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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

The world today is passing through a period of severe moral, spiritual and even economic degradation. There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence, truthfulness and democracy are all the more relevant today than ever. Continue reading

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The Real Potential of MGNREGA is Yet to be Realized

NREGA now known as MGNREGa is demand driven program that integrates rural employment with sustainable development of rural India. Its full potential is yet to be realized. NREGA has changed the fabric of rural India by empowering women and poor rural folks cutting across the divides of cast and community. Continue reading

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A Brief History of Local Governance in India

But for the divisive politics of the British, India has a glorious history of village self-rule which was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi; The PRI system through the 73rd amendment to the constitution attempt to make it a reality Continue reading

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The Samatha Judgment and the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution

Tribals have been the biggest victims of “development” which has nothing to do with their well being; in the popular meaning of the word development only means exploitation of natural resources and people to sustain the urban lifestyle; Governments have flouted the land mark Samatha Judgment that upheld the rights of the tribal people as they have done to PESA and the Forest Rights Act Continue reading

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Non-Implementation of the PESA Act – Government wants Paisa, not PESA

After the 73rd amendment, the Government also enacted the Panchayat (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act in 1996 (or simply the PESA Act, 1996). It mainly aims to protect the tribal population from exploitation by making Gram Sabhas centers of … Continue reading

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Grass-root Democracy in India: Status of the Panchayati Raj System

Real grass root democracy involves even the most marginalized section of people; Gram Sabhas and Panchayats are the true centers for participatory democracy Continue reading

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Panchayat Raj System in India

Panchayats have been the center of governance since ancient times. Mahatma Gandhi was highly in favor of giving voice to the poorest through local panchayats. Panchayat Raj System will deepen the roots of Indian democracy through a decentralized system of governance where power flows from the bottom. Continue reading

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The Forest Rights Act, 2006: Will It End the Historic Exploitation of Tribal Population?

For the first time in India, the Forest Rights Act, 2006 provide legal security to its indigenous tribal population from forced eviction and denial of of their rights over minor forest produce. But implementation of the Act is very poor and renders it useless because other forest related laws and the forest department officials come on the way. How long the forest tribes will continue to live under fear and insecurity, despite having a law that outlaws their oppression? Continue reading

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PESA – A Potent Weapon Against Naxals (Maoists) In India !!

PESA Act 1996 has a great potential to wipe out Naxal violence, preserve forests and ecology, and to assimilate 8 crore tribals into the national mainstream. But state governments lack will power to implement the PESA act honestly. Continue reading

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No PESA, No Paisa for the Tribals of India!!

PESA Act of 1996 was in principle meant to give self rule authority to the tribal people and govern themselves as well as their resources. However, in reality nothing has changed except on paper. State governments, politicians, businessmen, and bureaucrats do everything to retain their control on the tribals and the rich natural resources of their surroundings. Continue reading

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Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (or PESA), 1996

The Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (or PESA), 1996 extended the idea of local governance to tribal regions of India. This act was needed because the Panchayat Raj bill (73rd and 74th ammendments) did not automatically apply to regions of the fifth and sixth schedules of the constitution. Continue reading

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