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Can Trump Really Wipe Out “Radical Islamic Terrorism”?

The US President Trump’s war on ‘radical Islamic Terrorism’ can not be won without effective fight against the ideology of terrorism. Continue reading

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FATF ‘Grey List’ Isn’t ‘Grey Enough’ For Pakistan!

Pakistan finds itself again in the FATF watch list. Yet, its bravado and denial of realities remain ntact. Continue reading

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Why Should The World Worry About Pak Nuclear Weapons

According to former National Security Director of Afghanistan, Rahamatullah Nabil, terror groups have deeply and widely infiltrated ranks of Pakistani military and secret agencies. Therefore, the world has to act before it is too late. According to the Stockholm International … Continue reading

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Another Terror Attack in France – The Nonsense of “Terrorism Has No Religion”

World leaders have to now acknowledge that all global terror today is Islamic. It is sheer nonsense to continue to say that ‘Terrorism has no religion’. Continue reading

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Terrorist Sympathisers in India – A Wake Up Call For Hindus

Events around terrorist Yakub’s hanging should be an eye opener for all patriotic Indians, particularly 100 crore Hindus. It is time to take distorted secularism head-on and bring sanity to political discourse. Continue reading

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Wahhabism – The Ideological Force Behind Islamic Extremism

Wahhabi cult of Islam is the most violent version of Islam. It is the ideological force behind global jihadi terrorism. Its followers can’t tolerate any disagreement and want to settle every dispute through violence or terror. Continue reading

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