Pakistan – The “Middle East” of South-Asia!

Pakistan is an abnormal countryPakistan is a nuclear armed highly dangerous unstable “Islamic State” adjacent to India. It is the only ‘nuclear’ State that runs on doles. Projecting itself as  a nation of middle eastern ‘Arab Tribes’ living in South Asia it certainly qualifies to be called the ‘Middle East’ of South Asia! In recent decades, this ‘Islamic State’ successfully established itself as the capital of global jihadi terrorism — terrorists strike anywhere on the planet and their Pak connection comes almost as a natural corollary. Despite siting at bankruptcy it has the fastest growing nuclear program. Born as a result of Islamic separatism and unwillingness to live peacefully among Hindus, anti India-ism is still the central theme of its foreign policy. Since 2016 it widened the scope of its anti-India agenda by hiring media professionals around the world to intensify its anti-India propaganda. An important part of its national goal is to destabilize India by provoking the Indian Muslim community against Hindus and the Indian State through its agents and terrorist sleeper cells in India.

A Medieval Nation

If you see a rich man, beg. If you have a gun, kill. If you have a gang (Lashkar), attack. If you have an army, invade.

This pretty sums up the medieval tribal mentality of the ruling mullahs of ‘Terroristan’ that was born as Islamic State of Pakistan. Its craze for medieval tribal culture brought in the cult of Lashkars (armed gangs) and today it boasts of globally notorious terrorist groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Toiba. They are ‘holy warriors’ for Pakistani Sharia society. After Pakistan sent its troops in terrorist uniform to intrude the Kargil peaks in 1999, many people started calling Pak military, Lashkar-e-Pakistan! It is not an inaccurate label because despite posing as modern military, in reality it behaves as a medieval armed gang of the 7th century Arab desert.

Comedy of Pakistani Blasphemy

Who in today’s modern world needs medieval ideas like blasphemy? Pakistan does! Radical mullahs love it; it empowers them. Blasphemy is the medieval art of turning a fictional god real!

pak blasphemy 1While claiming to be a modern progressive society, Pak mullahs can’t run their country without the blasphemy law. Or, why would a country, where 98% people are Muslims, need such outdated legislation anyway? Are Pakistanis so anti-Islam or anti-Prophet that they need such a legislation in the 21st digital century? Well, this question must remain unanswered because intellectual rationality is never a part of Sharia society.

If someone in Europe draws a caricature of a man in Arabic dress and labels it Mohammad (that no one has ever seen!), the entire Muslim world, particularly Pakistan, gets hysteric. Fatwa experts spring up everywhere, declaring the ‘offender’ Wajabul-Qatl (worth killing) and putting bounty on his head. But amazing, the names of terror gangs like Jaish-e-Mohammad or Lashkar-e- Toiba don’t generate any hysteria. Why? They don’t offend the Prophet? Surprising, these violent gangs are even promoted and protected by Pak rulers!!

No mullah has ever asked, ‘Why would the ‘religion of peace’ need such armed gang?’

When they kill innocent people and shout Allahu Akbar, they don’t offend Mohammad, Islam or Allah. How so? It must be another Islamic irrationality or a taboo question, beyond the grasp of shut-brain Pakistani mullahs.

A Nation in Permanent Hallucination!

Pakistanis suffer from delusional superiority complexBorn as a result of the hallucination that the ‘superior Muslim race’ can’t live peacefully with the ‘inferior Hindu race’ unless they rule, Pakistan has done well to make this delusion eternal!

After the birth of Pakistan, the hallucination of ‘superiority’ reshaped into:  Only ‘superior West Pakistani Muslims’ have the right to rule Pakistan! So, after the 1970 general elections, the ‘superior West Pakistani leaders’  could not accept the victorious ‘inferior Bengali leader’ of East Pakistan as the prime minister of whole Pakistan! As a result, the  ‘inferior East Pakistan of Bengali Muslims’ revolted and broke away as sovereign Bangladesh.

After 1971, the Pak hallucination of ‘superiority’ transmuted into ‘superior Punjabi Muslims’ alone must rule over rest of the ‘inferior Muslims’ — Sindhis, Balochs, Pakhtuns, …!! No wonder, all these ethic groups are shouting ‘Azadi‘ from the Punjabi dictatorship. Those Pakistanis who can still think with their own brains aptly call their nation, a Punjab Occupied Pakistan (POP)!!

Pakistan’s India-Hate is now Insanity

Some years ago, during a long flight a Pakistani minister was asked, what his greatest wish was. The minister stretched both his hands with palms facing skywards and said, “If Allah were to grant me a wish I would ask him to place a nuclear bomb each on my palms. One I would drop one on Mumbai, the other on Delhi”.

In a recent TV debate, Pakistanis’ favorite topic of comparison with India came up and an expert was describing how India is fast emerging as a global economic power and Pakistan is nowhere in comparison in any field including military strength. The stupid anchor interjected: But we have more nuclear bombs than India!!

(Of course, this idiot lady must be also proud that Pakistan has more Islamic terrorists than rest of Muslim world!)

Pak Atom Bomb is Asset of IslamEver since Pakistan tested nuclear bomb its war-monger leaders have been threatening India – its mother nation and eternal foe (!) – with nuclear attack. In fact, many Pakistanis, such as the globally wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed, proudly call their dirty bomb ‘Islamic Nuclear Bomb’ implying that all non-Muslims — Hindus, Jews and Christians — must fear Pakistan! After all, as per the Holy Book, they are ‘Wajabul-Qatl’ (worth killing) and Pakistanis have a ‘holy duty’ to drop the dirty bomb on them!

This stone-age barbaric wisdom has a lot of adherents in the “New Pakistan” of the army poster-boy Imran Khan – also famous as ‘Taliban Khan’ for obvious reasons! It is a country where kids grow up learning a fictional history that convinces them that the only aim of their life is to destroy India — the land of Hindu Kafirs — and to be ever ready for ‘martyrdom’ and that Pakistan was created only for this “Holy Mission”! Then the Jihadis inject the spice of Gazwa-e-Hind (Islamizing India) – and turn the traditional non-Muslim hate into jihadi hysteria with the shouts of Allahu Akbar.

None of such hate cry offend Mohammad or Islam, in Pakistani tribal wisdom; and hence beyond the purview of blasphemy.

A Nation without Identity!

What is the meaning of Pakistan? No one knows, at least in Pakistan! No such society or country ever existed on the planet before 1947. But Tarek Fateh, a Pakistan born thinker and writer now living in Canada, has the answer. Tarek is among the rare rational thinkers in the Muslim community, local or global. He says Pakistan is just an acronym; not a country!

hindu-names-in-pakistan-horzPakistan shuns its Hindu ancestry which is a reality, but cooks up connections with barbaric Muslim invaders like Tamur, Ghori, Gazni, and Khilji. Most foolishly Pakistanis hallucinate that they belong to the Arab tribal race and try aping their 7th century conduct, in the name of pure Islam! Just imagine what happens when a donkey believes that he is camel!

Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world where people have names of Hindu origin like Choudhary, Bajwa, Rathore, Sethi, Rajpoot, Memon, Chauhan etc but choose to call themselves Arab, Turk, Mughal etc !! Devoid of civilizational past, Pakistani society is like a building without foundation! As a result, they are most fascinated with the idea of Kaum or Umma – global Islamic brotherhood – than Muslims anywhere in the world. So, they are often found staging ownership on things from every part of the Muslim world, present or past. Here is a typical comedy!

A Pakistani family and an Arab family were enjoying picnic together and talking about practically everything in the world. The Pakistani lady decided to show off her sham history knowledge and digressed to a new topic, “When we ruled Spain…” (implying ‘when Muslims ruled Spain centuries ago’).

Before she could complete her sentence, the Arab lady interjected, “You Pakistanis never ruled Spain, we Arabs did!  You did not even exist then!!”

A Pakistani scholar has described the Pakistani predicament rather explicitly.

 “…If the Arabs, the Turks, or the Iranians give up Islam, the Arabs yet remain Arab, the Turks remain Turk, the Iranians remain Iranian, but what do Pakistanis remain if they quit Islam?”

The answer is obvious: they only remain as Punjabis, Sindhis, Baloch, Pakhtuns, Seraikis but not as Pakistanis! Therefore, speaking literally Pakistan means NOTHING or VOID!!  Even after losing East Pakistan, Pakistanis failed to understand that only cultures and languages unite people  — god fictions (including Islam) only divides humanity — they have no binding power.

Pakistan identity crisisThe search for a cooked up Pakistani identity led the Sharia state into wrong directions. Rather than accepting the simple truth that they belong to the Hindu race and that their ancestors had to adopt the faith of the foreign barbaric invaders to stay alive, they became perverted and started wiping out ‘Indian-ness’ from Pakistan! They did it by doctoring history and by portraying India as ‘Hindu’ India to stand out as ‘Muslim’ Pakistan.  Then they turned their religious bias against Hindus into ‘hate’ and then hate into morbid hysteria – to convince themselves that their acronym is actually a country! But again the forgot that hate and hysteria are unsustainable; they need repeated refueling. Thus, they started projecting ‘Hindu’ India as a permanent threat to their Islamic existence!

Pakistan rejected its historical legacy to distinguish from IndiaThus, anti-India narrative became an essential element of Pak identity and a justification for the existence of the Pakistani leadership, especially military. Letting go of anti-India (anti-Hindu) propaganda means damaging one’s own importance and hence existence. Who needs an over-grown military if Pak becomes India’s friend!

Hate filled Pakistanis can’t learn maturity from their Muslim brethren of the Islamic East Asian countries who still respect and preserve the heritage of their Hindu past. They still revere their Hindu past, Hindu Gods and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The disconnection of Pakistanis from their ancient Hindu roots left them dangling in a weird psychological vacuum, which proved highly fertile for the growth of religious extremism and jihadism. As a result, the ‘Islamic State’ is now highly unstable, inching towards Balkanization.

As per Pervez Hoodbhoy in Saudi-isation of Pakistan:

“Pakistan’s self-inflicted suffering comes from the radicalization of the education system that, like Saudi Arabia’s system, provides an ideological foundation for violence for future jihadists. It demands that Islam be understood as a complete code of life, and creates in the mind of a school going child a sense of siege and embattlement by stressing that Islam is under threat everywhere…. If left unchallenged, this education will produce a generation incapable of co-existing with anyone except strictly their own kind. The mindset it creates may eventually lead to Pakistan’s demise as a nation state.”

Pathological Obsession to Seek Equality with India

Pakistan seeks parity with IndiaAnother face of identity crisis is Pakistan’s obsession to seek parity with India – military, political and regional parity. This pathological fixation is clearly seen in its absurdly over size military setup and foreign policies as well as in the twisted political discourse.

Believing itself to be the inheritor of the barbaric  Islamic invaders, Pakistan imposed upon itself that it must always “appear at least equal to India”!! Rationally speaking, this purpose was served as soon as Pakistan was born as a separate Muslim nation next to the ‘Hindu India’ nation. But rather than having sense of satisfaction, the juvenile Islamic mindset of Pak rulers turned it into a eternal ugly fixation. Thus, Pakistanis are always seen comparing themselves with Indians, as if without doing so they are living under ‘Hindu’ subjugation! It could also be another facet of the typical “Islam gets in Danger” syndrome!

As early as in 1950, Pakistanis made “an important request” to the Americans that their visiting prime minister should in public be seen treated equal to Indian prime minister! And, the Americans obliged, to keep its Islamic puppy happy!

Consequently, Pakistan has been spending exorbitantly on military and nuclear program for decades. Then after losing East Pakistan in 1971, it adopted yet another self-destructive policy: a ‘1000 year war with India’ that degenerated into a ‘1000 cuts to bleed India policy’ through a proxy war using low cost disposable jihadi terrorists produced in its state-of-the-art jihad factories.

It is yet another devious strategy aiming at parity, reflecting the Islamic mindset: Since you are stronger than me, I will try weaken you through Jihadi terrorism! 

Parity with Americans!!

Soon after becoming Pakistan’s ambassador to the US in 2008, Husain Haqqani was asked by a Pakistani reporter, “Why don’t we look the US in the eye?” Haqqani responded coolly, “To look someone in the eye, you have to be approximately the same height.” [The questioner was pointing to the master-slave relationship between the two countries.]

Born to be a ‘Client’ State!

‘If you want, for the right price our army can be yours.” — Pak Dictator Ayub Khan told a US official in 1953

Very few people know that the territorial location of Pakistan (next to Afghanistan) was a British strategy — it was not what their puppet Jinnah or proponent of Pakistan wanted. In fact, all they wanted was some piece of land for their Sharia paradise where the power hungry Jinnah gang could enjoy power! Sindh, Balochistan and Pashtunistan were manipulated to merge with the partitioned Punjab to create the West Pakistan.

There is a Khan market in Delhi but very few people today remember that Abdul Gaffar Khan (popularly known as frontier Gandhi) lamented that the Frontier Province ‘was thrown to the wolves’, when it was made part of Pakistan and Nehru played novice. The Baloch wanted to join India — but for Abdul Kalam Azad and Congress Balochistan was ‘too far’! Jinnah was interested in Calcutta because it was a rich port town but the poor East Bengal fell for ‘Pakistan rhetoric’ and joined Pakistan — he never wanted these filthy poor Bengali Muslims! Thus, separation of East Pakistan in 1971 was only natural.

Pakistan was primarily meant to serve as future British military bases to protect regional Imperial geopolitical interests — particularly to control the British oil interests in Iran, Iraq and the gulf region. They also wanted to counter the expanding Soviet military influence towards the Indian Ocean.

Thus, they always saw Islamic Pakistan as a future puppet state under authoritarian rule like other Islamic regimes. The British knew the inherent tendency of Muslim societies to fall prey to rule of the gun and dictatorship. Such master-slave relation would be rather difficult with a large democratic Hindu dominated India run by people’s government.

Their predictions came right. Pakistan was only too eager to play the slave role! The US State Department’s declassified cable quoted in Shirin Tahir-Kheli’s book The United States and Pakistan: Evolution of an Influence Relationship described “how in 1953, Ayub Khan sought a ‘deal’ whereby Pakistan could — for the ‘right price‘ — serve as the West’s eastern anchor in an Asian alliance structure.”  He clearly hinted a US official, ‘Our army can be your army if you want, for the right price!

No wonder, services of Pakistan military became also available to gulf states like the Saudi Arabia.

Thus, right since its birth Pak became a US pawn in the cold war — and the Americans looked after the Pakistan military as its extended arm in the South Asia. After the communist occupation of Afghanistan in 1979, Pakistan became all the more valuable for the US, to prevent further communist expansion towards south.

This is when the cold war history took a weird turn. Pak dictator General Zia ul-Haq came up with the idea of raising Islamic jihadi groups to fight the communist forces. Americans happily funded Pak terror factories to produce jihadi Afghan warriors. Global Islamic comradery (Umma) invited Islamic fighters from other countries too. It led to the birth of Al Qaeda and rise of Osama bin Laden who later turned against the Americans and masterminded the 9/11 in 2001.

Americans forced Pakistan to become their ally in the ‘war against terror’ when they came hunting for Laden. But they began to realize that Pakistan was not an honest ally; it used the US aid to create more terrorists while pretending to fight them! How it sheltered top terrorists including Osama bin Laden, and betrayed Americans is an open secret today.

Trump blames Pakistan for lies and deceitsPresident Trump verbalized Pak behavior… 33 billion dollars for Lies and Deceits!  However, the ‘client state’ habit has become a distinctive Pakistani trait. Now, whether it is the Saudi Arabia or China or even Turkey, Pakistan continues to play the ‘slave’ role for money or favors. It is willing to pay any price to protect its “only nuclear armed Islamic State” status.

The speed with which the ‘Islamic paradise of South Asia’ is sinking into extremism and anarchy and heading towards bankruptcy make Pak watchers wonder if Pakistan is going to die as abnormally as it was born 7 decades ago!!

Zero plus Zero plus Zero plus…. Equals ZERO!

In the early 1950s, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy (a notorious Hindu-hater of colonial Bengal who later became Pak PM and was forced to flee Pakistan to save his life!) was once asked: Why Pakistan aligns with the West and US, rather than joining the block of Muslim nations and deriving strength from Muslim Umma.

His reply:

‘Zero plus zero plus zero plus zero is always equal to zero. We chose to be wiser rather than become a zero’!!

Ironically, he stated the truth of global Muslim community, leaving aside a few petro-dollar rich gulf nations. It is no surprise if today Pakistan is sitting at bankruptcy despite decades of regular American and Saudi aids. It squandered all assistance on weapons, wars, terror groups and atom bomb – meant only to guard itself from imaginary attack  by India that never invaded it!

Pak bankruptIn early 1970s, war monger Zulfikar Ali Bhutto declared: Pakistan will make atom bomb even if Pakistanis have to eat grass! When it finally got a nuke in the late 1990s with covert Chinese help, the war loving Islamic State went ecstatic as if it has conquered the whole galaxy!! Today, many wiser Pakistanis lament the obsession for nukes which can’t be actually used in the current world scenario. Dropping them on India is out of question because even without atom bombs India has enough fire power to destroy the rogue neighbor completely.

Looking at the decades of economic mismanagement, this cocky Islamic State – with 140 plus atom bombs, dozens of terror groups, scores of terror training camps and thousands of terrorists – could well be on the way to become a ZERO, like rest of the fifty-plus Islamic flock!

Is this the ‘Islamic paradise’ some foolish Indian Muslims misled by separatist Jinnah aimed for in 1947?

Betrayal of East Pakistan

Bangladesh” is a symbol of humiliation – a deep hurt on its Islamic pride – for Pakistan. It also underlines the emptiness of the two-nation theory and its distorted Islamic credentials and sham democracy.

Pak army surrenders in 1971In the December 1970 general elections, the East Pakistan based Awami League led by Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman won 167 seats compared to just 82 seats of West Pakistan’s Pakistan People’s Party, of the total 313 seats. But rather than being invited to form a new government, Mujib was arrested. It triggered widespread agitation in the East Pakistan. West Pakistan based rulers used army to curb the unrest.  Pak army suddenly started the crackdown at midnight on March 25, 1971 and what followed was the terror of rape and genocide. Around 200,000 women were raped and at least half a million civilians were killed by the ‘brave’ Pak army. Few in the world know that the UN had to organize special medical camps to carry out mass abortions on rape victim Bengali girls/women — and thousands of born-but-abandoned infants were sent to the US and Europe for adoption.

Indian military intervention, to end of the civilian tragedy and swarm of refugees, led to surrender of 93,000 Pak army-men on December 16, 1971 in just two weeks of fight! This disgraceful fiasco ended up distorting the already twisted brains of Pak generals. It transformed their pathological hatred for India into lifelong insanity — as they started talking of waging ‘a thousand year war’ with India.

The tragedy of civil war in East Pakistan was described by none other than Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, head of the Pakistani Eastern Command who surrendered, along with 92000 troops, before the Indian forces on December 16. In his book The Betrayal of East Pakistan, he wrote

“On the night of March 25-26, 1971, General Tikka Khan (of the Pakistani Eastern Command) turned the peaceful night into a time of wailing, crying and burning…. The military action was a display of stark cruelty, more merciless than the massacres at Bukhara and Baghdad by Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, or at Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Dyer.”

Pak Mullahs see ‘Divinity’ in Terrorism

After 1947, Terrorists started coming from Pakistan!Pakistan’s love for terrorism has ideological Islamic roots. Pak military’s holy book is Brig Malik’s Quranic Concept Of War which is a compulsory reading in army establishments since Zia’s time. It clearly stresses the importance of instilling terror into opponent’s heart. Therefore, for the Pakistani military “terror is a vital Islamic means of warfare” and being a Muslim nation it has divine sanction to use it to dictate terms on every one else!

Therefore, to justify its Islamic credentials it must support “holy gangs” – Haqqanis, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and dozens of others. They are well trained in the art of striking “‘terror into the hearts of the enemy” by killing innocent people!!

After acquiring nuclear weapons, Pakistanis started hallucinating that they have the divine right to threaten its India with nuclear strike. If it is now developing tiny tactical nukes, it is easy to imagine that soon Pak suicide bombers would blow themselves with nukes for their holy mission — hoping that allah would reward them with 720 virgins rather than just 72 when blown through ordinary bombs!

From Pakistan to ‘Terroristan’!

Mumbai Terror attack of 2008 and the Mastermind, Hafiz SaeedAs the British departed from India in 1947, the new Muslim landlords of the territory called ‘Pakistan’ could not figure out for nine years how to rule the country. Rather than automatically adopting Sharia’h as their constitution, they toyed with the incompatible Western idea of democracy, freedom and Constitutional Rights — and failed, predictably!  Finally, in 1956 they wrote something on paper and called it a” Constitution” but dumped it two years later because it did not serve the top boss!! Since then, Constitutions came in, got amended or thrown away like toilet paper.

In 1971, Islamic contempt for the democratic electoral process changed its history forever. The Sharia brains could not accept the electoral verdict and it broke the country. In less than a quarter century,  the ‘Sharia paradise’ shrunk to its Western half!  Yet, reflecting their Islamic credentials Pakistanis did not learn to respect people’s voice or democratic processes. In the name of rescuing democracy, military repeatedly took over the country! So what the Islamic State has today is a military controlled democracy!!

top CEOs of Pak terror industryAbsence of a people friendly governance model not only pushed the Islamic State into a roller coaster political journey, it also invited Islamic fundamentalism, extremism and jihadi violence (which the world calls terrorism). As radicalization spread wider and deeper by the 80s, terrorism became Pakistan’s undeclared state policy and then in less than 3 decades a synonym for Pakistan! Many call it a Terroristan also! The 2001 terror attack on Indian parliament, the 2008 Mumbai terror attack and hosting of global terrorists like Osama bin Laden are among the glorious achievements for the ‘Islamic State’ of the South Asia.

Pakistan – The Most Dangerous Country FOR the World!

Pakistan may not be the most dangerous country in the world, but it certainly is the most dangerous country for the world! Looking at the way the paranoid Pakistani leadership behaves any strategy of containment or disengagement is only likely to make thing worse.  This is the conclusion of a former CIA spy who knows Pakistan well.

A former acting CIA director describes Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world – if not this year, not next year, but certainly down the road!!

Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the worldWith dysfunctional governance, sinking economy, rampant corruption, high and growing rate of unemployment, world’s 6th largest population with rather high birthrate, shrinking numbers of non-Muslim minorities (Blasphemy Law), highly radicalized society, obsession to use terrorism as undeclared state policy, and fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world – Pakistan is certainly of grave concern for the world. Add to that the fake military propaganda of ‘Devil India’ invading it any moment! So, Pakistanis remain in perpetual war hysteria, confusion and poverty.

One thing is clear: whether Pakistan survives in the current form, fragments into different ethnic entities or becomes a Chinese colony, it would remain a headache for the international community that doesn’t understand Pakistan’s medieval behavior!

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