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India Is No Longer World’s “Poverty Capital”

India is no longer the global poverty capital! Nigeria has overtaken India and the Democratic Republic of the Congo would soon displace India from the number two spot also. 44 people are coming out of extreme poverty in India every … Continue reading

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Development “Beyond GDP”

The fetish for gdp growth has led the world to the brink of environmental and social disasters. There is opulence and poverty side by side. Countries need to evolve right indicators of development that pay attention to things other than economic. Continue reading

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Amartya Sen’s Capability Perspective of Development and Well-being

The capability approach of Amartya Sen doesn’t give importance to commodities or to pleasure one derives from them; it stresses on people’s opportunities to make use of them to achieve well-being. Overview Currently popular economics correlates a people’s well-being with … Continue reading

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British East India Company: Rise and Fall Of a Rogue Corporation

The British East India Company (EIC) became colonial power in the mid 18th century and remained so until the rebellion of 1857. The EIC was run by greedy merchants under the patronage of British parliament. The Mindset of EIC still exists in today’s multinational companies. Continue reading

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Alarming Fall In Groundwater Levels In India

With declining recharge rates and sharply increasing extraction pace, the groundwater situation needs urgent attention and demands a change in irrigation and cropping methods. Overview Groundwater is the water that seeps through rocks and soil and is stored below the … Continue reading

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India’s “Unity In Diversity” Is Unique In The World

The unifying force behind the mind boggling diversities in India is Universal ‘Dharma’ which is nothing but universal ethics and morality. It lets Indians see beyond the narrow boundaries of faiths and beliefs. Continue reading

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Can Trump Really Wipe Out “Radical Islamic Terrorism”?

The US President Trump’s war on ‘radical Islamic Terrorism’ can not be won without effective fight against the ideology of terrorism. Continue reading

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