8 Ways to Tame Pakistan Without War!

Author Khaled Ahmed reveals a peculiar characteristic of Islamic societies in his book, Sleepwalking to Surrender: Dealing with Terrorism in Pakistan.

“Muslims produce their best when they are not ruling the state they live in… When Muslims acquire a state they go into a kind recidivist trance: ‘give us utopia or nothing’.”

Note the word ‘recidivist’ here. Pakistan clearly shows the traits of a habitual offender — an obsessed offender! What Mr Ahmed is actually saying, without saying, is that Muslims can’t rule themselves well in a democratic and humanitarian way. It’s a good topic for sociologists who want to research the psychology behind this handicap.  It is also not clear why Pakistan calls its religion — a religion of peace when it remains ever obsessed to destroy peace in India through jihadi terrorists.

Pakistan – An Abnormal State!

Pakistanis suffer from delusional superiority complexIn 1947, the territorial boundary of Pakistan – the Islamic State of South Asia – was drawn by the British architect, Mr Cyril Radcliffe, to suit the future British strategic interests in Iran and Gulf region. By birth Pakistan was meant to be a client state. Though Pakistanis hallucinate that Mr Jinnah gave them their Islamic paradise, but in reality they must thank the British who fulfilled their separatist desire. When Jinnah saw his Islamic State map on paper, he labeled it “…moth-eaten Pakistan…” !! Inspired by his power mania, Pakistan soon became a play ground for I-am-bigger-than-you politics of his associates !!  And as soon as Jinnah got his share of Indian army, he became an invader and went into a ‘land grab mission’ in the name of Islam and Muslim majority. Thus, Kashmir and Balochistan became the biggest victims of birth of Pakistan — and the mission remains incomplete even after 7 decades! Reflecting the peculiarity of Pakistani Islam, Kashmir got cursed with terrorism and Baloch people became special targets of Pak military oppression — what Pak army did at mega scale in Bangladesh in 1971 (rape, torture and genocide), repeated several times at smaller scale in Balochistan.

Since Pak was born to be a client nation, a slave nation — it performed its role well right since birth. Dictator Ayub Khan proudly told the Americans — pay us and our army is yours!! China and Saudi Arabia also pay and use Pak troops.

Pakistan is the only country in the world born in the name of Islam — the religion of peace. But in reality Pakistan practices a distorted version of Islam that is utterly incapable of nurturing a healthy democratic society. It also excels in turning people into suicidal humanoids who terrorize innocent people.

Birth of Bangladesh in 1971 also exposed the emptiness of the two-nation theory on which Pakistan was founded. The hollow two-nation theory became a three-nation-theory!! If birth of Pakistan in 1947 was projected as victory of Islam, 1971 proved it was worthless.

“1000 Year” War with India!

Pak army surrender 1971The humiliating defeat in the Bangladesh war turned Pak leadership utterly irrational and self-destructive.  It mutated from a Muslim nation to a violence-loving Jihadi State and declared a “1000 year” war with India!! Maverick Bhutto vowed to make nuclear bomb even if Pakistanis had to eat grass!!   Pakistan’s hate-India mindset transmuted into a pathological obsession bordering on mental derangement. No surprise if getting a nuclear bomb in 1998 completely destroyed whatever sanity was left in Pakistan. Every no-body-who-was-some-body started threatening India with nuclear attack and ‘The Bomb’ became divine — an “Islamic Bomb‘! It means all Hindus, Jews and Christians of the world must fear Pakistan and its Islamic cracker!!

Unfortunately, Bhutto’s dictator buddy Zia ul Haq hanged him before he could see The Bomb and his sons became hate-filled terrorists. It was much before the world knew of Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Lashkar-e-Toiba. Becoming terrorist in Pakistan is as simple as changing skull cap or abusing India or shouting allahu Akbar!

Zia ul Haq made “Jihad against India” an integral part of Pakistani State policy. But Allah called him back in 1988 as his VVIP plan dropped from the sky! Bhutto’s daughter Benazir called it the “wrath of Allah”! [In Pakistan, the imaginary Allah does everything — and people simply watch chanting Insha Allah and Masha Allah!]

Bleeding India through “1000 cuts”

But before going back to Allah, Zia weaved the plot to implement Pakistan’s divine policy of bleeding India through “1000 cuts” — through a low cost jihadi proxy war. He had noticed the Article 370 in Indian Constitution and decided to turn the spiritual paradise of Hindu India into a jihadi hell of Wahhabi Islam — which is the Doctrine of the ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram,…  and all Muslims who wish to delete all Jews Christians, Hindus from the planet by pressing JIHAD button!!

Thus, since 1989, Pakistan funded and trained proxy warriors have been sneaking into Indian borders to die — to claim the reward of 72 virgins in Allah’s paradise!! Whenever they managed to kill and die, their global jihadi propaganda machinery projected it as Hindu-India ‘persecuting innocent and peace-loving Muslims’ who were only performing their holy duty using AK47, suicide-chests and grenades!! Whenever someone fell for this propaganda, Pakistanis would become ecstatic and swore more bloodshed to glorify what they think their Prophet taught them — terrorizing and killing humanity!!

In 1999, Pak troops intruded into Kargil in terrorist costumes, but got driven away. When the Indian counter attack began they ran away leaving behind the bodies of over 200 soldiers — a typical Pakistani way of showing lesser casualties!! Then in 2001, Pak sent terrorists to attack the Indian parliament. Then they blasted bombs in many Indian cities in the following years. But their best came in 2008 — when they killed 166 innocent people on the streets of Mumbai in a 59 hour siege. Pakistanis went ecstatic in divine pleasure at the successful holy jihad because they even killed some Jews!

Mumbai-terror-attack-Hafiz-SaeedIndia’s dummy PM Manmohan Singh remote controlled by a highly corrupt and power hungry Italian lady remained mesmerized by the brilliant display of divine barbarism. But it reminded thoughtful people of India of the 1000 year of murderous Islamic jihad that totally ruined the extraordinarily advanced vedic culture of the land where sanctity of human life is central and non-violence a fundamental human virtue.  The mastermind Hafiz Saeed became a national hero of Pakistan overnight. Over the years his stature grew so much that he was seen as the future Pak Prime Minister.  Who cared in Pakistan if the world called him terrorist! If Pakistanis can glorified Osama bin Laden, why can’t they worship Hafiz Saeed!

top CEOs of Pak terror industryWith the fastest growing nuclear program in the world, today its Terror Industry CEOs proudly talk of nuclear jihad against the world! Lately, the entire Pak leadership has joined the chorus of nuclear jihad against India. Pakistan is also busy creating smaller nukes for actual use in the battle field – reflecting its Islamic paranoia and self-induced fear of India. But it is a delight for the terrorists — they are waiting eagerly to plant nukes on their chest and blow up. With nuclear self destruction, Allah should reward them with at least 720 virgins!!

But Dictator Zia did miss something — Article 370 was a ‘transitional‘ and “temporary‘ Article. Indian parliament revoked it August 2019! For terror obsessed Pakistan it was totally devastating, like India dropping a nuke on Islamabad!! “Kashmir” has been the biggest money spinner for Pakistan — from the gulf, for the Muslim persecution propaganda and from its pay masters, for strategic power balance.

Terrorism is a State Policy of Pakistan

Former Pakistan ambassador to the US and author of the book Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military Hussain Haqqani has written

“Of all the countries in the world where terror breeds, Pakistan is the only state that actively sponsors it as a long-term state policy instrument, and as a matter of strategic choice. It is also the only state that uses the threat of nuclear weapon as a deterrent to support its terror activities”.

Indians, like rest of the world, have failed to realize that Pakistan is no more Islamic; it’s now a jihadi state that takes delight in self-destruction. They must accept this fact without delay.

Why India Failed to Tame Pakistan

There are two reasons why India did not handle Pakistan in a rational and effective manner.

One: Hindus grow up seeing the whole humanity as one big family, including the next door neighbor. They can neither easily understand the violence mania of Pakistanis, nor their irrational attachment to faith identity. They don’t realize that Pakistanis see the  Arab/Afghan/Turkish invaders as their Hero. From Mir Qasim to Abdali, every Muslim invader is a Pakistani hero. Thus, Pakistan’s obsession for jihadi violence, for example, can easily come from the Babarnama where the founder of the Mughal dynasty Jahiruddin Babur sees divinity in barbarism:

“For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer, I battled infidels and Hindus, I am determined to become a martyr. Thank God I became a Killer of Non-Muslims!”

Indians also fail to realize that Pakistanis grow up learning a doctored and fictional history! They don’t want to remember that their ancestors were Hindus before forced conversion. Most absurdly they want to see themselves as coming from Arab lineage that helps them see divinity in Arab tribal barbarism of the 7th century world. K K Aziz in his book Murder of History highlights some of the deliberately introduced fiction or twisted interpretations of past events. As a result, Pakistanis grow up learning that their primary aim of life to destroy India — the land of kafirs next door!

Two: Right from the beginning India has adopted a defensive or non-aggressive stance. This is another facet of Hindu culture that by nature avoids aggression or escalation of conflict. Therefore, Indian military was never oriented towards aggressive and proactive role of invasions and territory grabbing. It remained focused on defense or ‘retaliate only if allowed’ by the political masters.  But, in order to live peacefully in the current neighborhood, Indians must come out of their defensive shell and play the game differently.

India must accept the Reality of ‘Pakistan’ and Change Stance

Imran Khans Terror StateIndian leaders must stop hoping that some day Pak would stop behaving like a war mongering stone-age tribal society of Arab desert and start to behave like a civilized neighbor. They must accept the dangerous Islamic characteristics of the neighbor across the LoC — its tendency to live in  perpetual denial and hostility; its pathological tendency to back stab; its love for violence and terror in the name of Islam. Most importantly, India must accept that no Pak leader can survive without a hate-India narrative — and to win he must over shout others.

Another harsh reality is that particularly during the 10 year UPA rule under Italian wisdom Pak spy machinery has infiltrated deeply into the Indian socio-political system. The most obvious example is clearly the Family owned private Firm, Congress Party. The Digvijay Singh / Manishankar / Rahul Gandhi / ,,, gang would always try to weaken Indian response whenever India plans any firm action against the enemy neighbor. Then there is the  gulf-funded Wahhabi lobby in India that would be always there to pat their backs and radicalize Indian Muslims. The Tukde Tukde gang and the Intolerance gang members represent over-the-ground-workers from pseudo-intellectual class aiming to destabilize Indian society to serve Pak interests. They appear to have already created a Muslim separatist lobby in the Bollywood. Then there is the “for sale” journalist lobby that would always bat for Pakistan — the likes of Barkha Dutt, Shekhar Gupta and ultra-liberals along with the Lutyens should be seen as enemy agents at crisis times.

While most Indians want an all out military action against Pak and finish the un-finish task of 1971, but why behave like blood thirsty jihadis when there are several non-military proactive measures that can serve the purpose!

8 Ways to Tame the Rogue Neighbor

India must weave a policy of “continuous squeeze” to chock the enemy. It can effortlessly destroy rogue nation’s “1000 cuts” ideology which is also self-destructive. Pakistan’s Islamic leadership promotes suicide as a divine virtue, as it produces brainwashed jihadis ready to die for a life in Allah’s paradise. India should exploit this pathological disease. “Hate” is the vital element in Pak’s dealing with India. This tribal characteristic can be also used to push it to self-destruction. Here are a few obvious steps but one can always devise more and in more innovative ways.

1. Leverage the Economic Might

India must leverage its economic strength to further isolate Pakistan globally.

In 2018, Indian economy is world’s sixth/seventh largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Compare Indian GDP of around 2.8 trillion with bankrupt Pakistan’s barely 300 billion GDP. Global investors, including rich gulf state, are lining up to invest in India. Modi’s “Make in India” offensive and economic policies have put India on the global radar as an emerging economic giant.

India can easily maneuver to pick trade partners willing to align their economic goals with Indian interests. Partners of the rogue nation can be also put to some disadvantage unless they change their stance in India’s favor.

2. Make the LoC Permanently Hot

This is a follow up of the above step. Remember how US President Reagan ruined the USSR bloc in 1990 by forcing it to spend heavily in military rivalry.

Pakistan operates around 20 terror camps and over three dozen terrorist launch pads in POK. India has every right to be proactive in self defense and destroy them as well as Pak army posts that help infiltration. The Balakot air strike gave a shock Pakistan has yet to come out. Exploiting superior military might, India should aim to causes heavy damages on Pak side whenever it attempts to infiltrate terrorists. India should even provoke Pak to indulge in heavy shelling. Its a good way to economically bleed the cocky beggar nation that wants to dictate terms through terrorism.  In fact, mere concentrating more troops along the border would serves the purpose, as its paranoid leadership is forced to spend heavily on counter build up!

3. Strengthen Relations with all other Neighbors

Modi is already attempting it.  India must continue to strengthen relations with all other neighbors and of course, further expand economic ties with China. This is a good strategy because Pakistan doesn’t have good relation with any of its neighbors — with China it is just a slave, a penny beggar. It must be noted that Bangladesh is ideally suited to kill Pak exports. As Pak economy crumbles it can easily replace Pak goods. India must support B’desh exporters. Further, the Indo-Afghan trade through Chabahar Port has significantly dented Pak-Afghan trade. Afghans are also more willing to trade with India than Pakistan.

India should actively engage China to further expand economic ties with joint collaborations! It will change the Indo-China dynamics permanently for better and China would have to think twice before openly hobnobbing with Pakistan at global platforms.

4. Bring ‘Balochistan’ in the Foreign Policy Ambit

Balochistan remains under Pak occupation since 1948Just one mention of Balochistan by Modi from Red Fort in 2014 has brought global focus on the sufferings of Baloch people, living under Pak military oppression since 1948!!  India must overtly and covertly support Baloch freedom struggle in all possible ways. It’s an issue of serious humanitarian crisis, not a Muslim issue. Atrocities by Pak military in Balochistan parallel their heinous war crimes in Banlgadesh.  Giving asylum to prominent Baloch freedom fighters could be a good humanitarian gesture. It would also send signal to China that is helping Pakistan plunder Balochistan’s resources. Besides, there are several other hot-spots in Pakistan that can be made hotter.

5. Rethink Indus Water Treaty (IWT)

This is perhaps the best weapon that would send the rogue nation into hysteric fits. Even a mere hint of rethink will do he trick!

After signing the Indus Waters Treaty in 1960, Jawaharlal Nehru gloated that he had bought peace with Pakistan — and just five years later Pakistan attacked Kashmir! And most foolishly, even the Indian water share was not being used fully. India must remember the standard Islamic warfare trick, “Takiyya” – that treaties are mere deceptive gimmick to buy time and hence, are meant to be broken!!

Honoring IWT has not changed Pak’s hostile behavior. Let’s try the reverse — make more dams!  If Pakistan needs water, it always has the option to come begging for “water bailout”!!

6. Declare Pakistan a “Terror Sponsoring Nation” in the Parliament

Pakistan and jihadi terrorism are now inter twined and can’t be separated. It is futile to think that the threat of FATF listing can bring civility in Pak behavior — though it must be pursued vigorously for diplomatic isolation. Now that Pakistan is hysteric about jihad against India ‘to the last men’, India must look for the next opportunity to declare Pakistan a “Terror Sponsoring State” in the Parliament and openly declare to the world India’s right to preemptively strike terror factories running on Pak soil. This would allow India to throw missiles on jihad factories in self-defense.

7. Downgrade Pak High Commission

Pakistan employs around 1,000 employees in Delhi embassy and around 300 in Mumbai. They are all ISI spies working round the clock to create terror cells and radicalize Indian Muslims. They have even infiltrated into Indian politics and media. Their deep penetration into the family owned Congress Party is already a public knowledge. Why be kind to a sworn enemy. The trimmed size will also reflect the true status of a bankrupt rogue nation.

8. Adopt a clear “First Strike” Nuclear Policy 

India should actively rethink its “No First Strike” nuclear policy. That would send cold shivers in the spines of war monger leadership of Pakistan, which is already paranoid. It could force some grave blunder by its juvenile leadership that might help India achieve the wider goal of of permanently deleting the terror virus from South Asia.

Pakistan is a Sinking Ship!!

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