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CSR in the Companies Bill 2011: Fly in the Milk!

Why should businesses take social responsibility as a burden? It is in their own long-term interest to think in terms of sustainable development, which necessarily imply being more responsible towards social and environmental problems. Future conflicts among nations would largely revolve around control of natural resources which are surely depleting. Continue reading

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Should Businesses have any Responsibility towards Society?

Responsibility is something people don’t like; it’s a burden better someone else takes. Corporate world is no exception. You talk about corporate responsibility towards society and they start chanting their self-created sacred mantra “companies exist solely for profits”. The damage their activities cause to society and nature is no one’s baby. The net end result is climate change and global warming, but who cares? Shareholders’ short term monetary interests have totally eclipsed the long-term interests of the planet and its people – used to be known as human beings in the past ! Continue reading

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