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FATF ‘GREY-LIST’ Isn’t GREY Enough For Pakistan!

Pakistan finds itself again in the FATF watch list. Yet, its bravado and denial of realities remain ntact. Continue reading

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Pulwama Terror Attack: Imran Khan’s Worst Blunder!

The 2018 Pakistan s(election) installed Imran Khan as prime minister on expected lines. Now can Imran lift his country out of the financial-terrorism mess? Most likely answer is NO. Continue reading

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Alarming Fall In Groundwater Levels In India

With declining recharge rates and sharply increasing extraction pace, the groundwater situation needs urgent attention and demands a change in irrigation and cropping methods. Overview Groundwater is the water that seeps through rocks and soil and is stored below the … Continue reading

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India’s “Unity In Diversity” Is A Global Puzzle!

The unifying force behind the mind boggling diversities in India is Universal ‘Dharma’ which is nothing but universal ethics and morality. It lets Indians see beyond the narrow boundaries of faiths and beliefs. Continue reading

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Modi In Israel: End of International “Appeasement!!”

Modi’s Israel visit ended the domestic Muslim appeasement politics that had spilled over to International landscape. It marks a new chapter in the global diplomacy of a new emerging stronger India. Continue reading

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Global Warming – Over-Consumption, Not Over-Population, is the Main Threat

Over consumption in the Rich nations is driving global warming; not the rising population of the poor countries. Continue reading

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BALUCHISTAN – Another “Bangladesh” in the making?- Part 2

Will the human rights champion speak for creation of sovereign Balochistan? Or they only make noises that suit the Western interests?

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