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China’s Border Aggression: Blunder? Or Gimmick To Cover Up Covid-19 Mishap?

China’s Border Misadventure! Chinese aggression for global dominance appears to be taking newer weird forms, never seen in the past. But what stands out is utter absence of any sense of responsibility towards its actions. For last two decades, China … Continue reading

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Citizenship Amendment Act 2019: Why India Should Exchange “Minority Population” with Its Islamic Neighbors

Passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 is a great humanitarian gesture by India, though it should have been done long ago. The Act seeks to expedite the process of awarding citizenship to the ill fated minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh … Continue reading

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“Minority” Politics of Indian Muslims

On what ground 180 million Indian Muslims be called minority? Does India need majority-minority divide on religious grounds? Continue reading

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India Needs Development Beyond GDP

The fetish for gdp growth has led the world to the brink of environmental and social disasters. There is opulence and poverty side by side. Countries need to evolve right indicators of development that pay attention to things other than economic. Continue reading

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Why This Is The Right Time To Adopt “Uniform Civil Code” In India

Uniform Civil Code is urgently needed if India has to grow into a vibrant modern democracy. Handicapped by its Muslim appeasement and ‘vote bank’ politics Congress has failed to take the country forward on UCC in the past 6 decades. Now it is for the BJP and other ‘India-First’ parties to show the leadership. Continue reading

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Why FATF ‘GREY-LIST’ Isn’t Dark Enough For Pakistan!

Pakistan finds itself again in the FATF watch list. Yet, its bravado and denial of realities remain ntact. Continue reading

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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

The world today is passing through a period of severe moral, spiritual and even economic degradation. There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence, truthfulness and democracy are all the more relevant today than ever. Continue reading

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Destroying Kashmir – The Pakistani Way!

The peaceful and secular Sage-Sufi culture of Kashmir has been under assault since late 1980s by Pak trained jihadi terrorists and radical Wahhabis. Pakistan’s motto is very clear “… if I don’t get Kashmir ‘in the name of Islam’, I will destroy it ‘in the name of Islam” !! Continue reading

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10 Benefits of Administrative Reorganization of J&K, Post 370

Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir State is the most people friendly step taken for the people of the State whom the leadership had dumped to become pawns in Pakistan’s proxy jihadi war against India. It will bring the much needed prosperity and people’s democracy in the Union Territory of J&K and a fresh sense of recognition for Laddakhi people. Continue reading

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“Independence Day” for Muslim Women – India Ends Triple Talaq!

It took 72 years after India’s independence to free themselves from the fear of instant triple talaq. Maulvis who see women as mere personal property or as sex object, were ominously against the legislation ending the “archaic and exploitative” practice. Now Muslim women don’t have live whole life under the fear of Instant TT. They can now approach the police and court for justice. Continue reading

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Kargil Intrusion – How Atom Bomb Made A General Fanatic

Kargil intrusion yet again reflected the typical Pak trait: preference for conflict over peace. It is hard to believe that while the Pak prime minister was busy preparing for permanent peace treaty with India and readying to welcome Indian PM … Continue reading

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Thank God, Only 950 Years Left for Indo-Pak Peace!

Pak policy of “thousand year war with India” is an acknowledgement of the fact that it can’t win any conventional war with India, nor can it drop any Nuke on India for obvious reasons. So, the only way to hurt its “eternal enemy” India is through a proxy war through fully disposable jihadis brainwashed to see divinity in death. Continue reading

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