The Comedy Of Trump’s “Triple Talaq” To Pakistan!

Just when the Indian Supreme Court banned instant ‘triple talaq’ in India on August 22 the US president Donald Trump said the unthinkable. He uttered “Talaq Talaq Talaq” to Pakistan!  Pakistan was shocked. It went into the trauma of confusion and insecurity – as all helpless ‘triple talaq’ victims do. Was the US really ending their intimate relationship of so many decades?

Pakistan had banned ‘instant talaq’ on its soil way back in 1956. It never expected that it would ever face such a humiliating scenario on the international platform. But then Trump is no shut-brained Muslim male controlled by backward looking mullahs and has good reasons to be mad at Pakistan’s lack of loyalty. He was furious at Pakistan’s illegitimate affairs with the likes of Taliban and Haqqani corporations of terror industry – despite being partner in the US fight against terror in Afghanistan since 2002. He was also furious because Pakistan had not learnt any lesson even after the Americans hunted down Osama bin Laden and so many other global terrorists on its soil and put many Pakistanis on most wanted global terrorist list.

If the sudden divorce itself was painful, what was most unbearable was Trump’s falling for India. When Trump said he sees important role for India in Afghanistan, it was like a lightning strike. How could Trump be so callous, how could he never understood its deeply cherished Islamic sentiments! He should have known that Afghanistan is a Muslim country. Therefore, Pakistan alone has the ‘allah given’ license to control it in ‘typical Islamic ways’; like how its military is managing Balochistan since 1948 and how its jehadi babies are playing game of terror in Kashmiris; or how it ran Afghanistan through the Taliban corporate house in the 1990s. Moreover, Pakistan has always considered itself an indispensible US ally without which the Americans can’t achieve anything in this region.

Trump is really bad. He also did not recognize that Pakistan is the worst victim of terrorism!! Thousands of its ‘highly fierce’ Islamic troops died fighting the jehadis and so many of its citizens lost their lives in endless suicide bombings on its streets and mosques. They are still dying. How could Trump say that Pakistan doesn’t fight terrorists? So badly hurt is Pakistan that it stopped talking with the Americans; most talaq victims do that in retaliation and shock! But then it woke up to realize that it has to talk.

Pakistan’s commitment against terrorism is firm like rock. It wants to keep fighting the terrorists for rest of its life! And it’s the only country in the whole world wanting to do that!! But it’s only possible if it continues to produce them – after all you can kill a terrorist only once; it’s pure commonsense. Trump should understand that!

Trump is also so ignorant. He not only could not understand Pak’s heavenly love for jehadis terrorism, he also failed to note its divine hate for India, full of so many kafirs. If Pakistan were a jehadi terrorist it would have by now already blown its suicide vest to destroy India and reached jannat!

Pakistan Must Win Bangladesh War in Kashmir!

If Trump is talking like this it sure must be a devious conspiracy of Modi and Indian devil RAW who poisoned Trump’s ears. They are really bad. Now they are planning to setup high-tech Israeli fencing at the border. In fact, Trump should convince India not to do that; it would deny products of its Jehad factories their ‘right and freedom’ to kill and die to reach ‘jannat’ directly from Kashmir. The fencing would also put Pakistanis at great risk because jehadis would then have no option but to ‘perform their religious rites’ inside Pakistan. Whenever it happens all blames would go to Trump for endangering Pakistani lives!

Lately, India has beefed up its border surveillance and its military has been killing Pak trained jehadis sent there on divine mission and is locking up its agents who pay Kashmiri kids to throw stones at Indian army-men. It is unbelievable how Americans could join hands with such a hostile India. If Modi succeeds in his plan both jehadis and stone throwers would soon go out of job! There is already so much unemployment everywhere. India was really wonderful before Modi became PM in 2014. Modi is really anti-Islam; he doesn’t even practice Muslim ‘appeasement’ like others. Many of its mouthpieces are having a hard time in India. It is really hard to deal with Modi’s India.

Trump is also ignorant of history. He must understand that Pakistan has to win its Bangladesh war in Kashmir! But since India is too mighty, it can’t win a direct war. So it has to depend upon the jehadis to hurt India. In 1971, devil Indians helped East Pakistanis to become Bangladesh. They also captured 93,000 of its army men and grabbed 5000 square km of its land in West Pakistan. How could Indians do such a bad thing to Pakistan – the only country in the world formed in the name of religion. It badly hurt Pakistan’s Islamic pride. Trump should know that Islam was, and still is, the only reason for its existence! He must know that Islam is its only identity.

Pakistan lost in 1971 because it did not have jehad factories and jehadi products then. But situation is changed today. Now it has a thriving terror industry with indigenous brainwash centers and almost ‘Nobel Quality’ professors of jehad science and technology; its products have won worldwide acclaim. No corner of the globe is beyond the reach of its jehadis. In fact, they can go where even American fighter jets and drones can’t reach!

Pakistan is no longer a Muslim country; it is a Wahhabi nation now. In fact, more Wahhabi than Saudi Arabia. If Saudis know Wahhabism in theory, Pakistan actually practices it! So, if ‘not now then when’ it can think of winning the lost war of 1971! Americans should recall how Pakistan helped them train jehadis fighter to drive out the communists from Afghanistan in the 1980s. But they never bothered to dismantle the jehad paraphernalia after the communist left and Pakistan was burdened to look after their welfare.

Now it’s time that the US returned the favour by helping it win the Bangladesh war in Kashmir! But instead it is talking talaq, how ungrateful? Then it is also talking of conditional aid. Can there be conditionalities in marriage, even if it were a marriage of convenience?

Mr Trump must answer!

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