Yakub Memon’s Hanging: So, Terrorists have Religion !

yakub 2“Terrorism has no religion” – leaders all over the world repeat this line like a broken record, Indian leaders are no exception. But convicted terrorist Yakub Memon’s hanging on July 30 proved them all wrong.

Terror has a Religion !   Terrorism is not a ‘Secular’ act; it is very much part and parcel of political dominance and control in the name of religion. PERIOD.

This was the message India’s sold media, cheap communal politicians and activists whose strings are pulled from distant corners of the world gave to the whole world – loud and clear. They did their best to convey the impression that India is now a unique non-Islamic nation where a Muslim criminal has special privileges by virtue of his religion!

Foreign tourists who had been coming to India looking for peace, tranquilly and spirituality in this ancient land of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak, Kabir, Paramhans Yoganand and Vivekanand will now think twice. They would also find it hard to believe that on this spiritual land now a traitor and conspirator of 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, which killed 257 innocent people, wounded hundreds and brought the financial capital of India to stand-still gets glorified, as a Muslim martyr! No surprise, if they start to wonder: Is India being Islamicised?

1993 Mumbai Blasts: 13 Things You Should Know
What actually happened on March 12, 1993

Glorification of a Criminal

yakub - Indian expressNever seen before in independent India, it was an unbelievable blatant attempt to glorify a criminal – because he came from a particular religious community, darling of left-wing self-declared ‘secularists’ and appeasement politicians of all hue and shade, for vote bank politics.

“India should not implement the death sentence, because he is a Muslim” – this was the demand of a Hyderabadi parliamentarian, a well known communal face for his hate-Hindu speeches. If any one goes through his hate speeches, he would be left wondering why this man lives in India where 85 percent population is of Hindus and why he has not yet migrated to Islamic middle-east or neighboring Pakistan, for that matter. If Baghdadi of ISIS talks of a global Islamic Caliphate, this gentleman(?) has similar plans for India. Those born after 1947 can now easily imagine how India was divided by Jinnah (whose lifestyle was anything but Islamic), in the name of Islam.

owaisi logic

Here is a piece of Asaduddin Owaisi brain !!!   It speaks for his intellectual level – as any “frog of the Well” will know. Islam means a tool for power, control and dominance for Great Mr Owaisi – and the road starts with spreading hate. Read Jinnah of Modern India

Here are some more photocopies of Owaisi

Soon other out-of-power appeasement politicians joined the chorus, using different set of words and juvenile media did its best to create a hysteria as if the Supreme Court of India has wilfully convicted an ‘innocent’ Muslim man in a trial that lasted over 2 decades !

The Congress led opposition behaved as if the government of India (because it is headed by BJP and Modi) is running after an ‘innocent convict’ because he is Muslim !  But Sonia Congress is by now the best known anti-Hindu party in India. Sonia has yet to make a statement saying, “Terrorists are Maut Ke Saudagar” – it is not clear what is holding her back.

How can the print media stay behind when the agenda is to glorify a Muslim convict as an ‘innocent victim’. The INDIAN EXPRESS shouted on the front page: “And they hanged Yakub.” The Times of India with colonial roots can’t be expected to stay behind. It screamed on the front page: “Night Without End: Death at Dawn”.

Kalam’s demise was not worthy of central space on the front page of these two papers – now big and self-serving for the comfort of their ordinary readers.

Juvenile Indian Media

The fact that vested interests were dictating media was obvious to even any political novice. Here is just one (among many) example:

On July 30 at around 3.30 pm the anchor on NDTV gave away the story when she (yet again) announced the BIGGEST news of the day – hanging of Yakub Memon!

Here are other BIG stories of the day that were not the BIGGEST for this channel:

  1. Funeral of “People’s President” Dr Abdul Kalam
  2. Death of SP Baljit Singh fighting terrorists in Gurdaspur
  3. Massive floods in Gujarat and Rajasthan
  4. Congress not allowing parliament to function

There can be another half a dozen such news pieces on that day that should have been given air space. But what can you say to smug pseudo-intellectuals armed the “absolute” Freedom of Speech to choose and decide what India’s common men should or should not watch.

Are they wise enough to understand what news should be given priority over others, as part of their social responsibility?

Experience tells they are no more than bunch of half-grown middle school kids running with camera and microphone. Having the family-given names like Rajdeep Sardesai or Sagarika Ghose or Barkha Dutta or Rahul Kanwal actually don’t change the argument. They are certainly good and well known names; but so what? Names don’t make people smarter; quality of grey matter does.

Anyway, good thing is that Yakub exposed many traitors around us.

yakub 3But there were some channels that showed great sense of social responsibility- it must be highlighted.

Gutter Level Communal Politics

yakub Mercy_PetitionIf communal Owaisi highlighted Yakub’s Islamic identity (and made it look like persecution of Muslims in Hindu India!), for obvious vote bank gains, his communal tone was closely matched by Abu Azami of SP and his deputy who demanded Yakub’s wife’s in parliament !!  The likes of such miserable characters idiotically ended up equating Indian Muslims as criminals – it must be strongly condemned by all. With such a pathetic low level mindset they don’t deserve Indian citizenship.

These closed brain Muslim(?) leaders have no appreciation of majority Hindu’s tolerant nature and fairness of judicial system despite its shortcomings. Death Penalty Research Project of the National Law University (NLU), Delhi research tells that since independence 1414 people have been hanged in India; only 72 were Muslims – less than 5 %.  So, who was Mr Owaisi trying to fool ????

secular Hindus

Well known terrorist sympathiser Digvijay Singh of Sonia Congress echoed Owaisi’s sentiment and ‘secular’ Shashi Tharror was “saddened” by Yakub’s execution.  Digvijay Singh’s love for extremists and hate against Hindu organizations is well known and obsessive. He has earlier gone to the extent of blaming the 26/11 Mumbai attack on RSS!  Other Congressis went ahead with the usual game of calling the BJP communal. Below is the Secular certificate of Sonia Congress’s Digvijay Singh.

digvijay secular

So-called mainstream channels organized ‘debates’ with break after each 2 minutes as if they are retrying Yakub and ‘final’ verdict will be given by them!

Practically all forgot that the verdict was given by the apex court of India – which should be given TOTAL respect by all Indians.

While the battalion of camera/microphone live reporters got busy tracing misguided Muslims for their ‘remarks’ of Yakub hanging, practically no one bothered to talk to the families of 257 victims or those who suffered losses.

Sensationalism is what decides the worthiness of news items in modern Indian media where you can’t tell which news is not a “paid news”. Bihar elections are coming up: soon they will come up with PAID pre-poll surveys – result depending upon who paid for it !!

The midnight drama to save Yakub at the residence of CJI by Activist Prashant Bhushan and others convinced ordinary Indians that all is certainly not well in our intelligentsia. (I am sure soon there will be an announcement of some ‘human rights’ award to one of these rights champions, from some corner of the world.)

Indo-Pak demographies-horzOn a side note, will any of these champions of Muslim cause explain why Non-Muslims have disappeared from Pakistan?  And how the Muslim percentage in India is increasing; it is likely to touch 18% in next 10 years and India should surpass the Muslim population of Indonesia to become the global leader in Muslim population !

Despite the endless bad publicity of Hindu organizations and coining the deceptive phrase “Hindu terror” by Congressmen  Hindu life philosophy has no concept of killing people of other faiths.  I am sure not only Indian Muslims, but the whole world knows it very well – in no country Hindus ever provoke confrontation with people of other faiths; in fact, they mingle freely in local culture and tradition and remain FAITHFUL to that land and nation.

And why all this fuss on sentencing a criminal: because Yakub was a Muslim !  Even a toddler would laugh at this Owaisi logic.

Here is the confession of Yakub, which no one cared to mention

Let’s Remember the Real Heros – Dr Kalam and SP Baljit Singh

Here again the Congress culture of ignoring leaders outside Nehru family was uniquely displayed by Assam CM Tarun Gogoi who was dancing with girls in a function while the country was mourning loss of Dr Kalam. Many communal brains derided Dr Kalam for not being “real” Muslim – their “real” means a closed brain Islamic fundamentalist who puts ‘Allah’ in every sentence and talks of Jihad against non-Muslims.

kalam baby kissBut the picture here shows genuine tribute to Dr Kalam who has inspired Indian youth throughout his career. In Gurdaspur terror attack, SP Baljit Singh succumbed to head injury but paid media and appeasement politicians found no time to pay respect to him that he deserved.

Army was busy saving lives of people in Gujarat and Rajasthan floods – all went ignored by czars of Free Speech, who were busy faking love for Muslims. Mr Sardesai perhaps gets no kick in reporting such trivial news of dying poor people.

Yakub’s hanging exposed the hidden agenda of forces trying to destabilize India – they want to recreate another 1947 exploiting the same divisive communal forces. What do you make of the fact that security of SC judges who gave the verdict has been beefed up. The news of eminent ISIS attack on India makes the distorted and irresponsible reporting of a convict’s execution all the more serious. Now anti-India plotters have a better idea who their potential allies in India are; and who are India’s proud Jaichands.

Does Muslim community champions like Owaisi and Abu Azami have any plan to prevent Muslim youth from being attracted to ISIS’s barbaric Islamic philosophy? Perhaps doing that would be against their pathetic understanding of Islam!

It will be an injustice to Buddha, Mahavira and numerous saints of this ancient spiritual land to start worshipping villains and criminals – just to appease a small section of people following a foreign radical faith. I wonder why so many other minority faiths have no problem living in peace and harmony with so many other sects, castes and faiths.  Parasis, Jews, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, and so many others groups hardly make any news for wrong reasons. It is a good food for thought for the fake champions of Indian Muslims and the separatist/extremist elements in it!

Now the real question: Does stalling of parliament by Sonia Congress also fits-in somewhere in this wider disturbing picture?

Peace lovers must read:

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World Needs More DHARMA; Less Religion
Owaisi – Jinnah of Modern India !
Wahhabism: The Ideological Force Behind Islamic Extremism

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