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Alarming Fall In Groundwater Levels In India

With declining recharge rates and sharply increasing extraction pace, the groundwater situation needs urgent attention and demands a change in irrigation and cropping methods. Overview Groundwater is the water that seeps through rocks and soil and is stored below the … Continue reading

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India’s “Unity In Diversity” Is Unique In The World

When the colonial British were leaving India after gifting Pakistan to Muslims, they were convinced that India a conglomerate of 565 princely States would never stay united as one nation for long; it would fragment into several pieces within next … Continue reading

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Can Trump Really Wipe Out “Radical Islamic Terrorism”?

Rise Of Global Terrorism After climate change and global warming “radical Islamic terrorism”, as the US President Trump calls it, is another global threat that worries the global community. If climate change and global warming are purely ‘secular’ phenomena the … Continue reading

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Modi In Israel: End of International “Appeasement!!”

Modi’s Israel visit ended the domestic Muslim appeasement politics that had spilled over to International landscape. It marks a new chapter in the global diplomacy of a new emerging stronger India. Continue reading

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Is it Right Time to Push for Uniform Civil Code, or Not Yet?

Uniform Civil Code is urgently needed if India has to grow into a vibrant modern democracy. Handicapped by its Muslim appeasement and ‘vote bank’ politics Congress has failed to take the country forward on UCC in the past 6 decades. Now it is for the BJP and other ‘India-First’ parties to show the leadership. Continue reading

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Global Warming – Over-Consumption, Not Over-Population, is the Main Threat

Over consumption in the Rich nations is driving global warming; not the rising population of the poor countries. Continue reading

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Another Terror Attack in France – The Nonsense of “Terrorism Has No Religion”

World leaders have to now acknowledge that all global terror today is Islamic. It is sheer nonsense to continue to say that ‘Terrorism has no religion’. Continue reading

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