Citizenship Amendment Act 2019: Why India Should Exchange Minorities with Pakistan & Bangladesh

Passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 is a great humanitarian gesture by India, though it should have been done long ago. The Act seeks to expedite the process of awarding citizenship to the ill fated minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan — Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist and Christian — by changing the definition of illegal immigrant. In these 3 neighboring Sharia driven Islamic States, they have been living under constant threat to their dignity and life on their own ancient ancestral land. Some of them managed to get shelter in India but then became people without documentation. When the Bill was passed by the Parliament, it was an extraordinary day (of Freedom & Dignity) in their lives. It meant permanent freedom from Islamic atrocities, ensured by Indian citizenship, humane constitution and safe social environment among other people of their faith in India. It is true home coming in every sense.

No Minority Rights in the Islamic States

Winston Churchill recognized this inherent trait of Sharia-driven Islamic societies where non-Muslims are treated with total contempt, almost as if they are non-humans.

No place for non-Muslims in Islamic societies.

In 1947, colonial India’s Islamic partition was an exercise in total insanity and betrayed all commonsense. Creation of an ‘Islamic State’ of Pakistan (drawn through the Radcliffe partition line) was basically designed to serve the future British interests in the region through a puppet Islamic nation. Separatist Jinnah got his ‘Pakistan’ as two pieces of lands, separated by thousand miles of Indian territory. He was badly disappointed and labeled his Islamic paradise “a maimed, mutilated and moth-eaten” Pakistan. But beggars can’t be choosers and he got what he deserved. This was the karmic punishment for his heinous crime of trying to destroy the great Indian civilization!

But the power hungry mullahs became ecstatic, hailing it as victory of Islam and Allah, hoping for a permanent heavenly life in the Sharia paradise. But their heaven became a hell for the non-Muslim minorities, despite Jinnah’s deceptive rhetoric of secularism and protection of non-Muslims. In fact, the dark realities of the Sharia paradise forced a dalit Muslim League leader, Jogendra Nath Mandal who was also the first law minister of Pakistan, to return to India in 1950 for safety when he saw mass genocide, rape and forced conversions into Islam. He was certainly one among millions fooled by the treacherous Jinnah gang. Here is a short narration of his story of return to India for safety:

Even Muslims from UP, Bihar and other parts of India who were actually at the forefront demanding Pakistan and migrated to Pakistan became disillusioned when they got despised as Mohajir (refugee)!. They are still like second grade citizens of Pakistan. In another Sharia masterstroke, Pakistan even declared Ahmediya Muslims as non-Muslims! They can’t legally call themselves, Muslims, or their place of worship, Mosque!!  And, Ahmediyas were also most vociferous in demanding partition of colonial India for Muslims — Islam must be really a very crooked ideology if it betrays its own followers.

What India’s ‘secular’ media has failed to highlight is the fact that since 2014, Modi government has also given Indian citizenship to around 600 Pakistani Muslims for reasons of other hardships. This section of the media is now busy instill fear among barely educated and mullah/madarsa controlled Muslims — and again trying their best to demonize Modi.

Here is a rare sane advice from a Muslim intellectual to his own community:

Historic Mistake

In 1947, Gandhi/Nehru led Congress failed Indian people on two counts: One, by agreeing to create Pakistan on the basis of religion to mollify some power hungry mullahs. Two, then they failed to declare India a Non-Muslims country and did not push for complete segregation of Muslims and non-Muslims. It was totally ridiculous to give some Muslims a sovereign Islamic State while the rest were forced to live among what their faith teaches them to see as lowly kafir Hindus in India.

It was clearly injustice to the non-Muslims in India to accommodate Muslims whose heart beats for Sharia driven Islamic State. As a result, Indian society missed the golden opportunity to get rid of Muslim / non-Muslim clashes forever. And pitiably, it kept alive the possibility of another Islamic separatist movement whenever the Muslim community throws more Jinnahs on the scene. Equally sad, no one worried about the well being of the non-Muslim minorities left in Islamic Pakistan. They really got doomed for a life of oppression and humiliation at the hands of mullahs.

In order to safe guard minorities on both sides, the Nehru – Liaquat Ali agreement was signed in April 1950. But it remained a piece of garbage paper for the Pakistani mullahs. In contrast, the majority Hindus in India treated ‘minority’ Muslims with their traditional kindness. As a result, the Muslim population in India grew from 9% in 1948 to over 16% in 2019. Pakistani mullahs almost eliminated Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians through their trademark forced conversion and abduction and rape. Consequently, in the Sharia Land the minority population shrank from 24% in 1948 to 2% in 2019 — and still diminishing, as each year around 1000 minorities’ girls get abducted, raped, converted and married to lecherous mullahs. It is the typical Islamic ploy to breed more Muslims and prop up their numbers, practically everywhere they live. The idea is to ultimately Islamize the world through sheer numbers.

The horrific tale of destruction of Temples, Gurudwaras and Churches and forced conversions and abduction of non-Muslim girls is a ‘normal‘ part of Pakistani Islamic society. A Christian woman, Asia Bibi’s torture under blasphemy Law, abduction of a Sikh girl, and rape and murder of a Sindhi student are the most recent reminders of the hellish life of minorities in the Sharia paradise. Bangladesh, after murder of its founder, also fell into the dark Sharia dark-age as Wahhabi mullahs became almighty, repeating the standard Sharia tale of mental torture, abductions, rapes and conversions. How the Taliban tried decimating non-Muslims and pulled down the ancient Buddha Statues are also well known to the world. The Sikh population in Afghanistan decreased from 200,000  before Taliban to meager 500 now. Disgracefully, the human rights community chose to remain blind to it.

Why India and Pakistan/Bangladesh must Exchange Minorities

pak blasphemy 1

The medieval blasphemy mindset is a curse on humanity

While shrinking population of non-Muslims in these Sharia States is openly recognized, what is never talked about is the presence of ultra radical mullahs and the mini Pakistans in India. These are areas where local demography has changed and Muslims have become the dominant community. Such mini Pakistans exist all over India, particularly in areas along Bangladesh border, in the West  Bengal, Assam, Kerala, UP, Bihar etc. In many of these pockets, medieval mullahs move around imposing Sharia restrictions and threatening non-Muslims. Very often, frightened non-Muslims prefer to leave the areas — that further weakens Indian society and its democratic roots. For the radical mullahs non-Muslims are Kafir and hence Wajabul-Qatl (worth killing)! Most striking example of this sick medieval mentality is the notorious Hyderabadi Owaisi brothers who openly call for genocide and total extermination of all non-Muslim in India!!

India should take lead in exchanging minorities with Pakistan and Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. For lasting peace and social harmony in India, it will be a great idea to exchange non-Muslims of these three states with sharia loving Indian Muslims. There are lots of Indian Muslims who aspire for life in a Sharia driven society. Their dreams will come true if sent to Pakistan or Bangladesh. They are a threat for the humanity, a nuisance for India’s diverse social fabric and a blot on the great Hindu civilization that thrives on the principles of non-hatred, non-violence and respect for all human beings.

You can also help the ill-fated Hindus who are victims of persecution through this website:

Who is Opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill — The Lobby!

As usual The Lobby came out opposing the Bill. If you don’t know The Lobby, you don’t know people who can’t tolerate having a united and strong India. The Lobby incorporates the anti-India group that aims to break India into pieces (in the name of Allah), the jihadi activists who bat for terrorists, the anti-Hindu Islamic radicals aiming to Islamize India, the pro-Pak elements of Gandhi-Vadra Congress Party and their ilk, the so-called ‘secular’ politicians who garner Muslims votes through scare-mongering and the Lutyen’s journalists/intellectuals who behave like self appointed spokespersons of the Imperial British and look down upon Hindus.

The TOI group, which is another relic from the Imperial British era like the BBC, and many other pro Islamic media houses actively nurture activists of The Lobby to push their divisive agendas. Till recently, they were advocating entry of Rohingya Muslims into India because they are Muslim. Now they are opposing entry of Non-Muslims because it goes against their Islamic agenda of propping up Muslim headcount in India.

The Lobby, along with Vadra Congress, is inciting people of the North East through misinformation campaign. They are obviously joined by the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim migrants.

The most ridiculous opposition comes from the radical mullahs; they call it anti-Muslim!! They are too dumb to understand that the Bill is all about giving citizenship to victims of persecution in the neighboring Islamic States, It has nothing to do with them or with any Indian citizen. Equally illiterate are the student protesters of Jamia Milia University and the AMU who can’t read English and the text of the CAA. No wonder, with such low quality education Indian Muslims remain cursed to live in permanent poverty and backwardness.

The same mullahs have been fighting for the Mosque built over destroyed Ram Temple in Ayodhya by the barbaric invader Babar. Why they want to glorify an invader and oppose Hindu deity on Hindus’ own ancient land is beyond the comprehension of any rational mind.

Another falsehood is propagated by the TOI group by claiming that India-Afghanistan don’t share border. This dumb imperial mouthpiece doesn’t know that the Afghanistan borders the POK which is an integral part of India. Its jihadi-like hysteria propagated by this anti-India media group against abrogation of the Article 370 is still fresh in the minds of Indian people.

Voice of Pakistani Hindus: Why They want Indian Citizenship 

Shameful Reality of Islamic Societies Liberals don’t Talk About

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Are Muslims A ‘Minority’ Community In India?

It is absolutely weird that Indian Muslims (with gigantic headcount of 200 million and fastest population growth among all communities!) behave as if they can’t progress on their own — and the State must offer them special benefits because they are a minority community! It is a ridiculous preposition because if numbers alone make people disadvantaged in India then the Parsis and Jews must be living the most horrible persecuted life due to their microscopic numbers!! But the truth is totally contrary — they excel in every field and their contribution to national progress is exceptionally high in comparison with their tiny numbers. Rather than behaving like cocky aliens or playing minority politics or running any conversion industry, they conduct themselves with an open and rational mind and live like any other India working and contributing toward nation building. As a result, they have become valuable assets of the nation. What about Muslims? Leaving aside the tiny fraction that thinks rationally and adopts modern ideas, rest of mullah controlled Muslims remain ever obsessed with faith identity and lost in the silly medieval halal-haram debate. They tend to segregate into ghettos (as if non Muslims around are a threat to them!). Then they start playing the ‘victim’ card and complain about their backwardness and poverty — and demand that the State must give them special concessions because they are in minority!!

The Majority – Minority Debate is Meaningless in India’s Diverse Society

The idea of majority-minority divide is the side effect of theocratic Christian and Islamic ideologies. It is utterly irrelevant in a ultra diverse Indian society where majority of people practice Dharma, not religion. The stereotype Western intellectual class too is ignorant of this distinction.

Muslims with Indian flagWho should be considered a helpless and victimized ‘minority community’ in India, is the fundamental question here:

Over 200 million Indian Muslims, forming 14.2% population and growing at the fastest pace (fertility 2.6 per woman compared with the fast declining national average of 2.2)  or less than 60,000 Parsis who are at the risk of extinction (fertility only 0.8 per woman)?

To any rational mind, calling Parsis minority makes sense; handful Jews in India can be surely called minority. But to say that Indian Muslims are ‘minority’ is ridiculous and defies all commonsense. They are the third largest Muslim population in the world, after Indonesia and Pakistan!  They are more than the combined populations of two biggest Muslim countries in the Middle East: Egypt (94 million) and Iran (82 million) and three times the population of United Kingdom!! And if lumped together, their population almost equals that of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous Indian state. They are actually a full nation (as big as the neighboring “Terroristan”, wrongly called Pakistan) inside India! They even outnumber Bangladesh that used to be part of the rogue terrorist nation till 1971.

sardar Patel Muslim quoteIt is absolutely weird that Muslims living in India remain obsessed to be treated as a disadvantaged minority community — as if following the teachings of the Prophet makes people inferior or handicapped! It must be the oblivion of convenience if they don’t know that the fanciful majority-minority divide in India is the creation of colonial British. It beautifully served their colonial policy of divide-and-rule. The Hindu-Muslim unity in the ‘First War of Independence’ of 1857 almost shook their hold on India and made them  insecure. Thus, in the next 90 years of the so-called British Raj they obsessively tried to destroy the Hindu-Muslim unity through fear mongering among Muslims by calling them ‘minority community‘ and exploiting their ideological anti-Hindu bias. The power hungry mullahs of the Muslim League fell for their devious divisive logic and the Jinnah gang exploited it to demand a separate Sharia Paradise called Pakistan, meant only for Muslims.

Children-dressed-in-tricolor at-eid-al-adhaIt is Indian Muslims’ misfortune that, misled by political Wahhabi/Deobandi Maulvis, they have forgotten how they got their Islamic identity. It is fair to say that 99.99% Indian Muslims originated from forced conversion of their Hindu ancestors. During the centuries of oppressive dark age of Islamic theocracy, Hindus were forced to convert under threat, torture and even through abduction and rape. What is still worse is that Indian Muslims have stopped respecting or remembering their Hindu ancestors or their culture. In stark contrast, Muslims of the East Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia still respect their historical Hindu roots and traditions; seen for example, in their celebration of Dusahara and Diwali. Their Ramlila Acts portray all the vital elements despite passage of centuries. Therefore, wisdom demands that Indian Muslims develop a respectful mindset towards Hindus and the ancient culture of their own Hindu ancestors.

Hindu gencide by OwaisiHere is a typical practitioner of medieval political Islam where Hindus are considered Kafir and hence Wajabul-Qatl (worth killing)! Such hate mongering mullahs want Indian Muslims to identify with the foreign Islamic invaders like Ghori, Tughlak, Khilji, Babar, Aurangzeb, or Abdali, seek inspirations from their barbaric and sub-human deeds and imagine connected with Arab Muslims!! No wonder, rather high influence of such hate merchants have killed all the humane and spiritual interpretations of Islam that essentially urges compassion and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, Muslims have to blame themselves if they see themselves as aliens of Arab origin and for their perennial ‘persecuted victim’ mindset or for the ‘Islam is in danger‘ syndrome.  They also need to remember that their Muslim ancestors have caused the biggest holocaust of human history in India. [You may like to read: 1000 Years of Islamic Jihad in India] Yet, even today the Hindu dominated India offers them the most secure social environment, far better than even the 56 ‘Islamic States’ that remain socially stuck in the 7th century dark age.

Why Indian Muslims are so confused?

Why Search Security in Numbers?

Muslims need education; not reservation

Logically speaking, if smallness of numbers alone made people’s life hard or insecure, then the lives of the Parsis and the Jews living in India must be really horrifying due to their barely visible microscopic headcounts. But contrary to this silly, divisive and irrational logic, both these communities have been living peacefully intermingled with the rest of the Indians since ages — even before any Muslim invader landed in India. For instance, the Parsi community’s contribution to Indian society is extraordinarily high compared with their hardly-visible numbers – that makes them the pride of India. Further, unlike Muslims or Christian, they don’t run any ‘conversion industry‘ to prop up their numbers for political mileage.

Jiyo Parsi Scheme to increase population of Indian ParsisAgain, contrary to the fake narrative of ‘majority Hindus’ oppressing ‘minorities’ the government of India has launched a special ‘Jiyo Parsi’ program in 2013 to prop up the Parsi population which has been declining dangerously. Their population steadily fell from 1.14 lakh in 1941 to 57,264 in 2011. In the past two decades, on an average only around 200 births took place annually in the community. The very low fertility rate (around 0.8 child per woman) has put the community to the risk of sure extinction in the coming years.  Such a gesture is possible only in ‘Hindustan’ – the land of Hindus, due to their highly compassionate, humanitarian and accommodative way of thinking. There has to be something remarkably humane about the “Hindu culture” that globally the largest population of Parsis has survived in India — which is even more than in their own ancient land, Iran!  When the Arab Muslims invaded Iran in the 8th – 10th century AD, Zoroastrians had to flee to avoid persecution, torture and conversion.  And they found safe refuge in the land of Hindus or on the land of Sanatan Dharma.  In contrast, one can easily imagine their fate in any ‘Islamic State’ run on Sharia constitution. The moot question is: who is really superior, the one who kills or the one who actually protects and nurture? Such thinking is too profound for the shallow Sharia obsessed brains.

It’s high time that the Indian Muslims dump the foreign funded radical maulvis who mislead them into thinking that they are Arab-like aliens in India and people around them are a threat for them.  They must learn to think with their own brains and start respecting Hindus (and their own Hindu ancestors) for their good human qualities. In the modern world of 21st century, people are judged by their human qualities – not for the capacity of violence or which medieval god-fiction (called religion) they believe in.

Why should Religion decide Minority Status?

Now another question:

If India is supposedly a ‘secular’ (religion neutral) country, then why should anyone demand things in the name of religion?

Right ‘secular’ parameters to judge small and minor groups of people who might get excluded from the national mainstream are – poverty, physical or mental disability, social boycott (lesbian, gay, transgender), people living in difficult isolated terrains, illiteracy, poor senior citizens without support, orphan / abandoned children, sex workers,  group of people persecuted on any ground (eg. Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out of Valley by fanatic Islamists), and so on.

Does the Muslim community qualify to be called a ‘minority’ group on any of these ‘secular parameters’? The answer is a clear NO.

Poverty may be applied on Muslims, but they alone are not poor in India. In fact, none of the progressive Muslims are poor. If Mullah controlled Muslims find themselves in poverty, it is because of their tendency towards religious ghettoization, lack of interest in contemporary education and inability to accept progressive modern ideas like other Indians.  Their problems  are fundamentally rooted in their own circular thinking looped around what they understand of Islam, Sharia and Umma coupled with the delusion of Islamic greatness. Lucky are Muslims who develop the maturity to transcend this trap and join rest of the free thinking progressive humanity of the world, despite the ‘Muslim tag’.

It is a pity that even after 7 decades of independence the Indian Muslim community has failed to produce secular educated leaders and scholars. Is it a responsible way of living in a modern democracy where 85% Indians don’t practice Islam? Or is it another Islamic partition of the great Hindu land they are aiming for?

Are Minorities  Safe in India?

Synogogue in India - Jews never faced anti-SemitismFake intellectuals and the pseudo-liberals who grow up reading only foreign books have kept the minority-majority divide alive decades after the colonial British were driven away. Copying the British, they pose the malicious question – Are ‘minority Muslims’ safe in ‘Hindu majority’ India?

When an American or European journo raises such an issue, it is understandable because the Western concept of “Religion” runs in their veins and where, for example, a Christian is naturally supposed to have a discriminatory mindset towards a Muslim or non-Christians. But when an Indian intellectual writes a piece with this mindset he/she is doing a great injustice to over 100 crore Indians (non-Muslim and non-Christian) who make India naturally ‘secular’ and tolerant of diversity by virtue of their Dharma based non-discriminative way of life. In doing so they are only displaying their distorted and hollow understanding of Hindu civilization that defines India. They suffer from a ‘sickular’ blindness! If Hindus are atrocious how the population of Indian Muslims has steadily increased from around 10% to 15% since 1947? And, why the (non-Muslim) minority headcount has steadily decreased in the neighboring Islamic States of Terroristan and Bangladesh? There has to be something very special in the Hindu culture that even nurtures Muslim and other communities.

Open minded Muslims practice YogaHowever, the silly question of these copy-cat journos is again best answered by the real minorities in India – Jews and Parsis, who also practice foreign born Faiths. What sets them apart from the Muslim community is that they rely on hard work and enterprise, rather than begging special favors in the name of ‘minority religion’. No one has ever heard of them saying Zoroastrianism is in Danger or Judaism in in Danger. Then why the hell Mullah’s Islam is always in Danger!! Are Indian mullahs habitually paranoid or feel that their Prophet gave them a fragile ideology?

In fact, Parsis can teach a lot to the Indian Muslim community – how to be grateful and respect the tolerant Hindu culture and live peacefully through friendliness and prosper through open and forward looking mindset.

All Indian Muslims should listen to the voice of sanity in this video:

Hindus are Inherently Tolerant and Accommodative

Hindus are highly tolerant to diversity.Hindu culture (the ancient indigenous culture of the land) does not have any inbuilt bias against people of other beliefs. All India born philosophies — so-called Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc– are based on Dharma principles recommending universal human ethics for peaceful living. For them all forms of hysteria and fanaticism are lowly uncivilized humans. History tells us that they never ever indulged in terror or violence to convert or dominate people of other faiths. Such things are too superficial and reflect immature human conduct. On the contrary, they accept diversity in humanity a natural part of existence. It is something utterly unthinkable in any monotheist Islamic or Christian society. There are 57 Islamic countries but all are authoritarian — some are really oppressive resembling medieval culture. In contrast, the presence of majority Hindus in India offers Muslims a unique opportunity to enjoy religious freedom together with progressive modern ideas. Only fools and dead can’t acknowledge it.

Are Muslims Really Powerless or Victimized?

The truth is quite the contrary!! Now let’s see how Persecuted Indian Muslims really are in Hindu India!

Muslim women want EmpowermentThey have successfully stalled the implementation of a uniform civil code that rest of the Indians have been demanding for decades. Fanatic mullahs like Hyderabadi Owaisis publicly threaten to decimate the entire non-Muslim population (100 crore) — they are still Alive enjoying all their democratic rights in Hindu India!! Mullahs of Kashmir (along with Pak Jihadis) drove away 4 lakh Kashmiri Hindu Pundits while the ‘secular’  Indian government looked the other way. In the same era, a Kashmiri Muslim politicians, Mufti Mohammad Saeed, led to destruction of Hindu Temples all over Kashmir. A corrupt Muslims politician named Azam Khan from Rampur in UP habitually  talks lewdly about Hindu women and girls.

A lecherous Muslim painter, Hussain, could paint Hindu Goddesses in nude – in the name of freedom of expression – and yet remained alive and as a darling of Indian ‘sickulars’ and leftist intelligentsia! A Muslim actor, Amir Khan, counted among the top movie stars of the country, can make film (PK) mocking Hindu gods and make fortune – and then even accuse Hindus of being ‘Intolerant’! … He yet again proved that thankfulness towards society and country is not taught in what he calls his ‘faith”.

Imagine what would their fate be if they ever decide to depict Mohammad’s marriage with a six year old kid!!  Just draw a bearded male cartoon and label it Mohammad — you know the outcome very come well!! Violence is the only refuge of a weak or sick mind.

Muslims have stalled for decades the reconstruction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya that was destroyed by a barbaric Muslim Babar and constructed a Mosque on Temple ruins; it was yet again by lunatic Aurangzeb in the 17th century. Despite Supreme Court’s recent verdict in favor of Temple Construction, mullahs again got busy to put more hurdles! Fanatics can’t change!!

Yet, none from the Hindu community became terrorist. Isn’t it amazing?  Hate, vengefulness or religious frenzy have never been a part of Hindu civilization even during Islamic oppression in India. A weak faith needs fanaticism and violence to survive — the strong stands on tolerance, rationality and sanity!!!

Are Non-Muslims Safe in Islamic Societies?

Tolerant Hindus are easy targets of Islamists and JihadisIndian intellectuals have failed to raise this question, either for fear of physical attack from Jihadi mullahs or for fear of losing their self assumed ‘secular’ status. The non-Muslim minority is steadily shrinking in the neighboring Islamic States of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In the neighboring “Terroristan” followers of the “religion of peace” have almost wiped out minority Hindus, Sikhs and Christians — they were 24% of Pak population in 1948 and today they are less than 2% . As per human rights watch groups, every year around 1000 girls from minority groups get abducted and forced to marry Muslim men.

Bangladeshi Islam has also eaten away non-Muslims who have shrunk from over 20 percent to less than 8% and still shrinking. Recently, its only Hindu Chief Justice was forced to flee the country.

Given the way Muslim practice their religion it is not at all surprising that no Indian Muslim leader has ever expressed regret or raised voice against such barbarism in the Islamic societies? Perhaps they are afraid of being killed by some radical mullah.

But it is heartening that Indian government is attempting to pass a legislation that would grant citizenship to non-Muslim minorities of neighboring Sharia paradises called Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Their numbers have been falling due to routine abduction of girls, rape and forced conversion to Islam.

‘Mini Pakistans’ in India!

When Muslims are in the minority they are very concerned with minority rights, but when they are in the majority there are no minority rights. Winston Churchill

churchill-on-MuslimsA dangerously peculiar situation is emerging in many areas across the country. It is Islamization of Muslim dominant areas. There are many local pockets in the country – most notably in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, UP and Kerala – where demographic changes have made Muslims locally the ‘majority’ community. In many such areas, their local socio-psychological and cultural behavior has changed. Cocky fundamentalists proudly describe these areas ‘mini Pakistan’ and do everything to drive away non-Muslims! In many such areas, Muslim mobs could be seen moving around imposing Islamic theocracy, called sharia, on people as if India is an Islamic nation.

Moving forward: It is in the interest of Indian Muslims to dump mullahs who want them to hallucinate that they come from Arab lineage and alienate them from the majority community. They must start respecting their own Hindu ancestors and their peace loving ideology still practiced by 100 crore Indians. It is utterly foolish to identify with past barbaric Muslim invaders or with the anti-humanity foreign ideologies of ISIS, Taliban or Al Qaeda and their likes. India is an ancient spiritual land of saints like Buddha and Mahavira, and its sanctity and piety must be preserved.  Spiritual Muslims have a lot to learn from the ultra advanced art of spiritual evolution through self-realization which is as old as the ancient Indian civilization. No other part of the world, even middle east, can offer such golden opportunity.

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India Needs Development Beyond GDP

‘Produce more and consume more, and keep doing it till eternity!’ can’t be a sustainable development model. But this is what we are doing when we talk about GDP as the primary (or sole) yardstick of development. It is time to challenge the supremacy of the GDP-focused development model as the sole yardstick of national development. Fetish to use GDP growth as the only development model has not only created long term climatic and environmental issues but it has also reduced people to the status of robotic producers and consumers of goods and services. While it is inherently a faulty model for the world, it particularly bad for a populous country like India which needs is an employment centric model of economic development. Feeling satisfied with the GDP growth, while millions have no earning opportunity, is like living in a fools paradise.  

GDP is a Deceptive Indicator of Development

The GDP is just like a speedometerGDP is often compared with a speedometer: all it can tell is the speed, whether your economy is going faster or slower. The speedometer of your car doesn’t tell you everything – it can’t tell you about overheating or how much fuel is in the tank. Most important: the speedometer can’t tell you whether you’re going in the right direction.

Imagine if the speedometer could talk and respond, and you ask: Are we heading in the right direction? It responds: Let’s go faster! That’s a pretty dumb answer. You ask: Can we turn left? It responds: Let’s go faster! The same stupid answer. True. Yet, just look around; everyone seems concerned only about speed of the economy. No one asks the question, “Are we going in the right direction?”

Mega cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai have no space left for private cars — and traffic jams and pollution are choking people’s lives. Yet, the stuck-brain ‘experts‘ and politicians want auto industry to be given a ‘stimulus package‘ to spur demand because it will generate employment!

The basic problem is that the GDP is just an economic number – total market value of products and services bought and sold. It is blind to all things that can’t be sold though they increase people’s well-being – housework, raising children, volunteering, etc. Likewise, it doesn’t count peace of mind and social harmony, community relations, status of health and education, leisure or sustainability and environmental issues. However, the biggest deception of GDP comes from the fact that it gets boosted by harmful things like natural disasters, polluting activities, diseases, and crimes and wars. In fact, the more you senselessly spend or waste or destroy the more it grows. Therefore, rising GDP is no guarantee of development going in the right direction.

In reality, it is entirely possible for an economy to go faster and faster without getting anywhere closer to the desired goals. So, what is the right direction of the economy? This is a rather easy question to answer: just ask people and they pretty much say the same things. An economy goes in the good direction when all people benefit equally and everyone feels healthier, happier and more satisfied. Right direction also means it doesn’t create potential sources of trouble for the future, such as extreme inequality, social tensions and environmental disasters.

The Fetish for Economic Growth

The fetish for GDP has created long term environmental and social issuesWhen Adam Smith laid the foundation of modern economics through his epic, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), he would have never imagined that ‘economics’ would rule the future generations ‘colonizing’ all other disciplines of human inquiry. Today the whole Western world follows the ‘faith’ called economics and considers economic growth as the only ‘holy’ measure of national progress, and the rest of the world drags along in the absence of alternatives. So, now we have a global culture where people religiously think that ‘GDP growth is the only highway’ that takes people to the paradise of eternal happiness.

Gone are the days when talks of culture, art, history, morality, religion or spirituality symbolized the progress of societies and their people. Now per capita consumption alone decides how developed you are. The more you consume the more developed you are supposed to be! So Americans are the biggest consumers walking on the planet — and obviously they also create the biggest amount of garbage! And, Americans obviously live in the hallucination to be the most developed people! Of course, it is impolite to ask why they still have tent cities, homelessness and racial and hate crimes despite almost everyone owning gun.

If along the way, nature feels tired of replenishing ever increasing demand for its resources or glaciers are melting with ever increasing pace or if societies are stunting with ‘hyper individualism’ or if arms and weapons are penetrating even in the peaceful societies – they must be seen as an unavoidable ‘collateral damage’ of the battle of economic growth! These ugly issues should be left to the creatures called environmentalists and social scientists; after all it is their job and that’s what they are paid for!

If Human Well-being is Multidimensional, Why not Development

Human well being is multidimensional, so should be developmentThe GDP is the fixation of economists and statisticians who have the nasty habit seeing even complicated things in terms of simple numbers. And, here they want us to equate people’s well-being with GDP. In fact, they have successfully fooled the world into believing that there is nothing in human life beyond producing goods and consuming them.

But now more and more people are coming out dissatisfied, all around the world. They are increasingly realizing that the GDP doesn’t measure any of the important things like health, happiness, welfare, human or social progress, or environmental sustainability. It is not even remotely connected with any of them.

Economists’ mono-dimensional concept of development has increasingly come under scrutiny in the recent decades. If you are a multifaceted and thoughtful person you must also be feeling uncomfortable with the too narrow concept of progress given by the economists. You must be wondering: if human life is multidimensional why not development? Have things like family and community relations, cultural traditions, spiritual practices, moral values, living in nature, leisure time, good health, and freedom from stress become unimportant in people’s lives? Is development merely multiplication of wants or continual transformation of wants into needs?

Is the Love Affair with GDP coming to an End?

So, is our love affair with GDP coming to an end? This is what one would conclude looking at the noises coming from recent World Economic Forum discussions and other international debates. As the business landscape changes, inequalities rise, climate change worsens, technology chops jobs, demographics shift and the world clamors for a new order, the GDP is fast losing its sheen. All goods have an expiry date, after which it is not wise to them. So, why are we still using a tool that was devised for a totally different purpose in the war torn world of 1930s and 1940s?

New Emerging Paradigms

Companionship and social relationships are also important factors of people's well beingWith the availability of much better survey data which allow for new types of economic and social measurement, more and more experts are looking for well-being indicators to gauge progress. The issue of sustainability is gaining momentum as climate change worsens. For instance; Andrew Simms, director of the New Economic Foundation, says, “Economic Growth has failed on its own terms. You cannot have infinite Economic growth in a world of finite resources. Redistribution of the existing wealth is a far better way to go. It is now a case of paradigm shift or bust”.

Nobel winner economist Joseph Stiglitz points out that development is meaningless in the long run unless it is sustainable, equitable and participatory. He emphasizes that it is not just income that matters but overall standards of living which means giving importance to economic as well as social, cultural and environmental dimensions.

According to Amartya Sen, the real objective of development is to enlarge people’s choices in all fields—economic, political and cultural. It means people’s well-being should be the focus of development, not economy. This notion of human development is closely intertwined with issues of human freedom and human rights.

Perhaps the time has come to reopen the post WW2 debate about how we should define the economy, and ensure that we come up right measures of human, social and environmental well-being to guide economic growth.

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Why This Is The Right Time To Adopt “Uniform Civil Code” In India

Pros & Cons of Uniform Civil Code

Isn’t it the Right Time?

uniform civil code is still pending in IndiaIndia is fortunate to finally have a strong nationalist and decisive government since 2014 that got reelected with bigger majority in 2019. It almost performed the miracle by abrogating the temporary article 370 to fully absorb J&K with rest of India, then passing the instant Triple Talaq bill despite fierce opposition by ossified brained mullahs (along with their ‘secular’ buddies) and its stand in the Supreme Court paved the way for Ram Temple Construction in Ayodhya ending decades of inaction and delaying tactics by the Congress Party. Let’s hope, the Modi government will soon be able to implement the uniform civil code (UCC) the country is waiting for 7 decades.

Non-Implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

Non implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) even after 7 decades is seriously undermining Indian democracy by perpetuating inequalities. It is an issue that the past governments have been evading – largely to please the backward looking Muslim clergy that controls Muslim votes. It is amazing that we have a British given common criminal code for all, but even after 70 years there is no attempt to build consensus to implement the common civil code and replace so many personal laws. These are laws dealing with the matters involving marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance in the respective religious communities.

While framing the Constitution these personal laws were debated extensively; the progressive thinkers saw them as divisive and wanted a Uniform Civil Code for all Indians – in order to create a unique Indian national identity and eradicate caste and religion based identities. But they were opposed on the ground that it would destroy the cultural identity of minorities (particularly, Muslims). Thus, a compromise was reached – the UCC was placed under the Directive principles (these are non-binding), but which the state shall endeavor to achieve. Hence, the Article 44 of the Constitution says: “The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.” It must be seen along with the Article 14 which ensures right to equality.

The issue of UCC came under national limelight in the mid-80s after the infamous Shah Bano case, but the Congress leaders’ mullah appeasement politics betrayed Muslim women and hurt the cause of national integration.

Goa can be a good role model and can show the way. It has a Common Family Law which is also called Goa Civil Code and governs all Goans, although it allows some exceptions to some communities. It is certainly not an ideal Uniform Civil Code, but shows that it is possible to move towards a UCC.

Muslim Clergy – The Biggest Roadblock to the UCC

triple talaq - AIMPLBThe biggest hurdle in implementing the UCC is the orthodox Muslim clergy – the darling of appeasement politicians who nurture them for vote bank politics. These maulvis have formed an elite club called the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). They have other groups that are equally fanatic. They are all clearly connected with cash rich global jihadi lobby that promotes intolerant Wahabbi mindset among Muslims. Their Sharia glues them to the culture of the 7th century Arab tribal world. They are primarily responsible for the typical tendencies of ghettoisation and isolationism in the Indian Muslim community that keeps them backward and separated from the mainstream Indian society. ‘Their Islam’ reduces their followers to the status of pre-programmed robots and women-folks to the level of commodity and sex objects for sensual pleasure and breeding.

70 years ago, a gang of power hungry Mullahs broke the great united India to get their Sharia Paradise called Pakistan. A lot of Muslims from Hindu India migrated to the ‘fairy paradise’ of Islam only to be mocked with the derogatory label, Mohajir (Refugee) and became second grade Pakistanis! Therefore, those who did not go to the Sharia-Paradise, should have learnt to live peacefully like other communities in a secular society dominated by peace-loving and tolerant Hindus. But they failed miserably. Their ossified mindset is a serious road-block towards creating a modern integrated Indian society run under one law.

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Why FATF ‘GREY-LIST’ Isn’t Dark Enough For Pakistan!

Pakistan’s obsession for Islamic terrorism is so strong that rather than destroying jihad factories and behaving like a modern country, it hallucinates that China, Turkey and Malaysia votes would rescue it forever from falling in the FATF black-List. According to public claim of Pak foreign minister not too long ago, the privilege of hosting numerous terror groups and being on the Grey-List is costing the rogue nation around 10 billion dollars per year. Quite sure, he would be now calculating the cost of Black-Listing in Feb 2020! 

Pakistan Loves Terrorism and FATF List!

Whenever Islamic terror strikes any part of the world, its Pak connection is taken for granted! No one was surprised if the recent London Bridge knife terrorist was a Pakistani. 

fatf pak flagPakistan’s obsession to continue with jihadi terrorism as an undeclared tool of State policy amazes global Pak watchers. Amazing, staring bankruptcy and tightening Chinese debt-trap are not severe enough to dissuade the global terror capital to give up the craze for ‘holy violence’ called Jihad. The army propped dummy Prime Minister, Imran Khan even lectured the world from the UN platform on Islamophobia and jihad and openly boasted that Pakistan created Al Qaeda and Taliban and even now hosts dozens of jihadi groups and over 40,000 trained terrorists. He even arranged pension for the UN designated terrorist, Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai jihadi terror attack that killed 166 innocent people!! Few in the 21st century modern world could think of rewarding a globally wanted enemy of humanity. But Pakistan is totally an abnormal country. Normal countries are run by citizens; but here military owns and runs Pakistan, not people!!

Mr Imran Khan Niyazi has been hopping rich Islamic nations and its “All Weather Friend” China begging for money to prevent his jihadi country from falling into bankruptcy. The Jihadi State can’t even pay the interest due on the Himalayan tall pile of past loans without begging, yet there is no shortage of money when it comes to fund terrorist groups — living under hallucination that they are glorifying Islam and their Allah by their cowardly acts.

Top CEOs of Pak Terror Industry; Pak Terror economy never shows 'depression' !Love for weapons, wars and jihadi violence is an integral part of the DNA of this Islamic State of South Asia. Ever since it was created ‘in the name of Islam‘ in 1947, it has been inching steadily towards becoming a ‘jihadistan’ — and did manage to do it quite remarkably! As its hate mongering against its parent nation India turned into a pathological obsession, ‘jihad‘ became the only refuse for its ‘Sharia‘ brained rulers to justify their existence and importance.

After the humiliating defeat in 1971 and creation of Bangladesh, maverick Bhutto (whose dirty politics led to civil war in East Pakistan and division of the country, and ultimately to his hanging as well!) proudly declared that Pakistan would make Atom Bomb — even if Pakistanis had to eat grass! That day seems much closer today to prove his prophecy!! What short-sighted Bhutto could not foresee was the financial havoc the love for Nukes and jihadis would bring on his country.

Pak Considers Its Terror Assets more Valuable than Pak EconomyAbandoning its jihadi gangs (particularly those aimed against India and Afghanistan) is a tough emotional call for the rootless country whose identity revolves aroudnd Arabic words “Islam” and “Jihad” as defined by the ossified-brained Wahhabi/Deobandi mullahs. Pak rulers can’t stop hallucinating that some day Taliban would make Afghanistan the 5th Province of Pakistan and the ‘holy gangs’ of Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar would snatch Kashmir from India through cross border terrorism.

Pakistan’s India-Hate is as Eternal as its Love for Terrorism!

Some years ago, during a long flight a friend asked a Pakistan minister what his greatest wish was. The minister stretched both his hands with palms facing skywards and said, “If Allah were to grant me a wish I would ask him to place a nuclear bomb each on my palms. One I would drop one on Bombay, the other on Delhi”.

In a recent TV debate, Pakistanis’ favorite topic of comparison with India came up and an expert was describing how India is fast emerging as a global economy and how Pakistan was sinking and decaying in every sense. The stupid anchor interjected: But we have more nuclear bombs than India!! Of course, she must be also proud that Pakistan has  army of suicidal jihadi terrorists that India doesn’t have!

Ever since Pakistan tested nuclear bomb its war-monger leaders have been threatening India – its mother nation and eternal foe  – with nuclear attack. In fact, many Pakistanis proudly call their dirty bomb ‘Islamic Nuclear Bomb’ implying that all non-Muslims — particularly Hindus, Jews and Christians — must be afraid of Pakistan! After all, they are ‘infidels’ and hence as the stone-age wisdom says, ‘wajabul-qatl’ (worth killing)! That task is outsourced to Jihadi groups.

Pakistan is a country where kids grow up learning a fictional history that convinces them that the only aim of their life is to destroy India — the land of Hindu Kafirs — and be ever ready for ‘martyrdom’ and that Pakistan was created just for this “holy purpose”! Radicals inject the spice of Gazwa-e-Hind (conquer and Islamize India) – and turn non-Muslim hate into jihadi hysteria with the shouts of Allahu Akbar.

Here in the video, the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Jihadi murder of 166 innocent people is threatening all non-Muslims of the planet. This terrorist certainly represents Pakistan’s understanding of Islam.

A Nuclear State Waiting to go Bankrupt!!

Can you imagine a country heading towards bankruptcy and yet can’t give up its childish craze for bombs, atom bombs, terrorism and war?

The world is waiting to see how soon the nuclear powered Islamic State of South Asia goes bankrupt. But most Pakistan watchers have another bigger worry: Pak nukes falling in the hands of jihadi terrorists.

However, to Pakistanis denial provides heavenly bliss.  Just watch any TV debate, Pakistanis appears to be in hallucination that as long as they have the growing pile of nukes, mushrooming terror camps and blessings of Dragon Uncle, no harm can come to them – and they can live happily sending terrorists across Indian and Afghanistan borders!

hambantota portIn Pakistan, only the wise people worry about failing economy, corruption, rule of law, fair governance and democracy. But they remained totally sidelined by the fanatic mullahs and overbearing army. The juvenile brained Pakistani leadership led by the army wants people to believe that the CPEC would open up the gateway to Heaven and then they can live happily forever! It wants to remain in perpetual denial that that the CPEC has already pushing the jihadi nation into a yet another debt-trap. Sri Lanka’s honeymoon with China on Hambantota port is a lesson only for the wise people – and not for the Pakistanis leadership!

Pakistan’s jihadi decay offers a big advantage to China which feels highly satisfied that the past American puppet has already already fallen in its lap. If Pakistan sees terrorists as its strategic assets, China sees Pakistan as its own strategic asset just like the North Korea! It is more than delighted to ‘help’ Mr ‘U-Turn’ Khan and his jihadi caliphate that is totally isolated on the global platform.

Pakistan has already leased the Gwadar port to Chinese for 40 years and a “Chinese only colony” is planned for half-a-million Chinese in the Gwadar city. Chinese army is steadily penetrating across Pakistan in the garb of protecting its economic projects. It is precisely how the crooked British East India Company entered into India fooling the Islamic rulers in the 17th century, and grabbed the whole country. World would not be surprised if in near future Pakistanis are seen speaking Mandarin to please their new colonial master!

Imran Khan’s Ouster is Eminent

Military Rule or Another Puppet PM?

As Mr Imran Khan Niyazi awaits his ouster in the coming days — his utility is over for the army after he extended army chief Bajwa’s tenor and put the opposition leaders in jail (Nawaz Sharief was even reportedly poisoned and denied proper medical care) — the only thing people want to know is whether army rule would come back in terroristan or another puppet would replace Imran Khan Niyazi. However, he meets the fate of Nawaz and Zardari and ends up in fail, or gets eliminated like Benzir Bhutto, or gets kicked out of country is irrelevant. The dagger of FATF black-listing in Feb 2020 would continue to hang on the terrorist nation.

Why Muslim Countries Deport Pakistanis?

Explore: Pakistan — The “Middle East” of South Asia

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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

Gandhian ideology of non-violence, democracy and development appear all the more relevant today in a world of falling moral values, ‘religion’ turning into weapon of political hatred, faltering grass-root democracies, capitalistic exploitation, increasing addiction to social media and global environmental degradation.

Humanity Under Threat

Humanity is under severe threatThe world today is in a serious crisis despite so much technological advances and material progress.  There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. The ever growing cult of market worship has diluted State’s role as promoter of level playing field and protector of those stuck at the bottom of the power hierarchy. Too much emphasis on market efficiency has created a climate of amoral politics. Consequently, politics has turned into as a self-perpetuating means to control power rather than as a creative instrument of social justice and equity.

After the collapse of Soviet Union and its socialistic ideology the capitalistic democracy emerged as the best form of governance. But it has created another issue: “Can capitalism nurture a sustainable world order?” Another problem with the current capitalism is that it has lost connections with moral considerations. As more and more wealth concentrates in fewer and fewer hands and as humanity helplessly watches the ever increasing threat of climate change, there is a growing need for alternate models of development, democracy and economy.

Govt capture by money or mob is very badTherefore, at this hour of crisis what India needs, and what in fact the world needs, is a creative synthesis of Gandhi’s humanistic vision with universally accepted global worldview. There is an urgent need for dialogue among civilizations and the human-oriented approach of Gandhi. In a world of deepening crisis in the poor societies and social malaise in the affluent societies it seems likely that Gandhian ideas might show the right direction. Around the world, Gandhi is seen as an icon of struggle for peace, harmony and social justice and his humanist philosophy has always found ready acceptance in every society.

Since Mahatma Gandhi was clearly the tallest humanitarian face of the 20th century, the Gandhian model of governance and development is seeing renewed interest in the global community. The Gandhian methods of Swadeshi (self-reliance), non-violent Satyagraha, women’s empowerment and gram swaraj (grass root democracy) to ensure both social democracy and political democracy appear the right tools to prevent the chaos and disruption the world is heading towards.

Gandhian Approach to Democracy and Development

Village is the basic unit in Gandhian DemocracyThe Gandhian model of democracy evolved from several thousand years’ democratic ethos of India. For Gandhiji true democracy meant local self-governance – or ‘Swaraj’ (local self-rule). In the Gandhian worldview village is the smallest unit for self governance by the village panchayat (village parliament). Thus, he used the term ‘Gram Swaraj’. He envisaged each village as a tiny self-sufficient republic governed by a Panchayat with full control on local resources. The panchayat authority on local resources is vital for success of the gram swaraj model of democracy. In Gandhi’s view, only such autonomous and self-reliant communities offer people the best opportunities for participation. Thus, a society can be built as a federation of such tiny village republics, leading to a decentralized system with maximum decision making power to the grass root people. It would also counter the centralizing and alienating forces of the modem state.

An ideal village has peace and harmony among peopleSuch grass root empowerment nurtures robust democracy and naturally leads to a bottom up system of governance. In this scenario, the growth would not be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom. It would also automatically develop the right type of capitalism with responsibility towards people and society. Such a governance system can make the world a union of peace loving local governments. The need of the hour is to globalize such an ideology, rather than the markets.

Mahatma Gandhi considered people as the ‘real wealth’ of a nation, not its production and consumption of goods. He was not opposed to technology as long as it works to empower people in their local surrounding. In contrast, today economy and technology get priority over people – who are seen as mere “human resource” for the purpose of economic and technological growth. Like Adam Smith, he also considered labor as the primary source of economic gain. His opposition to Western capitalism was largely due to its exploitation of labor force to make the rich richer.

Rational Development – Pursue Needs, Not Greed

Gandhi wants to restrict human desiresMahatma Gandhi considered the Western economic development model – which rests on what is called “multiplication of wants” – both unsustainable and devastating to the human spirit. His economic ideology stressed on human well being – both material and non-material – while steering clear of the unbridled greed and temptation. He rejected the underlying assumption behind the classical Western model of development – where people are only supposed to seek maximum material gratification. In his view, voluntary rationalization of personal desires – rather than trying to satisfy endless craving – is also an indication of ‘real development’ of people and a sign of personal growth. Thus, development of mental restrain to overcome greed is ‘true development’ worth aiming for. Therefore, Gandhi’s economic ideology puts a special emphasis on ‘rational living’ after cutting down undesired and wasteful human wants through self-restrain. In essence, supreme consideration should be given to man’s mental development rather than the obsession for money or commodities or power and control.

Morality Must Prevail

Morality should be an integral part of human conductWhat distinguishes Gandhi’s ideas and ideology for reconstruction of society and politics and upliftment of people is the strong emphasis on morality and ethics. Moral consideration is always central to everything  done in a Gandhian way.  This makes the task of Western commentators somewhat challenging, as they are instinctly more comfortable dwelling in the material realm – regardless of ways and means. Quite naturally, whenever they comment on Gandhi’s moral considerations, they count on the works of Western philosophers where moral considerations get least attention. Thus, they normally end up creating an illusion that Gandhi was using non-violence as just a ‘political tool’ to beat the opponents while sounding righteous. Nothing can be more erroneous than that. Instead, they should look at the real source of Gandhi’s knowledge and inspiration – the ancient Hindu scriptures.

Barack Obama inspired by Mahatma GandhiWhile Gandhi was a well read person and had studied the works of Western philosophers also, but ultimately his ideas and ideologies were shaped by the ancient spiritual and holistic philosophies of life of his native land. His stress on truthfulness and non-violence clearly came from the teachings of Buddha and Mahavira and the real understanding of ‘Dharma’ from ancient scriptures – Vedas, Upnishads and Bhagwat Gita. In fact, Gandhi’s thinking reflected his profound understanding of the spiritual culture that defines Hindus. After Vivekananda, for the first time the world saw the power of “inner strength” of an ordinary looking man. Gandhi showed how to harness the power of truthfulness and non-violence in solving social and political problems. He repeatedly demonstrated how to take on the world’s mightiest Empire only through internal personal conviction without raising even a fist!  Clearly the gun-wielding British never really understood how a fragile ‘brown’ man stood firm where the mightiest would tremble!!

However, the universal nature of Gandhian ideology transcends all national and language barriers and touches people at their heart.

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Destroying Kashmir – The Pakistani Way!

Creation of Pakistan in 1947 to satisfy the power hunger of a gang of Muslim separatists led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah became a curse for the erstwhile princely State of Jammu & Kashmir. The greed of the Islamic separatists amplified as they got their ‘Pakistan’ territory drawn by the Radcliffe partition Line. Jinnah started behaving like a stone-age tribal lord and invaded Kashmir along with some regional tribal leaders and managed to grab a part of its territory. Of course, Nehru’s folly should get bigger credit than his guile. Then the shameful defeat and loss of East Pakistan in 1971 turned the ‘Kashmir Issue’ into a pathological national fixation. Now Pakistan’s sole motto became “… if I can’t get Kashmir ‘in the name of Islam’, I will destroy it ‘in the name of Islam” by promoting radicalization and terrorism !! Having lost the capacity to take on India through military means, kashmir-under-jihadi-attackthe Islamic State decided to wage a sustained low cost proxy war through jihadi terrorists in the 1980s. It was Pakistan’s silly way to try to win the lost Bangladesh battle in Kashmir! … and it is still going on!!

Pakistan — An Abnormal Country

India-Hate is the only glue that Unites Pakistanis

Born purely out of Hindu-Hatred of a group Muslims separatists of colonial India — and with no positive vision for the future — hostility towards India became the only national goal of Pakistan. This hate also serves to keep the jihadi nation united in one piece, though ethnic fissures are now staring ominously.

Debunked two nation theoryPakistan is the only country in the world that was created ‘in the name of Islam’ by Muslim separatists of colonial India who did not want to live peacefully with Hindus.  To keep them happy the Radcliffe partition line was drawn by dividing the Bengal and Punjab provinces of the British India to mark the territory of the Islamic State of Pakistan, as two disjointed land pieces separated by India. But Jinnah’s bogus two-nation-theory on which Pakistan was founded got exposed within a quarter century! In 1971 its flirtation with electoral democracy proved disastrous — it threw the Islamic State into a civil war leading to mass scale rape and genocide. Ultimately,  the ‘inferior’ East Pakistani Bengalis broke away to become sovereign Bangladesh.

top CEOs of Pak terror industryAfter the humiliating defeat — imagine surrender of 93,000 Pak troops before Indian army along with the loss of a vast chunk of territory — and country’s break up, the Pakistani hatred against India turned into a pathological insanity. One of the villains responsible for country’s truncation, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto —  rather than feeling shame at how he denied democracy to people of East Pakistan, swore to wage a “1000 year war” with India, as if India forced it into electoral honeymoon! But karmic justice prevailed very soon! Dictator Zia ul Haq hanged him in 1978. He, however, reshaped the Bhutto doctrine into the “1000 cuts to bleed India” policy. His idea was to wage a proxy war against India using low cost and fully disposable jihadis created in the Jihadi terror camps. Thus, Pak sponsored violence and terrorism started destroying the peace and serenity of the Kashmir Valley from late 1980s. This abnormal idea became an integral part of its undeclared State policy — and it also steadily turned Pakistan into a paradise of jihadi terrorists, a Terroristan! Today, Pakistan is the global capital of jihadi terrorism — and Pakistanis, while claiming to be victims of terrorism, are proud of their achievement! They think they served the cause of Islam!!

Pakistan’s Jihadi Attack on Kashmir

kashmiriyat jihadi

Since the beginning of proxy war in Kashmir, over 42,000 innocent lives have been lost in Jammu and Kashmir. Hindus were forced to leave the Kashmir Valley and all symbols of Kashmiri culture came under terror attack of brainwashed jihadi humanoids.

As per the typical habit in the Islamic societies whatever Pakistan does, it does it “in the name of Islam”. The names, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, are enough to reveal its Islamic intentions in J&K — bloody Islamic Jihad. In the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK), the military/ISI runs more than a dozen terror training camps to turn local Kashmiris into suicidal jihadi terrorists and infiltrates them across LoC for dying and killing innocent people, in the glory of Allah and Islam. The ISI runs an elaborate network and hawala racket to fund the social disruption in the Kashmir Valley. Pak uses this jihadi violence for the global propaganda of ‘Muslim persecution‘ by Hindu India — the standard time tested 1400 year old victim-hood Islamic logic.

But the world is smarter today — even the Islamic world!! The Pak military, ISI and political leadership don’t understand why the OIC Islamic group or the Saudis or UAE give no importance to Pak’s pathological obsession with “Kashmir jihad.” They see no point in spoiling relationship with a humane ancient Hindu civilization merely to pamper a rogue and self-destructive Islamic State that promotes violence and terror in the name of Islam. They even have no difficulty honoring the Indian Prime Minister with their highest awards for his Statesmanship or inviting Indian foreign minister as a special guest to the OIC meet, ignoring Pakistan’s infantile ranting.

The Culture of Kashmir is “Kashmiriyat” — Not Islam!

Sufism promotes peace and harmonyThe Identity of Kashmir is not Islam — it is Kashmiriyat! People of Kashmir, even Muslims, think differently. They have nothing in common with abnormal Wahhabi ideology of violence and terror and Muslim kids in Kashmir don’t grow up aspiring to wear suicide vests and become jihadi terrorist.  They grow up like normal humans and subscribe to their own local culture that defines their Kashmiri identity – their Kashmiriyat. This peaceful culture evolved over centuries, shaped by an amalgamation of the wisdom of Hindu Sages that also influenced Muslims Sufis who started arriving in the 14th century – many of them came to avoid persecution in their own “Muslim” societies!!  Sufis appear to be true practitioners of “spiritual” Islam – the “essence” of Prophet’s teachings. They also lead a life of renunciation just like the Hindu sages and yogis.

Anyone with some understanding of ancient India knows that the Himalayan mountains, that also includes Kashmir, have been the abode of seekers, ascetics, monks, Rishis and Munis since the most ancient time. Therefore, normal human beings with spiritual inclination from all over the world find this region highly serene and worth reverence, irrespective of their faith labels.  Locally, even after Islamic invasions, for hundreds of years, both Hindus and Muslims have been seeking solace at numerous shrines, not just in Kashmir but across whole geographical India including Pakistan. Non fanatic Mughal kings saw them as benefactors of humanity, even respected their human worth and protected them.

Jihadis targeted ‘Kashmiriyat’

pak-and-terrorismQuite naturally, adherents of violent jihadi Islam — who misinterpret their religion purely for power and dominance — can’t tolerate Sufis and their shrines. The success of Pakistan’s “Jihadi” agenda in Kashmir crucially depended upon destroying all symbols of Hindu-Muslim harmony (means Kashmiriyat).  Thus, Pak sponsored Jehadis targeted all symbols of peace, harmony and humanity in Kashmir. They targeted the annual Urs celebrations at various Sufi shrines – for example, in Batmol and Aishmuqam – which attract people of all faith, and tried to destroy the Shrines – for example, at Baba Rishi near Tangmarg. Simultaneously, Pakistan supported Wahhabi Maulanas started radicalizing Kashmiri Muslims for jihad against India.

In October 1993, a group of terrorists seized the Hazratbal shrine which houses a hair of the Prophet — considered highly pious by all sane and normal Muslims. Two years later, in 1995 Hizbul Muzahideen terrorists seized the famous Chrar-e-Sharif shrine and then burn it down. They also tried to burn down the 700 year old shrine of Baba Naqashband Sahib in Srinagar. In 2012, several shrines were burnt in “mysterious fires”; the most dominant was the Dastageer Sahib in Srinagar. The distorted brained jihadi proudly publicized these criminal acts as the “divine acts of God.”

They also discovered targets in Pakistan. The Pak Taliban, which has been busy targeting the Shias and other minorities, turned its attention on Sufi shrines in Pakistan. They did not spare even the Data Darbar in Lahore and the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, the patron saint of Karachi. Both attacks invited widespread condemnation by human societies.

Historical Evolution of Kashmir

What has been going on in the ancient spiritual and pious land of sage Kashyap and Shankaracharya is clearly a case of a 1400 year old barbaric ideology killing humanity. And worse — it is all State sponsored by Pakistan, born in the name of Islam — so called Religion of Peace! It is no consolation that the entire terror drama is limited to a 150×45 km patch in the Kashmir Valley, which is just a tiny fraction of the whole J&K State territory. This area has even seen ethnic cleansing of Hindu population in 1990 while the self-serving (largely Muslim) politicians looked the other way.

If focus is kept on this terror infected area then the evolution of the region can be summarized as below:

What was Kashmir without Muslims?  It was a peaceful holy abode nurtured by spiritual Hindu saints and Rishis. It was a land of spiritual liberation and bliss – Heaven on earth!

What was Kashmir with Hindus and Muslims? It was a peaceful land of Sufi-Rishi culture, a superb mix of Hindu and Islamic spirituality – called Kashmiriyat. It was a land of eternal peace and harmony.

What is Kashmir without Hindus? It is a den of dreaded Islamic terrorists who terrorize and kill humanity every day. It is a land of death, fear, violence and brutality – Hell on earth!

But Kashmir is not the only casualty of Pakistan’s birth in 1947, Balochistan is another glaring example of how Pakistan and its murderous ideology destroys societies. This video narrates the plight of ill fated Baloch people:

You may like to find out why behaves so abnormally: Pakistan: The “Middle East” of South Asia

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