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Alarming Fall In Groundwater Levels In India

With declining recharge rates and sharply increasing extraction pace, the groundwater situation needs urgent attention and demands a change in irrigation and cropping methods. Overview Groundwater is the water that seeps through rocks and soil and is stored below the … Continue reading

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India’s “Unity In Diversity” Is Unique In The World

When the colonial British were leaving India after gifting Pakistan to Muslims, they were convinced that India a conglomerate of 565 princely States would never stay united as one nation for long; it would fragment into several pieces within next … Continue reading

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Can Trump Really Wipe Out “Radical Islamic Terrorism”?

The US President Trump’s war on ‘radical Islamic Terrorism’ can not be won without effective fight against the ideology of terrorism. Continue reading

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FATF ‘Grey List’ Isn’t ‘Grey Enough’ For Pakistan!

Pakistan finds itself again in the FATF watch list. Yet, its bravado and denial of realities remain ntact. Continue reading

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The Comedy Of Trump’s “Triple Talaq” To Pakistan!

Just when the Indian Supreme Court banned instant ‘triple talaq’ in India on August 22 the US president Donald Trump said the unthinkable. He uttered “Talaq Talaq Talaq” to Pakistan!  Pakistan was shocked. It went into the trauma of confusion … Continue reading

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India Ends Triple Talaq; Why Shah Bano Failed in 1985?

India got freedom in 1947 from British exploitation. But it took another 70 years for Indian Muslim women to gain freedom from the whimsical ‘triple talaq’, promoted by backward looking clergy in the name of Islam and Sharia. The AIMPLB clearly … Continue reading

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India’s Obsession for ‘GDP Growth’ Is Killing Farmers

Farmers are committing suicide because agriculture sector contributes only around 15 percent towards the GDP. Continue reading

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