Another Terror Attack in France – The Nonsense of “Terrorism Has No Religion”

Paris vs Mumbai terror attacksMore correctly, it should read – ISLAMIC TERROR strikes Paris.

It will be remembered as 13/11. Around 8 Islamic Jihadis launched 2008 (26/11) Mumbai style attack in Paris targeting several crowded places. Jihadis killed over 130 innocent people and left twice as many  injured. Shocked Western leaders expressed outrage, solidarity and yet again vowed to wipe out the global Jihadi menace.

Then came twin terror attacks in Brussels, killing over 30 people and injuring around 300 innocent souls. Both attacks were carried out by the same ISIS’s Belgium cell. Meanwhile French agencies have foiled another terror plot that was ‘at an advanced stage’. There are also reports (speculations) that the Belgium terror cell was plotting radioactive bomb attack.

Now the “truck terror” attack of July 15, 2016 on the crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, the French Riviera city. It killed around 80 people and injured several others.

Yet again the leaders have expressed outrage, solidarity and yet again vowed to wipe out the global Jihadi menace. Nothing new in their response…

… and now I am waiting for the famous one-liner from them: Terrorism has no religion’ !!

Even a child can tell that it is a plain LIE. But political correctness must masks stark realities.

In all likelihood THEIR RELIGION is the only thing they have !!  And they are the Authorized Agents of some unseen Arabic speaking Allah to kill innocent humans wherever they wanted.

When Jihadis shout, after every act of violence – Allaho Akbar ! – they are loudly declaring their religion. You don’t need much intelligence to decipher that. They worship an Allah who is pleased only by acts of violence and terror against innocent people – and becomes ‘greater’ with each heinous act!

Stop saying Islam is a religion of peace: Taslima Nasreen

terror religion

Yet, the United Nations can’t define ‘terrorism’ – forget about fighting it !!

I am sure any 10 year old kid can do that in less than 1 minute.

Here are Islamic terror attacks in March 2016


Individual Violence is Mere Isolated Crime

Barbarism is mere barbarism; and violence is just violence. So many heinous crimes take place around the world, even in the so-called civil and ‘developed’ societies but they are neither called terrorism nor Jihad – in the Islamic sense, as is popularized today. They are crimes – just crimes, unconnected with any religion or faith. They happen because some people get perverted and commit them. A serial rapist is a perverted and out of control lecherous person. A serial killer is a perverted violent guy who obsessively kills people because he has no control on himself.

They don’t rape, kill or destroy because that is sanctioned by some Holy Book written in the Stone Age.

But things become different when crimes against humanity are committed under religious indoctrination and justification. Yes, Islamic Jihadis are no ordinary perverts; they are well indoctrinated and motivated. They are trained to kill and die while killing people, believing they are performing their Religious duty that pleases their Allah. Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen put it more succinctly: Quran is theory, ISIS is the practice.

Global Terrorism is Firmly Rooted in Islamic Beliefs

mumbai-attack by Islamic Jihadis

Thus, terrorist groups such as the Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, Lashkar-e-Toiba and numerous other groups are waging a ‘Jihad’ – a holy Islamic war. They are on a religious mission that they firmly believe is sanctioned and justified by their holy Quran. Whatever acts of violence and barbarism they commit is driven from this firm belief. They have been led to believe that all their inhuman acts are not only forgiven but would be rewarded with a place in ‘Jannat’ after they die. Therefore, they are quite different from criminals who might commit the very same acts.

The 9/11 terror attack of 2001 gave the US taste of what Islamic terrorism is – it demolished the myth of American invincibility. It also exposed emptiness of its State policy of distinguishing between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists – something its close ally Pakistan is still doing. The 9/11 was plainly an attack planned by Islamic Jihadis who were well brainwashed, trained and supported by Al Qaeda. So it is really comical when the noise of ‘terrorism has no religion’ comes from the US – even the so-called free American press has failed to call the spade a spade.

The November 26, 2008 terror attack in Mumbai was purely Islamic – designed and supported by Pak nurtured Islamic Jihadis. About a dozen terrorists came on a religious suicide mission – their Pakistani handler exhorted them to keep killing until they are alive.

Now France and Brussels have tasted the same Islamic medicine yet another time, on a much larger scale and similar to the 2008 26/11 Mumbai attack.

Only some brain-dead creature can still deny and say that the 9/11, 26/11 or 13/11 and now the 22/03 terror attacks were not ISLAMIC. Of course, it is a type of Islam the world doesn’t know – a new kind of Islam that is purely political and sanctions all manners of heinous violence to achieve its goal.  …And today it is a global phenomenon like global warming.

The ISIS takes Terrorism to Another Dimension

Until the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) came into existence in early 2014, bomb blasts including suicide bombing by blowing the explosive filled jacket was the most popular form of Jihadi violence to spread terror. Thus, innocent people were targeted in the Mosques, shrines and market places, schools, places of tourist attractions, etc through well planned bombings. But the ISIS Jihadis took barbarism to new highs (or lows) by reviving centuries old inhuman and uncivilized tactics of 7th century Arab tribes.

The ISIS Jihadis started off with much publicized beheadings of foreign nationals. They used the social media effectively for worldwide publicity. Reviving the 7th century Arab practice of violating women of defeated tribes they publicized auction of Yejdi women for sex slavery. They burned alive the captured Jordanian pilot and posted the gory video on social media. They even destroyed ancient archaeological structures because ‘their’ version of Islam ‘doesn’t allow’ them!

Therefore, it’s weird to hear people still stating that ‘terrorism has no religion.’ Do they live under some kind of hallucination?

India’s Fake Secularism

terror has no religion-horzIn India, we have creatures who love to befriend Islamic clergy and fundamentalists – yet, they call themselves ‘Secular’!  These ‘fake seculars’ are so Islamophilic that they would want to blame the RSS and Hindus for 2008 Mumbai terror attack !! Digvijay Singh of Sonia’s kitchen Congress is easily their undisputable mentally retarded captain.

These weird ‘seculars’ can be certainly said to be living under hallucination. And unfortunately, they have badly infected Indian society – its academia, media, civil society, and politics. The latest entry in this elite club of fake secularists is the AAP and its power hungry principle-less supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Currently, they are on an anti-Modi and anti-BJP campaign under which they want to paint Hindus as ‘Intolerant’. Since 2002, they have been telling, whoever wanted to listen, that Modi is a Hindu devil who eats Muslims for breakfast and lunch!  And therefore, Muslims should vote for them.

Arvind Kejriwal turned out to be another Fake Secular

Arvind Kejriwal turned out to be another Fake Secular

In India, Muslim clerics CERTIFY who is SECULAR!!

It must be disclosed that in India the agenda of ‘secularism’ has been long hijacked by the cash-rich Islamic lobby which has NGOs of various shades, a sizeable section of academia, activists, and politicians on its pay roll. It is a Saudi-Pak financed venture planned by Pak’s ISI. It works in India through pro-Islamic fake seculars of various shades and color. The task of this Islamic lobby is as usual made easy by politically passive and fragmented Hindu community.

How strong this lobby has become was seen in July 2015 when they went to the extent of glorifying a convicted criminal, Yakub Memon, of 1993 serial bomb blasts that killed 257 innocent people – because he was a Muslim! These fake seculars came out to demand that ‘Secular India’ should not execute the death sentence awarded by the apex Court – simply by virtue of his religion!!

Here is a report card summarising how they try to shield Islamic violence, and shamelessly blame Hindus for extremism!!

The nonsense of 'Terrorism has no religion' !!

The nonsense of ‘Terrorism has no religion’ !!

France, Russia and other European countries are fortunate that they don’t have politicians like Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Owaisis, Azam Khan, Rahul Gandhi and their likes. That’s why it can act decisively in the Middle East.

Paris Mumbai attack comparison

Indian Secularism is Half Islamist, Half Pakistani

Wahhabi Attack on Indian Islam

Some time ago a wikileaks cable has suggested that Saudi Arabia wants to increase its influence over Indian Muslims (namely, Sunni Muslims who make up around 88% population of Indian Muslims). Saudis want to ensure that every Indian Sunni Muslim follows Wahhabism. They are trying to impose Wahhabism right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari through several different forums in several ways.  They want to brainwash kids studying in Madarsas, capture running Mosques and open new ones, start Wahhabi Universities and ultimately impose Sharia laws on all Indian Muslims [and non-Muslims get decimated!].

Wahhabi agenda in India

Wahhabi Mullahs from Saudi Arabia have been coming armed with funds, literature and propaganda material. They try to ‘buy’ Mosque administrators and take over Mosques. Whenever they are opposed, violent clashes take place. So far these have been rather minor in nature but could easily escalate to bigger violence as the Wahhabis grow in influence. They actually want every Indian Muslim to live and think like Arab Bedouin tribes of the 7th century, in the name of Sharia Laws. All global Sunni terror groups get their inspiration from this 200 year old hostile and intolerant philosophy – of course, there are many other extreme interpretations of Islam that are much older.

Indian intelligence agencies have been tracking NGOs and institutions who had applied for Saudi funds – as donations. They are mostly based in Kerala followed by UP, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Funds are also known to have come in the garb of funding an Arts college in TN, a nursing college in Kerala, and a Women Center and Madarsas in UP. It must be emphasized that Wahhabi hate-speakers were first seen in J&K.

Note that Saudi population is only 3.1 crore. It is now under severe military threat from the newly formed ISIS in the neighbourhood. Besides, its regional supremacy is always under challenge from Iran (7.8 crore), its traditional Shia adversary. Therefore, around 17 crore Indian Sunni Muslims form a huge market to sell its Wahhabi Islamic product and spread its political influence on India – together just UP, Bihar and WB are home to 47% Indian Muslim population. It must also be mentioned that there are 300,000 active Mosques in India – the largest number in the world, beating even the largest Islamic countries! Therefore, the large Indian Muslim Community occupies a special place for global Islamic vested interests.

This Wahhabi virus is a poison for any progressive plural society – it promotes separatism, isolationism and intolerance among Muslims. It gives them a backward looking mindset and makes them hostile to universal ideas of human rights and peaceful coexistence with people of other beliefs.

If 23 Indian Muslims are in Syria fighting for ISIS and around 150 online supporters/sympathizers are under close observation of intelligence services, Indians have to be on guard against spread of this deadly Islamic virus. It has already caused severe damages to J&K society and its unique culture and is eating away the culture of Kerala, Assam and WB.

Learn about the extreme Saudi Islam: Wahhabism: The Ideological Force Behind Global Terrorism

Explore further: How Saudis are Funding to Spread Wahhabi Influence in India

India Faces 2 Serious Internal Security Threats

The writing is clearly on the wall.

There are 2 biggest internal security threats to India, both propped up by Saudi-Qatar-Pakistani Islamic funds:

  1. The battalion of ‘Fake Seculars’ in the country and
  2. The destructive Wahhabi cult (of Saudi Arabia) that is trying to destroy the ‘Indian Islam’ of peaceful Sufi flavor and radicalizing Indian Muslims into Wahhabism that is hostile, isolationist and separatist. If in 1947 Islam could divide this great nation of Buddha and Mahavira, in the 21st century the threat of another Islamic division is much greater.

However, here is how a true follower of ‘Indian Islam’ laments; it reflects the sentiments of all patriotic Muslims who want to maintain Indian Islam as a “Religion of Peace” and live in harmony among Hindus, feeling gratitude towards what this land has given to them:

sane islam

Now it is squarely for the Indian Muslim community to embrace Hindus like Parsi and Jews have done, without ghettoising in the name of faith, and counter the radical preachers coming from the gulf to take over Mosques and Madarsas in India. They must preserve their Indian version of Islam that has evolved spontaneously in local Indian society through centuries.

And they have to do it despite the presence of irresponsible communal politicians like Owaisi brothers, Azam Khan, Abu Azami, Mamta banerjee, Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyar and their ilk.

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