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India Needs Development Beyond GDP

The fetish for gdp growth has led the world to the brink of environmental and social disasters. There is opulence and poverty side by side. Countries need to evolve right indicators of development that pay attention to things other than economic. Continue reading

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Why The World Must Rediscover Mahatma Gandhi!

The world today is passing through a period of severe moral, spiritual and even economic degradation. There is a pervasive climate of isolationism, restlessness and insecurity. Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence, truthfulness and democracy are all the more relevant today than ever. Continue reading

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Amartya Sen’s Capability Perspective of Development and Well-being

The capability approach of Amartya Sen puts people at the focus of development; not economy. Since it revolves around expanding people’s capabilities, it recognizes all factors – personal, psychological, social, political, environmental etc – that can possibly affect people’s capability to … Continue reading

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Poverty is Cancer not Flu ! – Mahbub Ul Haq

Late Pakistani economist Mahbub Ul Haq is the brain behind UNDP’s human development index (HDI). He has seen the emptiness and deception of using GDP growth as measure of national progress. His concept of human development brought a paradigm shift in the global developmental discourse. Now more and more countries are trying to measure people’s well being beyond per capita GDP numbers. Continue reading

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India: Growth Vs Development Debate

Five year old Sen-Bhagwati debate has brought into focus the crucial debate around the India’s development path. Should it follow the Western path of GDP growth alone or also focus on developing human capital? And how about sustainability of development? Continue reading

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Is the World Heading Towards a New Global Order?

The world is much changed today. It needs a new set of governing rules; more just and more humane. Continue reading

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What India can Learn from Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Lifestyles of Indians basically have spiritual roots. They value material things but at the same time also appreciate the importance of mental well-being. The 9 domains of Bhutan’s gross national happiness offer ideal framework to guide “development” in India. Continue reading

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