilize India – they want to recreate another 1947 exploiting the same divisive communal forces. What do you make of the fact that security of SC judges who gave the verdict has been beefed up. The news of eminent ISIS attack on India makes the distorted and irresponsible reporting of a convict’s execution all the more serious. Now anti-India plotters have a better idea who their potential allies in India are; and who are India’s proud Jaichands.

Does Muslim community champions like Owaisi and Abu Azami have any plan to prevent Muslim youth from being attracted to ISIS’s barbaric Islamic philosophy? Perhaps doing that would be against their pathetic understanding of Islam!

It will be an injustice to Buddha, Mahavira and numerous saints of this ancient spiritual land to start worshipping villains and criminals – just to appease a small section of people following a foreign radical faith. I wonder why so many other minority faiths have no problem living in peace and harmony with so many other sects, castes and faiths.  Parasis, Jews, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, and so many others groups hardly make any news for wrong reasons. It is a good food for thought for the fake champions of Indian Muslims and the separatist/extremist elements in it!

Now the real question: Does stalling of parliament by Sonia Congress also fits-in somewhere in this wider disturbing picture?

Peace lovers must read:

Why Indian “Secularism” is So Distorted?
World Needs More DHARMA; Less Religion
Owaisi – Jinnah of Modern India !
Wahhabism: The Ideological Force Behind Islamic Extremism

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Power Sector and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Current Power Status of India

installed_power_capacity-INDIA_2014 -1Energy demand in India is fuelled by rapidly growing economy and the rising population of urban India which consumes much more electricity than the rural folks. Rightly or wrongly current policies are encouraging urbanization, therefore rapid growth in the power sector is a must.

The power sector in India had an installed capacity of 258.7 GW at the end of Jan 2015. In 2013, India became the world’s third largest producer of electricity with 4.8% global share in electricity generation surpassing Japan and Russia. In March 2013, the per capita electricity consumption was 917 kWh as per official figures; so it is speculated to be about 950 kWh in Feb 2015, which is only about a quarter of the world average. Transmission and Distribution losses in India are also quite high – about 26% in distribution and more than 7% in transmission.

According to the Load Generation Balance Report 2014 – 15 from the Ministry of Power the country is expected to experience a peak power shortage of 2.0%(demand 147.82 GW, supply 144.79 GW) and energy shortage of 5.1% (demand 1048.67 G units, supply 995.18 G units. The worst sufferers are the Southern (energy shortage 12.7% and peak deficit 22.2%) and North-Eastern Regions (energy deficit 17.4% and peak shortage 12.9%).

Thanks to fast-paced industrialization of the economy in recent years, India can now easily boast to be the third largest global polluter after the US and China! (The more you “develop”, the more you pollute!!)

Future Plans

India’s plans are not limited to building just renewable plants, it also want to have 63 GW of nuclear power capacity by 2032 – an almost 14-fold increase on current levels. It currently has 22 nuclear reactors and plans to build 40 more in next two decades. India had 115 GW of coal-fired capacity on May 31, 2012 and an additional 87 GW is under construction. Thus, coal will continue to play a crucial role towards the proposed energy sufficiency but the focus will shift to the renewables.

RE producer can either enter preferential tariff agreement or opt for the REC route
RE producer can either enter preferential tariff agreement or opt for the REC route

Thrust on Renewable Energy

In India, “Renewable energy (RE) sources” mean small hydro (below 25 MW), wind, solar including its integration with combined cycle, biomass, bio fuel co-generation, urban or municipal waste and other such sources as recognized (or approved) by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

Driven by climatic concerns and energy security, the Indian government has launched an ambitious plan to harness the renewable energy resources of the country. The National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) sets a target for the share of renewable energy based power generation from the current 4% to 15% by 2020. Then, in 2014 the new Indian government of Modi launched a much more ambitious plan and launched a $160 plan which includes creating 100 GW solar and 55 GW wind capacities by 2022 apart from saving 20 GW power through energy efficient means.

It is committed to provide “Power for All” by 2019 at a cost of $250 billion. While official claim that electricity has reached around 96% of all villages in India, it does not mean that all homes there get electricity. Thus, according to the 2011 census only 55% of rural homes use electricity as the primary source of lighting and around 300 million people have no access to grid power. By comparison, electricity has reached 99.7% homes in China – almost universal coverage.

Currently, India has just 33 GW of clean energy capacity – with 22 GW from wind, about 3 GW from solar energy and the remaining from small hydro and biomass projects. In comparison, China’s installed PV capacity increased from 0.8GW in 2010 to 18.6GW in 2013; now it is aiming for 70 GW by 2018.

Continue Reading

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BALUCHISTAN – Another “Bangladesh” in the making?- Part 2


Will the human rights champion speak for creation of sovereign Balochistan? Or they only make noises that suit the Western interests?

Originally posted on Living in Pakistan:

By markulyseas

No Pakistani will forget the humiliation of the 1971 war with India and the Independence of East Pakistan which then became Bangladesh. However, there are few Pakistanis who will admit to the genocide committed by their Army under the direct command of General Yahya Khan. It is surprising that none of these mass murderers were ever brought to trial in an international court of justice. Even now if a Pakistani is confronted with this unseemly past they are quick to shrug it off as propaganda.

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti Killed by Militry by Pakistani Dictator General Musharaff Orders

Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, killed under orders from General Musharraf

Baluchistan is heading down the same path for the very same reasons that East Bengal became independent.

Denial of rights and privileges of the common people
The looting of natural resources with no corresponding development in infrastructure.
Little or…

View original 728 more words

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BALUCHISTAN – Occupied by Pakistan since 1948 – Part 1


Pakistan invaded Kashmir in 1947 but failed. It invaded Balochistan on April 1, 1948 and is still occupying it. Where is the International community that makes noise on Kashmir?

Originally posted on Living in Pakistan:

By markulyseas

Not many people know that Baluchistan was not a part of Pakistan in 1947; And that it was invaded in 1948 by Pakistan who is occupying it ever since without any international protests. Pakistan has continued to commit genocide and loot the natural resources of this mineral rich State.

Here is a brief outline of the history of Baluchistan. The picture below is the front page of The New York Times, August 15, 1947. It clearly shows Baluchistan as an independent country!

Baluchistan Status in 1947, According to New York Times

The strategic importance of Balochistan has had, and still has, a positive and negative effect on Baluch nationalism. Because of its strategic location in the Perso-Oman Gulf, with 700 miles long seacoast, the area has been important to the trade of the West since the rise of the imperialism. Its strategic importance provides an opportunity to the…

View original 1,815 more words

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Why Pakistan is So Wrong on Kashmir

Pakistan’s love for Kashmir is pure Islamic – in the “exclusionary” sense as people know Islam today. This is the source of all problems Pakistan has been creating in Kashmir. Since 1947, Pakistan has failed to understand that Kashmir’s identity is not Islam, and certainly not any form of the backward looking Islamic fundamentalism that wants to go back to the 7th century world.

So, what makes Kashmiris, Kashmiri? What distinguishes them from societies? Around 60% Kashmiris do call themselves Muslims, but even for them being Kashmiri is at least as important as being Muslim. They don’t consider the rest of the 40% non-Muslims as aliens or enemies. Their contribution to Kashmir’s unique culture is not less than those of the Muslims. Kashmiri identity is made up of many things, apart from elements of “spiritual” Islam. To make the point clear, let’s give a simile.

The majority of French or Dutch people follow Christianity, but it would be wrong to say that Christianity is what makes them French or Dutch. If we followed this logic, all European countries would have exactly one and the same identity – Christianity. But we know, it’s wrong and deceptive to say so because being Christian is just a part of their identity. Exactly in the same way, there is much more to Kashmiri identity than Islam – which has so many interpretations.

Kashmiris identify themselves with the Sufi-Rishi culture that evolved in the Valley in last 600 years. It is absolutely different from the hate-all culture that Pakistan promotes as Islam. It unites Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists in Kashmir. It teaches people to love each other – something unthinkable from the Islamic extremists trained by Pakistan.

What is the Sufi-Rishi Culture of Kashmir

Sufi-Rishi Culture of Kashmir

Sufi-Rishi Culture of Kashmir

It is a beautiful amalgamation of the “spiritual” Sufi Islam and the universal “Dharma” of Hindus. It is a well known fact that Sufis have been historically persecuted by traditional Muslim clergy who considered them non-Muslims. Thus, in 14 century they started arriving from Central Asia looking for safe refuge. Since Sufis believe in practicing the “essence” of Prophet’s teachings, they found an ideal environment in Kashmir which, being in Himalayas, has been an ancient abode of spiritual seekers – Hindu Sanyasis, ascetics, monks and Rishis of different traditions.

Since Sufis practiced “pure” spirituality which is the “essence” of the prophet’s teachings, it couldn’t be different from the India’s “Dharma” – the universal laws of ethics and morality – lived and taught by countless Rishis and sages since ages. Their deep commitment to the Islamic philosophy of Divine Unity (wahdat-ul-wajud) mirrored the Hindu philosophy of non duality (Advaita). Thus, even if they used Arabic phrases their message of love, peace and ‘oneness of humanity’ easily transcended the divides of languages, faiths, beliefs and religions.

A noted scholar has described the Sufi-Rishi culture in this peculiar way: “a Kashmiri expression of Islam” and an “Islamic expression of the Kashmiri rishi tradition.”  It is only in Kashmir where Muslims have Hindu surnames such as ‘pandit’ and ‘bhat’.

What distinguished the Sufis from other Islamic preachers was their absolute focus on the “spiritual essence” of Islam. They did not preach mere words of Islam to establish its supremacy or dominate people, but their compassionate conduct attracted all people. Keeping away from all worldly pleasures, they also devoted a lot of time in prayers or meditation, like ancient saints of the soil. Their extremely simple, humble and compassionate demeanours always reminded people of the ancient rishis.

Thus, Islamic Sufis became Rishis in Kashmir! And what evolved over centuries is what Kashmiris proudly call their Sufi-Rishi culture. They also love to call Kashmir – the garden of Pirs, saints and sages.

Early Sufi and Rishi

Sayyed Sharfuddin Abdur Rahman from Turkistan, who arrived in the thirteenth century, was the earliest known Sufi in Kashmir. He later became popular as Bulbul Shah. The next popular Sufi immigrant was the 14th century Iranian Sufi saint, Mir Sayyed Ali Hamdani who arrived with many disciples. They spread the principles of the Kubrawi Sufi order in the region.

The non-discriminatory flavour of Sufism grew into a powerful social movement. What evolved after encounter of Sufi wonderers with local traditions was the Muslim Rishi movement, the only indigenous Sufi order in Kashmir. It was an all assimilating philosophy through its core belief in universal values of love, peace and harmony, and the common fraternal bond permeating the whole humanity. It appealed people because they cherished such beliefs deep within.

Sheikh Nur ud-Din Noorani (1377-1440), more popular as Nund Rishi, is often seen as the pioneer of the Sufi Rishi tradition in Kashmir. People saw him as an ‘enlightened’ saint for whom Islam was a universal message of love, tolerance and service, and at the same time a crusaded against social injustice and useless rituals. Serving humanity was a cornerstone of this tradition and helping the poor and suffering people was seen superior to rituals of worshipping God.

It is only in Kashmir that sufi Islam dominated the society, thanks to the ancient dharma based culture of the land. Sufis and Rishis could even reprimand traditional Islamic preachers as well as ritualistic Brahmin class. People of all faiths and beliefs still visit their shrines with highest devotion.

Rishi Culuture under Jehadi Attack

It is a shame that Pak trained Islamic fanatics started targeting all these symbols of unity and divinity since 1989. These Jehadi hate killers did not spare even the Sufi shrines in Pakistan. They even attacked the Data Darbar in Lahore and the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, the patron saint of Karachi.

Of course, of late Pakistan has started claiming to be the biggest victim of Islamic extremism. It certainly is a helpless state and perhaps loves permanent victimhood and decay.

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