FATF ‘GREY-LIST’ Isn’t GREY Enough For Pakistan!

10 billion dollars is the annual cost Pakistan is paying for the privilege of being in the FATF Grey-List — according to a recent public claim of  Pak foreign minister and he has asked the ‘experts’ to calculate the cost of almost assured Black-Listing! Sure, the cocky minister is looking for an upgraded Status on the international platform!! 

Pakistan loves FATF Grey-List!

fatf pak flagPakistan’s obsession to continue with jihadi terrorism as an unspoken tool of State policy amazes global Pak watchers. Despite being at the brink of bankruptcy and failure of democratic governance the terror loving nation seems to think that no price is big enough for its mission of global jihad. The army propped dummy Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has been hopping rich Islamic nations and its “All Weather Friend” China to beg for a few billion dollars to prevent his jihadi country from falling into bankruptcy. The Islamic State can’t even pay the interest due on the Himalayan tall pile of past loans without begging, yet it is reluctant to take honest action against terror groups to come out of the Grey List of the FATF. 10 billion dollars every years must be a very small amount for the jihad loving nation. Let’s see what figure his ‘terror experts’ give him for black-listing!!

Top CEOs of Pak Terror Industry; Pak Terror economy never shows 'depression' !Love for weapons, wars and jihadi violence seems to be an integral part of the DNA of the rulers of this Islamic State of South Asia. Ever since it was created ‘in the name of Islam’ in 1947, it has been waging wars against its parent neighbor. Why? Because its quest for grabbing as much land as possible ‘in the name of Islam’ is insatiable and its obsession to see itself as equal or better than India has turned into a lifelong mania, despite losing half the country in 1971.

After the humiliating defeat in 1971 and creation of Bangladesh, Mr Bhutto (whose dirty politics led to division of the country and ultimately to his hanging as well) proudly declared that Pakistan would make Atom Bomb — even if Pakistanis had to eat grass! That day seems much closer today to prove his prophecy!!

Pak Considers Its Terror Assets more Valuable than Pak EconomyAbandoning its jihadi gangs (particularly those aimed against India and Afghanistan) is a tough emotional call for the country whose only identity come from Arabic words like “Islam” and “Jihad” as defined by the ossified-brained mullahs. Pak rulers hallucinate that Taliban terrorists would make Afghanistan the 5th Province of Pakistan and Jihadi gangs like that of Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar would snatch Kashmir from India — of course, “in the name of Islam”!!

Pakistan’s India-Hate is Eternal!

Some years ago, during a long flight a friend asked a Pakistan minister what his greatest wish was. The minister stretched both his hands with palms facing skywards and said, “If Allah were to grant me a wish I would ask him to place a nuclear bomb each on my palms. One I would drop one on Bombay, the other on Delhi”.

In a recent TV debate, Pakistanis’ favorite topic of comparison with India came up and an expert was describing how India is fast emerging as a global economy and Pakistan is no where in comparison in any field including military strength. The stupid anchor interjected: But we have more nuclear bombs than India!!

(Of course, she must be also proud that Pakistan is the world capital of terrorism!)

Ever since Pakistan tested nuclear bomb its war-monger leaders have been threatening India – its mother nation and eternal foe  – with nuclear attack. In fact, many Pakistanis proudly call their dirty bomb ‘Islamic Nuclear Bomb’ implying that all non-Muslims — particularly Hindus, Jews and Christians — must be afraid of Pakistan! After all, they are ‘infidels’ and hence as the stone-age Book says ‘wajabul-qatl’ (worth killing)! That task is outsourced to Jihadi groups.

This stone-age anti-humanity wisdom has a lot of adherents in the “New Pakistan” of Mr ‘Taliban Khan.’  It is a country where kids grow up learning a fictional history that convinces them that the only aim of their life is to destroy India — the land of Hindu Kafirs — and be ever ready for ‘martyrdom’ and that Pakistan was created just for this “holy purpose”! Radicals inject the spice of Gazwa-e-Hind (conquer and Islamize India) – and turn non-Muslim hate into jihadi hysteria with the shouts of Allahu Akbar.

Here in the video, globally wanted terrorist and the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Jihadi murder of 166 innocent people is threatening all non-Muslims of the planet. This terrorist is a very close associate of Imran Khan and certainly represents Pakistan and its understanding of Islam.

A Nuclear State Waiting to go Bankrupt!!

Can you imagine any country that’s heading towards bankruptcy and yet can’t give up its childish craze for weapons, terrorism and war?

The world is waiting to see how soon the nuclear powered Islamic State of South Asia goes bankrupt. More than its sinking economy, Pakistan watchers are more worried about its nukes falling in jihadi hands.

Yet, to Pakistanis denial provides heavenly bliss.

Just watch any TV debate, Pakistanis appears to be in hallucination that as long as they have the growing pile of nukes, mushrooming terror camps and blessings of Dragon Uncle no harm can come to them – and they can live happily sending terrorists wherever they wanted!

hambantota portIn Pakistan, only the old-fashioned people worry about rotting economy, corruption, rule of law, fair governance and democracy. For a typical juvenile Pakistani brain, just as a jihadi instantly gets 72 virgins the moment he dies, the CPEC would instantly cure all its ills forever! It is no one’s concern that the CPEC is only pushing the jihadi nation into a much deeper economic mess. Sri Lanka’s honeymoon with China on Hambantota port is a lesson only for the wise people – it leaves Pakistanis out!

Pakistan’s downfall is China’s biggest advantage. China is the most satisfied nation today as the past American puppet is automatically falling in its lap. If Pakistan sees terrorists as its strategic assets, China sees Pakistan as its own strategic asset just like the North Korea! It is more than delighted to ‘help’ Mr ‘U-Turn’ Khan and his jihadi caliphate that is totally isolated on the global platform.

Pakistan has already leased the Gwadar port to Chinese for 40 years and a “Chinese only colony” is planned for half-a-million Chinese in the Gwadar city. It is not hard to anticipate that it would be followed by deployment of Chinese troops to protect its colony…further Chinese influence on Pakistan…and so on.

World would not be surprised if in near future Pakistanis are seen speaking Mandarin to please their new colonial master!

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