Is the World Heading Towards a New Global Order?

21st Century World Needs New Global Rules

cricket game 2The world entered 21st century with new hopes, but could not say goodbye to the baggage of the last century. The intensity of global climatic disorder is now too glaring to be ignored while world leaders show no sign of shedding their slumber and the corporate-consumer model of development shows no sign of respecting the limits of the planet. Even the most ignorant person living in any corner of the planet can tell that the climate is no longer smooth and orderly. The feeling of not being able to do anything is stirring the suppressed conscience of the ordinary people across the world.

As world leaders continue verbal posturing (for public consumption) and carry on international negotiations (not meant to be honoured) giant corporations continue to “maximize profits” and the powerful and “free” corporate media continue to tow the lines of rich and powerful. Yet, the silent pain of ignored ordinary citizens is gathering momentum against the global power centers who dictate terms.

It also infuriates people when they see ‘developed’ nations waging trillion dollar wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, but when it comes to fighting climate change and global poverty their disinterest makes their status tag of ‘developed nations’ look empty.

5 Drivers of People’s Dissatisfaction

Our world is certainly at a crossroads. The present drivers of global politics, operating since the end of the WW-II, fail to meet people’s aspirations in the changed world we live in today. The new realities demand a new global arrangement better suited to meet the aspirations of global citizens.

  1. Sick Planet

Climatic Disorder and Environmental Degradation

The phenomenon of global warming is a manmade problem that resulted chasing the myth of eternal GDP growth. It is the most serious threat facing the humanity today and is the un-refutable “proof” of many things wrong rooted in our ecologically blind lifestyle. Reflecting more than the rising global temperatures, melting ice-caps and depleting natural resources it covers multiple and associated ills which not just point to the growing inequalities and injustice but also to local, regional and, potentially, global conflict.

Despite serious global attempts of past two decades, we are already at 401 parts per million of CO2 in February 2015 and counting; it was 325 ppm in 1970. Over the past decade, much has been talked about peaking it between 2015 and 2020. Yet, even in 2015 it is still a pipe dream. It doesn’t help when experts claim: “We underestimated the risks… we underestimated the damage associated with the temperature increases… and we underestimated the probabilities of temperature increases”.

From the perspective of common people, the climate battle is already lost and there is nothing to save them from untimely climatic disasters, now getting more frequent than ever before. Farmers in the poor countries are already seeing destruction of their crops by untimely rains and hailstorms. The mainstream global media, led by the rich West, still treats such events as natural accidents unconnected with human activities. The US and its allies still find trillion dollar wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan more rewarding than fighting global poverty or climate change.

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