Another Terror Attack in France – The Nonsense of “Terrorism Has No Religion”

Paris vs Mumbai terror attacksMore correctly, it should read – ISLAMIC TERROR strikes Paris.

It will be remembered as 13/11. Around 8 Islamic Jihadis launched 2008 (26/11) Mumbai style attack in Paris targeting several crowded places. Jihadis killed over 130 innocent people and left twice as many  injured. Shocked Western leaders expressed outrage, solidarity and yet again vowed to wipe out the global Jihadi menace.

Then came twin terror attacks in Brussels, killing over 30 people and injuring around 300 innocent souls. Both attacks were carried out by the same ISIS’s Belgium cell. Meanwhile French agencies have foiled another terror plot that was ‘at an advanced stage’. There are also reports (speculations) that the Belgium terror cell was plotting radioactive bomb attack.

Now the “truck terror” attack of July 15, 2016 on the crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, the French Riviera city. It killed around 80 people and injured several others.

Yet again the leaders have expressed outrage, solidarity and yet again vowed to wipe out the global Jihadi menace. Nothing new in their response…

… and now I am waiting for the famous one-liner from them: Terrorism has no religion’ !!

Even a child can tell that it is a plain LIE. But political correctness must masks stark realities.

In all likelihood THEIR RELIGION is the only thing they have !!  And they are the Authorized Agents of some unseen Arabic speaking Allah to kill innocent humans wherever they wanted.

When Jihadis shout, after every act of violence – Allaho Akbar ! – they are loudly declaring their religion. You don’t need much intelligence to decipher that. They worship an Allah who is pleased only by acts of violence and terror against innocent people – and becomes ‘greater’ with each heinous act!

Stop saying Islam is a religion of peace: Taslima Nasreen

terror religion

Yet, the United Nations can’t define ‘terrorism’ – forget about fighting it !!

I am sure any 10 year old kid can do that in less than 1 minute.

Here are Islamic terror attacks in March 2016


Individual Violence is Mere Isolated Crime

Barbarism is mere barbarism; and violence is just violence. So many heinous crimes take place around the world, even in the so-called civil and ‘developed’ societies but they are neither called terrorism nor Jihad – in the Islamic sense, as is popularized today. They are crimes – just crimes, unconnected with any religion or faith. They happen because some people get perverted and commit them. A serial rapist is a perverted and out of control lecherous person. A serial killer is a perverted violent guy who obsessively kills people because he has no control on himself.

They don’t rape, kill or destroy because that is sanctioned by some Holy Book written in the Stone Age.

But things become different when crimes against humanity are committed under religious indoctrination and justification. Yes, Islamic Jihadis are no ordinary perverts; they are well indoctrinated and motivated. They are trained to kill and die while killing people, believing they are performing their Religious duty that pleases their Allah. Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen put it more succinctly: Quran is theory, ISIS is the practice.

Global Terrorism is Firmly Rooted in Islamic Beliefs

mumbai-attack by Islamic Jihadis

Thus, terrorist groups such as the Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, Lashkar-e-Toiba and numerous other groups are waging a ‘Jihad’ – a holy Islamic war. They are on a religious mission that they firmly believe is sanctioned and justified by their holy Quran. Whatever acts of violence and barbarism they commit is driven from this firm belief. They have been led to believe that all their inhuman acts are not only forgiven but would be rewarded with a place in ‘Jannat’ after they die. Therefore, they are quite different from criminals who might commit the very same acts.

The 9/11 terror attack of 2001 gave the US taste of what Islamic terrorism is – it demolished the myth of American invincibility. It also exposed emptiness of its State policy of distinguishing between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists – something its close ally Pakistan is still doing. The 9/11 was plainly an attack planned by Islamic Jihadis who were well brainwashed, trained and supported by Al Qaeda. So it is really comical when the noise of ‘terrorism has no religion’ comes from the US – even the so-called free American press has failed to call the spade a spade.

The November 26, 2008 terror attack in Mumbai was purely Islamic – designed and supported by Pak nurtured Islamic Jihadis. About a dozen terrorists came on a religious suicide mission – their Pakistani handler exhorted them to keep killing until they are alive.

Now France and Brussels have tasted the same Islamic medicine yet another time, on a much larger scale and similar to the 2008 26/11 Mumbai attack.

Only some brain-dead creature can still deny and say that the 9/11, 26/11 or 13/11 and now the 22/03 terror attacks were not ISLAMIC. Of course, it is a type of Islam the world doesn’t know – a new kind of Islam that is purely political and sanctions all manners of heinous violence to achieve its goal.  …And today it is a global phenomenon like global warming.

The ISIS takes Terrorism to Another Dimension

Until the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) came into existence in early 2014, bomb blasts including suicide bombing by blowing the explosive filled jacket was the most popular form of Jihadi violence to spread terror. Thus, innocent people were targeted in the Mosques, shrines and market places, schools, places of tourist attractions, etc through well planned bombings. But the ISIS Jihadis took barbarism to new highs (or lows) by reviving centuries old inhuman and uncivilized tactics of 7th century Arab tribes.

The ISIS Jihadis started off with much publicized beheadings of foreign nationals. They used the social media effectively for worldwide publicity. Reviving the 7th century Arab practice of violating women of defeated tribes they publicized auction of Yejdi women for sex slavery. They burned alive the captured Jordanian pilot and posted the gory video on social media. They even destroyed ancient archaeological structures because ‘their’ version of Islam ‘doesn’t allow’ them!

Therefore, it’s weird to hear people still stating that ‘terrorism has no religion.’ Do they live under some kind of hallucination?

India’s Fake Secularism

terror has no religion-horzIn India, we have creatures who love to befriend Islamic clergy and fundamentalists – yet, they call themselves ‘Secular’!  These ‘fake seculars’ are so Islamophilic that they would want to blame the RSS and Hindus for 2008 Mumbai terror attack !! Digvijay Singh of Sonia’s kitchen Congress is easily their undisputable mentally retarded captain.

These weird ‘seculars’ can be certainly said to be living under hallucination. And unfortunately, they have badly infected Indian society – its academia, media, civil society, and politics. The latest entry in this elite club of fake secularists is the AAP and its power hungry principle-less supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Currently, they are on an anti-Modi and anti-BJP campaign under which they want to paint Hindus as ‘Intolerant’. Since 2002, they have been telling, whoever wanted to listen, that Modi is a Hindu devil who eats Muslims for breakfast and lunch!  And therefore, Muslims should vote for them.

Arvind Kejriwal turned out to be another Fake Secular

Arvind Kejriwal turned out to be another Fake Secular

In India, Muslim clerics CERTIFY who is SECULAR!!

It must be disclosed that in India the agenda of ‘secularism’ has been long hijacked by the cash-rich Islamic lobby which has NGOs of various shades, a sizeable section of academia, activists, and politicians on its pay roll. It is a Saudi-Pak financed venture planned by Pak’s ISI. It works in India through pro-Islamic fake seculars of various shades and color. The task of this Islamic lobby is as usual made easy by politically passive and fragmented Hindu community.

How strong this lobby has become was seen in July 2015 when they went to the extent of glorifying a convicted criminal, Yakub Memon, of 1993 serial bomb blasts that killed 257 innocent people – because he was a Muslim! These fake seculars came out to demand that ‘Secular India’ should not execute the death sentence awarded by the apex Court – simply by virtue of his religion!!

Here is a report card summarising how they try to shield Islamic violence, and shamelessly blame Hindus for extremism!!

The nonsense of 'Terrorism has no religion' !!

The nonsense of ‘Terrorism has no religion’ !!

France, Russia and other European countries are fortunate that they don’t have politicians like Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Owaisis, Azam Khan, Rahul Gandhi and their likes. That’s why it can act decisively in the Middle East.

Paris Mumbai attack comparison

Indian Secularism is Half Islamist, Half Pakistani

Wahhabi Attack on Indian Islam

Some time ago a wikileaks cable has suggested that Saudi Arabia wants to increase its influence over Indian Muslims (namely, Sunni Muslims who make up around 88% population of Indian Muslims). Saudis want to ensure that every Indian Sunni Muslim follows Wahhabism. They are trying to impose Wahhabism right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari through several different forums in several ways.  They want to brainwash kids studying in Madarsas, capture running Mosques and open new ones, start Wahhabi Universities and ultimately impose Sharia laws on all Indian Muslims [and non-Muslims get decimated!].

Wahhabi agenda in India

Wahhabi Mullahs from Saudi Arabia have been coming armed with funds, literature and propaganda material. They try to ‘buy’ Mosque administrators and take over Mosques. Whenever they are opposed, violent clashes take place. So far these have been rather minor in nature but could easily escalate to bigger violence as the Wahhabis grow in influence. They actually want every Indian Muslim to live and think like Arab Bedouin tribes of the 7th century, in the name of Sharia Laws. All global Sunni terror groups get their inspiration from this 200 year old hostile and intolerant philosophy – of course, there are many other extreme interpretations of Islam that are much older.

Indian intelligence agencies have been tracking NGOs and institutions who had applied for Saudi funds – as donations. They are mostly based in Kerala followed by UP, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Funds are also known to have come in the garb of funding an Arts college in TN, a nursing college in Kerala, and a Women Center and Madarsas in UP. It must be emphasized that Wahhabi hate-speakers were first seen in J&K.

Note that Saudi population is only 3.1 crore. It is now under severe military threat from the newly formed ISIS in the neighbourhood. Besides, its regional supremacy is always under challenge from Iran (7.8 crore), its traditional Shia adversary. Therefore, around 17 crore Indian Sunni Muslims form a huge market to sell its Wahhabi Islamic product and spread its political influence on India – together just UP, Bihar and WB are home to 47% Indian Muslim population. It must also be mentioned that there are 300,000 active Mosques in India – the largest number in the world, beating even the largest Islamic countries! Therefore, the large Indian Muslim Community occupies a special place for global Islamic vested interests.

This Wahhabi virus is a poison for any progressive plural society – it promotes separatism, isolationism and intolerance among Muslims. It gives them a backward looking mindset and makes them hostile to universal ideas of human rights and peaceful coexistence with people of other beliefs.

If 23 Indian Muslims are in Syria fighting for ISIS and around 150 online supporters/sympathizers are under close observation of intelligence services, Indians have to be on guard against spread of this deadly Islamic virus. It has already caused severe damages to J&K society and its unique culture and is eating away the culture of Kerala, Assam and WB.

Learn about the extreme Saudi Islam: Wahhabism: The Ideological Force Behind Global Terrorism

Explore further: How Saudis are Funding to Spread Wahhabi Influence in India

India Faces 2 Serious Internal Security Threats

The writing is clearly on the wall.

There are 2 biggest internal security threats to India, both propped up by Saudi-Qatar-Pakistani Islamic funds:

  1. The battalion of ‘Fake Seculars’ in the country and
  2. The destructive Wahhabi cult (of Saudi Arabia) that is trying to destroy the ‘Indian Islam’ of peaceful Sufi flavor and radicalizing Indian Muslims into Wahhabism that is hostile, isolationist and separatist. If in 1947 Islam could divide this great nation of Buddha and Mahavira, in the 21st century the threat of another Islamic division is much greater.

However, here is how a true follower of ‘Indian Islam’ laments; it reflects the sentiments of all patriotic Muslims who want to maintain Indian Islam as a “Religion of Peace” and live in harmony among Hindus, feeling gratitude towards what this land has given to them:

sane islam

Now it is squarely for the Indian Muslim community to embrace Hindus like Parsi and Jews have done, without ghettoising in the name of faith, and counter the radical preachers coming from the gulf to take over Mosques and Madarsas in India. They must preserve their Indian version of Islam that has evolved spontaneously in local Indian society through centuries.

And they have to do it despite the presence of irresponsible communal politicians like Owaisi brothers, Azam Khan, Abu Azami, Mamta banerjee, Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyar and their ilk.

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Paris Climate Summit: Will The US Cooperate This Time?

Will Paris Summit phase out Fossil economy?

Will Paris Summit phase out Fossil economy?

Do you know that the US, the so-called ‘superpower’ nation, never honoured the only global treaty on CO2 emission reduction – the Kyoto Protocol of 1997?

Here is a brief history of global climate discussions.

In 1992, nations formed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at Rio de Janeiro. This convention or agreement is still in force. It bound countries to take necessary actions to avert dangerous global warming, though actions remained unspecified. Since then the UNFCCC has been meeting every year.

Over the next couple of years, discussions revolved around what actions nations should take and roles of developed and developing countries. Year 1997 marked an important milestone in arriving at an agreement on specific emission cuts – called the Kyoto protocol. This agreement required emissions cuts of about 5% (compared with 1990 levels) by 2012, and gave emission reduction target to each developed nation. The treaty would legally come into effect only after ratified by countries representing at least 55% of global emissions.

It left out countries like China, South Korea, Mexico and other rapidly developing economies. Then China was considered just a large developing nation, one among other poor countries.

It was a time when the US was world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. The Protocol was signed by the then US vice-president Al Gore but the US Congress never ratified it. With Americans backing off the Kyoto Protocol remained in abeyance – and the global greenhouse emission continued in the business-as-usual manner.

In the following years, annual UNFCCC meetings remained indecisive. Then suddenly in 2004 Russia decided to ratify the Protocol – it was actually part of a move meant to get its application for WTO membership accepted by the EU. With Russian ratification the touchline of 55% was crossed and the Protocol finally came into force.

The US firmly kept itself outside the Protocol and annual UN meetings remained mere directionless ‘climate talk shows’. In the meantime, China fast emerged as a dominant emitter to compete with the US.

So in order to bring in the US, negotiators changed their approach and urged China to take on emission cut limits. So a new action plan was agreed at Bali in 2007 that would take Kyoto forward.

Next breakthrough was achieved in the Copenhagen conference of 2009.

For the first time, the group of developed nations and biggest developing countries agreed to cuts on their greenhouse gas emissions. It was hailed as landmark because it aligned the world’s biggest emitters towards the same goal – to stop global warming. Although the agreed emissions reductions were not enough to restrict the warming within 2 degree by 2100, but it was better than the emissions under the “business as usual” scenario.

However, the Copenhagen agreement could not be fully adopted because of the last-minute chaos at the conference. But it got ratified the following year in 2010 in the form of the Cancun agreements.

So the targets agreed at Copenhagen and ratified at Cancun are still in force. Of course, there is no way to monitor or impose them for compliance.

What is the Status before the Paris Climate Conference?

Countries emitting about two-thirds of global emissions have declared their targets – known in the UN language as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions or INDCs; others may do so soon.

Among the biggest emitters, the EU intends to cut its emissions by 40%, compared with 1990 levels, by 2030. China declares that its emissions will peak by 2030. The US commits to cut its emissions by 26% to 28%, compared with 2005 levels, by 2025 – keep in mind that it is not the commitment of the US Congress. So it is mere paper talk and diplomatic posturing by Obama administration.

It is clear to experts that these commitments by themselves are not enough to restrict global temperature rise within 2 degree Celsius by 2100.

So, the Paris discussions have to work towards deeper cuts than commitments so far and also arrive at some regular monitoring mechanism. The meeting should also focus on bringing in ‘non state actors’ such as Furtune 500 companies to urge them to cut their emissions and large global investors to have them divest from fossil centered companies.

Green Climate Fund

Rich nations have no money to fight poverty or climate change!

Rich nations have no money to fight poverty or climate change!

Then there is the vital issue of financing poorer countries both for investing in clean technologies and adapting their infrastructure to the likely damage from climate change.

Here again the US stands out as a weird country with misplaced priorities. It can create global alliance and pump out several trillion dollar for the so-called ‘war on terror’ and can give billions to Pakistan – a failed nation breeding Islamic terrorists – for arms but shows no responsible interest to put together a mere $100 billion a year Green Climate Fund to help poor nations cope up with climatic dangers.

Paris conference should also think of ways to involve mega global charities like the Gates foundation, Wellcome Trust and other biggies to contribute to the Green Fund and save lives in the poor countries where people are most vulnerable to climatic disasters which are getting deadlier year by year.

How about roping in the Fortune 500 companies! They also must become part of the climatic solution and stand out as environmentally responsible corporations.

Global warming is not a government-only problem; private sector and billionaires have to also come forward and be part of the solution now. Climatic furies don’t distinguish between a cocky billionaire and a lowly street beggar.

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‘Global Warming’ – 2 Basic Issues Everyone Ignores


2014 is now officially the hottest year recorded in human history. It was a record set without the presence of El Nino. While the world is looking at the upcoming Paris climate talks (COP21) of December 2015, our irrational development model of increasing consumerism to prop up GDP continues abated.

For over 3 decades scientists have been urging world leaders to contain the rise of planet’s temperature to 2 ˚C above the pre-industrial levels by limiting the greenhouse gas emissions – beyond which earth’s climatic conditions would get catastrophic and irreversible. In fact, low lying and vulnerable island countries would want global temperature rise to be restricted to 1.5 ˚C. But their demand was dropped by the dominant developed world in 2009 itself in the climate discussions in Copenhagen.

The phenomenon of global warming is a man made problem that resulted from chasing the myth of eternal GDP growth. It is the most serious threat facing the humanity today and is the un-refutable “proof” of many things wrong in our environmentally and ecologically blind lifestyle.

No wonder, talking of global warming and reversing or restricting it is the latest fashion with people of all sorts, all over the world. They may not agree on anything under the sun but they all agree on intensifying efforts to check global warming and stop climate change. Of course, when it comes to actually taking steps to cut C-emission disagreements again take over – it always goes along the line ‘you should cut more Carbon than me’. It has been comical when the historic polluters of the planet wanted to continue hiding behind the argument of C-offset – allow me to pollute but I will pay for C-sequestering or emission reduction elsewhere in the underdeveloped world! This speaks volumes for the sense of responsibility (or lack of it) of the so-called ‘developed’ world.

In 2015, world crossed the 400 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 mark and still climbing – it was 325 ppm in 1970. Over the past decade, much has been talked about peaking it between 2015 and 2020. Yet, even towards the end of 2015 it is still a pipe-dream and is likely to remain so – realistically speaking. It doesn’t help when self-declared pseudo-experts claim: “We underestimated the risks… we underestimated the damage associated with the temperature increases… and we underestimated the probabilities of temperature increases”.

Decarbonizing Economic and Population Growth

International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that in order to restrict the global temperature rise to within 2 Degree scenario (2DS), the C intensity of primary energy and energy intensity of GDP both have to be reduced by around 60% by 2050 compared with today. It means accelerating the reduction in global energy needs – from current 1.1% to 2.6% by 2050. The biggest challenge lies in reducing the global carbon intensity of electricity by more than 90%.

Foolishly, the US and its allies are still obsessed to defend their ‘oil interests’ in the Middle East forgetting that it is not 1950s or 1960s when ‘oil’ was the only raw material available for producing energy; today in the 21st century plenty of alternate non-oil technologies are available. Clearly, they are still living with the ossified (rather fossilified) mindset of the previous century.

Here are 2 fundamental issues the so-called ‘developed’ world doesn’t like to talk about.

  1. Compulsion to Consume – Illusion of GDP Growth As ‘Development’

GDP grows by bad things

Compulsion to Consume!

If the WW-II helped economic recovery in the US, the war economy needed continuous growth in the peacetime too. This compulsion gave birth to relentless consumerism we see today. The GDP (coined in the 1930s) served the purpose of gauging national progress and led by economists ‘GDP growth’ turned into the sole national goal and yardstick of progress. Here is the thought process that pushed consumerism as the only modern way of life and propelled the world towards climatic issues:

“Our enormously productive economy…demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption…we need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-accelerating rate.” – Economist Victor Lebow in 1955 in his paper Price Competition

If you think seriously it is the height of insanity that progress should means “produce more and consume more than the last year – and keep doing it till you drop dead!”

Talks of phasing out fossil fuel dependent current technologies still continue to meet the impregnable iron-wall of economic (GDP growth) arguments (as if expanding GDP is the only ‘holy’ purpose of human existence prescribed by gods in Bhagwat Geeta!). In fact, any sensible person with some understanding of human and social development along with ecological wellbeing will advise phasing out the GDP as a progress yardstick, as the very first step. After all, human life and its progress is far too complex a subject for an economic number (like GDP) to convey.

Why international climate talks don’t talk of phasing out GDP and adopting some more sensible indicator of human progress is a question too important to be ignored. But it doesn’t get raised because Western economists have been calling the shots over the decades and the powerful Western mind over generations has been drilled deeply to think that GDP growth alone means national progress.

When economies are designed to maximize GDP they only promote inequality of wealth distribution – which is the next global serious distortion rarely discussed by mainstream media – apart from hurting the environment. The much talked about Thatcher-Reagan’s trickle down economy has now proven to be just a tool to sustain the interests of richest 1% which is highlighted below.

You may like to explore: Why is India So Obsessed with GDP Growth

  1. What is the C-Footprint of 1% Richest People?

Climate change Curse of 1 percent people

You may ask what makes the richest 1% people so special?

The answer will be both surprising and revealing to you!

They own and control as much wealth as the rest of the 99% humanity! And the inequality is getting worse with time!! This is revealed by Oxfam International’s research and presented to the world in recent World Economic Forums. The GDP numbers hide it neatly. When finance ministers boast of increasing per capita GDP they cleverly side track the rising inequality and the reality of common people.

A research report titled Wealth: Having It All and Wanting More by Oxfam shows that the richest 1 percent have seen their share of global wealth increase from 44 percent in 2009 to 48 percent in 2014. If the current trend continues, the combined wealth of the richest 1 percent will overtake that of the other 99 percent of people by 2016.

Even the remaining 52 percent is dominantly owned by the rest of richest 20 percent. The bottom 80 percent shared just 5.5 percent and had an average wealth of $3,851 per adult – that’s 1/700th of the average wealth of the 1 percent.

The wealth of the one percent richest people in the world amounts to $110 trillion. That’s 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half. In 2014, 80 richest persons have as much wealth as the poorest 50 percent (about 3.5 billion people). In 2013, 85 richest persons held that much, significantly down from 388 in 2010.

The US also presents a similar situation where 400 wealthiest Americans have as much wealth as the poorest 150 million Americans. [see Mind the Gap: The Dangers of Income Inequality]

Global inequality is best illustrated by a shape resembling a Champagne glass (taken from Global Inequality: Beyond the bottom Billion, UNICEF report 2011), as shown below:

inequality inverted glass

We are living in a world where half of the humanity (3.6 billion) manages to survive on something close to $2.5 a day and it is never a serious concern for the world – they are the people who at the biggest risk to destructions from climatic disasters.

The danger of widening global wealth inequality is explicitly conveyed by the World Bank think tank:

“The magnitude of the change in the absolute gaps in per capita incomes between rich and poor is staggering. The likelihood of escaping from the bottom rung is almost negligible.”Lance Pritchett and Branko Milanovic, World Bank economists

This 1% highly powerful minority consists of the richest individuals and corporations of the world, mostly from the West and rich nations. In reality, they are the real decision makers who steer the direction of global development.

Although I have not seen any report estimating per capita C-footprint of this super elite 1% humanity and the amount of C emission they control and cause, but I am sure it will be an eye opener. If only the emission profile of 1% richest is compiled and advertised through online social media (because the regular electronic and print media will not cooperate since they are all controlled by this elite group) ordinary people of the world will know who has been polluting the planet.

A look at the top 20 richest entities clearly shows the enormous strength of fossil lobby.

The book When Corporations Rule the World by David C Korten graphically points to the dangers of putting power in the hands of the large corporations.

“The result of this unhealthy power in corporate hands is ecological destruction, the loss of civil freedoms, the erosion of democracy and community disintegration.”

Watch an interview with Korten

Before closing, I pose this question before concluding:

Will embracing energy efficiency and renewable energies alone solve the ecological and environmental problems created by unbridled consumerism and wasteful lifestyle promoted by GDP-obsessed economists for decades?

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India Is Worried About Declining Population Of Parsis

ZarathushtraDwindling Population of Parsis

People across the world may be worried about the growing population of India which is all set to overtake the Chinese population by 2022 to become the world population champion, but the Indian government is worried about the dwindling population of its esteemed Parsi (Zoroastrian) community – numbering less than 69,000 (among 1.28 billion Indians!) in 2015 and declining at the rate of about 12% per decade. There is certainly something striking about the Indian Parsis – their contribution to Indian society is enormous looking at their minuscule numbers – and that’s why the government of India and Indian people are worried about survival of the Parsi community. Of course, elders of the community are also worried but for various reasons are unable to do much about it.

Parsis are mainly concentrated in Mumbai, where their population is estimated to be 40,000 – 45,000. The total fertility rate (TFR) in the Parsi community is only about 0.8 children per women, compared with the national average of 2.3 and the fastest growing community of Muslims – whose fertility rate is speculated to be over 3.0. An average fertility of about 2.1 is needed for population to remain stable; below which the population begins to shrink.

China (often applauded for its ‘very efficient’ population control through its One Child policy) with fertility of 1.5 (which is still declining) has already began to worry about the soon-to-unfold scenario of rising number of elderly and shrinking work force of youth that will adversely affect its future development prospects. Many Europeans countries and Japan are already facing similar population decline and aging population.

A Community committing Slow Suicide!

For demographers, the Parsi community is an anomaly in India. It boasts of the highest literacy rate and sex ratio in India. Parsi community’s demographic profile is similar to developed countries in having more middle aged and elderly population. This is in sharp contrast with national demographic profile which points to a young India.

Currently, over half of the Parsis are over 40, a third of all Parsis are over 60, more than 30% of the community never marries and most couples are either without children or have just one child. For every four Parsi deaths, there is just one birth – no wonder the community is facing the prospects of exinction.

Between 1951 and 2001, when India’s population increased by 185% the Parsi community shrunk by 39%. Today they are estimated to be less than 69,000 (which is the last official count in 2001) – just half of their numbers in the 1940s. Population experts predict that, if the current fertility trend continues, by 2050 there would be only around 20,000 Parsis left in India.

Zoroastrians who were in the millions in the pre-Islamic Persia are currently reduced to less than 140,000 globally. India, the ancient land of Hindus, is still the home to the largest number of Zoroastrians; other countries with Parsi presence are the land of their origin Iran (25,000), US (11,000), Afghanistan (10,000) and Pakistan (5,000). List of countries with Parsi Population

At the fertility rate of just 0.8, child birth in Parasi community is so rare that, when twins were born in 2014, it was something like headline newsin the community and for all those who know the state of affairs of Parasis well. By all indications Indian Parasi community is heading towards extinction, if things are allowed to go on as they stand today. Just to maintain the population at the current level, each Parasi woman would have to give birth to at least 3 children – similar to the Muslim community.

Yet, politically speaking, they never demanded any special favors from the government whether in the name of being minority or religion – it is in stark contrast with the Muslim community ever busy demanding public favors in the name of religion.

Who Are Parsis?

They came from Persia (Iran), so they are called Parsis. As a religious group Parsis are Zoroastrians, followers of the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism (or Zarathustra) which evolved in the 6th or 7th century BC. In the pre-Islamic era, Zoroastrianism was the official state religion of Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanian empires in the Persian region.

For Arabs who lack sounds of Ch, G, P, and Zh Parsi is Farsi! In India, however, Parsis did not become ‘Farsis’ because there is no phonetic problem.

Zoroastrianism has influenced later religious orders of the Second Temple Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity and even Islam that ultimately destroyed it in the land of its origin, Persia. As followers of Islam spread their influence through force in Persia the last Zoroastrian ruler, Yazdagird III, was overthrown in 651 AD and Zoroastrians had to flee for safety.

Parsis’ principal scripture is Avesta which was created by Ahura Mazda. It is written in the Avestan language which resembles Vedic Sanskrit. Historians turn to Avesta to study how it originally shaped evolution of Christian and then the Islamic philosophies.

Indian Zoroastrians are believed to have arrived in India in the 8th and 10th century. They are speculated to have come from the port of Ormuz (Hormuz) to the Western coast of India in the Gujarat region at Sanjan. They first settled in Kathiawar in Gujarat and then moved south.

Parsis believe in the existence of one invisible entity (God) which is represented by the light of the Fire in their Fire Temple. They also believe that there are two forces in nature, the good forces (forces of light) and the evil forces (forces of darkness) – that are continuously at war with each other. They expect people to do good deeds and speak well so that the good forces win.

They consider fire, water, air and earth to be pure elements of nature which should be kept pure. Thus, they do not cremate or bury dead bodies; instead they leave them on high towers (Tower of Silence), specially built for this purpose, to be devoured by vultures.

Parsis – the Zoroastrians of India

1,200 Year Old Flame!

The holiest Zoroastrian site in India is the Fire Temple called Iranshah in a small town Udvada in the Western state Gujarat. In Iranshah a flame has been burning since about 800 AD.

Centuries ago, several hundred priests served Iranshah and a large number of Parsis lived in the village Udvada, but today their population is reduced drastically as they slowly moved to the business town Mumbai, which is just a few hours ride to the south. The Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make this temple a protected national tourist site.

What Caused Parsis’ Population to Shrink

Parsis, Victims of Success?

The popular hypothesis is that the Parsi community is just a victim of its own success and openness to adopt modern lifestyle. Parsis are education and career loving people; as a result, both young men and women prefer to give top priority to their professional career – marriage and family come later. Consequently, only in the late twenties or often in the thirties they start considering marriage – however many decide to stay bachelor. Note that the average age of marriage for Parsi women is around 29-30 and for men it is 35 and about 30% never marry at all. Thus, Parsi community has the highest presence of bachelors and spinsters in any faith of the world.

Since most of their population is concentrated in Mumbai which is a costly city, the cost of living and raising kids is rather high. Coupled with career consciousness, it forces them to either have just one kid or stay childless.

If we juxtapose late and low prevalence of marriage and low fertility rates alongside rather high divorce rates it is not hard to understand why since the 1950s deaths have consistently outnumbered births every year, resulting in an aging and dwindling population.

Contrary to Christians and Muslims, the Parsi community doesn’t practice ‘conversion’ of people from other faiths into Zoroastrianism. Many attribute it to a pact the Parsi community signed with the Hindu rulers when they landed in Gujarat in the 10th century that one can be a Parsi only by blood. This endears Parsi particularly among the Hindus who view the philosophy of ‘conversions’ as an act of hostility by practitioners of foreign religions. History reminds them how in the Mughal rule Hindus were forced to adopt Islam through force – a practice still going on in neighboring Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The desire to keep the bloodline ‘pure’ often results in nearest cousin marriages or between uncles and nieces. Under Parsi laws, lineage passes through fathers but not mothers. Thus, kids of a Parsi woman married outside the community are not considered Parsi.

Therefore, various reasons can be blamed for the population decline of Parsis: late marriages, not marrying, marrying outside the community and low fertility; emigration is yet another major contributor.

Parasi like salt water

Jiyo Parsis Scheme! – Government’s Effort to Save Parsis

Worried about Parsis’ dwindling population, in late 2013, the Indian government launched a Jiyo Parsi (Live Parsi) scheme under which rupees 100 million (around 1.5 million dollars) will be spent over 4 years for a 2-pronged approach – medical assistance to facilitate pregnancies and counselling-cum-advocacy to change Parsis’ mindset. The Parzor Foundation is responsible for implementation of the scheme with the help of Bombay Parsi Panchayat and other community organizations. The scheme will initially focus on the community in Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi that would cover over 55,000 Parsis.

Of course, 100 million rupees is an almost insignificant fraction of the Ministry of Minority Affairs budget, but it represents Indian government’s interest to preserve the Parsi community. At the launch of the scheme, the minority affairs minister said: “This is a small step to pay our debt to the Parsi community for their contribution to the country. We cannot afford to lose this community.”

Medical assistance will consume bulk of the money and will go towards helping couples with fertility issues and involves free in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) or any other medical procedure needed for pregnancy for couples who have trouble conceiving and can’t afford the medical treatment. Under the scheme, a couple earning Rs 10 lakh annually will get 100% coverage, Rs 10-15 lakh 75% and Rs 15-20 lakh will get 50 % coverage). A panel of doctors will help with medical treatment.

Around 7% of the funds will be spent on counselling Parsis to change their mindset marriage and family and encourage bolder stand of early marriages and 2-3 children. Since about one-third Parsis marry outside the community which could exclude their children from the Zoroastrian faith and, legally, from identifying as Parsis, the Jiyo Parsi mission also aims to encourage them to marry within the community and then have kids. The counselling efforts also focus on early marriages, conceiving at the right time and training volunteers.

A similar amount will be spent on ad campaign to break the popular stereotype that dictates behaviour in this tiny community. According to director of Parzor Foundation, Shernaz Cama, the ad-campaign has shock value to make Parsis realize that if they don’t change their attitude, there will soon be no community.

The program hopes to facilitate at least 200 births in the 5 years. Ten children were born through the program in 2014, including a pair of twins. On a side note, it sounds funny to highlight 10 births in a country of 1.28 billion that wants its population to quickly come under control!


JIYO PARASI Facebook Page

Reactions to the Ad Campaign

Zarathustra developed a world religion by opening minds, not calling for mass impregnation. The campaign is a shame. Kayhan Irani

I have some unmarried Parsi friends and we have been trying for years to get them married to no avail! – Debu Purkaystha

Other Initiatives

The United Nations became concerned about the declining Parsi population in the 1990s and commissioned a scholar, Shernaz Cama, to probe the issue.

In 2010, the UNESCO started a program PARZOR for Preservation of Parsi Zoroastrian Heritage, and the UN General Assembly recognized Parsi New Year – March 21 – as the International Day of Novroz. It has called upon all countries to honour this festival’s significance by promoting peace and goodwill. ovroz is registered officially by the UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), which is a prominent Parsi organization in Mumbai looking after welfare of the community, also initiated efforts to encourage Parsis to have bigger families about a decade ago. Looking at the higher cost of living in Mumbai it started a scheme for paying the cost of raising children: 3,000 rupees per month to couples with two children and 5,000 per month to couples with three kids. It takes credit for 230 births so far after a decade. The Jiyo Parsi initiative of the government adds weight to such efforts.

Moving Forward…

Indian Parsis are truly wonderful people; their non-intrusive religious faith and their principles of peaceful coexistence vibe well with the ancient Dharma based culture of 950 million Hindus. Given their microscopic numbers, Parsis’ contribution to national progress is simply awe inspiring. Although their survival as a distinct group is basically a community problem, but rest of the Indians would love have more Parsis among them.

It sounds foolish when some people question use of public funds (mere 100 million rupees or 1.6 million dollars) for the welfare of Parsi community. In their selective amnesia, they conveniently forget how much Haz subsidy government of India annually gives to Muslims who count as many as 180 million and still growing rapidly!

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Terrorist Sympathisers in India – A Wake Up Call For Hindus

They all wanted to stop Yakub's hanging because he was Muslim!

Bunch of publicity seekers:  They all wanted to stop Yakub’s hanging because he was Muslim!

The unusual and shameful events that preceded and followed the execution of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts co-conspirator, Yakub Memon, on 30 July 2015 should be an eye opener for all patriotic Indians, particularly Hindus who not only make up 80% of India’s population but also inherit its ancient spiritual culture. India has a unique ancient civilization that has produced the Vedas, Ayurveda, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita, various yoga and meditation traditions and the eternal Dharma – all for the benefit of the humanity.

Although last 10 century of dominance by outside forces has changed its demographic homogeneity, but India is still known as a land of pre-Christ Buddha and Mahavira – unique messengers of peace and non-violence. Its universal dharma tradition was kept alive in recent centuries by the likes of Nanak, Paramhans Yogananda, Vivekananda, Sivanand, Satyanand Saraswati, and so on.

But the socio-political make-up of the country has drastically changed since the so-called independence from the colonial rule in 1947. Country’s partition gave Muslims’ their cherished land of Pakistan (land of purity) and saddled Hindus with the nuisance of ‘secularism’ in India.

Looking at how the political game has been played in last six decades, it is now very clear that anti-Hindu forces have been consciously nurtured, exploiting the lack of coherence among Hindus as a united political community.

Anti-Hindu and Anti-India Forces Exposed

In 1947, power hungry Islamists divided this great ancient land of Hindus. What started as country’s division ‘in the name of Islam’ also threw peace loving Kashmiris and Balochs into the whirlpool of violence again ‘in the name of Islam’. This Islamic communal virus led to killings of a million innocent people and mass migrations from one part to another. This dangerous divisive virus is still alive – may be even thriving 68 years later. This is highly disturbing and a matter of grave concern among all patriotic Indians who consider this land as their Mother Land. Traitor Yakub’s sentencing proved it beyond iota of doubt.

The manner in which convicted criminal Yakub’s hanging was politicised made it explicit that forces thriving on anti-Hindu and anti-Hindu sentiments have grown to dangerous proportions. They can become a threat for nation’s integrity any time in the future.

The last week of July 2015 presented a scenario – totally unthinkable to any sane and patriotic Indian.

The convicted killer of 257 people in 1993 Mumbai blasts was glorified as an ‘innocent Muslim martyr’ and thousands with skull caps gathered in his funeral in Mumbai. The juvenile Indian media added fuel to the fire by obsessively focusing on Yakub to the exclusion of practically every other news.

Even demise of a true national hero and a real patriot, Abdul Kalam, was pushed aside to highlight the communal and distorted agenda to make Indian judiciary look partisan and biased in ‘Hindu India’. Media’s love for communal elements of Muslim and Christian communities is an old affair. Its anti-Hindu stance is also now a new development, but for some strange reason it used Yakub’s hanging to show its utterly irresponsible and disruptive face.

The intellectual bankruptcy of media was glaringly displayed by the likes of NDTV, AAJTAK and ABP News – of course they enjoy the ‘absolute right to free speech’, without slightest sense of social or national responsibility. A lot of good-natured and responsible Indians switched off their TV sets to look for some sane and balanced reporting.

The extreme communal Muslim politics of today is hijacked by likes of Hyderabadi Owaisi brothers, well known for their anti-Hindu hate speeches and endless talks of establishing Muslim rule in India and decimating Hindus. They did their best to depict Yakub as an innocent Muslim, persecuted by Hindu rulers of India!!  It’s height of insane thinking – surely promoted by gulf Islamic funds, and sponsored by Pakistan.

The worst expose was the noted Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah who also wanted mercy for Muslim Yakub – and this actor was killing Muslim terrorists in disgust in the movie ‘Wednesday’ ! But acting is acting; Islamic separatist thinking appears all pervasive.

The midnight drama at CJI’s residence was the most pathetic and unnecessary defence of a traitor who was convicted after 2 decades of trial in various courts and pardoning of 10 other sentencings! It was a glaring display of irresponsible legal activism, led by ex-AAP activist Prashant Bhushan.

Question: Why these people don’t mourn the hanging of convicted Muslim terrorists in Pakistan? Are they not Muslim?

Indian people know it is all posturing by powerful vested interests who have thrived making noise around ‘distorted secularism’.

Who are These Anti-Hindu and Anti-India Forces

rahul gandhi 2

An alien wants to defend the “Land of Hindus” from Hindus !!!

The communal drama of Yakub sympathy was a well planned but silly attempt to paint Modi as a anti-Muslim and hence ‘communal’ prime minister. It was certainly a display of frustration by pseudo-secularists or “sickulars” of India who have been vehemently and continuously maligning Modi, BJP and Hindus as communal for last 10-15 years – as part of their standard minority ‘vote bank’ politics. During Lok Sabha election in 2014, they did their best to create an impression that if BJP and Modi come to power minorities (typically Muslims) will be in big trouble.

To their utter dismay they could not pick up any sign of communal trouble in the first year of Modi government – ‘Hindu devil Modi’ has proven their prophecy wrong!

Yakub’s hanging offered them the silly opportunity to play out their mental communal plot in public. Rajdeep Sardesai is the best representative of the media prophets who would love to see Hindus get radicalized like what goes on in the Muslim community – for their wisdom to come true.

Is Congress Party now  Muslim League?

Is Congress Party now Muslim League?

Anyone watching Indian politics since 2000 can tell that under the lead of anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi and pathetic ‘sickular’ Digvijay Singh the Congress party has been trying to demonize Modi – as a Hindu demon who wants to eat away the whole Muslim community. Remember Sonia’s idiotic and slanderous statement calling Modi a “Maut Ka Saudagar” after 2002 Gujarat riots. It was perhaps the sickest attempt to polarize Indian society along religious lines by a lady who hardly understands Indian people and their culture, but Nehru family connection has turned her into something like the First Lady of India.

During the 10 years of Sonia-Rahul’ UPA there was a conscious effort to malign 100 crore Hindus, whose philosophy doesn’t prescribe anything like terrorizing or killing people of other faiths, and equate them at par with Muslims and their philosophy of decimating non-Muslims.

I can vouch that over 99% Indians don’t even know what is the real meaning of ‘secularism’ and to whom it is applied. As a result, the likes of Sonia, Mulayam, Laloo, Mamta Begum, Nitish and other self-declared ‘secular’ con-artists of politics and media automatically brand Hindus as ‘communal’. They will do themselves a favour if they get some basic understanding of secularism.

Patriotic Indians should also feel grateful towards Yakub that he also exposed Islamic extremists living in India but take pride in maligning Hindus and weakening the cohesive social fabric of the country. It is good that the likes of Owaisis and Abu Azamis came into national limelight, for the filthy and disruptive thinking they promote.

At least now the country knows who are the hidden Jinnahs and Jaichands’ of ‘secular’ India.

Finally, a voice of sanity from a small neighbor:

Nepali Muslim want Hindu nation

80% of the 1 million Muslim population in Nepal want the country to be a Hindu Nation! Why? Because they feel insecure in ‘secular’ Nepal due to activities of Christian Missionaries!

Indian Muslims have a lot to learn from them, and all they have to do is to prevent spread of Wahhabism among Indian Muslims and become outspoken against import Islamic terror of Pakistan and Middle East.

Do Indians Suffer From Macauley Infection?

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Is ISIS A Serious Threat To India?

ISIS caliphate map


To be honest, ISIS has clearly filled the global humanity with fear through its acts of barbarism. But a 32-page Urdu-language document found some time ago in Pakistan’s lawless tribal area from a Taliban fighter has hinted at bigger violence on India. It revealed that the ISIS has grand ambitions of developing a new terrorist army in the Afghan- Pak region by uniting numerous extremist factions into a single Jihadi army of terrorists. And then trigger a war in India to provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world.” The undated document has a title: A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC), The Caliphate According to the Prophet.

It demands that the Islamic State’s leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims under a religious empire called a “caliphate” and wishes to take over the entire world and behead every person that rebels against Allah. It talked of “preparations” for an attack in India that will provoke an apocalyptic with Indo-America confrontation. Attack on ‘Hindu India’ is always a cherished dream of every hardcore Islamist who loves to hate Kafirs and decimate them. It can sure magnify the stature of ISIS.

The document did not reveal anything new because the Islamic State had made its threats and intentions clear in June 2014, when it released maps detailing its wish to expand the caliphate to Khorasan – a historic name for a region covering Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other neighboring countries.

The ISIS vision is certainly more comprehensive and more ambitious. Unlike other terror groups it aims at territorial control and wants to lead the global Muslim community. It has also taken Jihadi barbarism to new highs (or lows) by reviving centuries old inhuman and uncivilized tactics of Arab tribes of 7th century. The ISIS Jihadis started off with much publicized beheadings of foreign nationals and used online social media to publicise them. Reviving the 7th century Arab practice of violating women of defeated tribes they publicized auction of Yejdi women for sex slavery. They burned alive the captured Jordanian pilot and posted the gory video on social media.

Another aspect of the ISIS strategy is that it uses local Jihadi sleeper cells to launch attacks in other countries – rather than planning and sending Jihadis from Iraq-Syria for terror attacks. This makes the task of intelligence agencies significantly difficult.

Quick Rise of ISIS

Have you ever wondered how smoothly the ISIS became a dominant player in the Middle East while the mighty US and its allies have been waging the so-called ‘war on terror’ in Iraq since 2003!

Experts point out that the ISIS evolved almost smoothly in Iraq and Syria primarily because it did not meet an organized or united opposition. The US and its allies are unwilling to put forces on the ground.  Iran is the only country that is putting troops on the ground against the ISIS, but in the regional politics of Middle East Shia Iran has to stand isolated among its Sunni neighbours. For a variety of reasons they would be unwilling to join Iran against the ISIS – which shares with them the same extreme Sunni ideology of Islam.

Moreover, informed people also find it strange that the ISIS never talked about attacking Israel – historic sworn enemy of all Muslims in the Middle East! They speculate that the Saudis, Americans and Israelis jointly propped up ISIS through covert support to counter Shia Iran and the Assad (a Shia) regime in Syria supported by Iran (and Russia). They see the ISIS as yet another pawn in the Middle East chessboard of power struggle among different local players.

But it grew up too strong too soon. Whatever limited air-strikes they carried out are not enough to root it out completely. Finally, the neighbouring countries around the ISIS controlled areas, for whatever reasons, allowed it to sell oil in the black market to raise money. Besides, it has a large sympathetic following among oil rich Sheikhs of the gulf and Muslim youth of Western nations. Thus, the ISIS now has enough funds as well as sympathisers not only locally but also globally.

Few ISIS Sympathisers in India

Experts advice that although the reports of a possible ISIS threat should not be taken lightly, there is no need for panic. In fact, being the breeding ground of so many Jihadi terrorist groups Pakistan is at a much bigger risk than India. And fortunately, by and large Indian Muslims are still more peaceful than their Western counterparts. Credit for this must squarely go to the influence of 80% Hindus whose Dharma based lifestyle is inherently tolerant and stresses non-violence as a virtue; it also has inbuilt respect for other religious philosophies.

As a result, despite the huge Muslim population of 180 million in India the ISIS has failed to achieve any significant recruitment from India. European, with just around 15 million Muslims , has sent thousands to Syria to fight alongside the ISIS.

Intelligence sources (in November 2015) say that only 23 Indian youth have gone to fight on behalf of ISIS: including 2 from Maharashtra, 1 each from Telangana and Karnataka, 1 Australia based Kashmiri, and 1 each from Oman and Singapore. 6 killed while fighting, including 3 from the banned outfit Indian Muzahiden (IM) of which 2 had earlier received training in Pakistan, 2 were from Maharashtra, and 1 from Telangana.

They also prevented 30 youth from going to Syria and Middle East. About 150, mostly from South India, are under close watch; these are youth who have developed sympathy for IS terror ideology and are connected online with the IS.

They have identified 5 states that could be potential targets for IS operatives: J&K, UP, Maharashtra, WB and Assam. It is remarkable that the gulf state UAE has been cooperating actively with India. It handed over 4 suspected youths to India who were in contact with the IS and another lady Ayesha Jabin – an IS recruiter.

As yet there is no report of any Indian Muslim joining the ISIS and coming back to plan terror strikes in India, as has happened in Europe. However, you can never know anything accurately about the Jihadi sleeper cells and where they would suddenly strike.  But certainly compared with Europe, so far the ISIS appears to have no perceptible foot-prints in India as of now.

One more piece of information: Foreign intelligence agencies reveal that Muslims from Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh are considered inferior Jihadis compared with those from Arab origin. They are paid lower salaries and allotted inferior accommodations. Clearly they can’t be as barbaric as their Arab counterparts and are generally given second grade tasks. Their passports are burned so that they can’t escape or go back – and are seen with suspicion and kept under watch. African Jihadis too meet the same treatment.

They are often tricked to become suicide killers!

It works like this: They are sent on vehicles loaded with explosives and asked to dial a number on reaching the destination. Actually, doing that sets off the explosives – and soon news spreads about suicide attack!!

However, there are occasional news of sighting ISIS flag in Kashmir Valley but that is squarely a Pak sponsored activity through its Jihad factories in POK. In South India, Kerala stands out as another possible flash point for Islamic violence, due to its high population of Muslim NRIs working in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and other gulf nations. Since they are used to seeing Islamic extremism and Wahhabism  the Muslim community in Kerala is somewhat easily radicalised. It’s a consolation that Muslim population is rather small in Kerala.

Indian agencies have identified regions in 12 states in the country which could be easily disturbed by the Wahhabis and ISIS Jihadis: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal.

Indian Government is Gearing to Limit Probable ISIS Support Base

Over the past few weeks, some counter activities from Indian government have emerged for de-radicalization of potential ISIS/extremism sympathizers.

The government plans to set up outreach programs by involving elders of the Muslim communities, so that the Wahhabi and other intolerant Islamic cults can be discouraged. Already, intelligence agencies are tightening their watch on people going to the Middle East.

Saudi exported Wahhabism is at present the biggest ideological threat that, over the years, has been changing the face of Indian Islam and sowing the seeds of rebellion, separatism, isolationism and intolerance among Muslims. They have been importing this radical Islamic philosophy since decades all over the world; given the might of money this radical philosophy has virtually wiped out other peaceful and local versions of Islam from most countries. Poor Muslim communities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are easy prey and a huge lucrative market given their very large numbers. Together the three countries alone are home to over 500 million Muslims, of their 1.6 billion global population!

Wahhabi agenda in India

Intelligence agencies have discovered that during 2011 – 2014 alone as many as 25,000 Wahhabi preachers come to India for conducting seminars in various parts of the country. They brought with them a sum totalling about Rs 1700 crore and literature to propagate the Wahhabi Islam.

They achieved good success in Kerala, from where a large Muslim population works in Saudi Arabia, and it is reported that they have taken control of around 75 Mosques. Kerala has also seen the largest inflow of funds in recent years. A section of Kerala Muslims reportedly mourned the death and Osama bin Laden and hanging of Mumbai attack terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

In summary, most military experts see the ISIS document as unrealistic dream because it lacks the military capability to reach out globally. However, it certainly has the ability to carry out Mumbai style terror attacks using its local sleeper cells – as it has recently demonstrated it in Paris on 13/11 with the help of Belgian sleeper cells.

In the end, a silver line: most analysts don’t see the ISIS surviving for long! Iran will never allow it to grow; Saudis are having sleepless nights seeing the IS barbarism and advances as it reminds them of how they came into being in 1930s!  Russians are furious after the IS downed their airliner killing 224 tourists; together with France it owed to decimate ISIS soon. Europe is already overwhelmed by the refugee influx from Syria and is worried about arrival of Jihadis in the garb of refugees and Germany has witnessed molestation of its women at the hands of Islamic immigrants. Rational thinkers are now worried about import of Islamic problems. Germany accepted 1.1 million Islamic refugees in 2015.

After the 13/11 Paris attack, the West might crush ISIS soon just as they had been eliminating the other monsters of their own creation in the past! But the more troublesome worry is that the distinction of terrorists between ‘bad’ and ‘good’ is unlikely to end any sooner.

Therefore, under the current circumstances when Pak Jihadi intrusion in Kashmir continues unabated it makes more sense for India to think of launching surgical air strikes on ‘bad’ terror factories located inside Pakistan!

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Wahhabism: The Ideological Force Behind Islamic Extremism

Paris Terror Attack: The Nonsense of ‘Terrorism has no Religion’

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Yakub Memon’s Hanging: So, Terrorists have Religion !

yakub 2“Terrorism has no religion” – leaders all over the world repeat this line like a broken record, Indian leaders are no exception. But convicted terrorist Yakub Memon’s hanging on July 30 proved them all wrong.

Terror has a Religion !   Terrorism is not a ‘Secular’ act; it is very much part and parcel of political dominance and control in the name of religion. PERIOD.

This was the message India’s sold media, cheap communal politicians and activists whose strings are pulled from distant corners of the world gave to the whole world – loud and clear. They did their best to convey the impression that India is now a unique non-Islamic nation where a Muslim criminal has special privileges by virtue of his religion!

Foreign tourists who had been coming to India looking for peace, tranquilly and spirituality in this ancient land of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak, Kabir, Paramhans Yoganand and Vivekanand will now think twice. They would also find it hard to believe that on this spiritual land now a traitor and conspirator of 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, which killed 257 innocent people, wounded hundreds and brought the financial capital of India to stand-still gets glorified, as a Muslim martyr! No surprise, if they start to wonder: Is India being Islamicised?

1993 Mumbai Blasts: 13 Things You Should Know
What actually happened on March 12, 1993

Glorification of a Criminal

yakub - Indian expressNever seen before in independent India, it was an unbelievable blatant attempt to glorify a criminal – because he came from a particular religious community, darling of left-wing self-declared ‘secularists’ and appeasement politicians of all hue and shade, for vote bank politics.

“India should not implement the death sentence, because he is a Muslim” – this was the demand of a Hyderabadi parliamentarian, a well known communal face for his hate-Hindu speeches. If any one goes through his hate speeches, he would be left wondering why this man lives in India where 85 percent population is of Hindus and why he has not yet migrated to Islamic middle-east or neighboring Pakistan, for that matter. If Baghdadi of ISIS talks of a global Islamic Caliphate, this gentleman(?) has similar plans for India. Those born after 1947 can now easily imagine how India was divided by Jinnah (whose lifestyle was anything but Islamic), in the name of Islam.

owaisi logic

Here is a piece of Asaduddin Owaisi brain !!!   It speaks for his intellectual level – as any “frog of the Well” will know. Islam means a tool for power, control and dominance for Great Mr Owaisi – and the road starts with spreading hate. Read Jinnah of Modern India

Here are some more photocopies of Owaisi

Soon other out-of-power appeasement politicians joined the chorus, using different set of words and juvenile media did its best to create a hysteria as if the Supreme Court of India has wilfully convicted an ‘innocent’ Muslim man in a trial that lasted over 2 decades !

The Congress led opposition behaved as if the government of India (because it is headed by BJP and Modi) is running after an ‘innocent convict’ because he is Muslim !  But Sonia Congress is by now the best known anti-Hindu party in India. Sonia has yet to make a statement saying, “Terrorists are Maut Ke Saudagar” – it is not clear what is holding her back.

How can the print media stay behind when the agenda is to glorify a Muslim convict as an ‘innocent victim’. The INDIAN EXPRESS shouted on the front page: “And they hanged Yakub.” The Times of India with colonial roots can’t be expected to stay behind. It screamed on the front page: “Night Without End: Death at Dawn”.

Kalam’s demise was not worthy of central space on the front page of these two papers – now big and self-serving for the comfort of their ordinary readers.

Juvenile Indian Media

The fact that vested interests were dictating media was obvious to even any political novice. Here is just one (among many) example:

On July 30 at around 3.30 pm the anchor on NDTV gave away the story when she (yet again) announced the BIGGEST news of the day – hanging of Yakub Memon!

Here are other BIG stories of the day that were not the BIGGEST for this channel:

  1. Funeral of “People’s President” Dr Abdul Kalam
  2. Death of SP Baljit Singh fighting terrorists in Gurdaspur
  3. Massive floods in Gujarat and Rajasthan
  4. Congress not allowing parliament to function

There can be another half a dozen such news pieces on that day that should have been given air space. But what can you say to smug pseudo-intellectuals armed the “absolute” Freedom of Speech to choose and decide what India’s common men should or should not watch.

Are they wise enough to understand what news should be given priority over others, as part of their social responsibility?

Experience tells they are no more than bunch of half-grown middle school kids running with camera and microphone. Having the family-given names like Rajdeep Sardesai or Sagarika Ghose or Barkha Dutta or Rahul Kanwal actually don’t change the argument. They are certainly good and well known names; but so what? Names don’t make people smarter; quality of grey matter does.

Anyway, good thing is that Yakub exposed many traitors around us.

yakub 3But there were some channels that showed great sense of social responsibility- it must be highlighted.

Gutter Level Communal Politics

yakub Mercy_PetitionIf communal Owaisi highlighted Yakub’s Islamic identity (and made it look like persecution of Muslims in Hindu India!), for obvious vote bank gains, his communal tone was closely matched by Abu Azami of SP and his deputy who demanded Yakub’s wife’s in parliament !!  The likes of such miserable characters idiotically ended up equating Indian Muslims as criminals – it must be strongly condemned by all. With such a pathetic low level mindset they don’t deserve Indian citizenship.

These closed brain Muslim(?) leaders have no appreciation of majority Hindu’s tolerant nature and fairness of judicial system despite its shortcomings. Death Penalty Research Project of the National Law University (NLU), Delhi research tells that since independence 1414 people have been hanged in India; only 72 were Muslims – less than 5 %.  So, who was Mr Owaisi trying to fool ????

secular Hindus

Well known terrorist sympathiser Digvijay Singh of Sonia Congress echoed Owaisi’s sentiment and ‘secular’ Shashi Tharror was “saddened” by Yakub’s execution.  Digvijay Singh’s love for extremists and hate against Hindu organizations is well known and obsessive. He has earlier gone to the extent of blaming the 26/11 Mumbai attack on RSS!  Other Congressis went ahead with the usual game of calling the BJP communal. Below is the Secular certificate of Sonia Congress’s Digvijay Singh.

digvijay secular

So-called mainstream channels organized ‘debates’ with break after each 2 minutes as if they are retrying Yakub and ‘final’ verdict will be given by them!

Practically all forgot that the verdict was given by the apex court of India – which should be given TOTAL respect by all Indians.

While the battalion of camera/microphone live reporters got busy tracing misguided Muslims for their ‘remarks’ of Yakub hanging, practically no one bothered to talk to the families of 257 victims or those who suffered losses.

Sensationalism is what decides the worthiness of news items in modern Indian media where you can’t tell which news is not a “paid news”. Bihar elections are coming up: soon they will come up with PAID pre-poll surveys – result depending upon who paid for it !!

The midnight drama to save Yakub at the residence of CJI by Activist Prashant Bhushan and others convinced ordinary Indians that all is certainly not well in our intelligentsia. (I am sure soon there will be an announcement of some ‘human rights’ award to one of these rights champions, from some corner of the world.)

Indo-Pak demographies-horzOn a side note, will any of these champions of Muslim cause explain why Non-Muslims have disappeared from Pakistan?  And how the Muslim percentage in India is increasing; it is likely to touch 18% in next 10 years and India should surpass the Muslim population of Indonesia to become the global leader in Muslim population !

Despite the endless bad publicity of Hindu organizations and coining the deceptive phrase “Hindu terror” by Congressmen  Hindu life philosophy has no concept of killing people of other faiths.  I am sure not only Indian Muslims, but the whole world knows it very well – in no country Hindus ever provoke confrontation with people of other faiths; in fact, they mingle freely in local culture and tradition and remain FAITHFUL to that land and nation.

And why all this fuss on sentencing a criminal: because Yakub was a Muslim !  Even a toddler would laugh at this Owaisi logic.

Here is the confession of Yakub, which no one cared to mention

Let’s Remember the Real Heros – Dr Kalam and SP Baljit Singh

Here again the Congress culture of ignoring leaders outside Nehru family was uniquely displayed by Assam CM Tarun Gogoi who was dancing with girls in a function while the country was mourning loss of Dr Kalam. Many communal brains derided Dr Kalam for not being “real” Muslim – their “real” means a closed brain Islamic fundamentalist who puts ‘Allah’ in every sentence and talks of Jihad against non-Muslims.

kalam baby kissBut the picture here shows genuine tribute to Dr Kalam who has inspired Indian youth throughout his career. In Gurdaspur terror attack, SP Baljit Singh succumbed to head injury but paid media and appeasement politicians found no time to pay respect to him that he deserved.

Army was busy saving lives of people in Gujarat and Rajasthan floods – all went ignored by czars of Free Speech, who were busy faking love for Muslims. Mr Sardesai perhaps gets no kick in reporting such trivial news of dying poor people.

Yakub’s hanging exposed the hidden agenda of forces trying to destabilize India – they want to recreate another 1947 exploiting the same divisive communal forces. What do you make of the fact that security of SC judges who gave the verdict has been beefed up. The news of eminent ISIS attack on India makes the distorted and irresponsible reporting of a convict’s execution all the more serious. Now anti-India plotters have a better idea who their potential allies in India are; and who are India’s proud Jaichands.

Does Muslim community champions like Owaisi and Abu Azami have any plan to prevent Muslim youth from being attracted to ISIS’s barbaric Islamic philosophy? Perhaps doing that would be against their pathetic understanding of Islam!

It will be an injustice to Buddha, Mahavira and numerous saints of this ancient spiritual land to start worshipping villains and criminals – just to appease a small section of people following a foreign radical faith. I wonder why so many other minority faiths have no problem living in peace and harmony with so many other sects, castes and faiths.  Parasis, Jews, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, and so many others groups hardly make any news for wrong reasons. It is a good food for thought for the fake champions of Indian Muslims and the separatist/extremist elements in it!

Now the real question: Does stalling of parliament by Sonia Congress also fits-in somewhere in this wider disturbing picture?

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