Are Muslims In Minority In India?

Who should be considered minority in India:

“180 million Indian Muslims forming 14.2% population and the fastest growing religious group in India (fertility rate 3.2 per woman vs falling national average 2.3)  or  less than 70,000 Parsees who are at the risk of extinction (fertility rate just 0.8 per woman!) and the government has to start Jiyo Parsee program to raise their fertility rate?”

To any rational mind, calling Parsees minority makes sense; handful Jews in India can be surely called minority. But saying that 18 crore Indian Muslims (forming 14.2% of Indian population) are ‘minority’ doesn’t have any convincing logic – their fertility rate is highest in India and much higher than even those in most Islamic nations!!

are muslim minorities

Their population is more than the combined population of two biggest Muslim countries in the middle East: Egypt (86 million) and Iran (78 million)!! They are a full nation (almost as big as Pakistan and bigger than Bangladesh) inside India! Only Indonesia and Pakistan have more Muslims than India (Pakistan’s is only marginally higher), if number is all that matters. But given the ultra-high fertility rate, in next 10-15 years Indian Muslim population is set to overtake even Indonesia! It means India would have the largest number of Muslims in the world (in the Hindu dominated India)!!

And, on what ground the cosmic number of 180 million puts them in disadvantage that they require special concern as minority? On the contrary, the whole battalion of the so-called secular (or Sickular, as many people call them) power hungry vote-bank politicians is always running around to appease them – particularly the Muslim clergy that controls Muslim votes.

Any globe watcher can testify that only  in India Muslims  live in full civil freedom, safety and dignity. They are safest surrounded by Hindus in India – much safer than even in any Islamic society of the Middle East supposedly under Sharia Laws – where Muslims kill each other like sworn enemies and women must behave like commodities. Living in India’s Hindu culture, Shias and Sunnis don’t blow each other’s Mosques or homes or wage Jihad against each other.

Such peaceful coexistence and safety is possible only while living among Hindus, even for likes of the fanatic Owaisi brothers of Hyderabad, who routinely ridicule Hindu gods and throw venom against Hindus! They even have the freedom to threaten Hindus with decimation – if police is removed for 15 minutes! And yet they live safely in the land of Hindus’ ancient India!!  In the 1980s, it was ‘Hindu’ India that banned Salman Rusdie’s “Satanic Verses” that threw the whole Islamic world in hysteria and rage, much before Iranian Ayatollah’s Fatwa to kill Rushdie. Only Hindus, whose life philosophy revolves around eternal and universal Dharma, can show such sensitivity towards sentiments of people of other faiths. But Islamic thinking prevents its followers from showing gratitude or sensitivity.

First labeling Muslims as ‘minority’ group and them demanding favors in the name of being minority is the political handiwork of communal Congress politicians – for their ‘vote bank’ politics  – later the distortion spread to other power hungry politicians.

Congress under Sonia-Rahul has taken the appeasement politics to new low (or ‘high’!). Under the influence of cash-rich Islamic lobby they openly take anti-Hindu stand and taint Hindus as intolerant, ‘communal’ and ‘extremists’! Islamic Jihadis and violent loving terrorists are “saints” for these two unfortunate Italian brains of Indian politics!!  India hater Pakistanis love when they open their mouth against Hindus.


If India is supposedly a ‘Secular’ – religion neutral – country, then how “Islam” can be the basis for any demand or favor?  One also doesn’t understand why they put Islam into everything, as if no one else other than Muslims live in India?

Can Muslims be Called Minority on Secular Parameters?

Right ‘secular’ parameters to judge small and minor groups of people who might be living in disadvantage, ignored, excluded or under threat are – poverty, physical or mental disability, socially boycotted (lesbian, gay, transgender), people living in difficult terrain, illiteracy, poor senior citizens without support, orphan / abandoned children, group of people persecuted on any ground (like Kashmiri Hindus or Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Ahmediya Muslims in Pakistan) , etc.

Can the Muslim community be called a minority group on any of these ‘secular parameters’?

Poverty comes closest, but it is a wider national problem across India. Numbers doesn’t make anyone poor in India – any Parsi or Jew can testify to that fact! Mindset can sure dump people in poverty and keep them there – and this must be the most probable reason of their “poverty status”.

By the way, here is the Russian perspective on minorities!

Indian secularists should learn from Russia Putin

Compare Hindu India and Muslim Neighbors

In the Islamic States of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus are in minor numbers and decreasing – they live under severe risk and disadvantage. They are persecuted and pressured to convert to Islam; they are really unsafe due to their minor numbers. As a result, their numbers have been falling continuously. Situation is just the opposite in Hindu dominated India – here all groups and communities flourish without fear of Hindus.

Dominant Hindu culture in India does not have any inbuilt bias against people of other beliefs. Universal Dharma based Hinduism doesn’t prescribe waging Holy war against other community to terrorize, convert or eliminate them.  There is no place for religious fanaticism or hysteria in the life philosophies of Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and other indigenous sects. It is in stark contrast with such scenes from the Muslim world where its extreme and most morbid form manifests in suicidal self destruction to kill others!

In India, 18 crore Muslims have the voice to defy uniform civil code that rest of the 86% Indians have been demanding for decades. A Muslim, Amir Khan, gets planted among the top movie stars of the country by Hindus, he can makes film to mock Hindu gods (PK) and make fortune, and he still has the freedom to accuse Hindus of being ‘Intolerant’! …Height of idiotic and ungrateful thinking (of course, instigated by likes of Congress and other appeasement politicians)!!  I shall refrain from passing any comment on his religion, though – he is a human being that is more important than his religious label.

Here is the eye opening comparison of cultures of Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India:

Indo-Pak demographies-horz

It looks utterly pathetic when appeasement politicians along with the Mullahs demand ‘reservation’ for Muslims by equating them with dalits, for social benefits.  One fails to understand what the caste system has to do with Muslims? When hordes of Hindus were converted to Islam or were forced to convert in whatever manner, their Hindu baggage should have disappeared forever! Any sane mind would expect Islam to be at least that Great. But politics in the name of Islam always takes precedence, unfortunately.

Realities of the modern 21st century society demand that Muslim leaders stop playing politics in the name of Islam and learn how to live peacefully among secular Hindus, learning from Indian Parsees and Jews – who also practice foreign born Faiths. In fact, Parsees can teach a lot to the Muslim community – how to be grateful and respect Dharma based tolerant Hindu culture to live peacefully and prosper through hard work and forward looking mindset. History tells that when Arab Muslims invaded Iran in the 8-10 centuries, Zoroastrians had to flee to avoid persecution, torture and conversion.  They found safe refuge in the distant India of ‘Hindus’ – not among the next door Muslims ‘neighbors’.

Islam is a wonderful religion for individual growth, but only when totally divorced from its political side that the backward looking Wahhabi Mullahs for whom “Islam” is mere tool for political gains.

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