Lok Sabha Polls 2019: ‘Nation First’ Or ‘Family First’

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election Indian voters would chose between the policies of “Nation First” and “Family First”. Charismatic Narendra Modi is offering a recipe for a strong India governed by an honest, efficient and bold government. He is opposed by the opposition parties whose only agenda is Modi Hatao! They have no vision or leader – it means every one is a prime ministerial candidate! This crowed also includes the Family owned Congress Party that is led by a vision-less juvenile brain that had taken the political discourse to the filthiest level through his abusive language and lies. 

Poll Agenda – Narendra Modi !

The agenda for the 2019 Lok Sabha election is very simple – Narendra Modi.

That’s all!!  It is the single point poll agenda before the Indian voters – either vote for him for speedier development and strong India, or vote against him and let a weak paralyzed government run India on behalf of vested interests.

modi hatao in PakistanNever before in the history of independent India, any general election had such a simple agenda. The entire opposition is working on a single point agenda – Remove Modi! But despite the common agenda, Modi’s opponents remain badly fragmented – thanks to the lack of leadership qualities in the President of the principal opposition party, Indian National Congress. Since it is a private owned family firm  ability and aptitude don’t matter. Therefore, the Italian Empress of the royal family blatantly planted her sub-mediocre and juvenile brained son, Rahul Gandhi (also known as Raul Vinci), as the Party President. And, of course, Congressmen are ever ready to lick any boot as long as it belongs to the owner family and the party spokespersons are ever ready to defend Royal family interests in TV debates!

It’s “All” Against Modi !

The poll battlefield is divided between two opposing armies. On the one side is the NDA coalition that stands for an honest, effective and decisive government and it wants a strong and united India. This camp solidly stands behind Narendra Modi and admires his personal integrity and leadership qualities and all round achievements. After transforming Gujarat as its longest serving Chief Minister and making the State a leading industrial hub, Modi came to the Center in 2014 and as Prime Minister gave the country the most honest, bold effective and decisive government since independence.

Before we talk of why all opposition leaders are seeking votes only for the single aim of “Modi Hatao”, let us see Modi government’s achievements since 2014.

India Under Narendra Modi

Honest, Inclusive and Decisive Government

Narendra Modi brought in the culture of honesty, hard-work, dedication and respect for the country and its indigenous culture. His dynamic and charismatic personality, insightful understanding of Indian society, unparalleled skills to connect with people and forge personal ties with global leaders and the ability to take bold steps make Indians feel proud as Indians. His style of clean governance gave a death blow to the middlemen of the power corridor — they lost their privileges as well as the source of illegal earning, as the benefits of welfare schemes started reaching directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries!! Today, along with Congress and the dirty secular brigade the entire opposition leaders (most are corrupt) all fighting for their survival and trying to make a common cause in huddling together against Modi. Now they are hoping for return of the happy days of corruption, plunder of public money, policy paralysis and a spineless central government.

Since 2014, for the first time Indians have seen an honest, clean and efficient government at the center — something totally unthinkable under Family Firm called the Congress Party’s.

toilet-storyConstruction of roads and highways is happening at a much faster pace compared with previous corrupt UPA regime. Electricity situation has never been better since independence. Now India is fast approaching 100% electrification as electricity reached remaining 18,500 remote villages (that were in dark since 1947!!). Around 1.25 crore houses are built for the poor since 2014, compared with just 25 lakhs under the corrupt UPA. Modi also successfully launched the Clean India mission and provided gas connections to crores of poor households.

The ease of doing business Index markedly improved from 142 in 2013 to 77 in 2018! Before 2014, India was counted among the ‘Fragile Five’, but since 2014 it has emerged as a leading emerging economy.

All empirical evidences suggest that India has removed poverty at the fastest pace since 2014. The next NSSO survey should reveal the impact of all these measures on people’s lives. In the meantime, it is heartening to know that India is no longer the World’s Poverty Capital!

Some of the outstanding initiatives of Modi government include

1) Demonetization and Implementation of GST

Implementation of the GST is easily Modi government’s boldest initiative. It is the biggest tax reform in Indian history! Focus on the use of technology and digital transactions are changing the habits of financial transactions. The tax base has almost doubled. Demonetization gave a severe blow to the deep rooted culture of black money, despite the fact that over 99% notes in circulation returned to banks. Those sitting on piles of cash were forced to deposit it in the bank accounts, and got exposed in doing so. No one has seen corrupt politicians like Mayawati or Laloo or Rahul or Sonia being felicitated with the “Garland of Notes” since demonetization!!

2) Attention to the North East India

The North-East India had remained almost completely ignored for decades. Realizing the  strategic importance of the region, Modi government has mainstreamed its development by increasing road, rail and air connectivity. The mainstream national media is now no more blind to North East India, for a change! It also lifted AFSPA from two states.

3) Recognition of Indian Defense Forces

For the first time after independence, Indian army-men and their sacrifices are receiving due national attention in an environment of ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’. Under the UPA rule under the corrupt Italian Lady, all types of anti-national and anti social groups had cropped up — and the ISI appears to have infiltrated her party very deeply. Her “Darbaris” often aired pro-Pakistan sentiments betraying Indian army’s disciplined efforts to do its duty. Today, they are all on back-foot, yet their Pak love doesn’t die.

4) Crusade against Money Laundering

Nirav-Vijay_dModi government is earnestly chasing corrupt elite businessmen like Mallya Choksi and Nirav Modi. Their properties are being attached both in India and abroad. They had a wonderful nexus with Congress politicians and pliable bankers and had a cozy time under UPA rule with ultra corrupt Chidambaram as Finance Minister.

5) Health Insurance for the Poor

The Ayushman Yojna, called Modicare, is the biggest such program in the world, aiming to provide health cover to around 50 crore Indians. This single program should provide significant relief to the poor masses including farmers because the sudden medical expense has been a major factor behind their hardships (often leading to suicides).

6) Zero tolerance towards Jihadi Terrorism

Pakistan = TerroristanWith no handicap of Muslim appeasement or vote-bank politics, the BJP has clearly emerged as a Party that stands for Strong, Safe and Prosperous India. The air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Balakot terror training campus after the Pulwama terror attack is a paradigm shift from the do-nothing and tolerate Jihadi violence approach to Pak sponsored Islamic terrorism that was followed by Congress Party.  It is amazing that the Jihadi nuisance has been continuing since 1989 — and half a million Kashmiri Pundits are still refugees in their own country.  Yet, the Congress rulers failed to come up with any effective counter terrorism strategy or to do anything concrete to settle them.

Pak terror industry CEOsThe 2008 Mumbai terror attack gave a brilliant chance to assert but the dummy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, remote controlled by the power hungry Indian passport holder Italian lady, ignored it as “yet-another-Islamic-jihad-against Hindu India” !!  In 2008 public knew that the spineless Sikh would do nothing beyond looking towards the “Madam.” But in 2019 they were convinced that the Prime Minister Modi would take the Jihadi challenge head-on and  respect their feelings. That’s the difference between serving a (self declared) Royal Family like a slave and serving the Nation like a patriot!

The weird reactions to Balakot strike coming from the Congress Party clearly reveals that  the family owned Congress Party is badly infected by all types of jihadi elements and Pak lovers, thanks to the propaganda of Pak High Commission and ISI spy network. They can’t afford to allow the BJP or Modi taking tough action against Pakistan or its jihadi terrorists. The global arms deader lobby has also developed influence in this party owned by a corrupt Family. Not getting kick back in the Raphael deal is the only reason the Family has been trying to target it. Damadji Robert Vadra is currently the Chief Kickback collector for the Family.

Why Opposition Leaders are So Threatened by Modi

While none of the opposition leaders can match Modi’s political skills, dynamism, ability to work hard and take tough decisions, but what worries them the most is his honesty and campaign against corruption. Modi has totally wiped out the culture of power brokers and middlemen at the top. The Jan Dhan bank accounts and direct benefit transfer (DBT) has come a death blow for them.

A glance at the political careers of prominent opposition leaders reveal their dominant character traits. Mayawati’s ‘political business’ means making money by selling party tickets. When in power, she extorts money through ‘transfer’ business — where government servants are forced to pay to avoid being transferred! Akhilesh Yadav is something like a ‘Magnet’ that attracts anti-social elements. Mamta Banerjee (often called Mamta Begum) is openly anti-Hindu and a pathological Muslim appeaser — as a result, global jihadi elements find WB a paradise for their jihadi activities. Mr ‘Raul Vinci’ is a pathological liar who only wants power to promote welfare of his Royal Family. He and his mother are prime accused in National Herald scam and currently on bail.

Another class of opposition leaders that thrived on Muslim appeasement politics are worried about Modi’s nationalistic stance and tough approach towards jihadi terrorism. These silly politicians think that Indian Muslims are in love with Pakistan or support Jihadi terrorism. These half baked creatures assume that being tough on Pak sponsored terrorism means losing their Muslim vote bank! In this thinking they are only offending the Muslim community that’s as patriotic as others when it comes to Pak’s jihadi nuisance. In 1947, all separatist minded Muslims had already gone to Pakistan — thus leaving India with only mature, responsible and patriotic Muslims.

Vadra represents Congress CorruptionThe Sonia family is also worried about losing commissions from the defense deals; it has to worry about the global middlemen of arms makers. Then, it is also worried about Vadra “Damadji” ending up in Jail in land scam and Sonia-Rahul in the National Herald case. Chidambaram & family is already cornered in corruption cases.  Thus, the NDA and Modi government must go at any cost.

The Tukde Tukde gang and other anarchist groups must obviously worry about the NDA, BJP and Modi. Then, most importantly the “darbari media” is highly concerned about losing their clout if the UPA (and Sonia Family) doesn’t return to power. Here is how they had reaped fortunes through sycophancy and paid journalism. Watch the video:

But unfortunately for them, Modi is returning with renewed force for another five year term in May end!!

The Crooked Son of a Manipulative Mother?

Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?Who is He?  Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci?

Why this fellow keeps 4 passports and two different names? And, how has he earned so much money, without owing any declared business?

These questions became important as Mr Rahul (or Raul) filed his nomination papers in Amethi — a Lok Sabha constituency in UP that has seen no development despite electing members of Congress Royal Family since decades. This super VVIP is also the prime accused in the National Herald fraud case, currently on bail. In the VVIP Helicopter scam, there is mention of “RG” and ‘FAM” — clearly implying Rahul Gandhi and (Sonia) Family. He is the same fellow who was visiting the Chinese Embassy during the Doklam stand off. Now comes another piece of information — Mr Raul Vinci’s connection with submarine scam. Is this semi-Italian with Indian sounding name a defense deal maker who trades influence for cash?

Here is why even Pakistanis love Mr Raul Vinci — his juvenile brain is a great entertainment!

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