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India Needs Development Beyond GDP

The fetish for gdp growth has led the world to the brink of environmental and social disasters. There is opulence and poverty side by side. Countries need to evolve right indicators of development that pay attention to things other than economic. Continue reading

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“Independence Day” for Muslim Women – India Ends Triple Talaq!

It took 72 years after India’s independence to free themselves from the fear of instant triple talaq. Maulvis who see women as mere personal property or as sex object, were ominously against the legislation ending the “archaic and exploitative” practice. Now Muslim women don’t have live whole life under the fear of Instant TT. They can now approach the police and court for justice. Continue reading

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‘Triple Talaq’, Polygamy, Halala Marriage – Relics of Pre-Islamic Arab World

The issue is really simple: religion or medieval lifestyle of pre-Islamic Arab desert. Continue reading

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The Vicious Cycle of Child Marriages And Poverty

Child marriages disrupt the normal growth to adulthood and a violation of children’s rights. They endangers the well-being of adolescent girls by exposing them to the dangers of physical and sexual violence as well as to early, unplanned and frequent pregnancies. Continue reading

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What makes MASVAW Effective?

MASVAW puts “men” at the center. It provides them emotional support, educates them on man and woman’s sexual aspects, and helps remove their ignorance of all types. Finally it encourages them to take social actions. MASVAW men learn to lead by personal example rather than mere words. This is a unique feature of MASVAW. Continue reading

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What are MASVAW’s Tools/Processes to Bring About Change

MASVAW has developed several highly effective tools in the form of games, flash cards, etc that engage men and provoke them to think about gender roles man and woman play. They soon realize how unjust the rules designed for women are in our society. Continue reading

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How MASVAW Brings About Change

MASVAW workshops are where the mind of men is impacted the most. It is here the process of change begins – both ideological and behavioral. Continue reading

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Women Empowerment? Violence Against Women? MASVAW? I am Confused

Violence against women is at the core of most social issues in India. It not only victimizes women but also prevents them from participating meaningfully in social activities. MASVAW targets gender violence at its very root and has the potential of becoming a highly effective movement for gender just society. It is men’s way to empower women by focusing on men! Continue reading

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Why Climate Change Debates have no Gender Focus?

While gender equality is widely recognized as a prerequisite for sustainable development and as central to global initiatives such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a gender perspective is, so far, missing from climate change policy. Continue reading

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Why Climate Change in not Gender Neutral

It is slowly dawning that the impact of climate change is not gender neutral – women, particularly poor women are more severely impacted by climate induced hardships. Inclusion of their voice and suffering in the climate debate can no longer be ignored anymore. Continue reading

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Climate Change: Men more Responsible than Women!

Men are more polluting than women, seems to be the conclusion of a recent Swedish study. More such studies and participation of women in decision making is required for better mitigation of climate change problems. Continue reading

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Gender and Climate Change

Fatma Denton and Jyoti Parikh outline ways in which they consider the issue of gender should be mainstreamed into the climate debate. Continue reading

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