Please Explain Pakistan to Me!

In 1947, Indians traded territory for permanent peace and carved out Pakistan – an Islamic nation for Muslims as demanded by Muslim leaders like Jinnah. But it turned out to be a highly unpleasant experience. Clearly, Indians don’t understand Islam – they still think Islam is just a religion, they still don’t realize that Islam is also a political philosophy. The new Islamic Pakistan turned itself into a sworn enemy of India – even after 7 decades it is continuously at war with the parent nation, now through its home grown Islamic Jehadis. For first three decades it fought with its military; then started using Islamic terror against India.

  1. A State “Trapped” in the Islamic Logic!

pakistan contradictions

Today Pakistan is a state at war with itself – and practically all its troubles are rooted in its Islamic thinking.

Soon after its birth, Pakistan invaded Balochistan in April 1948 because Balochs were Muslim!! For the same logic its invaded Kashmir in late 1947 but has to retreat. No one knows when it will send troops to occupy Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and other gulf nations, because they are all Muslim!!

10 million Balochs are trying hard to throw out Pak invaders. Shias of Sindh are always on target at the hands of Sunni terror groups like the Taliban and its clones who don’t consider Shias as Muslim – as a result, streets of Karachi often turn red with Shia blood. Ahmediyas and other minorities face the same music of Islamic violence because they are also not equated with ‘real’ Muslims!

More correctly, Pakistan is now a ‘Wahhabistan’.

Pashtuns are one people divided into two countries by the arbitrarily drawn colonial Durand line – 30 million in Pakistan and 14 million in Afghanistan. The demand for a unified Pasthunistan is a slow-burning fire ready to erupt in the future as Pashtun nationalism builds up.

Loss of Bangladesh is a lifelong trauma for Pakistan; it was the most humiliating blow to its ‘Islamic identity’ – the only reason for its existence! Therefore, the fear of losing lands of Baloch and Pashtuns prompts the Pakistan’s Scotch-loving Generals to continue waging a low-intensity proxy Jihadi war against India. By diverting public attention from the more serious threats facing the nation, they maintain their important status!

As per Pak’s Islamic logic: But for the “highly Islamic” and “fierce” army, the separatist movements in practically all provinces (except Punjab) would tear apart the great Islamic State of South Asia!  Then they ask: will it go on like this forever?

Yes, given the fact that since 1980s radicalization has been going on, Pak society must go on like this forever – or as long (or short) the country survives!

For the kind of hateful and divisive logic Pakistan has woven around Islam, this seems to be the only logical end. If there are so many separatist groups across Pakistan, they are following the very same thinking of ‘Islamic separatists’ that divided unified India in 1947 in the name of Islam!

So why complain, be happy and face the familiar Islamic music!!

  1. Hangover of the Partition Era

India pak comparison - 1

Pakistan remains deeply stuck in the PAST, following its Islamic agenda!

If global Islamic fundamentalists love to mentally live in the Arab tribal society of the 7th century (and justify it as ‘Real and Pure’ Islam), Pakistan is firmly stuck in the 1947 era! Since Islam was the sole reason behind its creation as well as for its ‘unsuccessful’ claim over Kashmir and ‘successful’ occupation of Balochistan, Pakistan is overly conscious of its Islamic identity.

Just like obstinate children, Pakistani rulers have decided that if they can’t get Kashmir in the name of Islam they would destroy Kashmir through Islamic violence! Therefore, they have set up special ‘Jihad factories’ with liberal American weaponry and Saudi funds to foment trouble in Kashmir valley and elsewhere in India and then publicize it around the world as persecution of Muslims in Hindu India! Pak-Saudi nexus has grown quite powerful India – significant number of journalists, so-called ‘secular’ politicians and intellectuals appears to be on its payroll.

No one is surprised when the Pak army chief laments: “Kashmir is the unfinished Islamic agenda of India’s partition.” How else can you live in the Past !!

Someone asked: What is the final destination of the Islamic State of Pakistan ?

Answer:  1947 !!

Here is a good topic for Islamic researchers: Why do many Muslims want to live in the Past?

  1. Islamic State or Modern Democracy?

pak and democracy

Pakistan’s Islamic pride was badly hurt when the country broke up in 1971.

Yes, the Islamic “glue” failed in 1971 – and the inferior ethnic Bengali Muslims escaped to become sovereign Bangladesh. It was the biggest blow to Pakistan’s Islamic pride when 93,000 of its “fierce and highly nationalistic” Islamic troops had to surrender in shame before unworthy kafir un-Islamic Indian army – the biggest military surrender since WW2!

The power drunk leaders in West Pakistan (notably, the then Pak foreign minister Mr Jufikar Ali Bhutto) failed to honor people’s verdict in the democratic election that went in favour of Mujeeb’ party in the East Pakistan – and the country fell apart.

It also yet again proved that Islamic ideology is not compatible with modern democracy. Reason is obvious: Islamic philosophy demands a shut-mind surrender, democratic governance demand respect for adverse viewpoints and disagreements.

You can’t promote Islamic fundamentalism and want to live in free democratic society, at the same time. Today, Pakistan wants to continue directing terrorism against India and also to continue talking for peace – at the same time!!!!

It is pure non-sense.  But this is Pakistan: it creates Jehadis and then fights them, at the same time!!

Dichotomy is an integral part of Pakistani ideology.

Here is the confession of a pakistani with human heart: Jinnah made a mistake and I am ashamed of being Pakistani.

  1. Fear of “RAW” Unites the Nation!

RAW unites pakistan

For Pakistani rulers, RAW (India’s Research and Analysis Wing) is the unholy and un-Islamic Hindu devil responsible for all ills of this “Pure” Islamic nation (That’s what Pakistan means!). Here are some pieces of Pakistan’s RAW comedy.

RAW created Bangladesh in 1971, by forcing Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to reject Sheikh Mujeebur Rahman’s victory in general election – that pushed the country into civil war !

RAW is responsible for all crimes; it also organizes all protests, unrests and separatist movements all over the country – in short, RAW rules the country, not Pak government !

It is RAW that coaxed General Pervez Musharraf to send Jehadis in army uniform to Kargil peaks in 1999; RAW also forced him to oust Nawaz Shareif and grab power !

It is RAW again that forced President Musharraf to lurch Pak army into “Operation Enduring Freedom” in 2001 to target Taliban and Al Qaeda alongside the US forces, which killed over  50,000 Pak troops !

[This operation was launched by the US to stop the Taliban from providing a safe haven to al Qaeda and to stop al Qaeda’s use of Afghanistan as a base of operations for its terror activities.]

The Mumbai terror attack of 2008 was also a handiwork of RAW but Hindu India blames innocent Pakistani peace-loving citizens like Hafiz Sayeed and Lakhvi ! Indian devils also hanged its another innocent citizen Kasab who was only performing his Religious Duty by killing Kafirs in Mumbai!

Even in Kashmir, it is the Satan RAW that is foiling the “Holy Violence” of Islamic Jehadis trained in Pakistan’s terror factories!

There is national consensus that it is not Pakistan government, ISI or military that runs Pakistan, but it is the Super-Devil RAW that has been appointed by Hindu India to run Pakistan as its colony !!

And now it is again all pervading RAW that has planted a Hindu Monster, Modi, as India’s Prime Minister who is giving Pakistan a very tough time. This Hindu monster is so powerful that world leaders listen to him carefully but they go to sleep when Pakistani PM gets up to speaks!

Promotion of RAW-phobia is the best way to glue together what is left worthy of governance in Pakistan. It is something that Islam fails to do in the Islamic State of “Purity”!

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are still some folks in Pakistan who can think on rational lines. But they also appear confused and frustrated when they shout:

La ilaha Ilallah; Pakistan ka matlab kiya?

(There is no God but Allah. What does Pakistan mean?)

Pakistan is a riddle perhaps even Allah can’t solve but if you think you are smarter, try explaining the meaning of Pakistan to Pakistanis !

Good Luck!!

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