Modi ‘The Great Unifier’ Re-Elected. But Who Are The Losers?

Indian PM got re-elected in 2019 with a much bigger majority, proving all divisive experts wrong.  Despite all the sustained efforts to malign him for years, Modi proved to be the most acceptable leader for all Indians who love their country.  Modi represents the real ancient culture of the land that sees humanity as one big family — something unthinkable by any faith tainted mind that divides humanity into believers and unbelievers. Much to the dismay of Islamists/Jihadis and contrary to their malicious propaganda to prove otherwise, Indian Muslims don’t have to dislike a nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi simply because they are Muslim.  

Narendra Modi — The Great Unifier of India

Despite the sustained efforts of anti-Hindu global lobby, Modi was and is a UNIFIER.In the recently held elections, 130 Crore Indians chose Narendra Modi to lead them again for the next five years, proving the ‘pseudo’ and ‘faith-tainted’ experts wrong again! Yet again, Indian electorate exposed the agenda driven and ‘paid’ poll experts’ fake educational qualifications, both nationally and internationally. Some resorted to U-Turn for facing saving — most notable in this category is the TIME magazine. But U-Turn doesn’t undo the reality that the TIME needs to fire the fake or Jihadi-brained intellectuals from its writers’ pool and more importantly, TIME must apologize to all Indians for the malice against their leader who is seen as a Statesman worldwide.

Even the ultra biased global Islamic mouth organ  — Al Zajeera TV channel — had to admit that ‘Hindu Nationalist’ Narendra Modi decisively won, after putting on display its jihad flavored reporting of the world’s largest democratic exercise conducted in a ultra diverse society that no Sharia mind can ever decipher.  Yet, no one expects this Islamic loudspeaker to not show bias against non-Muslim societies and their leaders and can be forgiven, but not the TIME that is supposed to have a much broader modern and fact based outlook.  The best way to expose this low grade gossip tabloid and the gang of Wahhabi PRESSTITUTES it shelters is to boycott it.

The Biggest Losers

The Pak Jihadi Lobby

Modi swearing inThe biggest losers in the 2019 general election are the anti-India global lobbies — topmost being the Pak promoted and global jehadi lobbies that failed to have their proxies like Digvijay Singh, Mamta, Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi (also known as Raul Vinci) grab power. Most shameful defeat was that of Digvijay Singh in Bhopal — he lost to Sadhvi Pragya, the very sadhvi whom he framed in false terror charges, as part of his boss Sonia Gandhi’s vicious Muslim appeasement agenda. Though he is not the only “Jai Chand” in modern India — competing with him are the likes of Shashi Tharoor, Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee, Mani Shankar Aiyer, Sam Pitroda, Siddhu, Kapil Sibal and Surjewala. Needless to say most of these anti-national creatures are nurtured by the power hungry Italian lady known as Sonia Gandhi who is well connected with various global vested interests.

The Pak High Commission in India that is largely run by the ISI and Jihadi operatives helped all anti-Hindu and anti-Modi candidates in as many ways as it could including deceptive social media campaign. Jihadi hawks  in the Pak media rattled day and night against Modi and prayed for his defeat at any cost. Even the army planted dummy PM Imran Khan made noises to support the Congress Party that is highly infected with all types of corrupt elements and jihad sympathizers. He manifested self delusion when he thought himself worthy of invitation to Modi’s swearing in ceremony, after allowing Pulwama terror attack by his jihadi buddies. Mr “U-Turn” Khan must realize that the policy of “Thousand cuts to bleed India” is doomed to fail against India run by nationalists, minus Muslim appeasement.

The Missionary and Arms Dealer Lobbies

VVIP helicopter scam-vertThe global missionary lobby was disappointed as Sonia Son Raul Vinci proved no better than a half grown abusive child. But their consolation is that Sonia-Vadra family is still unchallenged in the Congress and the Party firmly remains as their personal property. The middlemen of the global arms dealers are left shell shocked as their proxies on India’s political landscape failed to grab power. If Rahul Gandhi was attacking the Raphael deal, the script was written by this lobby. The ongoing investigation in the VVIP Helicopter scam is likely to expose some high profile VIP conspirators connected with Sonia family. Prime accused, Christian Michel, claims to have paid money to several powerful people including ‘RG’ and ‘FAM’.

The “Abuse-Modi” Gang

Rahul Gandhi — An Obsessive Compulsive Liar!

The biggest losers are those who abused Modi in the worst possible ways. Congress Party boss even lost Amethi, the traditional family LS seat. But he also fought from a Muslim majority constituency in Kerala — no surprise if ISI and Jihadi groups covertly worked for his victory, as evidenced by the swarm of “green flags” in place of Indian tricolor in his election rallies. The ISIS and ISI should feel consoled that at least one constituency in Kerala has a candidate “sympathetic” to their cause.

Watching his conduct and demeanor, people are not sure why the oldest political party of India is on a suicide mission by planting this weirdo as Party head. He lacks practically everything that makes someone a leader. Being born in the Indira family and writing “Gandhi” surnames are his only qualifications.

Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?Mr Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) failed to show even the basic minimum maturity and manners that even an ordinary 15 year old indigenous Indian boy develops. Acquiring Indian passport does not automatically gives  knowledge of Indian culture and healthy Indian mannerism. He was at his silliest best whenever he visited Hindu Temples for photo ops or when he displayed his Jeneu to prove that he is a Hindu. It is a shame that this half grown adult and a political clown romps India’s political center stage as if India is a monarchy and his family has the exclusive right to rule India. How his ancestors ruled India is best described in this cartoon below:

Congress party Motto

The Akhilesh-Mayawati Mahagathbandhan

akhilesh mayaMayawati-Akhilesh led ‘Mahagathbandhan‘ lost most humiliatingly in the crucial Uttar Pradesh. Despite their open call to Muslim voters to not vote for the BJP , a big section of Muslims particularly women voters decided to defy overt and covert ‘fatwas’ and supported Narendra Modi. Their pure caste based arithmetic proved totally ineffective in curtailing Modi’s campaign that transcended all caste and faith based trickery.

Yet, Mayawati must have made a fortune by selling party tickets — regardless of the outcome, elections provide her a great earning opportunity! And when she grabs power, her income further multiplies when she runs the ‘transfer-post’ racket that forces government servants to pay to avoid being transferred to inconvenient locations/posts!! Now she sees yet another lucrative opportunity in the soon to be held by polls in UP! After Laloo she is easily the most corrupt politician outside Congress darbari culture — and a disgrace on the dalit community. Reflecting her opportunistic color, she blamed the Samajwadi PAPPU for her defeat and dumped him! In Bihar too, election verdict showed Laloo family its proper place in democracy.

Mamta Banerjee’s Politics of Violence

How long can she survive on Anti-Hindu politics?The TMC boss Mamta Banerjee appears to have lost her mental balance even at the beginning of election process. ‘Violence’ is the only tool that she appears to know in dealing with her political opponents. She practices the worst form of Muslim appeasement politics that has lost complete relevance in the Indian society after 2014. It is amazing that she openly sides with Bangladeshi  migrants and radical mullahs while treating Hindus as outsiders in Bengal. Totally unfit to be a leader in any democratic society, she must now be counting her remaining days in power. The sooner she become an obsolete museum piece the better it would be for WB and India.

The Lutyen Media

lutyens media-vertThe Times of India and India Today are today the best representatives of what ordinary Indians call the Lutyen or “Khan Market” gang. This is a group of ultra powerful media elites who have traditionally drawn power from the proximity with ruling Gandhi elites. The Sonia-Vadra Family is the ‘First family’ of India for them — and would remain so as long as the Sonia-Vadra family rules India’s oldest political party as a private Family firm. There are indications that at least one among them has also received kickbacks in the VVIP Helicopter scam during the corrupt UPA rule.

The most popular faces of this elite gang are Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Sagarika Ghosh and Rahul Kanwal. Modi’s victory has left them badly frustrated — it is even more painful than defeat of their darling Prince Rahul Gandhi! What puts them closer to the jihadi lobbies is their scorn for Indian culture and ethics. For years they skill fully eulogized Muslim invaders and defamed and demonize Hindus and their organizations — as their Constitutional Right. Let’s see, what tactics they come up with to reclaim lost credentials/privileges post Modi’s thumping victory in 2019.

The Anarchist Media

Currently, the NDTV and The Hindu dominantly represent the left leaning ideology that loves to promote anarchist or destructive ideas and defend them either as freedom of expression or as human rights. These so called liberals can easily indulge in any anti-India or anti-ethical dialogue. Thus, there are ‘urban naxals’ masquerading as professors, doctors and human rights activists in this group  who provide logistic and ideological support to the violent naxal activities.

tukde-tukde gang of IndiaQuite naturally, the Jihad loving Islamists vibe well with this group and they are today known as the Tukde Tukde gang that openly shout slogans urging disintegration of India in the name of Allah. The so-called intolerance gang consisting of Muslim Bollywood elites like Naseeruddin Shah, Amir Khan, Javed Akhtar etc is the darling of NDTV. Newly born politician, South Indian actor Kamal Hasan appears to be inching closer to this gangs. Let’s see if he openly joins hands with the Islamic radicals like Owaisi and Zakir Naik in the name of protecting Islam.

All these people are in reality a threat to the well being of a multicultural society like India. Either in the name of the failed leftist ideology or radical Islam they promote fissure in the social fabric.

Return of Modi is a trauma for them. Quite likely they would try reviving their ‘career’ by becoming more disruptive.

Who Really Won!

People of India won this election. They re-elected the most worthy and most dedicated man who works 18-20 hours a day — without breaks and weekends!

Crores of poor ladies who got gas connection for the first time in life voted for Modi; the poor who got home for the first time in life voted for Modi, Muslim ladies oppressed by irresponsible and arbitrary dissolution of marriage by male partners admired Modi’s efforts to end triple talaq and voted for him defying all fatwas… In sum, over 20 core beneficiaries of Modi’s welfare schemes voted for him, going beyond the traditional caste and faith boundaries. Further, Modi inspires the youth of India with his thinking and motivational attributes — they don’t want the old fashioned political talks around caste and faith. They whole-heartedly supported Modi in 2019.

All those who stand for a strong and prosperous India won this election. The continuation of honest governance for another five years means much speedier eradication of poverty, bigger push to market reforms and faster development.

Why People Like Narendra Modi !

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