“Independence Day” for Muslim Women – India Ends Triple Talaq!

At last Indian Muslim women are free from the fear of instant triple talaq. It is an important milestone for their empowerment, though they still have much to fight for. The biggest losers are the sharia-loving change-resistant mullahs who see women as mere personal property and no more than objects for sexual gratification. Coupled with other initiatives of the Modi government towards women empowerment and girls education, the 9.5 crore Muslim women can now contribute to nation building with a greater thrust.

“Independence Day” for Muslim women!

Indian Parliament ends the medieval Islamic practice of wife-dumping through instant triple talaq. The practice was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court two years ago. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill ultimately got passed by both the houses of parliament. This historic legislation criminalizes instant triple talaq. That would sure make Muslim husbands more responsible towards wife and kids. Now Muslim women would no longer have to live lifelong under the fear of being dumped anytime through triple talaq.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told Parliament:

“India is a secular country. In 2013, triple talaq victims moved Supreme Court and the Supreme Court decided it is arbitrary and unconstitutional. What is declared wrong in the Quran cannot be valid in law.” 

PM Modi tweeted:

“An archaic and medieval practice has finally been confined to the dustbin of history! Parliament abolishes Triple Talaq and corrects a historical wrong done to Muslim women. This is a victory of gender justice and will further equality in society. India rejoices today!”

This time the Italian Family owned Congress Party failed to put enough road blocks in the Upper House. This dynastic party has always backed anti-progress and anti-women Maulvis who control the Muslim vote-bank. However, now any Muslim man dumping his wife in such brainless manner would be a criminal offender liable to be punished as prescribed in this Law.

Indians got full freedom in 1947 when they kicked out the colonial British, but the Muslim women had to wait another 72 years to feel that freedom, considered a basic human right in the modern world. The pathological obsession of orthodox Maulvis to continue the “archaic and medieval” practice from the 7th century Arab tribal world (as Islam!!) was the prime hurdle towards their empowerment and gender justice.

Divisive mullahs like Owaisi (also seen as an Islamic separatist with potential to become a future Jinnah) predictably saw it as Hindus targeting Muslims. Others of his ilk exhibited their their typical “Islam is in Danger” syndrome. The Fatwa Factory of India in Deobandh (Western UP), of course, thinks that the Indian Supreme Court should have no jurisdiction over Muslims or Muslim women living on Indian soil.

It was the height of irrationality to see Muslim husbands dumping wives through SMS, Whatsapp, email, facebook, twitter and on phone even from abroad!  It’s a weird Islamic psychological trait that men accepts modern gadgets and facilities, and then uses them to perpetuate stone-age exploitative traditions.

Immature Muslim men were making joke of marriage. Since marriage is just a ‘contract’ in Islam — as per separatist Owaisi — irresponsible men were playing the game of marry, enjoy sex and dump. Imagine a man giving triple talaq because his wife did not allow him to video-graph their sexual act for upload on social media.

Coupled with Halala – another unique Islamic way to sexually exploit helpless women – triple talaq  easily turn the wife into something like a “free prostitute” or “sex toy.” First she gets bombed with triple Talaq and then if the men wished to take her back as wife again, she had to go into a ‘fake’ Marriage’ but offer her for ‘Real Sex’ and then divorce again!  This sex part is of vital importance — and the prime reason for mullahs to perpetrate such derogatory practice in the name of Islam.

Rather frequently, the triple Talaq victim had to sleep with her father-in-law or husband’s brothers/cousins to stay with her husband. Friends were playing the TT/Halala game to sleep with each other’s wives. Qazis were ever ready to become “One Night Husband” for “Honeymoon Fun”. Why go to prostitutes, if TT+Halala trick works!!

What a crooked way to deprive women of all dignity – that too, in the name of Islam. Shame.

Now the 95 million Indian Muslim women would not have to tolerate such demeaning treatment. They can now seek protection from the police and country’s legal system like any other Indian citizen.

Here in the video a progress member of parliament is thrashing a phony ‘warrior of Islam’ who hates women dignity, gender justice and women empowerment in the name of Islam.

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