8 Ways to Tame Pakistan Without War!

Pak bankruptPakistan considers itself heir to the Islamic invaders of the great Hindu civilization during the past centuries — just look at the names of the Pak missiles like Ghori, Ghazni, etc. Thus, right since the British Radcliffe Line marked Pak territory in 1947 it became an invader! It attacked Hindu India four times — in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 (Bangladesh war) and 1999 (Kargil intrusion). Then, after dictator Zia turned it into a Sharia paradise in the 1980s it started waging a Holy Jihad using jihadi terrorists.

Until 2014, when India was ruled under absurdly passive Nehruvian ideology, it never had to worry about Indian backlash. Indian military setup remained purely defensive — let Pak attack and then respond with the least force and lodge verbal protests! Even after Kargil intrusion (1999) Indian military was asked to recapture steep peaks without crossing the  border — which led to significantly higher casualties of Indian soldiers. Most absurd was the Indian response after the 2008 terror attack when the ultra-corrupt Italian lady was ruling India hiding behind a spineless Sikh prime minister. India did nothing beyond sending dossiers!! Clearly, 1947 — 2014 was a dream period for Pakistani Holy Jihad.  For 7 decades the rogue nation has been running a fake global propaganda against India with its bogus claim on Kashmir.

But arrival of a nationalistic BJP government and a highly dynamic Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 jolted Pakistan and changed things drastically. India started responding with aggression. It carried out a surgical strike on Pak terror camps in 2016 after Uri and Pathankot terror attacks. Then the Pulwama terror attack was retaliated with precision air strike on Balakot terror camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad. Such strong response by Modi government left Pakistanis seething in humiliation and fear both. Suddenly, the terrorist nation became phobic!! Then abrogation of article 370 (around which Pakistan wove its Holy Jihad) from J&K in on 5th August 2019 came as a sudden lightening strike from the outer space!!  Within weeks, Modi’s diplomatic offensive totally isolated the terror Haven of the world on all global forums. And, it started threatening India with nuclear jihad!!

Now that the rogue Islamic State is sinking into deeper internal crisis, it is right time that India finishes the unfinished agenda of 1971 — complete disintegration of the ‘terrorist paradise‘ and takes back the POK and Gilgit Baltistan which are under its illegal occupation for 7 decades.  In fact, Balochistan, Sindh-Desh and Pashtunistan are eagerly waiting for Azadi from the terror activities of Lashkar-e-Pakistan (wrongly called Pakistan Military)!  This is the only way to bring lasting peace not only in south Asia but also around the world.

Why has India Failed to Tame Pakistan

There are two basic reasons why India failed to handle Pakistan in a rational and effective manner.

One: The majority Indian population of Hindus grow up seeing the whole humanity as one big family, including the next door neighbor. Their ancient ‘Dharma’ culture revolves around non-violence, pious living and compassion for all beings. Buddha, Mahavira and numerous other saints guide their thinking. This way of life has survived despite centuries of Islamic barbarism and foreign plunder.

Therefore, they fail to understand that the hate mongering of Pakistanis and their war mania. They fail to realize that the Muslim invaders of the past are Pakistani Heroes. Thus, from Qasim to Abdali, every Muslim invader inspire Pakistanis and their hate-mongering against India, for example, can easily come from Jahiruddin Babar who wrote in Babarnama:

“For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer, I battled infidels and Hindus, I am determined to become a martyr. Thank God I became a Killer of Non-Muslims!”

Indians also fail to realize that Pakistanis grow up learning a doctored and fictional history! They are taught to deny that their ancestors were Hindus before forced conversion during the centuries of Islamic barbarism in India. K K Aziz in his book Murder of History highlights some of the deliberately introduced fiction or twisted interpretations of past events. As a result, Pakistanis grow up learning that their primary goal of life is to destroy India — because kafir Hindus live there and it is their divine duty to convert or decimate them! Mullahs call it Gazwa-e-Hind which is the hallucination of all anti-India terror groups.

Two: Right from the beginning Indian defense policy adopted a defensive or non-aggressive stance. Therefore, Indian military was never oriented towards aggressive and proactive roles of invasions and territory grabbing. It remained entirely focused on defense or ‘retaliate only if allowed by the political masters‘.  But given the nature of rogue neighbor and its terror ideology India must totally change its defense doctrine.

India must accept the Reality and Change Stance

Imran Khans Terror StateIt is foolish to keep hoping that some day Pak mullahs would start  behaving like a normal civilized human-beings or Pak would ever have a functioning democracy. In fact, none of the 56 Islamic nations are democratic. India must accept the ominous ground reality of having a rogue neighbor and its dangerous sharia characteristics. Pakistan would always be a military ruled Islamic State and Pak mullahs would continue to behave like 7th century Arab tribal men looking for ways to continue their ‘holy jihad’ against India.

India should forget that Pakistani mullahs were Indians before 1947. They may still be speaking the same common language and have similar food habits but have totally degraded mentally. Pakistan was Islamic in 1947, today it is a Wahhabi nation under strong influence of global jihadi lobby that would never allow it to have normal relation with Hindu India.

While most Indians want an all out war and finish the unfinished task of 1971, but in the meanwhile India can take many proactive non-military measures in order to debilitate the enemy that aims to wage a ‘1000 year war’ with ‘1000 cuts’.

8 Ways to Tame the Rogue Neighbor

Pakistan’s ‘1000 cuts to bleed India” ideology can be easily countered with a policy of ‘continuous squeeze‘ to chock the enemy. Here are a few obvious steps but one can always devise many more.

1. Leverage the Economic Might

India must start leveraging its economic strength and isolate Pakistan economically.

India’s current 2.7 trillion dollar economy which is heading towards 5 trillion mark and Modi’s “Make in India” offensive and economic policies have put India on the global radar as an emerging economic giant. Global investors, including rich Islamic gulf states, are lining up to invest in India. India can easily maneuver to pick trade partners willing to align their economic goals with Indian national interests. Partners of the rogue nation can be easily put to disadvantage unless they change their stance in India’s favor.

Modi government’s recent economic actions against Malaysia and Turkey point to the right direction. These two countries support rogue nation’s Islamic terrorism against India.

2. Coax the Rogue Nation into Military Rivalry

Remember how US President Reagan ruined the USSR bloc in 1990 by forcing it to spend heavily in military rivalry.

India should exploit Pakistan’s pathological obsession to seek military parity with India. Despite the sinking national economy, Pak generals can hardly afford to restrain themselves or cut military budget. Its a good way to economically bleed the cocky beggar nation that wants to dictate terms through terrorism.

Another good tactics would be to make the entire Indo-Pak border ‘hot‘ — forcing the paranoid Pak generals to respond with more build up of troops which is a costly affair. In fact, mere concentrating more troops along the border would serves the purpose; it would force its paranoid leadership to spend heavily on counter build up!

Violating ceasefire (to help terrorists sneak into Indian side) has become a regular affair. For each effort to infiltrate terrorists, Indian troops must target Pak troops and bunkers to maximize damages and casualties. Terrorists are fully disposable and cost very little to Pakistan compared with troop casualties and equipment damages.

3. Strengthen Relations with all other Neighbors

Modi is already attempting it.  India must continue to strengthen relations with all other neighbors and of course, further expand economic ties with China. This would isolate the cocky beggar nation.  Sinking Pak economy is good for other South Asian economies. Bangladesh exporters have already taken over many areas from Pakistan. Further, the Indo-Afghan trade through Chabahar Port has significantly dented Pak-Afghan trade. Afghans are always more willing to trade with India than the rogue neighbor.

India should actively engage China to further expand economic ties with joint collaborations! It will change the Indo-China dynamics permanently for better and China would have to think twice before openly supporting Pakistan’s anti-India activities at global platforms. In fact, let China worry about its CPEC venture if India decides to punish Pakistan for its filthy terror tactics.

4. Bring ‘Balochistan’ in the Foreign Policy Ambit

Balochistan remains under Pak occupation since 1948Just one mention of Balochistan by Modi from Red Fort in 2014 has brought global focus on the sufferings of Baloch people, living under Pak military oppression since 1948!!  India must overtly and covertly support Baloch freedom struggle in all possible ways. It’s an issue of serious humanitarian crisis. Atrocities by Pak military in Balochistan parallel their heinous war crimes in Bangladesh.  Giving asylum to prominent Baloch freedom fighters could be a good starting humanitarian gesture. It would also send signal to China that is plundering Balochistan’s resources. Besides, ‘azadi’ seeking Sindhis, Mohazirs and Pashtuns should also get tangible Indian sympathy..

5. Rethink Indus Water Treaty (IWT)

This is perhaps the best weapon that would send the rogue nation into hysteric fits. Pak leadership has developed a severe Modi phobia. Even a mere hint of rethink will do he trick!

After signing the Indus Waters Treaty in 1960, Jawaharlal Nehru gloated that he had bought peace with Pakistan — and just five years later the rogue neighbor attacked Kashmir! And most foolishly, even the India’s share of water was never utilized fully. India should learn from a vital Islamic warfare trick, “Takiyya” – that treaties are no more than deceptive gimmick to buy time and hence, are meant to be broken!!

Honoring IWT has not changed Pak’s hostile behavior. Why not try the reverse — make more dams!  If Pakistan needs water, it always has the option to come and beg!!

6. Declare Pakistan a “Terror Sponsoring Nation” in the Parliament

Pakistan and Islamic terrorism are now inter twined and can’t be separated. It is futile to think that the threat of FATF Black-listing can bring civility in Pak behavior — though it must be pursued vigorously for diplomatic isolation. Now that Pakistan is hysteric about nuclear jihad against India ‘to the last men’, India must look for the next opportunity to declare Pakistan a “Terror Sponsoring State” in the Parliament and openly declare its right to target terror factories running on Pak soil. This would allow India to throw missiles on jihad factories and the global community would know that it was done in self-defense.

7. Downgrade Pak High Commission

Pakistan employs around 1,000 employees in Delhi embassy and around 300 in Mumbai. They are all ISI spies working round the clock to create terror cells and promote anti-India groups. They have even infiltrated into Indian politics and media. Their deep penetration into the family owned Congress Party is highly worrisome.

It is really wonderful that reflecting its juvenile mindset, Pakistan has recalled its High Commissioner after abrogation of article 370! It gives ideal opportunity to downgrade diplomatic relations to  reflect the true status hostile beggar nation.

8. Adopt a clear “First Strike” Nuclear Policy 

India should actively rethink its “No First Strike” nuclear policy. That would send cold shivers in the spines of war monger leadership of Pakistan, which is already paranoid. It could force some grave blunder by its silly leadership that might help India achieve the wider goal of of permanently deleting the terror virus from the world map.

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