Please Explain Pakistan to Me!

In seven decades of its existence, Pakistan has failed to create an identity other than a Muslim nation (now as a ‘terror supporting’ nation, a “terroristan”) and a national goal other than hate India, its parent nation. Pakistanis are OK with Islam, without knowing what it actually means, but dread Islamization which clearly means living like Arabs of the 7th century sharia society. This conflict between Islam and Islamization is at the root of all its perennial problems.

Pakistan is a Living Example of Islamic Separatism

Pakistan is a nation that wants to perpetuate Islamic hatred in every conceivable formPakistan symbolized Islamic separatism when it was born in 1947. It is the only country in the world born in the name of a religion. [Some may argue that Israel too was born in 1948 on religious ground. They forget that the Jews merely went to the land of their ancestors, who lived there centuries and millennium before the Mohammad.] If broad minded Indians hoped that giving land to separatist Muslims, to ensure that they live separately in their own ‘Islamic ways’, would bring permanent peace in the region they were proved decisively wrong. On the contrary, it turned out to be a terrible mistake. The so-called ‘Islamic ways’ of Pakistan turned it into an incurable chronic migraine for India, which is home to nearly as many Muslims as Pakistan’s entire population. Rather than following the “Prophet’s Islam” Pakistanis fell for the “Mullah’s Islam” that soon transmuted into self-destructive “jihadi Islam” – known as terrorism around the world. It became a breeding ground for jihadi terrorists – Muslims brainwashed to die killing others in the name of Allah, at the command of their masters  (handlers). It is now appropriately called a terroristan – the global capital of jihadi terrorists. Clearly, Indians didn’t understand Islam in 1947 – and quite likely, they still don’t.

However, today looking at the highly radicalized (and violence ridden) Pakistani society and powerful sectarian divisive forces trying to tear it apart  Indian Muslims feel deeply satisfied that they live in a rather peaceful social environment provided by the majority Hindus (whom the radicals despise as kafir and idolaters) in India’s  free and democratic society. It denied Pakistan the opportunity to champion the cause of Muslims left behind in the Dar-ul-Harb (‘abode of war’ or ‘society of infidels’) which is India – a derogatory phrase used for non-Muslim societies. To Pakistan’s dismay, Indian Muslims have remained fiercely loyal to their mother-land even during armed conflicts and endless jihadi provocations.

In fact, Pakistan is so badly trapped in the labyrinth of its unique ‘destructive jihadi thinking’ that experts don’t see it surviving for long. The only thing they can’t tell is its exact remaining shelf life!  If Islam gave birth to Pakistan, Islamization is taking it to final demise!

Constitutional Dilemma – Modern  vs  Sharia State

pak cartoon 1Right since 1947, Pakistanis remain confused about the kind of Islamic society they want to live in. Maverick Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who was hardly Muslim in his conduct, used Islam merely to grab political power.  Yet, he often painted an image of a future ‘secular Pakistan’ where people of “other faiths” (non-Muslims) would also be treated equal. What he left unsaid was that Islam would be more equal than others!  Dichotomy was already built in his own thinking. He forgot that ‘Islam’ can’t coexist with anything unIslamic, it has to destroy or make it Islamic through whatever means. Thus, it could not adopt a Constitution until 1956; and even that got thrown away like piece of garbage within 2 years. Another reality of Islamic societies that he failed to grasp (even after being a modern educated secular thinker) is that Islam rules through gun and threat. Thus, whoever has the bigger gun dictates. So, naturally Pak military became the ‘real’ ruler and by default started hobnobbing with the clergy that traditionally wields political power in Muslim societies. Global terrorists like Hafiz Saeed are now national heroes and natural allies of army in running the country.

Unlike neighboring India, whose constitution has remained intact since its formation in 1950, Pakistan’s constitution first adopted in 1956 lasted only two years, until 1958, when Ayub Khan grabbed power in a military coup. Then the constitutions of 1962 and 1973 came, and were suspended and amended several times. The original constitution failed for a variety of reasons, but primarily because the politically dominant West Pakistan failed to give just treatment to the Bengali dominated East Pakistan. Pakistani Islam has proven too fragile to accommodate diverse ethnicity, languages and cultures within itself. Thus, Punjabis remain superior to Sindhis, Balochs, and Pakhtuns and Sunnis must look down upon Shias, Hazaras and Ahmediyas.

Hangover of the Pre-Partition Era

Pakistan's love for Kashmir is purely Islamic.If radical mullahs love to fantasize living in the 7th century fantasize living in Arab tribal society, Pakistan is firmly stuck in the pre-partition era! Since Islam was the sole reason behind its creation as well as for its ‘unsuccessful’ claim over Kashmir and ‘successful’ occupation of Balochistan, Pakistan is overly conscious of its Islamic identity. If someone asks, what is the final destination of the Islamic State of Pakistan? The answer should be – 1947. A Pak army chief has called Kashmir – the unfinished agenda of 1947!

Like obstinate children, Pakistani rulers have decided that if they can’t get Kashmir ‘…in the name of Islam’ they would destroy Kashmir ‘…in the name of Islam’ ! Therefore, they have set up special ‘terrorist factories’ to fuel jihadi violence in the Kashmir valley and then publicize it around the world as persecution of Muslims by Hindu India! Pak ISI is actively trying to radicalize Indian Muslims and influence journalists, politicians and intellectuals as part of its global ‘hate and break India agenda.’  Pakistan has loyal allies in India in the likes of Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Iyar and Shashi Tharoor whose “secular” credentials force them to love everything Islamic and hate the rest.

Pakistan – A Nation caught between Islam and Islamization

Islam was the sole reason behind birth of Pakistan, but Islamization has torn it apart. Pakistanis live in a strange bind: they take pride in Islam but dread Islamization!! Every move to ‘Islamize’ Pakistan has only widened the ethnic fault-lines. Until 1971, the biggest divide was between the ‘superior’ Punjabi West Pakistan and ‘inferior’ Bengali East Pakistan. It gave birth to Bangladesh. Now the deepest divide is between majority Sunnis and minority Shias. Ahmediyas and Qadianis are scorned as non-Muslims. Ismailis, Khojas and Bohras also found themselves at the boundary line, as mere spectators watching the mainstream Sunni-Punjabi dominated politics.  The non-Muslim minorities – Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus – have been systematically eroded through jihadi tactics of rape and forced conversions, and are destined to disappear pretty soon.

There is yet another danger of Islamization. It pits the rational Muslims who want Pakistan to modernize into a 21st century State against the fundamentalists and radicals  who sincerely want Pakistanis to live like people of the 7th century Arab desert. The former have the strength of rationality and pragmatism, the latter derive strength from the holy Book, gun and military. By all means, the farmer has lost the battle already as radicalization has penetrated deep and wide, while the military dictates country’s direction and terrorists its foreign policy.

Global Community doesn’t Trust Pakistan

President Trump called Pakistan LiarInternational image of Pakistan was badly hurt when Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad in 2011, although many globally-wanted terrorists were also discovered and eliminated in Pakistan before and after Osama. Today, epithets like ‘a rogue nuclear state’, ‘global terror capital’, ‘terrorists’ safe haven’, and ‘a corrupt and beggar state’ are commonly used to describe Pakistan by people around the world. While none uniquely describe Pakistan and many must be seen as exaggerated, taken together they convey the general image Pakistan has created around the world. Even Pakistanis are not comfortable travelling on Pakistani passport and most living abroad prefer to call themselves Indian! And, Pakistan was certainly not so riotous when it began its ‘sovereign’ journey after parting from India in 1947.

A Perverse Country

Pak game of "good terrorist" "bad terrorist" is self-deceitPerversity characterizes Pakistan and dichotomy and irrationality is built deeply in Pakistan’s psyche. It fools itself as a democracy, but is actually run by the military, in collaboration with the secret agency ISI and radical clergy, which is obsessed with hostility towards India. It claims to be the sole Islamic caliphate for Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, but more Muslims live in India and Bangladesh put together. Its population is just about the size of Indian state Uttar Pradesh, but behaves as if it equals India. Pakistanis can’t accept the fact that they come from Hindu ancestry because hallucinating to be Arab descendant sustains the false sense of Islamic superiority. Naturally they are psychologically torn apart.

Like North Korea, it squanders money on military while its citizens remain trapped in poverty.  It habitually creates gang of Jihadi killers and then fights them when the international pressure increases! It actively nurtures terror factories but also declares itself as the biggest victim of terrorism! The glue of ‘Islam’ should have kept Pakistan united better than India’s Fevicol, but it easily broke into two pieces in 1971! If the world knows Islam as a religion of peace, Pakistan uses Islam as an excuse to promote terror and violence in the neighborhood.

Even at the age of 70, it behaves like a confused teenager – still searching for a sensible national identity beyond self-destructive Jihadi Islam and a national goal other than ‘hate and destroy India’, on whose land it was founded! Like paranoid and isolated North Korea, it is the only other nation in the world that threatens its neighbor (India) with nuclear strike.  Today, both are the closest allies of Communist China. More correctly, the two are the “strategic assets” of China!!

Pakistan has Adjustment Problem

History of Pak's jihad against India is as old as the country itself.Pakistan has a peculiar adjustment problem with its neighbors. It was born hating India in the name of Islam, so it is religion-bound to continue to hate Kafir India, but it has also antagonized even Muslim Afghanistan and Iran. Pakistan thinks it has Allah given right to mess with Afghanistan since it installed a puppet Taliban government in Afghanistan in the 1990s, and sheltered around 2.3 million Afghan refugees. It is convinced that the US can’t wipe out jihadis from Afghanistan without its help. Shia Iran is always troubled by Sunni Pakistan helping terrorist outfits on behalf of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan’s 4th neighbor China is an “all weather friend” and China has rescued Pakistan on many occasions. But China is also worried about Pak terror groups helping Uighur Muslims who are demanding a separate homeland in its Xinjiang autonomous region. Let’s see how and when Pakistan creates another ‘Muslim Kashmir’ inside China!

Pak Democracy is Sham

Imran Khan - Face of Army or face of people?Pakistan’s political landscape has been dominated by immensely wealthy feudal class and landlords, on a scale unknown in India after the integration of princely states and land reforms. The rivalry among these elite politicians bears little on the lives of ordinary Pakistanis. Bhutto was an exception, but he too adopted feudal habits that led to his downfall. Pak democracy is all but holding elections occasionally; it is never about power to the people.  As in other Islamic societies, in Pakistan too whoever holds the gun holds the power. So, it is Pak military that holds the power and runs the country. Therefore, democracy (elections, more correctly) is welcomed for excitement and entertainment value. When the military chief suspends it, it is hardly missed. There are no public demonstrations to restore democracy; only some out of job politicians make some ritualistic noise.

Last military dictator was gone is 2008, so time seems ripe for another familiar military dictatorship; not sure, why General Bajwa is not obliging! Perhaps his tactic is to have a spineless government and a jihadi-brained prime minister; that’s the message from the 2018 (s)election!

Betrayal of East Pakistan

93,000 Pakistani troops surrendered before India in 1971Bangladesh is a symbol of humiliation – a deep Islamic hurt – for Pakistan. Birth of Bangladesh in 1971 is a reminder of its failed Islamic credentials and twisted democracy.

In December 1970, a general election for Pak National Assembly was held. The result went in the favour of East Pakistan based Awami League led by Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman. It bagged 167 seats compared to just 82 seats of West Pakistan’s Pakistan People’s Party, of the total 313 seats. But rather than being invited to form a new government, Mujib was arrested, triggering widespread civil unrest across East Pakistan. Politically dominant West Pakistan used army to curb the unrest.  Pak army suddenly started the crackdown at midnight on March 25, 1971 and what followed was pure genocide reminding people of Nazi holocaust.

Indian military intervention, to end of the civilian tragedy and stop influx of refugees, led to surrender of the ‘highly fierce’ Pak Islamic army on December 16, 1971 it had already slaughtered over three million of its own people and raped over two hundred thousand Pakistani women who happened to be ethnic Bengali.

Surrender of 93,000 Pak army men before the Indians in just two weeks of fight deeply hurt the psych of Pak establishment and badly bruised its Islamic pride. Cocky Pak generals always boasted of their ‘highly fierce’ Islamic army. They still do. But this disgraceful fiasco ended up distorting their already twisted brains. It transformed their pathological hatred for India into lifelong insanity.  Roots of the genocide were traced by none other than Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, head of the Pakistani Eastern Command who surrendered before the Indian forces on December 16. In his book The Betrayal of East Pakistan, he wrote

“On the night of March 25-26, 1971, General Tikka Khan (of the Pakistani Eastern Command) turned the peaceful night into a time of wailing, crying and burning…. The military action was a display of stark cruelty, more merciless than the massacres at Bukhara and Baghdad by Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, or at Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Dyer.”

Who was the real villain behind Pakistan’s shameful break up?

Much before Al Qaeda and Taliban, Al Zulfikar Organization existed in Pakistan!All pointers indicated that it was the power crazy Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who, along with some generals conspired to negate the election results and got Mujib arrested. It was a logical display of the West Pakistani Islamic mindset that always looked down upon the East Pakistani Bengali Muslims as lowly and inferior.  Maverick Bhutto became the prime minister of the truncated Pakistan. But he paid dearly for the dirty games he played with the military generals. He had first ditched the then dictator Yahya Khan and then dumped his successor too. Ultimately, it was the same Zia-ul Haq, whom he had appointed as army chief superseding several generals, who ousted him in 1977. In April 1979, Zia hanged him after a sham trial. Within few months, Bhutto’s sons – Murtaza and Shahnawaz – form a terror group Al Zulfikar Organization (AZO) to avenge ‘Al Zulfikar Organization’ to avenge Bhutto’s ‘legal murder’ by General Zia.

The terror outfit AZO came much before those we know now and the junior Bhuttos had international support for it. In 1981, the AZO hijacked a PIA plane and successfully managed to get their operatives released from Zia’s jail.

However, the Bangladesh war has not yet ended for the Pakistanis! They are still fighting it in Kashmir through jihadi terrorists!  And this proxy war will continue until internal contradictions tear apart Pakistan. It appears that, over the decades, producing jehadi suicide bombers in the terror factories, Pakistan itself has put on a suicide jacket with a ticking timer!!

Zia-ul Haq turned Pakistan into Wahhabistan!

Pak terrorists are now eating away PakistanGeneral Zia-ul Haq was in love with Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi Islam. He can be surely credited for pushing Pakistan deep into the quagmire of fundamentalism and jihadi violence. He surrounded himself with horde of sharia loving officers and started to promote radical elements everywhere. Armed with Wahhabi funds, radical mullahs pushed aside moderate clergy and civilian leaders. They started to tell people to live and behave like Arabs of the 7th century, under Sharia jurisdiction. Madarsas and Mosques began to fall in the hands of radical preachers supported by Saudi funds. Minority Shias got marginalized as Wahhabi Sunni preachers started radicalizing Pakistanis. Other minorities were turned aliens and unwanted.

Madrasas (religious schools) play a vital role in radicalizationMadarsas started to churn out products that were totally misfit for modern democracy and free society. Indoctrinated into religious fanaticism they formed valuable raw material for the Jihad factories run by the ISI and military.

Worst of all, Zia pushed radicalization into education curriculum through a new education policy. It replaced the existing curriculum that emphasized multi-culturalism and nationalism with Islam focused content. History teaching was distorted to promote hatred against India. According to a University Grants Commission directive in 1983, ‘Islamiyat’ was promoted with specific directions: “…To demonstrate that the basis of Pakistan is not to be founded in racial, linguistic, or geographical factors, but, rather, in the shared experience of a common religion…To guide students towards the ultimate goal of Pakistan – the creation of a completely Islamized state.”

However, in doing so the cultures and histories of sub nationalities like the Baloch, Pathan and Sindhi were suppressed or erased. Zia’s underlying assumption was faulty: that Islam would erase ethnic, linguistic or religious differences. Zia’s strategies were based on the narrow, medieval interpretations of Islam, which encouraged gender biased attitudes and waging violent jihad. This institutionalized propagation of fundamentalism in the Pak society.  As per Pervez Hoodbhoy in Saudi-isation of Pakistan:

“Pakistan’s self-inflicted suffering comes from the radicalization of the education system that, like Saudi Arabia’s system, provides an ideological foundation for violence for future jihadists. It demands that Islam be understood as a complete code of life, and creates in the mind of a school going child a sense of siege and embattlement by stressing that Islam is under threat everywhere…. If left unchallenged, this education will produce a generation incapable of co-existing with anyone except strictly their own kind. The mindset it creates may eventually lead to Pakistan’s demise as a nation state.”

Although Zia vanished in thin air in a plane crash in 1988, his legacy continued.

pakistan-terrorism-lakhvi-hafiz-saeed-masood-azharIn the next logical phase of radicalization, Pak army is now pushing terrorists into electoral politics – ie, mainstreaming fundamentalists and terrorists. In the coming years they would sideline the regular politicians and dominate the political landscape of Pakistan. Even if they don’t win majority seats to form government, they can surely become king makers.

Given the high level of radicalization of Pak society these extreme groups have a very bright future, as least till Pakistan is intact!  So far the world was worried about Pak nuclear arsenal falling in the hands of terrorists, now it has to worry about Pakistan falling in jihadi hands! The pre-planned result of the 2018 general election seems to be the first important step in that direction.

A State “Trapped” in its Own Islamic Logic!

Pakistanis are at war with themselves.

While boasting its closeness with the US and Saudi Arabia Pakistan antagonized all its neighbors (except China) but the major danger to the country comes from internal sources: corrupt and inept politicians, military domination, rising population and poverty, ethnic clashes, increasingly voices for just treatment from provinces and increasing societal decay due to penetration of jihadi virus into various institutions.

Atrocities on minorities in Pakistan is commonAlongside the religious divide is the lopsided regional divide coming from dominance of Punjab.  The land of five rivers is so dominant – ethnically, demographically, economically, politically, and even linguistically – that everything non-Punjabi is second grade. Before 1971, Bengali speaking East Pakistan was seen as a lowly rival of ‘superior’ West Pakistan. But as East Pakistan mutated into Bangladesh, Punjab became the focus of resentment for other provinces of the truncated Pakistan. The rift is so severe that now Balochs, Sindhis, Pashtuns and Kashmiris all want freedom from the Punjabi dominance.

Balochs never accepted Pakistan as a colonial ruler – weakened Pakistan would no longer be able to hold them in captivity. Pashtuns are one people divided into two countries by the arbitrarily Durand line drawn in the colonial period – 30 million in Pakistan and 14 million in Afghanistan. The demand for a unified Pasthunistan is a slow-burning fire ready to erupt in the future as Pashtun nationalism builds up or as Pakistan weaken. Kashmiris have realized that Pakistan is merely misguiding their youth on the path of violence just to internationalize the Kashmir issue. People of Gilgit and Baltistan are fighting for an independent Balawaristan. The Urdu speaking Muhajirs from India were dominant till 1958. Their influence waned and virtually finished when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto triumphed. Now they are so badly alienated that the MQM has become secessionist. Saraikis and Chitralis also want more autonomy as the Punjabis have stifled them too.

Top CEOs of Pak Terror IndustryIn order to wage low-intensity war against India and Afghanistan, over the years Pakistan created a host of terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), Hizbul Mujahideen (HM), Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM), Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Some of these terror firms have broken free and no longer obey the master, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). They now carry out their own independent terror ‘operations’. Thus, Sunni outfits like SSP & ASWJ target the Shias who make up around 20 per cent of Pakistan’s population.

Although Pakistan has launched several major offensives against terror groups, but the campaign has failed to yield results primarily because it can’t give up the distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists. Pak military now wants to absorb terrorists in the political mainstream to further downsize the regular civilian politicians. The 2018 general election – that many call ‘Selection’ – saw global terrorists like Hafiz Saeed freely campaigning in election rallies and spitting venom against India and the US. Although the terror brigade was rejected by Pakistani public, the army and ISI would surely come up with some strategy to put them in the government. Let’s see if Imran Khan (also popular as Taliban Khan!) can really do anything to lift his country out of the serious mess.

Globe watchers are filled with dread at the prospect of terrorists and fundamentalists entering Pakistan parliament and taking control of Pak government, and hence of nuclear warheads. If things continue as they are, Pakistan is sure heading towards disaster.

The 2017 report of the Fragile States Index (FSI) placed Pakistan among the worst 20 countries, largely due to jihadi rot of the society. If South Sudan and Somalia are the most fragile countries, ranking 1st and 2nd, Yemen (4th), Syria (6th), Afghanistan (9th) and Iraq (10th) provide consolation to Pakistan which is ranked 18th in the FSI ranking. Bangladesh ranked 39th and India at 72nd position are far more stable and safer.

Dwindling Economy

Pak remains in denial as usual after FATF "grey listing"

While pseudo-intellectual Pakistanis boast of future prospects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), sober thinkers are highly worried about country’s ability to repay the huge financial debt. In such a scenario, Pakistan would become something like a Chinese colony! Like a habitual offender, Pakistan is again in the FATF’s ‘grey list’ impacting its future borrowing capacity. It is already under debt of over 70 billion dollars and has little foreign exchange reserves; its exports are dwindling while imports are increasing. Pak rupee appears to be in free fall mode (around 125 to 1 dollar). The US President Trump is already mad at Pakistanis for their belligerent attitude and unsatisfactory cooperation against terrorist operating in Afghanistan. [FATF ‘Greylist’ is not Grey Enough for Pakistan]

Fear of “RAW” Unites Pakistan!

RAW unites pakistan

Pakistan is a nation divided against itself, but united against India. That’s the prime reason no politician can refrain from demonizing India and Hindus.

Fear of losing lands of Baloch and Pashtuns is a constant worry for the scotch-loving generals. There are other separatist forces too that they don’t know how to handle. The traditional trick is to divert attention by talking about Kashmir and renewing Islamic solidarity with Kashmiris. Painting Hindu India as its eternal enemy goes side by side. Every Pakistani who is somebody has to curse India and kafir Hindus to prove that he is holier than the holiest Muslim in the world!

But there is another monstrous entity whose fear really unites Pakistanis. This devil is RAW, the Research and Analysis Wing – India’s secret agency. This Indian devil is the chief conspirator and is solely responsible for all bad things that happen on this “Purest” Islamic State!. Here are some sound bytes of the Pakistani RAW comedy.

RAW conspired in 1971 to break Pakistan and create Bangladesh, by forcing Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to reject Sheikh Mujeebur Rahman’s election victory – that pushed the country into civil war!

RAW is responsible for all protests, unrests and separatist movements all over the country!

It is RAW that coaxed General Pervez Musharraf to send Jihadis in army uniform to Kargil peaks in 1999; RAW also forced him to oust Nawaz Shareif and grab power and then again RAW ousted Pervez!

RAW planned the Mumbai terror attack of 2008 so that ‘Hindu India’ can blame innocent Pakistan and its most peace-loving citizen, Hafiz Sayeed! Hindu devils also hanged an innocent Pakistani holy warrior, Ajmal Kasab, who was only performing his ‘Religious Duty’ by killing Hindu Kafirs in Mumbai!  [By the way, Pakistan never admitted that Kasab was its citizen, just as it did not claim bodies of its men killed in Kargil war in 1999.]

Even in Kashmir, RAW is foiling the “Holy terror” of Islamic Jihadis, so painstakingly trained in Pakistan’s terror factories and infiltrated by Pak rangers across the border!

There is national consensus that it is not Pakistan government, ISI or military that runs Pakistan, but it is the Super-Devil RAW that has been appointed by kafir India to run Pakistan as its colony!!

Then in 2014, it is the same all-powerful RAW that planted a Hindu monster, Modi, as Indian Prime Minister. For Pakistanis Modi is a Hindu devil who knows black magic: when he speaks he mesmerizes people and the world listens.

Pakistan is a riddle perhaps even Allah can’t solve but if you think you are smarter, try explaining the meaning of Pakistan to Pakistanis !

La ilaha Il allah; Pakistan ka matlab kiya?  (There is no God but Allah. What does Pakistan mean?)

Good Luck!!

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