Why FATF ‘GREY-LIST’ Isn’t Dark Enough For Pakistan!

Given its love for radical Islamic terrorism, Pakistan yet again failed to satisfy the global anti-terror funding watchdog FATF on steps to curb terror financing. Even its current godfather China, Chairing the body, could not do anything to get its puppet buddy off the Grey List. Malaysia and Turkey again came out in support of Pakistan’s terror activities and prevented entry of Pakistan into FATF’s Black List. According to public claim of Pak foreign minister not too long ago, 10 billion dollars is the annual cost Pakistan is paying for the privilege of being in the FATF Grey-List. Quite sure, he would be now calculating the cost of Black-Listing in Feb 2020! Amazing, even staring bankruptcy can’t force the terror nation wasting money on terrorists and terrorism.

Pakistan Loves Terrorism and FATF List!

fatf pak flagPakistan’s obsession to continue with jihadi terrorism as an unspoken tool of State policy amazes global Pak watchers. Despite being at the brink of bankruptcy and failure of democratic governance, the terror capital of the world seems to think that no price is big enough for its mission of global jihad. The army propped dummy Prime Minister, Imran Khan even lectured the world from the UN platform on Islamophobia and jihad and openly boasted that Pakistan created Al Qaeda and Taliban and even now hosts dozens of jihadi groups and over 40,000 trained terrorists. He even arranged pension for a UN designated terrorist, Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai jihadi terror attack that killed 166 innocent people!! Few in the 21st century modern world could think of rewarding a globally wanted enemy of humanity. But Pakistan is not a normal country.

Mr Imran Khan Niyazi has been hopping rich Islamic nations and its “All Weather Friend” China to beg for money to prevent his jihadi country from falling into bankruptcy. The Jihadi State can’t even pay the interest due on the Himalayan tall pile of past loans without begging, yet it has no shortage of money when it comes to fund the terror groups — that hallucinate that they are glorifying Islam by targeting humanity.

Top CEOs of Pak Terror Industry; Pak Terror economy never shows 'depression' !Love for weapons, wars and jihadi violence is an integral part of the DNA of this Islamic State of South Asia. Ever since it was created ‘in the name of Islam‘ in 1947, it has been inching steadily towards becoming a ‘jihadistan’ particularly after dictator Zia ul Haq — and did manage to do it quite remarkably! As its hate against its parent nation India turned into a pathological obsession, ‘jihad‘ became the only refuse for its ‘Sharia‘ brained rulers to justify its existence.

After the humiliating defeat in 1971 and creation of Bangladesh, Mr Bhutto (whose dirty politics led to division of the country and ultimately to his hanging as well!) proudly declared that Pakistan would make Atom Bomb — even if Pakistanis had to eat grass! That day seems much closer today to prove his prophecy!! What Mr Bhutto could not foresee is the financial havoc his nation’s love for Nukes and jihadis would bring on his country.

Pak Considers Its Terror Assets more Valuable than Pak EconomyAbandoning its jihadi gangs (particularly those aimed against India and Afghanistan) is a tough emotional call for the country whose only identity come from Arabic words like “Islam” and “Jihad” as defined by the ossified-brained mullahs. Pak rulers hallucinate that Taliban would make Afghanistan the 5th Province of Pakistan and the jihadi gangs of Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar would snatch Kashmir from India through cross border terrorism.

Pakistan’s India-Hate is as Eternal as its Love for Terrorism!

Some years ago, during a long flight a friend asked a Pakistan minister what his greatest wish was. The minister stretched both his hands with palms facing skywards and said, “If Allah were to grant me a wish I would ask him to place a nuclear bomb each on my palms. One I would drop one on Bombay, the other on Delhi”.

In a recent TV debate, Pakistanis’ favorite topic of comparison with India came up and an expert was describing how India is fast emerging as a global economy and how Pakistan was sinking and decaying in every sense. The stupid anchor interjected: But we have more nuclear bombs than India!! Of course, she must be also proud that Pakistan has  army of suicidal jihadi terrorists that India doesn’t have!

Ever since Pakistan tested nuclear bomb its war-monger leaders have been threatening India – its mother nation and eternal foe  – with nuclear attack. In fact, many Pakistanis proudly call their dirty bomb ‘Islamic Nuclear Bomb’ implying that all non-Muslims — particularly Hindus, Jews and Christians — must be afraid of Pakistan! After all, they are ‘infidels’ and hence as the stone-age wisdom says, ‘wajabul-qatl’ (worth killing)! That task is outsourced to Jihadi groups.

Pakistan is a country where kids grow up learning a fictional history that convinces them that the only aim of their life is to destroy India — the land of Hindu Kafirs — and be ever ready for ‘martyrdom’ and that Pakistan was created just for this “holy purpose”! Radicals inject the spice of Gazwa-e-Hind (conquer and Islamize India) – and turn non-Muslim hate into jihadi hysteria with the shouts of Allahu Akbar.

Here in the video, the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Jihadi murder of 166 innocent people is threatening all non-Muslims of the planet. This terrorist certainly represents Pakistan’s understanding of Islam. He is a very close associate of Pak PM, who recently arranged pension for him!

A Nuclear State Waiting to go Bankrupt!!

Can you imagine any country that’s heading towards bankruptcy and yet can’t give up its childish craze for weapons, terrorism and war?

The world is waiting to see how soon the nuclear powered Islamic State of South Asia goes bankrupt. More than its sinking economy, Pakistan watchers are more worried about its nukes falling in jihadi hands.

Yet, to Pakistanis denial provides heavenly bliss.

Just watch any TV debate, Pakistanis appears to be in hallucination that as long as they have the growing pile of nukes, mushrooming terror camps and blessings of Dragon Uncle no harm can come to them – and they can live happily sending terrorists across Indian and Afghanistan boders!

hambantota portIn Pakistan, only the wise people worry about failing economy, corruption, rule of law, fair governance and democracy. But they have no voice in running the country. The juvenile brained Pakistani leadership led by the army wants people to believe that the CPEC would open up the gateway to Heaven and then they can live happily forever! It wants to remain in perpetual denial that that the CPEC has already pushing the jihadi nation into a yet another debt-trap. Sri Lanka’s honeymoon with China on Hambantota port is a lesson only for the wise people – and not for the Pakistanis leadership!

Pakistan’s jihadi decay offers a big advantage to China which feels highly satisfied that the past American puppet has already already fallen in its lap. If Pakistan sees terrorists as its strategic assets, China sees Pakistan as its own strategic asset just like the North Korea! It is more than delighted to ‘help’ Mr ‘U-Turn’ Khan and his jihadi caliphate that is totally isolated on the global platform.

Pakistan has already leased the Gwadar port to Chinese for 40 years and a “Chinese only colony” is planned for half-a-million Chinese in the Gwadar city. Chinese army is steadily penetrating across Pakistan in the garb of protecting its economic projects. It is precisely how the crooked British East India Company entered into India fooling the Islamic rulers in the 17th century, and grabbed the whole country. World would not be surprised if in near future Pakistanis are seen speaking Mandarin to please their new colonial master!

Explore: Pakistan — The “Middle East” of South Asia

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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

Gandhian ideology of non-violence, democracy and development appear all the more relevant today in a world of falling moral values, ‘religion’ turning into weapon of political hatred, faltering grass-root democracies, capitalistic exploitation, increasing addiction to social media and global environmental degradation.

Humanity Under Threat

Humanity is under severe threatThe world today is in a serious crisis despite so much technological advances and material progress.  There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. The ever growing cult of market worship has diluted State’s role as promoter of level playing field and protector of those stuck at the bottom of the power hierarchy. Too much emphasis on market efficiency has created a climate of amoral politics. Consequently, politics has turned into as a self-perpetuating means to control power rather than as a creative instrument of social justice and equity.

After the collapse of Soviet Union and its socialistic ideology the capitalistic democracy emerged as the best form of governance. But it has created another issue: “Can capitalism nurture a sustainable world order?” Another problem with the current capitalism is that it has lost connections with moral considerations. As more and more wealth concentrates in fewer and fewer hands and as humanity helplessly watches the ever increasing threat of climate change, there is a growing need for alternate models of development, democracy and economy.

Govt capture by money or mob is very badTherefore, at this hour of crisis what India needs, and what in fact the world needs, is a creative synthesis of Gandhi’s humanistic vision with universally accepted global worldview. There is an urgent need for dialogue among civilizations and the human-oriented approach of Gandhi. In a world of deepening crisis in the poor societies and social malaise in the affluent societies it seems likely that Gandhian ideas might show the right direction. Around the world, Gandhi is seen as an icon of struggle for peace, harmony and social justice and his humanist philosophy has always found ready acceptance in every society.

Since Mahatma Gandhi was clearly the tallest humanitarian face of the 20th century, the Gandhian model of governance and development is seeing renewed interest in the global community. The Gandhian methods of Swadeshi (self-reliance), non-violent Satyagraha, women’s empowerment and gram swaraj (grass root democracy) to ensure both social democracy and political democracy appear the right tools to prevent the chaos and disruption the world is heading towards.

Gandhian Approach to Democracy and Development

Village is the basic unit in Gandhian DemocracyThe Gandhian model of democracy evolved from several thousand years’ democratic ethos of India. For Gandhiji true democracy meant local self-governance – or ‘Swaraj’ (local self-rule). In the Gandhian worldview village is the smallest unit for self governance by the village panchayat (village parliament). Thus, he used the term ‘Gram Swaraj’. He envisaged each village as a tiny self-sufficient republic governed by a Panchayat with full control on local resources. The panchayat authority on local resources is vital for success of the gram swaraj model of democracy. In Gandhi’s view, only such autonomous and self-reliant communities offer people the best opportunities for participation. Thus, a society can be built as a federation of such tiny village republics, leading to a decentralized system with maximum decision making power to the grass root people. It would also counter the centralizing and alienating forces of the modem state.

An ideal village has peace and harmony among peopleSuch grass root empowerment nurtures robust democracy and naturally leads to a bottom up system of governance. In this scenario, the growth would not be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom. It would also automatically develop the right type of capitalism with responsibility towards people and society. Such a governance system can make the world a union of peace loving local governments. The need of the hour is to globalize such an ideology, rather than the markets.

Mahatma Gandhi considered people as the ‘real wealth’ of a nation, not its production and consumption of goods. He was not opposed to technology as long as it works to empower people in their local surrounding. In contrast, today economy and technology get priority over people – who are seen as mere “human resource” for the purpose of economic and technological growth. Like Adam Smith, he also considered labor as the primary source of economic gain. His opposition to Western capitalism was largely due to its exploitation of labor force to make the rich richer.

Rational Development – Pursue Needs, Not Greed

Gandhi wants to restrict human desiresMahatma Gandhi considered the Western economic development model – which rests on what is called “multiplication of wants” – both unsustainable and devastating to the human spirit. His economic ideology stressed on human well being – both material and non-material – while steering clear of the unbridled greed and temptation. He rejected the underlying assumption behind the classical Western model of development – where people are only supposed to seek maximum material gratification. In his view, voluntary rationalization of personal desires – rather than trying to satisfy endless craving – is also an indication of ‘real development’ of people and a sign of personal growth. Thus, development of mental restrain to overcome greed is ‘true development’ worth aiming for. Therefore, Gandhi’s economic ideology puts a special emphasis on ‘rational living’ after cutting down undesired and wasteful human wants through self-restrain. In essence, supreme consideration should be given to man’s mental development rather than the obsession for money or commodities or power and control.

Morality Must Prevail

Morality should be an integral part of human conductWhat distinguishes Gandhi’s ideas and ideology for reconstruction of society and politics and upliftment of people is the strong emphasis on morality and ethics. Moral consideration is always central to everything  done in a Gandhian way.  This makes the task of Western commentators somewhat challenging, as they are instinctly more comfortable dwelling in the material realm – regardless of ways and means. Quite naturally, whenever they comment on Gandhi’s moral considerations, they count on the works of Western philosophers where moral considerations get least attention. Thus, they normally end up creating an illusion that Gandhi was using non-violence as just a ‘political tool’ to beat the opponents while sounding righteous. Nothing can be more erroneous than that. Instead, they should look at the real source of Gandhi’s knowledge and inspiration – the ancient Hindu scriptures.

Barack Obama inspired by Mahatma GandhiWhile Gandhi was a well read person and had studied the works of Western philosophers also, but ultimately his ideas and ideologies were shaped by the ancient spiritual and holistic philosophies of life of his native land. His stress on truthfulness and non-violence clearly came from the teachings of Buddha and Mahavira and the real understanding of ‘Dharma’ from ancient scriptures – Vedas, Upnishads and Bhagwat Gita. In fact, Gandhi’s thinking reflected his profound understanding of the spiritual culture that defines Hindus. After Vivekananda, for the first time the world saw the power of “inner strength” of an ordinary looking man. Gandhi showed how to harness the power of truthfulness and non-violence in solving social and political problems. He repeatedly demonstrated how to take on the world’s mightiest Empire only through internal personal conviction without raising even a fist!  Clearly the gun-wielding British never really understood how a fragile ‘brown’ man stood firm where the mightiest would tremble!!

However, the universal nature of Gandhian ideology transcends all national and language barriers and touches people at their heart.

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Destroying Kashmir – The Pakistani Way!

Creation of Pakistan in 1947 to satisfy the power hunger of a gang of Muslim separatists led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah became a curse for the erstwhile princely State of Jammu & Kashmir. The greed of the Islamic separatists remained unsatisfied with the ‘Pakistan’ territory created by the Radcliffe partition Line. Jinnah started behaving like an uncultured tribal and invaded Kashmir along with some regional tribal leaders and managed to grab a part of its territory. Of course, Nehru’s folly helped him more than his guile. The shameful defeat and loss of East Pakistan in 1971 turned the ‘Kashmir Issue’ into a pathological national fixation. Now Pakistan’s sole motto became “… if I can’t get Kashmir ‘in the name of Islam’, I will destroy it ‘in the name of Islam” by promoting radicalization and terrorism !! Having lost the capacity to take on India through military means, kashmir-under-jihadi-attackthe Islamic nation decided to wage a sustained low cost proxy war through jihadi terrorists in the 1980s. It only reflected the mindset of  a radicalized Islamic society that seeks to seek revenge and dictate terms through violence and terror. In other words, it was Pakistan’s silly way to try to win the lost Bangladesh battle in Kashmir!

Pakistan — An Abnormal Country

Hate Alone Unites Pakistan

Born purely out of Hindu-Hatred of a group Muslims separatists of colonial India — and with no positive vision for the future — hostility towards India became the only national goal of Pakistan. This hate also serves to keep the jihadi nation united in one piece, though ethnic fissures are now staring ominously.

Debunked two nation theoryPakistan is the only country in the world that was created ‘in the name of Islam’ by Muslim separatists of colonial India who did not want to live peacefully with Hindus.  To keep them happy the Radcliffe partition line was drawn by dividing the Bengal and Punjab provinces of British India to mark the territory of the Islamic State of Pakistan, as two disjointed land pieces separated by India. But Jinnah’s bogus two-nation-theory on which Pakistan was founded got exposed within a quarter century! In 1971 its flirtation with electoral democracy proved disastrous — it threw the Islamic State into a civil war leading to mass scale rape and genocide. Ultimately,  the ‘inferior’ East Pakistani Bengalis broke away to become sovereign Bangladesh.

top CEOs of Pak terror industryAfter the humiliating defeat — imagine surrender of 93,000 Pak troops before Indian army along with the loss of a vast chunk of territory — and country’s break up, the Pakistani hatred against India turned into a pathological insanity. One of the villains responsible for country’s truncation, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto —  rather than feeling shame at how he denied democracy to people of East Pakistan, swore to wage a “1000 year war” with India, as if India forced it into electoral honeymoon! But karmic justice prevailed very soon! Dictator Zia ul Haq hanged him in 1978. He, however, reshaped the Bhutto doctrine into the “1000 cuts to bleed India” policy. His idea was to wage a proxy war against India using low cost and fully disposable jihadis created in the Jihadi terror camps. Thus, Pak sponsored violence and terrorism started destroying the peace and serenity of the Kashmir Valley from late 1980s. This abnormal idea became an integral part of its undeclared State policy — and it also steadily turned Pakistan into a paradise of jihadi terrorists, a Terroristan! Today, Pakistan is the global capital of jihadi terrorism — and Pakistanis, while claiming to be victims of terrorism, are proud of their achievement! They think they served the cause of Islam!!

Pakistan’s Jihadi Attack on Kashmir

kashmiriyat jihadi

Since the beginning of proxy war in Kashmir, over 42,000 innocent lives have been lost in Jammu and Kashmir. Hindus were forced to leave the Kashmir Valley and all symbols of Kashmiri culture came under terror attack of brainwashed jihadi humanoids.

As per the typical habit in the Islamic societies whatever Pakistan does, it does it “in the name of Islam”. The names, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, are enough to reveal Islamic Pakistani intentions in J&K — bloody Islamic Jihad. In the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK), the military/ISI runs more than a dozen terror training camps to turn local Kashmiris into suicidal jihadi terrorists and infiltrates them across LoC for dying and killing innocent people, in the glory of Allah and Islam. The ISI runs an elaborate network and hawala racket to fund the social disruption in the Kashmir Valley. Pak uses this jihadi violence for the global propaganda of ‘Muslim persecution‘ by Hindu India — the standard time tested 1400 year old victim-hood Islamic logic.

But the world is smarter today — even the Islamic world!! The Pak military, ISI and political leadership don’t understand why the OIC Islamic group or the Saudis or UAE give no importance to Pak’s pathological obsession with “Kashmir jihad.” They see no point in spoiling relationship with a humane ancient Hindu civilization merely to pamper a rogue and self-destructive Islamic State that promotes violence and terror in the name of Islam. They even have no difficulty honoring the Indian Prime Minister with their highest awards for his Statesmanship or inviting Indian foreign minister as a special guest to the OIC meet, ignoring Pakistan’s infantile ranting.

The Culture of Kashmir is “Kashmiriyat” — Not Islam!

Sufism promotes peace and harmonyThe Identity of Kashmir is not Islam — it is Kashmiriyat! People of Kashmir, even Muslims, think differently. They have nothing in common with abnormal Wahhabi ideology of violence and terror and Muslim kids in Kashmir don’t grow up aspiring to wear suicide vests and become jihadi terrorist.  They grow up like normal humans and subscribe to their own local culture that defines their Kashmiri identity – their Kashmiriyat. This peaceful culture evolved over centuries, shaped by an amalgamation of the wisdom of Hindu Sages that also influenced Muslims Sufis who started arriving in the 14th century – many of them came to avoid persecution in their own “Muslim” societies!!  Sufis appear to be true practitioners of “spiritual” Islam – the “essence” of Prophet’s teachings. They also lead a life of renunciation just like the Hindu sages and yogis.

Anyone with some understanding of ancient India knows that the Himalayan mountains, that also includes Kashmir, have been the abode of seekers, ascetics, monks, Rishis and Munis since the most ancient time. Therefore, normal human beings with spiritual inclination from all over the world find this region highly serene and worth reverence, irrespective of their faith labels.  Locally, even after Islamic invasions, for hundreds of years, both Hindus and Muslims have been seeking solace at numerous shrines, not just in Kashmir but across whole geographical India including Pakistan. Non fanatic Mughal kings saw them as benefactors of humanity, even respected their human worth and protected them.

Jihadis targeted ‘Kashmiriyat’

pak-and-terrorismQuite naturally, adherents of violent jihadi Islam — who misinterpret their religion purely for power and dominance — can’t tolerate Sufis and their shrines. The success of Pakistan’s “Jihadi” agenda in Kashmir crucially depended upon destroying all symbols of Hindu-Muslim harmony (means Kashmiriyat).  Thus, Pak sponsored Jehadis targeted all symbols of peace, harmony and humanity in Kashmir. They targeted the annual Urs celebrations at various Sufi shrines – for example, in Batmol and Aishmuqam – which attract people of all faith, and tried to destroy the Shrines – for example, at Baba Rishi near Tangmarg. Simultaneously, Pakistan supported Wahhabi Maulanas started radicalizing Kashmiri Muslims for jihad against India.

In October 1993, a group of terrorists seized the Hazratbal shrine which houses a hair of the Prophet — considered highly pious by all sane and normal Muslims. Two years later, in 1995 Hizbul Muzahideen terrorists seized the famous Chrar-e-Sharif shrine and then burn it down. They also tried to burn down the 700 year old shrine of Baba Naqashband Sahib in Srinagar. In 2012, several shrines were burnt in “mysterious fires”; the most dominant was the Dastageer Sahib in Srinagar. The distorted brained jihadi proudly publicized these criminal acts as the “divine acts of God.”

They also discovered targets in Pakistan. The Pak Taliban, which has been busy targeting the Shias and other minorities, turned its attention on Sufi shrines in Pakistan. They did not spare even the Data Darbar in Lahore and the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, the patron saint of Karachi. Both attacks invited widespread condemnation by human societies.

Historical Evolution of Kashmir

What has been going on in the ancient spiritual land of sage Kashyap and Shankaracharya is clearly a case of a 1400 year old barbaric ideology killing humanity. And worse — it is all State sponsored by Pakistan, born in the name of Islam — so called Religion of Peace! It is no consolation that the entire terror drama is limited to a 150×45 km patch in the Kashmir Valley, which is just a tiny fraction of the whole J&K State territory. This area has even seen ethnic cleansing of Hindu population in 1990 while the self-serving (largely Muslim) politicians looked the other way.

If focus is kept on this terror infected area then the evolution of the region can be summarized as below:

What was Kashmir without Muslims?  It was a peaceful holy abode nurtured by spiritual Hindu saints and Rishis. It was a land of spiritual liberation and bliss – Heaven on earth!

What was Kashmir with Hindus and Muslims? It was a peaceful land of Sufi-Rishi culture, a superb mix of Hindu and Islamic spirituality – called Kashmiriyat. It was a land of eternal peace and harmony.

What is Kashmir without Hindus? It is a den of dreaded Islamic terrorists who terrorize and kill humanity every day. It is a land of death, fear, violence and brutality – Hell on earth!

But Kashmir is not the only casualty of Pakistan’s birth in 1947, Balochistan is another glaring example of how Pakistan and its murderous ideology destroys societies. This video narrates the plight of ill fated Baloch people:

You may like to find out why behaves so abnormally: Pakistan: The “Middle East” of South Asia

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10 Benefits of Administrative Reorganization of J&K, Post 370

J&K 1951 2019 - New IndiaThanks to the Temporary Article 370, the State of Jammu & Kashmir has lagged far behind in economic development and growth of grass root democracy. It also bred corruption among the top politicians and officials. And worse, it helped Pakistan pushed the cult of murderous Islamic jihad for last 4 decades. Kashmir became the hotbed of Pak proxy war through ‘terrorists’ as part of its “thousand cuts to bleed India” policy. But now, disappearance of 370 will destroy the very socio-political ecosystem that provided a conducive environment for the sub-human jihadi agenda to flourish. Now the ‘agenda of development’ will dictate activities of the political leadership, not Islamic jihad of Pakistan paid proxies. The Mufti and Abdulla dynasties and Pak-paid Wahhabi jihadis should now look for a place in the history museum, as the spiritual land of sage Kashyap (his name gave the word ‘Kashmir’) moves again towards peace and prosperity. The reorganization also frees people of Ladakh, as they remained totally ignored by the elite rulers and corrupt officials sitting in Srinagar.

A Master Stroke Against Pak Sponsored Jihadi Terrorism

‘”Article 370 has to be revoked because it undermines the Parliament of India. The law of the nation does not reach Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan uses this to instigate separatism in the hearts of people there.” – Amit Shah, Home Minister

Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir State is the most people friendly step taken for the people of the State whom the leadership had dumped to become pawns in Pakistan’s proxy jihadi war against India. Ordinary people were left to live with the worst form of murderous Islamic terrorism and ethnic cleansing after independence. This move, along with the ensuing developmental thrust, is expected to completely wipe out the whole socio-political ecosystem that has fueled Islamic separatism and cross border terrorism. It will automatically restore the culture of Kashmir, Kashmiriyat, a highly spiritual ideology which promotes brotherhood transcending faith identities. It will also provide voice and visibility to the Laddakhi people and national recognition to their culture, language and tradition as the Laddakh region becomes a separate Union Territory (UT).

How the Reorganization was achieved

Amit Shah explained: “As per Article 370, Clause 3, The President may, by public notification, declare that this Article shall cease to be operative. The Powers of State legislature of J&K are vested with this House by virtue of President’s rule.”

In simple terms, Modi government used Article 370 to kill 370!!!

On August 5, 2019, Home Minister Amit Shah introduced two statutory resolutions in the Rajya Sabha. The first resolution urged the Parliament to pass the public notification issued by the President with regard to Article 370. It said, “In exercise of the powers conferred by Clause (3) of Article 370 of the Constitution of India, the President, on the recommendation of Parliament, is pleased to declare that as on 5th of August, 2019, all clauses of the said Article 370 shall cease to be operative except Clause (1) thereof…”

The second resolution moved by the Home Minister concerned reorganization of the border State into two Union Territories: the J&K UT with legislation (like Delhi or Puduchery) and the Laddakh UT without legislation (like Chandigarh). After the RS passed the two resolutions on August 5, the LS also passed them on the next day; thus, completing the process.

Thus, the motions and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Second Amendment) Bill were passed. Now after August 6, 2019 India has 28 States and 9 Union Territories, as the J&K State turns into two UTs, compared with 29 States and 7 UTs before August 6, 2019. Very few in India can believe what Modi has done on August 5 and 6 — a historic feat that fully unified all Indian people. Of course, people of POK still live under occupation.

Article 370: A Brainchild of Sheikh Abdulla

Why a “Transitional” and “Temporary” Article 370 became Permanent?

The 370 was a brainchild of Sheikh Abdulla (a close buddy of Nehru) who, like Jinnah, was pathologically obsessed with separate Islamic identity. He inserted it (as the Prime Minister of J&K) in 1949 in the Article of Accession that was signed in 1947, and a year before India’s Constitution got ready. Then in 1954, he got Nehru to insert 35A through Presidential ordinance – and not through debate in the Parliament! His agenda was as “Islamic” as that of Jinnah; for both, the goal was same – political power to the Muslims, sidelining the rest. Many historians claim that after Pak invaded Kashmir in 1947, it was Abdulla who (following his own political calculations) advised Nehru for a premature ceasefire while Pak invaders were on a run but had not been completely driven away from all parts of J&K territory. It created the LoC and gave Pak handle to pelt its Jihadi/separatist agenda in J&K.

Nehru was clearly a visionless political novice in comparison. His foolish handling of J&K, allowing Tibet to be occupied by China, not accepting UNSC seat and the humiliating fiasco in the 1962 China war are just few examples of his sub-mediocre understanding of foreign policy issues. Ultimately, he paid for his incompetence with life, as he died broken heart after the shocking defeat in the Indo-China 1962 war.

How Pakistan was Misusing Special Status of J&K

In the 1980s, when Pak dictator Zia ul Haq concretized Bhutto’s “thousand year war against India” into “thousand cuts to bleed India policy” he weaved the devious plot around the Article 370 that acted as a barrier between New Delhi and the J&K State. With the Islamic sympathy from a few disgruntled Muslim separatists under the Muftis / Abdullas dynastic rule, Pak sponsored murderous Jihad flourished and terrorism became a “normal” part of the Kashmir Valley during last 4 decades. This tiny 150X45 km patch of the J&K State acquired global notoriety as the ISIS and the global jihadi lobby started to promote it as Hindu-India persecuting ‘helpless’ Muslims.  It ruined the lives of hundreds of Muslim youth who got radicalized and tried pushing the society towards Sharia stone-age.  The jihadi humanoids carried out ethnic cleansing in 1989 by targeting Kashmiri Hindus, while the spineless governments in J&K and at Center looked the other way, as part of the trade mark Muslim vote-bank politics. Now the half a million victimized Hindus can hope for a life of dignity, peace and prosperity in their own ancestral land.

Musharraf hafiz azhar-vertWhat was ‘political’ in 1947 (created due to Pak invasion of Kashmir!), by end of 1980s, transmuted into ‘Islamic Jihad’ when Pak realized that it can no defeat India in a conventional. So, Pakistanis decided to amplify their Islamic hatred into  murderous Islamic jihad.  Exploiting the porous boundaries and aloofness of New Delhi, Pak started promoting radicalization among Muslims, infiltrating trained terrorists to kill innocent people and destroying all symbols of socio-cultural unity. This proxy war through terror groups became the backbone of Pakistan’s India-policy, a symbol of Pak Pride and also a means to extract doles from rich Islamic nations!

The biggest casualty was the highly humane Kashmiri culture – Kashmiriyat – that goes beyond faith identities, similar to the Hindu philosophy that sees the whole humanity as one big family and accepts diverse ways of life as normal. Now Kashmiris can live again according to their own values and traditions — without threat of Pak sponsored Wahhabi barbarism.

Benefits Post 370 and Administrative Reorganization

The Administrative reorganization of J&K will specifically bring the following far reaching benefits in the entire region:

  1. The reorganization and integration of J&K is a long overdue tribute to Shyama Prasad Mukharjee who gave his life for this cause. A gala museum should be constructed in Srinagar highlighting all his efforts for national integration. Like Sardar Patel, Mukharjee also dreamed of a united, well integrated and strong India.
  2. With the passage of the J&K Reorganization Bill, now Jammu & Kashmir will be fully under the Constitution of India and all laws passed in the parliament will automatically have force in J&K. Thus far, people of J&K had remained deprived of the benefits of some very important laws like the Right to Education, Right to Information, Panchayat Act, dalit laws, triple talaq Bill etc but not anymore.
  3. Now J&K state will be like any other state of India, as the Bill corrects a serious error of 7 decades. Now Article 356, under which President’s rule can be imposed in any State, will also be applicable to the UTs of J&K and Laddakh.
  4. As a Union Territory (UT) with legislation like Delhi, the responsibility for law & order will rest with the Central government. So, New Delhi can now deal with the jihadi humanoids in a more effective manner. Together with other changes in the system of governance, it will automatically discourage Islamic separatist tendency which is a common happening whenever the proportion of Muslims in the population becomes significant. This page gives an interesting description of what happens as percentage of Muslims increases anywhere in the world.
  5. As the 35A disappears, the highly discriminatory resident / non-resident distinction vanishes. The biggest losers of this rule were 1.5 to 2 lakh people who migrated to Jammu and Kashmir after 1947. They were never regarded as ‘residents’ of J&K. It means now Dogras, Bakarwala, Pandits etc are all equal stake holders. Isn’t it ironical that refugees from Pakistan who settled outside of J&K gave two Prime Ministers to India – Dr Manmohan Singh and Indra Kumar Gujral. But those settled in J&K remained devoid of electoral franchise for 7 decades!
  6. Any Indian from any part of India can now own property in J&K. It means businessmen, industrialists, entrepreneurs and investors can now freely come to J&K and do what they want to do. Real Estate, in particular, is now going to get a big boost in the state. All this means faster economic development and employment generation. Now MNCs can also consider parts of J&K as well as Laddakh for their business activities. There is a tremendous scope for growth of hotel and tourism industry in both J&K as well as Laddakh.
  7. With all legal barriers gone, as opportunities rise with opening of J&K and Laddakh to all Indians, the two new UTs would modernize and youth would have wide range of career opportunities and a good future to look for. Muslim youth would not be inclined towards anti-human Islamic ideas of martyrdom and Jihad – instead, now they can live like normal and rational human beings of 21st century who respect freedom and human life, their own as well as of others. Those who looked for career in silly activities like stone throwing and raising ISIS flags can now behave like normal, rational and sane citizens.
  8. Now Kashmiri girls marrying non Kashmiris will not lose their property rights. Sheikh Abdulla must be a typical backward looking mullah if he thought that targeting women and curtailing their rights glorifies Islam.
  9. People of Laddakh had remained largely ignored since 1947 — data show the step-motherly treatment. Now as a separate Union Territory (UT) they will get recognition across India and get a chance to develop their region as they wish. Moreover, now New Delhi can better handle the border issues, since Laddakh shares borders with Pakistan as well as China. Most important, autonomy of Ladakh UT means it is an honor of 130 Indians to have a Buddhist society in India!
  10. The reorganization brings a big relief to the Kashmiri Pundits who had been forced to leave as part of ethnic cleansing in 1989 by murderous jihadis.

Global Reaction

Since Pakistan had Islamized the Kashmir dispute and tried making it an issue of Muslim persecution by “Hindu India” for all these decades, it is essential to note the global reaction.

The UAE Ambassador in India correctly saw it as an internal administrative matter of India. All global powers endorsed India’s right to operate according to its Constitution.  Apart from the global  jihadi lobby that thrives on the Islamic hate and hysteria, every sane international voice, including the US and UN, gave just one suggestion to Pakistan — learn to live peacefully with neighbors and resolve its issues with India bilaterally as per the Shimla Agreement.

China that sees Pakistan as its ‘strategic asset’ obviously has to be biased towards its would be colony but tried not to offend India!

Pak Hysteria

Imran Khans Terror StateAs expected, Pakistan got hysteric and self-destructive.  Banning Bollywood movies was hilarious but the most comical and self-destructive step was suspending all bilateral trades. Can you imagine a bankrupt nation applying “trade sanctions” on a neighbor with huge market! It is actually a blessing in disguise for India!! But the real question is:  Will Pakistan stop exporting terrorists? 

Pak war mongers are busy swearing fresh “wars” with India and may possibly upgrade the “thousand year war” to a “million year war” and re-issue fresh threats of nuclear Jihad!!  But India is fully ready for fresh round of Pakistani terror attacks, infiltration of its fully disposable terrorists, and looks forward to engaging Pak military if it desired.

Pak would sure plan for more terror attacks on India, probably in collaboration with Al Qaeda, Taliban or ISIS. If it succeeds, the FATF would honor it by black-listing! That would also mean end of chances of Pak’s economic revival.  But the biggest worry for Pakistan should be how Modi would respond to its “terror misadventure.”

If Pak withdraws from the past bilateral treaties, India can coolly threaten suspending the Indus Water Treaty. It would be deadlier than actually dropping nukes on Islamabad and Lahore!!

What can the dumbstruck and Desperate Pakistan do now

Investor Summit planned for October 12-14, 2019

A special development plan for UT Jammu and Kashmir has been worked out in order to promote private investment in the industrial, economic and developmental activities. Healthcare is crippled in Jammu and Kashmir as no private hospital could be set up due to Articles 370, 35A. Therefore, an investor’s summit has been planned in J&K during 12-14 October 2019 — opening ceremony will be held in Srinagar and the Closing ceremony in Jammu. Major industrial groups and business houses are expected to participate and unveil ideas for investment in various sectors such as hospitality, pharmaceuticals, agro-processing and healthcare. The opening ceremony will be held in Srinagar, and the closing in Jammu.

Ordinary People Welcome Integration with India

People want economic development, employment and freedom from corruption; they are least concerned with Islamic Jihad of handful Pak paid traitors and their destructive global agenda. They know how so-called separatists have minted money and had been educating their own kids in modern schools and abroad but leading the kids of poor locals into unlawful activities.

How So-called Separatists Respond

Opportunism of Kashmiri separatists is well known. They made money from both sides and kept the flames of terrorism alive. But now even they are appear to be changing color! Here is a comical U-turn by a woman separatist who was until recently hysterically threatening India!!

You may like to explore how visionless Congress blundered repeated on the issue of J&K right from the beginning: Arun Jaitley’s Blog Page of Abrogation of Article 370

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“Independence Day” for Muslim Women – India Ends Triple Talaq!

At last Indian Muslim women are free from the fear of instant triple talaq. It is an important milestone for their empowerment, though they still have much to fight for. The biggest losers are the sharia-loving change-resistant mullahs who see women as mere personal property and no more than objects for sexual gratification. Coupled with other initiatives of the Modi government towards women empowerment and girls education, the 9.5 crore Muslim women can now contribute to nation building with a greater thrust.

“Independence Day” for Muslim women!

Indian Parliament ends the medieval Islamic practice of wife-dumping through instant triple talaq. The practice was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court two years ago. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill ultimately got passed by both the houses of parliament. This historic legislation criminalizes instant triple talaq. That would sure make Muslim husbands more responsible towards wife and kids. Now Muslim women would no longer have to live lifelong under the fear of being dumped anytime through triple talaq.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told Parliament:

“India is a secular country. In 2013, triple talaq victims moved Supreme Court and the Supreme Court decided it is arbitrary and unconstitutional. What is declared wrong in the Quran cannot be valid in law.” 

PM Modi tweeted:

“An archaic and medieval practice has finally been confined to the dustbin of history! Parliament abolishes Triple Talaq and corrects a historical wrong done to Muslim women. This is a victory of gender justice and will further equality in society. India rejoices today!”

This time the Italian Family owned Congress Party failed to put enough road blocks in the Upper House. This dynastic party has always backed anti-progress and anti-women Maulvis who control the Muslim vote-bank. However, now any Muslim man dumping his wife in such brainless manner would be a criminal offender liable to be punished as prescribed in this Law.

Indians got full freedom in 1947 when they kicked out the colonial British, but the Muslim women had to wait another 72 years to feel that freedom, considered a basic human right in the modern world. The pathological obsession of orthodox Maulvis to continue the “archaic and medieval” practice from the 7th century Arab tribal world (as Islam!!) was the prime hurdle towards their empowerment and gender justice.

Divisive mullahs like Owaisi (also seen as an Islamic separatist with potential to become a future Jinnah) predictably saw it as Hindus targeting Muslims. Others of his ilk exhibited their their typical “Islam is in Danger” syndrome. The Fatwa Factory of India in Deobandh (Western UP), of course, thinks that the Indian Supreme Court should have no jurisdiction over Muslims or Muslim women living on Indian soil.

It was the height of irrationality to see Muslim husbands dumping wives through SMS, Whatsapp, email, facebook, twitter and on phone even from abroad!  It’s a weird Islamic psychological trait that men accepts modern gadgets and facilities, and then uses them to perpetuate stone-age exploitative traditions.

Immature Muslim men were making joke of marriage. Since marriage is just a ‘contract’ in Islam — as per separatist Owaisi — irresponsible men were playing the game of marry, enjoy sex and dump. Imagine a man giving triple talaq because his wife did not allow him to video-graph their sexual act for upload on social media.

Coupled with Halala – another unique Islamic way to sexually exploit helpless women – triple talaq  easily turn the wife into something like a “free prostitute” or “sex toy.” First she gets bombed with triple Talaq and then if the men wished to take her back as wife again, she had to go into a ‘fake’ Marriage’ but offer her for ‘Real Sex’ and then divorce again!  This sex part is of vital importance — and the prime reason for mullahs to perpetrate such derogatory practice in the name of Islam.

Rather frequently, the triple Talaq victim had to sleep with her father-in-law or husband’s brothers/cousins to stay with her husband. Friends were playing the TT/Halala game to sleep with each other’s wives. Qazis were ever ready to become “One Night Husband” for “Honeymoon Fun”. Why go to prostitutes, if TT+Halala trick works!!

What a crooked way to deprive women of all dignity – that too, in the name of Islam. Shame.

Now the 95 million Indian Muslim women would not have to tolerate such demeaning treatment. They can now seek protection from the police and country’s legal system like any other Indian citizen.

Here in the video a progress member of parliament is thrashing a phony ‘warrior of Islam’ who hates women dignity, gender justice and women empowerment in the name of Islam.

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Kargil Intrusion – How Atom Bomb Made A General Fanatic

Kargil intrusion yet again reflected the typical Pak trait: preference for conflict over peace. It is hard to believe that while the Pak prime minister was busy preparing for permanent peace with India and readying to welcome Indian PM Bajpai on his historic bus trip to Pakistan, a cartel of Pak military generals was drawing elaborate plans to sabotage it. Shabbily planned and shoddily executed, the Kargil misadventure backfired just like its 1971 war game plan.

kargil war 2After the humiliating loss in the 1971 Bangladesh war, Pak leadership believed that there is only one thing that could restore Pak dignity — the Atom Bomb!

Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the pioneer of nuclear nationalism. He had declared – after losing half the country to Bangladesh and surrender of 93000 troops before Indian army – that Pakistan would fight India for a thousand years, and that it would make the Atom Bomb even if Pakistanis had to eat grass! This is the typical Islamic Jihadi mindset that gets self-destructive in defeat – a trait that the Western powers exploit superbly while dealing with the radical Islamic societies.

Bhutto successfully hide behind Islamic vengeance to camouflage the fact that he himself was among the villains whose scorn for people’s democracy triggered the civil war in the East Pakistan that ended in creation of Bangladesh. He succeeded in fooling the people yet again that having the Atom Bomb would permanently heal the trauma of country’s bifurcation. So he revived the nuclear program but it couldn’t save him from the karmic result of his dirty brand of politics.

Gen Zia dislodged him from power in a 1977 coup – and Bhutto died blaming the Americans for his downfall because he had tried making the Bomb. His emotional rant against the Americans made Pakistanis paranoid and they started seeing ‘American hand’ in everything that delayed public appearance of the Bomb. But the Bomb remained in the lab under dictator Zia. The military and the scientist community worked quietly, while the Americans looked the other way. For them Pakistan’s juvenile obsession with Bomb and India was of lesser consequence compared with the Cold War in Afghanistan. But with sneaking help from comrade China, Pak scientists concluded that they have the Bomb and pushed for a nuclear test. But it was an action that would sure infuriate the Americans and cut off all aid.

The Atom Bomb

Throughout the eighties and nineties, the Bomb craze grew stronger but the Bomb remained invisible. But when India tested Nukes on 11 and 13 May 1998, Pakistan lost all reasons to be secretive. A fresh wave of scare mongering blew across Pakistan warning ‘the dark consequences’ of not bursting its own nuclear cracker! Bhutto’s daughter, Benazir, was among the most hysteric. It was a period when ‘balance of power’ between India and Pakistan dictated American policy – and Pakistanis loved it. It was also the period when Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinski sexual scandal was making headlines around the world.

As the Bomb got tested on May 28, the Islamic nation went ecstatic as if Allah had transformed Pakistan into a heavenly paradise. But the euphoria of ‘life in paradise’ did not last long and the harsh realities came back staring more ominously.

The international community was quick to place sanctions on both new nuclear states. Bajpai’s team had calculated the probable impact of sanctions and concluded that ‘nothing would go seriously wrong’ for six months’ – given the size and vibrancy of Indian economy. It also saw that international dynamics would soon work against the sanctions. They proved right!

However, in Pakistan the Nawaz Sharif government imposed a state of emergency and suspended all fundamental rights under the constitution. The new Nuclear State became fearful of its own people! Collapsing economy and ‘international sanctions’ made Pakistanis realize that the Bomb was too expensive and ominous as well!

Kargil Conspiracy

Musharraf ruined the Lahore peace initiative of Bajpai

Acquiring nuclear status gave a severe twist to the cocky brain of General Pervez Musharraf. His ambitions climbed irrational heights. He planned to intrude deep across the LoC and occupy the snow covered peaks in the Kargil region – where army posts were generally left unoccupied during winter season by both sides. His­ aim was to cutoff Laddakh from Kashmir – and redraw the Line of Control!

Indian PM Atal Bihari Bajpai undertook a historic bus trip to Pakistan in February 1999 and signed the Lahore Declaration with Nawaz Sharif. Surely, it must be the time that Pak troops were sneaking across the LoC, sabotaging the historic peace initiative. Disguised as jihadis Pak soldiers amassed supplies and occupied the vacant Indian posts. The Jihadi disguise was important for deniability. If things went wrong Pak would claim that it was a mujahideen (holy warrior) venture on their own.

General Musharraf’s calculation was traditional. He assumed that after discovering Pak troops sitting in their bunkers Indians would lodge protests and then keep quiet because counter offensive would have little chance of success as Pak troops had tremendous height advantage. Moreover, if military escalation happens the US would, as usual, come to mediate fearing nuclear conflict, and Pak would retain the territory.

But as things turned out he was up for an unexpected surprise.

Indians come to know of intrusion in early May when a shepherd reported Pak movement. Soon it became clear that a serious breach had taken place at the LoC. Watching the activities Indian army concluded that the intruders were not death-seeking jihadi humanoids but regular Pak soldiers.

The tussle went on for much beyond two months. Indian forces were under clear instructions, not to cross the LoC. Climbing steep hill amidst heavy fire from the top was proving highly fatal. But after heavy initial casualties Indian forces steadily managed to recapture the entire lost territory. Israel offered unconditional and whole hearted cooperation that proved crucial. It supplied vital ammunitions and laser guided missiles that made air attack highly precise. Even Indian navy played a vital role – it circled seas around Karachi and choked movement of essential military supplies. There were reports that Pak was left with only six days supplies when it decided to retreat.

The Americans refused Pak request for mediation and sternly advised full retreat to original position. Clinton even did not meet Pak PM Nawaz Sharif in the White House. Musharraf’s planning went totally haywire and Pak stood exposed as intruder before the global community. It was Bajpai’s diplomacy and self restraint under which Indian military performed that won international applause.

Indian side had 527 casualties. Musharraf tried to play down Pak casualties by not claiming bodies of over two hundred soldiers but various estimates of Pak casualty ranged from 700 to 3000. Pak public had no inkling of what was going on in Kargil until the Pak media picked up bits from the Indian side. On July 26, 1999 Bajpai declared the Kargil conflict over. But the Pak misadventure taught valuable security lesson to India that never took its border defense seriously since 1947.

The Bomb Proved Worse than Useless!

Pak retreat was catastrophic for the Islamic jihadis waging ‘holy war’ in Kashmir – it meant plain betrayal. Hundreds for Pak soldiers died for nothing, or for lunacy of the top commander!

The humiliating retreat from Kargil started a blame game between Musharraf and Sharif – each afraid of the other and both trying to evade responsibility for the failure.

In October 1999, Gen Musharraf forced military rule on Pakistan declaring – There is despondency and hopelessness surrounding us with no light visible anywhere around…. We have reached a stage where our economy has crumbled, our credibility is lost, state institutions lay demolished.

What he said had been repeated many time earlier in Pakistan, at the onset of every military rule.

Kargil happened and got forgotten in Pakistan. Like the Bangladesh war, Kargil too is something Pak doesn’t want to remember.

But for the Jihadis, the Bomb is an Islamic Bomb – a holy weapon gifted by Allah! It is meant for jihad – in Kashmir, in Afghanistan, in Jerusalem, for Muslims everywhere.  It is meant for jihad – against Hindus, against Christians, against Jews, against every kafir in the world. For them, the Bomb is more important than Pakistan.

Pak Generals may not think of another Kargil again, but the jihadis would surely try repeating the Parliament, the Mumbai, the Pathankot, the Uri, and the Pulwama – as long as Pak has the Islamic Bomb! Some day, they would love to blow up themselves with a nuke tied to their belt.

That would be yet another dark day for the humanity.

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Thank God, Only 950 Years Left for Indo-Pak Peace!

Pak policy of “thousand year war with India” is an acknowledgement of the fact that it can’t win any conventional war with India, nor can it drop any Nuke on its “eternal foe” for obvious reasons. So, the only way to hurt the much bigger India is to continue pricking it with disposable suicidal jihadis brainwashed to see divinity in dying. No law of civilized society or international convention apply on them and offer perfect deniability.

Pakistan’s “Thousand Year War” with India

Universal Law of Equal Reaction!

About fifty years ago, after the devastating Bangladesh war in 1971, Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto vowed to wage “a thousand year war” against India.

Therefore, Pak hostilities would go on for another 950 years, unless Pak changes its mind!

The “thousand year war” threat acknowledged the simple fact that Pakistan lost the capability to win a conventional military battle with India. Nor can it drop even a single nuke on India from its overgrown pile, for the obvious reason of total decimation after Indian retaliation. Therefore, winning a war with India is out of question – in fact, even trying to win is futile. Pakistan knows it well.

Yet, the war must go on against the “eternal enemy” – the Kafir enemy state that has as many Muslims as its entire population. The jihadi mind of Pak rulers can’t live in peace without war! And futility is not sufficient reason for respecting the ceasefire line!

After the 2008 Mumbai terror attack that killed 166 innocent people, Pakistanis went ecstatic with divine rapture.  But after the Peshawar terror attack on a school that saw slaughtering of 132 innocent kids, Pakistan went in mourning. Perhaps Islam doesn’t teaches the karmic Law of Reaction.

The mono directional Pak foreign policy is strictly India-centric. For rest of the world, Pakistan has no foreign policy; it only has relations, primarily master-slave type. Thus, Pakistan slaves three masters – the US, China and Saudi Arabia. Pak dances to the tune of whoever pays – something like a street hooker. As long as the Americans paid, Pakistan willingly fought the cold war and unwillingly their war-on-terror after 9/11. Then the Chinese promised gateway to Heavens via the CPEC – and Pakistanis went ecstatic to become China’s ‘all weather’ friend! A lot of wiser and ‘thinking’ Pakistanis are alarmed at the prospect of Pak becoming a Chinese colony in the coming years.

Trying to win Indian Territory through military offensive is the divine as well as birth right of Pakistan. Pakistanis often lament: It is so frustrating our military has not won even an inch of territory since 1947. If 1965 was futile, 1971 was simply devastating. How could a Jihadi nation lose half the country; it’s terrible, worse than dying. But thank god – sorry, thank Allah – Bangladesh did not rejoin the parent India.

It is utterly frustrating that Pak can no longer launch military attack on India at will as in the golden era before Bangladesh war. Yet, Pakistan has the divine duty to destroy the kafir nation next door!

So, what could be done?

Proxy War through Jihadi Terrorists

Low cost fully disposable Pak Jihadis

The only solution is a proxy war through jihadis. It’s cost effective, no binding of rules or global conventions on jihadis. They don’t officially exist as they are non state actors, working directly for Allah.  All that’s needed is madarsas for brainwashing and training camps to produce suicidal jihadis trained to see death as gateway to paradise!

Confrontation suits Pakistan better than reconciliation, both internally and internationally. Wise Pakistanis, who see their future in peace with India and other neighbors, are not visible to the ruling circle and are a threat for the Rawalpindi Generals.

The only yardstick of Pakistani patriotism is the level of anti-India hysteria. Bhuttos have been the front runners in this competitive hysteria. To survive in the politics, every politician has to match this hysteria or excel. Politicians come and go but the hysteria stays; it’s meant to be eternal.

The Bomb made a General Lunatic!

No difference between a General and a Terrorist

General Musharraf thought he could beat everyone in anti-India madness. So, the moment Pak exploded its nuclear cracker in May 1998, just days after India did the Pokharan, he got down to plan ‘Kargil’. Rather than inches or yards, the General aimed for miles – in fact, full Laddakh eventually! His ambitions shored high as if the Bomb charged him with nuclear energy!

But his calculations failed miserably. Neither India remained a passive dove nor did Americans come to bailout its juvenile client. The General, even in his wildest dreams, could never imagine Israel coming to defend India.

India went much beyond the realm of lodging verbal protests, it launched fierce counter attack aided by Israeli laser guided bombs and Bofors guns. Americans found it extremely awkward to support Pak intrusion and snubbed Pakistan demanding immediate retreat. Even China remained mere spectator which is a mystery.

When India recovered all its territory by end of July 1999 it discovered stockpiles of ammunition and food supplies – and bodies of over 200 dead Pak soldiers, abandoned to claim lower casualties! Their badges under the jihadi costumes identified which unit they belonged to. Pak stood totally exposed internationally as intruder – with absolutely no rational justification. Disguising soldiers as jihadis did not work as the Indian media flashed their ranks and affiliations; it was forced to admit that they were Pak soldiers, not jihadis. It was a severe loss of credibility for the Islamic nation.

Kargil brought the US closer to India

Israel yet again stood behind India, like in previous wars.

If Kargil reaffirmed Israel’s desire to be India’s friend yet again, it also marked an important shift in the Indo-American relationship – they came closer. Bajpai’s diplomacy forced Americans to realign its South Asia policy. India appeared more reliable and also ideal to counter emerging China. Bush and Obama further erased differences and strengthened Indo-US ties.

Soon 9/11 happened. For the first time, Americans realize the terrible pain of being attacked by terrorists. Next ten years of ‘war on terror’ proved further eye opener for them. Discovery of Osama on Pak soil completely ruined Pak credibility in the global community and Americans were forced to rethink their future engagement with Pakistan.

Prior to Osama killing, the Mumbai terror attack in 2008 has yet again exposed Pakistan as a terror sponsoring state. David Headley’s interrogation revealed the fact that the ISI gave at least Rs 25 lakh to fund the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. Of course, the mastermind, Hafiz Saeed, roams freely across Pakistan sending ominous jihadi threat to Hindus, Christians and Jews of the world. If not Pakistan where else can he be so free, so vocal!

After the Balakot air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad’s camp after the Pulwama terror attack in Feb 2019, the US took another step forward. As a result, the mastermind of Pulwama terror attack, Masood Azhar, was declared a global terrorist by the UN.

Yet, for now, for the US the biggest sponsor of terror is Iran, not Pakistan!

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