Modi ‘The Great Unifier’ Re-Elected. But Who Are The Losers?

Indian PM got re-elected in 2019 with a much bigger majority, proving all divisive experts wrong.  Despite all the sustained efforts to malign him for years, Modi proved to be the most acceptable leader for all Indians who love their country.  Modi represents the real ancient culture of the land that sees humanity as one big family — something unthinkable by any faith tainted mind that divides humanity into believers and unbelievers. Much to the dismay of Islamists/Jihadis and contrary to their malicious propaganda to prove otherwise, Indian Muslims don’t have to dislike a nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi simply because they are Muslim.  

Narendra Modi — The Great Unifier of India

Despite the sustained efforts of anti-Hindu global lobby, Modi was and is a UNIFIER.In the recently held elections, 130 Crore Indians chose Narendra Modi to lead them again for the next five years, proving the ‘pseudo’ and ‘faith-tainted’ experts wrong again! Yet again, Indian electorate exposed the agenda driven and ‘paid’ poll experts’ fake educational qualifications, both nationally and internationally. Some resorted to U-Turn for facing saving — most notable in this category is the TIME magazine. But U-Turn doesn’t undo the reality that the TIME needs to fire the fake or Jihadi-brained intellectuals from its writers’ pool and more importantly, TIME must apologize to all Indians for the malice against their leader who is seen as a Statesman worldwide.

Even the ultra biased global Islamic mouth organ  — Al Zajeera TV channel — had to admit that ‘Hindu Nationalist’ Narendra Modi decisively won, after putting on display its jihad flavored reporting of the world’s largest democratic exercise conducted in a ultra diverse society that no Sharia mind can ever decipher.  Yet, no one expects this Islamic loudspeaker to not show bias against non-Muslim societies and their leaders and can be forgiven, but not the TIME that is supposed to have a much broader modern and fact based outlook.  The best way to expose this low grade gossip tabloid and the gang of Wahhabi PRESSTITUTES it shelters is to boycott it.

The Biggest Losers

The Pak Jihadi Lobby

Modi swearing inThe biggest losers in the 2019 general election are the anti-India global lobbies — topmost being the Pak promoted and global jehadi lobbies that failed to have their proxies like Digvijay Singh, Mamta, Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi (also known as Raul Vinci) grab power. Most shameful defeat was that of Digvijay Singh in Bhopal — he lost to Sadhvi Pragya, the very sadhvi whom he framed in false terror charges, as part of his boss Sonia Gandhi’s vicious Muslim appeasement agenda. Though he is not the only “Jai Chand” in modern India — competing with him are the likes of Shashi Tharoor, Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee, Mani Shankar Aiyer, Sam Pitroda, Siddhu, Kapil Sibal and Surjewala. Needless to say most of these anti-national creatures are nurtured by the power hungry Italian lady known as Sonia Gandhi who is well connected with various global vested interests.

The Pak High Commission in India that is largely run by the ISI and Jihadi operatives helped all anti-Hindu and anti-Modi candidates in as many ways as it could including deceptive social media campaign. Jihadi hawks  in the Pak media rattled day and night against Modi and prayed for his defeat at any cost. Even the army planted dummy PM Imran Khan made noises to support the Congress Party that is highly infected with all types of corrupt elements and jihad sympathizers. He manifested self delusion when he thought himself worthy of invitation to Modi’s swearing in ceremony, after allowing Pulwama terror attack by his jihadi buddies. Mr “U-Turn” Khan must realize that the policy of “Thousand cuts to bleed India” is doomed to fail against India run by nationalists, minus Muslim appeasement.

The Missionary and Arms Dealer Lobbies

VVIP helicopter scam-vertThe global missionary lobby was disappointed as Sonia Son Raul Vinci proved no better than a half grown abusive child. But their consolation is that Sonia-Vadra family is still unchallenged in the Congress and the Party firmly remains as their personal property. The middlemen of the global arms dealers are left shell shocked as their proxies on India’s political landscape failed to grab power. If Rahul Gandhi was attacking the Raphael deal, the script was written by this lobby. The ongoing investigation in the VVIP Helicopter scam is likely to expose some high profile VIP conspirators connected with Sonia family. Prime accused, Christian Michel, claims to have paid money to several powerful people including ‘RG’ and ‘FAM’.

The “Abuse-Modi” Gang

Rahul Gandhi — An Obsessive Compulsive Liar!

The biggest losers are those who abused Modi in the worst possible ways. Congress Party boss even lost Amethi, the traditional family LS seat. But he also fought from a Muslim majority constituency in Kerala — no surprise if ISI and Jihadi groups covertly worked for his victory, as evidenced by the swarm of “green flags” in place of Indian tricolor in his election rallies. The ISIS and ISI should feel consoled that at least one constituency in Kerala has a candidate “sympathetic” to their cause.

Watching his conduct and demeanor, people are not sure why the oldest political party of India is on a suicide mission by planting this weirdo as Party head. He lacks practically everything that makes someone a leader. Being born in the Indira family and writing “Gandhi” surnames are his only qualifications.

Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?Mr Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) failed to show even the basic minimum maturity and manners that even an ordinary 15 year old indigenous Indian boy develops. Acquiring Indian passport does not automatically gives  knowledge of Indian culture and healthy Indian mannerism. He was at his silliest best whenever he visited Hindu Temples for photo ops or when he displayed his Jeneu to prove that he is a Hindu. It is a shame that this half grown adult and a political clown romps India’s political center stage as if India is a monarchy and his family has the exclusive right to rule India. How his ancestors ruled India is best described in this cartoon below:

Congress party Motto

The Akhilesh-Mayawati Mahagathbandhan

akhilesh mayaMayawati-Akhilesh led ‘Mahagathbandhan‘ lost most humiliatingly in the crucial Uttar Pradesh. Despite their open call to Muslim voters to not vote for the BJP , a big section of Muslims particularly women voters decided to defy overt and covert ‘fatwas’ and supported Narendra Modi. Their pure caste based arithmetic proved totally ineffective in curtailing Modi’s campaign that transcended all caste and faith based trickery.

Yet, Mayawati must have made a fortune by selling party tickets — regardless of the outcome, elections provide her a great earning opportunity! And when she grabs power, her income further multiplies when she runs the ‘transfer-post’ racket that forces government servants to pay to avoid being transferred to inconvenient locations/posts!! Now she sees yet another lucrative opportunity in the soon to be held by polls in UP! After Laloo she is easily the most corrupt politician outside Congress darbari culture — and a disgrace on the dalit community. Reflecting her opportunistic color, she blamed the Samajwadi PAPPU for her defeat and dumped him! In Bihar too, election verdict showed Laloo family its proper place in democracy.

Mamta Banerjee’s Politics of Violence

How long can she survive on Anti-Hindu politics?The TMC boss Mamta Banerjee appears to have lost her mental balance even at the beginning of election process. ‘Violence’ is the only tool that she appears to know in dealing with her political opponents. She practices the worst form of Muslim appeasement politics that has lost complete relevance in the Indian society after 2014. It is amazing that she openly sides with Bangladeshi  migrants and radical mullahs while treating Hindus as outsiders in Bengal. Totally unfit to be a leader in any democratic society, she must now be counting her remaining days in power. The sooner she become an obsolete museum piece the better it would be for WB and India.

The Lutyen Media

lutyens media-vertThe Times of India and India Today are today the best representatives of what ordinary Indians call the Lutyen or “Khan Market” gang. This is a group of ultra powerful media elites who have traditionally drawn power from the proximity with ruling Gandhi elites. The Sonia-Vadra Family is the ‘First family’ of India for them — and would remain so as long as the Sonia-Vadra family rules India’s oldest political party as a private Family firm. There are indications that at least one among them has also received kickbacks in the VVIP Helicopter scam during the corrupt UPA rule.

The most popular faces of this elite gang are Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Sagarika Ghosh and Rahul Kanwal. Modi’s victory has left them badly frustrated — it is even more painful than defeat of their darling Prince Rahul Gandhi! What puts them closer to the jihadi lobbies is their scorn for Indian culture and ethics. For years they skill fully eulogized Muslim invaders and defamed and demonize Hindus and their organizations — as their Constitutional Right. Let’s see, what tactics they come up with to reclaim lost credentials/privileges post Modi’s thumping victory in 2019.

The Anarchist Media

Currently, the NDTV and The Hindu dominantly represent the left leaning ideology that loves to promote anarchist or destructive ideas and defend them either as freedom of expression or as human rights. These so called liberals can easily indulge in any anti-India or anti-ethical dialogue. Thus, there are ‘urban naxals’ masquerading as professors, doctors and human rights activists in this group  who provide logistic and ideological support to the violent naxal activities.

tukde-tukde gang of IndiaQuite naturally, the Jihad loving Islamists vibe well with this group and they are today known as the Tukde Tukde gang that openly shout slogans urging disintegration of India in the name of Allah. The so-called intolerance gang consisting of Muslim Bollywood elites like Naseeruddin Shah, Amir Khan, Javed Akhtar etc is the darling of NDTV. Newly born politician, South Indian actor Kamal Hasan appears to be inching closer to this gangs. Let’s see if he openly joins hands with the Islamic radicals like Owaisi and Zakir Naik in the name of protecting Islam.

All these people are in reality a threat to the well being of a multicultural society like India. Either in the name of the failed leftist ideology or radical Islam they promote fissure in the social fabric.

Return of Modi is a trauma for them. Quite likely they would try reviving their ‘career’ by becoming more disruptive.

Who Really Won!

People of India won this election. They re-elected the most worthy and most dedicated man who works 18-20 hours a day — without breaks and weekends!

Crores of poor ladies who got gas connection for the first time in life voted for Modi; the poor who got home for the first time in life voted for Modi, Muslim ladies oppressed by irresponsible and arbitrary dissolution of marriage by male partners admired Modi’s efforts to end triple talaq and voted for him defying all fatwas… In sum, over 20 core beneficiaries of Modi’s welfare schemes voted for him, going beyond the traditional caste and faith boundaries. Further, Modi inspires the youth of India with his thinking and motivational attributes — they don’t want the old fashioned political talks around caste and faith. They whole-heartedly supported Modi in 2019.

All those who stand for a strong and prosperous India won this election. The continuation of honest governance for another five years means much speedier eradication of poverty, bigger push to market reforms and faster development.

Why People Like Narendra Modi !

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Lok Sabha Polls 2019: ‘Nation First’ Or ‘Family First’

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election Indian voters would chose between the policies of “Nation First” and “Family First”. Charismatic Narendra Modi is offering a recipe for a strong India governed by an honest, efficient and bold government. He is opposed by the opposition parties whose only agenda is Modi Hatao! They have no vision or leader – it means every one is a prime ministerial candidate! This crowed also includes the Family owned Congress Party that is led by a vision-less juvenile brain that had taken the political discourse to the filthiest level through his abusive language and lies. 

Poll Agenda – Narendra Modi !

The agenda for the 2019 Lok Sabha election is very simple – Narendra Modi.

That’s all!!  It is the single point poll agenda before the Indian voters – either vote for him for speedier development and strong India, or vote against him and let a weak paralyzed government run India on behalf of vested interests.

modi hatao in PakistanNever before in the history of independent India, any general election had such a simple agenda. The entire opposition is working on a single point agenda – Remove Modi! But despite the common agenda, Modi’s opponents remain badly fragmented – thanks to the lack of leadership qualities in the President of the principal opposition party, Indian National Congress. Since it is a private owned family firm  ability and aptitude don’t matter. Therefore, the Italian Empress of the royal family blatantly planted her sub-mediocre and juvenile brained son, Rahul Gandhi (also known as Raul Vinci), as the Party President. And, of course, Congressmen are ever ready to lick any boot as long as it belongs to the owner family and the party spokespersons are ever ready to defend Royal family interests in TV debates!

It’s “All” Against Modi !

The poll battlefield is divided between two opposing armies. On the one side is the NDA coalition that stands for an honest, effective and decisive government and it wants a strong and united India. This camp solidly stands behind Narendra Modi and admires his personal integrity and leadership qualities and all round achievements. After transforming Gujarat as its longest serving Chief Minister and making the State a leading industrial hub, Modi came to the Center in 2014 and as Prime Minister gave the country the most honest, bold effective and decisive government since independence.

Before we talk of why all opposition leaders are seeking votes only for the single aim of “Modi Hatao”, let us see Modi government’s achievements since 2014.

India Under Narendra Modi

Honest, Inclusive and Decisive Government

Narendra Modi brought in the culture of honesty, hard-work, dedication and respect for the country and its indigenous culture. His dynamic and charismatic personality, insightful understanding of Indian society, unparalleled skills to connect with people and forge personal ties with global leaders and the ability to take bold steps make Indians feel proud as Indians. His style of clean governance gave a death blow to the middlemen of the power corridor — they lost their privileges as well as the source of illegal earning, as the benefits of welfare schemes started reaching directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries!! Today, along with Congress and the dirty secular brigade the entire opposition leaders (most are corrupt) all fighting for their survival and trying to make a common cause in huddling together against Modi. Now they are hoping for return of the happy days of corruption, plunder of public money, policy paralysis and a spineless central government.

Since 2014, for the first time Indians have seen an honest, clean and efficient government at the center — something totally unthinkable under Family Firm called the Congress Party’s.

toilet-storyConstruction of roads and highways is happening at a much faster pace compared with previous corrupt UPA regime. Electricity situation has never been better since independence. Now India is fast approaching 100% electrification as electricity reached remaining 18,500 remote villages (that were in dark since 1947!!). Around 1.25 crore houses are built for the poor since 2014, compared with just 25 lakhs under the corrupt UPA. Modi also successfully launched the Clean India mission and provided gas connections to crores of poor households.

The ease of doing business Index markedly improved from 142 in 2013 to 77 in 2018! Before 2014, India was counted among the ‘Fragile Five’, but since 2014 it has emerged as a leading emerging economy.

All empirical evidences suggest that India has removed poverty at the fastest pace since 2014. The next NSSO survey should reveal the impact of all these measures on people’s lives. In the meantime, it is heartening to know that India is no longer the World’s Poverty Capital!

Some of the outstanding initiatives of Modi government include

1) Demonetization and Implementation of GST

Implementation of the GST is easily Modi government’s boldest initiative. It is the biggest tax reform in Indian history! Focus on the use of technology and digital transactions are changing the habits of financial transactions. The tax base has almost doubled. Demonetization gave a severe blow to the deep rooted culture of black money, despite the fact that over 99% notes in circulation returned to banks. Those sitting on piles of cash were forced to deposit it in the bank accounts, and got exposed in doing so. No one has seen corrupt politicians like Mayawati or Laloo or Rahul or Sonia being felicitated with the “Garland of Notes” since demonetization!!

2) Attention to the North East India

The North-East India had remained almost completely ignored for decades. Realizing the  strategic importance of the region, Modi government has mainstreamed its development by increasing road, rail and air connectivity. The mainstream national media is now no more blind to North East India, for a change! It also lifted AFSPA from two states.

3) Recognition of Indian Defense Forces

For the first time after independence, Indian army-men and their sacrifices are receiving due national attention in an environment of ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’. Under the UPA rule under the corrupt Italian Lady, all types of anti-national and anti social groups had cropped up — and the ISI appears to have infiltrated her party very deeply. Her “Darbaris” often aired pro-Pakistan sentiments betraying Indian army’s disciplined efforts to do its duty. Today, they are all on back-foot, yet their Pak love doesn’t die.

4) Crusade against Money Laundering

Nirav-Vijay_dModi government is earnestly chasing corrupt elite businessmen like Mallya Choksi and Nirav Modi. Their properties are being attached both in India and abroad. They had a wonderful nexus with Congress politicians and pliable bankers and had a cozy time under UPA rule with ultra corrupt Chidambaram as Finance Minister.

5) Health Insurance for the Poor

The Ayushman Yojna, called Modicare, is the biggest such program in the world, aiming to provide health cover to around 50 crore Indians. This single program should provide significant relief to the poor masses including farmers because the sudden medical expense has been a major factor behind their hardships (often leading to suicides).

6) Zero tolerance towards Jihadi Terrorism

Pakistan = TerroristanWith no handicap of Muslim appeasement or vote-bank politics, the BJP has clearly emerged as a Party that stands for Strong, Safe and Prosperous India. The air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Balakot terror training campus after the Pulwama terror attack is a paradigm shift from the do-nothing and tolerate Jihadi violence approach to Pak sponsored Islamic terrorism that was followed by Congress Party.  It is amazing that the Jihadi nuisance has been continuing since 1989 — and half a million Kashmiri Pundits are still refugees in their own country.  Yet, the Congress rulers failed to come up with any effective counter terrorism strategy or to do anything concrete to settle them.

Pak terror industry CEOsThe 2008 Mumbai terror attack gave a brilliant chance to assert but the dummy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, remote controlled by the power hungry Indian passport holder Italian lady, ignored it as “yet-another-Islamic-jihad-against Hindu India” !!  In 2008 public knew that the spineless Sikh would do nothing beyond looking towards the “Madam.” But in 2019 they were convinced that the Prime Minister Modi would take the Jihadi challenge head-on and  respect their feelings. That’s the difference between serving a (self declared) Royal Family like a slave and serving the Nation like a patriot!

The weird reactions to Balakot strike coming from the Congress Party clearly reveals that  the family owned Congress Party is badly infected by all types of jihadi elements and Pak lovers, thanks to the propaganda of Pak High Commission and ISI spy network. They can’t afford to allow the BJP or Modi taking tough action against Pakistan or its jihadi terrorists. The global arms deader lobby has also developed influence in this party owned by a corrupt Family. Not getting kick back in the Raphael deal is the only reason the Family has been trying to target it. Damadji Robert Vadra is currently the Chief Kickback collector for the Family.

Why Opposition Leaders are So Threatened by Modi

While none of the opposition leaders can match Modi’s political skills, dynamism, ability to work hard and take tough decisions, but what worries them the most is his honesty and campaign against corruption. Modi has totally wiped out the culture of power brokers and middlemen at the top. The Jan Dhan bank accounts and direct benefit transfer (DBT) has come a death blow for them.

A glance at the political careers of prominent opposition leaders reveal their dominant character traits. Mayawati’s ‘political business’ means making money by selling party tickets. When in power, she extorts money through ‘transfer’ business — where government servants are forced to pay to avoid being transferred! Akhilesh Yadav is something like a ‘Magnet’ that attracts anti-social elements. Mamta Banerjee (often called Mamta Begum) is openly anti-Hindu and a pathological Muslim appeaser — as a result, global jihadi elements find WB a paradise for their jihadi activities. Mr ‘Raul Vinci’ is a pathological liar who only wants power to promote welfare of his Royal Family. He and his mother are prime accused in National Herald scam and currently on bail.

Another class of opposition leaders that thrived on Muslim appeasement politics are worried about Modi’s nationalistic stance and tough approach towards jihadi terrorism. These silly politicians think that Indian Muslims are in love with Pakistan or support Jihadi terrorism. These half baked creatures assume that being tough on Pak sponsored terrorism means losing their Muslim vote bank! In this thinking they are only offending the Muslim community that’s as patriotic as others when it comes to Pak’s jihadi nuisance. In 1947, all separatist minded Muslims had already gone to Pakistan — thus leaving India with only mature, responsible and patriotic Muslims.

Vadra represents Congress CorruptionThe Sonia family is also worried about losing commissions from the defense deals; it has to worry about the global middlemen of arms makers. Then, it is also worried about Vadra “Damadji” ending up in Jail in land scam and Sonia-Rahul in the National Herald case. Chidambaram & family is already cornered in corruption cases.  Thus, the NDA and Modi government must go at any cost.

The Tukde Tukde gang and other anarchist groups must obviously worry about the NDA, BJP and Modi. Then, most importantly the “darbari media” is highly concerned about losing their clout if the UPA (and Sonia Family) doesn’t return to power. Here is how they had reaped fortunes through sycophancy and paid journalism. Watch the video:

But unfortunately for them, Modi is returning with renewed force for another five year term in May end!!

The Crooked Son of a Manipulative Mother?

Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?Who is He?  Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?

Why this fellow keeps 4 passports and two different names? And, how has he earned so much money, without owing any declared business?

These questions became important as Mr Rahul (or Raul) filed his nomination papers in Amethi — a Lok Sabha constituency in UP that has seen no development despite electing members of Congress Royal Family since decades. This super VVIP is also the prime accused in the National Herald fraud case, currently on bail. In the VVIP Helicopter scam, there is mention of “RG” and ‘FAM” — clearly implying Rahul Gandhi and (Sonia) Family. He is the same fellow who was visiting the Chinese Embassy during the Doklam stand off. Now comes another piece of information — Mr Raul Vinci’s connection with submarine scam. Is this semi-Italian with Indian sounding name a defense deal maker who trades influence for cash?

Here is why even Pakistanis love Mr Raul Vinci — his juvenile brain is a great entertainment!

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Modi Government’s 8 Targeted Anti-Poverty Measures

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FATF ‘GREY-LIST’ Isn’t GREY Enough For Pakistan!

10 billion dollars is the annual cost Pakistan is paying for the privilege of being in the FATF Grey-List — according to a recent public claim of  Pak foreign minister and he has asked the ‘experts’ to calculate the cost of almost assured Black-Listing! Sure, the cocky minister is looking for an upgraded Status on the international platform!! 

Pakistan loves FATF Grey-List!

fatf pak flagPakistan’s obsession to continue with jihadi terrorism as an unspoken tool of State policy amazes global Pak watchers. Despite being at the brink of bankruptcy and failure of democratic governance the terror loving nation seems to think that no price is big enough for its mission of global jihad. The army propped dummy Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has been hopping rich Islamic nations and its “All Weather Friend” China to beg for a few billion dollars to prevent his jihadi country from falling into bankruptcy. The Islamic State can’t even pay the interest due on the Himalayan tall pile of past loans without begging, yet it is reluctant to take honest action against terror groups to come out of the Grey List of the FATF. 10 billion dollars every years must be a very small amount for the jihad loving nation. Let’s see what figure his ‘terror experts’ give him for black-listing!!

Top CEOs of Pak Terror Industry; Pak Terror economy never shows 'depression' !Love for weapons, wars and jihadi violence seems to be an integral part of the DNA of the rulers of this Islamic State of South Asia. Ever since it was created ‘in the name of Islam’ in 1947, it has been waging wars against its parent neighbor. Why? Because its quest for grabbing as much land as possible ‘in the name of Islam’ is insatiable and its obsession to see itself as equal or better than India has turned into a lifelong mania, despite losing half the country in 1971.

After the humiliating defeat in 1971 and creation of Bangladesh, Mr Bhutto (whose dirty politics led to division of the country and ultimately to his hanging as well) proudly declared that Pakistan would make Atom Bomb — even if Pakistanis had to eat grass! That day seems much closer today to prove his prophecy!!

Pak Considers Its Terror Assets more Valuable than Pak EconomyAbandoning its jihadi gangs (particularly those aimed against India and Afghanistan) is a tough emotional call for the country whose only identity come from Arabic words like “Islam” and “Jihad” as defined by the ossified-brained mullahs. Pak rulers hallucinate that Taliban terrorists would make Afghanistan the 5th Province of Pakistan and Jihadi gangs like that of Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar would snatch Kashmir from India — of course, “in the name of Islam”!!

Pakistan’s India-Hate is Eternal!

Some years ago, during a long flight a friend asked a Pakistan minister what his greatest wish was. The minister stretched both his hands with palms facing skywards and said, “If Allah were to grant me a wish I would ask him to place a nuclear bomb each on my palms. One I would drop one on Bombay, the other on Delhi”.

In a recent TV debate, Pakistanis’ favorite topic of comparison with India came up and an expert was describing how India is fast emerging as a global economy and Pakistan is no where in comparison in any field including military strength. The stupid anchor interjected: But we have more nuclear bombs than India!!

(Of course, she must be also proud that Pakistan is the world capital of terrorism!)

Ever since Pakistan tested nuclear bomb its war-monger leaders have been threatening India – its mother nation and eternal foe  – with nuclear attack. In fact, many Pakistanis proudly call their dirty bomb ‘Islamic Nuclear Bomb’ implying that all non-Muslims — particularly Hindus, Jews and Christians — must be afraid of Pakistan! After all, they are ‘infidels’ and hence as the stone-age Book says ‘wajabul-qatl’ (worth killing)! That task is outsourced to Jihadi groups.

This stone-age anti-humanity wisdom has a lot of adherents in the “New Pakistan” of Mr ‘Taliban Khan.’  It is a country where kids grow up learning a fictional history that convinces them that the only aim of their life is to destroy India — the land of Hindu Kafirs — and be ever ready for ‘martyrdom’ and that Pakistan was created just for this “holy purpose”! Radicals inject the spice of Gazwa-e-Hind (conquer and Islamize India) – and turn non-Muslim hate into jihadi hysteria with the shouts of Allahu Akbar.

Here in the video, globally wanted terrorist and the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Jihadi murder of 166 innocent people is threatening all non-Muslims of the planet. This terrorist is a very close associate of Imran Khan and certainly represents Pakistan and its understanding of Islam.

A Nuclear State Waiting to go Bankrupt!!

Can you imagine any country that’s heading towards bankruptcy and yet can’t give up its childish craze for weapons, terrorism and war?

The world is waiting to see how soon the nuclear powered Islamic State of South Asia goes bankrupt. More than its sinking economy, Pakistan watchers are more worried about its nukes falling in jihadi hands.

Yet, to Pakistanis denial provides heavenly bliss.

Just watch any TV debate, Pakistanis appears to be in hallucination that as long as they have the growing pile of nukes, mushrooming terror camps and blessings of Dragon Uncle no harm can come to them – and they can live happily sending terrorists wherever they wanted!

hambantota portIn Pakistan, only the old-fashioned people worry about rotting economy, corruption, rule of law, fair governance and democracy. For a typical juvenile Pakistani brain, just as a jihadi instantly gets 72 virgins the moment he dies, the CPEC would instantly cure all its ills forever! It is no one’s concern that the CPEC is only pushing the jihadi nation into a much deeper economic mess. Sri Lanka’s honeymoon with China on Hambantota port is a lesson only for the wise people – it leaves Pakistanis out!

Pakistan’s downfall is China’s biggest advantage. China is the most satisfied nation today as the past American puppet is automatically falling in its lap. If Pakistan sees terrorists as its strategic assets, China sees Pakistan as its own strategic asset just like the North Korea! It is more than delighted to ‘help’ Mr ‘U-Turn’ Khan and his jihadi caliphate that is totally isolated on the global platform.

Pakistan has already leased the Gwadar port to Chinese for 40 years and a “Chinese only colony” is planned for half-a-million Chinese in the Gwadar city. It is not hard to anticipate that it would be followed by deployment of Chinese troops to protect its colony…further Chinese influence on Pakistan…and so on.

World would not be surprised if in near future Pakistanis are seen speaking Mandarin to please their new colonial master!

Explore: Pakistan — The “Middle East” of South Asia

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Why Balakot Counter Terror Strike Is A Milestone

On February 26, 2019, India made a point before the world – that now the nation is no longer willing to accept jihadi terrorism passively. The Balakot air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad’s terror training camp marks an important shift in the Indian policy towards the cross border terrorism that has been going on since 1989 – as part of Pakistan’s state policy to “bleed India by a thousand cuts.” The message from Balakot is loud and clear: Stop nurturing jihadi terrorism, else Indian forces would do it their way. China’s unrelenting support and the fast growing arsenal of Pakistani nukes would no longer deter Indian forces from crossing the LoC and target terror factories.

Who Wants Proof of Balakot Air Strike

Pak terror industry CEOsWhile Modi haters of the Congress-led opposition and Pakistani ruling elites join hands in demanding proof of success and body-count of the jihadi terrorists, far-sighted Indians take delight in the fact that the Balakot counter terror air-strike is an important milestone, like the Doklam stand-off, in India’s resolve to defend itself against external enemies. Gone is the era of vote bank politics of Muslim appeasement; gone is the age of irrational tolerance of Islamic Jihad — coming from the rogue Islamic neighbor since 1989.

Pak Jihadis are a threat to humanityThe 2008 Mumbai Jihad plotted by Pakistani Maulana Hafiz Saeed had left Indians seething in anger while the dummy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, remote controlled by a power hungry Italian Indian lady, took it as “yet-another-Islamic-jihad-as-usual” like the Kargil and parliament terror attacks followed by so many bombings in different Indian cities. What puppet Manmohan Singh could not even dream after Mumbai terror attack, Narendra Modi did it after Pulwama.  In 2008 people knew that the Indian government-led by a spineless Sikh would do nothing beyond making routine noise; in 2019 they were convinced that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi would respect their feelings. That’s the difference between serving a (self declared) Royal Family and serving the Nation like a patriot!

Why Balakot Counter Terror Strike is a Game Changer

Pakistan is a terror exporting countryThe whole debate about body count and extent of damage is useless. It misses the real point. The February 26, 2019 is not about how many terrorists were killed or what type of Indian fighter jets were used to drop 1000 Kg bombs on the campus of the terror university. It is about making the statement that India is now willing to break protocols and cross the LoC. It is about telling the dons of Pakistani terror gangs that they are no longer safe in their bedrooms — their ISI lords would not be able to defend them any longer. It is about telling the Islamic neighbor that it must stop the proxy war through jihadi terrorists and that its nukes are no deterrence for Indian military to target jihadi camps on its soil. It is clearly about making a loud statement that Indian response to its favorite policy of “bleed India by a thousand cuts” is now going to come back and hurt it badly.

The Balakot strike is summed up succinctly by international strategist Brahma Chellaney in a tweet (March 5) – “That India penetrated Pakistani air defenses and bombed a far-off target with impunity sent a chilling message to Pakistan’s generals about their vulnerability. Extent of damage or death toll is immaterial.”

After 1971 it was the first time that Indian air force crossed the LoC. So startled and paranoid was Pakistani military that it sent a fleet of F16s to target Indian military installations – but sure, it was foiled too and one Pakistani F16 was shot down. These state of the art killing machines were not supposed to be used against any country, as per the end-use agreement. But deceit (Takkiya) is a vital component of the foreign policy of the Islamic nation — which has unfortunately emerged as the Middle East of South Asia. However, exposure of the deceit tightened the US noose on the already cornered Islamic nation, while it was begging to be rescued from an eminent financial collapse. Indian action was whole-heartedly supported by the world. Of course, the prime critics were inside India — the irresponsible opposition politicians led by the juvenile brained Rahul Gandhi and terrorist lovers like Digvijay Singh and Mamta Banerjee.

From Balakot to Bankruptcy!!

Islamic Nations Snubbed Pakistan

OIC snubbed Pakistan and welcomes Indian foreign ministerThe Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) over-ruled Pakistani objection to its invitation to Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj as a “Guest of Honour.” Snubbed Pakistan did not send its representative to the Islamic meet. In her speech Swaraj cited verses from Quran and Rig Veda to stress that the menace of terrorism is caused by “distortion of religion” and “misguided belief”. She said, “Just as Islam literally means peace, none of the 99 names of Allah mean violence, similarly every religion in the world stands for peace, compassion and brotherhood.”

It is clear that Pakistan doesn’t follow Prophet’s spiritual teachings, but instead twists them to create suicidal murderers. It is a shame that a non-Muslim has to tell, as a guest of honor,  what the Quran says to the Islamic world.

Swaraj urged the need to build pressure on the countries that support terrorism to dismantle terror infrastructure on their soil and stop funding such outfits.

Here is the video of a globally wanted terrorist and mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Jihadi slaughter of 166 innocent people threatening all non-Muslims of the planet. He is also a close associate of Pak Pm Imran Khan.

China Saves Masood Azhar for the Fourth Time!

China’s Love for Pak Terrorist!

Imran Khan - A Jihadi or sportsman?As the US, UK and France took the diplomatic offensive to the UNSC to put Azhar Masood on the 1267 (Al-Qaeda affiliated) terror list, it was an important diplomatic victory for India.

Even if China vetoed it for the fourth time in 10 years it exposed itself as a “terrorist ally” for the fourth time! But what is Chinese calculation?

It is investing heavily in the CPEC projects and can’t afford to antagonize Jaish terrorists who have huge influence in the region. Moreover, by acting against Masood Azhar it would have invited wrath of jihadi lords of Pakistan and they could start meddling in the Chinese Muslim communities.

It would be interesting to see how India responds to China’s repeated support to the terror king. Can India put some of the Chinese projects on “technical hold” while the dragon economy is losing steam? How about sheltering Baloch and Pashtun freedom fighters in India? Perhaps India should start giving more prominence to Tibetan refugee leaders too and make an issue of human rights violation of the Uighur Muslim community by Chinese State authorities.

Pakistan – The Most Dangerous Country FOR the World!

Former Pakistan ambassador to the US and author of the book Pakistan between Mosque and Military Hussain Haqqani has written

“Of all the countries in the world where terror breeds, Pakistan is the only state that actively sponsors it as a long-term state policy instrument, and as a matter of strategic choice. It is also the only state that uses the threat of nuclear weapon as a deterrent to support its terror activities”.

Pakistan may not be the most dangerous country in the world, but it certainly is the most dangerous country for the world! Looking at the way the paranoid Pakistani leadership behaves any strategy of containment or disengagement is only likely to make thing worse.  This is the conclusion of a former CIA spy who knows Pakistan well.

A former acting CIA director describes Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world – if not this year, not next year, but certainly down the road!!

Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the worldWith dysfunctional governance, sinking economy, rampant corruption, high and growing rate of unemployment, world’s 6th largest population with rather high birthrate, shrinking numbers of non-Muslim minorities (Blasphemy Law), highly radicalized society, obsession to use terrorism as undeclared state policy, and fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world – Pakistan is certainly of grave concern for the world. Add to that a paranoid military that behaves as if war (with India, its Allah ordained eternal enemy!) would break out at any moment! So, Pakistanis remain in perpetual war hysteria, confusion and poverty but military generals are never short of weapons or luxuries!!

The ideological roots of Pak’s love for Islamic violence is described by Pervez Hoodbhoy in Saudi-isation of Pakistan:

“Pakistan’s self-inflicted suffering comes from the radicalization of the education system that, like Saudi Arabia’s system, provides an ideological foundation for violence for future jihadists. It demands that Islam be understood as a complete code of life, and creates in the mind of a school going child a sense of siege and embattlement by stressing that Islam is under threat everywhere…. If left unchallenged, this education will produce a generation incapable of co-existing with anyone except strictly their own kind. The mindset it creates may eventually lead to Pakistan’s demise as a nation state.”

In 2009, Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman stated:

“Pakistan is nuclear and unstable and Afghanistan is faced with a potential Taliban takeover, and the combination forms a contiguous area of radicalism ruled in the spirit of Osama bin Laden.”

No one in Pak media questions military purchases of drones, helicopters and luxury vehicles (to fight what?) when someone talks of austerity. Pak journalists are smart; they know very well what happens if they try exposing the military ‘establishment’ in any way!! Disappearance of inconvenient people is the unwritten law of the land!

One thing is clear: whether Pakistan survives in the current form or fragments into different ethnic entities or becomes a Chinese colony in one piece, it would remain a headache for the international community that doesn’t understand Pakistan’s obsession to think like people of the 7th century Arab desert in the modern world of 21st century!

Ways to Tame Pakistan without War!

Why Pakistan Can’t Drop Nuclear Bomb on India

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Pulwama Terror Attack: Imran Khan’s Worst Blunder!

The Pulwama terror attack and then the attempted air strike on Indian military installations (that were foiled) are the most Pakistani blunders. Mr Imran Khan forgot that today he is dealing with a resurgent India. Besides, he lacks the comfort of spineless government of family owned Congress Party. The Balakot counter-terror strike by Indian air force points to that reality. Now let’s see how his nukes and terrorist gangs protect his country from more eminent Indian retaliation supported by the global community. Mr Khan must understand that in the 21st modern century world there is no place for the stone age barbarism by creatures called jihadi or fidayeen.

Former Pakistan ambassador to the US and author of the book Pakistan between Mosque and Military Hussain Haqqani has written

“Of all the countries in the world where terror breeds, Pakistan is the only state that actively sponsors it as a long-term state policy instrument, and as a matter of strategic choice. It is also the only state that uses the threat of nuclear weapon as a deterrent to support its terror activities”.

Imran Khan: A Big Zero

Can Imran Khan come out of Army's shadow?

In a short time, Imran Khan has proven himself to be just another silly boy occupying Prime Minister’s chair. He is totally unfit to lead a country rolling in instability and inching towards bankruptcy. But in Pakistan people don’t choose leaders; the army does. However, this former cricketer  has demonstrated brilliant skill in making U-turns and arrange international doles! Five bailouts in less than six month is something truly remarkable – it certainly must be a world record too!!. But he should also gets full credit for justifying his epithet of “Taliban Khan”!

Pulwama Terror attack must be a laurel more prestigious and certainly ‘holier’ than whatever awards he earned as a cricketer. Khans brilliant performance in Pulwama reminds people of the recent 2008 Mumbai Jihad and of the 16th century invader, Jahiruddin Babur, who proudly gloated in Baburnama:

“For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer, I battled infidels and Hindus, I am determined to become a martyr. Thank God I became a Killer of Non-Muslims!”



Super Jihadi

Like most of his countrymen, Khan must be thanking his terror partner Masood Azhar and Allah for the opportunity to kill kafirs on the Hindu-soil. Mr Khan must have also ensured that the suicidal humanoid got rewarded with 72 virgins for uninterrupted eternal sex in the paradise. He should also disclose how many more terrorists are born from the honeymoon of this lunatic with the 6 dozen ladies. The world would also like to know who supplies so many virgins to Allah!  Just a day earlier, another identical attack happened in Iran that killed 27 soldiers. It was also plotted on Imran Khan’s Terror Land. Two terror attacks in two days in two neighboring countries speaks clearly for what this deceptive cricketer stands for — terror in the name of religion. He champions stone age barbarism in the 21st century modern world.

Imran Khan’s “Takiyya”!

In Pakistan, Generals enjoy but poor people sufferImran is a superb example to teach the non-Muslim world the meaning of an Arabic word, ‘takiyya’, that points to the craft of deception. If Pakistanis elected him as Imran Khan, he came out as ‘Taliban Khan’ in the true spirit. If people saw him as a 21st century modern man with sportsman spirit, he proved that he can only think like a half brained stone age Arab tribal man. This ‘modern’ sportsman loves the stone-age ‘blasphemy’ law and could not provide safety to Asia Bibi’s lawyer who had to flee the ‘global paradise of terrorists’!

If people thought he would usher them into a “New Pakistan” fit for the modern 21st century world, he is only leading them into a dark future filled with death and violence. By plotting the Pulwama attack Mr Taliban Khan has committed a very serious mistake. Let’s see how much protection his nukes and terrorist gangs provide from the ensuing attack from the Indian military.

Democracy lovers were expecting him to establish the supremacy of people’s voice, but he turned out to be an impotent army puppet. He talked about never begging, but has already successfully begged five bailouts in less than six months, as a proud cocky beggar! If Pakistanis thought that the bailouts are meant for the ordinary people, they are again wrong because the doles are meant for Jihadis gangs, military weapons and luxury of the army generals.

He came to power cursing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but started copying him and picked up broom and his slogans. But copy-cats remains what they are – just copy-cats! Here also he failed to perform, like India’s ‘Pappu’.

But even in his ignorance, he taught the world at least one Arabic word – Takiyya. This quality certainly unites him with rest of the 220 million fellow countrymen. However, people around the world would still remain confused: whether Mr Whatever Khan living next door is a follower of the religion of peace or a frozen brained humanoid who would suddenly attack them one day.

In fact, Mr ‘Whatever’ Khan would also live in confusion – he would never know when the Army would dump him after using, just as it did to Nawaz Sharif.  But that’s exactly the beauty of Takiyya – deception!!

Trump and Pakistani Takiyya!

Trump exposes Pakistan Lies and deceits

Once an army protege, over the years Nawaz Sharif realized that he can do no good for his countrymen partnering the army. But he paid for learning the right lesson. Learning the right lesson is the wrong thing in Pakistan! He underestimated so many agenda-driven protests and demonstrations during last few years – including those of Imran and cleric Tahirul Qadri in 2014 – and did not realize that they were part of the scheme aimed at his political murder.

Then he committed yet another ‘Harakiri’ – admitted the truth that the 2008 Mumbai terror attack was designed on Pak soil. Let’s see how soon he is hanged for speaking truthfully and how soon his family’s political career is finished.

No wonder, Trump became furious about Pakistan’s habitual “Lies and deceits!!” But Trump has to blame himself for not knowing Takiyya! He must immediately join Urdu or Arabic classes run by some Pakistani if he wants to be effective in the Middle East or with the Islamic State of Pakistan!! 

India’s Counter Options

The Modi government took away the ‘most favored nation‘ status from the rogue nation. Although trade with the jihadi nation was meager 2.6 billion, but is enough to rattle it and prevents jihadi coming to India through the trade route. Pak puppets in India are also on radar of the agencies. Other steps the Indian government can initiate are:

1.  Declare Pakistan a Terror Sponsoring Nation: India has been waiting for the US to do so. Of course, that would have been more effective. Right now India has the ideal opportunity to call a session of Parliament and pass a resolution declaring the rogue nation a Terroristan and openly declare the “right” to attack terror camps and pursue terrorists wherever they are. Further, make it illegal to possess Pak flag or slogans in favor or Pakistan.

2.  Downgrade Pak Embassy to a mere Consulate: Pakistan embassy is actually a headquarter of ISI and is the nucleus of anti-India activities. Most of the employees are ISI agents and work overtime to radicalize Indian Muslims and create terror and spy cells. Reduce the number to bare minimum and cut off of relations until it learns manners of modern 21st century world.

3.  Make the border permanently HOT: India should exploit its military superiority.  Pak is a sinking ship; it economy is in decay and governance weak. Pak military has to also defend Afghan border area and fight uprising in Balochistan .  India should deliberately ‘heat up’ the border area with frequent attacks on Pak bunkers and troops, maximizing damage and casualties. It would also hurt the CPEC progress and make the Chinese erthink its love affair with Pakistan.

Let’s see how long the jihadi nation can take the beating. The ideal solution is to provoke the luxury loving Pak generals into launching a nuke on India. It would give India the ideal opportunity to nuke Pakistan to finish! Brahmos, Agni and other missiles would also get a chance for some real life fun.

4.  Absorb J&K into national mainstream: Take away the special status (nullify article 370) and abolish dual citizenship. It would allow people from other parts of India to come and settle and set up businesses and industries.  Pakistan has been using it to sponsor anti-India activities and radicalization of Kashmiri Muslims. 

5.  Suspend all Treaties: It would certainly include the Indus water treaty. This would send Mr Khan into sleepless nights and increase Pakistan’s inherent “paranoia” and “hysteria” as the rogue nation is already heading towards water emergency. It is the right time to stop being generous. If it needs water it could always come and beg.

It would serve another useful purpose. Pakistanis would also look towards China for water and fall further in Chinese lap. Pakistan becoming a Chinese colony has more positives for India than negatives. Of course, China would then use Pak military and terrorists against India in a more concerted manner. But is is better than Pakistan’s fragmentation that would flood India with refugees, like in 1971.

6.  Adopt “First Nuclear Strike” policy: The rogue nation has declared “First Nuclear Strike” policy, despite the Indian stance of “No First Strike.” It no longer sees its nukes as conventional deterrent — instead it sees them as deterrent against Indian retaliation against terror attacks by its jihadis. Modi should reverse the nuke policy. It would have some sobering effect on the war monger nation. 

7.  Focus on IMF, World Bank and EU: Today India has enough international clout and good relations all over the world, except perhaps China. Let there be no more dollar to the rogue nation from the IMF, World Bank and the European Union. Doles from the Islamic nations would not be enough for Pak survival. It would again fall upon China for bailout. As Pakistan becomes Chinese colony, the chances are high that the trained jihadis would turn against China, rather than India and the world.

8.  Target Hafiz Saeed, Masood, Dawood etc through commando attack: Rather than complaining or sending dossiers it is a good idea to create ability to launch direct commando attacks inside Karachi, Lahore and other hideouts of wanted terrorists. Israel has demonstrated this capability many times and is the most reliable friend of India. Taking out these nuisance characters directly would strike terror in terrorists hearts. Today, they are emboldened by India’s traditional meek response.

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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

Gandhian ideology of non-violence, democracy and development appear all the more relevant today in a world of falling moral values, religions turning into political divides, distorted democracies, capitalistic exploitation, increasing violence and global environmental degradation.

Humanity Under Threat

Humanity is under severe threatThe world today is in a serious crisis despite so much technological advances and material progress.  There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. The ever growing cult of market worship has diluted State’s role as promoter of level playing field and protector of those stuck at the bottom of the power hierarchy. Too much emphasis on market efficiency has created a climate of amoral politics. Consequently, politics has turned into as a self-perpetuating means to control power rather than as a creative instrument of social justice and equity.

After the collapse of Soviet Union and its socialistic ideology the capitalistic democracy emerged as the best form of governance. But it has created another issue: “Can capitalism nurture a sustainable world order?” Another problem with the current capitalism is that it has lost connections with moral considerations. As more and more wealth concentrates in fewer and fewer hands and as humanity helplessly watches the ever increasing threat of climate change, there is a growing need for alternate models of development, democracy and economy.

Govt capture by money or mob is very badTherefore, at this hour of crisis what India needs, and what in fact the world needs, is a creative synthesis of Gandhi’s humanistic vision with universally accepted global worldview. There is an urgent need for dialogue among civilizations and the human-oriented approach of Gandhi. In a world of deepening crisis in the poor societies and social malaise in the affluent societies it seems likely that Gandhian ideas might show the right direction. Around the world, Gandhi is seen as an icon of struggle for peace, harmony and social justice and his humanist philosophy has always found ready acceptance in every society.

Since Mahatma Gandhi was clearly the tallest humanitarian face of the 20th century, the Gandhian model of governance and development is seeing renewed interest in the global community. The Gandhian methods of Swadeshi (self-reliance), non-violent Satyagraha, women’s empowerment and gram swaraj (grass root democracy) to ensure both social democracy and political democracy appear the right tools to prevent the chaos and disruption the world is heading towards.

Gandhian Approach to Democracy and Development

Village is the basic unit in Gandhian DemocracyThe Gandhian model of democracy evolved from several thousand years’ democratic ethos of India. For Gandhiji true democracy meant local self-governance – or ‘Swaraj’ (local self-rule). In the Gandhian worldview village is the smallest unit for self governance by the village panchayat (village parliament). Thus, he used the term ‘Gram Swaraj’. He envisaged each village as a tiny self-sufficient republic governed by a Panchayat with full control on local resources. The panchayat authority on local resources is vital for success of the gram swaraj model of democracy. In Gandhi’s view, only such autonomous and self-reliant communities offer people the best opportunities for participation. Thus, a society can be built as a federation of such tiny village republics, leading to a decentralized system with maximum decision making power to the grass root people. It would also counter the centralizing and alienating forces of the modem state.

An ideal village has peace and harmony among peopleSuch grass root empowerment nurtures robust democracy and naturally leads to a bottom up system of governance. In this scenario, the growth would not be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom. It would also automatically develop the right type of capitalism with responsibility towards people and society. Such a governance system can make the world a union of peace loving local governments. The need of the hour is to globalize such an ideology, rather than the markets.

Mahatma Gandhi considered people as the ‘real wealth’ of a nation, not its production and consumption of goods. He was not opposed to technology as long as it works to empower people in their local surrounding. In contrast, today economy and technology get priority over people – who are seen as mere “human resource” for the purpose of economic and technological growth. Like Adam Smith, he also considered labor as the primary source of economic gain. His opposition to Western capitalism was largely due to its exploitation of labor force to make the rich richer.

Rational Development – Pursue Needs, Not Greed

Gandhi wants to restrict human desiresMahatma Gandhi considered the Western economic development model – which rests on what is called “multiplication of wants” – both unsustainable and devastating to the human spirit. His economic ideology stressed on human well being – both material and non-material – while steering clear of the unbridled greed and temptation. He rejected the underlying assumption behind the classical Western model of development – where people are only supposed to seek maximum material gratification. In his view, voluntary rationalization of personal desires – rather than trying to satisfy endless craving – is also an indication of ‘real development’ of people and a sign of personal growth. Thus, development of mental restrain to overcome greed is ‘true development’ worth aiming for. Therefore, Gandhi’s economic ideology puts a special emphasis on ‘rational living’ after cutting down undesired and wasteful human wants through self-restrain. In essence, supreme consideration should be given to man’s mental development rather than the obsession for money or commodities or power and control.

Morality Must Prevail

Morality should be an integral part of human conductWhat distinguishes Gandhi’s ideas and ideology for reconstruction of society and politics and upliftment of people is the strong emphasis on morality and ethics. Moral considerations always weighed heavily with Gandhiji in everything he did. For him no human action can be devoid of morality. This also makes the task of Western commentators somewhat challenging, as they are generally more comfortable dwelling in the material realm – regardless of ways and means. Quite naturally, whenever they comment on Gandhi’s moral considerations, they look for the scant moralistic references in the works of Western philosophers, ignoring the real source of Gandhi’s knowledge – the ancient Hindu scriptures.

Barack Obama inspired by Mahatma GandhiWhile Gandhi was a well read person and had studied the works of Western philosophers also, but ultimately his ideas and ideologies were shaped by the ancient spiritual and holistic philosophies of life of his native land. His stress on truthfulness and non-violence clearly came from the teachings of Buddha and Mahavira and the real understanding of ‘Dharma’ from ancient scriptures – Vedas, Upnishads and Bhagwat Gita. In fact, Gandhi’s thinking reflected his profound understanding of the spiritual culture that defines Hindus. After Vivekananda, for the first time the world saw the power of “inner strength” of an ordinary looking man. Gandhiji showed how to harness the power of truthfulness and non-violence in solving social and political problems. He repeatedly demonstrated how to take on the world’s mightiest Empire only through internal personal conviction without raising even a fist!  Clearly the gun-wielding British never really understood how a fragile ‘brown’ man stood firm where the mightiest would shiver!!

However, the universal nature of Gandhian ideology transcends all national and language barriers and touches people at their heart.

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Impact Of The 1857 Uprising – India’s First War Of Independence

The 1857 uprising marked an important turning point in the history the colonial British India – it ushered in the “British Raj.” It can be easily called the first war of India’s  independence, triggered by the revolt of Indian soldiers in Meerut which soon spread to several parts of India. It permanently changed the relationship between the colonial masters and their subjects. The British now felt threatened by even the slightest display of Hindu-Muslim unity.

Uprising of 1857 Shook the Foundation of British Empire

Mangal Pandey, Spark of the 1857 RevoltThe 1857 revolt was easily the most remarkable single event in the history the colonial British India. What added to its importance was the participation of people from almost all sections of the society and the Hindu-Muslim unity. It also marked a new phase of struggle for freedom that continued for next 90 years. The 1857 Uprising was triggered by the revolt of Indian soldiers in Meerut which soon spread to several parts of India. Such was the force of the pent-up anger against the exploitation by the East India Company that by the time the British could bring back ‘normalcy’ in 1858 with the help of regiments from Madras and Bombay and loss of over 100,000 lives, they were severely jolted.

The summer of 1857 saw violence and brutality, perpetrated both by the Indians and the Britons, on an unprecedented scale. Never before in the history of British rule in India was there violence at such ghastly level. [The Forgotten Brutality of 1857 Revolt]

The “Corporate Rule” Over India was “Highly Unusual”

Robert Clive 1The conditions which gave the British East India Company (BEIC) political power in India were highly bizarre. The Company had just a handful of “permanent staff”, was terribly mismanaged even as a corporate, had to be bailed out by the British banks, and it needed political support back home to even get this bail out. The ‘Corporate Rule’ of the BEIC over the vast Indian empire of countless people was the worst form of governance, far worse than what we imagine today from the concepts of dictatorship, theocracy, monarchy, autocracy or even anarchic democracy. The BEIC officials were accountable only to the company’s board of directors and share-holders; they had no accountability towards the people even in slightest manner. In the capital market language, BEIC officials were only interested in ‘Maximizing the Profits for their Shareholders!’ By 1857, the corrupt Company had moved away from earning through trading to open plunder and savage exploitation of Indians living under their territorial control, and ended up making too many enemies in Britain.

After the 1857 revolt, the Crown rule (‘British Raj’) started. Now India was governed in the name of the Crown. It was still as exploitative and as racist as ever, but now it had to put-on the mask of being a ‘responsible government‘ and was directly answerable to the British Parliament through a special Secretary of State dedicated to Indian affairs. It was certainly not the kind of ‘absolute unaccountable tyranny’ under the despotic Company rule. Now Indians had the scope to negotiate laws in favor of Indians, although the concessions were always too late and too little.

Commenting on the BEIC rule an observer wrote: “Of all human conditions, perhaps the most brilliant and at the same time the most anomalous, is that of the Governor General of British India. A private English gentleman, and the servant of a joint-stock company, during the brief period of his government he is the deputed sovereign of the greatest empire in the world; the ruler of a hundred million men; while dependent kings and princes bow down to him with a deferential awe and submission. There is nothing in history analogous to this position …”

How the 1857 Rebellion Reshaped Governance in the ‘British Raj’

British rajThe atrocities committed by both sides in Revolt of 1857 greatly widen the gulf between the rulers and the ruled. The measures they took in the aftermath of the rebellion left them badly alienated and isolated from the Indians, both ruling princes as well as from the common masses.  The British now began to openly display racial arrogance and assert racial supremacy. If the delusion of “Islamic Superiority” was the distinguishing feature of the 800 years of Islamic rule that oppressed the indigenous Hindus, the hallucination of “Racial Superiority” (master race) was the tyranny of the colonial rule – this time both for the Hindus and the ex-Hindus (Muslims). The colonial violence was on and off targeting specific groups and was political, but the racial humiliation was constant towards all Indians. Even the ‘brown British’ products of Macaulay education were derided as unworthy ‘babus’.

The uprising of 1857 hardened the British attitude and they even gave-up the deceptive narrative of bringing modernity and civility in this land of backward and worthless people.  Now they were overly concerned about preventing revolt in the Indian army and uprising of the public. It forced them to indulge more viciously in the philosophy of “divide and rule”.  It ushered in a new phase of hardened colonialism that lasted another 90 years, but the spark of rebellion and desire for autonomy only became stronger with time. The Queen promised many things to her ‘Indian subjects’ such as making the government jobs based on merit, irrespective of cast and religion – of course, they were no more than politically correct empty words. However, on a different note, the various Government of India Acts enforced during the Crown rule laid the legal foundation for India’s governance after independence.

The deep impact of the 1857 Revolt can be seen from the following observations:

1) End of Company Rule: It led to fall of the Company rule. By a new act of the British parliament (the Government of India Act 1858) the British government took charge of the Indian Territory from the Company. The authority over India was now passed to the Secretary of State for India aided by a Council. The Secretary of State, being a member of British Cabinet, was responsible to the Parliament. The Governor General of India since 1833 under the Company rule now became the Viceroy and Governor-General of India after 1858. As the Governor General he headed the central government of British India which administered the provinces – Bengal, Punjab, Bombay, Madras, United Province, etc. As Viceroy, he represented the Crown and exercised his authority over the hundreds of Princely States, which did not come under the British government.

As the Secretary of State became the controlling authority of the Indian administration, the Viceroy was steadily reduced to a subordinate and figurehead status in his relation with the British government. Thus, the ultimate controlling authority came to reside in London, thousands of miles away from India. In such a situation, the opinion of Indians almost lost impact on the policy making than before. At the same time, the voices of British businessmen, bankers and industrialists and politicians became much influential. Thus, the colonial administration became even more reactionary than it was before 1858 shedding even the pretense of liberalism.

2) Arousal of Nationalistic feeling among Indians: This was the biggest achievement of the 1857 revolt. It created a kind of spontaneous “national oneness” among Indians against a common enemy. It was symbolized in the choice of Mughal king Bahadur Shah Zafar (although just a namesake Mughal King) as the leader of the revolting Indians. The Azamgarh Proclamation of 1857 gave a call to people of all classes to unite against the British tyranny. It appealed to both “Hindoos and Mussalmans” to unite by addressing them as the “people of Hindustan”. It also taught them that collectively they can take on the mighty British Empire. Widespread involvement of the peasantry (from where most Indian soldiers came) was unique; it highlighted the feeling of exploitation of the poorest class of Indians.

3) Change in the Administrative Mindset: The British attitude changed for the worse after the 1857 revolt. While earlier they talked of educating Indians (of course, only to create clerks for the administration) and modernizing India, but now they became apprehensive and began following reactionary policies. In terms of historian Percival Spear, “the Indian Government’s honeymoon with progress was over!”  Earlier they at least they tried to create a perception that the British were ‘training’ and ‘preparing’ Indians for self-governance and power would be eventually transferred to them. But now they became openly derogatory – that there are inherent social and cultural ‘defects’ in the Indians and thus they can never rule themselves. Therefore, the British rule must continue forever. Many policies reflected this mindset.

4) Increase in Hostility towards Educated Indians: Under the Company rule, spread of European education among Indians was encouraged after 1833 so that they could act as interpreters between the British and Indian public. It was Macaulay’s educational ideology that aimed to create Indians (cut off from their cultural roots) who would be Indian in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect’. Universities were set up in Calcutta, Madras and Bombay in the 1850s and higher education spread rapidly. Many British officials praised educated Indians who refused to participate in the 1857 revolt. But after 1857, they started to see them with suspicion because many of them had started to see the double standard of the British and how the foreigners were exploiting them. They also began to demand participation in the administration but the policies were not encouraging.

In frustration, more and more educated Indians began to join nationalistic movement. It was the beginning of “organized nationalism” in India. Dada Bhai Naraoji started the East India Association in 1866 in London with the aim of informing the British parliament about needs of Indian people. Satendra Nath Banerjee and Anand Mohan Bose started the Indian Association in Bengal in 1876 to highlight misrule of the British Government. Entry into Civil Services was another issue for the educated Indians due to the discriminating government policies.

In 1885, the Indian National Congress was founded, on the initiative of few Britishers with the aim of gathering educated Indians on a loyal platform from where they would advocate government policies. However, after initial honeymoon, it turned into a platform of nationalistic voices. The rulers could not tolerate Indians talking of freedom, justice and equality. Such sentiments were a serious threat to their colonial imperialistic goals.

5) Restrictions on the Press: The British had introduced the printing press, initiating a modernizing step in India. During the Company rule in 1835, the Indian Press was freed of restrictions and it was welcomed enthusiastically by educated Indians. It was one of the reasons why they had, for some time, supported the British rule in India. They had recognized that the Press was a wonderful medium of ideas exchange and also to arouse nationalistic consciousness among the people and that it can play a great role in shaping public opinion and influencing government policies. The press gradually became a major weapon of the nationalist movement.

Thus, the British brought the Vernacular Press Act in 1878 to curb the freedom of the Indian press. This Act put serious restrictions on the freedom of the Indian language newspapers. But widespread protests forced them to repeal the Act in 1882. Then for nearly 25 years the Indian press enjoyed considerable freedom. But again the colonial authorities brought laws to restrict press freedom in 1908 and 1910 to curb the Swadeshi and Boycott movements.

The policy of "Divide and rule" was the basic British Imperial weapon6) Renewed focus on ‘Divide and Rule’ policy: Threatened by the display of unity during the revolt, the British now more actively indulged in the policy of divide and rule. They would not miss any opportunity to pit province against province, caste against caste, group against group, but most viciously they provoked Hindus and Muslims against each other. After the 1857 revolt they went after the Muslims (perhaps due to Zafar becoming rebel’s leader) and suppressed them, took away their properties and lands. But after 1870, they changed tactics and tried to pamper Muslims and turn them against the nationalist movement. Partition of Bengal in 1905 (though reversed in 1911) was the worst form of dividing Indians on religious basis. They also discouraged Muslims from joining the Congress by calling it a ‘Hindu party’ and promoted creation of the Muslim League in 1906 with entirely communal agenda. [Ultimately, this filthy gimmick led to communal partition of India in 1947.]

An immediate fall out was the punitive division of Delhi State for its role in the revolt. The Western part (Haryana) was made part of Punjab and the Eastern part (Western UP) was added to the United Province.

7) Changes in the Army: The Indian army went through a careful reorganization, largely to prevent another revolt. Charles Wood, the Secretary of State for India, wrote to the Viceroy Canning in 1861: “I never wish to see again a great army, very much the same in its feelings and prejudices and connections, confident in its strength, and so disposed to rise in rebellion together. If one regiment mutinies, I should like to have the next regiment so alien that it would be ready to fire into it. Thus the Indian army remained a purely mercenary force.”

The ratio of Europeans to Indians in the army was raised. The European troops were kept in key geographical and military positions. The crucial branches of artillery, tanks and armored corps were put exclusively in European hands. The Indians were strictly excluded from the higher posts. In fact, till 1914, no Indian could rise above the rank of a subedar.

The Indian section of the army was organized along the policy of ‘divide and rule’ so as to prevent any potential united uprising against the British. In the recruitment, discrimination on the basis of caste, region and religion was widely practiced. An arbitrary division of Indians into categories of ‘martial’ and ‘non-martial’ was created. Thus, soldiers from Awadh, Bihar, central India, and south India, who had initially helped the British conquer India but later took part in the Revolt of 1857, were declared ‘non-martial’!! Their numbers were consciously reduced in the army.

On the other hand, Punjabis, Gurkhas, and Pathans who had assisted the British suppress the Revolt, were declared ‘martial’ and were preferentially recruited in large numbers. By 1875, half of the British Indian army was recruited from Punjab. In addition, Indian regiments were consciously created with a mix of various castes and groups so that soldiers don’t bond together easily. The narrow loyalties of caste, tribe, region and religion were encouraged among the soldiers in order to prevent rise of nationalistic sentiment. Thus, caste and communal companies were introduced in most regiments. Every effort was made to isolated soldiers from the normal social life by preventing access to newspapers, books, nationalistic literature etc.

However, over time as their oversea ventures multiplied the Indian army became a costly affair. In 1904, it consumed around 52% of the Indian revenue. Of course, this burden was shouldered by the subject Indians.

Approximately 1.3 million Indian soldiers served in World War One, and over 74,000 of them lost their lives. They served the very British Empire that was oppressing their own people back home. These forgotten heroes fought “the War to end all wars” against enemies they did not know. They believed in the British promise to deliver progressive self-rule at the end of the War, not knowing that British would break their word. However, the British did constructed a triumphal arch known as India gate in 1931 to commemorate the War. Today, hundreds visit it daily without knowing that it salutes the Indian soldiers who died in the WW1. [Explore Why the Indian Soldiers of WW1 were forgotten]

About 2.3 million Indian soldiers participated in the WW2 and around 89,000 died serving. We can’t ignore the fact that up to 3 million Bengalis died of famine in the same period, as the British government gave preference to feed its war machinery.

8) Changed Relation with Princely States and Zamindars: After reversing the Doctrine of Lapse, the British decided to use the Princely States as pillars of the colonial rule. In 1876, Queen Victoria assumed the title of the Empress of India and Lord Curzon made it clear that the Princes ruled their States merely as agents of the British Crown. The Princes accepted the proposal and willingly became junior partners of the empire because they were assured of their privileged status and existence. But as paramount power, the British actively interfered in the day-to-day functioning of the States through the Resident under the pretext of modernizing the administration. Their prime motive was to use the rulers to suppress the nationalistic movements.

Likewise, they decided to use the Zamindars and landlords as shields to protect from popular uprisings and nationalistic movement. They were hailed as the traditional and ‘natural’ leaders of the Indian people. As their interests were protected they also became firm supporters of the British Empire.

9) Boost to communication and transport: It started an expansion spree of railway and road networks in India. Although done for quick movement of troops and faster transport to further colonial interests, it also gave Indians the opportunity to come together.

10) Foreign policy: As India came under the British government rule in 1858, a new dimension of foreign policy came into picture. It brought into picture neighboring countries. It would be wrong to call it a new dimension because the Company officials were doing the same thing. Of course, the cost was borne by India;  Indian soldiers had to shed their blood and the ‘subject taxpayers’ had to pick up the price tag.

Abundance of Indian soldiers in the colonial India of too many people and scope for enormous economic exploitation made India their most lucrative venture  in the Imperial colonialism.

Indian Freedom Struggle: From 1857 To 1947

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