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Why Balakot Counter Terror Strike Is A Milestone

On February 26, 2019, India made a point before the world – that now the nation is no longer willing to accept jihadi terrorism passively. The Balakot air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad’s terror training camp marks an important shift in the … Continue reading

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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

The world today is passing through a period of severe moral, spiritual and even economic degradation. There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence, truthfulness and democracy are all the more relevant today than ever. Continue reading

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Pulwama Terror Attack: Imran Khan’s Worst Blunder!

The 2018 Pakistan s(election) installed Imran Khan as prime minister on expected lines. Now can Imran lift his country out of the financial-terrorism mess? Most likely answer is NO. Continue reading

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Impact Of The 1857 Uprising – India’s First War Of Independence

The 1857 revolt marked an important turning point in the history the colonial British India. It can be easily called the first Indian war of independence, triggered by the revolt of Indian soldiers in Meerut which soon spread to several parts of India. It permanently changed the relationship between the colonial masters and their subjects. Continue reading

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India Is No Longer World’s “Poverty Capital”

India is no longer the global poverty capital! Nigeria has overtaken India and the Democratic Republic of the Congo would soon displace India from the number two spot also!! In India, about 44 people are coming out of extreme poverty … Continue reading

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Development “Beyond GDP”

The fetish for gdp growth has led the world to the brink of environmental and social disasters. There is opulence and poverty side by side. Countries need to evolve right indicators of development that pay attention to things other than economic. Continue reading

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Amartya Sen’s Capability Perspective of Development and Well-being

The capability approach of Amartya Sen puts people at the focus of development; not economy. Since it revolves around expanding people’s capabilities, it recognizes all factors – personal, psychological, social, political, environmental etc – that can possibly affect people’s capability to … Continue reading

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