Why Waseem Rizvi wants to Delete 26 Verses from Indian Islam

It is highly unusual to find a Muslim wanting to improve Quran for curbing Islamic terrorism! Muslims generally grow up learning, that in the matter of religion they must not apply mind, and must accept every dictate of Imams/Maulvis without questioning. Thus, reasoning and free thinking is strongly discouraged. Therefore, it surprised the entire country when the former head of Shia Waqf Board, Waseem Rizvi, recently filed a PIL in the Supreme Court requesting deletion of 26 verses from Quran because they promote violence against non-Muslims and encourage Muslims towards terrorism. Rizvi first wrote to over 50 Islamic authorities on the issue, but when they did not respond he decided to approach the Supreme Court. Though this is first such attempt by a Muslim, a similar attempt was made 36 years ago when advocate Chandmal Chopra and one Sital Singh moved the Calcutta High Court seeking a ban on the Quran altogether. But they did not succeed in getting serious attention from the courts, obviously because then the Sharia Secularism was too strong in India. Let’s see what happens now.

What Rizvi articulated about Quran is a widely known fact in the learned circles across the world, but raising the issue publicly requires extraordinary courage because of the violent reaction and death threats from the radical mullahs. But the SC must hear the petition and order the Muslim community leaders to comment on the issue raised by Rizvi, rather than threatening him. The Court should also ask the police to arrest all those giving death threats to Rizvi; they are attacking the right to life granted by Indian Constitution to all citizens and also insulting the judiciary.

This man is mentally sick or is inspired by some Holy Book?

It’s a good opportunity to strike at the ideological roots of the Islamic terrorism that has oppressed the humanity for last 1400 years. The current ‘war against terror” can’t be won as long as there is ideological support to it. People hardly understand why some Pakistani would draw a knife and start attacking unknown civilians in European countries. Or some Muslim would go to a Church and blow up himself or shower bullets to kill innocent people. Why blame China if it thinks Uighur Muslims are mental patients and runs reformation centers for behavioral change and rewrites Quran for them.

Now is the occasion that, at least Indian Maulanas, come out openly and publicly prove that the 26 verses (though other people point to over 100 Quranic verses) don’t encourage violence or terrorism. More importantly, they must demonstrate how they promote respect for non-Muslims.

India is the land of spirituality, saints and sages. Indian culture rests on the ancient spiritual science of ‘Dharma’ that transcends microscopic ‘faith’ or ‘belief’ boundaries. Even any sub-IQ person knows that in India people of so many faiths and beliefs live and have lived peacefully since ages. Therefore, it is height of absurdity when Muslims recite on loudspeakers that there is no god but Allah, or when they claim that Hindus (and other non-Muslims) are kafir and hence Wajubul Qatl. Hating or killing people in the name of some never-seen Allah, invented on some foreign land 1400 years ago, is ridiculous and totally unacceptable in any sane human society.

Who wrote the Quran: Allah, Muhammad or Mullahs?

“When you meet the un-believers, strike their necks.” (47:4)

When your Lord revealed to the Angels, “truly I am with you. So keep firm those who have believed. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.” (8:12)

Burqa is not prescribed in Quran. So why Muslims oppose Burqa Ban?

Whenever there is a terror attack any where in the world, the reaction of Muslim leaders or champions of Islam is quite perplexing. They either get into denial and evade responsibility by saying terrorists are not Muslims, or blame poverty, lack of education and backwardness of Muslims! Often they blame it on intelligence failure; ie, blaming the victim, which is total nonsensical. Islamic scholars have completely failed to address the lingering issue of Quranic verses promoting hate and violence against non-Muslims.

Quran was not written by Allah that no one ever saw and not by Mohammad who claimed knowledge from Allah. Quran was written by his followers in the later decades and centuries after his death. They also wrote the Hadees based on their understanding of Muhammad’s words. They also did not write Quran in the chronological order. Maulanas opposing Waseem Rizvi have the opportunity to prove before the world that these verses don’t promote violence or hatred. More importantly, show the proof that they were really given by Allah and not made up by Muhammad or the later mullahs.

Does Quran Prohibits Killing? Absolutely no.

Here is a video highlighting some violence promoting verses.

For exhaustive reading explore: The Religion of Peace

When Mahatma Gandhi Refused to Criticize Mopla Massacre of Hindus

During the colonial era, after the end of WW1, while the Indian nationalists were fighting for country’s freedom from British occupation, Indian Muslims were more concerned about the well being of distant Turkish Ottoman Caliphate that got defeated by the allied forces. The Ali brothers launched a ‘Khilafat Movement’ in 1920 to express solidarity with the defeated Turkish caliphate — and Gandhi Ji supported this purely Islamic movement, hoping to get Muslim support for India’s own freedom struggle — and of course that never happened. The movement also had a highly undesirable side effect — it aroused the murderous jihadi emotions among Muslims around the country against the Kafirs (the British and Hindus both). Although they targeted some British soldiers, but in many areas Muslims turned against Hindus. The most gruesome genocide of Hindus was carried out in the Malabar region of Kerala by Mopla Muslims. Most astonishingly, many Maulanas justified the gruesome massacre as religious duty of Muslims!! But it was criticized loudly from every quarter.

But there was a prominent exception, the ‘Icon of Non-Violence’ Mahatma Gandhi stubbornly refuged to say a word against the barbarism of Mopla Muslims. Why? He explained, ” Why criticize them; they are only doing what their Book wants them to do“. Needless to say, Gandhi lost a lot of support. But he was right, brutally right!

Then, Gandhi sat on hunger strike for 21 days in the house of Mr Mohammad Ali (organizer of the Khilafat movement) for communal harmony and publicly claimed that this Satyagraha in Ali’s home was his best experience. And what was Mohammad Ali’s response? He publicly asserted that even the lowest class of Muslim is far superior to Hindu Kafir Gandhi!! What an uncivilized and sub-human mindset.

But again, borrowing Gandhi’s insight into Islam, why blame Ali, he was only saying what his Book taught him!!

Will Human Rights Activists Come Out to Support Waseem Rizvi?

21 lakh rupee bounty for beheading Wasim Rizvi ! Why Indian Maulanas are behaving like 7th century uncivilized and violent Arab tribals; wake up, it’s 21st century modern world !!

It is weird that the human rights champions who can wake up the Supreme Court at mid night to save some convicted Muslim terrorist are not seen defending Waseem Rizvi; they must be also afraid of fatwas urging their beheading or supari-killers waiting to kill them for supporting Rizvi! Italian fascist lady and Congress Party owner Antania Maino has also not come out calling those threatening Rizvi with death “Maut Ke Saudagar”. Why aren’t they filing FIRs against all Fatwabaj Maulanas who have threatened Rizvi with dire consequences. They are threatening an Indian citizen whom the Constitution gives the right to life and freedom of expression. These hypocrites only have the audacity to target Republic TV Editor, Arnab Goswami, and his journalists for speaking the truth but are spineless when it comes to fighting real crooks and fanatics.

Why the SC should Consider Rizvi’s PIL Seriously

The Supreme Court must not only entertain the PIL but also give it a patient and thorough hearing. It must involve the Ulemas and listen to their opinion about Rizvi’s concern on 26 verses of Quran. Waseem Rizvi’s argument is that these verses were written by Khalifas after Prophet Mohammad’s death. He is opposed by Maulanas who assert that these verses came directly from Allah so they can’t be removed from Quran. They must siege the opportunity and prove in the court how and when Allah gave the verses. Since Islam is a recent ideology, just 1400 year old, there must be plenty of historical evidence to prove their point. 100 crore Hindus would certainly like to see these historical evidences.

If they can force Hindus to prove that Bhagwan Ram was REAL and that he was born in Ayodhya, it’s time to prove beyond doubt that Allah is REAL and how and when he gave those verses.

Rizvi’s other concern is that these verses promote violence against non-Muslims and terrorism. They can counter it by giving alternate interpretation of these verses and demonstrate that they don’t make Muslims violent against non-Muslims. People also want to know from them why they never oppose terror groups adopting names such as Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Islam. Why such names don’t insult of the Prophet and religion. Then there is another one, named Lashkar-e-Toiba, meaning army of the pure and righteous. What is so pure about them? Is terrorizing people sign of purity?

4 Ex-Muslims Discussing Islam and Quran

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