10 Benefits of Administrative Reorganization of J&K, Post 370

J&K 1951 2019 - New IndiaThanks to the Temporary Article 370, the State of Jammu & Kashmir has lagged far behind in economic development and growth of grass root democracy. It also bred corruption among the top politicians and officials. And worse, it helped Pakistan pushed the cult of murderous Islamic jihad for last 4 decades. Kashmir became the hotbed of Pak proxy war through ‘terrorists’ as part of its “thousand cuts to bleed India” policy. But now, disappearance of 370 will destroy the very socio-political ecosystem that provided a conducive environment for the sub-human jihadi agenda to flourish. Now the ‘agenda of development’ will dictate activities of the political leadership, not Islamic jihad of Pakistan paid proxies. The Mufti and Abdulla dynasties and Pak-paid Wahhabi jihadis should now look for a place in the history museum, as the spiritual land of sage Kashyap (his name gave the word ‘Kashmir’) moves again towards peace and prosperity. The reorganization also frees people of Ladakh, as they remained totally ignored by the elite rulers and corrupt officials sitting in Srinagar.

A Master Stroke Against Pak Sponsored Jihadi Terrorism

‘”Article 370 has to be revoked because it undermines the Parliament of India. The law of the nation does not reach Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan uses this to instigate separatism in the hearts of people there.” – Amit Shah, Home Minister

Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir State is the most people friendly step taken for the people of the State whom the leadership had dumped to become pawns in Pakistan’s proxy jihadi war against India. Ordinary people were left to live with the worst form of murderous Islamic terrorism and ethnic cleansing after independence. This move, along with the ensuing developmental thrust, is expected to completely wipe out the whole socio-political ecosystem that has fueled Islamic separatism and cross border terrorism. It will automatically restore the culture of Kashmir, Kashmiriyat, a highly spiritual ideology which promotes brotherhood transcending faith identities. It will also provide voice and visibility to the Laddakhi people and national recognition to their culture, language and tradition as the Laddakh region becomes a separate Union Territory (UT).

How the Reorganization was achieved

Amit Shah explained: “As per Article 370, Clause 3, The President may, by public notification, declare that this Article shall cease to be operative. The Powers of State legislature of J&K are vested with this House by virtue of President’s rule.”

In simple terms, Modi government used Article 370 to kill 370!!!

On August 5, 2019, Home Minister Amit Shah introduced two statutory resolutions in the Rajya Sabha. The first resolution urged the Parliament to pass the public notification issued by the President with regard to Article 370. It said, “In exercise of the powers conferred by Clause (3) of Article 370 of the Constitution of India, the President, on the recommendation of Parliament, is pleased to declare that as on 5th of August, 2019, all clauses of the said Article 370 shall cease to be operative except Clause (1) thereof…”

The second resolution moved by the Home Minister concerned reorganization of the border State into two Union Territories: the J&K UT with legislation (like Delhi or Puduchery) and the Laddakh UT without legislation (like Chandigarh). After the RS passed the two resolutions on August 5, the LS also passed them on the next day; thus, completing the process.

Thus, the motions and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Second Amendment) Bill were passed. Now after August 6, 2019 India has 28 States and 9 Union Territories, as the J&K State turns into two UTs, compared with 29 States and 7 UTs before August 6, 2019. Very few in India can believe what Modi has done on August 5 and 6 — a historic feat that fully unified all Indian people. Of course, people of POK still live under occupation.

Article 370: A Brainchild of Sheikh Abdulla

Why a “Transitional” and “Temporary” Article 370 became Permanent?

The 370 was a brainchild of Sheikh Abdulla (a close buddy of Nehru) who, like Jinnah, was pathologically obsessed with separate Islamic identity. He inserted it (as the Prime Minister of J&K) in 1949 in the Article of Accession that was signed in 1947, and a year before India’s Constitution got ready. Then in 1954, he got Nehru to insert 35A through Presidential ordinance – and not through debate in the Parliament! His agenda was as “Islamic” as that of Jinnah; for both, the goal was same – political power to the Muslims, sidelining the rest. Many historians claim that after Pak invaded Kashmir in 1947, it was Abdulla who (following his own political calculations) advised Nehru for a premature ceasefire while Pak invaders were on a run but had not been completely driven away from all parts of J&K territory. It created the LoC and gave Pak handle to pelt its Jihadi/separatist agenda in J&K.

Nehru was clearly a visionless political novice in comparison. His foolish handling of J&K, allowing Tibet to be occupied by China, not accepting UNSC seat and the humiliating fiasco in the 1962 China war are just few examples of his sub-mediocre understanding of foreign policy issues. Ultimately, he paid for his incompetence with life, as he died broken heart after the shocking defeat in the Indo-China 1962 war.

How Pakistan was Misusing Special Status of J&K

In the 1980s, when Pak dictator Zia ul Haq concretized Bhutto’s “thousand year war against India” into “thousand cuts to bleed India policy” he weaved the devious plot around the Article 370 that acted as a barrier between New Delhi and the J&K State. With the Islamic sympathy from a few disgruntled Muslim separatists under the Muftis / Abdullas dynastic rule, Pak sponsored murderous Jihad flourished and terrorism became a “normal” part of the Kashmir Valley during last 4 decades. This tiny 150X45 km patch of the J&K State acquired global notoriety as the ISIS and the global jihadi lobby started to promote it as Hindu-India persecuting ‘helpless’ Muslims.  It ruined the lives of hundreds of Muslim youth who got radicalized and tried pushing the society towards Sharia stone-age.  The jihadi humanoids carried out ethnic cleansing in 1989 by targeting Kashmiri Hindus, while the spineless governments in J&K and at Center looked the other way, as part of the trade mark Muslim vote-bank politics. Now the half a million victimized Hindus can hope for a life of dignity, peace and prosperity in their own ancestral land.

Musharraf hafiz azhar-vertWhat was ‘political’ in 1947 (created due to Pak invasion of Kashmir!), by end of 1980s, transmuted into ‘Islamic Jihad’ when Pak realized that it can no defeat India in a conventional. So, Pakistanis decided to amplify their Islamic hatred into  murderous Islamic jihad.  Exploiting the porous boundaries and aloofness of New Delhi, Pak started promoting radicalization among Muslims, infiltrating trained terrorists to kill innocent people and destroying all symbols of socio-cultural unity. This proxy war through terror groups became the backbone of Pakistan’s India-policy, a symbol of Pak Pride and also a means to extract doles from rich Islamic nations!

The biggest casualty was the highly humane Kashmiri culture – Kashmiriyat – that goes beyond faith identities, similar to the Hindu philosophy that sees the whole humanity as one big family and accepts diverse ways of life as normal. Now Kashmiris can live again according to their own values and traditions — without threat of Pak sponsored Wahhabi barbarism.

Benefits Post 370 and Administrative Reorganization

The Administrative reorganization of J&K will specifically bring the following far reaching benefits in the entire region:

  1. The reorganization and integration of J&K is a long overdue tribute to Shyama Prasad Mukharjee who gave his life for this cause. A gala museum should be constructed in Srinagar highlighting all his efforts for national integration. Like Sardar Patel, Mukharjee also dreamed of a united, well integrated and strong India.
  2. With the passage of the J&K Reorganization Bill, now Jammu & Kashmir will be fully under the Constitution of India and all laws passed in the parliament will automatically have force in J&K. Thus far, people of J&K had remained deprived of the benefits of some very important laws like the Right to Education, Right to Information, Panchayat Act, dalit laws, triple talaq Bill etc but not anymore.
  3. Now J&K state will be like any other state of India, as the Bill corrects a serious error of 7 decades. Now Article 356, under which President’s rule can be imposed in any State, will also be applicable to the UTs of J&K and Laddakh.
  4. As a Union Territory (UT) with legislation like Delhi, the responsibility for law & order will rest with the Central government. So, New Delhi can now deal with the jihadi humanoids in a more effective manner. Together with other changes in the system of governance, it will automatically discourage Islamic separatist tendency which is a common happening whenever the proportion of Muslims in the population becomes significant. This page gives an interesting description of what happens as percentage of Muslims increases anywhere in the world.
  5. As the 35A disappears, the highly discriminatory resident / non-resident distinction vanishes. The biggest losers of this rule were 1.5 to 2 lakh people who migrated to Jammu and Kashmir after 1947. They were never regarded as ‘residents’ of J&K. It means now Dogras, Bakarwala, Pandits etc are all equal stake holders. Isn’t it ironical that refugees from Pakistan who settled outside of J&K gave two Prime Ministers to India – Dr Manmohan Singh and Indra Kumar Gujral. But those settled in J&K remained devoid of electoral franchise for 7 decades!
  6. Any Indian from any part of India can now own property in J&K. It means businessmen, industrialists, entrepreneurs and investors can now freely come to J&K and do what they want to do. Real Estate, in particular, is now going to get a big boost in the state. All this means faster economic development and employment generation. Now MNCs can also consider parts of J&K as well as Laddakh for their business activities. There is a tremendous scope for growth of hotel and tourism industry in both J&K as well as Laddakh.
  7. With all legal barriers gone, as opportunities rise with opening of J&K and Laddakh to all Indians, the two new UTs would modernize and youth would have wide range of career opportunities and a good future to look for. Muslim youth would not be inclined towards anti-human Islamic ideas of martyrdom and Jihad – instead, now they can live like normal and rational human beings of 21st century who respect freedom and human life, their own as well as of others. Those who looked for career in silly activities like stone throwing and raising ISIS flags can now behave like normal, rational and sane citizens.
  8. Now Kashmiri girls marrying non Kashmiris will not lose their property rights. Sheikh Abdulla must be a typical backward looking mullah if he thought that targeting women and curtailing their rights glorifies Islam.
  9. People of Laddakh had remained largely ignored since 1947 — data show the step-motherly treatment. Now as a separate Union Territory (UT) they will get recognition across India and get a chance to develop their region as they wish. Moreover, now New Delhi can better handle the border issues, since Laddakh shares borders with Pakistan as well as China. Most important, autonomy of Ladakh UT means it is an honor of 130 Indians to have a Buddhist society in India!
  10. The reorganization brings a big relief to the Kashmiri Pundits who had been forced to leave as part of ethnic cleansing in 1989 by murderous jihadis.

Efforts to Provide 24 hr Electricity to Kashmir 

Global Reaction

Since Pakistan had Islamized the Kashmir dispute and tried making it an issue of Muslim persecution by “Hindu India” for all these decades, it is essential to note the global reaction.

The UAE Ambassador in India correctly saw it as an internal administrative matter of India. All global powers endorsed India’s right to operate according to its Constitution.  Apart from the global  jihadi lobby that thrives on the Islamic hate and hysteria, every sane international voice, including the US and UN, gave just one suggestion to Pakistan — learn to live peacefully with neighbors and resolve its issues with India bilaterally as per the Shimla Agreement.

China that sees Pakistan as its ‘strategic asset’ obviously has to be biased towards its would be colony but tried not to offend India!

Pak Hysteria

Imran Khans Terror StateAs expected, Pakistan got hysteric and self-destructive.  Banning Bollywood movies was hilarious but the most comical and self-destructive step was suspending all bilateral trades. Can you imagine a bankrupt nation applying “trade sanctions” on a neighbor with huge market! It is actually a blessing in disguise for India!! But the real question is:  Will Pakistan stop exporting terrorists? 

Pak war mongers are busy swearing fresh “wars” with India and may possibly upgrade the “thousand year war” to a “million year war” and re-issue fresh threats of nuclear Jihad!!  But India is fully ready for fresh round of Pakistani terror attacks, infiltration of its fully disposable terrorists, and looks forward to engaging Pak military if it desired.

Pak would sure plan for more terror attacks on India, probably in collaboration with Al Qaeda, Taliban or ISIS. If it succeeds, the FATF would honor it by black-listing! That would also mean end of chances of Pak’s economic revival.  But the biggest worry for Pakistan should be how Modi would respond to its “terror misadventure.”

If Pak withdraws from the past bilateral treaties, India can coolly threaten suspending the Indus Water Treaty. It would be deadlier than actually dropping nukes on Islamabad and Lahore!!

What can the dumbstruck and Desperate Pakistan do now

Ordinary People Welcome Integration with India

People want economic development, employment and freedom from corruption; they are least concerned with Islamic Jihad of handful Pak paid traitors and their destructive global agenda. They know how so-called separatists have minted money and had been educating their own kids in modern schools and abroad but leading the kids of poor locals into unlawful activities.

How So-called Separatists Respond

Opportunism of Kashmiri separatists is well known. They made money from both sides and kept the flames of terrorism alive. But now even they are appear to be changing color! Here is a comical U-turn by a woman separatist who was until recently hysterically threatening India!!

You may like to explore how visionless Congress blundered repeated on the issue of J&K right from the beginning: Arun Jaitley’s Blog Page of Abrogation of Article 370

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