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Power Sector and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Renewable energy certificates are market driven mechanism to finance renewable energy projects. Non compliance of RPOs has almost killed the REC market. Hope nw government will revive it. Continue reading

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Risk Factors for Solar Power Producers

Solar power developers in India face 3 types of risks: poor financial health of the discoms because they might not be able to pay in time, uncertainty and errors in solar irradiation data, and due to poor quality of plant installation. Continue reading

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Fragile Financial Health of Power Distribution Companies

Electricity distribution companies in India are terribly weak and inefficient; they have survived only on state support. Political class has always bled them by announcing free power to certain segments of society for electoral reasons. Now their revival has become crucial if the current economic growth rate has to be sustained. A recent rating by ICRA and CRISIL reveal their miserable plight. Distribution companies in 7 states alone account for over 70 percent losses. A financial restructuring currently underway. Continue reading

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Solar Power Earning Potential in India through the REC Mechanism

Solar power developers and investors in India are now looking towards the REC mechanism as a way to enter the Indian renewable energy market. REC being trade-able market instrument enables price discovery through the forces of demand and supply. REC trading in India started in March 2011 and the true market value of the RECs is yet to be discovered. We strongly feel that REC route is the way to enter RE sector in India now. Continue reading

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Sun is Shining on India’s Solar Power Program!

Despite all the noise about solar energy being expensive the recent response from the solar power developers to the national Solar Mission’s Phase-1 batch-2 auction suggests a bright future for solar energy not just in India but world wise. Continue reading

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India’s Hydro Power Initiative – 12th Plan

The 12th plan (2012-17) aims to add 30 GW hydropower in the country. There are some projects that have been delayed from the 11th plan also. There are many bottlenecks that must be removed in order to achieve the ambitious goal of energy sufficiency. Continue reading

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