The Comedy Of Trump’s “Triple Talaq” To Pakistan!

Just when the Indian Supreme Court banned instant ‘triple talaq’ in India on August 22 the US president Donald Trump said the unthinkable. He uttered “Talaq Talaq Talaq” to Pakistan!  Pakistan was shocked. It went into the trauma of confusion and insecurity – as all helpless ‘triple talaq’ victims do. Was the US really ending their intimate relationship of so many decades?

Pakistan had banned ‘instant talaq’ on its soil way back in 1956. It never expected that it would ever face such a humiliating scenario on the international platform. But then Trump is no shut-brained Muslim male controlled by backward looking mullahs and has good reasons to be mad at Pakistan’s lack of loyalty. He was furious at Pakistan’s illegitimate affairs with the likes of Taliban and Haqqani corporations of terror industry – despite being partner in the US fight against terror in Afghanistan since 2002. He was also furious because Pakistan had not learnt any lesson even after the Americans hunted down Osama bin Laden and so many other global terrorists on its soil and put many Pakistanis on most wanted global terrorist list.

If the sudden divorce itself was painful, what was most unbearable was Trump’s falling for India. When Trump said he sees important role for India in Afghanistan, it was like a lightning strike. How could Trump be so callous, how could he never understood its deeply cherished Islamic sentiments! He should have known that Afghanistan is a Muslim country. Therefore, Pakistan alone has the ‘allah given’ license to control it in ‘typical Islamic ways’; like how its military is managing Balochistan since 1948 and how its jehadi babies are playing game of terror in Kashmiris; or how it ran Afghanistan through the Taliban corporate house in the 1990s. Moreover, Pakistan has always considered itself an indispensible US ally without which the Americans can’t achieve anything in this region.

Trump is really bad. He also did not recognize that Pakistan is the worst victim of terrorism!! Thousands of its ‘highly fierce’ Islamic troops died fighting the jehadis and so many of its citizens lost their lives in endless suicide bombings on its streets and mosques. They are still dying. How could Trump say that Pakistan doesn’t fight terrorists? So badly hurt is Pakistan that it stopped talking with the Americans; most talaq victims do that in retaliation and shock! But then it woke up to realize that it has to talk.

Pakistan’s commitment against terrorism is firm like rock. It wants to keep fighting the terrorists for rest of its life! And it’s the only country in the whole world wanting to do that!! But it’s only possible if it continues to produce them – after all you can kill a terrorist only once; it’s pure commonsense. Trump should understand that!

Trump is also so ignorant. He not only could not understand Pak’s heavenly love for jehadis terrorism, he also failed to note its divine hate for India, full of so many kafirs. If Pakistan were a jehadi terrorist it would have by now already blown its suicide vest to destroy India and reached jannat!

Pakistan Must Win Bangladesh War in Kashmir!

If Trump is talking like this it sure must be a devious conspiracy of Modi and Indian devil RAW who poisoned Trump’s ears. They are really bad. Now they are planning to setup high-tech Israeli fencing at the border. In fact, Trump should convince India not to do that; it would deny products of its Jehad factories their ‘right and freedom’ to kill and die to reach ‘jannat’ directly from Kashmir. The fencing would also put Pakistanis at great risk because jehadis would then have no option but to ‘perform their religious rites’ inside Pakistan. Whenever it happens all blames would go to Trump for endangering Pakistani lives!

Lately, India has beefed up its border surveillance and its military has been killing Pak trained jehadis sent there on divine mission and is locking up its agents who pay Kashmiri kids to throw stones at Indian army-men. It is unbelievable how Americans could join hands with such a hostile India. If Modi succeeds in his plan both jehadis and stone throwers would soon go out of job! There is already so much unemployment everywhere. India was really wonderful before Modi became PM in 2014. Modi is really anti-Islam; he doesn’t even practice Muslim ‘appeasement’ like others. Many of its mouthpieces are having a hard time in India. It is really hard to deal with Modi’s India.

Trump is also ignorant of history. He must understand that Pakistan has to win its Bangladesh war in Kashmir! But since India is too mighty, it can’t win a direct war. So it has to depend upon the jehadis to hurt India. In 1971, devil Indians helped East Pakistanis to become Bangladesh. They also captured 93,000 of its army men and grabbed 5000 square km of its land in West Pakistan. How could Indians do such a bad thing to Pakistan – the only country in the world formed in the name of religion. It badly hurt Pakistan’s Islamic pride. Trump should know that Islam was, and still is, the only reason for its existence! He must know that Islam is its only identity.

Pakistan lost in 1971 because it did not have jehad factories and jehadi products then. But situation is changed today. Now it has a thriving terror industry with indigenous brainwash centers and almost ‘Nobel Quality’ professors of jehad science and technology; its products have won worldwide acclaim. No corner of the globe is beyond the reach of its jehadis. In fact, they can go where even American fighter jets and drones can’t reach!

Pakistan is no longer a Muslim country; it is a Wahhabi nation now. In fact, more Wahhabi than Saudi Arabia. If Saudis know Wahhabism in theory, Pakistan actually practices it! So, if ‘not now then when’ it can think of winning the lost war of 1971! Americans should recall how Pakistan helped them train jehadis fighter to drive out the communists from Afghanistan in the 1980s. But they never bothered to dismantle the jehad paraphernalia after the communist left and Pakistan was burdened to look after their welfare.

Now it’s time that the US returned the favour by helping it win the Bangladesh war in Kashmir! But instead it is talking talaq, how ungrateful? Then it is also talking of conditional aid. Can there be conditionalities in marriage, even if it were a marriage of convenience?

Mr Trump must answer!

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India Ends Triple Talaq; Why Shah Bano Failed in 1985

August 22 Brings Dignity and Freedom For Muslim Women

triple talaq 1August 22, 2017 will go down in the history of independent India for freeing 90 million Muslim women, who form 7.5% of total population, from the oppressive practice of sudden, oral and out-of-court ‘triple talaq’ deliberately sustained by the maulavis ‘in the name of Islam’. It brought unbelievable sense of relief and freedom for the first time in their life. It was something political pundits have never thought feasible given the deep rooted cult of mullah appeasement politics of the Congress Party that mostly ruled India since independence.

August 22 must also be the darkest day in the life of radical maulvis, as the SC verdict gave a severe jolt to their patriarchal dominance over women of the community. They would no longer be able to treat girls and women like commodity or cattle. Although not fully out of the oppressive shadow, India’s Muslim women can now hope for some dignity in their lives. It also ended their uniquely irrational halala sex business (unheard of in other religions).

Just when the Honorable Judges were delivering their verdict, a woman in Hoshangabad received ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’ written on a piece of paper in mail. She refused to accept the divorce and went to the police – an option that did not exist just a day ago! This is the new ‘Empowerment’ women in veil have never experienced in life.

AIMPLB Means Patriarchy And Irrationality

AIMPLBDuring the SC hearing the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), the self declared mouthpiece of ‘all’ Indian Muslims and defender of patriarchy (in the name of Islam and Sharia Law), changed its stance twice during the hearing. It first wanted the SC to stay away from meddling in their personal law, then announced that it would itself work towards abolishing this practice in two years, and finally welcomed the SC verdict (at least in public). Whenever a AIMPLB member talks, any average person can easily conclude that AIMPLB is the biggest reason behind backwardness of Indian Muslim community. The AIMPLB stands for patriarchy, irrationality and morbid resistance to change. No wonder, it also put forward a disparaging (and weird) logic that ‘women are mentally less capable than men’. Implying, therefore, they can’t be trusted or taken seriously.

While all progressive elements of the community welcomed the verdict, some women from the Deoband area in UP showed disapproval of the SC order – reflecting the fact that Deoband is the headquarter of rigid Islam in India. How else such they could respond given the lifelong brainwashing that they are lowly creatures and must be always controlled by men.

Are Muslim Women only Objects to be Used and Thrown Away?

Triple Talaq 2An NGO survey reveals that of all divorced women, 66 percent were divorced orally; 7.6 percent through letter, 3.4 percent on phone. In recent years, social media emerged as another channel to discard wives whimsically – reflecting the use and dump mindset of the male community.

The Census 2011 data shows that around half of all married Muslim women got married before the legal marriage age of 18; of which around one in seven even before 14. Such early marriages deprive them the opportunity of acquiring education or financial freedom. Child marriage is the proven cause of backwardness and poverty in communities across the world.

Just listen to any maulavi talk and soon you would easily conclude that all rights and freedom belongs to men alone – as per ‘his’ Islam. Many have been proudly declaring that even if the man is drunk and uttered talaq three times the marriage is instantly over. ‘Their’ Islam is been blind to justice and dignity of the estranged wife or welfare of the abandoned kids. As a result, a Muslim man could send the TTT words from Dubai just days after the marriage  or he could wait for 10 years, 20 years… he would be always fully backed by Mullahs whose livelihood depend upon suppressing women ‘in the name of Islam’.

The human civilization has crossed the 20th century and is preparing for the global challenges of the 21st century. But such Indian Mullahs have been working hard to take the community backwards, towards the 7th century – in the name of Islam. ‘Their’ Islam can sell any injustice or irrationality ‘… in the name of Islam’ or Quran. Nikah halala is another of their favorite; it comes in the picture if the woman wants to remarry her previous husband. As per ‘their’ Islam she has to now marry another man, have sex with him, and get divorced – only then she gets ‘pure’ to remarrying her ex husband. News channels recently exposed how so many maulavis remain ever eager to become ‘one night husband’ for a pre-fixed fee! It doesn’t matter if they are already married.  This is a frightening and exploitative proposition for helpless and already harassed women – all done in the name of religion.

Imagine the immense mental agony, humiliation and exploitation a woman feels when her husband suddenly dumped them. In recent years, whatsapp, facebook and SMS messages also have been delivering the dirty words. Qazis and Mullahs had no shame promoting such disgraceful and irrational acts. Is this religious freedom that the likes of IAMPLB want to promote in India?

It would be wrong to say that it is only a matter of 90 million ‘Muslim women’. It is a serious issue that vitiates the social atmosphere and culture of India – which stands for justice, dignity and security for all its citizens. Why forget that they are ‘Indian citizens’ of a secular democracy too.

Even a rational kid wondered: If over 22 Islamic countries (including neighboring Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) banned ‘triple talaq’ why it should have continued in a secular democracy where 85% people are not Muslim. Egypt was the first country to ban it in 1929; Pakistan banned in 1956 after a weird and unethical behaviour of its then PM.

Why Shah Bano Failed in 1985

If a Muslim man could just walk out of the marriage so easily in a secular country like India, it speaks for the political clout of the ossified brained Mullahs who remain mentally stuck in the 7th century. They hobnobbed with the self-serving politicians and reduced the community to the status of a mere ‘vote bank’. Over the decades, the so-called ‘liberal and secular’ politicians have appeasing them because they dictate Muslim votes. For fear of alienating them (and hence lose Muslim votes under their fold) these politicians could never gather courage to take stand against the uncivil practice of instant oral divorce or humiliating halala and polygamy.

The ugliest face of ‘appeasement’ was on display in the mid 1986 when the Supreme Court ordered maintenance for a triple talaq victim, Shah Bano. The radical Mullahs came out on the streets in protest as if the Supreme Court of Hindu dominated secular India has attacked their religion. In reality, they were frightened at the prospect of losing dominance over women.

Late PM Rajiv Gandhi, father of the current PM aspirant Rahul Gandhi caved in and went to the extent of amending the Constitution to negate the SC verdict to please the Muslim clergy! Such has been the clout of radical Mullahs in India which is a secular state. A lot of people were left confused why a pilot-by-training and convent educated PM Rajiv Gandhi appeared too eager to please the radical Muslim clergy.

Here is a Little Secret, why Rajiv Gandhi acted the way he did.

In a Lok Sabha TV debate on August 25, an SC advocate Amitabh Sinha revealed a startling secret – on how the then Congress Leaders looked at the protest against the SC verdict. He cited the comment of a senior Party leader Arjun Singh: “If they want to remain stuck in a hole, let them be.” And thus, Rajiv Gandhi went ahead with the Constitutional amendment.

Any thoughtful person would always wonder: Why the clergymen and their so-called secular appeasers never think about the pain and insecurity of the helpless women suddenly thrown on the road.

The Way Forward

It is time for the young education generation of Muslim community to come forward, end irrational mullahs’ control on people, integrate the community with the national mainstream and enjoy fruits of development and freedom in the 21st century world. AIMPLB’s ossified brains belong to some Islamic museum as antique pieces! Religious principles are meant to help people ‘liberate’ from the shackles of ignorance – the AIMPLB and its photocopies are doing just the opposite, in the name of religion.

The most effective idea to lift the mullah controlled Muslim community out of backwardness and patriarchy is to focus on girls’ education and stop marriages before 18.

Modi government should immediately enact a law specifying the punishment for men still giving instant triple talaq and chalk out plans to support all past victims of triple talaq who are struggling to raise kids and survive in poverty.

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India’s Obsession for ‘GDP Growth’ Is Killing Farmers

With an ongoing petition on farmer suicides in the Supreme Court, the debate appears to be heating up again – only to fade away much too soon! And, poor farmers would continue to end their lives.

Citing National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the Union agriculture minister recently informed the Parliament that 11,400 farmers committed suicide in 2016, compared with 12,602 such deaths in 2015.

The minster also said that in 2016-17, Rs 3,560 crore was paid towards premium under the crop insurance scheme and Rs 3,548 crore was claimed by the farmers. The figures for 2015-16 were Rs 3,760 crore and 4,710 crore, respectively.  He also talked about various Government initiatives and that Rs 10 lakh crore are allotted for farm credit in the current year.

Needless to say, most of this money will go in the pockets of companies supplying fertilizers, tractor, seeds, pesticides and so on. The farmers would remain where they are – in poverty! And yes, the GDP would get bigger!! All government allocations are basically designed to expand the gross domestic product (GDP). It’s all about economic expansion by helping companies, little about farmers and their wellbeing.

Statisticians playing with the NCRB data come to the obvious conclusion that suicides in the farming sector are largely due to economic distress than those in the non-farming community, except for Maharashtra and Kerala. They conclude that it is a regional problem, not a country-wide phenomenon.  Other experts who study demographic surveys tell us that farmers are not the most suicide-prone group in the country. But those farmers who committed suicide needed counseling more than economic palliatives!!

Really? Would that clear their debt burden or increase their income?

Such analyses are hallucinations of chart master ‘experts’ who have never actually walked on a paddy field. They are designed more for media debates in AC studios of TV channels; if at all a channel finds any commercial value in it.  For these number crunchers, farmer suicide statistics at best provide wonderful topics for MPhil or PhD thesis. But neither the government nor the ‘experts’ talk about the root cause of farmers’ suicide that has been going on for 2 decades. Thus, they have no solution.

GDP Centric’ Development

Since the economic liberalization in the early 1990s and weakening of license Raj, industrial sector became prominent for the government. Today this sector contributes the most to GDP growth. As a result, the share of farming sector in the GDP gets smaller each year. Currently, the farming sector contributes only about 15 percent towards the GDP. Moreover, the farmers who kill themselves due to financial distress are among the poorest.  Their contribution to GDP is only miniscule. They are also voiceless and choice less. Why would any policy maker care about them?

Moving from farming based economy to industrial economy necessarily involves shifting more and more people for the farming community of the villages to the industrial sector to become cheap industrial labor force. It also means displacing the tribal communities from their mineral ridden lands and converting them into industrial labor. In reality, farmers and tribals are the biggest victims of India’s GDP growth story since past two decades.

Some months ago, some half-brained pseudo-economists were debating this topic on a TV channel devoted to capital market. One ‘expert’ said something implying that: in order to have ‘lowest cost’ industrial labor, it is important that farming labors and tribals should be displaced from where they live and be forced to migrate to distant towns where they become rootless.

Such brain-dead intellectuals know nothing about human wellbeing, human dignity and what ‘development’ is really about. Their task becomes much easier as ‘GDP growth’ becomes the only national obsession. Unfortunately, we live in a copy cat country that believes in adopting western concepts without Indianization.

Why GDP Growth is So deceptive

The GDP is a pure economic number – the gross tally of products and services bought and sold. Things which aren’t sold, say household work, do not contribute towards the GDP calculation, though they add value to people’s lives. The reason why GDP is so deceptive is bad things can increase it and good things can decrease it.

Natural disasters like earthquake and flood are bad for people. But they increase the GDP because of the cost associated with repairs, clean up and reconstruction. Fast food is another great GDP booster!! As people develop taste for fast food they begin to develop all types of health trouble. It means more visits to doctors and more expenditure on medicines. It means bigger income for hospitals and pharma companies – GDP gets boosted!

Good things lower the GDP!

Imagine if people start practicing yoga, stop eating fast-food and eat only healthy diet. Then they would remain in good health and rarely fall ill. This would mean less business for doctors, hospitals and pharma companies. It would shrink the economy and lower the GDP – economy is depressed!!

If countries evolve some mechanism to eliminate conflicts and wars, the arms industry would collapse. It would badly hurt the GDP numbers!  Likewise if people become good citizens and stop committing crimes, there will be less expenditure on police, jail staff, lawyers and courts. This will also reduce the GDP, but good for people!

A Question: If the GDP is growing at healthy rate of 6-7 percent per annum, why farmers’ suicide not decreasing?

The answer is: GDP is just an economic number; it is not a measure of people’s wellbeing.

Development is a multidimensional process, of which GDP growth is just a dominant parameter. Deception crops up when GD growth alone is presented as development. This is exactly what has happened in India.

Solution lies in creating a better composite indicator of development. Such a composite development index can be easily created following the ideas behind the construct of multidimensional poverty index (MPI).

I hope someone in the NITI elite group is thinking along this line.


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Modi In Israel: End of International “Appeasement!!”

Israel 2

Modi in Israel

Narendra Modi became the first Prime Minister of free India to visit Israel when he landed in Tel Aviv on July 4, 2017. The visit came 14 years after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit to New Delhi and 25 years after the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992. This visit is a milestone marking an important shift in India’s Israel policy; skipping Palestine visit (that would have immediately preceded or followed the Israel visit) is only an overt manifestation of that.

It was also an assertion of the changing geopolitical realities by the leader of the largest democracy with fast growing economy. It clearly signalled that now India is strong enough to assert itself at international level and its ties with Israel will no longer be governed by moods of the Islamic gulf countries, while it is still genuinely concerned about Palestinian interests. Therefore, his visit also disconnected Indian foreign policy from the domestic compulsions of ‘Muslim appeasement’ politics that has been (and still is) the central theme of governance by the Congress Party that ruled the country most of the time since independence.

However, it was neither Modi’s first visit to Israel, nor was it his first meeting with Israeli PM. Modi had visited Israel as chief minister of Gujarat in October 2006 and had met his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly’s annual session in 2016. They had also met during the Paris climate summit in November 2015. The Israeli PM sees Modi as one among the “most important global leaders”.

The ground for Modi’s historic visit was prepared by visits of several functionaries and delegates of the Indian government.  For instance, trips by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, several senior secretaries and a multi-party parliamentary delegation led by the Minister of State for Agriculture S S Ahluwalia. Indian Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lamba also went on a five day travel recently.  President Mukharjee and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj’s visits to Israel must also be seen in the same light.

Alongside these preparatory groundwork, PM Modi had also visited most of the Muslim countries in the Middle East; namely, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran etc and hosted their leaders and delegations in India to ensure continuation of good relations with them.

More importantly, just few weeks ago in May 2017, Modi even hosted the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and reasserted India’s traditional support for an independent Palestinian nation “at peace with Israel”. The two sides also signed several pacts in sectors such as IT, health, agriculture and so on. So, the Palestinians were well aware of his stand-alone Israel visit.

Clearly, Modi’s Israel visit was the result of careful pre-planning and thoughtfulness.

Hypocrisy of “Muslim Appeasement” Policy

India’s Israel policy has been a glaring example of hypocrisy that has taken deep roots in the thinking of politicians who ruled India since independence but now are sitting in opposition since 2014. This hypocrisy was a spill-over of the ‘Muslim appeasement’ for vote-bank politics started by the Nehru family owned Congress Party. As a result, the ruling Congress Party made ‘appeasing Muslims’ a central theme of running the ‘independent’ Indian State of 85% Hindus and where Constitution doesn’t allow discrimination on religious or ethnic grounds!!!

The clout of radical Mullahs can be seen from example of famous Shah Bano case of mid 80s, when the ruling Congress Party amended country’s Constitution to negate a Supreme Court verdict that went in favour of a Talaq victim Muslim lady, Shah Bano. This case clearly exposed how the so-called ‘secular’ politicians operated from the pockets of radical Mullahs. Their ignore-Hindu faces became exposed few years later when over half a million Kashmiri Hindus were driven away from the Kashmir valley by radical Mullahs and they did little to protect or rehabilitate these unfortunate Hindus. It highlighted the ugly truth that Hindus are hardly safe in free India, which the world sees as a Hindu nation. This mass scale exodus fully convinced the 85% Hindus that they have no political voice or security, and that the so-called politics in the name of ‘secularism’ is fully centered on Muslim community.

In the 1990s, as Italy born Sonia Gandhi planted herself as as head of the family owned Congress Party, the ignore-Hindu brand of ‘secularism’ decisively turned into a visibly anti-Hindu stance retaining the favour-Muslim flavor.  Radical Islamists in Pakistan and around the world love to see India’s ‘secular’ thinkers in action. They rejoice whenever the likes of Mani Shankar Aiyar or Digvijay Singh open their mouths or when Sonia or her mediocre son spit venom against Modi, BJP or Hindu organizations. Today this ‘secular’ tribe gets badly disturbed with the word ‘nationalism’. Many prominent Congressis like Sandeep Dikshit don’t hesitate to even attack Indian army chief because the army symbolises ‘nationalism’. His filthy thinking again surfaced recently when 7 Amarnath pilgrims were killed by Islamic terrorists.

If Pakistan (which is no longer an Islamic State, but a Wahhabi State) appears so emboldened in its endless anti-India campaign, it is due to the presence of such weird self-destructive creatures on the Indian political landscape. A wise Jain monk recently succinctly summed up the Indian scenario when he said: Indian ‘secular’ are a bigger security threat than Pakistan and its Islamic terrorists combined.

How Indian ‘Secular’ See Israel

India’s hardcore secularists think along these lines: “Since gulf Muslim countries hate the Jewish nation, India’s Muslim community must necessarily do so. And since their political survival squarely depends upon Muslim votes, they can’t not allow India to befriend Israel.” Thus, their habitual ranting against Israel is deeply rooted in comradery with radical Mullahs for Muslim votes, as exemplified last year.

Last year, Israel went on offensive to counter terror actions in Gaza – and the Indian ‘secular’ sounded like the biggest paranoids of the world, as usual. Politically irrelevant Comrade Sitaram Yechury demanded suspension of all military purchases from Israel and suggested that “India cannot be a party to this genocide.”  His buddy from CPI, D Raja, wanted a “categorical stand condemning Israel.” For Congress Party’s leader of the Opposition in the Upper House, Ghulam Nabi Azad, it was regretful that New Delhi did not raise its voice against the “massacre” and wanted the House to pass a resolution condemning the Israeli aggression. With the ‘virus of Muslim’ appeasement deep in their blood, they can’t distinguish the actions of a liberal democratic Israeli State from the murderous Islamic terrorists.

However, arrival of BJP (whom the Indian ‘secular’ accuse of being ‘nationalist’!!) at the Union government in 2014 brought fresh and rational thinking that started a national discourse untainted by the disease of ‘fake secularism’.

Jewish dominated Israel and Hindu dominated India can now mingle freely without worrying about radical Islamists and their ‘secular’ servants in India.

Futility of Palestine-Centric Israel Policy

The futility of blind support to the Arab lobby has become rather obvious in the past two decades. The Islamic Arab world remained firmly glued behind Pakistan, turning a blind eye to its cross border terrorist activities in Kashmir. The Arab nations still allow use of the Organization of Islamic Conference to build support for Pakistan and the anti-India jihadi groups operating from its soil.

But what has changed today is the world scenario; it is not the same as it was 20-30 years ago. The global order is seeing faster realignments today than any time in the last century. So, if Islamic Arab nations can’t see India’s point of view on Kashmir, on Islamist terrorism and on its security concerns, there is no reason why India remain so sensitive to their ‘Islamic’ worldview.

Since 1992, successive Indian governments began to concentrate more on India’s wider strategic goals at the international forums and simultaneously shifted away from the obsession with single-point ‘Palestine Cause’ as the sole driver of its Israel policy. Thus, India began denouncing Palestinian suicide bombings and other terrorist acts in Israel and stopped ‘automatic’ support of anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations.

Thus, while retaining genuine concern for the Palestinian cause India also started expanding its commercial and defence ties with Israel. As a result, has India emerged as the world’s largest buyer of Israeli weaponry and as Israel’s major trade partner in Asia in recent years, closely following China and Hong Kong.

Many policy experts also point out the example of an Arab nation like Jordan that maintains its traditional Islamic ties with the Palestine and yet has developed a healthy relationship with Israel. Beyond the domestic irrational ‘Muslim appeasement’ lobby there is no logical reason for India not to take a similar route.

What Makes India-Israeli Partnership Important Today

israel 1

There are compelling reasons why India should make strong ties with Israel.  There are many issues that make India and Israel natural global partners in the current global order.

Trusted Friend: The first is the past covert friendly relationship. Israel helped India during the 1962 Indo-China war. In the 1971 Bangladesh war, Israel purposely delayed sending back Pakistani aircrafts that had gone there for maintenance.  It again helped without reservations during the Kargil conflict in 1999. It was a time when the global powers had placed sanctions on India after its nuclear tests in 1998 and were unwilling to share high technologies. But Israel again helped whole-heartedly. It expedited supply of UAVs, helped train the Indian crew and provided images of Pak army positions. Even in June 2002 when India contemplated a limited military strike against Pakistan as part of “Operation Parakram,” Israel sent military hardware through special planes.

Counter terrorism and border security: Both nations are victims of Islamic terrorism for so long and are surrounded by hostile Islamic neighbours. As Pakistan continues to harbour Jihadi terrorists and continues its efforts to push them into Indian borders, India increasingly needs sophisticated anti-terrorism technologies and surveillance systems. Israel is readily willing to get into counter-terrorism partnership with India by sharing its state-of-the-art technical knowhow.

Given its long experience with Islamic terrorism coming from its neighbourhood, Israel has acquired proven expertise in small and medium range conflict zones. This is precisely what India needs to more effective counter Pak sponsored terrorism.

Border fencing and electronic surveillance are areas where Israel can be an ideal strategic partner. India needs better security at its Pak borders to keep Pak-trained terrorists away and in the Bangladesh border region in the east to curb cross border infiltration and smuggling.

Strategic partnership: As Pakistan is increasingly pushed away by the US Trump administration, it has started to lean closer towards China. Many defence expert think that given the massive Chinese investment in infrastructure projects and its increasing troops presence and terrorist groups regularly weakening Pak governance machinery, Pakistan is on the way to become a Chinese colony in next 10-15 years. The China-Pak now poses a bigger threat to India than before. Thus, it makes sense to aim for a long term strategic partnership with Israel.

Defence supplies: Israeli tanks, missiles, and drone technologies are among the best in the world. India can ensure its long term security needs through technology transfers and join production plans for various defense equipments. Israeli experts are confident that Indo-Israeli bilateral ties would move beyond the short term buying and selling of goods and the focus would shift towards joint research and development. Signs are already there: in February 2017, India cleared a ₹17,000 crore deal for jointly developing with Israel a medium-range surface-to-air missile (MR-SAM) for the army.

Israel is all set to replace the US as the major exporter of arms and ammunitions to India with Barak missiles, surveillance drones and other big league defense deals. India has already awarded a two billion dollar contract to Israel Aerospace Industries for supply of Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles to the Indian Army.  Similarly, the long-range surface-to-air missiles, including Barak 8, will provide security from anti-ship missiles at ranges out to 70km.

Pak’s dirty nukes: Pakistan’s dirty nukes (also seen as ‘global Islamic Atomic bombs’ by many) are of course a direct threat to India, but through Islamic comradery with Arab world, they can always possibly end up with gulf nation and get aimed at Israel too in unforeseen circumstances in the future. Then, given increasing close cooperation between Pak military and Islamic terrorist there is always the very real possibility of Pak’s nukes falling in the hands of terrorists any time in future. Possibility of such a scenario would again highly magnify security threat to both India and Israel.

Commercial ties: Israel can gain a lot from the fast growing Indian economy and a huge market through stronger India-Israel partnership. This was emphasized by the Israeli PM who talked of “Make With India’ complimenting Modi’s ‘Make In India’ program. On the other side, India will get the benefit of latest technologies in which Israel is among the pioneers.

Key global partnership: There are a number of areas where India-Israel ties would be key to the emerging global order, which is seeing much speedier realignments in the light of two most important global issues – Islamic terrorism and climate change. Given the confused nature of Trump Presidency in the US, India will be a major global ally for Israel.

Indian Diaspora: Ancient peaceful ties between Hindus and Jews dates back to 2000 years ago and have survived till date. There are around 80,000 Indian Jews who live in Israel and retain many of the cultural practices of India. They can easily serve as catalyst to strengthen Indo-Israeli ties. An important part of Modi’s diplomacy is engaging with the Indian Diaspora.

Agriculture: Israel is also a leading global player in rain water harvesting, sea water desalination, and effective irrigation of dry lands and so on. These are significant in the era of climate change, rapid loss of fresh water bodies and rise in seawater levels. In India, farmers live tormented by unruly monsoon rain pattern and alternating droughts and flash floods. Israeli experience will be valuable for them.

All About Indian Jews

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Why Should The World Worry About Pak Nuclear Weapons

According to former National Security Director of Afghanistan, Rahamatullah Nabil, terror groups have deeply and widely infiltrated ranks of Pakistani military and secret agencies. Therefore, the world has to act before it is too late.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Pakistan has around 110-130 nuclear weapons compared with around 100-120 nuclear warheads of India.  It also  has the notoriety of exporting nuclear weapon technology to N Korea and Iran. In the past 2 decades, it has decisively established itself as global capital of terrorism (Bin Laden’s capture on its soil only underscored the close Islamic fraternal relation between the Pak establishment and terrorists).

According to the study “Pakistan operates four plutonium production reactors; India operates one. Pakistan has the capability to produce perhaps 20 nuclear warheads annually; India appears to be producing about five warheads annually.”  Experts opine that  within the next ten years, Pakistan could possess the third-biggest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world, only behind the United States and Russia.  India’s nuclear warfare policy is centered on a No First-Use (NFU) doctrine. Pakistan, however, refuses to adopt a NFU doctrine.   The 2015 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace/Stimson Center report shows that Pakistan is using more of its fissile material to make weapons than India.

For a global overview of nuclear states, please click here.

Ever since the Kargil war in 1999, border events have repeatedly exposed hand-in-hand comradeship between the army and terrorists. The recent beheading of 2 Indian soldiers by Pak’s Border Action Team (BAT) only goes to prove how terror training has entered into its military set up – defying all international protocol of hostility between two civilian states.

The Peshawar Talibani attack of December 2014 on a school of army personnel (that killed over 140 innocent kids) offered a great opportunity to establish itself as a civilian state and cut-off filial ties with all Islamic terror groups thriving on its soil. The attack also sent cold shivers down the spine of Pak’s atomic energy commission which demanded increased security of its nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s political leadership also made noise about wiping out all terror groups and its military did launch an offensive.  But today in 2017 the world clearly sees that Pak military – terrorist links are stronger than umbilical ties.

Experts’ worry is not without substance, because Pakistan is no longer an Islamic state; instead, it is a Wahhabi nation. Nurtured and propagated by Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism is an extreme Sunni Islamic ideology that wants to settle all disagreements through violence, terror or war. The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, the ISIS and all other Islamic terror groups are practical manifestation of this ideology. Mullahs of Pak military know it better. The day is not too far in future when the distinction between a Pak soldier and a terrorist would vanish completely.

The world has to wake up and act before that happens.  This is why the US and its allies have to look after Pakistan much more closely now than before.


Please Explain Pakistan to Me!

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

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‘Triple Talaq’, Polygamy, Halala Marriage – Relics of Pre-Islamic Arab World

Patriarchy or Religion?

How women were treated like slaves and cattle in the pre-Islamic Arabia is reflected by the presence of practices like  ‘triple talaq’, polygamy and halala marriages and so on.  1400 years ago Arab tribes continuously squabbled and fought each other – the winning side would take away the looted booty including cattle stock and women folks of the losing tribe and use them as they wished. It was by all means a barbaric civilization where, as men got killed in the inter-tribal wars, they were always out numbered by the women folks whose only role was to provide physical pleasure to men and to breed. Therefore, surviving men would keep several women at home – this must be the origin of “harem” in the Islamic world.


In such a world, the prophet restricted the number of women (wives) to 4 for one man. and prescribed treating them all equally and with dignity. This was a good reform for the wild Arab tribes who saw women as men’s property 1400 years ago.

Parochial and half-brained clerics around the world interpret it as Islam allowing 4 marriages!  They conveniently forgot the condition of “treating all wives equally with dignity”. They habitually forget the historical time and context behind this practice. Needless to say polygamy existed in many other societies but they all reform themselves, rather than holding it as sacrosanct in the name of God, Book or religion. But, firmly in Maulavi control, Islamic communities have failed to learn the art of evolution and modernization as times change.

Now, the reality check.

In today’s 2100 century world, Muslims don’t live like warring Arab tribes of the past, even in the Arab world; women: men ratio is even everywhere. So why should a man marry 4 women? Can he really afford 4 wives (and hence, 4 families) and treat them all equally?

The answer is clearly NO.

But the ossified-brained mullah of All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) still want to keep Muslim women like objects of physical gratification for men – exactly as they were 1400 years ago. They are also oblivious to the fact that they live in India  –  which is not located in the Arab desert; nor do Indian Muslims lead tribal life and kill each other like Arab tribes of 14 centuries ago. The men: women ratio is pretty much even like in rest of India (or the world). The 8.6 crore Indian Muslim women don’t consider themselves akin to cattle or property of men – they are free women living in the thriving democracy of the Indian State – thanks to the over-tolerant and rather passive Hindu culture. They desire dignified treatment and freedom over their lives like other women in India.

But the problem is: You can’t teach DEAD men!!

“Triple Talaq”

Before Islam, in the Arab land women were treated like slaves and cattle, and men would discard (divorce, in today’s vocabulary) them at whim. The Prophet tried to end all this and brought Talaq-e-Ehsan. Sura 4, Verse 35 clearly prescribes that in case of husband-wife conflict, family members should mediate and provided for 90-day waiting period for reconciliation. If all efforts fail, a cleric (like today’s judge of a court) can formalize the divorce.

So, what is all this non-sense of ‘triple talaq’?

After the Prophet, during the period of second Caliph Umar, some women came and complained that their husband often say ‘talaq’ but then again continue relationship. In all societies, it is fairly common that married couple often quarrel, say bad things in the heat of the moment but when tempers cool down and things go back to normal.

Well, coming back to the context. Caliph Umar suggested that if he says ‘talaq’ thrice it may be taken as separation. It was also a veiled threat to the husband that he better be careful with what he says or how he treats his wife, else he may end up losing her. The wise Caliph never intended it to become something of a law, and the Holy Book never mentions it.

But then what can you do with the Maulavis who think they are wiser than the Prophet and the Book!   The AIMPLB is also such a over-smart bunch. The town of Deoband in UP is India’s traditional hub of Islamic orthodoxy; it has even suggested that talaq given in a state of drunkenness is valid!!!

No wonder, all rational thinking people including Muslims abhor their fatwas as childish attempt to control the community in the name of Islam.

Muslim Countries where Triple Talaq is Banned

Halala Marriage

Please Read: The Woman Who Sleeps with Stranger to Save Marriage

This is another weird and humiliating stuff coming from their ossified brains. If a women is dumped through ‘Triple Talaq’ and if she still wishes to marry her ex-husband, she must marry another man, have sex with him and then get a divorce. This filthy and artificial marriage turns her from ‘Haram’ to ‘Halal’ and can re-marry her ex-husband. What a brainless logic coming from lecherous minded Mullah – again in the name of religion!!

Jeenat Shoukat Ali of World Institute of Islamic Studies for Dialogue categorically states that halala marriage has nothing to do with Islam. Islamic scholars allege that many Maulavis have opened halala centers. They marry the women for a night or few days, sleep with her and finally divorce her – for a fee !!!! Here is how woman can get sexually exploited.  Read further: The Muslim Issue

Triple Talaq and Halala put Muslim women in the most humiliating situation prone to sexual exploitation as is often reported. It is exploited in an organized manner.

Well, really the issue is not presence of such practices, but how a handful of Maulvis can hijacked Muslim societies and continue to propagate unjust and disparaging practices on Muslim women.  If such stuck-brain mullah really want to live like 1400 year old Arab tribes they should stop enjoying technological comforts of 21st century and stop hiding behind Islam or Koran that is beyond the ability of their ossified brain cells. Indian society will be happier if they shifted to Saudi Arabia or Yemen to preach their outdated life philosophy there.

Indian Muslim Women are Deeply frustrated

Educated Muslim women are fed up with what they say are archaic and patriarchal rules that too often leaves them humiliated. Muslim women do not have the same right as enjoyed by rest of Indian women, and those left by their husbands have no claim to alimony though they can collect a small payment for three months after divorce.  Then, they’re on their own.

According to Noorjehan Safia Niaz, co-founder of Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, “There are cases where women don’t even know that they’ve been divorced. The children are without any support. So, it has become very convenient for Muslim men to just say talaq thrice and it is just so easy for him to get the woman out of his life.”

In 1985, appeasement politicians of the ruling Congress Party led by Rajiv Gandhi caved in under pressure from orthodox Mullah when the Supreme Court ordered a Muslim man to pay alimony to his elderly wife, after verbally divorcing and abandoning her. For sake of Mullah controlled vote, the union government passed a law to retrospectively protect Muslim divorce law.  It was the (in)famous Shah Bano case that exposed fake secularism of Indian politics.

Fortunately, today we have a government of a political party at the Center that does not practice fake-secularism or appeasement politics for votes’ sake, unlike other run of the mill political parties.

Supreme Court to Decide fate of these “Triple Evils” humiliating India’s Muslim women

On May 11, a five-judge Constitution bench of Supreme Court began its hearing on a plea that the triple talaq, nikah halala, and polygamy violated Muslim women’s rights to equality and dignity, and are not protected by the right to profess, practice and propagate religion under Constitution’s Article 25(1).  The Supreme Court would examine whether triple talaq is fundamental to Islam.

When the hearing concluded on May 18, The attorneys of AIMPLB failed to offer a single rational logic in support of ‘Triple Talaq’. Its version was presented by Kapil Sibal – a well-known fake secular from Sonia’s Congress party. He even tried to make a minority-majority issue !!! Vote bank appeasement politics is so ingrained in his mind that he forgot that he was trying to defend triple talaq wholly confined in the Muslim community. The victims side clearly stated that a lot of Kazis make their living from victims, so for them it is a business issue.

Let’s hope these outdated and inhuman practices will soon be thing of the past and Indian Muslim women would feel safe and secure, and be able to live freely with dignity and confidently.


The Thorny Issue of Triple Talaq

India’s Battle Against Triple Talaq

Of Halala and exploitation of Muslim Women

Why Uniform Civil Code is Necessary for India

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How Excessive And Indiscriminate Sand Mining is Killing Our River Systems

Sand mining

The economic development is fueling the growth of infrastructure and construction activities which is pushing the demand for sand – a vital ingredient of cement concrete and mortar.  In concrete making, each tonne of cement requires 6-7 tonnes of sand and gravel. Globally, sand and gravel form the largest volume of solid material extracted and the highest volume of raw material use after water. Formed by natural erosive processes since ages, they are now extracted at rates much higher than their replenishment.

Traditionally, rivers [Interesting facts about Rivers] have supplied this important component which is formed by weathering of rocks over a long period. However, now excessive and indiscriminate mining of sand (which is many times higher than its replenishment rate) has become a serious issue in a variety of ways which can’t be judged from the economic cost of sand alone. It is a grave issue for people involved with the river basin management, shore development and harbor development, environmentalists and all concerned citizens.

But despite the extraction of colossal quantities of sand and gravel and its significant adverse impact on the environment the issue of over extraction remain mostly ignored by the policy makers, and the common man is hardly aware of the negative consequences. Absence of reliable data also widens the gap between the magnitude of the problem and public awareness of it.

Sand and Riverbed

Sand is formed through erosion of rocks due to mechanical forces. In the process the weathered rocks forms gravel and then sand. So, sand is a mixture of finely divided rock and mineral particles between 150 micron to 4.75 mm in diameter (IS 383-1970).  Its composition is highly variable depending upon the local region but most commonly it consists of silica (silicon dioxide) as quartz which is chemically highly inert and considerably hard to resist weathering.

Sand and gravel of the riverbed provide an ideal substrate for many benthic organisms for breeding, spawning, feeding and hiding. Sand also acts as an efficient filter for removing pollutants and thus maintains water quality. So damaging riverbed means destroying the chain of all these organisms.

Adverse Impact of Excessive Sand Mining

Ill effects of over extraction of sand from river beds can be broadly categorized in three ways:

1. Physical

Large scale removal riverbed materials and dredging below the streambed alters the channel form and shape, that, in turn, has several consequences such as erosion of the riverbed and banks, increase in the channel slope, and changes in the channel morphology.  Removed sand is a direct loss to the river system. It causes deepening of rivers and estuaries; it also enlarges river mouths and coastal inlets.  It is also a threat to bridges and nearby structures.

2. Water Quality

In-stream sand mining activities degrade the quality of river water. The short term turbidity is increased at the mining site due to re-suspension of sediments and organic particulate matter – oil spills and leakages from mining machinery and vehicles further aggravate the issue. Increase in suspended particles directly affect the water users – by significantly increasing water treatment costs – and undermine the aquatic ecosystem.

Sand removal turns riverbeds into large and deep pits which lowers groundwater level in the wells of the nearby areas; thus, affecting the local groundwater availability.

3. Ecological

The stability of sand and gravel bed depends upon a delicate balance of the stream flow, sedimentation and channel form. Native species in streams are uniquely adapted to the stable bed structure. Unstable stream channels are inhospitable to most aquatic species. Bed degradation and sedimentation have negative impact on aquatic life, disturbing the species attached to streambed deposits – leading to loss of biodiversity.

Release of Gharials into River Ganga

Degraded stream habitats also result in loss of fishery productivity. Physical disturbances due to human activities also leads to interruptions in the nesting/breeding activities. For example, in the National Chambal Sanctuary mining of sand adversely affected ghariyals who use sand banks for nesting and basking. They lay eggs under the sand beds – which were destroyed by sand mining activities.

This booklet from the Ministry of Environment and Forests gives comprehensive details of environmental impact of excessive sand mining.

Curse of Illegal Sand Mining

India’s booming construction industry employs over 35 million people and is valued at around $126 billion per year. Officers responsible for implementing ban on sand mining are always at risk.

Here is the latest, from Karnataka.

“IAS officer Ujjwal Kumar Ghosh narrowly escaped unhurt when a lorry carrying illegally mined sand almost collided with his car in the early hours of Saturday at Dandoti village in Chittapur taluk. Ujwal, a 2008 batch officer is the Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi district.” Reported by The New Indian Express, March 27, 2017.

Durga Nagpal’s was another high profile incident of 2013 when she was abruptly transferred when she took on the sand mafia in UP’s Ghaziabad area. Such actions against law enforcing officers is unfortunately a regular news, indicating political patronage of the sand mafia.

Supreme Court Order

In 2012 judgment SC had directed all Union Territories and State Governments to seek Environmental Clearances (EC) from Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC) for mining minor minerals even in less than 5 ha or renew the same after prior approval from the MoEF&CC. Before this order, mining areas of less than 5 ha were exempted from EC enacted under Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)-2006[2].

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued a restraint order against all sand mining activity being carried out across the country without environmental clearance. It was in response to the controversy surrounding the suspension of IAS officer posted as sub divisional magistrate (SDM) in Greater Noida in Gautam Buddh Nagar in Uttar Pradesh in 2013 after she cracked down on the mining mafia.

So, the intention of the government is clear. Now it need to raise public awareness on the issue in order to safeguard/ rejuvenate health of India’s river system and protect the environment.

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