Pakistan Continues In The FATF “Grey-List” !

Imran khan bankruptThe June 2022 FATF Plenary held in Berlin, decided to keep the land of Islamic terrorism in its increased monitoring Grey-List until the “on-site verification of implementation of its reforms on countering terror-financing mechanisms” that would happen before the next meeting in October. Pakistanis were desperately hoping to be out of the grey list while waiting for collapse of the Pak economy, claiming that they had done 100 percent reforms on paper! But who trusts the words of a habitual offender!! But more bad news recently came for the terror spreading nation: the proposed verification visit is cancelled! The global paradise of Sunni Deobandi Islamic terrorism, has been enjoying heavenly bliss in the “Grey-List” of FATF since 2018. The fact that Pakistan is at the verge of signing a peace agreement with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) whereby the Pashtun area along Afghan border would be run by the terror gang TTP under sharia law and its future ramification couldn’t be ignored by the vigilant body. The global wtach dog would also not forget so soon how the Barelvi maulvis, ganged under the banner of Tehrik-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), was allowed for days by the Pak government to rant anti-France and anti-West hate-poison for no rational reason. Medieval ‘blasphemy’ hate cries can’t dictate international relationships in the modern global order of the 21st century.

The medieval Islamic nation has yet to hand over masterminds of Mumbai terror attack and Parliament attack to India — one is living a ‘royal Prison life’ under ISI protection and the other is roaming free. Even the mastermind of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, don Dawood Ibrahim, is still enjoying State protection of ISI. Pakistan has 66 jihadi organizations and 7600 Islamic terrorists (more than any other country on the planet!!) listed under UNSC anti-terror and money laundering resolutions, passed after 9/11 NY terror attack. Yet, Pak leaders continues to glorify the enemies of humanity, as heroes of Islam while going everywhere with a begging bowl.

Here is the most recent news item on Pakistan’s anti-terrorism comedy: Pakistan arrests “dead” terrorist! Sajid Mir, a supposed mastermind of 2008 Mumbai terror attack and ‘declared dead’, was taken into custody in order to fool the FATF decision makers.

Grey List  – JUNE 2022

In the FATF vocabulary the Grey Listed countries are called Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring. As per the latest June 2022 meetings, these countries are

Albania, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Turkiye, Uganda, UAE and Yemen.

Malta was removed from the list. Turkey continues to hold the same old status despite name change, to Turkiye!

PAKISTAN is the ONLY Country with Nuclear Bombs in the Grey List!!

PAKISTAN is the ONLY country ever founded on HINDU-PHOBIA!!

PAKISTAN is the ONLY country that can arrest a “dead” terrorist!!

When ‘Madarsas’ Become ‘Terror Camps’!

In 1947, Pakistan had only about 250 madarsas, by 1980s they expanded to over 2800. But today the terror heaven boasts of over 30,000 madarsas! Even the terror training camps are labelled ‘madarsas!! Civilian authorities have absolutely no way to ensure that in the madarsas, the maulanas are not preaching hatred and violence against humanity citing medieval Arab tribal literature. … And, jihadi terrorism continues!

There are madarsas where young kids are taught the “art of beheading kafir” as their “must know Islamic knowledge”! Kids grow up hating “Kafir-Hindus” and aspiring martyrdom while killing them to reach Jannat! Being ideal material for terror camp,; many get picked up by terror lords and are transformed into low cost disposable suicidal killers. They are sent into Indian territory for the “death mission” — completely brainwashed by the nonsense that Allah would reward them with 72 virgin hoors for eternal sex pleasure! Maulanas are the only creatures on the planet who can impose any nonsense on the Muslims who are told to never question the maulanas or ask questions on religion. That’s blasphemous! 

Any Muslim with average intelligence understands that enlightened saints, like the prophet, don’t preach hatred or violence. As a reaction, a lot of Muslims, not just in Pakistan but also in India, are quitting Islam and have started to organize themselves as Ex-Muslim! Read: Sudden surge in the Ex-Muslim population in India

Pakistan’s Nonsensical “Blasphemy Law”

Why would a country where 98% population is Muslim need to turn a medieval thinking into a Law? Does it mean Pakistanis are ‘Fake Muslims’? Or, they purposefully and habitually disgrace Islam?

TLP protestNot so long ago, one among ISI’s puppet radical gangs, Tehrik-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), paralyzed the terror nation with an absurd medieval demand: closure of French Embassy and cutting off all ties with France. Obviously, these ossified brained mullahs can’t comprehend the importance of peaceful ties with the human world.  If the progressive human societies continue to move towards democratic governance and assimilate free speech and diversities, Pakistan’s highly pampered mullahs have grown so mighty that their medieval thinking is taking the country towards almost sure destruction. Such is the terror of “mullah mafia” that lawyers don’t have the courage to take legal cases of blasphemy accused, judges can’t acquit innocent (framed) accused and media can’t say a word in favor of the accused. Since 1947, the world has progressed 75 years but Pakistan has regressed to 1400 year ago stone-age of blood thirsty superstitious people!

Can mullah’s specify what is blasphemy? No. Anything they don’t like is blasphemy. A politician was killed simply because he said that blasphemy law shouldn’t be misused! A mullah killed his employer falsely accusing him of blasphemy — and became a Hero! Law makers can’t bring any law that prevents very young girls marriage because that’s against religion! And anyone attempting to do is committing blasphemy!!

In Pakistan, mullahs think they are bigger than Allah; any one in disagreement with them is blasphemous and must be killed !! Army generals are also not far behind; a journalist was recently killed for calling generals “Property Dealers” !!

Now the biggest hypocrisy: the hysteria filled “protectors of Islam” become dumb and spineless when it comes to China where 1.5 Uighur Muslims have been kept in the ‘Reformation camps’ meant to de-Islamize their mind. China has even written a now Chinese Quran for them and bans names such as “Muhammad”. This cowardice silence is not limited to Pakistan; rest of the 55+ Sharia nations also keep their lips sealed. Mullahs blasphemy works only against ordinary civilians.

For all people, Muslims and non-Muslims, who don’t like mullah absurdities, this fact based website helps make sense of the Religion of Peace.

Pakistan is a Disgrace for Global Muslim Community

Why the “Muslim Umma” doesn’t PUNISH Pakistan for blasphemy?

terror blasphemyIf true Muslims practice Islam as a “religion of peace”, Pakistan has turned its Deobandi/Barelvi Islam into a “cult of insane violence” against humanity. The Jihadi nation is a shame, a disgrace for the global Islamic world (“Muslim Umma”). All over the world, Muslims grow up seeing Prophet Mohammad as a saint, a reformer and follow his teachings to practice morality and compassion, but Pakistan’s Deobandi/Barelvi mullahs project Him as a champion of violence and terrorism against humanity — and to reflect that thinking, created the terror gang named Jaish-e-Mohammad. They even shamelessly tarnish their religion by nurturing other gangs such as Lashkar-e-Islam or Dawat-e-Islami. It is a mystery why the global Islamic “Umma” has not noted this unpardonable criminal behavior. Now that the Saudi Arabia is removing all taints of irregularities introduced by the mullahs, from its State religion and banning organizations such as the Tablighi Jamaat (calling it ‘danger to society and one of the gates of terrorism’), it is time that Mr MBS also bans JeM, LeM type of gangs and punish Pakistan for anti-Islamic behavior. These Pakistani terror groups go well beyond the realm of “misguidance” and “deviation” from Islam.

“The ‘mullah mafia’ has pushed Pakistan into the quagmire of suicidal fanaticism, a neurotic urge to destroy itself, in the name of Islam. It’s irreversible.”

Post, Zia ul Haq, the neurotic craze for “Islamizing Military” and using “Jihadi Terrorism” as undeclared State policy forced Pakistan to spend lavishly in arms and terror infrastructure. Merely being on the FATF grey list has already cost over 40 billion dollars to the terror nation. But rather than behaving like normal human beings and taking stern action against hate preaching mullahs and their financers and punishing the “mullah mafia”, Pak leadership  remains lost in the fairy world of denial and ever ready to point fingers at India and foreign powers, as usual. Today, the political narrative is so polluted and Mullahs have distorted the “Pakistani Islam” so much that all voices of rationality, wisdom and human sanity have lost relevance — the country is run by absolutely corrupt and self-serving mullahs. Siphoning off public money and running away to gulf or West is the standard tactic of Pakistan’s elite leadership, military or political. Plundering their own country!! The word “plunder” has a profound significance for the mullahs who shirk work. Islamic scholar Ali Sina explains how ‘plunder’ has been the basis of Islamic economy.

Pakistan Authorizes Itself to Sell its National Assets!

As the beggar nation stopped getting doles, it has planned to openly sell its States assets to foreign companies (call it privatization, in sugar coated language) to avert looming bankruptcy. It has given ex PM Imran the most loaded political argument: he is accusing his opponents of “selling Pakistan” to foreign powers!

According to the latest reports, Pak government is authorizing itself to sell State assets to any foreign buyer bypassing legal scrutiny. It means ruling politicians can sell any national asset, such as public sector oil companies etc, arbitrarily to any foreign buyer – and no one can approach the courts against their moves! The immediate push for this weird action is credited to the UAE that refused free loans and instead advised Pakistan to allow hassle-free privatization of its state owned companies. If Pak President signs the ordinance, UAE companies can immediately put something like 2 Bn dollars and buy Pak oil companies.

The ruling elitist families, Sharif and Zardari, seems to have naively given a “political stick” Imran Khan to beat them! Now Khan would provoke people saying the “foreign propped government” is serving “foreign interests” — an open ‘plunder’ of Pakistan!

Here is how Pakistan plans to repay Chinese loans:

Imran Khan wants to make Pakistan  another “Sri Lanka” !

Rupee crossing 230 a dollar, no solution to dying economy in sight and the opposition waging ‘jihad’ against Sharif government, even the creamy elite class has moved from ‘denial’ to ‘defeatism’. Every one is speculating about the contours of nation-wide ‘holy jihad’ on the streets which seems just weeks away.

After removal from power, Imran Khan poses the biggest threat to the existence of the “Sick Man of South Asia” that is already badly infected with all types of jihadi viruses and has zero global credibility. He is using Indian foreign minister’s speech to score silly political points with the government, but that mesmerizes his audience. News channels have nothing but doomsday forecast, with helplessness pervading everywhere. With Imran around, enemies of Pakistan can’t expect a more reliable friend! Its celebration time for them!! Watch this video to understand the “Imran Effect”!

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Muslims Own India. Hindus Can Leave! – Mahmood Madani

Mahmood Gazani, the barbaric gay plunderer of 11th century, and Mahmood Madani, the President of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUH), of modern 21st century have one thing in common: neurotic hatred against Hindus and Hindu culture. This pathological hatred is practically ossified and permanently ingrained. The invader Gazani may be forgiven because he was uncivilized and was purely on plundering mission, fascinated by enormous wealth in India created by enterprising and peaceful Hindus. For him Hindus were just objects to be killed and slaughtered. But Madani of modern times, born after independence and supposedly a ‘Maulana’ and an ‘Islamic scholar’, whom Hindu dominated India honored with a seat in Rajya Sabha, betrays every rational mind.

The utterly communal behavior of Hyderabadi Owaisis is also easy to understand when they desire genocide of all 100 crore Hindus in 15 minutes because this HINDUPHOBIA reflects the hangover of their ‘Islamic Rajakar terror gang’ that enabled the Hyderabadi Nawab to rule the Hindu dominated Princely State in the colonial era. The Rajakar terror gang and Nawab’s army was dismantled by Indian army through operation Polo and almost lunatic Nawab signed accession agreement with India. The Owaisi jokers have yet to reveal the ‘Islamic sword’ that would slaughter Hindus at the speed of 6.5 crore per minute! [In comparison, German Nazis were too slow in slaughtering the Jews and far less ambitious than killing 6.5 humans per minute. Perhaps because they were not prisoners of medieval Arab literature!] But Mr Madani’s utterances are unforgivable because he claims to be a ‘nationalist‘ and holds Indian passport. Let’s see the reality of this crooked elite mullah who comes across as “a totally confused teenager with serious mental disorders.”

Where is the land Purchase Document, Mr Madani?

When did Muslims bought India to became India’s owner? From whom and at what price? How many Temples were looted to get the booty? Mr Madani, produce the proof of purchase and land title document? If you can’t, declare yourself insane or flee to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria immediately.

Mr Mahmood Madani should stop living in delusion that Hindu-phobia means Scholarship. He is only fit to live in some isolated Muslim ghetto. Shame that he has failed to grasp Prophet’s Islam. No modern society needs such medieval thinkers.

In the just concluded two day meeting of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind on May 28-29, Madani decisively proved that he is just another street smart maverick mullah driven by nothing but Hindu hatred. [BTW, participants were all well fed when as community Muslims have the largest share of poor.] On the first day he played the typical emotional victim card that all mullahs around the world play and on the second day he freely poured the communal (Jihadi) poison stored in his mind. It came out as the pathological mullah thinking that obsessively promotes separatism and ghettoism among Muslims and exclusion of non-Muslims leading to ‘ethnic cleansing‘. Here is what this supposed “Islamic Scholar” said:

“Hindus Leave. India is owned by Muslims!”

– A neurotically Hindu-phobic mullah, called Mahmood Madani

Such a statement can come only from a sick mind filled with morbid hatred against Hindus, from someone who wants Muslims to live in isolated ghettoes away from humanity. Can a really learned scholar talk in such a filthy language against Hindus who give India its unique identity and strength? Is Madani too dump to understand that his ancestors were Hindus too? But a Jahil doesn’t respect his ancestor. He seems to live in complete delusion if he thinks that reading Arab tribal literature of medieval era and behaving like a medieval mullah makes anyone a SCHOLAR. Baghdadis of ISIS and leaders of Taliban or Al Qaeda or Lashkar-e-Islam, Jaish-e-Mohammad are all ‘Islamic Scholars’. Good that Madani has not gone that far in ‘Islamic Scholarship’ till now, and let’s hope that he has the human capacity to control himself in the future also. “The Kashmir Files” movie has portrayed the barbaric face of such ‘medieval scholarship’. Did Mr Madani or any other ‘Islamic Scholar’ do anything to protect Kashmiri Hindus when Islamic jihad was unleashed upon them in 1989-1990? Even today jihadi terrorists are targeting Hindus who returned to their ancient homes. But it is all ‘normal’ and Madani’s ‘Islam’ allows killing of Kafir Hindus!

And now this JAHIL maulana and a so-called ‘Islamic Scholar’, desires “ethnic cleansing” of Hindus from India, from their own ancient land. Shame on you, Madani for your satanic thinking and your poisonous scholarship. You don’t represent any ‘religion of peace’ and your claim to be a follower of Prophet Mohammad is bogus. You belong to the group of crooked mullahs who who have completely distorted Prophet’s teachings. Only such mullahs can see as ‘Heroes’ the genocidal Muslim invaders who plunged the great Hindu civilization into a satanic dark age for centuries.

Stop Fear Mongering among Muslims

You shamelessly lied by saying that Muslims can’t walk safely on the streets and Indian government discriminates against Muslims. On the contrary, only since 2014 India has a government that treats all Indians as equal citizens. Get rid of the delusion that ‘You’ are superior to other Muslims in any way. Your twisted communal mindset makes you inferior to even ordinary Indians whose work hard contributes towards India’s social and economic progress and make India a great country. You don’t even know how to behave as a responsible citizen of modern democracy of the 21st world. If you were a ‘real scholar’ you would behave like late ABJ Abdul Kalam or Arif Mohammad Khan. Mr Madani, have you ever read any literature other than the one produced by Arab tribals in the medieval era? Probably not; else your thinking would not stink and you would not be neurotically humanity-phobic.

A Nationalistic Muslim Exposes the Dirty Game of Indian “Mullah Mafia”

“Mullah mafia” is a phrase coined by some Pakistani journalists for the maulanas who play an utterly destructive role by misguiding Muslims by deliberately distorting Quran or by imposing their own weird ideas in the name of Islam. In Pakistan, they have completely hijacked and ruined ‘real Islam’ and become so powerful that both politicians and army have to pamper them to stay in power. Fortunately, Indian Muslims still have pious Maulanas who quietly focus on moral and ethical aspects of Islam and stay away from publicity, and the dictatorial political “mullah mafia” is not yet ‘too powerful’. Let’s hope the Owaisi-Madani gang would always remain exposed and sidelined.

Did Madani have Any Role in the 2008 Mumbai Terror Conspiracy?

Why was Madani too eager to exonerate Pakistan and blame Hindus for the 2008 Mumbai terror attack through a totally fake book? By being part of the filthy conspiracy Madani exposed the Maulanas, Islamic Scholars and their destructive thinking.

Did Mahmood Madani have any role in plotting the terror attack? With this fake book this Indian “Mullah Mafia” insulted innocent victims and 100 crore Hindus.

The 2008 Mumbai terror attack was one of the most shrewd scams to wallop, demonize, smear and shame an entire Hindu civilization, while whitewashing Islamists for their heinous act of waging war on India and Hindus. But to the dismay of Madani and other terror supporters, one Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab was caught alive — exposing the most sinister plot to invite Jihadi attack on India. As revealed by the former Mumbai Police Commissioner in his 2020 Book, LET ME SAY IT NOW, ‘Kasab Was to Die as Samir Chaudhari with Red Thread Around Wrist like a Hindu‘. Then the authorities would have discovered an identity card with a false name on his person: Samir Dinesh Chaudhari, student of Arunodaya Degree and P.G. College, Vedre Complex, Dilkhushnagar, Hyderabad, 500060, resident of 254, Teachers’ Colony, Nagarabhavi, Bengaluru, 500060.

It’s unfortunate that in 2008 India was under the ‘foreign rule’ of UPA when Muslim vote bank alone mattered and cooking up conspiracies to support ‘Hindu-Terror’ theory was a political fashion for the Congress-Mullah nexus. It was the era when Pakistani High Commissioner dictated Indian foreign policy, of course with the active support of Indian mullahs like Madani. The controversial Mumbai cop Parambir Singh also appeared to have some role in generating ‘proof’ of Hindu-Terror theory as the Sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit torture in the police custody suggested.

26/11 terror conspiracy was hatched by a section of Congress Party politicians like discredited Digvijay Singh, India’s ‘mullah mafia’ and Pakistani terror lords. In 2008 India was under the ‘foreign rule’ that dictated puppet PM Manmohan Singh. The basic goal behind the terror attack was to support the fake ‘Hindu Terror’ narrative and malign Indian army. As per the conspiracy, all 10 Pak Muslim terrorists were carrying Hindu IDs and wearing sacred saffron thread normally worn by Hindus. The conspirators expected that all terrorists would get killed and no one would be caught alive. In order to give credence to Hindu terror angle, the Italian lady did not allow Indian army to retaliate.

It is the height of absurdity for Mahmood Madani to say that Muslims own India (and thereby Maulanas like him are India’s rulers). Can anyone invite attack on his own property? Traitors certainly do it when they arrange with foreigner forces to invade their country. Did Mahmood Madani participated in hatching the 26/11 conspiracy or he was just delighted and played his HINDUPHOBIC role at the launch of a fake satanic book to malign Hindus and exonerate the Islamic State of Pakistan? [And six year earlier, why was this twisted brained joker in Gujarat when the Godhra train burning was orchestrated from a nearby mosque and jihadis riots? Was he also part of these two jihadi conspiracies?]

But the likes of Madani must have been inspired by the past maulanas in the art of inviting foreign invasion on India in order to serve their own narrow interests. For instance, read on this page how a Delhi maulana, Shah Wali Ullah, invited the Afghan ruler in the 18th century to attack Delhi to suppress the rising influence of Hindus and Shias! The Afghan ruler did invade Delhi, leading to the 3rd battle at Panipat — and apart from looting and destroying Temples and killing Hindus he also emptied the Mughal exchequer! When it comes to plunder, mullahs don’t spare their own kind – and then they lecture the world about Muslim Umma!! An Ex-Muslim explains why Muslims have special attraction towards plunder and mass killers.

We (Muslims) are Very Different People!

The entire world knows that YOU are very different people; ‘You’ are neurotically humanity-phobic.

Sure, the entire world knows that ‘You’ are very different people. The entire world knows that “You’ have neurotic adjustment problems and can’t live in peace in any part of the world. Only ‘You’ can declare the humanity ‘Kafir‘ and hence, Wajib-ul-Qatl ! Only ‘You’ can lecture the world on ‘religion of peace’ and then go about creating terror gangs named Lashkar-e-Islam and Jaish-e-Mohammad ! Only ‘You’ are fascinated by the stone-age idea of ‘blasphemy’ and assume the power to kill artists, cartoonists and opponents at will ! And, only ‘You’ can be so blind that ‘You’ can’t see how these Lashkar-e-Islam and Jaish-e-Mohammad are explicitly maligning ‘Your’ religion and Prophet both !!

‘YOU’ are very different people because ‘You’ condemn your won women to live inside cotton tents for the entire life?

‘You’ are really unique in ‘Your’ logic! You hysterically want to enclose ‘Your’ Women’ head-to-toe in cotton ‘tents’ (Burqa, Hijab) because ‘Your Men’ get horny seeing females ! Rationally speaking, if ‘Your Men’ are too immature and can’t control their lusty mind, they should be put under the ‘tents’, not women. But ‘Your’ logic is supremely unique and totally absurd!! Only ‘You’ can devise the Halala so that mullahs can freely rape other Muslim’s wives ! Only ‘You’ can make the absurd claim that women are only half as intelligent as men ! Only ‘You’ can still teach in the madarsas that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around the earth ! Only ‘You’ can imagine fairy Jannat inhabited by virgin women, and convince ordinary Muslims to die for it !

Indeed, the entire world agrees that ‘You’ are really ‘different people’. Hats off to “You’ !

Yet I feel sorry for you because the population of ‘rational’ Ex-Muslims will soon outnumber the ‘hate experts’ like ‘You’ and ‘Your’ unfortunate followers!!

Two Standard Mullah Lies

(A) In 1947 We Consciously Chose to Stay in Secular India!!

For seven decades, mullahs have been spreading this utterly nonsensical standard lie: In 1947, we had a choice (to go Islamic Pakistan) but we decided to stay in Hindu dominated secular India!! Mr Madani also never refrains from repeating this lie. Did they do any favor to India by not going to Pakistan? No. It’s all due to typical irrational and hypocritical mullah thinking.

Here is the dark truth:

India was partitioned to create ‘Pakistan’ primarily due to HINDUPHOBIA; not for mullahs love of Islam or Sharia. Of course, another driver behind creation of Pakistan was protection of the future British geopolitical interests in Asia and oil rich gulf but that’s irrelevant here. Think about this: Will true lover of Sharia or Islamic society ever miss any chance of living in Islamic society? In 1947, Indian Muslims had this opportunity — and honest Muslims did leave ‘Kafir dominated India’ and went to Islamic Pakistan. But shamefully the dominant majority of ‘Pakistan dreamers’ did not leave India in 1947 and many, who went there proved coward as they came back when they noticed Mohajir (refugee) discrimination and unwelcome treatment. That’s enough to highlight their love for Islam or Sharia! Read: ‘Jinnah Muslims’: Traitor Mullahs of India

Today when Maulanas claim Sharia above India’s constitution, they only expose their absurd and illogical thinking. If they really Chose to stay in secular Hindu-India in 1947, then why they are hysteric about having a separate Sharia governance for them. A secular nation runs by the Constitution and treats its citizens ‘equally‘ in all aspects, so why almost neurotically oppose the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)? The UCC simply means Muslims and non-Muslims both follow the same civil law. What’s wrong with that? If mullah Madani is happy with the uniform criminal code, why not the other UCC? Therefore, what is this nonsense of “Muslims own India” or “Hindus Can Leave India if they don’t like Sharia“? Mr Madani, have you gone mad or is this your ‘normal’ thinking?

Mr Madani, the absurd medieval thinking of your mullah mafia is forcing educated rational Muslims to quit Islam in order to lead a simple uncomplicated human life in freedom. You should worry about the Rising population of Ex-Muslims in India. Before you take your Hinduphobic agenda any further, they would show you the right ghetto for you!!

2. Muslims had the Biggest Contribution in India’s Independence!

In reality, their sole obsession in the British Raj was revival of Mughal Islamic rule. The AMU was the incubation center for Islamic separatism and ghettoism that led to creation of ‘Pakistan’. Throughout the British Raj, mullahs accused Congress to be a party of Hindu kafirs and kept away from it. In 1946 general elections, over 90% Muslim voters voted for ‘Islamic Pakistan’, but after August 1947 hardly a few percent of the ‘Pakistan dreamers’ could gather courage to pack up and leave. Now they joined the Congress party of Hindu Kafirs and overnight, the traitors became ‘Nationalist’! Then they started maligning genuinely great freedom fighters like Savarkar who spoke for Hindu interests! Reflecting their neurotic obsession with identity politics: they brought religion into Gandhi’s assassination — Hindu killed Gandhi!

“Two nation Theory” is another expression of Hinduphobia, neurotic intolerance and ghetto mindset.

Anyone with slightest understanding of Indian freedom struggle in the colonial era would laugh at this silly assertion. Practically all Muslim leaders remained obsessed with bringing back Mughal (Islamic) rule right since fall of Mughal dynasty in early 18th century. Why ? Because the ‘Superior’ Muslim race can’t with ‘Inferior’ Kafir Hindus unless they are the RULERS!! This HINDUPHOBIA is the essence of what Indian mullahs call their ‘Islam’. Many of their leaders even wanted continuation of the British rule so that they are never treated at par with Hindus. Post World War I, they became obsessed with well being of the defeated Ottoman Empire in Turkey rather than British oppression in colonial India. Then they came up with the “Two Nation Theory” (another expression of Hinduphobia) and started demanding a separate ‘Pakistan’ for Muslims, and got it!

Some Muslim institutions did oppose the White rule and at individual level many Muslims joined either the Congress Party to oppose the British politically or revolutionaries for armed fight. Indian National Army (INA) of Netaji Bose is the best example of armed struggle. It is the fear of rising influence of INA in the British military leading to ‘revolt’ that forced the British to ultimately quit India in 1947. Hindu-India never shied away in honoring Muslim freedom fighters and treated them as their own. Unlike mullahs, the Hindu mind doesn’t remain prisoner of faith label.

Mr Madani, you are fortunate to be living in India among Hindus, the only community in the world that doesn’t discriminate based on faith, race or language. Hindu-India is a natural spiritual ‘civilization’; not an artificial ’empire’ like the Mughal, built on terror of the sword. If your Books don’t help, you must seek psychiatric treatment urgently so that you can think like a normal human. Another option is to go to China where elaborate arrangements have been made to fix twisted mullah brains!

Hinduphobia of Owaisi & Madani

Self nurtured hate and Hindu-phobia seems to be sole defining characteristic of Indian Maulanas. No wonder, pissed off by their absurd and irrational mindset, the educated Muslims are leaving Islam in thousands. They are ashamed to accept the ‘mullah mafia’ as their role model.

Madani might have criticized the notorious Hyderabadi Owaisis in the past, but in the mindset he is no different from them. But Hindu-phobia put them in the same cage. People really wonder: is Hinduphobia alone forms the basis of Islam of Indian mullahs? Looking at mullahs hate speeches in the congregations in India and Pakistan, it is very easy to conclude this. When they gather in Pakistan or Bangladesh, they can freely vent out their poisonous Hinduphobic feelings as ‘religious virtue’, but in India they have to be a little cautious in picking up the words for obvious reasons. However, this doesn’t dissolve the ‘Kafir hatred’ taught by their medieval Arab tribal literature.

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“The Kashmir Files”: Trailer of “Gazwa-e-Hind”

“The Kashmir Files” is a rare movie that presented the jihadi violence in its naked form because the culture of political correctness only led to films that “normalize” jihadi terrorism and portray the perpetrators as frustrated “victims”. It is remarkable that an Indian film, made by a non-Bollywood producer/director, underlines the fact that Hindus are still politically second class citizens in India. What makes the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir unique is the sheer scale and complete absence of law and order machinery under the Sharia Mughal rule of Abdullas and Muftis. As 450,000+ Kashmiri Hindus were terrorized and forced to leave their ancestral homes in 1989, the entire Hindu dominated India run by leftist/Islamist political narrative remained brain-dead spectator. The pious spiritual land of Sage Kashyap and inspirational PANCHTANTRA was gripped by Satanic jihadi forces, but no one to raise the issue. The ultra powerful Lutyen’s media that turns killing of a Muslim into international headlines, decided to keep mum, just as it did when Hindus were burnt alive in a train compartment in Godhra two decades ago. Why? Because they practice “Sharia Secularism” promoted by the so-called Gandhians and the Congress Party to please the Mullah mafia that controls Muslim votes!!

The KASHMIR FILES: A Wake Up Call for Hindus!

The film “The Kashmir Files” of Vivek Agnihotri has done two unthinkable things. Firstly, it shook the conscience of Hindus masses who had been living in delusion that they are safe in a democratic Hindu-dominated Indian society. For the first time, they realized that “Hindu India” is actually sitting on a JIHADI VOLCANO and what happened to Hindus in Kashmir might be waiting to happen to them in the coming future, even if they live hundreds of miles away from Srinagar. For the first time, they realized the curse of imperfect and incomplete Hindu-Muslim partition and Muslim appeasement politics, fathered by Gandhi and nurtured by Nehruvian Congressmen.

Farooq Abdulla wants “The Kashmir Files” banned because “it evokes hatred against Muslims.” Mr Abdulla: ‘Did ethnic cleansing of Hindus indicated Muslim’s “Love for Hindus“? And when your religion calls Hindus Kafir and declares them Wajibul Qatl, is it spreading Love for Hindus?

Nepotism and self interest of these “elite” leaders alienated People of J&K. The void was occupied by murderous Jihadi forces from both sides of LoC. Along with Pakistan they exploited article 370 and allowed jihadi terrorism against Indian State to stay in power.

Secondly, “The Kashmir Files” exposed the hollow ideals of Bollywood dominated by leftist-Islamist elements. Mumbai’s film industry is heavily influenced by money from the Muslim underworld that liberally funds movies of its choicest script writers/actors. Moreover, Dawood Ibrahim gang has deeply infiltrated political parties of Congress DNA; today NCP of Sharad Pawar is their choicest refuge after the Congress Party was sent to ICU by the fascist and corrupt Italian lady in order to promote her idiot kids. If convicted terrorist of 1993 serial blasts, Sanjay Dutt, still remains a “normal and innocent” celebrity and much sought after hero, it only underlines the Jihadi underworld’s stronghold on Bollywood and the political influence of his actor father Sunil Dutt who was a Congress MP. Movie Haseena Parkar, aimed at creating sympathy for Dawood family, is the best example of the might of Bollywood’s Jihad lobby and Dawood gang.

“Victimhood” is the Pet Defense Mechanism of Jihadi Mullahs

Exploitation or oppression doesn’t create suicidal Jihadi terrorists; ideological brainwash by distorting Islamic Texts produces them in the terror camps. But normal Muslims pay the price when the world reacts against crimes of the Jihadis. Yet, they remain helpless bystanders.

Will the Bollywood ever produce a film to tell how people can distinguish a terrorist Khan from normal Muslim?

Actually, Bollywood also serves as the propaganda arm of global Jihadi lobby of which Pakistan is the prominent mastermind. My Name Is Khan, produced in 2010 in the background of 9/11 twin tower Jihadi attack when the global sentiment went strongly against Muslims, is another typical piece created for the same common purpose of portraying Muslims as ‘victims‘! “My name is Khan; I am a Muslim but I am not a terrorist” is standard dialogue Shahrukh Khan repeats again and again the movie. In fact, VICTIMHOOD is the standard defense of the mullahs all over the world when they face heat for failing to keep their community free from the murderous Jihadi virus. Therefore, it is unthinkable that ‘this’ Bollywood would ever produce any film to highlight Hindus targeted by the same sick genocidal Jihadi mindset.

Psychologists have extensively studied and written about the “mind of serial killers” that helps the law enforcement agencies. But they have not paid much attention to or written about the “mind of Jihadi killers”, quite probably because that would make them targets of jihadi attacks.

The Agnihotri Couple is Different !

The couple’s crusade for truth makes them unique in film industry where shallow glamor is the norm.

But Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files, with poor mans budget of merely 10 crore, not only caught the imagination of Hindu masses not just in India but all over the world. Like his earlier venture, The Tashkent Files, this too was scripted after considerable research and interviews of victims of 1989 ‘genocide’ that the Lutyen’s media always portrayed as ‘exodus’! It is no surprise that the mullah mafia labeled the film ‘anti-Muslim’ and showered Vivek Agnihotri with fatwas and death threats. Fortunately, the home ministry gave him Y-security. The Agnihotri couple is unique as they care for exposing the truth than producing glamorous shallow show pieces designed only to make money.

Vivek Agnihotri’s Inspiration Behind The Kashmir Files

Yet, many from the film industry judged The Kashmir Files by its box office collection alone. To their surprise, the film already crossed 300 crore without ‘advertisements’. Many state governments run by nationalist BJP have even made the film tax free so that more and more Indians see how Hindus were terrorized and forced to flee Kashmir to stay alive and how many of them died of Islamic cruelty and inhuman treatment. The way The Kashmir Files became a phenomenon makes one thing very clear: it will certainly inspire young producer/writers to touch upon topics censored by India’s “mullah mafia” through its murderous fatwas. A highly appropriate topic could be the Godhra train burning where 59 Hindu pilgrims were burnt alive by Jihadis acting on live instructions from a nearby mosque. Another highly desirable topic will be exposing the harsh realities of Muslim ghettoes or “mini-Pakistans” scattered across India. Such movies are highly desirable because Hindus have been mislead by the distorted Islamic history of India and still don’t understand the violent prone Jihad mindset. The tyranny of mullah’s Fatwas, hate speeches from Mosques and mullah directed Jihadi violence must be exposed so that humanitarian forces are strengthened and non-Muslims feel safe.

Hate Campaign Against “The Kashmir Files”

Such public interactions by Vivek and Pallavi are commendable. By just being in the public they defy the murderous Fatwa gang.

A Forgotten Mopla Genocide

Indians who have forgotten or never heard about 100 year old Mopla Genocide of Hindus in Kerala will gain a lot of insight into Jihadi barbarism by watching The Kashmir Files. A jihadi mind loves everything that’s satanic or devilish — completely devoid of human conscience. Distortion is another trait of a jihadi mind. If the Mopla genocide of Hindus was fuzzed under the phrases “Mopla revolt” or “Mopla freedom fight”, the Kashmiri Hindu genocide was termed “exodus”; many even denied any such incident happened! It’s how leftist/Islamist journalists mislead the readers by creating a fake narrative to push forward their own agenda. In fact, there is well connected and highly powerful global network of these leftist/jihadi lobbies.

Read below a short narrative as an eye opener on Mopla genocide by Islamist jihadis. What remains the same is the nature of sub-human jihadi barbarism. Nothing has changed in 100 years between the Mopla and “Kashmir Files”.

Typical Sharia Horror Show

Since most Indians grow up reading a highly distorted history of India, they hardly know anything about the Mopla Genocide of Hindus hundred years ago by local Jihadis in Kerala’s Malabar region. It was among the most gruesome examples of Islamic barbarism since collapse of Mughal empire. The Kashmir Files should help all Indians understand the true nature of Islamic Jihad that has remained the same in last 1400 years. They must also realize that the worst genocide in the human history was the Hindu genocide by the jihadi invaders during the Islamic dark age. Mullah’s take delight in jihadi barbarism as “Superiority of Muslims” and “Might of Islam” – and Gandhian politicians encourage them by keeping mum!

All leaders, except Gandhi and Muslim clerics, condemned the jihadi barbarism on Malabar Hindus

Hundred years ago, in the colonial era after the end of WW1, when Indian nationalists were busy fighting for country’s freedom from British colonial occupation, Indian Muslims suddenly became extraordinarily concerned about the well being of a distant Turkish Ottoman Caliphate that got defeated by the allied forces in the War. Two mullahs, Ali brothers, launched a ‘Khilafat Movement’ in 1920 to express solidarity with the defeated Turkish Ottoman rulers — and the “saint of non-violence” Mahatma Gandhi supported this entirely irrelevant Islamic movement, hoping to get Muslim support for India’s own freedom struggle. But, of course, Muslims never came forward to join Congress Party’s nationalistic freedom struggle. For them, Congress was a party of Hindu Kafirs and Gandhi was just a lowly Hindu Bania. The Muslim community was more concerned about bringing back the Mughal Islamic rule where Hindus could be treated as, Jimmis, second class citizens and impose JAJIYA tax on them.

Then more absurdity happened. Gandhi sat on hunger strike for 21 days in the house of Maulana Mohammad Ali, (organizer of the Khilafat movement) for communal harmony and publicly claimed that this Satyagraha in Ali’s home was his best experience. And … what was Ali’s response? He publicly asserted that even the lowest class of Muslim is far superior to Hindu Kafir Gandhi!! What else can come from a medieval mind, trained only to hate non-Muslims, destroy humanity and plunder human societies.

However, the Khilafat movement led to a highly undesirable side effect — it aroused the murderous jihadi emotions among Muslims around the country against the Kafirs (the British and Hindus both). Although they targeted some the British troops here and there, but in many areas gangs of Muslims attacked civilian Hindus (Kafir). The most gruesome genocide of Hindus was carried out in the Malabar region of Kerala by Mopla Muslims. As expected, all prominent Maulanas justified the gruesome massacre as “admirable” religious duty of Muslims!! Yet, it was vehemently criticized by practically every sane personality.

But there was a prominent exception, the ‘Icon of Non-Violence’ Mahatma Gandhi stubbornly refuged to say a word against the barbarism of Mopla Muslims. Why? He explained, ” Why criticize them; they are only doing what their Book wants them to do“. Needless to say, a lot of people felt disgusted and went away from Gandhi forever. But he was right, brutally right, about medieval satanic literature and its impact on the blind followers!

Here is a more recent two decade old “Jihadi masterpiece” when they burned 60 Hindus alive in Godhra in a train compartment. This “holy jihad” was directed by “holy Mullahs” from a nearby “holy mosque”; therefore, the so-called Gandhians, liberals and seculars remained silent, following Gandhi’s advise: why blame these “ peaceful holy warriors of Islam”; they only performed their “religious duty” as prescribed by their Book!

Now coming back to Indian mullah’s “Islamic State” dream — it is called Gazwa-e-Hind or war against Hindus!! It is easy to guess that global mullahs also have plans to wage war on Christians and every other non-Muslim community.

GAZWA-e-HIND”: The Unfinished Islamic Agenda of 1947 !!

In 1947, colonial India was divided into two due to HINDUPHOBIA. One, the “Islamic State of Pakistan” and two, the “partly Islamic State” called India with 90% Hindu population that was to be fully Islamized later. In both countries, Hindus remained Jimmi or second grade citizen, as prescribed in the Islamic Books!

Throughout the British Raj post 1857 till 1947, India’s Muslim community remained obsessed to revive Islamic Mughal rule in India. Their problem was, “whenever the British leave India, they would live subordinated by Hindus, whom their Books labels Kafir and ordain them to simply kill them! Having ruled over Hindus for centuries through humiliation, intimidation and barbarism, it did not suit their ‘superior‘ status to either live along side ‘inferior‘ Hindus or under their subjugation. Therefore, they wanted some way to enjoy Islamic power and also ultimately impose Islamic rule over India. It divided Muslim leadership into two groups: the power hungry Muslim League of Jinnah wanted a separate Islamic land from where Jihadi army would invade India. The other group of mullahs wanted to stay inside India and weaken the Indian State to establish Islamic rule from within exploiting democratic rights ensured by the Constitution, of course welcoming invasion by foreign Jihadi forces!

Two Pakistani and One Indian Muslim. What bonds them is the morbid Hindu hatred resulting from the violent Deobandi cult of Islam. This cult rejects Mohammad’s spiritual Teachings of morality and compassion, and sees him merely as a violent expansionist leader. The Indian traitor mullah in beard is Zabiuddin Ansari.

This is the reason why Pakistan attacked India several times since 1947. But ‘love for Islam’ could not keep Pakistan intact and it broke into two pieces in 1971 and the possibility of invasion of India by Pakistan’s jihadi army became virtually nill. But it paved the way for Jihadi terror attacks; thus the cult of Islamic terror was promoted in Pakistan that still orients its policies towards destabilizing India so that mullahs can take political control over India. The ground tactics of Gazwa-e-Hind were clearly presented by the jihadi violence in Kashmir — kill, convert or drive away Hindus. Of course, capturing Hindu women and girls is their eternal Sharia tactic. The 2008 Mumbai terror attack by 10 Pak Jihadis (in Hindu costume!) was quite clearly a delight for India’s mullah mafia. Now it is amply clear that Deobandi maulanas played active role in planning the terror attack, on what they call ‘their own country’. For instance, a maulana Mahmood Madani actively promoted a fake book written to blame Hindus for the attack!! Nothing can be more ridiculous and sinister than this.

By the way, inviting foreign Islamic invasion on India by Indian Maulanas is not a new thing. It is deeply rooted in their psyche. For instance, in the 18th century a Delhi Maulana named Shah Wali Ullah invited Afghan ruler, Abdali, to invade Delhi to destroy the rising influence of Shias and Hindus and re-establish the Mughal rule. It led to Panipat’s 3rd Battle and widespread plunder and destruction of Temples in the Delhi – Mathura region, before the Afghan invader walked away with even the accumulated Mughal wealth! Of course, the sex-maniac and wine-loving Mughal dynasty failed to re-boot itself. Then in the first half of the 20th century, they again tried to invite Afghan ruler to attack India and drive out the British and restore the Mughal rule. This time the Afghan ruler was wiser and ignored their plea. Read about these attempts in the page Indian Freedom Struggle: From 1857 to 1947

Preparation for Gazwa-e-Hind since 1947


“We were just 7 crore when we broke India in 1947. Today we are 20 crore!” — Motto of Gazwa-e-Hind dreamer Indian mullahs

Since medieval mullah mind thinks only in terms of number dominance and mob attacks, Muslim population mushroomed through multiple marriages and invitation to Muslims from outside India (Rohingya Muslims are a well known example). The mallah mafia opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) purely for this reason and gave ominous threat to Indian State and death treats to PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah after hijacking a street for 4 months in Shaheen Bagh in Delhi in early 2020. There are certainly some rational thinking people in the community who know the importance of small family size, but they are mocked at by the fatwa wielding Maulanas for not being “Real Muslim”, as usual!!

Denial of multiple marriages with the proposed implementation of common civil code (UCC) is the prime reason why the maulvi class opposes even talk of UCC.


It is the nature of Wahhabi/Deobandi cult of Islam to promote isolationism and ghettoism among the followers. When the Muslim population increases in any local area, it often cease to be a normal safe society and acquires medieval Islamic flavor where non Muslims begin to feel unsafe and Islamic gangs emerge and try to impose “their Sharia” rule! Even the police is often hesitant to enter these areas. Needless to say, these areas are highly susceptible to ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims. Such areas exist all over the world and in Europe for example are called Sharia No-Go-Area. In India, such pockets are administratively called SENSITIVE area. Often mullahs boastfully call it “mini-Pakistan” !! Therefore, Shaheen Bagh in Delhi must be seen as an important mini-Pakistan or “Islamic State” right in the middle of the city! Currently, it is in news for drugs smuggling from Talibani Afghanistan.

For India’s “mullah mafia” Pakistan is not just a country; it’s a symbol of Victory of Muslims over Hindus! They delightfully boast, how they “tore away a part of Hindu India” and created an Islamic State in 1947 !! They take particular delight in the acts of plunder that rewards them with booty. A well known Islamic scholar describes how plunder has been the basic source of Islamic economy for last 1400 years!

In India, it is fairly common to see that Muslims don’t welcome Hindu festivities in the “Sensitive Areas“. They behave as Islamic rulers of such areas. Often courts have to intervene to allow non-Muslim activities. This is nothing but “Islamic State” neurosis created by deep rooted Kafir-hatred promoted and nurtured in the madarsas.


As part of preparation for ultimate take over of India by Jihadi forces in future, India’s radical mullahs aim to set up Sharia courts across India, at least one in each district! They also want to create several clones of “Aligarh Muslim University” and “Jamia” type universities to propagate isolationism and alien mindset among Muslims, recalling how the AMU played vital role in creating Pakistan in 1947.


As is seen everywhere, mosques are not just for praying, they serve a lot of other purposes. From here the maulanas can deliver any kind of speech, even incite violence. Violence or stone pelting after weekly prayers is a fairly common observation in many regions of the world. In Kashmir Valley, it had been a typical ritual for decades. Even the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Israel exemplifies this Islamic behavior. After all, stone throwing is a holy ritual when Muslims go for Hajj pilgrimage.

A vital requirement for ultimate future jihad against Hindus is sufficient number of “attack posts”. Since 1947 the number of mosques has mushroomed from 80,000 to over 300,000 across India and madarsas have grown to more than 40,000. Over 90% terrorists in Pakistan have been produced in the Deobandi madarsas. Even the Taliban owe allegiance to Deobandi training. Therefore, madarsas are vital ideological jihad tool.


Best example of Kafir-hate politics

Making the police and law-enforcement machinery inactive is another vital requirement for successful jihad. Police and security forces are the only obstacle whenever jihadis launch attack on civilian Hindus. Therefore, passivating or demoralizing the law and order machinery is a vital component of the activities of Jihadi mullahs. When the AIMIM supremos of Hyderabad publicly assert that “withdraw the police for 15 minutes and the 15% Muslims will ‘take care’ of the rest 85%” they clearly see security forces as a threat to successful Gazwa-e-Hind. But look at their Hinduphobic Satanic ambition:

Genocide of 100 crore non-Muslim Indians in 15 minutes which translates to 6.8 crore people per minute! Even Hitler was not that ambitious when he killed Jews in the gas chambers. Is this how the so-called ‘religion of peace’ practiced? Is this what Mohammad taught 1400 years ago? Even the worst fascist or Nazi would be ashamed to hear this demonic dream.

The Palghar (Maharashtra) lynching of Hindu Sanyasis by the jihadi mob and the attack on Hindus at Ram Navami festivities by Muslims in various cities in Congress run Rajasthan are recent ideal examples of “clean and successful Jihad” against Hindus when the police force was kept under check! In fact, such incidents regularly happen across India — and are routinely neglected by the mainstream media. Why would media reporters risk their lives by inviting murderous FATWAS if they expose Muslim criminals. Not every one has the guts to become Vivek Agnihotri who made The Kashmir Files despite hundreds of “fatwa threats”.

Watch this video below how Owaisi is exposed by a rational Muslim scholar


The process started in 1947 itself!!

Since history of India’s independence was written by Islamists and Leftist lobbies in collaboration with Congress leaders, only half or distorted truth got delivered to the public. Therefore, no one talks about incomplete Hindu-Muslim partition, despite Dr Ambedkar’s suggestion of a complete segregation of the two communities. Since Pakistan was “gifted” to Muslims as demanded by Jinnah’s Muslim League it was expected that practically the entire Muslims would migrate to Pakistan, the newly created Sharia Heaven. In fact, over 90% Muslim voters across British India voted for creation of Pakistan in the 1946 general election, but not even 10% actually migrated to Pakistan! It baffled all prominent leaders including Patel. And more surprisingly, both Gandhi and Nehru got busy begging/requesting these “Jinnah Muslims” to not leave and even started rewarding prominent ones with lucrative postings!! Nehru even wanted to create pockets of Muslim areas (mini-Pakistans) so that Muslims could “feel safe”!!! With this baby-pampering, Hindu-India’s long term interests were badly compromised and majority Hindus were badly let-down, yet again.

The power hungry and ultra corrupt Italian lady has almost handed over the party to jihadi mullahs, while perennially accusing Hindus of being communal. She is actively involved in the devious attempt to create “Hindu terror” narrative.

Since the Muslim League became irrelevant after creation of Pakistan, all these Pakistan loving mullahs whole-heartedly joined the Congress Party — the same party they always accused of being a Hindu Party — and became “nationalist” and even “freedom fighter” without ever opposing the colonial British in reality!! They always mocked Gandhi’s non-violence movement as silly and derided him by calling him “Hindu Bania”! But post 1947, they found that Gandhi was their biggest benefactor; he even died protecting Muslim interests! Even when Pakistan attacked Kashmir, ‘Mr Gandhi’ was “Sitting on Fast” demanding immediate release of 55 crore due to Pakistan. Both Patel and Nehru wanted to withhold this money for some time until Pakistani aggression ceased. But the “Saint of Muslim-appeasement” would not listen to any sensible argument.

In seven decades, the Congress DNA is completely Islamized. While not many Muslim names crop up as Congress leaders but behind the curtain mullah’s interests alone drive party’s policies. Therefore, today if Congress rules any State, it is effectively a mullah rule under their “Sharia secularism” that degrades Hindus as Jimmis, second grade citizens. The appeasement politicians look the other way when Hindus or their interests are targeted.


Currently, Kerala and West Bengal have emerged as centers of Islamic Jihad and Popular Front of India (PFI) as the voice of Islamic terrorism. It has become all the more relevant after article 370 and 35A were abrogated from J&K and Pak sponsor Jihadi terrorism loses prominence. The PFI is supposed to have close connections with ISIS, Taliban and Al Qaeda. Bengali radical mullahs seems to have close connections with terror groups in Bangladesh. Their activities are down played by Congress type parties that rely on Muslim vote bank, apart from active support from the AIMIM, Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind, AIMPLB type radical groups.

Needless to say, the ISI and Pakistan terror groups will always be their first choice. The ISI has deeply infiltrated into the Bollywood and Congress type parties, apart from having sympathizers in the mini-Pakistans across India. Politicians like Mamta, Akhilesh, Rahul, and Kejriwal are their best smoke screens. The recent electoral victories of Mamta in West Bengal and Kejriwal in Punjab have brought considerable delight among Jihadi elements as well as among “Khalistan” extremists on Pakistan’s pay-role.

Is India Sitting on a Jihadi Volcano?

A prominent thinker and political analysts expressed a worrisome opinion. He said, ‘I don’t see any future for Indian democracy and Hindu society beyond 2050. Why? Because by then Muslim population would have increased to over 30% and most “mini-Pakistans” across would be under heavy influence of the radical Jihadi groups.

In such a scenario, ethnic cleansing of Hindus from “sharia pockets” would follow exactly the Kashmiri way of 1989. And if things get worst and jihadis take over most of India, the simple question for Hindus is this: Which country would give them refuge?

If there are 55+ Sharia countries, isn’t it rational to create at least one Hindu nation on the planet? What’s wrong if India gets that honor! But it can’t be achieved with ostrich mentality or with self-destructive Nehru-Gandhian appeasement gimmicks. What’s needed is Sardar Patel’s strong will, Chanakya’s political acumen and Narendra Modi’s execution skills.

But there are silver linings also. By 2050, oil rich gulf would be under severe climatic condition and its accidental oil opulence would be under serious pressure. It would badly weaken the global jihad lobby that controls Indian radicals. Another silver line is a completely destitute Pakistan colonized by China or its fragmentation leading to free Balochistan, Afghan Taliban regime grabbing Pashtun areas across the Durand Line and the PoJK reunited with India. In such a scenario, Pakistan would be mere Pak Punjab as a Chinese colony!

Reality is More Scary Than Filmy Fiction

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“Uniform Civil Code” – Time Is Ripe To Adopt The UCC!

It’s time to make Indian Muslims feel that they are EQUAL to all other Indians in every sense, by implementing the Uniform Civil Code. It will help them shed at least some of their medieval isolationist tendencies, come out of delusion that they are superior to non-Muslims and push them towards becoming productive part of the national mainstream.

It’s the Best Time to Implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

uniform civil code is still pending in IndiaIndia is fortunate to finally have a strong nationalist and decisive government since 2014 that got reelected with bigger majority in 2019. It almost performed the miracle by abrogating the temporary article 370 to fully absorb J&K with rest of India, then passed the instant Triple Talaq bill despite fierce opposition by ossified brained mullahs (along with their pseudo-‘secular’ buddies) and its right stand in the Supreme Court paved the way for Shri Ram Temple Construction in Ayodhya ending decades of inaction and delaying tactics by the Mullah mafia and the Congress Party. Now, as the home minister indicated,  the uniform civil code (UCC) is the next agenda. Let’s hope that soon the UCC too will be a reality.

Non-Implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is Harming Democracy

Non implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) even after 7 decades is seriously undermining Indian democracy by perpetuating inequalities. It is an issue that the past governments have been evading – largely to please the backward looking Muslim clergy that controls Muslim votes. It is weird that there is common criminal code for all, but when it comes to the common civil code, the mullah mafia appears to enjoy a permanent VETO power. Their ghetto mindset, neurotic resistance to change and false sense of “master faith syndrome” becomes a serious obstacle in adopting common set of laws dealing with the matters involving marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance.

While framing the Constitution different personal laws of different communities were debated extensively and wanted a Uniform Civil Code for all Indians – in order to create a unique Indian national identity. But they were opposed on the ground that it would destroy the cultural identity of minorities (particularly, Muslims). Thus, a compromise was reached – the UCC was placed under the Directive principles (these are non-binding), but which the state shall endeavor to achieve. Hence, the Article 44 of the Constitution says: “The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.” It must be seen along with the Article 14 which ensures right to equality.

The issue of UCC came under national limelight in the mid-80s after the infamous Shah Bano case, but the Congress leaders’ mullah appeasement politics betrayed Muslim women and also hurt the cause of national integration.

Goa can be a good role model and can show the way. It has a Common Family Law which is also called Goa Civil Code and governs all Goans, although it allows some exceptions to some communities. It is certainly not an ideal Uniform Civil Code, but shows that it is possible to move towards a UCC.

Muslim Clergy – The Biggest Roadblock to the UCC

triple talaq - AIMPLBThe biggest hurdle in implementing the UCC is the change-phobic maulanas – the darling of appeasement politicians who nurture them for vote bank politics. These maulvis have formed an elite club called the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). They have other groups that are equally fanatic. Their Sharia glues them to the culture of the 7th century Arab tribal world. They are primarily responsible for the typical tendencies of ghettoisation and isolationism in the Indian Muslim community that keeps them backward and separated from the mainstream Indian society. ‘Their Islam’ reduces their followers to the status of pre-programmed robots and women-folks to the level of commodity and sex objects for sensual pleasure and breeding.

Medieval society70 years ago, a gang of power hungry Mullahs broke the great united India to get their Sharia Paradise called Pakistan. Those mullahs from Hindu-India who migrated to the ‘fairy paradise’ of Islam were mocked with the derogatory label, Mohajir (Refugee) and became second grade Pakistanis! Even the Ahmediya Muslims who were at the fore front of “Pakistan movement” were thrown out of the Muslim community in the Sharia Heaven! The entire  Bengali Muslim population (of East Pakistan) that formed 54% Pak population had to revolt looking at their colonial and racial exploitation and walked away in 1971 as Bangladesh after a bloody civil war. The “Islamic State of Pakistan” has established itself as the global capital of JIHADI terrorism and has fallen deeply into Chinese debt-trap. It is highly unlikely that China would allow Pakistan to get out of its debt-trap any time in the future. Therefore, looking at the dismal performance of the Pakistan, Indian maulanas should have become less cocky and learnt to live peacefully like other communities in a secular society dominated by peace-loving and highly tolerant Hindus. But they failed miserably and continue to harbor isolationist ghetto mentality and hostile feelings towards Hindus. However, for larger good of Indian democracy they must be made equal to other Indians by adopting the common civil code.

Why Muslims should oppose AIMPLB

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“Emperor Nero” Of Indian Politics!

Nero, Bhasmasur, Or Bermuda Triangle ??

Congress is decaying, but this joker keeps busy cooking up lies and demonizing Hindus, Hindu organizations and maligning Indian prime minister, Modi.

Mr Nero” or “Mr Zero” — call him by any name it makes no difference. In the just concluded assembly elections in 5 States, “this creature” scored a perfect ZERO — 0/5. That’s not surprising, as he did that in the West Bengal assembly elections too. But this time he completely decimated his party (that was in power) in Punjab through sheer stupidity, but what else can you expect from a moron born to an ultra-corrupt fascist mother! In UP under the leadership of his sister, his party went down from 7 to 2 seats — and the party candidates lost their deposits on 387 seats out of the 399 seats contested! His party is also sure to lose power in Maharashtra next year — because of the unprecedented corrupt mafia-cum-jihadi rule. So terrified are the opposition leaders by his losing skills that they prefer to keep a safe distance from him! While his fascist Italian mom (Antania Maino) brilliantly converted country’s oldest political party into a party of mentally dead, so that only her half mature siblings appear sane, but her destructive anti-democratic actions worry all those who care for the health of Indian democracy and wish to see merit based electoral competition and a strong opposition. Despite silence of the elite Lutyen media (which sees this Italian family as the ‘royal family’ of India!), the social media remains active. …. And, once again, the social media of responsible birds has started chirping Emperor Nero!And those familiar with India’s ancient wisdom started quoting the tale of Bhasmasur! … And yet others discovered a Bermuda Triangle in the elite mother-son-daughter trio that has completely crippled India’s oldest political party!

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (A.D. 37–68)

Historians have popularized the phrase, “While Rome was burning, King Nero was fiddling.” For those naïve about musical instruments like me, fiddling refers to playing some stringed instrument, such as guitar. In 64 AD, a wild fire ravaged Rome for six days and destroyed most of the city. It was when the great Nero was Roman emperor. If history writers are right, Nero was really a bad guy. Nero’s biographer, Suetonius, also wrote that Nero indulged in several forms of obnoxious behavior, from incest to cruelty to animals to killing people. Whether or not Nero actually played fiddle when the fire was destroying his capital and people were in distress is of no consequence. But the phrase conveys the message that Nero was an irresponsible and incapable ruler – and had a bad character. Therefore, he was totally unfit for the job.

Almost 2000 years later, history repeats itself. India has a “Royal Prince” with Italian connections. While modern “Nero” doesn’t play fiddle, rather can’t play any music at all, but he stands out as utterly immature politician devoid of slightest leadership quality or ability to connect with Indian masses. This Nero is Raul Vinci — a pathological liar — who like his mother dons a fake “Gandhi” surname to fool Indian people. What Nero did to Rome is what Mr Vinci has done to India’s grand old political party. He is also totally unfit for the job.

In future, if some unbiased writer writes history of Congress demise, he/she would give the following punch line:

When the Congress Party was counting its last breaths on ventilator, Lord Nero was busy demonizing Modi, BJP and Hindus and Hindu organizations to keep his mullah vote bank in good humor.

— Unbiased Writers
Congress Party is like a ship trapped inside the
Bermuda Triangle of the cocky Italian Family.!!

However, to be fair to the modern Nero, Congress was already a bastion of corrupt and sycophantic elements and a sinking ship. Mr Rahul’s juvenile mannerism only added more useless weight to it so that it started sinking faster. To be more realistic and yet fairer, the trio of the Royal Family, Antania-Rahul-Priyanka, should be seen as the Bermuda Triangle that has trapped the Congress Party and killing it.

Nero of the past climbed to the roof top to watch the flames destroying his capital and romanticized how he would create a grand new city from the ashes. Our Nero disappears for ‘private pleasure trips’ every time he loses elections or when some serious brain work is expected from him. Mr Rahul is devoid of any vision for the country whose citizenship provided him undeserving aristocratic privileges. He is like a ‘sick celebrity joke’ on a society where poverty is still in abundance. This Nero has pathological fetish towards “rape”. News of “rape” galvanize him into action. If rape victim’s religion or caste matches his ‘political criteria’, he blames PM Modi for it! In the past, this fake Indian and fake Gandhi has even called India ‘Rape Capital’ of the world. Obviously to please the global anti-India and anti-Hindu lobbies! This shameless act puts him in the league of Jinnah mullahs who propped his political career from South India. In the company of these traitor mullahs he too has started harboring grudge against the Hindu and the country that granted him so much privileges and comforts.

BHASMASUR of Indian Politics?

Mr Rahul routinely mocks Hinduism and maligns patriotic Hindu organizations like RSS, VHP etc. Being a moron, he is completely oblivious of the fact that India’s identity comes from Hindus and their profound and magnanimous Vedic Science founded on “Dharma”, which means eternal Truth or ultimate Reality. Despite claim of “Jeneu Dhari Brahmin” he doesn’t know what Brahmin means, what Jeneu signifies or what makes people Hindu. He can’t decipher the difference between ‘Sanatan Dharma‘ of Hindus and ‘religion‘ (Christianity or Islam) despite advancing half a century into life. Currently, he is busy maligning and distorting Hinduism in collaboration with jihadi mullahs and missionaries world-wide.

Roman historians did not mention any financial wrong doing of the eccentric emperor or his hobnobbing with enemy nations. But the modern Indian version appears to have gone much farther. ‘National Herald‘ or ‘Rajiv Gandhi Foundation‘ are not the only examples of ‘financial art work’, Mr Rahul and his fascist mom even signed a ‘strange treaty’ with the Chinese Communist Party for collaboration and received money from the Dragon country! They even keep an office in Turkey, for sake of its special vote bank — and Damadji can be spotted enjoying royal vacation as a State guest! Such is the might of their clout that the elite Lutyen’s media sees Antania Maino as Queen of India and Mr Raul Vinci as the heir Prince. No journo ever asks any question to the elite Family members or try holding them responsible for shameful state of India’s oldest party.

The Royal Family feels closer to China, Pakistan and Turkey than India and Indian people (Hindus, in particular).

Nero did not need passport to be a Roman citizen, but Mr Raul Vinci could not become a responsible Indian citizen despite holding Indian passport. He is too dumb to understand that Indian military men keep Indian borders safe. Like jinnah-mullahs, he maligns Indian forces by acting like Pak-China mouth-piece. Again, like Jinnah-Muslims he is cursed by identity crisis — he doesn’t know who he really is and what he stands for. Much worse, he thinks he has the capability to lead 140 crore Indians as Prime Minister! His ‘royal status’ in Indian politics is a sure delight for all anti-India lobbies around the world — the happiest being the two enemy nations in the neighborhood.

Will Hindus Wake Up Now

The UPA rule between 2004 — 2014 was a “Foreign Rule”. India was ruled by foreign vested interests (particularly Pakistani and Chinese) through an ultra-corrupt fascist Italian lady holding Indian passport and “Gandhi” surname. Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and his constitutional cabinet was reduced to the status of a ‘hostage” or a “Smoke Screen” — by an unconstitutional advisory body head by the Italian lady. She took all decisions while Singh parroted only what was told to him.

1000 year of foreign rule should be enough to wake up 130 crore Hindus now. Their ancient land is still vulnerable to “foreign attacks” assisted by “hostile aliens” living on Indian soil. Hope some day the norms to enter politics will be revised and only those whose 3-4 past generations were indigenous Indian citizens, would be allowed to enter Indian parliament. This idiotic clown and the fascist Italian family should serve as a wake up alarm !!

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How Congress sowed seeds of Communal Disharmony

Congress Party’s “Secular Partition” of India

The Joker of Superhero Comics

Who Funded RGF

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Raising Age of Girls Marriage to 21. Why Was It Not Done Earlier?

Raising girls age of marriage. Good step but too late.

Indian government wants to increase the legal age of girls marriage to 21, bringing it at par with men. It will be done by amending “The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006” (PCMA). It is the correct idea. In fact, it should have been done long ago. State of a society crucially depends upon status and wellbeing of its 50 percent population — and that, in turn, vitally rests on when girls get married. “Early marriage of girls is bad”, is a widely recognized fact. Thus, Indian law makers had previously decided 18 as the age of girls marriage and 21 for men. This step should be seen as yet another logical step towards raising girls legal age of marriage. Social reformers had realized the perils of child marriage long ago.

The first legal action goes back to the British era when on 28 September 1929 The Child Marriage Restraint Act (1929) was passed in the Imperial Legislative Council of India, fixing girls age of marriage at 14 years and boys at 18 years.  It is popularly known as the Sarda Act after its sponsor, Harbilas Sarda. Then in 1949, post India’s independence, it was amended to 15 for girls. In 1978, girls age was raised to 18 and boys to 21. Now again girls age is being raised to 21, bringing it at par with boys age. It would allow girls to study beyond high school and complete 3 years of college education which would play a very crucial role in rest of their life.

The decision has been taken to build on women’s rights and after considering issues like the age of motherhood, lowering maternal mortality rate, and nutritional level. The government feels that the Right to Equality and the Right against Exploitation under the Constitution guarantees gender equality, and this amendment means a “a strong measure as it will bring women on equal footing with men”. It is also felt that this step would indirectly help in lowering the maternal mortality rate (MMR), the infant mortality rate (IMR) as well as balancing the sex ratio at birth (SRB). It would allow women to attain much needed emotional (psychological) maturity before marriage that would help them exercise better reproductive rights and family planning skills, etc.

Population Control Perspective

Although India has already achieved the total fertility rate (TFR) of around 2.0, needed for ultimate population stabilization few decades later. But much needs to be done towards women empowerment by improving their nutritional, educational, psychological and reproductive well-being. Demographers see women as mere “human breeders”; that’s highly inaccurate if seen in the light of holistic social and personal development.

The right steps prescribed by demographers for India’s momentum driven population growth (too big younger population) can be summed up in two steps:

ONE: Raising age at marriage. It essentially means delaying start of sexual activities. And

TWO: Delaying first pregnancy and then spacing further births by around 3-4 years. It makes the role of contraceptives quite prominent.

If seen purely from population control lens, raising age at marriage fulfills the first step. But it would certainly help the second step because now a much mature girl is entering matrimony. This is modern western philosophy. But a more holistic approach comes from the ancient Indian wisdom where women are seen worthy of full respect and opportunities for full development, unhindered by patriarchal rules. In the narrow lens of medieval ideologies such as Islam, women are seen merely as sex toys (like sex slaves or prostitutes) and as breeders to grow community size. But human life is far too sacred and full of potential hardly known by the man made “religions.”

Opponents of the Bill

As expected, the Mullah mafia came out in opposition. The Maulana class sees existential threat in this reform also. Their fundamental fear is “women empowerment”. Why empower sex-toys who are condemned to live inside sacks (Burqa) for the entire life? As usual, for them without “gender apartheid” their Islam gets in DANGER ?

Some trivial thinkers oppose the age rise by comparing it with age to vote, which is still 18. They wrongly argue that if girls can vote at 18, why not marry too. They must be reminded that marriage is a life changing personal event; voting is not. These critics can be also silenced by asking: If boys could vote 18, why didn’t they demand their marriage age too at 18? Clearly, these critics too suffer from patriarchal mindset. In fact, Indian society should try to learn from Vedic era when first 25 years of life were prescribed as period of Brahmacharya, complete celibacy. Thus, we should think of further raising girls and boys age of marriage to 25. Arya Samaj founder, Reverend Swami Dayananda Saraswati was the inspiration behind the Sarda Act in 1929. Raising to 25 would be the most logical step in the future.

Worst Symbol of Medieval Patriarchy. Shall we call it “Islamic Gender Apartheid”? Fortunately, no non-Muslim community in the world adopted this barbaric culture of enclosing women in Sacks for their entire life.

But patriarchy is the biggest hurdle when it comes to women empowerment. So while there is general criticism from various quarters, the biggest opposition come from the usual culprit — the Mullah Mafia, the ossified brained madarsa clerics who want to remain mentally stuck in the Arab medieval era. When it comes to giving freedom to women and treating them with dignity and equality, these Deobandi and Barelvi clerics and products from their madarsas stat creating hysteria that “Islam is in Danger”! Living in the self induced delusion that texts written by medieval Arab tribals 1200-1400 years ago is the final “Word” even in the 21st century digital societies, they remain the biggest hurdle in the progress of any society that sees women as respect worthy human beings. These mullahs still behave as if they “Own” women and that they must not be allowed to do anything beyond breeding and being available as sex slave whenever men demanded.

Moreover, there is a special angle when it comes to Indian Muslims. The Deobandi/Wahhabi clerics have a cherished long term plan to Islamize India by multiplying their numbers They call this anti-Hindu dream GAZWA-e-HIND!!!! For this purpose they need multiple marriages and barely education, completely docile and helpless girls who could be married the moment they reach puberty. These madarsa mullahs want to emulate the example of their role model, Mohammad, who married Ayesha when she was just Six (!) and had sex when she was just Nine (!) and who had multiple wives. As per their standard trick, they try connecting everything to “Their Islam” to continue their medieval mannerisms and hegemony. Despite their “Islamic opposition” most of the Muslim women fully support this Act. Just as they whole heartedly welcomed the end of barbaric custom of triple Talaq; they see a much better secure future in this act too.

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Persecuted, Waseem Rizvi Dumps Islam!

Waseem Rizvi is Now Jitendra Tyagi; Embraces Hinduism

Yet again Hindus sheltered yet another persecuted Muslim from his own kind, as they had been doing for last 14 centuries. Around the world, the Muslim community is neurotically intolerant towards criticism by reformers and free thinkers whenever they raise fundamental questions or demand change. This time it is Waseem Rizvi, former chairman of Shia Waqf Board. The mullah mafia has been hysterically gunning for his head ever since he raised the issue of Quranic verses promoting terrorism among Muslims. Suddenly Mullah’s “ISLAM went in Danger”! And as per the standard tactic, Rizvi was declared KAFIR and FATWAs were issued by self-serving Maulanas calling for his murder. Gandhian Muslim appeasement politics has clearly gone to far in a diverse democracy nurtured by kind-hearted and highly tolerant Hindus.

National media did not discuss the issues raised by Rizvi. It also did not go after the Fatwa brigade demanding murder of Rizvi. But the same media gave prominent coverage to his arrest. What a shame?

Since India is still controlled by a system where Muslims can’t be criticized or questioned, even if they repeatedly indulge in terrorism or openly show bias/hatred against Hindus in various manner because their Book calls them Kafir. It is no surprise that Waseem (Tyagi) was arrested for “Hate Speech” in Haridwar in a gathering. But what about the “Hate Narrative” taught to Muslims against Hindus, according to their 1400 year old Text-Book? Why mainstream media (INDIA TODAY, NDTV and their clones) ignored his very pertinent issues about Quran leading Muslims towards violence against humanity? Why the same media comes into hyper action at his arrest? How long Hyderabadi perpetual “Hindu-Hater” Owaisi will remain their darling poster boy of “Indian Secularism”? Clearly, Hindus are still oblivion of the danger from the Jihad lobby to Indian democracy and national integrity. Quite likely India might be already sitting on a Jihadi volcano waiting to irrupt any time.

Waseem Rizvi explains in this video how he was humiliated and threatened repeatedly by Muslim leaders when he raised some very basic questions about Islamic teachings.

Waseem Rizvi’s Crusade against Islamic Terrorism

“These verses are like poison in the raw mind of young Muslim children in the name of the message of Allah, which leads him to a radical mindset and from his early age when they become young, they hate people of other religions because of their mindset, and many youths get involved with terrorist organizations in some way under this mentality, the wrong messages of Allah Has been filled in the name of Islam. Due to the extreme interpretations of these verses of the Holy book, Islam is identified with militancy, fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism.” – Waseem Rizvi

Despite Supreme Court’s refusal to entertain his PIL that demanded purging 26 violent provoking verses from Quran, reformer Waseem Rizvi, the former head of the Shia Waqf Board, did not stop his efforts and published a New Quran. Rizvi’s initiative is truly remarkable and laudable because ‘Change’ is a terrifying word for Muslim clerics. This new edition does not contain the objectionable 26 verses that Rizvi think provoke Muslims towards criminal conduct. Many free thinking intellectuals say that there are several other verses that could be equally harmful. Though this is first such attempt by a Muslim, a similar attempt was made 36 years ago when advocate Chandmal Chopra and his associate Sital Singh moved the Calcutta High Court seeking a ban on the Quran altogether. They also did not succeed in getting serious attention from the courts. Rizvi also sent a copy of his “corrected Quran” to the Prime Minister for adoption in madarsas. Let’s see what happens now. Most probably, nothing would change in the Muslim community. They would still remain slaves of maulanas and their dictates. They would continue to behave less like “followers of Prophet’s Islam“, more like “prisoners of Mullah’s Islam.”

What Rizvi articulated is a well known fact, but is never acknowledged because that would threaten the highly powerful and violent mullah mafia. It’s a matter of their stranglehold on the Muslim masses that also sustains their livelihood. Looking at the violent and hysteric reactions of these change-resistant mullahs, no one even dare to talk of about reforms — forget about dreaming to change Quran! While missing yet another historic opportunity to reform Islam, the Court also failed on another account. It did not take suo moto action on any of those mullahs who were openly giving death threats to Rizvi. It was a mockery of Indian judiciary. It is also a shame that non from the legal fraternity initiated legal proceedings against these criminal minds for violating “the right to life” granted by Indian Constitution to all citizens, including Rizvi.

Is this man mentally sick? No. His Hindu-hatred comes from reading the Islamic books written by violent Arab tribals centuries ago and interpreted by Deobandi maulvis. Such mullahs lose the mental capacity to think rationally like “normal human beings.” They love sub-human conduct of Islamic terror groups: ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, etc. Their Islam is nothing but violence and terrorism in the name of Allah.

It was a good opportunity to strike at the ideological roots of the Islamic terrorism that has oppressed the humanity for last 1400 years. But the Supreme Court missed it. The global ‘war against Islamic terrorism” is proving futile because it stops at killing the terrorists — when the root cause lies in the madarsas where rogue maulvis cite Quran to turn convert normal Muslims into suicidal/murderous criminals. The only logical way to win this battle is to destroy the ideological support from the medieval Islamic Books. For ordinary people, it is plain insanity to see Muslims becoming suicide bombers or launching murderous attacks on innocent civilians, or when they attack Temples, Gurudwaras and Churches (even Mosques!) to kill devotees. It is absolute insanity to kill ‘real people’ to serve some “imaginary Allah” dreamed up 1400 years ago. Therefore, it is no surprise if China considers Muslims as ‘mental patients’ sick with a disease called Islam and runs ‘reformation centers’ for behavioral change and rewrites Quran for them! Muslims in China can’t have names like Mohammad and they can’t keep beard. [And, … no Jihad-loving champion of Islam has guts to say a word against it!]

Hypocrisy of Liberal-Secular Brigade

Yet again, India’s self appointed liberal-secular lobby failed to rise to support a Muslim reformer. For them supporting terrorists is far too safer and profitable!!

Yet again the hypocrisy of India’s so-called liberal-secular mafia got exposed. These powerful self-declared human rights champions who could wake up the Supreme Court at mid night to save convicted Muslim terrorist did not come forward to defend Waseem Rizvi, a reformer! They clearly got terrified of fatwas urging their beheading or supari-killers waiting to kill them if they supported Rizvi! Italian fascist lady with Indian passport and Congress Party owner, Antania Maino, also failed to brand those threatening Rizvi with death, “Maut Ke Saudagar”. Why lose Muslim votes by supporting a Muslim reformer!! This alien lady and her weird son have shamelessly declared their party, a Muslim party, and yet claiming to be secular!!

As soon as Waseem Rizvi approached the Supreme Court with his PIL to alter Quran, Indian Maulanas started behaving like blood thirsty 7th century uncivilized and murderous medieval Arab tribals. Maulvi after Maulvi started issuing Fatwas urging Muslims to kill him for blasphemy! Even a bounty of 21 lakh rupee was declared for beheading him! Suddenly, the ultra fragile “mullah’s Islam” got in “danger”!! They yet again proved that their Deobandi/Barelvi cult (a photocopy of Wahhabi cult of Saudi Arabia) can’t survive without support of violence and barbarism. They yet again proved that they are completely cut off from their Prophet’s message of love and compassion that’s Real Islam, the real “religion of peace”. But this is the tragedy of all South Asian Muslims; what was forced upon their Hindu ancestors at conversion was an utterly distorted and violent interpretation of Prophet’s teaching. They must study writings of some rational Islamic scholars such as this one, to come closer to the truth.

India’s fake human rights activists and Muslim appeasement politicians are also like mercenaries; they only act if there is award or reward. They would certainly not risk their lives or Muslim votes, by supporting an almost taboo topic like reforming Islam!!

Indian Muslims or Hostile Aliens?

India, world’s largest democracy, can be highly vulnerable to Islamic terrorism simply because of the huge Muslim population of over 200 million. Sure, not all Muslims become jihadi terrorist despite fascination towards “Islamic State” but just few thousand suicidal/murderous killers can create a huge law and order problem across the country. Connected with Pakistani and global jihadi network and with tacit support of the so-called Muslim appeasement ‘secular’ politicians, they can simply plunge India into a civil war like situation, in the name of holy jihad.

Two Pakistani and One Indian Muslim. What bonds them is the morbid Hindu phobia resulting from the violent Deobandi cult of Islam which is nothing but a clone of Wahhabism.

Yes, it is true. India’s Maulana class that still controls the lives of a significant fraction of over 200 million Indian Muslims, lives like cocky hostile aliens, too superior to mix with country’s 85% non-Muslim population. Where does this almost neurotic superiority complex come from? They hallucinate to be superior for two reasons: One, their global connections with the petro-dollar rich gulf countries. And Two, because their Muslim ancestors ruled Hindus through atrocities and barbarism. They grow up seeing mass killers and barbaric Islamic invaders of the past as their Heroes! They are taught to conveniently forget the extremely humiliating origin of their Islamic identity, during the centuries of Islamic dark age in India. The truth is that their Muslim identity comes from the past Hindu ancestors upon whom Islam was forced by the savage Muslim invaders/rulers; their only choice was “convert” or “die” — or pay a special “Jajiya” (Tax) to stay alive as Hindus. Another equally important root of their Islamic identity is the unfortunate Hindu women/girls who were kidnapped and forced into sex-slavery, into a life of daily rape and gang-rape for rest of their life. For thoughtful people, there is nothing to feel proud in such pitiable origin but Indian Muslim’s Deobandi cult of Islam not only brainwashes them to act cocky about their Muslim identity but it also demands (as religious duty) that they hate Hindus around them. So here we have about 15% Indians who not only hate 85% of their country-men but also cherish dreams of their total annihilation, as their Islamic duty!! This is the magic of the violent Deobandi cult imposed upon them as ‘Religion’.

Scientist Abdul Kalam can’t be a Hero of Deobandi mullahs. Their role models come from the ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Toiba or mass killers from the past Islamic dark age in India.

Their self-induced alienation is so complete that they hate the ancient spiritual culture of the land on which they live. This highly humane culture rests on the ancient spiritual science of universal ‘Dharma’ that transcends all man-made ‘faiths’ or ‘beliefs’. But these ‘forced converts’ are too brainwashed to consciously stay away from their wonderful art of peaceful living practiced by their own ancestors.

Even any sub-IQ person knows that in India people of so many faiths and beliefs live and have lived peacefully since ages, respecting each others faith. But what do Muslims do? They cockily declare their rejectionist ideology through loudspeakers daily that there is no god except what they call Allah. It is astonishing that every week they curse Hindus to hell, in what they call ‘prayer’! After mocking Hindus as idol worshipper, they go to Arab land to worship a Black Stone and for Stone throwing ritual! The Islamic ritual of Hajj is stone worship, the most primitive form of idolatry (idol worship) that they passionately criticize. All such absurdities are imposed on the followers (prisoners) of the Deobandi cult.

Who wrote the Quran: Allah, Muhammad or Mullahs?

Not Allah, not Mohammad; but Mullahs (Arab tribals) wrote Islamic literature according to their war-mongering mindset and limited understanding of morality and ethics that the Prophet tried teaching them.

“When you meet the un-believers, strike their necks.” (47:4)

When your Lord revealed to the Angels, “truly I am with you. So keep firm those who have believed. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.” (8:12)

These two verses practically sum up the Islam taught to Indian Muslims. The so-called “Islamic scholars” and Maulanas build upon them to inject into the followers the desired amount of prejudice and hate against Hindus, from the mosques and madarsas. If their Quran declares non-Muslims KAFIR and urge their murder as a religious duty for Muslims, it is the worst form of racial apartheid world has ever seen.

Enclosing Muslim Females life long in coffin cloth is barbarism, not religion. How about sterilizing Muslim male or destroying their lustful eye sight, in the name of Islam?

Quran was not written by the fictional Allah; it was also not written by Mohammad because he was illiterate. No one ever saw Allah giving instructions to Mohammad through another imaginary entity, Gibreel. Quran was written after Mohammad’s death during the rule of the first three Khalifas. First 2-3 versions were destroyed when flaws were discovered. Islamic experts like Tarek Fateh always complain about lack of chronology in Quran. But the writers’ focus was not on morals and ethical living taught by Mohammad; they merely wanted to impose some rules so that they can rule the community as per their whims and fancy. Even a cursory glance of this medieval literature tells that it is all about dictating terms on people and political opponents through violence and war. If Mohammad used imaginary Allah to force his thinking on people, maulanas kept that tradition alive for 1400 years. In fact, they can impose any absurdity on Muslims in the name of Islam, Quran, Mohammad or Allah. Only they can make Muslims believe that killing innocent people ensures place in imaginary Jannat where 72 Hoors would serve them eternally in bed, along with endless supply of wine! Thus, rogue maulanas brain-wash innocent Muslims into suicidal killers — and they die believing in this utter nonsense ! Terrorism in Kashmir is a good example of this absurd waste of human life. It is unfortunate that Muslims have no freedom to think with their own brains in the matters related to Islamic Texts.

Imagine how would Mullahs react if a rule is imposed upon them — Spend your entire adult life inside coffin box! And, if you look at any female with LUST, your eyes balls will be plucked!!

The nonsense of 72 Virgins in Jannat — Muslims die for it !!

Here is a video highlighting some more violence promoting verses.

For exhaustive reading explore: The Religion of Peace

If Muslims are allowed to think freely, they will quit Islam! Those who have come out describe their feeling as that of coming out invisible prison! A notable example is the intellectual Iranian ex-Muslim Ali Sina. Through his books and writings he continues to expose hollowness of what Muslims are “forced to believe“, in the name Islam by the Maulanas. His work is eye openers for Muslims and a warning to the entire humanity.

When Mahatma Gandhi Refused to Criticize Mopla Massacre of Hindus!

It is the most appalling example of Muslim appeasement, but it also points to Gandhi’s pragmatic understanding of Islamic mindset.

All, except Gandhi and Muslim clerics, condemned the jihadi barbarism on Malabar Hindus

During the colonial era, after the end of WW1, when Indian nationalists were fighting for country’s freedom from British occupation, Indian Muslims suddenly became more concerned about the well being of a distant Turkish Ottoman Caliphate that got defeated by the allied forces. The Ali brothers launched a ‘Khilafat Movement’ in 1920 to express solidarity with the defeated Turkish caliphate — and the “saint of non-violence” Mahatma Gandhi supported this entirely irrelevant Islamic movement, hoping to get Muslim support for India’s own freedom struggle. Of course, Muslims never came forward to join Congress Party’s nationalistic freedom struggle. For them, it was a Kafir Hindu party.

However, the Khilafat movement led to a highly undesirable side effect — it aroused the murderous jihadi emotions among Muslims around the country against the Kafirs (the British and Hindus both). Although they targeted some British soldiers, but in many areas gangs of Muslims attacked Hindus (Kafir). The most gruesome genocide of Hindus was carried out in the Malabar region of Kerala by Mopla Muslims. As expected, all prominent Maulanas justified the gruesome massacre as religious duty of Muslims!! However, it was criticized loudly by practically every non-Muslim leader.

But there was a prominent exception, the ‘Icon of Non-Violence’ Mahatma Gandhi stubbornly refuged to say a word against the barbarism of Mopla Muslims. Why? He explained, ” Why criticize them; they are only doing what their Book wants them to do“. Needless to say, a lot of people went away from Gandhi. But he was right, brutally right about medieval Islamic literature and its impact on the followers!

Then more absurdity happened. Gandhi sat on hunger strike for 21 days in the house of a Maulana, Mohammad Ali, (organizer of the Khilafat movement) for communal harmony and publicly claimed that this Satyagraha in Ali’s home was his best experience. And what was Ali’s response? He publicly asserted that even the lowest class of Muslim is far superior to Hindu Kafir Gandhi!! What else can come from a medieval mind, trained only to hate humanity.

Even now Muslims feel proud of this utterly uncivilized and medieval mindset, made concrete by a Books authored by Medieval Arab tribals centuries ago.

But again, borrowing Gandhi’s insight into Islam, why blame Ali, he only said what his Book taught him!!

Here is a recent “Jihadi masterpiece” when they burned 60 Hindus alive in Godhra in a train compartment. This “holy jihad” was directed by “holy Mullahs” from a nearby mosque; therefore, the so-called liberals and seculars remained silent, following Gandhi’s advise: why blame these “holy warriors of Islam”; they only performed their “religious duty” as prescribed by their Book!

Why are Muslims getting fed up with Islam

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1971 Bangladesh Genocide: When “Rape” Became A Weapon

Now the “Superior Punjabis” can’t tolerate “inferior Sindhis, Balochs, Pashtuns, and Kashmiris”. It points to complete disintegration of Pakistan very soon!! It might happen under the leadership of another Niazi!!!!!

By all means, the 1971 genocide of Bengalis by Pakistan was a naked display of Islamic racial intolerance. East Bengali Muslims — who pioneered formation of separatist Muslim League in the colonial era, supported every effort to create a separate Islamic State (Pakistan) and willingly came forward to join it in 1947 despite Jinnah gang’s racial hatred against Bengalis — became the ultimate victim of the rogue jihadi State. Birth of Bangladesh decisively proved that the fanciful talk of Muslim Umma (Muslim Brotherhood or unity) is just a hoax — substanceless wishful thinking. It also proved that “Pakistan” was primarily created due to neurotic Hindu-Hatred nurtured by Indian Muslims; not in slightest way for their Love of Islam.

16 December 1971 is the day when Indian military forced 93000 Pak army-men to surrender, never seen anywhere on the planet post WW2. The well planned Islamic genocide of Bengalis began on 26 March 1971, in the name of Operation Search Light. Why? Because West Pakistani leadership did not accept a Bengali to become Pak Prime Minister. Such was the morbid hatred it harbored against 54% people (Bengalis)! It was start of a nine month long campaign of mass murders and organized rapes by Pakistan’s rogue army, assisted by a rogue Jihadi outfit Jamaat-e-Islami.  This uncivilized criminal mullah gang actively acted as spies for Pak army and kidnapped Bengali women and supplied them to army barracks for “rape-pleasure”. If one wants  to describe the barbaric events of 1971 in the minimum words, it could be Betrayal of East Pakistan or Murder of Democracy. More realistically, it would be a combination of the two: The Betrayal of East Pakistan and Murder of Democracy!

If you ask: WHY it happened? The answer is clearly “Islamic racial intolerance”, exposing the sham talk of Muslim Ummah which is limited to “Muslims ganging up” as mafia against some real/imagined non-Muslim foe. They hardly get together to help each other or to eliminate human suffering among Muslims. If you ask HOW it happened? This is the true mindset of Deobandi Muslims that creates terror groups like Lashkar-e-Islam, Jaish-e-Mohammad (or PFI in India).

“Criminal” Exposed his Own Crimes!

The Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, the top brass of the Pakistani Eastern Command who surrendered, along with 93000 troops, before the joint command of Indian forces and Mukti Bahini on 16 December 1971, wrote in his book, The Betrayal of East Pakistan,

“On the night of March 25-26, 1971, General Tikka Khan (of the Pakistani Eastern Command) turned the peaceful night into a time of wailing, crying and burning…. The military action was a display of stark cruelty, more merciless than the massacres at Bukhara and Baghdad by Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, or at Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Dyer.”

The same Tikka Khan was soon sent to Balochistan where he repeated the same Islamic atrocities on the Baloch people. None involved in the war crime was punished despite an inquiry commission submitting its report identifying the prime suspects.

A rare honest narrative of 1971 genocide from mature Pakistanis

The Genocide the US Ignored, But Bangladesh can’t Forget

Americans became accomplice in the Bangladesh genocide by choosing to look the other way. They even encouraged China to open another war-front across its Indian border, but China played wiser.

If Pakistan committed the biggest war crimes in the modern history, post WW2, the US became an accomplice in the crime by ‘looking the other way’ ! The self appointed global cop gave its cold war ally full freedom to murder and rape of its own citizens. Of course, the hypocrite Americans never stop lecturing the world on virtues of democracy and human rights!

“Here in Decca we are mute and horrified witnesses to a reign of terror by the Pak Military….”. 

– Archer Blood, American Diplomat, March 27, 1971

Starting with this cable, a series of messages were sent to the US president to keep him aware of the horrible things going on in East Pakistan. The army was under clear instructions “teach the Bengalis a lesson” for daring to seek equality with the West Pakistanis, right from the top brass, Pak dictator Yahya Khan. Elite Generals even resolved to change the DNA of the East Pakistanis — and they did it, through mass rapes that went on for months. Rape became a weapon!! Every top rank officer sent from the West Pakistan would first inquire “where are the women kept”!

Unlike the Jew holocaust, Rwandan genocide or mass killings that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia, the genocide of Bengalis is still a non-event after 50 years — despite the scale of death toll which was estimated between half to three million and rapes between 200,000 and 400,000. Despite full knowledge and timely information, the US president chose to ignore the satanic deeds of its cold war Islamic ally — that ‘experts’ say, was a ‘normal’ part of global diplomacy. Pakistan brilliantly ‘blocked out’ the entire episode from the history books and claimed ‘victory’ despite shameful surrender of 93000 of its troops.

“Murder of Democracy”

We should treat the Bengali pigs in the same way as Hitler treated the Jews.” — Zulfikar Ali Bhutto proudly advised Dictator Yahya Khan

Pakistan’s National Heroes! Pakistanis love mass murderers and rapists — right from Qasim, Gazni, Khilji, Babar, Aurangzeb, Abdali to these criminals of the 20th century!!

In the general elections held on December 7, 1970, the East Pakistan based Awami League of Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman won 160 seats (of the total 162 seats in East Pakistan). Mujib fielded some candidates in the Western side but none could win. Bhutto’s People Party contested all 138 seats in the West Pakistan and won 81 seats. It did not field any candidate in the East Pakistan. The results made the Awami League the largest party but without any seat from West Pakistan. The PPP emerged as the second largest party, far behind the Awami League, with no seat from East Pakistan.

The electoral verdict put army dictator Yahya Khan in a quandary, because all pre poll assessment of ‘experts’ had forecasted a hung parliament. The clear verdict in favor of ‘inferior Bengalis’ was too bitter to swallow. Yahya Khan’s predicament was understandable. Right since 1947, every effort was made to keep East Pakistan in the role of a subordinate colony. Accepting the election result would mean handing over political power to East Pakistan, for which none in the West Pakistan’s elite ‘club of rulers’ was ready. Thus, Khan chose to suppress the Bengali aspirations. He decided to punish them for “raising their voices” against “superior Punjabi” rulers of Pakistan.

Sheikh Mujib was left with no option but to call for independence of Bengali East Pakistan. Civil war followed, with Pak army killing and raping at will. Rape was consciously employed as a weapon to change the DNA of Bengalis!

A Rare case of ‘Majority Community’ Seeking Freedom!

With 55% population, Bangladesh should have claimed the name “PAKISTAN” and demanded a trillion dollar compensation.

A French journalist, Paul Dreyfus, succinctly described West Pakistan’s exploitative behavior : “Over the years, West Pakistan behaved like a poorly raised, egotistical guest, devouring the best dishes and leaving nothing but scraps and leftovers for East Pakistan.”

The 1971 Bangladesh war has a very peculiar dimension. It’s a case of the ‘majority community’ (East Pakistani Bengalis formed 55 % of Pakistan population) fighting for freedom from the tyranny of minority Punjabi rule!

Right since 1947, East Pakistan was treated like a colony by political elites sitting in the West Pakistan. Its resources were liberally used to enrich the West Pakistan — almost in the same way as the British robbed India to enrich Britain.

Visionless Jinnah imposed ‘Urdu’, a language of UP and Bihar Muslims, on Pakistan. Hardly 10 percent people actually spoke or understood Urdu. Jinnah himself couldn’t speak it! But he foolishly imposed this ‘elitist language’ on the new Islamic State. If he had any sense of fairness and pragmatism, he would have adopted Bengali (spoken by 55 population) as  the national language of Pakistan. But rationality and reason remain replaced by hysteria and fanaticism in Pakistan. In reality, it’s  a Punjabi occupied artificial state.

Today Bangladesh beats Pakistan in Every Dimension!

Bangladesh of Inferior” Bengalis is today miles ahead of Pakistan of “Superior” Punjabis, in every aspect of development! Badly infected by Jihadi virus, the “Superior” Punjabis are taking their country towards sure destruction!

Freed of Pak colonial exploitation, Bengalis have been progressing at a much faster pace, and without burden to nurture India-hate it is making full use of the vast Indian market and business houses. Being wiser, the Bengali nation has so far steered clear of falling for jihadi terrorism that impacts most of the Islamic nations. Good that Bangladesh derives strength from its unique and highly advanced Bengali culture that produced the greats like Rabindranath Tagore, Vivekanand, Subhash Bose.

Will Pakistan Ever Apologize for 1971 Genocide?

Pakistan will never apologize because it is Pakistan! Pakistan will never apologize because Pakistani Islam disconnects it from humanity!! Blasphemy is the new religion of Terroristan; calling Pakistan Islamic is betraying reality.

Only the most naïve would think that Pakistan would ever express any remorse for its satanic behavior and murder of democracy. In the Pakistani art of Deobandi Islamic warfare, regret or apology has no relevance; every dissent must be crushed. They see the nine month long genocide of 3 million civilians and rape of over 300,000 women as a brilliant “Islamic feat” under the Jihadi doctrine of Pakistan army. The Chief villain, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, justified the loss of East Pakistan as a ‘tactical victory’ because by letting go of East Pakistan it “Saved the valuable West Pakistan” that’s real Pakistan !! For many Pakistani mullahs, it was also a great Islamic victory because not only the brave JIHADI Pak army-men killed so many civilians and raped so many women, but also because they then ‘surrendered’ to stay alive! Then, as POWs they even demanded to see Bollywood super-hit movie Pakiza, rather then showing any regret or remorse for their sub-human deeds. Even today, there are delusional mullahs in Pakistan who want Bangladesh to apologize for braking away!! What a sick madarsa mindset. Deobandi maulanas can preach any absurdity in the name of Islam. It’s a disgraceful reality.

Did Indian Muslims protest against the Genocide?

Protest? No. Their reaction was typically Islamic!

The Deobandi/Barelvi Mullah-Mafia grunted: Why is Kafir India (Dar-ul-Harb) interfering in the “purely Islamic affairs” of Pakistan? How else descendants of Gazni, Khilji, Lodi, Tipu and Babar react – they see divinity in rape and genocide. These distorted brain medieval mullahs could not prevent entry of over one crore East Pakistani refugees inside Kafir-India, nor could they stop Hindu India provide food and security to the ill-fated souls from East Pakistan running away from Sharia horrors of Pak army.

Muslims often display the tradition of going to other theatres of armed conflict to fight along their Muslim brothers. Many Indian Muslims often go to Pakistani gatherings to openly vent out their Deobandi hatred against Hindus. Many have gone to Afghanistan and joined Taliban or Al Qaeda. Several others even made it to Syria/Iraq and joined the ISIS. An Indian Muslim, Abu Jundal, even participated in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, as a Mujahideen (Islamic holy warrior)! Did any Indian Muslims went to East Pakistan to join the Mukti Bahini and fight against Pak army? None. Why? because their Wahhabi/Deobandi cult eats away their human conscious.

Normal humans can hardly understand such antipathy or apathy; nor can they live with criminal guilt for the entire life. No wonder, so many Muslims are dumping the barbaric cult and re-adopting the ancient spiritual wisdom of their Hindu ancestors. Here is another recent convert.

How India Treated POWs

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26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack: Role of “Jinnah Muslims”

The conspirators of 26/11 Mumbai attack lived on both sides of the LoC, although it was planned and executed from the Pak soil by the ISI and terror gangs. It was planned in the most contrived manner, so that after all the 10 terrorists get killed it would appear to have been carried by Hindus because sacred Temple thread would be found on the body of each jihadi. For last several years, Congress leaders were trying to cook up the fake narrative of “Hindu Terror” as part of their Muslim appeasement politics. This terror attack was the most sinister attempt to malign and demonize Hindus. But unfortunately, for the conspirators, one terrorist (Azmal Kasab) was captured alive by the brave cop Tukaram Omble, despite being pumped in with bullets (and he died ultimately). It exposed the entire conspiracy against Hindus. Further exposures came from David Headley’s arrest by Americans and deportation of an Indian Muslim Zabiuddin Ansari by Saudi Arabia to India. Congress politician, Digvijay Singh, came out openly so lend support to Hindu-terror theory. This pathetic Congressi appeared to ‘know’ practically everything about the entire terror conspiracy. A section of Indian Muslims was to play another vital role: that of downplaying Pak role and falsely blaming Hindus for the attack. So a fake book was produced that explicitly blamed the RSS. They were joined by Digvijay and other ‘neurotic seculars’.

Ever since the ultra corrupt Italian fascist lady, Antania Maino, was planted as owner of the Congress Party, it has steadily become a platform for open anti-Hindu propaganda by Jihadis and Missionaries (of course, supported by their global paymasters). Now it is clear why the ‘Super PM’, behind dummy Manmohan Singh, did not allow Indian army to retaliate. That would have torpedoed the fake Hindu-terror theory. No one ever talked about investigating the extent of involvement of Indian mullahs and their ‘secular’ buddies who published a fake book to fool the public and malign Hindus. Why? Because it would have badly hurt the cause of Muslims appeasement politics.

Taj Hotel was built by Jamshetji Tata in 1903 with the best European style facilities. It served as a 600 bed hospital during WW-1.

For 59 hours, 10 jihadi terrorists sent by Pakistan created terror and disruption in the financial capital of India in November 2008. They were all thoroughly brainwashed to die killing maximum people, well trained and well informed about the targets and were in constant touch with their Pakistani handlers. By the time one terrorist was captured and the rest were killed by security forces, they had managed to murder 166 innocent civilians of 11 nationalities, including Americans. An important part of their mission was to kill Jews — yes, kill handful Jews living in Mumbai! Jew hatred is deep rooted in Muslims across the world!! The voice on their radio constantly reminded: “… When you kill 1 JEW, it is worth killing more than 50 people.” Yet, a little Jew boy was saved by his nanny in a miraculous way. ‘Baby Moshe’ became a symbol of deepening Indo-Israel friendship.

‘Baby Moshe’ survived the cowardly attack

The conspirators made special efforts to kill the Jews. The Jihadi killers knew the exact location of the barely known Chabad house (formerly known as Nariman House), a six storied building serving as a Jewish outreach center. They held it hostage for three days and killed 7 Jew occupants including the owner couple. Only their two year old son and his nanny, Sandra Samuel, survived. Sandra was later given honorary citizenship of Israel. [Recalling the attack on Chabad House]

By all means 26/11 was a brilliant victory of Islam in the minds of Pakistanis whose single point goal of life is to hurt India, Hindu India. It was nothing short of a glorious divine achievement — to have disrupted life and slaughtered civilians in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Since jihadis are fully disposable and disown-able, the rogue nation never accepted its involvement. And of course, Deobandi Maulanas like Mahmood Madani willingly ‘played their part of the Act’ by trying to malign Hindus through a fictional book. This crooked mullah was recently seen on a TV channel, claiming that he wants to unite Indian society! Distortions inside distortions and lies and lies inside lies is the prime defining feature of these “Jinnah Muslims” who live in India like ‘hostile privileged aliens‘ ever busy cooking up conspiracies against Hindus and their ancient land.

Role of Dawood Ibrahim underworld gangsters and their supporters is fairly clear in the 26/11 Jihad. How else would Pak terrorists move so smoothly in Mumbai (even got Taxi so promptly at odd hours in areas where people have to wait). It is a common knowledge that Sharad Pawar’s NCP and Congress Party leaders had and still have connections with these ultra privileged Muslim criminals, through their appeasement politics. Dawood gang has deeply penetrated the Bollywood. Example, film Haseena Parkar was produced to generate sympathy for members of Dawood family. Another example is the movie made after 9/11 in New York (My Name Is Khan) when Muslims were seen as potential terrorists all over the world. “…I am a Muslim but I am not a terrorist.” This too only aimed at generating sympathy for Muslims (victimized by the world). This victimhood narrative all mullahs can offer as counter terror measure. If Bollywood mullahs are really sincere they should depict how normal Muslims are converted into low cost disposable suicidal killers in madarsas of terror camps. More importantly, they must tell how a non-Muslim can distinguish a ‘normal’ Muslim from a ready to die fanatic jihadi. But they can’t even think of such rational and logical venture because mullah-mafia would hunt them down and kill for blasphemy.

Why Muslim Terrorists specially target ‘Jews’

Islamic terrorists firmly believe that their ‘religion’ can only be practiced through HATE and VIOLENCE, directed at non-Muslims. And, they look for justification in the literature written by Arab tribals 1200-1400 years ago. So, why hate the Jew? They grow up learning in their madarsas that once Mohammad waged a war against the Jews such that “not a single Jew was left alive“! In their quest to emulate Mohammad, the Ideal Man, their Role Model, they too kill Jews, 14 centuries later!! In 2015, terror attacks in Paris also, the jihadi killers specially targeted the Jews. No rational human can ever understand this barbarism, the pathetic hate mania, glorified and propagated by the Wahhabi/Deobandi clerics.

Key Witnesses

‘Jinnah Muslim’ Ansari was arrested in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom decided to hand him over to India than Pakistan. Neurotic Hindu phobia is the defining characteristic of ‘Jinnah Muslims’. That makes them natural allies of Pakistan and threat for India.

Jinnah Muslims

Foreigners are often surprised to see such a huge population of Muslims in India, specially because Pakistan was created for them in 1947.

Jinnah Muslims are descendants of Indian Muslims who pioneered creation of Pakistan in the British era but did not migrate to their dream Sharia Heaven when it was created in 1947. Since partition history was written by Congress leaders, helped by leftist/Islamist writers, the truth behind presence of so many Muslims has remained concealed from the public. They downplayed the fact that in 1946 general election, almost 95% eligible Muslim voters voted for creation of a separate Muslim country, Pakistan. Thus, the Radcliffe partition line was drawn by the colonial rulers. After traitor Jinnah gave the slogan “… it will be a destroyed India or divided India.“, the loudest voices for ‘Pakistan‘ came from today’s UP, Bihar, Tamilnadu, Mumbai and other areas all currently in India. Jinnah himself, contested from a reserved Muslim seat, now in central Mumbai. At that time voting rights were with affluent people only. So, everyone expected that practically all Muslim elites would migrate to Pakistan. But what really happened surprised everyone, including Sardar Patel who mentioned it publically with dismay and disbelief.

A very tiny fraction of Muslims willingly packed up and migrated to their dream Sharia Paradise and, in few local pockets, Hindus forced them to leave. In the end, despite hysteric display of Islamic fanaticism all these years, the overwhelming majority of mullahs stayed in India. Their conduct completely betrayed their Jihadi war cries for Pakistan. It was double betrayal: first they betrayed their motherland India by dividing it in the name of Islam and then they betrayed their own Islamic cause by not migrating to Pakistan.

As a result, India remained saddled with most of the destructive and traitor minded mullahs. In fact, they were the REAL Pakistanis. They clearly hated Hindus more than they loved Islam. Much of the blame must also go to Gandhi and Nehru who constantly begged/requested them to stay in India! This pathological ‘appeasement’ stance from Congress turned these traitor Jihadis into Nationalists; they joined Congress to retain their elite socio-political status, presenting several silly arguments for not migrating to Pakistan. Ultimately, they settled for a standard lie: We had a choice in 1947, but we chose to stay in India! One has to be a buffoon or brain damaged to believe it. These Jinnah Muslims are a perennial threat to national integrity. Deobandi cult of Islam, makes them permanently Hindu-phobic — and they almost neurotically look for ways to disgrace, malign, convert or even kill Hindus under various pretexts. Hate, is perhaps the only way they are taught to practice what they call “Islam.”

We were just 7 crore when we broke India in 1947. Today we are 20 crore!” — Motto of Jinnah Muslims

Here is one such weirdo from Hyderabad, who can’t stop dreaming genocide of 100 crore (1000 million) Hindus in 15 minutes, if police were withdrawn! The Pakistani lunatics of 26/11 must have made his task somewhat easier by eliminating at least 166 people! It is understandable that he desires to slaughter Hindus because his Book openly declares Hindus as Kafir, and hence Hindus are Wajibul Qatl (Muslims can kill them). But how he would achieve his satanic dream. How would he slaughter 6-7 crore Hindus per minute! Even Stalin, Hitler or Mao were nowhere close to such efficiency and they never dreamed so big! Ottoman Islamists were also too slow in eliminating 1.5 million Christian Armenians during the first world war! They took several years to achieve their sub-human goal. Sure, this devil in human shape must have developed some new slaughter technology, not yet known to the world!! Only the Deobandi/Wahhabi cult can degrade humans to such satanic levels. Most recently, in the Shaheen Bagh Islamic venture in Delhi, they proudly displayed their Islamic hatred of Hindus and announced how they have started filling their kids with Hindu-hate right from tender age! 6-7 year old kids were tutored to throw death sentence, particularly to PM Modi and Amit Shah.

So, what is their mission? They dream and romanticize but don’t admit openly. It’s Gazwa-e-Hind: convert/slaughter all Hindus. All their Islamic hate speeches and threat mongering is aimed to achieve this sick delusional goal one day. They harbor a dream that some day a fierce Islamic army (most likely from Pakistan) would run down India and they would join the Jihad to wipe out Hindus from India.

Devious Attempt to Implicate Hindus — and Exonerate Pakistan!

While the entire nation was in anguish and mourning, Congress leaders and a section of Deobandi mullahs were busy creating the fake narrative of saffron terror. A Muslim presstitute, Aziz Barney, wrote a fake book, to malign Hindus (RSS in particular) and Indian army and to exonerate Pakistan. He apologized after the RSS filed a defamation suit. His apology was clearly as fake and insincere as the book he wrote, so it was rejected outright by the RSS. But rather than asking him to migrate to Pakistan or filing a treason case, Congress Party wanted to send him to Rajya Sabha for the ‘valuable services offered’! Totally shameful and disgusting.

Watch Mahesh (Mohammad) Bhatt and Digvijay Singh peddling lies alongside ‘Jinnah Muslims’ to exonerate
Pakistan, ISI and Let. The question is: WHY? An SIT must be set up by NIA to investigate each of these terror supporters and fix the extent of their role in the sinister conspiracy against Hindus.

Perhaps the most sinister attempt to gain mileage from the 26/11 tragedy was by the self declared ‘secular’ gang of the Family owned Congress Party — that specializes in maligning and demonizing Hindus and their organizations in the name of ‘secularism.’ In the cheapest form of Muslim appeasement gimmick, they tried blaming Hindus for the tragedy. As usual it was spearheaded by ‘neurotically secular’ Digvijay Singh who considers all Islamic terror lords as ‘holy saints’! They were plain liars and their lie was exposed by none other than former Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In May 2018, he gave an interview to Dawn, admitting that the 26/11 was the handiwork of Pakistan. But apart from offending 100 crore Hindus, the Jinnah Muslim’s and Digvijay’s dirty trick raised the obvious doubts: Why were they so eager to exonerate Pakistan, ISI and LeT? Were they all part of the conspiracy from the very beginning? Why blame Hindus for the sordid tragedy: because they are tolerant and don’t retaliate?

The shameless display of treachery only goes to highlight how deeply Jinnah Muslims have penetrated into the Congress Party and completely destroyed its nationalistic tradition — no wonder, Congress Prince, Rahul Gandhi (or Khan) declared his party as “Muslim Party” in 2019. It should be a wake up call for 100 crore Indians who have lived maligned and abused for centuries. It is a bad sign for national security if the oldest political party is today run by puppets of Pakistan and China.

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“Extortion Racket” of Maharashtra Government! Target: 100 Cr per Month!! What a Shame.

For the first time in India’s history, a State Government is caught running an elaborate “extortion racket” like underworld criminals!! This most shameful feat was performed by the Maharashtra government. The godfathers of this extraordinary insanity are obviously Sharad Pawar, Antania Maino and their puppet Uddhav Thakre; rest are all small sacrificial pawns. They brilliantly transformed Mumbai Police that used to be famous as ‘Scotland Yard’ into petty extortionist gang. The extortion target was 100 crore rupees per month! Both Bollywood script writers and ‘professional crooks’ can learn a lot from this ultra-corrupt political mafia. Jointly, Sharad Pawar and Antania Maino (who fools people with an adopted name of “Sonia Gandhi”) can beat any crook in the art of loot and plunder. They had shown it during 10 years of ultra-corrupt UPA and repeated the shameful saga now, as soon as they grabbed power in Maharashtra.

Parambir and Vaze: Chief Executioners of the racket, serving their political masters

100 crore was the “extortion target” from Mumbai city and the task was given to Mumbai Police by the Home Minister of Maharashtra!! This is the claim of former Mumbai police commissioner, Parambir Singh, who is now under investigation. After the Home Minister Anil Deshmukh decided to dump him to save his own skin, Parambir Singh decided to hit back at his political masters who forced him into doing dirty things for them. Singh did not stop at just sending a letter to the CM, he even went to the Supreme Court demanding thorough probe in the entire extortion scam. He was already facing the heat after the “Chief Executioner” of the racket, Sachin Vaze, was arrested by the NIA in the Antilia bomb scare case and is being questioned to find out if he killed Mansukh Hiren. The manner in which a suspended SI Sachin Vaze, so-called encounter specialist, was re-inducted in Mumbai police, clearly under instructions from CM Uddhav Thakre, was highly dubious and pointed to some nefarious agenda at the top.

Ever since the MVA govt was formed in Maharashtra, Mumbai police has been regularly under cloud for “less than professional” handling of several high profile cases starting with deaths of Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput, targeting and arresting Republic TV and its Editor in chief, Arnab Goswami, harassment of other Republic TV journalists, open favoritism to Lutyen’s media house INDIA TODAY despite documental evidence of its involvement in the TRP scam, targeting actress Kangana Ranaut because she spoke for Sushant and Disha and the BMC demolishing her office without proper procedures, and so on. The lack of enthusiasm to investigate killing of Hindu Sanyansis in Palghar by the government might be easily attributed to jihadi influence of NCP mullahs led by Nawab Malik, but the Uddhav Thakre government appeared to be working unanimously on the “Extortionist” agenda. However, no one could imagine that the government would run its “extortion racket” using Mumbai Police!!

A Government without Mandate!

These principle-less crooks formed government only to cheat people, harass journalists and extort money. Their Common Minimum Program had just One Agenda: EXTORTION !

Top crooks of the Maha Racket. Bunch of Shameless plunderers

The manner in which the prime losers of Assembly election, Congress and NCP, joined hands with opportunist Uddhav Thakre to form government was a clear betrayal of public mandate. Uddhav fought the election in coalition with the BJP that emerged as the largest party. But then to satisfy his power hunger, he ditched the long trusted ideological partner — he even dumped the Hindutva legacy of his father and joined hands with ultra-corrupt Vadra Congress and “Jihadi infected” NCP.

The result came as complete betrayal of people of Maharashtra. The jihadi influence on NCP and Congress resulted in Palghar killing of Hindu sages while Hindutva lord Uddhav chose to play spineless. His hand picked notorious Sachina Vaze became as powerful as the top State cop, despite being just a sub inspector and started handling all high profile cases in his own ‘unique way’ where murder (to be portrayed as ‘suicide’) was a standard weapon.

It’s amazing to note that Asia’s most corrupt politician, Antanai Maino, leaves her influence whenever her “Family party” grabs power. Getting involved in ‘extortion racket’ must be another unique achievement of her ultra-corrupt political career.

Extra Constitutional Authority

Why was Police Commissioner reporting to Sharad Pawar?

In the 10 years of dark UPA rule, the Italian fascist lady was the CEO of India, advised by a specially created group of puppets called National Advisory Council that was above the PM and PMO. The spineless PM Manmohan was just a front cover. Antania Maino and her half mature son read all government files (without legal authority) and decided things for the PM and his cabinet. As a result, India was actually run for the benefit of the ISI and jihadi groups, foreign lobbies, anti-Hindu and anti-India organizations. That reduced all constitutional entities including the army to non-entities. As a result, the 2008 Mumbai terror attack took place “comfortably” aided by India’s mullah mafia who “hosted” Pak terrorists and ensured their free movement. Congress party’s jihadi lobby and ISI agents provided political support and the jihadi mullah acting as foreign minister made only silly cosmetic noises to fool Indian public.

In Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar is playing the role of mafia “godfather”, even without any formal position in the government. The top cop used to brief him. About what??

Think about it: What business a Police Commissioner might possible have with a politician.

Now the real Questions: Who set the target of 100 crore per month? Was it to be distributed among politicians of all three parties? How much share for Pawar, Uddhav and Antania Maino?

Why Target Top Industrialist?

Jaish-ul-Hind claimed responsibility for planting explosives near Antilia. The mobile phone and SIM used for messaging were seized in Delhi’s Tihar Jail from the barrack of Indian Mujahideen Tehseen Akhtar. Are jihadi terror groups connected with conspirators in Mumbai Police and Maha Government? This strongly points fingers towards the jihadi lobbies of NCP and Congress. Did they use Sachin Vaze as part of some plot to create a new fake “Hindu-terror” narrative?

Targeting Reliance Industries’ Muksh Ambani is an extremely unusual move that raises many questions. The bomb material planted at his gate by Sachin Vaze was merely a scare tactic for extortion or there was a wider conspiracy to hurt PM Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative. India’s industrialists always profusely donate to various political parties so it is hard to believe that ‘extortion’ of money was the only motive behind Vaze’s dirty trick. There is clearly an anti-India and Pak connected motive here.

Asia’s most corrupt family; exploiting privileges of Indian passport and citizenship

The conspiracy angle become all the more relevant because Antania Maino’s half grown joker son Rahul Gandhi has been consistently targeting Ambani and Adani for last several years. Then this clown mysteriously disappears to foreign countries quite frequently. His political narrative is systematically becoming more and more anti-India in his efforts to malign Narendra Modi and Hindu organizations. More frequently, his narrative appears to have been set by Pakistan or mullah mafia of his party; at other times he clearly becomes an agent of China.

Therefore, the NIA must find out if this joker, Antania Maino or Vadra family have more plans to harass other Indian industrialists for extorting money.

No state government has ever targeted any top business person so openly for whatever reason.

Why Target REPUBLIC but Cover-up TRP Misdeed of INDIA TODAY?

Why Lutyen’s Media is Silent on TRP Scamsters? Must be afraid of “godfather” INDIA TODAY !

Republic TV was the most vocal and most widely watched news channel across the country, and even abroad. So, did Maharashtra government want to silence the most critical voice so that its ‘extortion racket’ could run smoothly? Mr Parambir Singh lied in the press conference when he openly accused Republic TV, rather than the INDIA TODAY group that was named in the earlier FIR. Was it a pressure tactic to gag free journalism while protecting a ‘friendly’ INDIA TODAY that was actually named in the FIR?

Then things got uglier. Sachin Vaze arrested Arnab Goswami as if he was arresting some dreaded terrorist, openly humiliating him and actually got him imprisoned in Taloja Jail for a week. The entire staff of REPUBLIC was harassed in the name of investigation — without any FIR or valid rationale. Question: Did INDIA TODAY pay money for all these criminal acts against REPULIC?

But the Supreme Court foiled all the filthy efforts of Maha government. But it is amazing, there is no investigation against top honchoes of INDIA TODAY even in Feb 2022. Moreover, Rajdeep Sardesai and his brand of pro-jihadi journalism is also a threat for Indian society.

Another question: why a top Muslim politician of NCP and a close associate of Sharad Pawar forecasted that Arnab would commit suicide. Was there a plan to kill Arnab Goswami if nothing else silenced his voice, and then portray it as “suicide”? Pakistan’s jihadi PM Imran Khan targeting REPUBLIC and Arnab Goswami clearly point to some shady understanding between ISI and the mullah mafia of Congress and NCP.

Yet more questions: Why so many FIRs were filed against Arnab across India by Antania Maino associates? Was Chhattisgarh CM the mastermind of FIR idea? Was Mrs Maino afraid of exposure of her hidden misdeeds? Did this terrorist lover lady or her party-men shown no concern for killings of Hindu Sadhus? If the MVA govt is still not interested in exposing the murderers of Sadhus, the answer is clear. They must be Muslims.

Read: TRP Scam Probe: ED has Evidence Against INDIA TODAY and 4 Other Channels

Murders of Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput

These were declared ‘suicide’ even before investigation! Mumbai police appeared to be deliberately “not carrying out thoughtful and sincere investigation” and allowed destruction of vital evidences. Was it Vaze’s idea to protect the real culprits and hammer out the fake suicide narrative? Then it appeared that the entire police force is trying to hide involvement of Aditya Thakre in elite parties and drugs.

Question: Were these unfortunate actors ‘killed but shown as suicide’ because they could expose some prominent politician or because the attempt of extortion failed?

Criminalization of Mumbai Police

Some one once rightly said: “when the distinction between criminal and police vanishes, society becomes the biggest victim”.

Did Uddhav Thakre want to become CM only to run “extortion racket” and make more money that was not possible at Shiv Sena level? Did he not make fortune from the BMC and other connections?

Did Antania Maino want power in Maha only to extort money, hiding behind idiot Uddhav’s back? She already had enough coming from China and other scams she did during the UPA.

Did Sharad Pawar form government under juvenile Uddav only to earn extortion money? His party is traditionally quite close to Mumbai underworld; that’s the ideal work force for the dirty task.

A wise sage advised: An ideal ruler behaves like a Sanyasi who has no craving for material wealth — and who only thinks about public welfare. That’s why people trust Modi and Yogi !!

Questions to All Three Coalition Partners:

Why you all maligned Mumbai Police by reappointing rogue Sachin Vaze and using the cops for extortion?

Are you so corrupt and conscious-less that you first formed government against people’s mandate and then criminalized the Mumbai Police that was once famous as Scotland yard? Shame on all of you scoundrels of Maharashtra politics?


Sharad Pawar: Please retire, and let honest & trust-worthy Indians come to politics. Your entire principle-less political career is a bad role model. No one can ever serve the people or the country taking you as role model.

Antania Maino: Kindly leave the country along with your useless kids and land-dealer son-in-law. This great country doesn’t need dirty politicians who drop from the sky and know nothing about its culture or people. You have earned enough exploiting Gandhi surname through Indian politics. Now let Vatican or China use your valuable expertise. Even Turkey would be too pleased to host you as “Royal Queen from India”!

Uddhav Thakre: Your life dream of becoming CM is fulfilled. Join Antania Maino & Co; she can teach you a lot about making money without ever working. You have completely disgraced your father and his wonderful legacy. You are a disgrace on Hindus, Chhatrapati Shiva JI, and on your father Balasaheb Thakre. By failing to act against the Jihadi killers of Palghar Sadhus, you have proved that you are just a nother modern day traitor Jaichand. You betrayed everyone who trusted you. You have no more political career left. Think about shifting to Pakistan or Afghanistan where you would be a great puppet in the hands of Jihadi mullahs and terrorists.

Union Law Minister Raises Serious Questions on the Roles of Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thakre

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King “Nero” of Indian Politics

NDTV Frauds

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Why Pakistan’s Quest For “AZADI” Is Hilarious!

Pakistan symbolizes Hindu-phobia; the religion of Pakistan is Hindu-phobia, not Prophet’s Islam. The terror nation should be called a Hindu-phobic Nation, not an “Islamic Nation”. Right since its creation in 1947 to serve Western interests, the puppet nation has been craving for more and more AZADI. Now it appears to be much closer to getting AZADI from its own existence, as its economy comes closer to bankruptcy!

The power hungry “mullah mafia” of colonial India worked hysterically to partition the land of great ancient Vedic civilization in its trademark brutal and genocidal way. Thanks to imperfect partition, big chunk of the mafia still roams on Indian soil, harboring treacherous motif.

Pakistan celebrates August 14 as its Independence Day every year. Why? Because every country celebrates Independence Day on some date, it’s a ritual! Don’t ask them what happened on this date. Pakistanis believe in many things without caring for the facts. Their Deobandi/Barelvi “Purest Islam” forbids them from application of rational mind; it’s haram, strictly forbidden. Just as Pakistanis believe that Ahmediyas are non-Muslim and hence, Allah gives them the right to humiliate or slaughter them, they also believe that they got freedom (AZADI) on August 14, 1947. Just as Pakistanis still claim that they did not know that Osama bin Laden lived on Pak soil under ISI protection, they also hallucinate that Mumbai terror attack was Allah’s will to slaughter Hindu Kafir and none of 11 terrorists killed were Pakistani nationals and that Hafiz Saeed only fulfilled Allah’s wish! Pakistan lost the entire East Pakistan as Bangladesh in 1971 after its 93,000 ‘brave’ army-men surrendered under the command of Lt Gen AAK Niazi, to stay alive, but Pakistanis firmly believe that they won the 1971 war because by surrendering they kept the West Pakistan, the REAL Pakistan, intact; in fact, the leftover Pakistan became purer by purging out all ugly and inferior Bengalis! Even today, Pakistanis ‘believe’ that their military is stronger than India’s and that their economy is stronger than India’s economy!! Surprised? Don’t be.

Pakistani logic is wonderfully medieval because Madarsas still teach students that the Sun revolves around the Earth! Hope you have not missed this Intellectual Masterpiece — that it was India that separated from Pakistan in 1947! Jinnah himself displayed the typical “Pakistani” absurdity. He used Islam to get ‘Pakistan’ but then kept talking about a SECULAR Pakistan! Was he fooling himself? No. That’s how irrational mullah minds work! Here is another of his absurdities. In 1947, 55% Pakistanis spoke Bengali and rest spoke Punjabi, Sindhi, or Pashtun dialects. Yet, he imposed Urdu on the new born nation where it was no one’s native language! If he were a rational thinker, he would have made the Bengali language Pakistan’s national language and subordinated Punjabi, Sindhi etc. This stupidity laid the foundation for AZAD Bangladesh that came up two decades later.

Last year Pakistanis celebrated their Independence Day is a really exotic way, perhaps the Talibani way! In Lahore, around 400 Pakistani Muslim men grabbed a young Muslim woman, tossed her in the air, played with body, did everything short of actual gang rape for over two hours while she cried. … and no one came forward to help her. This must be the Pakistani way to celebrate Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Pak media was, of course, excited with the news and the anchors shed crocodile tears championing “Women’s Rights”. But strangly, they did not call it a RAW conspiracy against Allah’s favorite kingdom!!

There are many more master pieces, but let’s come back to Pakistan’s AZADI comedy.

Pakistan got Azadi on August 1947. Really?

Azadi from whom?

Pakistan never existed on the planet before August 15, 1947. So who enslaved or colonized the non-existent Pakistan? The British never colonized any imaginary Pakistan in their entire colonial history. Mr Jinnah or his Muslim League never fought with the British for AZADI even in dreams; in fact, they were allies! Therefore, how could the British ever give AZADI to non-existent Pakistan they never colonized!! It can’t be anything other than hallucination. Right?

AZADI from Hindus?

That’s again absurd and insane. Hindus never invaded any Muslim society or colonized any non-existent country called Pakistan. They never imposed any Jazia tax on Muslims or terrorized them for being Muslim. They never forced Hinduism or Buddhism or Jainism or even Sikhism on non-existent “Pakistani Muslims” anytime in the history. So the mystery still persists: From whom did Pakistan get AZADI in August 1947?

In reality, in the colonial India the Deobandi/Barelvi cult made some Muslims so terribly Hindu-phobic that they started hallucinating about P A K I S T A N, with hysteric war cries. Then they displayed irrational trait — majority of these “Pakistan dreaming” creatures could not muster courage to pack and shift to their Sharia paradise. Since 1947, many of them naturalized as normal humans in Gandhi’s India that started respecting human life and non-violence, but a lot of them still live in Kafir-India as hostile aliens, harboring satanic intentions of annihilating all 100 crore Hindus! This gang of Indian “mullah mafia” led by Owaisis, Madanis and Tauqeers, in fact, really represent true Pakistanis; not those who hold Pakistani passport. Let’s see how soon they launch the final Jihad to annihilate 100 crore peace-loving Hindus and destroy Indian democracy.

This blood thirsty mullah gang and the sharia souls of the likes of Munnawar Rana and Mahbooba were thumping with joy at the victory of “Real Islam” in Afghanistan in August 2021!

Did Pakistan get AZADI in 1971 !!

First general election of Pakistan in Dec 1970 gave it AZADI from “Inferior” Bengalis!

Don’t be surprised! This is possible under Pakistani logic because Pakistan did exist in 1971 and 54% Pakistanis were Bengalis living in East Pakistan. Bengalis are rice and fish eating creature, small in frame and dark in complexion. They are not tall and handsome like West Pakistani elites. It is quite possible that this “majority” Bengali community terrorized the innocent 46% minorities of West Pakistan — the Punjabis, Sindhis and Pashtuns. So Pakistan army had to wage a bloody civil war, kill civilians and rape Bengali women and then they surrendered in order to protect the West Pakistan! This is how Pakistan got Azadi from the tyranny of ‘inferior Bengalis’!

But Pakistan has to be cautious; who knows when Bengalis could invade and colonize it again!!

Immediately after the Bangladesh war, Bhutto gave another AZADI to Pakistan; from the sex-addict Rangeela dictator Yahya Khan. Then few years later, Pakistan got AZADI from Bhutto. Dictator Zia ul Haq “freed” Pakistan from Bhutto’s destructive politics by hanging him !! And then Allah FREED Pakistan from the burden of Zia when he crashed his plane !! You see, even Allah wants Pakistan to be fully AZAD mulk !

Pakistan got AZADI from Ahmediya in 1970s. It’s True!

In the 1970s, first Bhutto and then dictator Zia gave Pakistan AZADI from Ahmediya Muslims. They were declared non-Muslim kafir worthy only of beheading. Then they dumped a noble prize winner physicist for being a Kafir Ahmediya! Next are the Shias. Pakistan has special terror gangs who are always working to make Pakistan AZAD from Shias. They are often seen shouting: Kafir, Kafir, Shia Kafir !!

Yet, Pakistan wants more AZADI …. !!

Pakistan army (more accurate would be Lashkar-e-Pakistan) and the ISI still remain unhappy with the AZADI they got so far. So they are working to get freedom from the Balochs, Sindhis and Pashtuns. Pakistan has mortgaged a lot of national assets to China and aiming to gain AZADI from airports, highways, ports, railways, national parks and buildings! Pakistan already got AZADI from the Gwadar port. China loves this AZADI game of Pakistan !!

Currently, Pakistan is working on a “Peace Deal” with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) whereby the entire Pashtun region would be ruled by the TTP under Sharia. That means Pakistan got permanent AZADI from Pashtuns!!

Who else are left? Only Sindhis and Baloch. They too have plans to give AZADI to Pakistan by creating Sindhudesh and Balochistan! People of GB and POK are already gearing up to join their folks in Jammu & Kashmir very soon! So, what else is left? The super elite Punjab Province. The Chinese would not mind making it their latest province, PAK ZIN TAN where the cocky Punjabi Pakistanis would be speaking mandarin and giving company to the Uighur Muslims in the reformation centers!!

This means Pakistan going back to its divine pre-1947 “non-existent” status!! That would be very Karmic and wonderful for the world community and global peace. But people would still remember Pakistan through sharia-horrors of its babies: Taliban, Al Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others.

May Allah give P A K I S T A N permanent AZADI from itself !!

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Taliban Grabs Afghanistan: “Sharia Horror” Returns

For Muslim women, Sharia means living lifelong inside the coffin cloth or ‘individual tent’. It’s removed only when they are called to provide sex-pleasure to men.

The utterly irresponsible departure of American troops from Afghanistan, after waging a two-trillion dollar 20 year war against Talibani terrorists, has made the worst case scenario a reality. The Talibans have captured the country and the Afghan army trained by the Americans is surrendering before the terrorists like army of jokers. The Americans should have left after killing Osama bin Laden sheltered in Pakistan in 2012. But the then US president Obama kept them there under the excuse of training the Afghan army. And what did they achieve since then? Virtually nothing. Most shameful for the US is that Pakistan, its ally in ‘war-on-terror”, is celebrating Taliban advances! As the barbaric sharia terrorists are close to becoming Afghan rulers there is naturally a victorious euphoria in the global jihadi fraternity. But it is a big disappointment for the humanity that wanted Afghanistan to remain part of normal humanity — and not run through “sharia horror” of madarsa trained murderous medieval mullahs who see girls and women as sex slaves and relish stone age barbarism. Return of Taliban clearly highlights the fact the West really doesn’t know how to fight Islamic terrorism despite spending trillions of dollars on the so-called war-against terror post 9/11. Having watched live 10 years ago how Osama was killed by special US forces on the Pak soil as US vice president, Joe Biden doesn’t harbor even slightest trust for the Pakistani leadership, ISI or Pak military. But that alone would not bring peace and dignity for the Afghans. Does he have any practical plan to protect Afghanis from sharia barbarism?

Why the US Failed Against Taliban

Americans still don’t realize that Islamic terrorism need to be fought in madarsas and terror training camps where Muslims are turned into low cost disposable jihadi terrorists in the name of Allah and Mohammad. These suicidal humanoids are not only a disgrace for the humanity, they also underline how helpless Mohammad’s followers are when it comes to misuse of religion for violence and insanity by powerful self-serving clerics. Even the ISIS founder, Baghdadi, was a Maulana.

Trump dumped Obama’s “Terrorism has no religion” jargon. He explicitly called it “Islamic Terrorism.”

The Americans failed because they did not fight the Islamic terrorists in the right manner. Over-reliance on Pakistan (the proud mother of all jihadi terrorism) and high technology was, and is, a doomed strategy against Islamic terrorism. If they had any real understanding of the enemy mindset they would have fought the battle ideologically in the madarsas that turn Muslims into suicidal and disposable killing machines. They were so-dumb (or naïve) that until Trump arrived in 2016, they could not even put right label on this medieval barbarism; Trump must be credited for openly calling it “Islamic Terrorism“. He also rightly exposed Pakistan when he talked of 33 billion dollar aid for nothing but lies and deceits.” The rogue ISI was arming the terrorists with the American money, while pretending to be fighting them. Of course, a large chunk was also siphoned off by corrupt army generals and for terrorism in Kashmir and rest of India.

The US would continue to provide air support against Taliban.

The Americans failed because they did not fight against the Wahhabi/Deobandi cult of Islam that’s taught in the Pakistan/Afghan madarsas to indoctrinate Muslims into Jihadi violence. They merely kept killing terrorists while more and more got produced from the Deobandi terror camps. This cult turns “Islam” into a tool to promote hate and violence against humanity. If Biden really has any insight he would go a step further and work to declare this medieval cult non-religious. Right since 1400 years ago, two segments emerged from Mohammad’s teachings. One stressed on ethical/moral aspects for leading a good human life in harmony with other society. The other branch simply negated this fundamental aspect and weaponized Islam for violence against non-Muslims and political opponents both. The so-called Wahhabi/Deobandi Islam belongs to this medieval cult.

Right from the beginning, the followers of this second sect have been causing destruction and genocide in the name of Islam. Their first victim were Mohammad himself (who was poisoned and blamed on a Jew lady) and his family members who were chased and brutally murdered! The notorious mass murderer, Mohammad bin Qasim, even attacked Sindh in 712 AD because the Hindu King Raja Dahir gave shelter to Mohammad’s kin — and the barbarian managed to destroy the Hindu Kingdom. Most recently, the same Muslim terrorists attacked even Kaba in Mecca in 1979!!

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi and India’s Deobandi/Barelvi branches can easily brainwash any Muslim (in the name of sex rewards in Jannat) and turn him into a suicidal killer. Once brainwashed (radicalized) the person loses the mental capacity to behave like a sane or normal human-being. Pakistan’s Deobandi Imam’s have perfected this art. They turn madrasas into terror training camps with the help of ISI to created terrorists who are fully disposable and dirt cheap. Called “non-state actors”, these violent Islamic gangs have become important players in Pakistan’s foreign policy. The ISI first created the Al Qaeda terrorists to fight against the Russians in the eighties — they it kept creating more and more terrorist gangs like the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toibe, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, Lahkar-e-Jhangvi, etc for against India, Iran Afghanistan and Shia, Hindus and Ahmediya minorities.

Why the US and EU Dumped Pakistan

The EU withdrew trade concessions enjoyed by Pakistan after hostile jihadi posturing by Pak Prime Minister, popularly known as “Taliban Khan.” France became angry after violent jihadi protests in Pakistan against the new French law to curb Islamic terror activities. The US has already withdrawn the traditional regular aids to Pakistan under President Trump.

Traditionally, “strategic location” has been Pakistan’s only trump card, the only point of strength while dealing with the US and West. But the warfare tactics in the digital world of 2021 present entirely different set of new challenges for the military planners. Although for two decades Americans used Pak soil to support their operations in Afghanistan, but now they no more trust Pakistan on any issue. They have rightly realized that with its obsession with sharia barbarism, medieval blasphemy and Islamic terrorism, Pakistan is now firmly on a suicidal path. The highly corrupt ruling elites — military, ISI and radical mullahs — have not only transformed their country into a ‘beggar State’ but have deeply infected the entire society with jihadi virus, which is only conducive for madarsas, jihadi terrorists and mullah mafia.

Sharia-loving “Taliban Khan” is now Taliban spokesman!

The manner in which Pakistan’s puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan misused UN platform to blame the humanity for Islamophobia, openly and proudly supported terror gangs, defended the terrorist who beheaded a French teacher, allowed a campaign against French President and the French law against Islamic terrorism, left the minorities vulnerable and openly acting as spokesman for Taliban, have all alienated the US and Europe. In fact, the entire world dislikes him and his photocopy Erdogan of Turkey. Khan is perhaps the most idiotic prime minister the rogue nation has produced in the past seven decades.

Pakistan Celebrates Taliban Advances!

Taliban in Afghanistan means Pakistan in the FATF Black List! But idiot Pakistanis are celebrating!!!

Mr “Taliban” Khan Niazi has decided to support the Talibani jihadis as part of his religious Islamic duty. That’s wonderful — after all, what’s written in the Quran and Sharia must be implemented in real life. Many people see it as misuse of religion; they are wrong, totally wrong. Putting Quranic verses into practice can’t be wrong! It’s the holiest duty of every Muslim — Talibans are clearly honest about it!

Pakistan not only provides all types of support to Talibani holy warriors of Islam — from logistic, to medical and intelligence and planning — it also send its soldiers in terrorist disguise along with other terror gangs such as the Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, etc. Very soon Muslims from all over the world would start arriving in Afghanistan to join the Islamic holy Jihad against the world — and glorify their terror-loving Allah.

Considering recent activities of Pakistan, it is now amply clear that very soon Pakistan would be promoted to FATF’s “Black-list”. But that’s a small price for the nation created in 1947 to serve the “Real Islam”! Pakistan is determined to make Afghanistan the global terror campus where “Jahil” Muslims from all over the world would come to wage jihad against the humanity. Most particularly sharia-loving “Real Muslims” living in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh should feel specially charmed by the prospect of Afghanistan under Taliban/Pakistan. In the recent past, several Muslim girls from the Indian state of Kerala had gone to Afghanistan to provide sex service to holy warriors of Islam and breed more jihadis to serve Allah. Many more would be now inspired to go to Afghanistan as Taliban takes over.

However, for Pakistan there might appear a peculiar situation. What if radical mullahs and their armed goons also get inspired to become rulers of Pakistan! How powerful the mullah mafia is, was recently highlighted by the bloody street drama by Labbaik terrorists against French Ambassador and French President. It led to EU retaliation through withdrawal of economic concessions from Pakistan. But Pakistanis are happy with that — after all, serving Islam and Allah must get priority and sanctions by kafir nations can’t be taken seriously..

India’s Response

India should work hard to put Pakistan in the FATF BLACKLIST and should openly come out in favor of a democratically elected people’s government that respects women, minorities and human rights. In fact, Taliban as Afghan ruler, means revival of terrorism in Kashmir. Pak-Taliban duo would always work something out with the “Jahil” Muslims living on Indian soil for unrest across India, particularly in Kerala, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and “mini-Pakistan” like Muslim ghettoes. Indirectly, it would provide opportunity to terrorist lovers like Mehbooba Mufti and Abdullas and their Jahil supporters.

Prime Minister Modi must take lead in crystalizing a global coalition against terrorist take-over of Afghanistan. In fact, the largest democracy of the world has a responsibility in promoting rule by people’s voice and various personal freedoms in the region.

India must also pay special attention to Pakistani Taliban and other terror gangs taking over Pakistan. If Taliban terrorists can rule Afghanistan, why can’t they grab power in Pakistan!! They can easily throw Pakistan into a civil war type situation. That would be an ideal time to get back POK and B-T and help the Baloch and Sindhis gain freedom from Pak colonialism. In fact, Afghan Taliban would be also happy to grab Pashtun areas of Pakistan near the Durand Line!

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