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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

The world today is passing through a period of severe moral, spiritual and even economic degradation. There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence, truthfulness and democracy are all the more relevant today than ever. Continue reading

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Modi In Israel: End of International “Appeasement!!”

Modi’s Israel visit ended the domestic Muslim appeasement politics that had spilled over to International landscape. It marks a new chapter in the global diplomacy of a new emerging stronger India. Continue reading

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Why Should The World Worry About Pak Nuclear Weapons

According to former National Security Director of Afghanistan, Rahamatullah Nabil, terror groups have deeply and widely infiltrated ranks of Pakistani military and secret agencies. Therefore, the world has to act before it is too late. According to the Stockholm International … Continue reading

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Why Pakistan is So Wrong on Kashmir

Pakistan’s love for Kashmir is pure Islamic – in the “exclusionary” sense as people know Islam today. This is the root of all problems Pakistan creates in Kashmir. Continue reading

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Destroying Kashmiri Culture – The Pakistan Way

Sufism in Kashmir unites Hindus and Muslims. It is something that doesn’t suit those who use Islam to further their political agenda. Continue reading

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Wahhabism – The Ideological Force Behind Islamic Extremism

Wahhabi cult of Islam is the most violent version of Islam. It is the ideological force behind global jihadi terrorism. Its followers can’t tolerate any disagreement and want to settle every dispute through violence or terror. Continue reading

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Will Waters of Peaceful Tibet become cause for Future Conflicts in Asia?

China recently announced construction of three dams in the middle reach of the Brahmaputra (yarlung Tsangpo) river in Tibet. Another similar size dam is under construction since 2010. It raises anxiety in India as well as in Bangladesh because China has no water sharing treaty with any of its neighbors nor is it signatory to any International water convention. Continue reading

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