‘Triple Talaq’, Polygamy, Halala Marriage – Relics of Pre-Islamic Arab World

Patriarchy or Religion?

How women were treated like slaves and cattle in the pre-Islamic Arabia is reflected by the presence of practices like  ‘triple talaq’, polygamy and halala marriages and so on.  1400 years ago Arab tribes continuously squabbled and fought each other – the winning side would take away the looted booty including cattle stock and women folks of the losing tribe and use them as they wished. It was by all means a barbaric civilization where, as men got killed in the inter-tribal wars, they were always out numbered by the women folks whose only role was to provide physical pleasure to men and to breed. Therefore, surviving men would keep several women at home – this must be the origin of “harem” in the Islamic world.


In such a world, the prophet restricted the number of women (wives) to 4 for one man. and prescribed treating them all equally and with dignity. This was a good reform for the wild Arab tribes who saw women as men’s property 1400 years ago.

Parochial and half-brained clerics around the world interpret it as Islam allowing 4 marriages!  They conveniently forgot the condition of “treating all wives equally with dignity”. They habitually forget the historical time and context behind this practice. Needless to say polygamy existed in many other societies but they all reform themselves, rather than holding it as sacrosanct in the name of God, Book or religion. But, firmly in Maulavi control, Islamic communities have failed to learn the art of evolution and modernization as times change.

Now, the reality check.

In today’s 2100 century world, Muslims don’t live like warring Arab tribes of the past, even in the Arab world; women: men ratio is even everywhere. So why should a man marry 4 women? Can he really afford 4 wives (and hence, 4 families) and treat them all equally?

The answer is clearly NO.

But the ossified-brained mullah of All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) still want to keep Muslim women like objects of physical gratification for men – exactly as they were 1400 years ago. They are also oblivious to the fact that they live in India  –  which is not located in the Arab desert; nor do Indian Muslims lead tribal life and kill each other like Arab tribes of 14 centuries ago. The men: women ratio is pretty much even like in rest of India (or the world). The 8.6 crore Indian Muslim women don’t consider themselves akin to cattle or property of men – they are free women living in the thriving democracy of the Indian State – thanks to the over-tolerant and rather passive Hindu culture. They desire dignified treatment and freedom over their lives like other women in India.

But the problem is: You can’t teach DEAD men!!

“Triple Talaq”

Before Islam, in the Arab land women were treated like slaves and cattle, and men would discard (divorce, in today’s vocabulary) them at whim. The Prophet tried to end all this and brought Talaq-e-Ehsan. Sura 4, Verse 35 clearly prescribes that in case of husband-wife conflict, family members should mediate and provided for 90-day waiting period for reconciliation. If all efforts fail, a cleric (like today’s judge of a court) can formalize the divorce.

So, what is all this non-sense of ‘triple talaq’?

After the Prophet, during the period of second Caliph Umar, some women came and complained that their husband often say ‘talaq’ but then again continue relationship. In all societies, it is fairly common that married couple often quarrel, say bad things in the heat of the moment but when tempers cool down and things go back to normal.

Well, coming back to the context. Caliph Umar suggested that if he says ‘talaq’ thrice it may be taken as separation. It was also a veiled threat to the husband that he better be careful with what he says or how he treats his wife, else he may end up losing her. The wise Caliph never intended it to become something of a law, and the Holy Book never mentions it.

But then what can you do with the Maulavis who think they are wiser than the Prophet and the Book!   The AIMPLB is also such a over-smart bunch. The town of Deoband in UP is India’s traditional hub of Islamic orthodoxy; it has even suggested that talaq given in a state of drunkenness is valid!!!

No wonder, all rational thinking people including Muslims abhor their fatwas as childish attempt to control the community in the name of Islam.

Muslim Countries where Triple Talaq is Banned

Halala Marriage

Please Read: The Woman Who Sleeps with Stranger to Save Marriage

This is another weird and humiliating stuff coming from their ossified brains. If a women is dumped through ‘Triple Talaq’ and if she still wishes to marry her ex-husband, she must marry another man, have sex with him and then get a divorce. This filthy and artificial marriage turns her from ‘Haram’ to ‘Halal’ and can re-marry her ex-husband. What a brainless logic coming from lecherous minded Mullah – again in the name of religion!!

Jeenat Shoukat Ali of World Institute of Islamic Studies for Dialogue categorically states that halala marriage has nothing to do with Islam. Islamic scholars allege that many Maulavis have opened halala centers. They marry the women for a night or few days, sleep with her and finally divorce her – for a fee !!!! Here is how woman can get sexually exploited.  Read further: The Muslim Issue

Triple Talaq and Halala put Muslim women in the most humiliating situation prone to sexual exploitation as is often reported. It is exploited in an organized manner.

Well, really the issue is not presence of such practices, but how a handful of Maulvis can hijacked Muslim societies and continue to propagate unjust and disparaging practices on Muslim women.  If such stuck-brain mullah really want to live like 1400 year old Arab tribes they should stop enjoying technological comforts of 21st century and stop hiding behind Islam or Koran that is beyond the ability of their ossified brain cells. Indian society will be happier if they shifted to Saudi Arabia or Yemen to preach their outdated life philosophy there.

Indian Muslim Women are Deeply frustrated

Educated Muslim women are fed up with what they say are archaic and patriarchal rules that too often leaves them humiliated. Muslim women do not have the same right as enjoyed by rest of Indian women, and those left by their husbands have no claim to alimony though they can collect a small payment for three months after divorce.  Then, they’re on their own.

According to Noorjehan Safia Niaz, co-founder of Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, “There are cases where women don’t even know that they’ve been divorced. The children are without any support. So, it has become very convenient for Muslim men to just say talaq thrice and it is just so easy for him to get the woman out of his life.”

In 1985, appeasement politicians of the ruling Congress Party led by Rajiv Gandhi caved in under pressure from orthodox Mullah when the Supreme Court ordered a Muslim man to pay alimony to his elderly wife, after verbally divorcing and abandoning her. For sake of Mullah controlled vote, the union government passed a law to retrospectively protect Muslim divorce law.  It was the (in)famous Shah Bano case that exposed fake secularism of Indian politics.

Fortunately, today we have a government of a political party at the Center that does not practice fake-secularism or appeasement politics for votes’ sake, unlike other run of the mill political parties.

Supreme Court to Decide fate of these “Triple Evils” humiliating India’s Muslim women

On May 11, a five-judge Constitution bench of Supreme Court began its hearing on a plea that the triple talaq, nikah halala, and polygamy violated Muslim women’s rights to equality and dignity, and are not protected by the right to profess, practice and propagate religion under Constitution’s Article 25(1).  The Supreme Court would examine whether triple talaq is fundamental to Islam.

When the hearing concluded on May 18, The attorneys of AIMPLB failed to offer a single rational logic in support of ‘Triple Talaq’. Its version was presented by Kapil Sibal – a well-known fake secular from Sonia’s Congress party. He even tried to make a minority-majority issue !!! Vote bank appeasement politics is so ingrained in his mind that he forgot that he was trying to defend triple talaq wholly confined in the Muslim community. The victims side clearly stated that a lot of Kazis make their living from victims, so for them it is a business issue.

Let’s hope these outdated and inhuman practices will soon be thing of the past and Indian Muslim women would feel safe and secure, and be able to live freely with dignity and confidently.


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