Terrorist Sympathisers in India – A Wake Up Call For Hindus

They all wanted to stop Yakub's hanging because he was Muslim!

Bunch of publicity seekers:  They all wanted to stop Yakub’s hanging because he was Muslim!

The unusual and shameful events that preceded and followed the execution of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts co-conspirator, Yakub Memon, on 30 July 2015 should be an eye opener for all patriotic Indians, particularly Hindus who not only make up 80% of India’s population but also inherit its ancient spiritual culture. India has a unique ancient civilization that has produced the Vedas, Ayurveda, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita, various yoga and meditation traditions and the eternal Dharma – all for the benefit of the humanity.

Although last 10 century of dominance by outside forces has changed its demographic homogeneity, but India is still known as a land of pre-Christ Buddha and Mahavira – unique messengers of peace and non-violence. Its universal dharma tradition was kept alive in recent centuries by the likes of Nanak, Paramhans Yogananda, Vivekananda, Sivanand, Satyanand Saraswati, and so on.

But the socio-political make-up of the country has drastically changed since the so-called independence from the colonial rule in 1947. Country’s partition gave Muslims’ their cherished land of Pakistan (land of purity) and saddled Hindus with the nuisance of ‘secularism’ in India.

Looking at how the political game has been played in last six decades, it is now very clear that anti-Hindu forces have been consciously nurtured, exploiting the lack of coherence among Hindus as a united political community.

Anti-Hindu and Anti-India Forces Exposed

In 1947, power hungry Islamists divided this great ancient land of Hindus. What started as country’s division ‘in the name of Islam’ also threw peace loving Kashmiris and Balochs into the whirlpool of violence again ‘in the name of Islam’. This Islamic communal virus led to killings of a million innocent people and mass migrations from one part to another. This dangerous divisive virus is still alive – may be even thriving 68 years later. This is highly disturbing and a matter of grave concern among all patriotic Indians who consider this land as their Mother Land. Traitor Yakub’s sentencing proved it beyond iota of doubt.

The manner in which convicted criminal Yakub’s hanging was politicised made it explicit that forces thriving on anti-Hindu and anti-Hindu sentiments have grown to dangerous proportions. They can become a threat for nation’s integrity any time in the future.

The last week of July 2015 presented a scenario – totally unthinkable to any sane and patriotic Indian.

The convicted killer of 257 people in 1993 Mumbai blasts was glorified as an ‘innocent Muslim martyr’ and thousands with skull caps gathered in his funeral in Mumbai. The juvenile Indian media added fuel to the fire by obsessively focusing on Yakub to the exclusion of practically every other news.

Even demise of a true national hero and a real patriot, Abdul Kalam, was pushed aside to highlight the communal and distorted agenda to make Indian judiciary look partisan and biased in ‘Hindu India’. Media’s love for communal elements of Muslim and Christian communities is an old affair. Its anti-Hindu stance is also now a new development, but for some strange reason it used Yakub’s hanging to show its utterly irresponsible and disruptive face.

The intellectual bankruptcy of media was glaringly displayed by the likes of NDTV, AAJTAK and ABP News – of course they enjoy the ‘absolute right to free speech’, without slightest sense of social or national responsibility. A lot of good-natured and responsible Indians switched off their TV sets to look for some sane and balanced reporting.

The extreme communal Muslim politics of today is hijacked by likes of Hyderabadi Owaisi brothers, well known for their anti-Hindu hate speeches and endless talks of establishing Muslim rule in India and decimating Hindus. They did their best to depict Yakub as an innocent Muslim, persecuted by Hindu rulers of India!!  It’s height of insane thinking – surely promoted by gulf Islamic funds, and sponsored by Pakistan.

The worst expose was the noted Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah who also wanted mercy for Muslim Yakub – and this actor was killing Muslim terrorists in disgust in the movie ‘Wednesday’ ! But acting is acting; Islamic separatist thinking appears all pervasive.

The midnight drama at CJI’s residence was the most pathetic and unnecessary defence of a traitor who was convicted after 2 decades of trial in various courts and pardoning of 10 other sentencings! It was a glaring display of irresponsible legal activism, led by ex-AAP activist Prashant Bhushan.

Question: Why these people don’t mourn the hanging of convicted Muslim terrorists in Pakistan? Are they not Muslim?

Indian people know it is all posturing by powerful vested interests who have thrived making noise around ‘distorted secularism’.

Who are These Anti-Hindu and Anti-India Forces

rahul gandhi 2

An alien wants to defend the “Land of Hindus” from Hindus !!!

The communal drama of Yakub sympathy was a well planned but silly attempt to paint Modi as a anti-Muslim and hence ‘communal’ prime minister. It was certainly a display of frustration by pseudo-secularists or “sickulars” of India who have been vehemently and continuously maligning Modi, BJP and Hindus as communal for last 10-15 years – as part of their standard minority ‘vote bank’ politics. During Lok Sabha election in 2014, they did their best to create an impression that if BJP and Modi come to power minorities (typically Muslims) will be in big trouble.

To their utter dismay they could not pick up any sign of communal trouble in the first year of Modi government – ‘Hindu devil Modi’ has proven their prophecy wrong!

Yakub’s hanging offered them the silly opportunity to play out their mental communal plot in public. Rajdeep Sardesai is the best representative of the media prophets who would love to see Hindus get radicalized like what goes on in the Muslim community – for their wisdom to come true.

Is Congress Party now  Muslim League?

Is Congress Party now Muslim League?

Anyone watching Indian politics since 2000 can tell that under the lead of anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi and pathetic ‘sickular’ Digvijay Singh the Congress party has been trying to demonize Modi – as a Hindu demon who wants to eat away the whole Muslim community. Remember Sonia’s idiotic and slanderous statement calling Modi a “Maut Ka Saudagar” after 2002 Gujarat riots. It was perhaps the sickest attempt to polarize Indian society along religious lines by a lady who hardly understands Indian people and their culture, but Nehru family connection has turned her into something like the First Lady of India.

During the 10 years of Sonia-Rahul’ UPA there was a conscious effort to malign 100 crore Hindus, whose philosophy doesn’t prescribe anything like terrorizing or killing people of other faiths, and equate them at par with Muslims and their philosophy of decimating non-Muslims.

I can vouch that over 99% Indians don’t even know what is the real meaning of ‘secularism’ and to whom it is applied. As a result, the likes of Sonia, Mulayam, Laloo, Mamta Begum, Nitish and other self-declared ‘secular’ con-artists of politics and media automatically brand Hindus as ‘communal’. They will do themselves a favour if they get some basic understanding of secularism.

Patriotic Indians should also feel grateful towards Yakub that he also exposed Islamic extremists living in India but take pride in maligning Hindus and weakening the cohesive social fabric of the country. It is good that the likes of Owaisis and Abu Azamis came into national limelight, for the filthy and disruptive thinking they promote.

At least now the country knows who are the hidden Jinnahs and Jaichands’ of ‘secular’ India.

Finally, a voice of sanity from a small neighbor:

Nepali Muslim want Hindu nation

80% of the 1 million Muslim population in Nepal want the country to be a Hindu Nation! Why? Because they feel insecure in ‘secular’ Nepal due to activities of Christian Missionaries!

Indian Muslims have a lot to learn from them, and all they have to do is to prevent spread of Wahhabism among Indian Muslims and become outspoken against import Islamic terror of Pakistan and Middle East.

Do Indians Suffer From Macauley Infection?

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