“War On Terror”: Why Waseem Rizvi Is Smarter Than The US !!

Fighting Islamic Terrorism: Waseem Rizvi vs. USA

Has the US become a threat to global peace? Why did he leave 85 bn dollar worth weapons in Afghanistan for the Taliban terrorists? He must be insane if he considers the terrorists as American allies.

After sitting in Afghanistan for 20 years under the excuse of waging war against Islamic terrorists, losing several thousand American lives, killing over 100,000 Afghans and wasting two trillion dollars, cocky Americans suddenly left the country, leaving behind ultra modern weapons worth 86 billion dollars and plenty of dollars in cash for the Taliban terrorists and their godfather Pakistan. Suddenly, Afghanis were left to defend themselves from the medieval Sharia-horror unleashed by the terrorists. Suddenly, the Americans started talking as if the Talibans have transformed into saints of peace and democracy, while they continue unleashing barbarism on innocent civilians, particularly on women. It is fairly clear that the Americans were merely displaying their latest weapons to the world from Afghanistan under the pretention of fighting terrorists. Yet, the thinking humanity has again started debating the ideology of Islamic terrorism, which is Wahhabi/Deobandi cult of Islam. It is also funny that Muslims dream passionately about living in Sharia-ruled Islamic society, but when Islamic terror gangs impose medieval Sharia they start running away from the country! Their self-contradictory conduct stems from the influence of this violent cult that’s imposed on them as religion. Post WW2, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi cult has virtually destroyed all spiritual elements of Prophet’s teachings all over the world, on the strength of lavish petro-dollars and Wahhabi literature and violence loving clerics.

As the Islamic world gets increasingly disconnected from the Prophet’s message of morality and ethics and as they fall prey to terror gangs brainwashed by the Wahhabi/Deobandi cult, recent effort of an Indian Muslim reformer, Waseem Rizvi, to reform Islam appears highly important. The global war on Islamic terror has no future unless it is fought in the madarsas and terror training camps where the gangs of low cost disposable suicidal killers are produced, through criminal interpretations of Islamic literature written in the medieval era. Rather than killing the end product, the terrorists, the US drones should target the madarsas and maulvis who force medieval barbarism on normal Muslims to turn them into sub-human murderers.

Waseem Rizvi’s Crusade against Islamic Terrorism

“These verses are like poison in the raw mind of young Muslim children in the name of the message of Allah, which leads him to a radical mindset and from his early age when they become young, they hate people of other religions because of their mindset, and many youths get involved with terrorist organizations in some way under this mentality, the wrong messages of Allah Has been filled in the name of Islam. Due to the extreme interpretations of these verses of the Holy book, Islam is identified with militancy, fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism.” – Waseem Rizvi

Despite Supreme Court’s refusal to entertain his PIL that demanded purging 26 violent provoking verses from Quran, reformer Waseem Rizvi, the former head of the Shia Waqf Board, did not stop his efforts and published a New Quran. Rizvi’s initiative is truly remarkable and laudable because ‘Change’ is a terrifying word for Muslim clerics. This new edition does not contain the objectionable 26 verses that Rizvi think provoke Muslims towards criminal conduct. Many free thinking intellectuals say there far more verses that could be equally harmful. Though this is first such attempt by a Muslim, a similar attempt was made 36 years ago when advocate Chandmal Chopra and his associate Sital Singh moved the Calcutta High Court seeking a ban on the Quran altogether. They also did not succeed in getting serious attention from the courts. Rizvi also sent a copy of his “corrected Quran” to the Prime Minister for adoption in madarsas. Let’s see what happens now. Most probably, nothing would change among ordinary Muslims. They would still remain slaves of maulanas and their dictates. They would continue to behave less like “followers of Prophet’s Islam“, more like “prisoners of Mullah’s Islam.”

What Rizvi articulated is a well known fact, but is never acknowledged because that would bring demand for ‘change’ which the powerful Maulana class can’t afford. It’s a matter of their stranglehold on the Muslim masses that also sustains their livelihood. Looking at the violent and hysteric reactions of these change-resistant mullahs, no one even dare to talk of about reforms — forget about dreaming to change Quran! While missing yet another historic opportunity to reform Islam, the Court also failed on another account. It did not take suo moto action on any of those mullahs who were openly giving death threats to Rizvi. It is also a shame that non from the legal fraternity initiated legal proceedings against these criminal minds for violating “the right to life” granted by Indian Constitution to all citizens, including Rizvi.

Is this man mentally sick? No. His Hindu-hatred comes from reading the Islamic books written by violent Arab tribals centuries ago and interpreted by Deobandi maulvis. Such mullahs lose the mental capacity to think rationally like “normal human beings.” They love sub-human conduct of Islamic terror groups: ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Islam, etc. Their Islam is nothing but violence and terrorism in the name of Allah.

It was a good opportunity to strike at the ideological roots of the Islamic terrorism that has oppressed the humanity for last 1400 years. But the Supreme Court missed it. The global ‘war against Islamic terrorism” is proving futile because it stops at killing the terrorists — when the root cause lies in the madarsas where rogue maulvis cite Quran to turn convert normal Muslims into suicidal/murderous criminals. The only logical way to win this battle is to destroy the ideological support from the medieval Islamic Books. For ordinary people, it is plain insanity to see Muslims becoming suicide bombers or launching murderous attacks on innocent civilians, or when they attack Temples, Gurudwaras and Churches (even Mosques!) to kill devotees. It is absolute insanity to kill ‘real people’ to serve some “imaginary Allah” dreamed up 1400 years ago. Therefore, it is no surprise if China considers Muslims as ‘mental patients’ sick with a disease called Islam and runs ‘reformation centers’ for behavioral change and rewrites Quran for them! Muslims in China can’t have names like Mohammad and they can’t keep beard. [And, … no Jihad-loving champion of Islam has guts to say a word against it!]

Hypocrisy of Liberal-Secular Brigade

Yet again, India’s self appointed liberal-secular lobby failed to rise to support a Muslim reformer. For them supporting terrorists is far too safer and profitable!!

Yet again the hypocrisy of India’s so-called liberal-secular mafia got exposed. These powerful self-declared human rights champions who could wake up the Supreme Court at mid night to save convicted Muslim terrorist did not come forward to defend Waseem Rizvi, a reformer! They clearly got terrified of fatwas urging their beheading or supari-killers waiting to kill them if they supported Rizvi! Italian fascist lady with Indian passport and Congress Party owner, Antania Maino, also failed to brand those threatening Rizvi with death, “Maut Ke Saudagar”. Why lose Muslim votes by supporting a Muslim reformer!! This alien lady and her weird son have shamelessly declared their party, a Muslim party, and yet claiming to be secular!!

As soon as Waseem Rizvi approached the Supreme Court with his PIL to alter Quran, Indian Maulanas started behaving like blood thirsty 7th century uncivilized and murderous medieval Arab tribals. Maulvi after Maulvi started issuing Fatwas urging Muslims to kill him for blasphemy! Even a bounty of 21 lakh rupee was declared for beheading him! Suddenly, the ultra fragile “mullah’s Islam” got in “danger”!! They yet again proved that their Deobandi/Barelvi cult (that’s a photocopy of Wahhabi cult of Saudi Arabia) can’t survive without support of violence and barbarism. They yet again proved that they are completely cut off from their Prophet’s message of love and compassion that’s Real Islam, the really religion of peace. But this is the tragedy of all South Asian Muslims — they must study writings of some rational Islamic scholars such as this one.

India’s fake human rights activists and Muslim appeasement politicians are also like mercenaries; they only act if there is award or reward. They would certainly not risk their lives or Muslim votes, by supporting an almost taboo topic like reforming Islam!!

Indian Muslims or Hostile Aliens?

India, world’s largest democracy, can be highly vulnerable to Islamic terrorism simply because of the huge Muslim population of over 200 million. Sure, not all Muslims become jihadi terrorist despite fascination towards “Islamic State” but just few thousand suicidal/murderous killers can create a huge law and order problem across the country. Connected with Pakistani and global jihadi network and with tacit support of the so-called Muslim appeasement ‘secular’ politicians, they can simply plunge India into a civil war like situation, in the name of holy jihad.

Two Pakistani and One Indian Muslim. What bonds them is the morbid Hindu phobia resulting from the violent Deobandi cult of Islam which is nothing but a clone of Wahhabism.

Yes, it is true. A large fraction of over 200 million Indians claiming Muslim identity, live like cocky hostile aliens, too superior to mix with country’s 85% non-Muslim population. Where does this delusional superiority come from? They hallucinate to be superior for two reasons: One, their global connections particularly to the petro-dollar rich gulf countries. And Two, because their Muslim ancestors ruled Hindus through atrocities and barbarism. They grow up seeing mass killers and barbaric Islamic invaders of India as Heroes! They are taught to conveniently forget the extremely humiliating origin of their Islamic identity, during the centuries of Islamic dark age in India. They owe their Muslim birth to past Hindus upon whom Islam was forced by the savage Muslim invaders/rulers; their only choice was “convert” or “die”. Another equally important root of their Islamic identity is the unfortunate Hindu women/girls who were kidnapped and forced into sex-slavery, into a life of daily rape and gang-rape for rest of their life. For thoughtful people, there is nothing to feel proud in such pitiable origin but Indian Muslim’s Deobandi cult of Islam not only brainwashes them to act cocky about their Muslim identity but it also demands (as religious duty) that they hate Hindus. So here we have about 15% Indians who not only hate 85% of their country-men but also cherish dreams of their total annihilation, as their Islamic duty!! This is the magic of the violent Deobandi cult imposed upon them as ‘Religion’.

Scientist Abdul Kalam can’t be a Hero of Deobandi mullahs. Their role models come from the ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Toiba or mass killers from the past Islamic dark age in India.

Their self-induced alienation is so complete that they hate the ancient spiritual culture of the land on which they live. This highly humane culture rests on the ancient spiritual science of universal ‘Dharma’ that transcends all man-made ‘faiths’ or ‘beliefs’. But these ‘forced converts’ are too paranoid to explore beyond the confines of their narrow cult. Even any sub-IQ person knows that in India people of so many faiths and beliefs live and have lived peacefully since ages, respecting each others faith. And what do Muslims do? They cockily declare their rejectionist ideology through loudspeakers daily that there is no god except what they call Allah. It is astonishing that every week they curse Hindus to hell, in what they call ‘prayer’! After mocking Hindus as idol worshipper, they go to Arabia to worship a Black Stone and for Stone throwing ritual! The Islamic ritual of Hajj is stone worship, the most primitive form of idolatry (idol worship) that they passionately criticize. All such absurdities are imposed on the followers (prisoners, more correctly) of the Deobandi cult.

Who wrote the Quran: Allah, Muhammad or Mullahs?

Not Allah, not Mohammad; but Mullahs (Arab tribals) wrote Islamic literature according to their war-mongering mindset and limited understanding of morality and ethics that the Prophet tried teaching them.

“When you meet the un-believers, strike their necks.” (47:4)

When your Lord revealed to the Angels, “truly I am with you. So keep firm those who have believed. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.” (8:12)

These two verses practically sum up the Deobandi/Wahhabi cults of Islam. The so-called “Islamic scholars” and Maulanas build upon them to inject into the followers the desired amount of prejudice or hate against non-Muslims, from the mosques and madarsas.

Covering women folks in life long coffin cloth is barbarism, not religion. How about sterilizing Muslim male or destroying their lustful eye sight, in the name of Islam?

Quran was not written by the fictional Allah; it was also not written by Mohammad because he was illiterate. No one ever saw Allah giving instructions to Mohammad through another imaginary entity, Gibreel. Quran was written after Mohammad’s death during the rule of the first three Khalifas. First 2-3 versions were destroyed when flaws were discovered. Islamic experts like Tarek Fateh always complain about lack of chronology in Quran. But the medieval Arab tribals did what they could — it was not an era of paper and pen or computer. Their aim was not to stress high morals or ethical living for followers of Mohammad; instead, they only wanted to setup some rules that allow them to dictate the community as per their whims and fancy. Even a cursory glance of this medieval literature tells that it is all about dictating terms on people and plitical opponetnts through violence. If Mohammad used imaginary Allah to force his thinking on people, maulanas kept that tradition alive for 1400 years. In fact, they can impose any absurdity on Muslims in the name of Islam, Quran, Mohammad or Allah. Only they can make Muslims believe that killing innocent people ensures place in imaginary Jannat where 72 Hoors would serve them eternally in bed, along with endless supply of wine! Thus, rogue maulanas create suicidal killers who die believing in this utter nonsense ! What a satanic waste of human life. Sad.

Here is a video highlighting some more violence promoting verses.

For exhaustive reading explore: The Religion of Peace

If Muslims are allowed to think freely, they will quit Islam! Those who have come out describe their feeling as that of coming out invisible prison! A notable example is the intellectual Iranian ex-Muslim Ali Sina. Through his books and writings he continues to expose hollowness of what Muslims are “forced to believe“, in the name Islam by the Maulanas. His work is eye openers for Muslims and a warning to the entire humanity.

Muslim’s misplaced fascination towards Sharia

Is it ‘normal’ to try living in 21st century governed by some violent medieval system? Here is why a lot of intellectuals think Islam is Fascism.

When Mahatma Gandhi Refused to Criticize Mopla Massacre of Hindus!

It is the most appalling example of Muslim appeasement, but it also points to Gandhi’s pragmatic understanding of Islamic mindset.

All, except Gandhi and Muslim clerics, condemned the jihadi barbarism on Malabar Hindus

During the colonial era, after the end of WW1, when Indian nationalists were fighting for country’s freedom from British occupation, Indian Muslims suddenly became more concerned about the well being of a distant Turkish Ottoman Caliphate that got defeated by the allied forces. The Ali brothers launched a ‘Khilafat Movement’ in 1920 to express solidarity with the defeated Turkish caliphate — and the “saint of non-violence” Mahatma Gandhi supported this purely irrelevant Islamic movement, hoping to get Muslim support for India’s own freedom struggle. Of course, Muslims never came forward to join Congress Party’s nationalistic freedom struggle.

However, the Khilafat movement led to a highly undesirable side effect — it aroused the murderous jihadi emotions among Muslims around the country against the Kafirs (the British and Hindus both). Although they targeted some British soldiers, but in many areas gangs of Muslims attacked Hindus (Kafir). The most gruesome genocide of Hindus was carried out in the Malabar region of Kerala by Mopla Muslims. As expected, all prominent Maulanas justified the gruesome massacre as religious duty of Muslims!! However, it was criticized loudly from every quarter.

But there was a prominent exception, the ‘Icon of Non-Violence’ Mahatma Gandhi stubbornly refuged to say a word against the barbarism of Mopla Muslims. Why? He explained, ” Why criticize them; they are only doing what their Book wants them to do“. Needless to say, Gandhi lost a lot of support. But he was right, brutally right about medieval Islamic literature and its impact on the followers!

Then more absurdity happened. Gandhi sat on hunger strike for 21 days in the house of a Maulana, Mohammad Ali, (organizer of the Khilafat movement) for communal harmony and publicly claimed that this Satyagraha in Ali’s home was his best experience. And what was Ali’s response? He publicly asserted that even the lowest class of Muslim is far superior to Hindu Kafir Gandhi!! What else can come from a satanic mind, trained only to hate.

Even now Muslims feel proud of this utterly uncivilized and medieval mindset, made concrete by a Books authored by Medieval Arab tribals centuries ago.

But again, borrowing Gandhi’s insight into Islam, why blame Ali, he only said what his Book taught him!!

Here is a recent “Jihadi masterpiece” when they burned 60 Hindus alive in Godhra in a train compartment. This “holy jihad” was directed by “holy Mullahs” from a nearby mosque; therefore, the so-called liberals and seculars remained silent, following Gandhi’s advise: why blame these “holy wariors of Islam”; they only performed their “religious duty” as prescribed by their Book!

World lacks willpower to defeat Islamic Terrorism

The Americans see Islamic terrorists as tools to market their latest weapons. Their fight against terror is no more than assuring bigger and bigger orders for their arms manufacturers and dealers. Post WW2, their war economy thrived on the cold war with the communists. But with disappearance of communist USSR bloc, they had to find another enemy. It turned out to the dictatorial regimes and powerful criminal brains from the Islamic world. They ruined Iraq in the name of destroying non-existent WMDs and punishing defiant Saddam. They used the excuse of 911 to invade Afghanistan under the pretext of hunting Osama Bin Laden — ultimately found in Pakistan, safely hosted by their own ally!

Most perpetrators of 911 were Saudis, so why did the US not invade Saudi Arabia? Why it did not punish Pakistan for sheltering Osama? Now why they left Afghanistan in a shameful and irresponsible manner, legitimizing terrorism and mainstreaming the terrorists?

Two trillion dollars wasted on this venture. How much the US is willing to commit for fighting climate change and poverty made worst by climate change? Practically nothing beyond empty promises.

With their destructive mindset, Americans (along with their European allies) are clearly the biggest threat to this planet. Islamic terrorists are at least towards thinking; Americans come aross as mere empty talkers with satanic intentions.

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