“Minority” Politics of Indian Muslims

It is absolutely weird that Indian Muslims (with gigantic headcount of 200 million and fastest population growth among all communities!) behave as if they can’t progress on their own — and the State must offer them special benefits because they are a minority community! It is a ridiculous preposition because if numbers alone make people disadvantaged in India then the Parsis and Jews must be living the most horrible persecuted life due to their microscopic numbers!! But the truth is totally contrary — they excel in every field and their contribution to national progress is exceptionally high in comparison with their tiny numbers. Rather than behaving like cocky aliens or playing minority politics or running any conversion industry, they conduct themselves with an open and rational mind and live like any other India working and contributing toward nation building. As a result, they have become valuable assets of the nation. What about Muslims? Leaving aside the tiny fraction that thinks rationally and adopts modern ideas, rest of mullah controlled Muslims remain ever obsessed with faith identity and lost in the silly medieval halal-haram debate. They tend to segregate into ghettos (as if non Muslims around are a threat to them!). Then they start playing the ‘victim’ card and complain about their backwardness and poverty — and demand that the State must give them special concessions because they are in minority!!

The Majority – Minority Debate is Meaningless in India’s Diverse Society

The idea of majority-minority divide is the side effect of theocratic Christian and Islamic ideologies. It is utterly irrelevant in a ultra diverse Indian society where majority of people practice Dharma, not religion. The stereotype Western intellectual class too is ignorant of this distinction.

Muslims with Indian flagWho should be considered a helpless and victimized ‘minority community’ in India, is the fundamental question here:

Over 200 million Indian Muslims, forming 14.2% population and growing at the fastest pace (fertility 2.6 per woman compared with the fast declining national average of 2.2)  or less than 60,000 Parsis who are at the risk of extinction (fertility only 0.8 per woman)?

To any rational mind, calling Parsis minority makes sense; handful Jews in India can be surely called minority. But to say that Indian Muslims are ‘minority’ is ridiculous and defies all commonsense. They are the third largest Muslim population in the world, after Indonesia and Pakistan!  They are more than the combined populations of two biggest Muslim countries in the Middle East: Egypt (94 million) and Iran (82 million) and three times the population of United Kingdom!! And if lumped together, their population almost equals that of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous Indian state. They are actually a full nation (as big as the neighboring “Terroristan”, wrongly called Pakistan) inside India! They even outnumber Bangladesh that used to be part of the rogue terrorist nation till 1971.

sardar Patel Muslim quoteIt is absolutely weird that Muslims living in India remain obsessed to be treated as a disadvantaged minority community — as if following the teachings of the Prophet makes people inferior or handicapped! It must be the oblivion of convenience if they don’t know that the fanciful majority-minority divide in India is the creation of colonial British. It beautifully served their colonial policy of divide-and-rule. The Hindu-Muslim unity in the ‘First War of Independence’ of 1857 almost shook their hold on India and made them  insecure. Thus, in the next 90 years of the so-called British Raj they obsessively tried to destroy the Hindu-Muslim unity through fear mongering among Muslims by calling them ‘minority community‘ and exploiting their ideological anti-Hindu bias. The power hungry mullahs of the Muslim League fell for their devious divisive logic and the Jinnah gang exploited it to demand a separate Sharia Paradise called Pakistan, meant only for Muslims.

Children-dressed-in-tricolor at-eid-al-adhaIt is Indian Muslims’ misfortune that, misled by political Wahhabi/Deobandi Maulvis, they have forgotten how they got their Islamic identity. It is fair to say that 99.99% Indian Muslims originated from forced conversion of their Hindu ancestors. During the centuries of oppressive dark age of Islamic theocracy, Hindus were forced to convert under threat, torture and even through abduction and rape. What is still worse is that Indian Muslims have stopped respecting or remembering their Hindu ancestors or their culture. In stark contrast, Muslims of the East Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia still respect their historical Hindu roots and traditions; seen for example, in their celebration of Dusahara and Diwali. Their Ramlila Acts portray all the vital elements despite passage of centuries. Therefore, wisdom demands that Indian Muslims develop a respectful mindset towards Hindus and the ancient culture of their own Hindu ancestors.

Hindu gencide by OwaisiHere is a typical practitioner of medieval political Islam where Hindus are considered Kafir and hence Wajabul-Qatl (worth killing)! Such hate mongering mullahs want Indian Muslims to identify with the foreign Islamic invaders like Ghori, Tughlak, Khilji, Babar, Aurangzeb, or Abdali, seek inspirations from their barbaric and sub-human deeds and imagine connected with Arab Muslims!! No wonder, rather high influence of such hate merchants have killed all the humane and spiritual interpretations of Islam that essentially urges compassion and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, Muslims have to blame themselves if they see themselves as aliens of Arab origin and for their perennial ‘persecuted victim’ mindset or for the ‘Islam is in danger‘ syndrome.  They also need to remember that their Muslim ancestors have caused the biggest holocaust of human history in India. [You may like to read: 1000 Years of Islamic Jihad in India] Yet, even today the Hindu dominated India offers them the most secure social environment, far better than even the 56 ‘Islamic States’ that remain socially stuck in the 7th century dark age.

Why Indian Muslims are so confused?

Why Search Security in Numbers?

Muslims need education; not reservation

Logically speaking, if smallness of numbers alone made people’s life hard or insecure, then the lives of the Parsis and the Jews living in India must be really horrifying due to their barely visible microscopic headcounts. But contrary to this silly, divisive and irrational logic, both these communities have been living peacefully intermingled with the rest of the Indians since ages — even before any Muslim invader landed in India. For instance, the Parsi community’s contribution to Indian society is extraordinarily high compared with their hardly-visible numbers – that makes them the pride of India. Further, unlike Muslims or Christian, they don’t run any ‘conversion industry‘ to prop up their numbers for political mileage.

Jiyo Parsi Scheme to increase population of Indian ParsisAgain, contrary to the fake narrative of ‘majority Hindus’ oppressing ‘minorities’ the government of India has launched a special ‘Jiyo Parsi’ program in 2013 to prop up the Parsi population which has been declining dangerously. Their population steadily fell from 1.14 lakh in 1941 to 57,264 in 2011. In the past two decades, on an average only around 200 births took place annually in the community. The very low fertility rate (around 0.8 child per woman) has put the community to the risk of sure extinction in the coming years.  Such a gesture is possible only in ‘Hindustan’ – the land of Hindus, due to their highly compassionate, humanitarian and accommodative way of thinking. There has to be something remarkably humane about the “Hindu culture” that globally the largest population of Parsis has survived in India — which is even more than in their own ancient land, Iran!  When the Arab Muslims invaded Iran in the 8th – 10th century AD, Zoroastrians had to flee to avoid persecution, torture and conversion.  And they found safe refuge in the land of Hindus or on the land of Sanatan Dharma.  In contrast, one can easily imagine their fate in any ‘Islamic State’ run on Sharia constitution. The moot question is: who is really superior, the one who kills or the one who actually protects and nurture? Such thinking is too profound for the shallow Sharia obsessed brains.

It’s high time that the Indian Muslims dump the foreign funded radical maulvis who mislead them into thinking that they are Arab-like aliens in India and people around them are a threat for them.  They must learn to think with their own brains and start respecting Hindus (and their own Hindu ancestors) for their good human qualities. In the modern world of 21st century, people are judged by their human qualities – not for the capacity of violence or which medieval god-fiction (called religion) they believe in.

Why should Religion decide Minority Status?

Now another question:

If India is supposedly a ‘secular’ (religion neutral) country, then why should anyone demand things in the name of religion?

Right ‘secular’ parameters to judge small and minor groups of people who might get excluded from the national mainstream are – poverty, physical or mental disability, social boycott (lesbian, gay, transgender), people living in difficult isolated terrains, illiteracy, poor senior citizens without support, orphan / abandoned children, sex workers,  group of people persecuted on any ground (eg. Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out of Valley by fanatic Islamists), and so on.

Does the Muslim community qualify to be called a ‘minority’ group on any of these ‘secular parameters’? The answer is a clear NO.

Poverty may be applied on Muslims, but they alone are not poor in India. In fact, none of the progressive Muslims are poor. If Mullah controlled Muslims find themselves in poverty, it is because of their tendency towards religious ghettoization, lack of interest in contemporary education and inability to accept progressive modern ideas like other Indians.  Their problems  are fundamentally rooted in their own circular thinking looped around what they understand of Islam, Sharia and Umma coupled with the delusion of Islamic greatness. Lucky are Muslims who develop the maturity to transcend this trap and join rest of the free thinking progressive humanity of the world, despite the ‘Muslim tag’.

It is a pity that even after 7 decades of independence the Indian Muslim community has failed to produce secular educated leaders and scholars. Is it a responsible way of living in a modern democracy where 85% Indians don’t practice Islam? Or is it another Islamic partition of the great Hindu land they are aiming for?

Are Minorities  Safe in India?

Synogogue in India - Jews never faced anti-SemitismFake intellectuals and the pseudo-liberals who grow up reading only foreign books have kept the minority-majority divide alive decades after the colonial British were driven away. Copying the British, they pose the malicious question – Are ‘minority Muslims’ safe in ‘Hindu majority’ India?

When an American or European journo raises such an issue, it is understandable because the Western concept of “Religion” runs in their veins and where, for example, a Christian is naturally supposed to have a discriminatory mindset towards a Muslim or non-Christians. But when an Indian intellectual writes a piece with this mindset he/she is doing a great injustice to over 100 crore Indians (non-Muslim and non-Christian) who make India naturally ‘secular’ and tolerant of diversity by virtue of their Dharma based non-discriminative way of life. In doing so they are only displaying their distorted and hollow understanding of Hindu civilization that defines India. They suffer from a ‘sickular’ blindness! If Hindus are atrocious how the population of Indian Muslims has steadily increased from around 10% to 15% since 1947? And, why the (non-Muslim) minority headcount has steadily decreased in the neighboring Islamic States of Terroristan and Bangladesh? There has to be something very special in the Hindu culture that even nurtures Muslim and other communities.

Open minded Muslims practice YogaHowever, the silly question of these copy-cat journos is again best answered by the real minorities in India – Jews and Parsis, who also practice foreign born Faiths. What sets them apart from the Muslim community is that they rely on hard work and enterprise, rather than begging special favors in the name of ‘minority religion’. No one has ever heard of them saying Zoroastrianism is in Danger or Judaism in in Danger. Then why the hell Mullah’s Islam is always in Danger!! Are Indian mullahs habitually paranoid or feel that their Prophet gave them a fragile ideology?

In fact, Parsis can teach a lot to the Indian Muslim community – how to be grateful and respect the tolerant Hindu culture and live peacefully through friendliness and prosper through open and forward looking mindset.

All Indian Muslims should listen to the voice of sanity in this video:

Hindus are Inherently Tolerant and Accommodative

Hindus are highly tolerant to diversity.Hindu culture (the ancient indigenous culture of the land) does not have any inbuilt bias against people of other beliefs. All India born philosophies — so-called Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc– are based on Dharma principles recommending universal human ethics for peaceful living. For them all forms of hysteria and fanaticism are lowly uncivilized humans. History tells us that they never ever indulged in terror or violence to convert or dominate people of other faiths. Such things are too superficial and reflect immature human conduct. On the contrary, they accept diversity in humanity a natural part of existence. It is something utterly unthinkable in any monotheist Islamic or Christian society. There are 57 Islamic countries but all are authoritarian — some are really oppressive resembling medieval culture. In contrast, the presence of majority Hindus in India offers Muslims a unique opportunity to enjoy religious freedom together with progressive modern ideas. Only fools and dead can’t acknowledge it.

Are Muslims Really Powerless or Victimized?

The truth is quite the contrary!! Now let’s see how Persecuted Indian Muslims really are in Hindu India!

Muslim women want EmpowermentThey have successfully stalled the implementation of a uniform civil code that rest of the Indians have been demanding for decades. Fanatic mullahs like Hyderabadi Owaisis publicly threaten to decimate the entire non-Muslim population (100 crore) — they are still Alive enjoying all their democratic rights in Hindu India!! Mullahs of Kashmir (along with Pak Jihadis) drove away 4 lakh Kashmiri Hindu Pundits while the ‘secular’  Indian government looked the other way. In the same era, a Kashmiri Muslim politicians, Mufti Mohammad Saeed, led to destruction of Hindu Temples all over Kashmir. A corrupt Muslims politician named Azam Khan from Rampur in UP habitually  talks lewdly about Hindu women and girls.

A lecherous Muslim painter, Hussain, could paint Hindu Goddesses in nude – in the name of freedom of expression – and yet remained alive and as a darling of Indian ‘sickulars’ and leftist intelligentsia! A Muslim actor, Amir Khan, counted among the top movie stars of the country, can make film (PK) mocking Hindu gods and make fortune – and then even accuse Hindus of being ‘Intolerant’! … He yet again proved that thankfulness towards society and country is not taught in what he calls his ‘faith”.

Imagine what would their fate be if they ever decide to depict Mohammad’s marriage with a six year old kid!!  Just draw a bearded male cartoon and label it Mohammad — you know the outcome very come well!! Violence is the only refuge of a weak or sick mind.

Muslims have stalled for decades the reconstruction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya that was destroyed by a barbaric Muslim Babar and constructed a Mosque on Temple ruins; it was yet again by lunatic Aurangzeb in the 17th century. Despite Supreme Court’s recent verdict in favor of Temple Construction, mullahs again got busy to put more hurdles! Fanatics can’t change!!

Yet, none from the Hindu community became terrorist. Isn’t it amazing?  Hate, vengefulness or religious frenzy have never been a part of Hindu civilization even during Islamic oppression in India. A weak faith needs fanaticism and violence to survive — the strong stands on tolerance, rationality and sanity!!!

Are Non-Muslims Safe in Islamic Societies?

Tolerant Hindus are easy targets of Islamists and JihadisIndian intellectuals have failed to raise this question, either for fear of physical attack from Jihadi mullahs or for fear of losing their self assumed ‘secular’ status. The non-Muslim minority is steadily shrinking in the neighboring Islamic States of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In the neighboring “Terroristan” followers of the “religion of peace” have almost wiped out minority Hindus, Sikhs and Christians — they were 24% of Pak population in 1948 and today they are less than 2% . As per human rights watch groups, every year around 1000 girls from minority groups get abducted and forced to marry Muslim men.

Bangladeshi Islam has also eaten away non-Muslims who have shrunk from over 20 percent to less than 8% and still shrinking. Recently, its only Hindu Chief Justice was forced to flee the country.

Given the way Muslim practice their religion it is not at all surprising that no Indian Muslim leader has ever expressed regret or raised voice against such barbarism in the Islamic societies? Perhaps they are afraid of being killed by some radical mullah.

But it is heartening that Indian government is attempting to pass a legislation that would grant citizenship to non-Muslim minorities of neighboring Sharia paradises called Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Their numbers have been falling due to routine abduction of girls, rape and forced conversion to Islam.

‘Mini Pakistans’ in India!

When Muslims are in the minority they are very concerned with minority rights, but when they are in the majority there are no minority rights. Winston Churchill

churchill-on-MuslimsA dangerously peculiar situation is emerging in many areas across the country. It is Islamization of Muslim dominant areas. There are many local pockets in the country – most notably in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, UP and Kerala – where demographic changes have made Muslims locally the ‘majority’ community. In many such areas, their local socio-psychological and cultural behavior has changed. Cocky fundamentalists proudly describe these areas ‘mini Pakistan’ and do everything to drive away non-Muslims! In many such areas, Muslim mobs could be seen moving around imposing Islamic theocracy, called sharia, on people as if India is an Islamic nation.

Moving forward: It is in the interest of Indian Muslims to dump mullahs who want them to hallucinate that they come from Arab lineage and alienate them from the majority community. They must start respecting their own Hindu ancestors and their peace loving ideology still practiced by 100 crore Indians. It is utterly foolish to identify with past barbaric Muslim invaders or with the anti-humanity foreign ideologies of ISIS, Taliban or Al Qaeda and their likes. India is an ancient spiritual land of saints like Buddha and Mahavira, and its sanctity and piety must be preserved.  Spiritual Muslims have a lot to learn from the ultra advanced art of spiritual evolution through self-realization which is as old as the ancient Indian civilization. No other part of the world, even middle east, can offer such golden opportunity.

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