“War On Terror”: Why Waseem Rizvi Is Smarter Than The US !!

Fighting Islamic Terrorism: Waseem Rizvi vs. USA

Has the US become a threat to global peace? Why did he leave 85 bn dollar worth weapons in Afghanistan for the Taliban terrorists? He must be insane if he considers the terrorists as American allies.

After sitting in Afghanistan for 20 years under the excuse of waging war against Islamic terrorists, losing several thousand American lives, killing over 100,000 Afghans and wasting two trillion dollars, cocky Americans suddenly left the country, leaving behind ultra modern weapons worth 86 billion dollars and plenty of dollars in cash for the Taliban terrorists and their godfather Pakistan. Suddenly, Afghanis were left to defend themselves from the medieval Sharia-horror unleashed by the terrorists. Suddenly, the Americans started talking as if the Talibans have transformed into saints of peace and democracy, while they continue unleashing barbarism on innocent civilians, particularly on women. It is fairly clear that the Americans were merely displaying their latest weapons to the world from Afghanistan under the pretention of fighting terrorists. Yet, the thinking humanity has again started debating the ideology of Islamic terrorism, which is Wahhabi/Deobandi cult of Islam. It is also funny that Muslims dream passionately about living in Sharia-ruled Islamic society, but when Islamic terror gangs impose medieval Sharia they start running away from the country! Their self-contradictory conduct stems from the influence of this violent cult that’s imposed on them as religion. Post WW2, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi cult has virtually destroyed all spiritual elements of Prophet’s teachings all over the world, on the strength of lavish petro-dollars and Wahhabi literature and violence loving clerics.

As the Islamic world gets increasingly disconnected from the Prophet’s message of morality and ethics and as they fall prey to terror gangs brainwashed by the Wahhabi/Deobandi cult, recent effort of an Indian Muslim reformer, Waseem Rizvi, to reform Islam appears highly important. The global war on Islamic terror has no future unless it is fought in the madarsas and terror training camps where the gangs of low cost disposable suicidal killers are produced, through criminal interpretations of Islamic literature written in the medieval era. Rather than killing the end product, the terrorists, the US drones should target the madarsas and maulvis who force medieval barbarism on normal Muslims to turn them into sub-human murderers.

Waseem Rizvi’s Crusade against Islamic Terrorism

“These verses are like poison in the raw mind of young Muslim children in the name of the message of Allah, which leads him to a radical mindset and from his early age when they become young, they hate people of other religions because of their mindset, and many youths get involved with terrorist organizations in some way under this mentality, the wrong messages of Allah Has been filled in the name of Islam. Due to the extreme interpretations of these verses of the Holy book, Islam is identified with militancy, fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism.” – Waseem Rizvi

Despite Supreme Court’s refusal to entertain his PIL that demanded purging 26 violent provoking verses from Quran, reformer Waseem Rizvi, the former head of the Shia Waqf Board, did not stop his efforts and published a New Quran. Rizvi’s initiative is truly remarkable and laudable because ‘Change’ is a terrifying word for Muslim clerics. This new edition does not contain the objectionable 26 verses that Rizvi think provoke Muslims towards criminal conduct. Many free thinking intellectuals say there far more verses that could be equally harmful. Though this is first such attempt by a Muslim, a similar attempt was made 36 years ago when advocate Chandmal Chopra and his associate Sital Singh moved the Calcutta High Court seeking a ban on the Quran altogether. They also did not succeed in getting serious attention from the courts. Rizvi also sent a copy of his “corrected Quran” to the Prime Minister for adoption in madarsas. Let’s see what happens now. Most probably, nothing would change among ordinary Muslims. They would still remain slaves of maulanas and their dictates. They would continue to behave less like “followers of Prophet’s Islam“, more like “prisoners of Mullah’s Islam.”

What Rizvi articulated is a well known fact, but is never acknowledged because that would bring demand for ‘change’ which the powerful Maulana class can’t afford. It’s a matter of their stranglehold on the Muslim masses that also sustains their livelihood. Looking at the violent and hysteric reactions of these change-resistant mullahs, no one even dare to talk of about reforms — forget about dreaming to change Quran! While missing yet another historic opportunity to reform Islam, the Court also failed on another account. It did not take suo moto action on any of those mullahs who were openly giving death threats to Rizvi. It is also a shame that non from the legal fraternity initiated legal proceedings against these criminal minds for violating “the right to life” granted by Indian Constitution to all citizens, including Rizvi.

Is this man mentally sick? No. His Hindu-hatred comes from reading the Islamic books written by violent Arab tribals centuries ago and interpreted by Deobandi maulvis. Such mullahs lose the mental capacity to think rationally like “normal human beings.” They love sub-human conduct of Islamic terror groups: ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, etc. Their Islam is nothing but violence and terrorism in the name of Allah.

It was a good opportunity to strike at the ideological roots of the Islamic terrorism that has oppressed the humanity for last 1400 years. But the Supreme Court missed it. The global ‘war against Islamic terrorism” is proving futile because it stops at killing the terrorists — when the root cause lies in the madarsas where rogue maulvis cite Quran to turn convert normal Muslims into suicidal/murderous criminals. The only logical way to win this battle is to destroy the ideological support from the medieval Islamic Books. For ordinary people, it is plain insanity to see Muslims becoming suicide bombers or launching murderous attacks on innocent civilians, or when they attack Temples, Gurudwaras and Churches (even Mosques!) to kill devotees. It is absolute insanity to kill ‘real people’ to serve some “imaginary Allah” dreamed up 1400 years ago. Therefore, it is no surprise if China considers Muslims as ‘mental patients’ sick with a disease called Islam and runs ‘reformation centers’ for behavioral change and rewrites Quran for them! Muslims in China can’t have names like Mohammad and they can’t keep beard. [And, … no Jihad-loving champion of Islam has guts to say a word against it!]

Hypocrisy of Liberal-Secular Brigade

Yet again, India’s self appointed liberal-secular lobby failed to rise to support a Muslim reformer. For them supporting terrorists is far too safer and profitable!!

Yet again the hypocrisy of India’s so-called liberal-secular mafia got exposed. These powerful self-declared human rights champions who could wake up the Supreme Court at mid night to save convicted Muslim terrorist did not come forward to defend Waseem Rizvi, a reformer! They clearly got terrified of fatwas urging their beheading or supari-killers waiting to kill them if they supported Rizvi! Italian fascist lady with Indian passport and Congress Party owner, Antania Maino, also failed to brand those threatening Rizvi with death, “Maut Ke Saudagar”. Why lose Muslim votes by supporting a Muslim reformer!! This alien lady and her weird son have shamelessly declared their party, a Muslim party, and yet claiming to be secular!!

As soon as Waseem Rizvi approached the Supreme Court with his PIL to alter Quran, Indian Maulanas started behaving like blood thirsty 7th century uncivilized and murderous medieval Arab tribals. Maulvi after Maulvi started issuing Fatwas urging Muslims to kill him for blasphemy! Even a bounty of 21 lakh rupee was declared for beheading him! Suddenly, the ultra fragile “mullah’s Islam” got in “danger”!! They yet again proved that their Deobandi/Barelvi cult (that’s a photocopy of Wahhabi cult of Saudi Arabia) can’t survive without support of violence and barbarism. They yet again proved that they are completely cut off from their Prophet’s message of love and compassion that’s Real Islam, the really religion of peace. But this is the tragedy of all South Asian Muslims — they must study writings of some rational Islamic scholars such as this one.

India’s fake human rights activists and Muslim appeasement politicians are also like mercenaries; they only act if there is award or reward. They would certainly not risk their lives or Muslim votes, by supporting an almost taboo topic like reforming Islam!!

Indian Muslims or Hostile Aliens?

India, world’s largest democracy, can be highly vulnerable to Islamic terrorism simply because of the huge Muslim population of over 200 million. Sure, not all Muslims become jihadi terrorist despite fascination towards “Islamic State” but just few thousand suicidal/murderous killers can create a huge law and order problem across the country. Connected with Pakistani and global jihadi network and with tacit support of the so-called Muslim appeasement ‘secular’ politicians, they can simply plunge India into a civil war like situation, in the name of holy jihad.

Two Pakistani and One Indian Muslim. What bonds them is the morbid Hindu phobia resulting from the violent Deobandi cult of Islam which is nothing but a clone of Wahhabism.

Yes, it is true. A large fraction of over 200 million Indians claiming Muslim identity, live like cocky hostile aliens, too superior to mix with country’s 85% non-Muslim population. Where does this delusional superiority come from? They hallucinate to be superior for two reasons: One, their global connections particularly to the petro-dollar rich gulf countries. And Two, because their Muslim ancestors ruled Hindus through atrocities and barbarism. They grow up seeing mass killers and barbaric Islamic invaders of India as Heroes! They are taught to conveniently forget the extremely humiliating origin of their Islamic identity, during the centuries of Islamic dark age in India. They owe their Muslim birth to past Hindus upon whom Islam was forced by the savage Muslim invaders/rulers; their only choice was “convert” or “die”. Another equally important root of their Islamic identity is the unfortunate Hindu women/girls who were kidnapped and forced into sex-slavery, into a life of daily rape and gang-rape for rest of their life. For thoughtful people, there is nothing to feel proud in such pitiable origin but Indian Muslim’s Deobandi cult of Islam not only brainwashes them to act cocky about their Muslim identity but it also demands (as religious duty) that they hate Hindus. So here we have about 15% Indians who not only hate 85% of their country-men but also cherish dreams of their total annihilation, as their Islamic duty!! This is the magic of the violent Deobandi cult imposed upon them as ‘Religion’.

Scientist Abdul Kalam can’t be a Hero of Deobandi mullahs. Their role models come from the ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Toiba or mass killers from the past Islamic dark age in India.

Their self-induced alienation is so complete that they hate the ancient spiritual culture of the land on which they live. This highly humane culture rests on the ancient spiritual science of universal ‘Dharma’ that transcends all man-made ‘faiths’ or ‘beliefs’. But these ‘forced converts’ are too paranoid to explore beyond the confines of their narrow cult. Even any sub-IQ person knows that in India people of so many faiths and beliefs live and have lived peacefully since ages, respecting each others faith. And what do Muslims do? They cockily declare their rejectionist ideology through loudspeakers daily that there is no god except what they call Allah. It is astonishing that every week they curse Hindus to hell, in what they call ‘prayer’! After mocking Hindus as idol worshipper, they go to Arabia to worship a Black Stone and for Stone throwing ritual! The Islamic ritual of Hajj is stone worship, the most primitive form of idolatry (idol worship) that they passionately criticize. All such absurdities are imposed on the followers (prisoners, more correctly) of the Deobandi cult.

Who wrote the Quran: Allah, Muhammad or Mullahs?

Not Allah, not Mohammad; but Mullahs (Arab tribals) wrote Islamic literature according to their war-mongering mindset and limited understanding of morality and ethics that the Prophet tried teaching them.

“When you meet the un-believers, strike their necks.” (47:4)

When your Lord revealed to the Angels, “truly I am with you. So keep firm those who have believed. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.” (8:12)

These two verses practically sum up the Deobandi/Wahhabi cults of Islam. The so-called “Islamic scholars” and Maulanas build upon them to inject into the followers the desired amount of prejudice or hate against non-Muslims, from the mosques and madarsas.

Covering women folks in life long coffin cloth is barbarism, not religion. How about sterilizing Muslim male or destroying their lustful eye sight, in the name of Islam?

Quran was not written by the fictional Allah; it was also not written by Mohammad because he was illiterate. No one ever saw Allah giving instructions to Mohammad through another imaginary entity, Gibreel. Quran was written after Mohammad’s death during the rule of the first three Khalifas. First 2-3 versions were destroyed when flaws were discovered. Islamic experts like Tarek Fateh always complain about lack of chronology in Quran. But the medieval Arab tribals did what they could — it was not an era of paper and pen or computer. Their aim was not to stress high morals or ethical living for followers of Mohammad; instead, they only wanted to setup some rules that allow them to dictate the community as per their whims and fancy. Even a cursory glance of this medieval literature tells that it is all about dictating terms on people and plitical opponetnts through violence. If Mohammad used imaginary Allah to force his thinking on people, maulanas kept that tradition alive for 1400 years. In fact, they can impose any absurdity on Muslims in the name of Islam, Quran, Mohammad or Allah. Only they can make Muslims believe that killing innocent people ensures place in imaginary Jannat where 72 Hoors would serve them eternally in bed, along with endless supply of wine! Thus, rogue maulanas create suicidal killers who die believing in this utter nonsense ! What a satanic waste of human life. Sad.

Here is a video highlighting some more violence promoting verses.

For exhaustive reading explore: The Religion of Peace

If Muslims are allowed to think freely, they will quit Islam! Those who have come out describe their feeling as that of coming out invisible prison! A notable example is the intellectual Iranian ex-Muslim Ali Sina. Through his books and writings he continues to expose hollowness of what Muslims are “forced to believe“, in the name Islam by the Maulanas. His work is eye openers for Muslims and a warning to the entire humanity.

Muslim’s misplaced fascination towards Sharia

Is it ‘normal’ to try living in 21st century governed by some violent medieval system? Here is why a lot of intellectuals think Islam is Fascism.

When Mahatma Gandhi Refused to Criticize Mopla Massacre of Hindus!

It is the most appalling example of Muslim appeasement, but it also points to Gandhi’s pragmatic understanding of Islamic mindset.

All, except Gandhi and Muslim clerics, condemned the jihadi barbarism on Malabar Hindus

During the colonial era, after the end of WW1, when Indian nationalists were fighting for country’s freedom from British occupation, Indian Muslims suddenly became more concerned about the well being of a distant Turkish Ottoman Caliphate that got defeated by the allied forces. The Ali brothers launched a ‘Khilafat Movement’ in 1920 to express solidarity with the defeated Turkish caliphate — and the “saint of non-violence” Mahatma Gandhi supported this purely irrelevant Islamic movement, hoping to get Muslim support for India’s own freedom struggle. Of course, Muslims never came forward to join Congress Party’s nationalistic freedom struggle.

However, the Khilafat movement led to a highly undesirable side effect — it aroused the murderous jihadi emotions among Muslims around the country against the Kafirs (the British and Hindus both). Although they targeted some British soldiers, but in many areas gangs of Muslims attacked Hindus (Kafir). The most gruesome genocide of Hindus was carried out in the Malabar region of Kerala by Mopla Muslims. As expected, all prominent Maulanas justified the gruesome massacre as religious duty of Muslims!! However, it was criticized loudly from every quarter.

But there was a prominent exception, the ‘Icon of Non-Violence’ Mahatma Gandhi stubbornly refuged to say a word against the barbarism of Mopla Muslims. Why? He explained, ” Why criticize them; they are only doing what their Book wants them to do“. Needless to say, Gandhi lost a lot of support. But he was right, brutally right about medieval Islamic literature and its impact on the followers!

Then more absurdity happened. Gandhi sat on hunger strike for 21 days in the house of a Maulana, Mohammad Ali, (organizer of the Khilafat movement) for communal harmony and publicly claimed that this Satyagraha in Ali’s home was his best experience. And what was Ali’s response? He publicly asserted that even the lowest class of Muslim is far superior to Hindu Kafir Gandhi!! What else can come from a satanic mind, trained only to hate.

Even now Muslims feel proud of this utterly uncivilized and medieval mindset, made concrete by a Books authored by Medieval Arab tribals centuries ago.

But again, borrowing Gandhi’s insight into Islam, why blame Ali, he only said what his Book taught him!!

Here is a recent “Jihadi masterpiece” when they burned 60 Hindus alive in Godhra in a train compartment. This “holy jihad” was directed by “holy Mullahs” from a nearby mosque; therefore, the so-called liberals and seculars remained silent, following Gandhi’s advise: why blame these “holy wariors of Islam”; they only performed their “religious duty” as prescribed by their Book!

World lacks willpower to defeat Islamic Terrorism

The Americans see Islamic terrorists as tools to market their latest weapons. Their fight against terror is no more than assuring bigger and bigger orders for their arms manufacturers and dealers. Post WW2, their war economy thrived on the cold war with the communists. But with disappearance of communist USSR bloc, they had to find another enemy. It turned out to the dictatorial regimes and powerful criminal brains from the Islamic world. They ruined Iraq in the name of destroying non-existent WMDs and punishing defiant Saddam. They used the excuse of 911 to invade Afghanistan under the pretext of hunting Osama Bin Laden — ultimately found in Pakistan, safely hosted by their own ally!

Most perpetrators of 911 were Saudis, so why did the US not invade Saudi Arabia? Why it did not punish Pakistan for sheltering Osama? Now why they left Afghanistan in a shameful and irresponsible manner, legitimizing terrorism and mainstreaming the terrorists?

Two trillion dollars wasted on this venture. How much the US is willing to commit for fighting climate change and poverty made worst by climate change? Practically nothing beyond empty promises.

With their destructive mindset, Americans (along with their European allies) are clearly the biggest threat to this planet. Islamic terrorists are at least towards thinking; Americans come aross as mere empty talkers with satanic intentions.

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Why Pakistan’s Quest For “AZADI” Is Amusing!

Pakistan symbolizes Hindu-phobia; not love for Islam. Pakistan’s claim of being an “Islam State” is hollow. It practices the “Deobandi cult” which is a weapon of offense, not religion of peace, Islam. Right since its creation in 1947 to serve Western interests, the puppet nation has been craving for more and more AZADI. Now it appears to be much closer to getting AZADI from its own existence! Whenever that happens, all credit goes to how it practices its Deobandi cult that vibes well with Wahhabism!

In 1947, some Hindu-phobic power hungry Mullahs partitioned the land of great ancient Vedic civilization in a brutal and genocidal way. The culprits must not be forgiven. Unfortunately, many similarly deranged mullahs still roam on Indian soil, harboring similar motif.

Pakistan celebrates August 14 as its Independence Day every year. Why? Because every country does it, it’s a ritual! Don’t ask them why they do it and what happened on this date. Pakistanis do and believe in many things without checking facts. Their Deobandi “Purest Islam” forbids them from application of rational mind, it’s haram. Just as Pakistanis believe that Ahmediyas are non-Muslim and hence, their Deobandi cult gives them the right to slaughter them, they also believe that they got freedom (AZADI) on August 14, 1947. Just as Pakistanis still claim that they did not know Osama bin Laden lived on Pak soil under ISI protection, they also hallucinate that Mumbai terror attack was Allah’s will to slaughter Hindu Kafir and none of 11 terrorists killed were Pakistani nationals! Pakistan lost the entire East Pakistan as Bangladesh in 1971 after its 93,000 coward army-men surrendered under the command of Lt Gen AAK Niazi, to stay alive, they also hallucinate that they won the 1971 war by surrendering because that kept the West Pakistan intact and made it purer by purging out all ugly and inferior Bengalis! Today, Pakistanis ‘believe’ that their Taliban buddies in Afghanistan would snatch Kashmir from India give them as a gift!!

Surprised? Don’t be. Pakistani logic is wonderfully medieval because Madarsas still teach students that the Sun revolves around Earth! You must have also heard another intellectual master piece: that it was India that separated from Pakistan in 1947! Jinnah himself displayed “Pakistani” absurdity. He created Pakistan in the name of “religion” but kept talking about a SECULAR Pakistan! Was he fooling himself? No. That’s how irrational minds work! Here is another of his absurdities. In 1947, 55% Pakistanis spoke Bengali and rest spoke Punjabi, Sindhi, or Pashtun dialects. Yet, he imposed Urdu on the new born nation where it was no one’s native language! If he were a rational thinker, he would have made Bengali Pakistan’s national language and put Punjabi, Sindhi etc next to it. This stupidity laid the foundation for AZAD Bangladesh that came up two decades later.

This year Pakistanis celebrated their Independence Day is a really exotic way, the Talibani way! In Lahore, around 400 Pakistani Muslim men grabbed a young Muslim woman, tossed her in the air, played with body, did everything short of actual gang rape for over two hours while she cried. … and no one came forward to help her. This must be the Pakistani way to celebrate Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Pak media was, of course, thrilled with the news and the anchors shed crocodile tears championing “Women’s Rights”. But, for a change, they did not call it a RAW conspiracy against Allah’s favorite kingdom!!

There are many more master pieces, but let’s come back to Pakistan’s AZADI comedy.

Pakistan got Azadi on August 1947. Really?

Azadi from whom?

Pakistan never existed on the planet before August 15, 1947. So who enslaved or colonized the non-existent Pakistan? The British never colonized any imaginary Pakistan in their entire colonial history. Mr Jinnah or his Muslim League never fought with the British for AZADI even in dreams; in fact, they were allies! Therefore, how could the British ever give AZADI to non-existent Pakistan they never colonized!! It can’t be anything other than hallucination. Right?

AZADI from Hindus?

That’s again absurd and insane. Hindus never invaded any Muslim society or colonized any non-existent country called Pakistan. They never imposed any ZAZIA tax on Muslims or terrorized them for being Muslim. They never forced Hinduism or Buddhism or Jainism or even Sikhism on non-existent “Pakistani Muslims” anytime in the history. So the mystery still persists: From whom did Pakistan get AZADI in August 1947?

In reality, the Deobandi/Barelvi cult made some Muslims so terribly Hindu-phobic that they started hallucinating about P A K I S T A N! Another harsh reality: most of these mentally unstable creatures could not muster courage to pack and move to their Sharia paradise, the acronym P A K I S T A N when it was created in 1947. Over the years, many of them naturalized as normal humans in Gandhi’s India that respects human life and non-violence, but a lot of them still live on the ancient land of Gandhi/Buddha as hostile aliens harboring satanic intentions of annihilating all Hindus to glorify their Allah. They are, in fact, real Pakistanis; not those who hold Pakistani passport. They are ideal material for Jaish-e-Mohammad, Al Qaeda, Lashker-e-Islam and Lashker-e-Toiba. Let us see how Taliban rule in Afghanistan inspires them to wage holy Islamic war against 100 crore peace-loving Hindus and try destroying India.

The sharia souls of the likes of Munnawar Rana and Owaisi are thumping with joy at the victory of “Real Islam” in Afghanistan! They represent Real Pakistanis, the real Jinnah Muslims who partitioned India in the name of Islam, but were not Muslim enough to actually migrate there.

Did Pakistan get AZADI in 1971 !!

First general election of Pakistan in Dec 1970 gave it AZADI from “Inferior” Bengalis!

Don’t be surprised. This is possible because Pakistan did exist in 1971 and 54% Pakistanis were Bengalis living in East Pakistan. Bengalis are rice and fish eating creature, small in frame and dark in complexion. They are not tall and handsome like West Pakistani elites. It is quite possible that this “majority” Bengali community terrorized the innocent 46% minorities of West Pakistan — the Punjabis, Sindhis and Pashtuns. So Pakistan army had to wage a bloody civil war, kill civilians and rape Bengali women and then they surrendered in order to protect the West Pakistan!

Who know, ugly Bengalis could invade and colonize it by shouting Allaho Akbar!!

Immediately after the Bangladesh war, Bhutto made Pakistan AZAD from Rangeela dictator Yahya Khan. Then few years later, another dictator Zia achieved another AZADI. He “freed” Pakistan from Bhutto’s divisive politics by hanging him !! And then Allah FREED Pakistan from the burden of Zia when he crashed his plane !!! You see, even Allah wants Pakistan to be fully AZAD mulk !

Pakistan got AZADI from Ahmediya in 1970s. It’s True!

In the 1970s, first Bhutto and then dictator Zia gave Pakistan AZADI from Ahmediya Muslims. They were declared non-Muslim kafir worthy only of beheading. Then they dumped a noble prize winner physicist for being a Kafir Ahmediya! Pakistan has special terror gangs who are always working to make Pakistan AZAD from Shias. They are often seen shouting:

Kafir, Kafir, Shia Kafir !!

You see Pakistanis are IDEAL MUSLIM; they are ever busy fulfilling Allah’s “Azadi agenda”! That’s why they keep killing themselves by declaring each other non-Muslims!! It is a unique Islamic tradition.

Yet, Pakistan wants more AZADI …. !!

Pakistan army (it should be renamed Lashkar-e-Pakistan) and the ISI still remain unhappy with the AZADI they got so far. So they are working to get freedom from the Balochs, Sindhis and Pashtuns. Dummy prime minister Imran Khan Niazi too has been working hard to get more AZADI for Pakistan. He is mortgaging Pakistan’s assets to China and gaining AZADI from airports, highways, railways, national parks and buildings. Pakistan already got AZADI from the Gwadar port. Quite likely, soon the Chinese would take over entire Pakistan and give it permanent AZADI !!!

Very soon Pakistan should get AZADI from FATF Grey-List as it heads towards Black-List by supporting taliban terrorism. That would be AZADI from kafir driven global financial market. Pakistani Mullah Mafia would love it, shouting Allah is Great! Indeed, Allah is great; he knows that this planet is not the proper place for an exotic entity called Pakistan!! The Chinese communist party already sees PAK IS TAN as its latest province, PAK ZIN TAN !!! The day is not far when Pakistanis would be speaking mandarin and join the reformation centers designed for Uighur Muslims!!

Currently, Pakistanis are busy celebrating Taliban rule in Afghanistan but Taliban doesn’t recognize the Durand Line. Next major news could be: Taliban grabbed all Pashtun areas of Pakistan. That means Pakistan got permanent AZADI from Pashtuns!!

Who else are left? Only Sindhis and Baloch. They too wouldn’t mind giving AZADI to Pakistan by creating Sindhudesh and Balochistan!!! People of GB and POK are already gearing up to join their folks in Jammu & Kashmir very soon!

Therefore, in very near future Pakistan would go back to its divine “non-existent” status of pre-1947!! That would be wonderful for the world community and global peace. But people would still remember Pakistan through sharia-horrors of its babies: Taliban, Al Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others.

May Allah give P A K I S T A N permanent AZADI from itself !!

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Taliban Captures Afghanistan: “Sharia Horror” Part-2

For Muslim women, Sharia means living lifelong inside the coffin cloth. It’s removed only when they are called to provide sex-pleasure to men.

The utterly irresponsible departure of American troops from Afghanistan, after waging a two-trillion dollar 20 year war against Talibani terrorists, has made the worst case scenario a reality. The Talibans have captured the country and the Afghan army trained by the Americans is surrendering before the terrorists like army of jokers. The Americans should have left after killing Osama bin Laden sheltered in Pakistan in 2012. But the then US president Obama kept them there under the excuse of training the Afghan army. And what did they achieve since then? Virtually nothing. Most shameful for the US is that Pakistan, its ally in ‘war-on-terror”, is celebrating Taliban advances! As the barbaric sharia terrorists are close to becoming Afghan rulers there is naturally a victorious euphoria in the global jihadi fraternity. But it is a big disappointment for the humanity that wanted Afghanistan to remain part of normal humanity — and not run through “sharia horror” of madarsa trained murderous medieval mullahs who see girls and women as sex slaves and relish stone age barbarism. Return of Taliban clearly highlights the fact the West really doesn’t know how to fight Islamic terrorism despite spending trillions of dollars on the so-called war-against terror post 9/11. Having watched live 10 years ago how Osama was killed by special US forces on the Pak soil as US vice president, Joe Biden doesn’t harbor even slightest trust for the Pakistani leadership, ISI or Pak military. But that alone would not bring peace and dignity for the Afghans. Does he have any practical plan to protect Afghanis from sharia barbarism?

Why the US Failed Against Taliban

Americans still don’t realize that Islamic terrorism need to be fought in madarsas and terror training camps where Muslims are turned into low cost disposable jihadi terrorists in the name of Allah and Mohammad. These suicidal humanoids are not only a disgrace for the humanity, they also underline how helpless Mohammad’s followers are when it comes to misuse of religion for violence and insanity by powerful self-serving clerics. Even the ISIS founder, Baghdadi, was a Maulana.

Trump dumped Obama’s “Terrorism has no religion” jargon. He explicitly called it “Islamic Terrorism.”

The Americans failed because they did not fight the Islamic terrorists in the right manner. Over-reliance on Pakistan (the proud mother of all jihadi terrorism) and high technology was, and is, a doomed strategy against Islamic terrorism. If they had any real understanding of the enemy mindset they would have fought the battle ideologically in the madarsas that turn Muslims into suicidal and disposable killing machines. They were so-dumb (or naïve) that until Trump arrived in 2016, they could not even put right label on this medieval barbarism; Trump must be credited for openly calling it “Islamic Terrorism“. He also rightly exposed Pakistan when he talked of 33 billion dollar aid for nothing but lies and deceits.” The rogue ISI was arming the terrorists with the American money, while pretending to be fighting them. Of course, a large chunk was also siphoned off by corrupt army generals and for terrorism in Kashmir and rest of India.

The US would continue to provide air support against Taliban.

The Americans failed because they did not fight against the Wahhabi/Deobandi cult of Islam that’s taught in the Pakistan/Afghan madarsas to indoctrinate Muslims into Jihadi violence. They merely kept killing terrorists while more and more got produced from the Deobandi terror camps. This cult turns “Islam” into a tool to promote hate and violence against humanity. If Biden really has any insight he would go a step further and work to declare this medieval cult non-religious. Right since 1400 years ago, two segments emerged from Mohammad’s teachings. One stressed on ethical/moral aspects for leading a good human life in harmony with other society. The other branch simply negated this fundamental aspect and weaponized Islam for violence against non-Muslims and political opponents both. The so-called Wahhabi/Deobandi Islam belongs to this medieval cult.

Right from the beginning, the followers of this second sect have been causing destruction and genocide in the name of Islam. Their first victim were Mohammad himself (who was poisoned and blamed on a Jew lady) and his family members who were chased and brutally murdered! The notorious mass murderer, Mohammad bin Qasim, even attacked Sindh in 712 AD because the Hindu King Raja Dahir gave shelter to Mohammad’s kin — and the barbarian managed to destroy the Hindu Kingdom. Most recently, the same Muslim terrorists attacked even Kaba in Mecca in 1979!!

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi and India’s Deobandi/Barelvi branches can easily brainwash any Muslim (in the name of sex rewards in Jannat) and turn him into a suicidal killer. Once brainwashed (radicalized) the person loses the mental capacity to behave like a sane or normal human-being. Pakistan’s Deobandi Imam’s have perfected this art. They turn madrasas into terror training camps with the help of ISI to created terrorists who are fully disposable and dirt cheap. Called “non-state actors”, these violent Islamic gangs have become important players in Pakistan’s foreign policy. The ISI first created the Al Qaeda terrorists to fight against the Russians in the eighties — they it kept creating more and more terrorist gangs like the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toibe, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, Lahkar-e-Jhangvi, etc for against India, Iran Afghanistan and Shia, Hindus and Ahmediya minorities.

Why the US and EU Dumped Pakistan

The EU withdrew trade concessions enjoyed by Pakistan after hostile jihadi posturing by Pak Prime Minister, popularly known as “Taliban Khan.” France became angry after violent jihadi protests in Pakistan against the new French law to curb Islamic terror activities. The US has already withdrawn the traditional regular aids to Pakistan under President Trump.

Traditionally, “strategic location” has been Pakistan’s only trump card, the only point of strength while dealing with the US and West. But the warfare tactics in the digital world of 2021 present entirely different set of new challenges for the military planners. Although for two decades Americans used Pak soil to support their operations in Afghanistan, but now they no more trust Pakistan on any issue. They have rightly realized that with its obsession with sharia barbarism, medieval blasphemy and Islamic terrorism, Pakistan is now firmly on a suicidal path. The highly corrupt ruling elites — military, ISI and radical mullahs — have not only transformed their country into a ‘beggar State’ but have deeply infected the entire society with jihadi virus, which is only conducive for madarsas, jihadi terrorists and mullah mafia.

Sharia-loving “Taliban Khan” is now Taliban spokesman!

The manner in which Pakistan’s puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan misused UN platform to blame the humanity for Islamophobia, openly and proudly supported terror gangs, defended the terrorist who beheaded a French teacher, allowed a campaign against French President and the French law against Islamic terrorism, left the minorities vulnerable and openly acting as spokesman for Taliban, have all alienated the US and Europe. In fact, the entire world dislikes him and his photocopy Erdogan of Turkey. Khan is perhaps the most idiotic prime minister the rogue nation has produced in the past seven decades.

Pakistan Celebrates Taliban Advances!

Taliban in Afghanistan means Pakistan in the FATF Black List! But idiot Pakistanis are celebrating!!!

Mr “Taliban” Khan Niazi has decided to support the Talibani jihadis as part of his religious Islamic duty. That’s wonderful — after all, what’s written in the Quran and Sharia must be implemented in real life. Many people see it as misuse of religion; they are wrong, totally wrong. Putting Quranic verses into practice can’t be wrong! It’s the holiest duty of every Muslim — Talibans are clearly honest about it!

Pakistan not only provides all types of support to Talibani holy warriors of Islam — from logistic, to medical and intelligence and planning — it also send its soldiers in terrorist disguise along with other terror gangs such as the Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, etc. Very soon Muslims from all over the world would start arriving in Afghanistan to join the Islamic holy Jihad against the world — and glorify their terror-loving Allah.

Considering recent activities of Pakistan, it is now amply clear that very soon Pakistan would be promoted to FATF’s “Black-list”. But that’s a small price for the nation created in 1947 to serve the “Real Islam”! Pakistan is determined to make Afghanistan the global terror campus where “Jahil” Muslims from all over the world would come to wage jihad against the humanity. Most particularly sharia-loving “Real Muslims” living in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh should feel specially charmed by the prospect of Afghanistan under Taliban/Pakistan. In the recent past, several Muslim girls from the Indian state of Kerala had gone to Afghanistan to provide sex service to holy warriors of Islam and breed more jihadis to serve Allah. Many more would be now inspired to go to Afghanistan as Taliban takes over.

However, for Pakistan there might appear a peculiar situation. What if radical mullahs and their armed goons also get inspired to become rulers of Pakistan! How powerful the mullah mafia is, was recently highlighted by the bloody street drama by Labbaik terrorists against French Ambassador and French President. It led to EU retaliation through withdrawal of economic concessions from Pakistan. But Pakistanis are happy with that — after all, serving Islam and Allah must get priority and sanctions by kafir nations can’t be taken seriously..

India’s Response

India should work hard to put Pakistan in the FATF BLACKLIST and should openly come out in favor of a democratically elected people’s government that respects women, minorities and human rights. In fact, Taliban as Afghan ruler, means revival of terrorism in Kashmir. Pak-Taliban duo would always work something out with the “Jahil” Muslims living on Indian soil for unrest across India, particularly in Kerala, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and “mini-Pakistan” like Muslim ghettoes. Indirectly, it would provide opportunity to terrorist lovers like Mehbooba Mufti and Abdullas and their Jahil supporters.

Prime Minister Modi must take lead in crystalizing a global coalition against terrorist take-over of Afghanistan. In fact, the largest democracy of the world has a responsibility in promoting rule by people’s voice and various personal freedoms in the region.

India must also pay special attention to Pakistani Taliban and other terror gangs taking over Pakistan. If Taliban terrorists can rule Afghanistan, why can’t they grab power in Pakistan!! They can easily throw Pakistan into a civil war type situation. That would be an ideal time to get back POK and B-T and help the Baloch and Sindhis gain freedom from Pak colonialism. In fact, Afghan Taliban would be also happy to grab Pashtun areas of Pakistan near the Durand Line!

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Pakistan: Honeymoon With FATF Grey-list To Continue!

Despite ‘Chinese Halala bed-mating’, Pakistan was declared still unfit to reunite with the civilized World! The terror heaven  will continue to enjoy the privilege of being on the Grey-List of FATF till October 2021 when its romance with jihadi terrorism would be again examined. The rogue nation yet again failed to curb its pathological self-destructive love affair with humanity-phobic jihadi gangsters. 

Pak Considers Its Terror Assets more Valuable than Pak EconomyIn the past months, while the world watched acquittal of the terrorist who killed the US journalist Danial Pearl in 2002, absurd support of the Jihadi murderer who beheaded a French school teacher, display of hostile gesture against the new French Law to check Islamic terrorism, global propaganda against the French President for his support for freedom of speech, the ‘terror capital of the world’ continues to defy global sentiments and failed to act against the medieval activities of mullah mafia and jihadi gangsters. Pakistan has 66 jihadi organizations and 7600 radical citizens listed under UNSC anti-terror and money laundering resolutions, passed after 9/11 NY terror attack. Sharia brainwashed Pakistani PM continues to glorify the enemies of humanity; as heroes of Islam

Grey List  – June 2021

In the FATF vocabulary the Grey Listed countries are called Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring. These are

Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, Mauritius, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

PAKISTAN is the only Country with Nuclear Bombs in the Grey List!!

Despite ‘Chinese Halala’, Pak still unfit to Reunite with the Civilized World!

Pakistan has shamelessly turned the “religion of peace” into a “cult of insane barbarism” against humanity. It’s a disgrace — a disgrace on the global Islamic world, to be more accurate.

Imran Khans Terror State The privilege of supporting the “Jihad Infrastructure” and being on the FATF Grey-List has been annually costing the global terror capital around 10 billion dollars. But rather than taking stern action against hate and violent preaching madarsas and punishing the “mullah mafia”, Pakistan yet again tried to fool the world though false propaganda, cosmetic measures and insincere efforts — and predictably, failed.

According to the regional affiliate of the FATF, the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) Pakistan’s measures are “not yet sufficient to justify a re-rating” and retained the terror nation on its ‘Enhanced Follow-up’ list. Once a country submits a Mutual Evaluation report, APG members can decide to place it on either “regular” or “enhanced” follow-up. A “regular” follow-up means the country submits two reports of compliance each year and “enhanced” follow-up means the country has to send four reports. The decision making body of the FATF has recently made its rules quite stringent. Rather than the earlier “Rule based” assessment, now it follows a “Risk based” procedure and follows a confidential procedure to examine the actions taken on the ground. Therefore, now countries can’t get away with insincere efforts; they must show results through actual convictions and punishments. Pakistan treats a convicted terrorist like Hafiz Saeed as royal guest “supposedly in jail” and allows others such as Masood Azhar to roam free in public. But the global body is smarter now. 

The APG underlined that the abuse of non-profit organizations for terror financing purposes continue to pose a significant threat both domestically and externally and that charities and fund-raising was still a source of funds for almost all designated terror groups.

“If you raise snakes in the backyard, there is no guarantee that they will only bite the neighbors.” — Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State, USA

‘Madarsas’ are now ‘Terror Camps’ in the Islamic Heaven!

In Pakistan, the distinction between a madarsa and a terror camp has disappeared; hate speeches against non-Muslims from Mosques are routine affair.  There are plenty of madarsas where young kids are taught the “art of beheading kafir” as their Islamic duty ! Pakistan has ‘Proudly’ transformed the “religion of peace” into a cult of hatred against humanity. 

In 1947, Pakistan had only about 250 madarsas, by 1980s they expanded to over 2800. But today the terror heaven boasts of 30,000 madarsas! Even the terror training camps have started labeling themselves ‘madarsas!! Civilian authorities can’t ensure that the maulanas are not preaching Kafir-hatred citing verses from Quran. 

Kids from Pakistani madarsas grow up hating non-Muslims and believing that they have the Allah given authority to  kill Hindus, Jews and Christians. Watch this video to see how kids are brainwashed to become Kafir killers!! Radicalized Pakistanis go to Turkey (Pakistan’s new godfather in the middle east!) to fight on its side in Syria, Libya and even to Azerbaijan to fight Jihad against Armenians. 

Here is another video where a captured terrorist in J&K narrates how Pakistani ‘handlers’ misguide Muslim youth and turn them into suicidal terrorists.

Pakistan, Firmly in Chinese Debt-Trap


Imran khan bankruptPakistan’s jihadi decay offers a big advantage to China which feels highly satisfied that the ex-American puppy has firmly fallen in its lap, wagging its tail. If Pakistan sees terrorists as its strategic assets, China sees Pakistan as its own strategic asset just like the North Korea! It is more than delighted to ‘help’ the ‘helpless’ jihadi caliphate!! Pakistanis hallucinate that ‘China daddy’ would snatch Kashmir from India and gift them! China loves the Islamic parasitic tendency of Pakistan.

China is steadily taking control of Pakistani assets and the Red Army is penetrating across Pakistan in the garb of protecting its CPEC projects. It is precisely how the rogue British East India Company entered into India, fooling the comfort loving Mughal rulers in the 17th century, and then ended up taking over the entire country. World would not be surprised if in near future Pakistanis are seen speaking Mandarin to please their new colonial master, and China renaming its new colony “PAK XIN TAN”!

Ideological Basis of Islamic Terrorism

“When you meet the un-believers, strike their necks.” (47:4)

When your Lord revealed to the Angels, “truly I am with you. So keep firm those who have believed. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.” (8:12)

After every terror attack, Muslim leaders and champions of Islam react in a stereotypical irresponsible way. They either get into denial or evade responsibility by saying terrorists are not Muslims or blame the government (intelligence agencies) for failing to prevent the attacks.  Rather them feeling shame that Quranic verses get used to promote criminal activities, they play “ostrich’!

Here is a sample video citing some suspicious Quranic verses.

However, there are Muslim thinkers like Waseem Rizvi who want Muslims to stay away from hate and violence urged in Quran. Here are the 26 verses that Rizvi thinks turn Muslims violent against non-Muslims and wants them to be removed from Quran. But reflecting the medieval mullah mindset, he is facing death-threats from change-resistant mullahs. 

After Mohammad’s death, Arab tribal wrote the Quran after rejecting the first two versions and then 200 years later they again wrote the so-called Hadees for their own convenience. The 21st century world is entirely different now. It’s time that mullahs of the modern digital world rewrite their Books so as to Muslims get along peacefully with rest of the humanity. It is heartening to note that the Saudi Prince appears to be taking steps towards rationalizing Islamic books.

Explore Further:

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“Black September”: Pakistan’s Love For Palestine Is Hypocrisy

Pakistan’s Monkey Dance on Israel-Palestine Conflict !

Recent flare up between Israel and Palestine has enlivened Pakistanis!! Pak media found a fresh ‘Islamic topic’ when it was bored lamenting why Imran Khan doesn’t get doles any more — even the Saudis gave them Rice bags rather than dollars!! The ugly Barelvi “Labbaik” drama also suddenly died without kicking out French Ambassador and cutting diplomatic ties with France.

So the Hamas terror attack on Israel came like a refreshing cup of morning coffee! They suddenly started competing with each other to show their ‘thicker than blood’ Islamic brotherhood with Palestinians. Politicians talked of sending Pakistani troops to fight Israel. TV anchors debated why Pak is not dropping nukes on Israel! An ‘expert’ outlined how in just 12 minutes Pak nukes can “finish” Israel, as well as India!! [Why India? You don’t look for sanity when ‘jihadi’ emotions are sky rocketing!!]

There is no one to remind the cocky Israel-haters how Pakistani army killed thousands of Palestinians just fifty years ago – and Palestinians haven’t forgotten that!!

To the illiterate Pakistanis who dreamed sending Pak troops to fight Israel, here is a reminder of how they compare with Israel.

Dark Legacy of “Black September”

Yasser Arafat appreciated India’s concern for his people.

“Black September” is the dark chapter in the history of Pakistan that remains buried in wishful oblivion. Whenever the terrorist nation wants to show Islamic comradery with Palestinians, the ugly legacy of “Black September” start staring at its face. Palestinians haven’t forgotten how Zia ul Haq, lording over Pakistani and Jordanian troops, butchered thousands of Palestinians and offended their women in 1970 — just months before Pak army started its deeply cherished genocide of East Pakistani Bengalis where it killed at least half a million of its own civilians. Butcher of Palestinians, Zia, was honored with the highest award of the county by a grateful King Hussein for the valuable services Zia rendered! Although what Zia ul Haq did in Jordan in 10 dark days of September 1970 was just a trailer of Pak genocide in Bangladesh, it points to the sick mental culture Pakistani army represents. Zia ul Haq was a fan of Israel and Jewish people. In 1986, he urged the PLO to recognize Israel. Palestinians still don’t trust Pakistan’s display of sham Islamic love despite passage of 5 decades.

“Black September” also provides the most realistic picture of Arab-Palestine relationship. It punctures the medieval Umma (unity of all Muslims as brothers) thinking. The Arab interest in Palestine is limited to the damage Palestinians can cause to the Jews. Beyond that Palestinians are only as important as avoidable strangers!

Black September: Brief Background

Zia ul Haq was posted in Jordan from 1967 to 1970 as a Brigadier, to help train the Jordanian army. King Hussein of Jordan picked him to lead the 2nd Division, a mix of Pak and Jordanian troops. Jordanian King was highly suspicious of the rebellious and autonomous activities of the Palestinian militants. They had taken control of areas on the Jordan soil where writ of the King did not work.

On September 15, 1970 King Hussein declared martial law. The next day, Jordan army tanks attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organizations in Amman and army troops attacked Palestinian camps in Irbid, Salt, Sweileh, Baq’aa, Wehdat and Zarqa. Then Zia’s 2nd division joined the action. The anti-Palestinian action was also supported by the Iraqi army in Jordan posted since 1967.

Commenting on the ferocity of Kings action (with help from Zia ul Haq) one of the founding father of Israel Moshe Dayan noted that the King “killed more Palestinians in eleven days than Israel could kill in twenty years!” Yasser Arafat later claimed that between 10,000 to 25,000 Palestinians were killed.

In 1971, the militant faction of Fatah formed the “Black September” terrorist group with specific aim of assassinating King Hussein and avenge his bloody action against the Palestinians. The name highlighted that it is a reaction to the bloody cleansing of Palestinians the previous year. In November 1971, it assassinated Jordan’s Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tel. But the terror group came in global lime light when it massacred Israel’s Olympic team in 1972 in Munich. But before its formal dissolution in 1974, it also attacked many Israeli and Western targets worldwide.

Why Jordan King disliked the PLO

Six-Day War and Its Impact

Israel’s victory in the Six Days War (June 5-10, 1967) established it as a military superpower in the region. Equipped with the latest weaponry from USA, Israel completely outclassed the joint attackers led by Egypt, Syria and Jordan who used Soviet weapons. The USSR influence badly eroded in middle east after the collapse of its war machinery. The Islamic coalition was also  supported by the Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algiers. Some Pakistani Air force Pilots also joined the fray in their individual capacities.

Israel seized the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria.

The war outcome also dramatically changed the political scenario in the Arab world. Iran and Saudi Arabia were already under US control. Now Egypt and Jordon also started to negotiate with Israel backed by the US. Jordon was particularly anxious. Though it was already negotiating with Israel secretly, but now it shed that secrecy.

The war defeat badly tarnished the frontline Islamic leadership: Jamal Abdul Nasser, King Hussein and Nureddin Attassi. But simultaneously, the newly created PLO was gaining prominence. It was seen as the last remaining threat after the six day war by the US and Israel.

However, the growing power of PLO also becoming a threat for King Hussein of Jordon. Negotiations with Israel has made him unpopular in the country and the PLO started gaining support of both Jordanian public and military. The PLO took full control of Ibrid town and made it a base and opened training camps. It became a State within State! From here, they also started attacking Israel. It was a direct challenge to King’s authority and a threat to his Government.

The Jordanian Government started to take action against PLO, but it was concerned about public reaction. High on public support, the PLO also wanted to get rid of King Hussein and made several attempts to kill him but failed. So, they thought of another plan.

In early September 1970, PLO hijacked three Swissair planes, removed the passengers and blew them up in front of cameras. They also declared the Ibrid town a liberated territory. Now the King was left with no option but to take action against the PLO. Thus, on 15th September imposed Martial Law in the Country and ordered a full crackdown on the PLO. Ultimately on advise of Egyptian president Nasser, Arafat signed a peace deal and withdrew from Ibrid. But on 28th September Nasser died and the PLO lost a trusted friend. King Hussein continued the crackdown that went on till mid 1971.

Rise of Zia ul Haq in Pakistan

After Zia ul Haq returned to Pakistan, his name was suggested for Court Martial because he did not seek permission from his superiors and undertook a mission that killed thousands of Palestinians. But for strange reasons (this is common in Pakistan), his name wasn’t in the list sent to then President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Then more funny thing happened; Brigadier Zia was promoted to the rank of Major General! Then in next few years he was pushed up to the ranks of Lt General by “special attention”. More miracle! He was soon made Chief of Army Staff in 1976 bypassing seven senior officials!! This miraculous journey took only 6 years after the Black September.

The following year, Zia toppled Zulfikar government and imposed martial law in Pakistan. In order to kill Bhutto’s public support, Bhutto was charged with murder of his political opponent Ahmed Raza Kasuri. Ultimately, after the sham trial Bhutto was executed on 4th April 1979. It was pragmatic Zia’s way of fixing his opponents. Cocky and racist Bhutto always mocked Zia by calling him his pet monkey. Then, Bhutto’s two sons became terrorists to avenge their father’s death and founded Al Zulfikar. They tried and tried many things, but failed and both got killed ultimately.

Lacking a political constituency, he skillfully exploited Islam to legitimize and consolidate his military dictatorship. Presenting himself as a simple, pious and devoted Muslim, he institutionalized religious radicalism in Pakistan. If today, Pakistan is decaying under Islamic extremism, Zia is the sole culprit. Now the radical stink has gone so deep that no thinks Pakistan can ever come out of it.

Today, Pak leadership is trying its best to look the biggest supporter of the Palestinian people, but the dark legacy of Black September never stops hounding them.

Tarek Fateh Exposes Pakistani & Muslim Hypocrisies

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“Emperor Nero” Or “Bhasmasur” of Indian Politics!

Yet again, the prince of India’s royal family repeated his magic in the assembly elections! In West Bengal, he scored a perfect ZERO! So terrified are the opposition leaders by the shameful repeat performances by ‘Prince’ Rahul Gandhi, that they prefer to keep a safe distance from him. While his mom (Antania Maino) brilliantly sent country’s oldest political party into comma so that only the ‘royal prince’ matters, but it, worries all those who care for the health of Indian democracy and wish to see merit based electoral competition and a strong opposition. Despite silence of elite Lutyen media on the ‘royal mess’, the social media remains active. …. And, once again, the responsible social media journos started chirping Emperor Nero!And many started equating the Prince with Bhasmasur! … And yet others discovered a Bermuda Triangle in the elite family that has made India’s oldest political party dysfunctional!

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (A.D. 37–68)

Historians have popularized the phrase, “While Rome was burning, King Nero was fiddling.” For those naïve about musical instruments like me, fiddling refers to playing some stringed instrument, such as guitar. In 64 AD, a wild fire ravaged Rome for six days and destroyed most of the city. It was when the great Nero was Roman emperor. If history writers are right, Nero was really a bad guy. Nero’s biographer, Suetonius, also wrote that Nero indulged in several forms of obnoxious behavior, from incest to cruelty to animals to killing people. Whether or not Nero actually played fiddle when the fire was destroying his capital and people were in distress is of no consequence. But the phrase conveys the message that Nero was an irresponsible and unconcerned ruler – and had a bad character. Therefore, he was totally unfit for the job.

Congress is decaying, but this joker keeps spreading lies.

Almost 2000 years later, India has a “Royal Prince” with Italian connections, that naturally reminds people of emperor Nero. While modern “Nero” doesn’t play fiddle, rather can’t play any music at all, but he stands out as utterly irresponsible politician devoid of slightest leadership quality or ability to connect with Indian masses. This Nero is Raul Vinci — a pathological liar — who dons a fake “Gandhi” surname to fool people and gather their votes. What Nero did to Rome is what Mr Vinci is doing to India’s grand old political party. He is also totally unfit for the job.

In future, if some unbiased writer writes history of Congress demise, he/she would give the following punch line:

When the Congress Party was counting its last breaths on ventilator, Lord Nero was busy demonizing Modi, BJP and Hindu organizations to keep his Muslim vote-bank in good humor.

However, to be fair to the modern Nero, Congress was already a bastion of corrupt and sycophantic elements and a sinking ship. Mr Rahul’s juvenile mannerism only added more useless weight to it so that it started sinking faster. To be more realistic and yet fairer, the trio of the Royal Family, Antania-Rahul-Priyanka, should be seen as the Bermuda Triangle that has trapped the Congress Party and killing it.

Congress Party is like a ship trapped inside the
Bermuda Triangle of the Royal Family.!!

Nero of the past climbed to the roof top to watch the flames destroying his capital and romanticized how he would create a grand new city from the ashes. Our Nero disappears for ‘private pleasure trips’ every time he loses elections or when some serious brain work is expected from him. Mr Rahul is devoid of any vision for the country whose citizenship provided him undeserving aristocratic privileges. He is like a ‘sick celebrity joke’ on a society where poverty is still in abundance. Whenever he hears the unfortunate news of rape somewhere, he gets filled with motivation but first checks the religion or caste of the victim and if the ‘political criterion’ matches, then he blames PM Modi as per the ‘standard operating procedure’ of what he calls politics. In the past, this weirdo has even declared India ‘Rape Capital’ of the world! Of course, without shame. Such is the neurotic allergy the great dynast harbors against the society and the country that granted him so much privileges and comforts.

BHASMASUR of Indian Politics?

Mr Rahul routinely maligns patriotic Hindu organizations like RSS, VHP etc (to please his Muslim constituency), oblivious of the fact that India is defined by Hindus and their profound and magnanimous Vedic Science that see the entire humanity as one single family. Despite claim of “Jeneu Dhari Brahmin” he doesn’t know what Brahmin means, what Jeneu signifies or what makes people Hindu. He can’t decipher the difference between ‘Sanatan Dharma‘ of Hindus and ‘religion‘ (Christianity or Islam) despite advancing half a century into life. His Hindu pride vanishes when Hindu Sanyasis are mob lynched, as it happened weeks ago in Palghar, Maharashtra — a state ruled by his own party. In the past too, Mr Vinci remained invisible when Swami Ramdev (the devoted Yogi who single-handedly made Yoga and Ayurveda popular around the world) was humiliated in public when the Swami protested against massive corruption scams of his party men. Yet, Mr ‘Jeneu-dhari Hindu’ can be forgiven because Hindus are still like second grade citizens in India, under Islamic-secularism whose foundation his great grand daddy laid after partition and which was nurtured by his Dadi.

Roman historians did not mention any financial wrong doing of the eccentric emperor or his hobnobbing with enemy nations. But the modern Indian version appears to have gone much farther. ‘National Herald‘ or ‘Rajiv Gandhi Foundation‘ are not the only examples of ‘financial art work’, Mr Rahul and his mom even signed a ‘strange treaty’ with the Chinese Communist Party for collaboration and received money from the Dragon country! They even open an office in Turkey, for sake of its special vote bank — and Damadji can be spotted enjoying royal vacation almost as a State guest! Such is the might of their clout that the elite Lutyen’s media sees Antania Maino as Queen of India and Mr Raul Vinci as the heir Prince. No one ever asks any question to the elite Family members and plays blind to their wrong doings.

The Royal Family appears closer to China, Pakistan and Turkey than India and Indian people.

Nero did not need passport to be a Roman citizen, but Mr Raul Vinci could not become a responsible Indian citizen despite holding Indian passport. Indian citizenship doesn’t prevent him from belittling Indian forces or acting like agents of enemy nations. It is the misfortune of this great nation to have such an ultra privileged politician who doesn’t know who he really is and what he stands for — but has the audacity to claim president-ship of India’s oldest political party that freed India from British occupation. Much worse, he thinks he has the capability to lead 130 crore Indians as Prime Minister! His ‘royal status’ in Indian politics is a sure delight for all anti-India lobbies around the world — the happiest being the two enemy nations in the neighborhood.

Hope some day the norms to enter politics will be revised and only those whose 3-4 past generations were indigenous Indian citizens, would be allowed to aspire for prime minister’s chair. 1000 year of foreign rule should be enough to wake up 130 crore Indians so that they can keep hostile aliens away from Indian soil. This clown should serve as a wake up alarm !!

The Joker of Superhero Comics

Who Funded RGF

TV Debate on RGF Scam

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1971 Bangladesh Genocide: When “Rape” Became A Weapon

26 March 1971 is the day when Pakistan’s genocide of Bengalis began, in the name of Operation Search Light. It was start of a nine month long campaign of mass murders and organized rapes by Pakistan’s rogue army, assisted by a rogue Jihadi outfit Jamaat-e-Islami.  This uncivilized criminal mullah gang actively acted as spies for Pak army and kidnapped Bengali women and supplied them to army barracks for “rape-pleasure”. If one wants  to describe the barbaric events of 1971 in the minimum words, it could be Betrayal of East Pakistan or Murder of Democracy. More realistically, it would be a combination of the two: The Betrayal of East Pakistan and Murder of Democracy!

The Killer Exposes his Crimes!

The Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, the top brass of the Pakistani Eastern Command who surrendered, along with 93000 troops, before the joint command of Indian forces and Mukti Bahini on 16 December 1971, wrote in his book, The Betrayal of East Pakistan,

“On the night of March 25-26, 1971, General Tikka Khan (of the Pakistani Eastern Command) turned the peaceful night into a time of wailing, crying and burning…. The military action was a display of stark cruelty, more merciless than the massacres at Bukhara and Baghdad by Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, or at Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Dyer.”

The same Tikka Khan was soon sent to Balochistan where he repeated the same Islamic atrocities on the Baloch people. None involved in the war crime was punished despite an inquiry commission submitting its report identifying the prime suspects.

A rare honest narrative of 1971 genocide from mature Pakistanis

The Genocide the US Ignored, But Bangladesh can’t Forget

Americans became accomplice in the Bangladesh genocide by choosing to look the other way.

If Pakistan committed the biggest war crimes in the modern history, post WW2, the US became an accomplice in the crime by ‘looking the other way’ ! The self appointed global cop gave its cold war ally full freedom to murder and rape of its own citizens. Of course, Americans never stop fighting for democracy and take pride in lecturing the world on human rights!

“Here in Decca we are mute and horrified witnesses to a reign of terror by the Pak Military….”. 

– Archer Blood, American Diplomat, March 27, 1971

Starting with this cable, a series of messages were sent to the US president to keep him aware of the horrible things going on in East Pakistan. The army was under clear instructions “teach the Bengalis a lesson” for daring to seek equality with the West Pakistanis, right from the top brass, Pak dictator Yahya Khan. Elite Generals even resolved to change the DNA of the East Pakistanis — and they did it, through mass rapes that went on for months. Rape became a weapon!! Every top rank officer sent from the West Pakistan would first inquire “where are the women kept”!

Unlike the Jew holocaust, Rwandan genocide or mass killings that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia, the genocide of Bengalis is still a non-event after 50 years — despite the scale of death toll which was estimated between half to three million and rapes between 200,000 and 400,000. Despite full knowledge and timely information, the US president chose to ignore the satanic deeds of its cold war Islamic ally — that ‘experts’ say, was a ‘normal’ part of global diplomacy. Pakistan brilliantly ‘blocked out’ the entire episode from the history books and claimed ‘victory’ despite shameful surrender of 93000 of its troops.

The “Murder of Democracy”

We should treat the Bengali pigs in the same way as Hitler treated the Jews.” — Zulfikar Ali Bhutto reportedly told Dictator Yahya Khan

Pakistan’s National Pride!

In the general elections held on December 7, 1970, the East Pakistan based Awami League of Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman won 160 seats (of the total 162 seats in East Pakistan). Mujib fielded some candidates in the Western side but none could win. Bhutto’s People Party contested all 138 seats in the West Pakistan and won 81 seats. It did not field any candidate in the East Pakistan. The results made the Awami League the largest party but without any seat from West Pakistan. The PPP emerged as the second largest party, far behind the Awami League, with no seat from East Pakistan.

The electoral verdict put army dictator Yahya Khan in a quandary, because all pre poll assessment of ‘experts’ had forecasted a hung parliament. The clear verdict in favor of ‘inferior Bengalis’ was too bitter to swallow. Yahya Khan’s predicament was understandable. Right since 1947, every effort was made to keep East Pakistan in the role of a subordinate colony. Accepting the election result would mean handing over political power to East Pakistan, for which none in the West Pakistan’s elite ‘club of rulers’ was ready. Thus, Khan chose to suppress the Bengali aspirations. He decided to punish them for “raising their voices” against rulers of Pakistan.

Sheikh Mujib was left with no option but to call for independence of Bengali East Pakistan. Civil war followed, with Pak army killing and raping at will.

A Rare case of ‘Majority Community’ Seeking Freedom!

A French journalist, Paul Dreyfus, succinctly described West Pakistan’s exploitative behavior : “Over the years, West Pakistan behaved like a poorly raised, egotistical guest, devouring the best dishes and leaving nothing but scraps and leftovers for East Pakistan.”

The 1971 Bangladesh war has a very peculiar dimension. It’s a case of the ‘majority community’ (East Pakistani Bengalis formed 55 % of Pakistan population) fighting for freedom from the tyranny of minority Punjabi rule!

Right since 1947, East Pakistan was treated like a colony by political elites sitting in the West Pakistan. Its resources were liberally used to enrich the West Pakistan — almost in the same way as the British robbed India to enrich Britain.

Visionless Jinnah imposed ‘Urdu’, a language of UP and Bihar Muslims, on Pakistan. Hardly 10 percent people actually spoke or understood Urdu. Jinnah himself couldn’t speak it! But he foolishly imposed this ‘elitist language’ on the new Islamic State. If he had any sense of fairness and pragmatism, he would have adopted Bengali (spoken by 55 population) as  the national language of Pakistan. But rationality and reason remain replaced by hysteria and fanaticism in Pakistan. In reality, it’s  a Punjabi occupied artificial state.

Today Bangladesh beats Pakistan in Every Dimension!

Bangladesh of Inferior” Bengalis is today miles ahead of Pakistan of “Superior” Punjabis, in every aspect of development!!

Freed of Pak exploitation, Bengalis have been progressing at a much faster pace, and without burden to nurture India-hate it is making full use of the vast Indian market and business houses. Being wiser, the Bengali nation steers clear of playing with jihadi terrorism, and derives strength from its unique Bengali culture that produced the greats like Rabindranath Tagore, Vivekanand, Subhash Bose.

Will Pakistan Ever Apologize for 1971 Genocide?

Pakistan will never apologize because it is Pakistan!!

Only the most naïve would think so. In the Pakistani art of Islamic warfare, regret or apology has no relevance; every dissent must be crushed. They see the nine month long genocide of 3 million civilians and rape of over 300,000 women as a brilliant “Islamic feat” under the Jihadi doctrine of Pakistan army. The Chief villain, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Company justified the loss of East Pakistan as a necessary step to “Save the valuable West Pakistan” that’s real Pakistan !!

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7 Reasons Why Pakistan is Chanting “Peace”

Pakistan is chanting “Peace”. It must be time for another terror attack !!

Sing “Peace” to Buy Time !

In the Pakistani art of Islamic warfare, peace treaties are signed only to buy time for regrouping and strengthening military for next attack. It means, the treaty lasts only till Pakistan is in the position to launch another strike on India. Since Pakistan is too weak to launch conventional military attack on mighty India, it is obvious that terror groups would continue to shape its ‘Holy-relationship’ with India. Since Hindu dominated India is considered a Kafir nation that must be destroyed, like the Jewish Israel, the Islamic State of Pakistan is duty bound to try to hurt India in as many ways as possible. Remember, Pakistan’s deeply cherished policy of 1000 cuts to bleed India. It comes from its core Islamic thinking.

Then Pakistan has another religious burden. The compulsion of a future Ghazwa-e-Hind — complete decimation of all Hindus and Islamization of India. Obviously, a lot of Indian Muslims are also waiting for the “great holy event” and would love to participate in the bloody action along side Lashkar-e-Pakistan!

The current gestures of “peace talk” are forced upon Pakistani leadership by several current forces. Being Islamic, Pakistan is too lethargic to change. But has no other choice now, thanks to Modi diplomacy!

FATF “Grey-Listing”: Sinking Economy

One, FATF “grey listing” since 2018 has continuously squeezed Pakistan economy and it stands at the “door of bankruptcy”. It is a direct result of its obsession to use jihadi terrorism as undeclared state policy. Cocky and immature Imran made it worst by severing all economic ties with ENEMY India, after the Balakot air strike on a terror camp. Now its industries badly need vital inputs from neighboring India for survival.

New Chinese colony! “PAK ZIN TAN”

Two, Bajwa-Imran & Co has realized that China’s CPEC is a “death trap” and continuous leasing Pakistani assets and lands to China for money means ultimately losing sovereignty and becoming a Chinese colony, say PAK ZIN TAN (from PAK IS TAN)! This is similar to how the East India Company entered India and ultimately colonized it. Moreover, the manner in which Modi out maneuvered China in Ladakh stand off is an eye opener for Pakistan. Pakistan can no longer afford to sit in Chinese lap and pick up hostilities with India.

No More Power Broker Role in Afghanistan

Three, Biden administration doesn’t see Pakistan as a Reliable or Key peace broker in Taliban-Afghan peace talks. In the Trump policy, Pakistan was seen as vital player because of its intimate relations with Taliban. Even Taliban leadership doesn’t want to play puppet of Pakistan. With its growing stature and almost a sure government player in future Afghanistan, Taliban would rather ally with India which is a regional super power, always helpful and a trusted friend of Afghan people, than a cocky beggar nation. Moreover, India’s role in Afghanistan has always been benevolent. The developmental initiatives of India are no threat to Taliban or any Afghani faction. So India has a “natural acceptance” among all Afghans due its trustworthiness.

Global Isolation

Fourth, after Imran Khan tried becoming leader of Islamic world along with Turkey and Malaysia, both the Saudi Arabia and UAE snubbed Pakistan and started demanding their loans lack! But how can a habitual beggar pay back loan!! Very few people know that actually they treat the Balochs differently and more respectfully than Pakistanis. India has a bigger Haj Quota than Pakistan and the UAE ruler has magnanimously allowed construction of a grand Hindu Temple on its soil ! Currently, the terror exporter nation is completely isolated globally. But Pakistan’s pain is made worst by the rising global stature of Kafir India under Modi !!!

End of Muslim Appeasement Era

Fifth, Bajwa-Imran & Co accepts the bitter reality of Modi government staying much longer in India. Sonia-Vadra family or any other “Muslim Appeasement” group is no match to Modi’s dynamism, his diplomacy, his corruption-free governance and BJP’s nationalism. The days of Gandhian-Nehruvian “Sharia Secularism” are gone; it’s time for “Real Secularism” of Sardar Patel where Muslims are seen equal to other citizens of India — no less, no more. Most Indian Muslims have realized it already and Pakistan has to realize it too for its own good.

Abrogation of Article 370: Death Blow to Terrorism

Sixth, death blow to its Kashmir propaganda and its jihadi puppets by abrogation of article 370. Steadily, J&K is returning towards “normalcy of a civilized society” through people’s participation at the grass roots level. Indian army is steadily eliminating sleeper cells and terror supporters. Soon people of J&K would become fully integrated with Indian civil society and enjoy all democratic rights offers by a great Constitution. Pakistan has realized that ultimately both POK and G-B would be reunited with J&K, as they were before 1947. Its false Kashmir propaganda has no more sincere buyers on the planet. “Kashmir” can’t bring free-money or weapons any more.

Rising Internal Chaos

Seventh, the current divisive forces inside Pakistan are becoming bigger and bigger as economic hardships increase day by day and as the leadership continue to behave like irresponsible juvenile teenagers. The voices from POK, Balochistan, Sindh and the call for “greater” Pashtunistan are all becoming too loud to be ignored. If Pakistan doesn’t make sincere peace with India now, 1971 is against looming on the horizon. This time there can be 4 pieces and no Pakistan!!

Hope Pakistani masses realize, how their leaders have fooled them by endless anti-Hindu and anti-India hysteria. Now is the time they must decide whether they want prosperous and peaceful life or they still want to continue to spend heavily on oversized military, lavish lifestyle of army generals and hundreds of terror factories.

Lesson for Ghazwa-e-Hind Dreamers in India

By all means, Pakistan has proved itself to be a failed project of Indian Muslims. Pakistan’s “beggar” and chaotic condition is a reminder for all “Jinnah Muslims” of India who still dream of breaking India in the name of Islam. It’s time that they become responsible citizens of a multi-cultural democracy of India, give up their ‘Muslim-supremacist’ delusional mindset and stop behaving like hostile aliens waiting only for the genocidal Ghazwa-e-Hind to slaughter kafir Hindus at some future unknown date. It’s time to embrace humanity and confine ‘faith’ inside home boundaries.

Explore: Minority Politics of Indian Muslims

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“Extortion Racket” of Maharashtra Government! Target: 100 Cr per Month!! What a Shame.

For the first time in India’s history, a State Government is caught running an elaborate “extortion racket” like underworld criminals!! This most shameful feat was performed by the Maharashtra government. The godfathers of this extraordinary insanity are obviously Sharad Pawar, Antania Maino and their puppet Uddhav Thakre; rest are all small sacrificial pawns. They brilliantly transformed Mumbai Police that used to be famous as ‘Scotland Yard’ into petty extortionist. The target was 100 crore rupees per month! Both Bollywood script writers and ‘professional crooks’ can learn a lot from this ultra-corrupt political mafia. Jointly, Sharad Pawar and Antania Maino can beat any crook in the art of loot and plunder. They had shown it during UPA and repeated the shameful saga now.

Parambir and Vaze: Chief Executioners of the racket

100 crore was the “extortion target” from Mumbai city and the task was given to Mumbai Police by the Home Minister of Maharashtra!! This is the claim of former Mumbai police commissioner, Parambir Singh, who was transferred recently. After the Home Minister Anil Deshmukh decided to dump him to save his own skin, Parambir Singh decided to hit back at his political masters who forced him into doing dirty things for them. Singh did not stop at just sending a letter to the CM, he even went to the Supreme Court demanding thorough probe in the entire extortion scam. He was already facing the heat after the “Chief Executioner” of the racket, Sachin Vaze, was arrested by the NIA in the Antilia bomb scare case and is being questioned to find out if he killed Mansukh Hiren. The manner in which a suspended SI Sachin Vaze, so-called encounter specialist, was re-inducted in Mumbai police, clearly under instructions from CM Uddhav Thakre, was highly dubious and pointed to some nefarious agenda at the top.

For last several months, Mumbai police has been under cloud for “less than professional” handling of several high profile cases starting with deaths of Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput, targeting and arresting Republic TV and its Editor in chief, Arnab Goswami, harassment of other Republic TV journalists, open favoritism to INDIA TODAY despite documental evidence of its involvement in the TRP scam, targeting actress Kangana Ranaut because she spoke for Sushant and Disha, the BMC demolishing her office without proper procedures, and so on. The lack of enthusiasm to investigate killing of Hindu Sanyansis in Palghar by the government might be easily attributed to jihadi influence, but the Uddhav Thakre government clearly appeared to be working on some specific agenda. However, no one could imagine that the government would be running an “extortion racket” — that too using Mumbai Police!!

A Government without Mandate!

These principle-less crooks formed government only to cheat people, harass journalists and extort money. Their Common Minimum Program had just One Program: EXTORTION !

Top crooks of the Maha Racket?

The manner in which the prime losers of Assembly election, Congress and NCP, joined hands with opportunist Uddhav Thakre to form government was a clear betrayal of public mandate. Uddhav fought the election in coalition with the BJP that emerged as the largest party. But then power hungry Uddhav ditched the long trusted ideological partner, even dumped the Hindutva legacy of his father and joined hands with ultra-corrupt Vadra Congress and maverick Sharad Pawar.

The result came as complete betrayal of people of Maharashtra. The jihadi influence on NCP and Congress resulted in Palghar killing of Hindu sages while Hindutva lord Uddhav chose to play spineless. His hand picked notorious Sachina Vaze became as powerful as the top COPs despite being just a sub inspector and started handling all high profile cases in his own ‘unique way’ where ‘suicide’ was a foregone conclusion.

It’s amazing to note that Asia’s most corrupt politician, Antanai Maino, leaves her influence everywhere, in promoting corruption. Getting involved in ‘extortion racket’ must be another unique achievement of her ultra-corrupt political career.

Extra Constitutional Authority

Why was Police Commissioner reporting to Sharad Pawar?

In the 10 years of dark UPA rule, the Italian fascist lady was the CEO of India advised by a super elite group called National Advisory Council. The spineless Manmohan was just a front cover. Antania Maino and her son read all government files (without legal authority) and dictated the PM and his cabinet. As a result, India was actually run for the benefit of the ISI and jihadi groups, foreign lobbies, anti-Hindu and anti-India organizations. That reduced all constitutional entities including the army to non-entities. As a result, the 2008 Mumbai terror attack took place “comfortably” — Pak sent terrorists, Indian jihadi lobby and congress ISI agents provided political support, the jihadi foreign minister of India made only cosmetic noises and Antania Maino did not allow army to retaliate.

In Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar is playing that role. Parambir Singh reported to Pawar who has no formal position in the government. The question is: what was being reported by the police commissioner and what instructions Pawar gave him?

Think about it: What business a Police Commissioner might possible have with a politician.

Now the real Questions: Who set the target of 100 crore per month? Was it to be distributed among politicians of all three parties? How much share for Pawar, Uddhav and Antania Maino?

Why Target Top Industrialist?

Jaish-ul-Hind claimed responsibility for planting explosives near Antilia. The mobile phone and SIM used for messaging were seized in Delhi’s Tihar Jail from the barrack of Indian Mujahideen Tehseen Akhtar. Are jihadi terror groups connected with conspirators in Mumbai Police and Maha Government? This strongly points fingers towards the jihadi lobbies of NCP and Congress. Did they use Sachin Vaze as part of some plot to create a new fake “Hindu-terror” narrative?

Targeting Reliance Industries’ Muksh Ambani is an extremely unusual move that raises many questions. The bomb material planted at his gate by Sachin Vaze was merely a scare tactic for extortion or there is a wider conspiracy to hurt PM Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative. India’s industrialists always profusely donate to various political parties so it is hard to believe that ‘extortion’ was the only motive behind Vaze’s dirty trick. There is clearly an anti-India motive here.

Are they behind targeting of Mukesh Ambani and lynching of Sadhus in Palghar?

The conspiracy angle become all the more relevant because Antania Maino’s half grown joker son Rahul Gandhi has been consistently targeting Ambani and Adani for last several years. Then this clown mysteriously disappears to foreign countries quite frequently. His political narrative is systematically becoming more and more anti-India in his efforts to malign Narendra Modi and Hindu organizations. More frequently, his narrative appears to have been set by Pakistan or India’s Jihadi lobby; at other times he appear to be an agent of China.

Therefore, the NIA must find out if this joker, Antania Maino or Vadra family have cooked up any ‘plan’ that involves harassing Mukesh Ambani and other Indian industrialists.

No state government has ever targeted any top business person so openly for whatever reason. Thus, Antalia bomb scare must be investigated thoroughly. Rogue Sachin Vaze and his handlers must have planned to target other business elites too.

Why Target REPUBLIC TV but Cover-up TRP Misdeed of INDIA TODAY?

Why Lutyen’s Media is Silent on TRP Scamsters? Must be afraid of INDIA TODAY !

Republic TV was the most vocal and most widely watched news channel across the country, and even abroad. So, did Maharashtra government want to silence the most critical voice so that its ‘extortion racket’ could run smoothly? Mr Parambir Singh lied in the press conference when he openly accused Republic TV, rather than the INDIA TODAY group that was named in the earlier FIR. Was it a pressure tactic to gag free journalism while protecting a ‘friendly’ INDIA TODAY that was actually named in the FIR?

Then things got uglier. Sachin Vaze arrested Arnab Goswami as if he was arresting some dreaded terrorist, openly humiliating him and actually got him imprisoned in Taloja Jail for a week. The entire staff of REPUBLIC was harassed in the name of investigation — without any FIR or valid rationale. Question: Did INDIA TODAY paid money to be spared?

But the Supreme Court foiled all the filthy efforts of Maha government. Now the question is how much money INDIA TODAY paid to the conspirators for maligning its emerging rival and covering up its own dirty TRP game?

Another question: why a top Muslim politician of NCP and a close associate of Sharad Pawar commented that Arnab would commit suicide. Was there a plan to kill Arnab Goswami if nothing else silenced his voice? Pak PM Imran Khan targeting REPUBLIC and Arnab Goswaami clearly point to some shady involvement of the jihadi lobby. NIA must question this politician and investigate his connections abroad?

Yet more questions: Why so many FIRs were filed against Arnab across India by Antania Maino associates? Was Chhattisgarh CM the mastermind of FIR idea? Was she afraid of exposure of her hidden misdeeds? Did she or her party men play any role in killings of Hindu Sadhus and why? Why she showed no urgency to investigate the gruesome murders? Because they were not Muslims, right?

Read: TRP Scam Probe: ED has Evidence Against INDIA TODAY and 4 Other Channels

Murders of Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput

These were declared ‘suicide’ even before investigation! Mumbai police appeared to deliberately “not carrying out thoughtful and sincere investigation” and let go of vital evidences. Was it Vaze’s idea to protect the real culprits and hammer out the fake suicide narrative? Then it appeared that the entire police force is trying to hide involvement of Aditya Thakre in elite parties and drugs.

Question: Were these unfortunate actors ‘killed but shown as suicide’ because they could expose some prominent politician or because the attempt of extortion failed?

Criminalization of Mumbai Police

Some one once rightly said: “when the distinction between criminal and police vanishes, society becomes the biggest victim”.

Did Uddhav Thakre want to become CM only to run “extortion racket” and make more money that was not possible at Shiv Sena level? Did he not make fortune from the BMC and other connections?

Did Antania Maino want power in Maha only to extort money, hiding behind idiot Uddhav’s back? She already had enough coming from China and other scams she did during the UPA.

Did Sharad Pawar form government under juvenile Uddav only to earn extortion money? His party is traditionally quite close to Mumbai underworld; that’s the ideal work force for the dirty task.

A wise sage advised: An ideal ruler behaves like a Sanyasi who has no craving for material wealth — and who only thinks about public welfare. That’s why people trust Modi and Yogi !!

Questions to All Three Coalition Partners:

Why you all maligned Mumbai Police by reappointing rogue Sachin Vaze and using the cops for extortion?

Are you so corrupt and conscious-less that you first formed government against people’s mandate and then criminalized the Mumbai Police that was once famous as Scotland yard? Shame on all of you scoundrels of Maharashtra politics?


Sharad Pawar: Please retire, and let honest & trust-worthy Indians come to politics. Your entire principle-less political career is a bad role model. No one can ever serve the people or the country taking you as role model.

Antania Maino: Kindly leave the country along with your useless kids and land-dealer son-in-law. This great country doesn’t need dirty politicians who drop from the sky and know nothing about its culture or people. You have earned enough exploiting Gandhi surname through Indian politics. Now let Vatican or China use your valuable expertise.

Uddhav Thakre: Your life dream of becoming CM is fulfilled. Join Antania Maino & Co; she can teach you a lot about making money without ever working. You have completely disgraced your father and his wonderful legacy. You betrayed everyone who trusted you. You have no more political career left.

Union Law Minister Raises Serious Questions on the Roles of Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thakre

Read Further

King “Nero” of Indian Politics

NDTV Frauds

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27 February 2002: Remembering The Victims of Godhra Terror Attack

On 27 February 2002, the devilish shadow of Sharia-Secularism fell upon devotees of Lord Shri Ram returning from Ayodhya. Fifty-nine Devotees were burnt alive in the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express. The victims included 25 women, 25 children and nine men. It was a pre-planned jihadi terror attack, directed from a local mosque. Since the victims were Hindus and the aggressors were Muslims, the mainstream media, dominated by the Lutyen-Leftist-Congress lobbies did its best to downplay or ignore the jihadi barbarism. The Congress Queen Antania Maino did not call anyone “Maut Ka Saudagar” because Muslims might stop voting for Congress, the candle light leftist/anarchist gang did not come out on the streets because the victims were Hindus, the human rights champions did not wake up the Supreme Court at midnight, no writer returned any award, no Fatwa was issued against the Jihadis by any Deobandi or Barelvi cleric preaching the ‘religion of peace’ and no one shouted that secularism was in danger. For them the horrendous mass murder was just like some road accident. All of them quietly followed the Gandhian excuse of Muslim appeasement: why give importance to Muslims killling Hindu, after all they are only following their Holy Book that say that Hindus are kafir and Muslims have the religious duty to slaughter them. They had done this at mega scale in the past, during the dark Islamic centuries but today they are doing it at a much lower scale.

Six years later, India’s Jihadi lobby collaborated with Pakistan and their joint venture led to the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. This well planned attack had a special purpose: create a Hindu-Terror narrative to demonize Hindus. It was supported from behind the scene by Congress leaders, under their Italian monarchy. But unfortunately for them, one Pakistani terrorist Kasab was captured alive. More pain for them, Pakistani David Headley and Indian Muslim traitor Jabiuddin Ansari also got arrested. And, the conspiracy against Hindus became exposed in the public domain. Most shameful role was that Indian mullahs who created a fake Book to malign the RSS.

Hindu Devotees were Burned Alive!

This heinous crime of 2002 was directed from the loud speaker of a local mosque in Godhra, just as the 2008 Mumbai terror attack was directed from Pakistan on mobile phone.

Ignored by the Leftist-Congress Media because it was an Islamic Jihad, the genocide was directed through the loudspeaker of a nearby mosque by the followers of “religion of Peace”.

The Jihadi perpetrators hatched the conspiracy the previous night and got ready with the stockpile of petrol for the next day. When the train arrived and made to halt they reached within minutes and committed the gruesome crime. If 26/11 Mumbai terrorists were guided on mobile phone, the Godhra jihad was guide with the loudspeaker of a nearby mosque. The fast track court found 31 people guilty and sentenced 11 to death; the rest were sentenced to life imprisonment. The judge also cited history of Godhra’s communal tensions (Muslims population: 50%) and quoted 10 incidents between 1965 and 1992 when innocent Hindus were burnt alive and their properties destroyed. In comparison, the only example of such sub-human brutality comes from the British India when in 1921 Mopla Muslims in Malabar, Kerala, slaughtered Hindus. The Khilafat movement to show solidarity with the defeated Turkish Islamic empire in the WW1 turned them Jihadi beasts. Mahatma Gandhi foolishly supported this purely Islamic movement hoping to get Muslim support for India’s freedom struggle — that never happened. Moreover, not just in Malabar, Hindus were targeted and killed in many other areas.

The ghastly Godhra genocide gave a rude shock to the Hindus. Their anger soon irrupted and Gujarat riots took place. This gave the Congress-Jihadi-Left lobby and powerful anti-Hindu Lutyen media the opportunity to project the Gujarat riots as pre meditated and pre-planned attack by Hindus. They did their best to demonize Hindus, Hindu Organizations and Narendra Modi in particular. Crazy to build on her Muslim vote bank, Congress Empress Antania Maino went to the extent of calling Narendra Modi ‘Maut Ka Saudagar‘ despite her linguistic handicap and the ‘Clown Prince’ of the Party, joker Rahul Gandhi, discovered ‘Khoon ki Dalali‘ from the underworld dictionary. It is the magic of Congress Party’s ‘Sharia secularism‘ that they run out of words and phrases when there is Jihadi violence on Hindus.

The Nanavati-Mehta commission that investigated the Gujarat riots categorically asserted that the riots resulted spontaneously because Hindus were angry due to the gruesome Godhra Jihad. But despite Commission’s findings, the elite secularists did not stop hate campaign against Hindu organizations and Narendra Modi.

Shameful Role of Media, Intellectuals, and Congress leaders

Chief Jihadi Arrested 19 Years Later!

Rafiq Hussain Bhatuk is name of the chief culprit of the Godhra Jihad. He was arrested 19 years later on Feb 15, 2021 ! Obviously this jihadi creature will be hardly discussed by the mainstream media. Thus, presstitutes of NDTV, INDIA TODAY and their clones decided that this is a news without significance.

India must Learn from France

French school Teacher killed by a Muslim for teaching “freedom of speech”

India must take cue from France and stop Islamic hate crime against Hindus through legislation. “Religion” Islam must be differentiated from Political or Jihadi Islam. Religious Muslims see Mohammad as saint and interpret Quran for moral guidance and good human conduct. But the political mullahs, on the other hand, don’t see Mohammad that way. They are inspired by the wars he fought and interpret Words of Quran without context. Here is their favorite: “When you meet the un-believers, strike their necks.” (47:4). Another one could be “…. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.” (8:12).

Political mullahs are explicitly hypocritical. they want others to believe that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ but’ but practice it as a political cult for hate and violence. Whenever Islamic terror attacks take place, they try turning it into a left-right or Islamophobia debate.

The entire Islamic world erupted in anger against the French Law, most vicious remarks came from Turkey and Pakistan. Their reaction was absurd because the French Law doesn’t mention Islam or Muslims. Do they wish to continue to preach beheading and violence in the name of Islam against those who practice freedom of expression allowed by secular France? As far Muslims living in France, if they want Sharia why don’t they move to any one of the 50+ Sharia Islamic State on the planet? Why live in a society that their Holy Book calls Kafir society? Their Sharia and Western secularism are poison to each other. It’s time to get honest and make a rational choice like rational humans.

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Mob Attack on Delhi Red Fort: Nadir Shah Returns !

Criminal elements at Delhi Red Fort on January 26, 2021.

The unruly scenario on 26th January 2021 in Delhi, by foreign-funded criminal elements hidden among farmers on protest, that also saw the Red Fort under mob attack, brought memories of Nadir Shah’s genocide and plunder of Delhi in 1739, during the Islamic dark-age in India.

It was a time when the Mughal Sharia rule was crumbling after the fanatic Aurangzeb died in 1707. He was the same jihadi mass killer who tortured and killed Guru Teg Bahadur for resisting conversion and vandalized pious Ayodhya Ram Temple and destroyed a lot of other Temples to glorify Allah. Following the Islamic Sharia tradition, the barbaric Mughal clan in Delhi remained submerged in filthy pleasures in the Royal Harem; it had no time or aptitude to attend to people’s welfare. Naturally, the subordinate kings called Nawabs and Nizams began acting independently and their mutual rivalry was further eroding the socio-political situation. The news of Mughal decay had reached far and wide, and between 1738 to 1767, rulers from Persia and Afghanistan exploited the decadent rule and undertook plunder missions.

If Nadir Shah invaded, defeated the Mughal army, emptied the Mughal exchequer and robbed Delhi residents in 1739, his successor in Afghanistan, named Ahmed Shah (Abdali), virtually destroyed whatever was left of the Mughal rule within the next three decades through repeated invasions. It must be seen as Karmic justice: for generations Muslim monarchs had accumulated wealth by plundering Hindu Temples and taxing the public. They used it only for two purposes: to lead a lavish lecherous life in royal Harem and to wage wars. Within three decades they lost everything to Islamic robbers from Persia and Afghanistan. The entire Mohammadan history of past 1400 years makes one thing very clear: It’s a repeated tale of one Muslim ruler looting another Muslim kingdom. India’s opulence, wealthy Temples and non-combatant peaceful Hindu society made it a special target of loot by savage Islamic plunderers from societies anything but civil.

Nadir Shah on Plunder Mission

Nadir Shah

In 1736, Nadir Shah became the ruler of Persia after defeating the Afghans and the Turks. Two years later in 1738 he also conquered Kandahar. As he became more ambitious he decided to invade India, purely for plunder to gather wealth, so that he could invade the Ottoman and other rivals. So he started his loot mission from Kandahar plundering every town on the way – Ghazni, Kabul, Jalalabad, Peshawar, Wazirabad, and Lahore. Needless to say, all along the way he left the typical trail of Islamic warfare – of massacre, loot, rape and women capturing.  In early 1739, he reached Ambala, defeated the Mughal army in Karnal on 24 February and victoriously marched to Delhi.

The combined armies of Mughal king Mohammad Shah and his ally Nawab of Awadh lost the battle at Karnal in just three hours – reflecting their utter incompetence. Mohammad Shah was a sex addict and people called him Rangeela. Journey from Karnal to Delhi was a Royal Comedy! Two kings marching towards Delhi – the looter Persian warlord and the captive Rangeela Mughal King! They entered Delhi on 20 March. The ‘new Persian Lord of Delhi’ occupied Shah’s Imperial suite in Delhi’s Red Fort and held a ‘darbar’ the next day. The defeated lecherous Mughal king sat as subordinate in his own Royal Court and surrendered the royal exchequer to Nadir Shah to stay alive. In order to honor the robber king, coins were struck in the name of Nadir Shah to establish his superiority. But most weird, prayers were held in the Jama Masjid and all other mosques — why would mullahs pray for the foreign robber? Is this taught in Islam: glorify mass murderer and plunderer and pray for their further success?

But overnight, things went awfully wrong. On 22 March morning, a rumor of Nadir Shah’s assassination spread in the town, creating confusion everywhere. Local residents attacked the invading troops and killed several hundreds of them. The “New Persian King” of Mughal India became furious and ordered his troops to kill everyone in sight and signaled them to go on the mission of loot and rape. This appears to be the trademark signature of all Islamic invaders.

Nadir Shah ordered Genocide of Delhi-ites and plunder of the town

His barbaric soldiers went on carnage, setting homes and shops on fire and slaughtering people. Hundreds of women (both Hindu and Muslim) committed suicide to avoid lifelong hellish humiliation of rape and gang-rape after capture. Over 100,000 people were dead within hours by afternoon. The great Rangeela Mughal kneeled down and begged for mercy. Nadir Shah relented and stopped the carnage. But citizens of Delhi had already paid a heavy price for having an impotent Mughal ruler. Here is how one eye witness documented it:

“Here and there some opposition was offered, but in most places people were butchered unresistingly. The Persians laid violent hands on everything and everybody. For a long time, streets remained strewn with corpses, as the walks of a garden with dead leaves and flowers. The town was reduced to ashes.”

The streets of Delhi lay littered with corpses for several days. When the stink became unbearable, the Persian ruler ordered cleaning of the town. Corpses were buried in mass graves or cremated in large funeral pyres and many thousands corpses were thrown into the Yamuna river. Dutch East India Company observers recorded that about 10,000 women and children were taken as slaves.

Nadir Shah robbed Mughal Exchequer and Delhi Residents

Nadir Shah decided to stay in Delhi to extract maximum booty from Delhi. He had information that far more wealth can be extracted beyond what Mohammad Shah had offered willingly. So, he demanded a very hefty sum from Delhi residents. Thus, Delhi was sacked for several days snatching valuables even from the wealthy and powerful elites. In this phase of plunder the Mughal troops joined the Persian soldiers so Delhi-ites could be robbed efficiently! Nadir Shah took possession of the Mughal exchequer and grabbed Peacock Throne, Koh-i-Noor and Darya-i-Noor diamonds and other valuables. Two centuries’ accumulated Mughal wealth vanished within days – one barbaric Mullah looting another!! The robber king and his army enjoyed ‘Mughal hospitality’ for several weeks. Although Islamic historians would never reveal, but anyone can guess that he must have liberally mated hoors of Mughal harem including royal ladies. Nadir Shah left Delhi in the beginning of May 1739. The booty was so enormous that for three years Nadir Shah did not have to tax his people in Persia and it also comfortably covered expenses of battle against the Ottoman and Russians!! But ultimately, the law of Karma prevailed; barbaric Nadir Shah was killed by his own guards in 1747. It is nothing surprising; it’s how killers and mass-killers get killed.

Sadly, the Persian ruler was not the only Muslim savage who invaded India. The entire Islamic dark-age in India saw repeated mass killings, plunder of towns and destruction of Temples at the hands of Muslim invaders. Capturing women for sex slavery was another of their dark Islamic characteristic.

Reading Further

Q: Why do you think would the BBC try to suppress exposure of Mughal brutality on Hindus and Sikhs? Answer: It’s the fear of losing the lavish Islamic petro-dollar funding from the Islamic middle-east that makes them downplay brutalities of Islamic terrorists. BBC even tries to protect past Muslim barbarians. Suppression of truth by such sold out international media is the prime reason why global fight against Islamic terrorism has not yielded the right result.

Here is a recent attempt by “Jihad funded BBC” to cover-up Aurangzeb’s atrocities on Guru Teg Bahadur: Watch the video.

Q. Why have the Indian historians completely overlooked the worst forms of barbarian conduct by the Islamic invaders and rulers? Answer: History writing remained totally hijacked by Islamists and Leftist writers. If Indians (particularly Hindus) are completely ignorant of realities of endless barbaric events during centuries of Islamic dark age, the credit goes to the jihadi fiction writers like Irfan Habib and the infamous leftist-distortionist such as Romila Thapar of the weird JNU campus. The former, being a frog of the Jihadi-well, can be ignored although his influence has poisoned the AMU campus and promoted the cult of murderer worshipping among Indian Muslims. But the later and her followers must not remain unquestioned. Glorifying barbarianism and crime against humanity are the worst forms of intellectual dishonesty. The JNU or any other educational campus should not be allowed to nurture such toxic distortionists.

It’s a shame that even today the world (particularly the Hindu) doesn’t know that the biggest holocaust of human history happened right here on Indian soil — against the Hindus by Mohammadan invaders — during the dark Islamic centuries. The Jew holocaust by the Nazis, the Armenian genocide by the Turks and what the Islamic State type terror gangs showcase appear trivial in comparison. Read the following two pages.

Islamic Dark-age in India

Islamic Plunder of Somnath Temple

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Winds of Change in West Asia: Crumbling Pillars of Islamic Hatred

Israel-UAE Peace Deal

A fresh wind appears to be blowing in the Middle East, in the Arab dominated West Asia – thanks to the efforts of former US President Donald Trump, portrayed as master negotiator. Israel’s Islamic neighbors appear to be coming to their right senses and giving up their ‘absurd Islamic hatred’ against the Jew State. The absolutely ridiculous obsession with the so-called ‘Palestine Cause’ for decades and failure of every trick from the Book of Terrorism against Israel left them completely outfoxed. Therefore, rather than continuing to hurt their own larger interests, they have rightly concluded that continuation of hostilities in the name of ‘Palestine Issue’ and making it a ‘Islamic war’ is senseless. After all Israel is a mighty nation, far too advanced technologically, and the only democracy in the entire region. Israel offers almost everything for which Muslims go to the US or Europe. It is good that Arab Muslims are moving towards normal human behavior, to be friendly and cordial towards a neighbor of different faith. It will surely promote peace and prosperity in the region. Thus, first the UAE, then Bahrain and then Morocco and Sudan came forward to normalize ties with Israel.

It’s a win-win proposition; they gain from the increased trade and tourist traffic and access to Israeli high technologies and Israel becomes more connected with its neighbors and hence with the world. With easing of Islamic hatred, the Jews can pay more attention to non-security issues. The Palestinians have a genuine concern about their political well being, but it’s a local political dispute and they must learn how to fight their own local battle. For all these decades, they have failed to show necessary human maturity needed to negotiate tough times. Playing victim, throwing juvenile fits and sitting in the lap of rich Arabs has left them stuck in a dark death pit. Clearly, their obsession with Muslim identity has turned them into ‘hostage of Islamic hate’. Hope they too would soon rediscover their human identity and benefit from the human faculties of flexibility, wisdom and pragmatism  – at least for sake of their own future generations.

Post WW2 Realities are History Today

Israel Occupied Territory” is a Lie. Fact: Arabs lost the 1967 war humiliatingly in just six days and vast chunk of territory as well. They have lost every war with Israel. Arabs are the aggressors, not Israel. Correct phrase should be: “Territory lost in war“.

Post WW2 the politics of West Asia has been dominated by a lone issue: deep rooted Islamic hatred against the Jew and their newly formed State of Israel. Displaying their Islamic comradery with the Palestinians and aiming to decimate the new born Jew State, the Arab States joined their military might and attacked Israel in 1967. And the outcome was most unexpected, most humiliating and most shameful for them – they not only lost the war in just six days but they also lost a vast chunk of territory to the tiny Jew State! Since then holocaust victim Jews repeatedly showed their resolve to defend themselves with Iron fist. Over decades of fighting Islamic terrorism, they have conclusively demonstrated that human abilities are always superior to deluded faith identity — and that the prosperity obtained through human enterprise is always superior to accidental opulence from ‘lazy petro-dollars’ pouring from accidental Oil wells!

And there is a another newly emerged reality that forces them to bond with powerful Israel. They all feel threatened by mighty Shia Iran. This is yet another Islamic absurdity, the eternal Shia-Sunni hate!

Why should ‘Palestine Issue’ Hijack Peace Forever?

Arab-Palestine comradery is purely based on irrational Muslim fancy of Islamic Umma, the delusion of pan-Muslim brotherhood or unity. Along with other Islamic delusions, it only keeps Muslims away from accepting truth and realities of human living.

The Israel-UAE Deal is “a visible demonstration of the fatigue of Arab leaders, in the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia in particular, with the Palestinian leadership and their cause. They no longer want to be held back by what they see as Palestinian rejectionism.” — A Middle East Expert

The biggest barrier between Israel-Arab friendship has been the 2002 Arab Deal that stated that no Arab country would normalize relations with Israel until the Palestinians get what they want. This is pure hypocrisy and mere restatement of their Islamic fanaticism and historical Jew hatred. Today in 2021, how about saying that no Arab country would deal with China until Uighur Muslims Issue gets settled. Or, that Muslim Countries would not be friends with Pakistan until the rogue nation gives freedom to people of Sind and Balochistan and stop sending terrorists into India’s J&K.

Palestinians need leadership to take them beyond ISLAMIC VICTIMHOOD.

When the Palestinian Authority condemned the Israel-UAE deal as an “aggression against the Palestinian people” and recalled its Ambassador from the UAE, it only underlines its “fear of peace”. But by now the world clearly recognizes that Palestinian leadership has developed a deep rooted “peace phobia” – it is afraid of making peace with Israel and afraid of peace in the region too. Palestinians are afraid of losing comfort of “Islamic sympathy” and regular doles if there is peace. What is hidden behind the bravado, is lack luster and fragmented leadership. The two Palestinian territories—the West Bank and Gaza — are ruled by rival factions since 2007. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, an Islamist party and the West Bank is under the Fatah wing of the PLO, led by President Mahmoud Abbas. All attempts to reconcile have failed — it’s typical Islamic irrationality that even Muslims can’t live like brothers among themselves. Therefore, the prospect for a credible or enduring peace with Israel is nearly impossible. The Palestinians need to go beyond the “Islamic victim” narrative that fuels hate and terrorism. It’s time to learn to think like normal rational and pragmatic humans, if they want future for their children.

Read: Why Fatah and Hamas have lost the right to speak for Palestinians

Peace Treaties with Israel

Egypt was the first country to normalize ties with Israel in 1974 and the Jordan signed the peace accord in 1994. Now since September 2020 four other Muslim nations have discarded Islamic hatred and embraced pragmatism: the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan. Incidentally, the Himalayan kingdom Bhutan – the Buddhist Land of Happiness – also recently established diplomatic ties with Israel, opening another route to mesmerizing Himalayan beauty for Israeli tourists.

Will ‘Naya Pakistan’ follow the lead?

Pakistan is 4400 km away from Israel on a different continent. Yet, it exhibits irrational Islamic hatred against Israel!

Pakistani Islam preaches eternal hate against Hindus and Jews.

Pakistanis live thousands of miles away from Israel — and yet they hate Jews! Why? No body knows except Allah!! In the 2008 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, Pak terrorists came prepared to kills Jews. To any normal human mind, this behavior is totally abnormal and defies both commonsense and logic. Just look at this hypocrisy: Pakistani mullahs hate Hindus as much as Jews, therefore, Pakistan remains in perpetual war against Hindu-India. It has attacked India several times and proudly nurtures Islamic terrorists for bloodshed in India. Yet, it has maintained diplomatic ties with India since 1947. But Pakistanis has no normal diplomatic relations with Israel. Aping the Arabs, it too harbors animosity towards Israel — typical irrational Islamic absurdity.

As far as India is concerned, it should work with the US and other powers diplomatically to force Pakistan to normalize ties with Israel. The terror State’s sinking economy, plight of Baloch and Sind people and minorities, slavery of rogue China and FATF delinquencies must be exploited fully to force it to embrace civil behavior — both within and outside. Once the rogue nation openly normalizes ties with Israel, its fake propaganda on Kashmir would be blunted permanently.

Read Further

Pakistan’s Israel Dilemma

Pakistan not Intellectually mature enough to bond with Israel

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