What Makes Pakistan, Pakistan!

what is Pak failed countryPakistan symbolized Islam (not the ‘religion of peace’ but the political Islam) when it was born in 1947. Today, 70 years later, it is the mother of global terrorism and symbolizes Wahhabism. It is a remarkable journey from ‘Islamic separatism’ to Wahhabi terrorism. World’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was found here living in full safety and security. Since 1980s, its Jehadi factories have been churning out hardcore Islamic terrorists. Initially, it was to drive out the Soviet occupiers from Afghanistan but then to use them weapons of destruction against sworn enemy India. What it can’t achieve with guns, cannons, tanks, missiles and fighter planes can be conveniently accomplished by Jehadis ever ready to die for Allah. They offer its secret agency and military very peculiar and unique advantages. They are Pakistan’s most valued ‘strategic assets’.

A well trained jehadi can not only use guns and grenades to kill people but can also maneuver to reach the strategic target and blow himself up. Further, it is far more cost effective to set up Jehadi factories. The cost of just one fighter plane can sustain dozens terror factories for months. Such a versatile and self-destructive weapon in human flesh is still not available from conventional arms manufacturers.

Since early 1990s, Pakistan has routinely aimed its Jehadi weaponry against its neighbors, most particularly its sworn enemy India. However, its other two close neighbors, Afghanistan and Iran, are also not safe from Pak trained jehadis.

In fact, in the mid 1990s, Pakistan rewarded Talibani terrorists and helped them take control of Afghan government. Once in power, the Talibanis got busy with its Islamic business. They proudly demolished ancient Buddhist monuments, imposed severe restrictions on women and girls, and did their best to convert Afghanistan into 7th century barbaric Arab society. World watched their barbaric ways to impose their dictate. But their dream to reverse the clock by 1400 years ended, when their comrades from Al Qaeda did 9/11 terror attack and the Americans descended into Afghanistan hunting for Osama Bin Laden.

It also jolted Pakistan’s honeymoon with terrorists. It was forced to join America’s war against terrorism and fight with its own jehadi products. Noting that the US needed it as a strategic partner to succeed in Afghanistan, it kept extracting money and aid from the Americans and continued diverting them to run its numerous terror camps. So, Pakistan continued to produce terrorists while pretending to fight them, at the same time!  Simultaneously, it also started to declare itself as a big victim of terrorism! No wonder, today the international community laughs whenever Pak diplomats open their mouth on the topic of terrorism.

The US has been aware Pak’s game all along, but it had reasons to put with its hypocrisy. However, in recent years it concluded that Pak is totally unreliable and it still supports terror groups like the Haqqani to destabilize the Afghan government, apart from many others targeting India.

Now under Trump, the US is threatening to put it into the list of nations supporting terrorism, after stopping its terror funding. But Pak is not worried because China Uncle is there to hold its hand! In fact, it can look after its jehadi babies better under Chinese Umbrella than with the demanding Uncle Sam at the back.

Pak Moved from Bad to Worst

After its Islamic birth in 1947, Pakistan went through several transformations – but, all in the wrong direction. Even at the age of 70, it is a totally confused nation – still searching for a sensible national identity beyond Islam and a national goal other than destroy India. Like paranoid and isolated North Korea, Pakistan is the only other nation that threatens its neighbor (India) with nuclear attack.  Today, both these countries are the closest ally of Communist China!  It tells something!!

Dichotomy and irrationality is built deeply in Pakistan’s psyche. It started with something of a democracy, but always fell for military dictatorships. Pakistan’s population is just about the size of Indian Uttar Pradesh, but behaves as if it equals India. Like North Korea, it squanders money on military while its citizen struggle with poverty. Islam should have kept Pakistan united better than India’s Fevicol, but broke into two pieces in 1971! Now Wahhabi groups are threatening its existence.

The Betrayal Of East Pakistan: Birth of Bangladesh

pak unfinished agenda of 1971The 1971 India-Pak war is something Indians love to talk about and Pakistanis wish to forget. Loss of almost half of its territory and birth of Bangladesh will remain a lifelong trauma for Pak rulers. It badly distorted their already twisted brains. Just imagine the national agony coming from the surrender of 93,000 Pak army men before the Indian army in just two weeks of fight. It deeply hurt the psych of Pak establishment and its Islamic pride. Cocky Pak generals always boasted of the ‘highly fierce’ Islamic army. They still do.

1971 ‘symbolizes’ betrayal of East Pakistan by the politically dominant West Pakistan – and ended up losing it forever. Here is what transpired.

In December 1970, a general election for Pak National Assembly was held. The result went in the favour of East Pakistan based Awami League led by Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman. It bagged 167 seats compared to just 82 seats for West Pakistan’s Pakistan People’s Party, out of a total of 313 seats in the National Assembly. But rather than being invited to form a new government, Mujib was arrested. It led to widespread civil unrest in the East Pakistan. Politically dominant West Pakistan used military to curb the unrest. It made matters worse and a civil war engulfed the entire East Pakistan. The ‘highly fierce’ Islamic Pak army was resisted by Bengalis under the banner of Mukti Vahini that had hardly any arms or arms training. What ensued was a large scale genocide and rape, and exodus of millions of Bengali Muslims into India.

Roots of the genocide was traced by no one other than Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, head of the Pakistani Eastern Command who surrendered before the Indian forces on December 16, 1971. In his book The Betrayal of East Pakistan, he wrote

“On the night of March 25-26, 1971, General Tikka Khan (of the Pakistani Eastern Command) turned the peaceful night into a time of wailing, crying and burning…. The military action was a display of stark cruelty, more merciless than the massacres at Bukhara and Baghdad by Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, or at Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Dyer.”

The ‘highly fierce’ Islamic Pak army men slaughtered over three million people and raped countless Bengali women before surrendering to Indian army to save their own lives! Truly brave cowards !!

All pointers indicated that it was power crazy Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who, along with some generals, wanted to negate the election results and got Mujib arrested. What followed was the civil war, arrival of over 1 crore refugees in India that led to Indian intervention and creation of Bangladesh. It was also a logical outcome of the West Pakistani Islamic mindset that always looked down upon the East Pakistani Bengali Muslims as lowly and inferior.

Maverick Bhutto became the prime minister of whatever was left of West Pakistan. But he paid dearly for the dirty games he played with the military generals. First he ditched the then dictator Yahya Khan and then dumped his successor too. Ultimately, it was the same Zia-ul Haq, whom he had appointed as army chief superseding several generals, ousted him in 1977. In April 1979, Zia hanged him after a sham trial.

However, the 1971 war has not yet ended for the Pakistanis! They are still waging it in Kashmir through Islamic jehadis!  This war will continue until Pak gets wiped out from the world map!!  Producing jehadis suicide bombers in the terror factories, Pakistan appears to have put on a suicide vest too!!!

Dichotomy is built so deeply in Pakistan’s psyche that experts are amazed. It started with something of a democracy, but always fell for military dictatorships; Islam should have kept united the country better than India’s Fevicol, but broke into two pieces in 1971; its population is less than the largest Indian province – Uttar Pradesh, but it always considered itself in competition with India; in the 1980s it discarded its own milder version of Islam in favour of radical Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia that came with petro dollars and trained maulwis; its terror camps kept producing extremists while its military was fighting the “war on terror” alongside Americans; it still sends its terror products across Indian borders and also claims to be the biggest victim of terror; now when all its institutions are badly infected with radicals its Supreme Court wonders if in the Constitution word “Islam” can be replaced with “Secular” !

Pakistan  Becoming  Wahhabistan!

Pakistan is Wahhabi nationPak dictator Zia was always at odds with the democratic forces and felt comfortable with radical Muslims. The defeat of Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan in the late 1980s at the hands of Islamic jehadis led him to develop the concept of a holy role for the armed forces. Thus, he started to encourage radical Islam and fundamentalism in order to weaken the democratic forces and processes of the country. For his own personal safety, he created an anti-democratic class of officers by instilling Islamic fundamentalism in them. Thus, Pakistani institutions – particularly its military and secret service – got badly infected with fundamentalists and radical elements.

While it served his immediate purpose, it also brought radical clergymen into political dominance, fading out elected leaders. Reflecting their fundamentalist thinking these mullahs started to tell people to behave like Arab people of the 7th century, in the name of Sharia Law. Madarsas and Mosques began to fall in the hands of radical preachers supported by Saudi funds. Shia-Sunnis divide widened as Wahhabi Sunni preachers started radicalizing people.

Products of the Wahhabi Madarsas naturally had no taste for what is called democracy. However, they formed valuable raw material for the Jehadi factories.  Kargil war in 1999, decisively demonstrated the wonderful chemistry between Pak military and terrorists. The world watched it.

In 2017, Pakistan proudly displays its ‘strategic assets’ like Hafiz Sayeed on TV channels. They are now more precious than the missiles and tanks displayed in the Independence Day Parade!

La ilaha Il allah; Pakistan ka matlab kiya? (There is no God but Allah. What does Pakistan mean?)  Please tell me, if you know!!

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