Why Chhota Nagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act Fails to Protect Jharkhand Tribals?

“If Tata Steel, Heavy Engineering Corporation and Bokaro Steel Plant can come up without amending the CNT Act, why does the Greater Ranchi plan require such amendments?”

This question very clearly sums up the status of implementation of the Chhotanagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act of 1908. If the Act can be violated so easily why bother about amending it!!

Instituted by the British the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act, 1908 is an important act for the tribal population of Jharkhand. It restricts transfer of tribal land to non tribals. The CNT Act is effective in North Chhota Nagpur, South Chhota Nagpur and Palamau divisions, including areas under various municipalities and notified area committees.

So far, the CNT Act has been amended as many as 26 times, latest in 1995. It is listed in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution, so the act is beyond judicial review. It can only be repealed by the Parliament; the state government can only make amendments to it. Currently over 20,000 cases of land restoration are pending across Jharkhand, pointing to the blatant violation of the Act.

In 1962 the Bihar government amended the CNT Act to include “economically weaker castes (EWCs)” belonging to the SC and OBC. The original Act applied only to the lands of Scheduled tribes (STs) and vested the power of land transfer on the plea of the right owner, with the deputy commissioner (DC). It notified a list of backward classes, the sale of whose land would be restricted as per the CNT Act.

Some Important Provisions of the CNT Act

Provisions 46 and 49 of the CNT Act regulate sale and purchase of tribal land. Section 46 allows tribal to tribal land transfer but with the permission of the Deputy Commissioner.

Contrary to popular belief, the CNT Act also allows transfer of land from tribals to non-tribals under Section 49. This can be done only for industries or agriculture. Restrictions and procedures are specified in the relevant Sections of the Act. As per the Section 49 of the CNT Act, tribal land can be sold to non-tribals too but only for the purpose of putting up industries or for agriculture work — but in this case the permission requirement has been changed. Rather than deputy commissioners (as provided in the original Act), permission is needed from the revenue department.

There is also a provision that the Government can withdraw land transfer if it is not used for industrial and public purposes like hospitals or schools. But there are numerous cases where the land was used otherwise.

These two provisions, coupled with the unfettered power of the state to acquire land in “public interest”, have undoubtedly led to the alienation of vast tracts of tribal land throughout the state. This has happened in spite of the revenue department’s fixed ceilings for different areas, below which rate no land can be registered.

Section 71 of the Act offers relief against fraudulent purchases. The victim can apply for restoration of land under this Section. Prime plots owned by the tribals in urban areas like Ranchi are always eyed by non-tribal builders who would like acquire such plots and then sell them after development at higher prices.

Section 241 of the CNT Act permits transfer of Mundari-Khuttkatti land for certain purposes but with the prior permission of the deputy commissioner. Incidentally, the aluminum giant Hindalco has been eyeing land that falls in this category. Note that the Mundari-Khuttkatti lands are plots developed for agricultural purpose by tribals over decades for their own use.

Latest Court Order on the CNT Act

A Brief Background

“According to the section 46(A) of the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act 1908, an Adivasi can transfer their land only to another Adivasi resident of the same police station, with the permission of the Deputy Commissioner (DC). Similarly, Section 46(B) of the CNT Act states that the SCs and OBCs can also transfer their land to members of their community within the area of a district with the permission of the DC.”

Immediately after coming to power in September 2010, the Arjun Munda government issued a directive asking officials to “strictly” adhere to the Section 46 of CNT Act that allows a tribal to sell his land to another tribal. But the under pressure from the builders’ lobby, it issued another notification “staying” the previous one. It was challenged in the High Court which quashed the stay notification and ordered strict implementation of the CNT Act.

The Verdict and Its Impact

The Jharkhand High Court order of January 25, 2012 made deputy commissioner’s consent mandatory for transfer of land belonging to backward classes and Scheduled Castes in the context of the CNT Act. The authorities have been allowing land transfer without DCs approval assuming that it was required only for transfer of tribal lands.

After the Court’s order, the land transferred of Adivasis, Dalits and OBCs was stopped in the state, which hit the real estate business, illegal land grab by the corporate houses, and illegal land transfer to the outsiders. It clearly meant that the procedures laid down in the CNT Act were never taken seriously or followed strictly!!

This left the builders’ lobby highly disappointed; it had indulged in large scale purchase of tribal lands for real estate development in collaboration with politicians and business community. So, now the state government is trying to come up with some possible amendment that would ease the pains of the builders.

The verdict also ignited a fierce war of words between the proponent and opponents of the Act, who view the CNT provisions as outdated and out-of-sync with today’s social set up.

Unhappy Builders’ Lobby wants Relief

Builders’ lobby has suggested two quick-fixes to the government so as to safeguard their business interests:

One is to revisit the list of backward classes that were incorporated under the CNT Act in 1962 and prune the list to keep only the extremely backward classes. This would free a lot of land from the purview of the Act.

The other step is to modify the amendment of 1981 which extended the act to municipal areas and notified areas committees, so that the municipal corporation areas of Ranchi and Dhanbad are kept outside the CNT Act.

Some Commonly Suggested Amendments to the CNT Act

These land tenancy Acts have been needed to protect interests of poor tribals; rich and affluent tribals can of course look after their interests. Therefore, when it comes to amending the Act, it is more of a sentimental and political issue and not a legal issue alone. Certain commonly talked about grounds for amendment are listed here:

The Act is Out-of-Sync with Current Realities: Since the original Act is hundred years old, certain restrictive provisions appear out of sync with today’s realities. For instance, a) the condition for selling Raiyati land is that both the seller and the purchaser should be residents of the same police station area; b) the seller must prove that he is in real need of money, for medical, education or construction of house etc and c) the seller must have 2.5 acres of land left in his possession after selling the land.

Note: “Raiyat” means primarily a person who has acquired the right to hold land for the purpose of cultivating it by himself, or by members of his family, or by hired servants, or with the aid of partners, and includes also the successors in interest of persons who have acquired such a right.‎ In nutshell, he is just a tenant – not owner of the plot.

Land Transfer should Cover the Entire State: A popular demand (also approved in January 2012 by the Tribal Advisory Council) has been to remove to the restriction of jurisdiction within the police station, which was all right a century ago when tribal population was restricted to some specific areas where a single police station was sufficient. In today’s situation of increased mobility, a tribal should be allowed to sell his land to another tribal living anywhere within the state boundary.

Small Lease Tenure: Section 46 also restricts the tenure of land lease; it cannot be leased for more than five years and can only be used for limited purpose such as agriculture, horticulture, etc. Many people see it as serious handicap in availing loans, so they demand removal of this clause.

Re-notify the Backward Class List: It is fifty years since 1962 when the Bihar Government extended benefits of land transfer restrictions under the CNT Act to a notified list of backward classes. It may be a good idea to revisit the list and modify it to include SC and OBC beneficiaries based on today’s ground realities of their social status and economic background.

Increase Compensation: The compensation provisions for sale of land which was introduced in 1970 also need revision to incorporate the current rates.

Amend the Bihar Scheduled Area Regulation Act: An act that goes against the CNT Act is the Bihar Scheduled Area Regulation Act (1969), which has the provision of legalizing illegally transferred tribal lands. It must be brought in consonance with the CNT Act.

Streamline Maintenance of Land Records: It has also been argued that the tenancy laws are complicated and detailed records had not been maintained over the years. If the records were streamlined and well maintained, there wouldn’t have been much difficulty.

Redefine the Jurisdiction of the CNT Act: The government should consider fresh demarcation of scheduled areas that decides the implementation of the Act – scheduled areas have not been demarcated for a long period of time. If the government can notify the scheduled areas in consonance with the percentage of population of the scheduled category, a lot of problem would be solved.

During a debate 2010-11, JVM chief Babulal Marandi had suggested that certain provisions of the Act should be relaxed in Ranchi and surrounding areas for development.

Eliminate the Approval by Deputy Commissioner: Then there are people who want the land transfer approval by deputy commissioner or department of revenue to be removed because state officials can always be pressured by powerful lobbies. They also consider it unnecessary.

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83 Responses to Why Chhota Nagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act Fails to Protect Jharkhand Tribals?

  1. Prakash jha says:

    Do lease is allowed to non-tribal for purpose of industries?

  2. Goodpal says:

    Thanks Prakash for reading. Section 49 allows that but after approval from the Revenue department.

    • tulip says:

      I wanted to know that for ST people, same Police station rule is still valid or within the same district I can take land?

  3. Abhinav says:

    if the plot is registered in 2011 n belong to non tribal but obc, does it come under the cnt act, the verdict date 25th jan 2012 has any restrospective effect or not?

    • Shailendra says:

      Whole issue is in mess and you know political situation of Jharkhand, no body has courage to resolve any issue. If some strong government comes in future with strong chiefminister then some hope otherwise it will as such forever. I also had purchased a plot belongs to OBC in 2011,with my hard earned money but donot know what will happen tomorrow.

  4. Goodpal says:

    You are very right, Shailendra.

    It is the lack of clarity that allow all types of corruptions and exploitation of poor tribal people. As with most laws in India, people in power always have ways to bypass any law. As we all know, since 1990 India ceased to be a social democracy. In last 20 years, government policies are all geared towards industrialization. So, now governments give all types of concessions and subsidies (without saying so) to the MNCs and big industrial houses so that they can set up high tech industries or exploit natural resources. It is all at the cost of rural poor and tribals.

    Thus, I suggest the only way logical way is to get organized and protect land and properties. Unfortunately, Indian rulers can not solve problems of their own people who elect them; they can at best copy what the West or the US does. Since the West is ruled by corporate houses, so will be India.

  5. deepak says:

    every thing is state over cnt act in this blog is according constitution is right.

  6. ravi kumar says:

    i am from sc category and i am buying a flat which is cnt free , but state bank of india is not giving me loan on this by saying that u are brlonging from sc category which is listed in cnt act. so iwant 2 know that am i not elligible for buying a flat

  7. Goodpal says:

    As far as my understanding goes, there is no restriction on SC or ST category people buying property and taking loans. CNT and other such acts basically are meant to protect interests of the tribal people. Let the bank clarify under which section of the Act it wants to deny you loan and then consult a lawyer.

    Have a good day!

    • if the transfer of rights are not available to the bankers, how the bank can obtain mortgage of CNT Land. As it is well known that bank take mortgage to sell the property to anyone in case of account becoming NPA.

  8. vikash says:

    want to know abt 46 b rules

  9. Goodpal says:

    Thanks Vikas for writing.

    As states in the article, Section 46(B) of the CNT Act states that the SCs and OBCs can also transfer their land to members of their community within the area of a district with the permission of the DC. For precise technical interpretation you may have to see a lawyer.

  10. sunil kr minz says:

    good job

  11. Chandan Kumar says:

    A piece of land further divided into small plots to be be sold and registered following the Sec- 46 (B) of CNT Act. But, for the land which comes under the road development and common purposes, how will it be registered.

  12. amit kumar says:

    we belong to backward class. i am also under in cnt act, my father is invested whole life money in land and building for getting better return. now we are on road due to this foolish act of our respectable jharkhand govt. now we are not able to get loan from my property also not able to sell this property . how can my sister get married? how can i stable my industries (which is my dream)?. how can i afforad my parents medical exp?. now a days i want to sucide if this law will not terminated.

    • Shailendra says:

      Not only you, I also purchase a big size plot after taking Big personal Loan, Still for another 3 years I have to pay to Bank and it is 60% of may salary. But Now I am also realise how blunder I have done because that plot was of mahato caste. Now I am of no where, one side I am paying to Bank and on other side I caanot say that plot is legally belongs to me.

      • Goodpal says:

        Hello Shailendra,

        I am sorry to hear about situation. The plot was sold to you, but as you say you were not the right candidate to buy it. Then it also means that the seller did not tell you about the nature of the plot. Further, if it was so then how the plot got registered on your name? The land records would clearly indicate the land category (and thereby who it could not be sold to).

        So the question arises, how the officials allowed such a transfer of land to someone (you) who is not entitled to buy it. Is it mere negligence or fraudulent? Besides, the land owner should have also told you about the nature of the plot before making the deal. Therefore, the roles of both parties are questionable. It appears that you can take the matter to the court and seek redressal.

  13. Goodpal says:

    There is no need for despair Amit. Contact some lawyer and also the MLA and MP of your area. There are vested interests working against the CNT Act but you must fight for your rights.

  14. vijay kumar says:

    I belong to SC. My father has started constructing a house in ramgarh and parallely applied for home loan (20 laks) to SBI. Now after over a month delay he is informed that he is not eligible for 20 lakhs since he will have to pay back the loan in 4.5 years (Because due to CNT act the land can not me mortgaged for more than 5 years). Please suggest how and where can i complaint against this??
    And How this section of the CNT act can be challenged ??

    • A G Anand says:

      Vijay, just google, as I was going through this article I also read some paper clips of times of India and Telegraph on the issue. State Govt has clearly wrote to Bankers Association to grant loans to SC and ST as the community can too mortgage their land for 15 years but not more than that.

      • Remish Boipai says:

        I belong to ST. I had applied for Home Loan for Rs.20 Lakhs in SBI for Construction of a House at Chaibasa Singhbhum(West). SBI not recommended for Home Loan to me because of CNT Act. What I have to do for getting Home Loan from SBI. Please suggested me.

  15. Goodpal says:

    Dear Vijay Kumar,

    You may try other banks. If they all give the same reply, consult a lawyer for the exact current status of the CNT on this issue . You may also like to keep in mind that Banks also have their own internal guidelines regarding loans and the payment terms.

    Thanks for raising the issue.

    • Naresh says:

      Hello Everyone,

      Perhaps I am in a similar situation as Vijay is.Last week, my father went to SBI for a loan and the bank refused to give any credit to us saying we belong to a OBC cast which is listed in CNT act. Now we are in a deep trouble as our financial planning is in mess. Don’t know what should be our next step.

      Appreciate if anybody can suggest what should I do ?

  16. bhupen says:

    We are in the same situation as amit. Is this rule is made to protect or made to make give benefit to buyer. In my case many are ready to take the land with some workaround of law but at the half price of the original price. we don’t have any other choice left. we need money and we have to sell it. we are getting nuts and they are making huge profit in this. we are even unable to think what should be done.

  17. Goodpal says:

    I was sorry to hear about your situations, Naresh and Bhupen.

    All laws are supposedly made to benefit people. The problem with NCT and other laws protecting tribals is that they are not straightforward. That create confusion and open scope for conflicts and litigation. When our politicians stop playing politics with these laws, things will change for good and for all.

  18. rules were made for the protection of tribal self respect after mughal and british rule.mass require change but leaders misguide the simple adibasis.the present judicial system has debarred the corrupt politiciansto be a member of parliament like lalujee,rasidji,jagdishji etc,only charismatic leader can decide over the issue which is the need of the hour.

    • Shailendra says:

      Whole issue is in mess. People donot have money for their day to day expenses. Govenment donot permit them to sell their land and at same time they can’t give them any work . In such situation how their life will improve. Some OBC Casts were able to sell their land from last 40-50 years and so their life was much better than tribals because they have money power,but that also have been stopped and many innocent people have trapped into that after loosing their hard earned money. Now it is almost two years and their is not a single guidline what will happen to those people who have bought such plots.
      If it was fraudlent then how it got registered and how it was getting sold from last 50 years.
      Government should either refund their whole money with interest or they should be given honourship. So that they can do whatever they want, It is not like only land have value Money have more value than land. Now whatever land falls under CNT act anybody can get that at throwaway prices but then also no body will go for that.

  19. AMIT SINGH says:


  20. Goodpal says:

    The best way is to verify the status of the plot and any dispute related with it, speak with a local lawyer if you are legally eligible to buy it and then speak with the bank or other lending agency where you would apply for loan. Do all these things before actually shelling out money.

    Good luck.

  21. sanjay kumar says:

    l m a builder under cnt act it must be clear that how builders can aquire land for road purpose and other social needs of the resident living in a colony under cnt free land. Does law allow to aquire land for road furpose if surrounding area covered by cnt land.

  22. Sandeep Kumar Kujur says:

    I’ve purchased a tribal land in kanke block and at present I work in chattisgarh state but I have a domicile of jharkhand. Can you guide me how to get permission of my land. I want to do it on my own and don’t want to hire an advocate. I will be very thankful to you

  23. deepak says:

    I have purchased a flat from a sc in dec.2012.The seller has purchased that flat in 2004 from a person who does not comes under cnt and neither the appartment built on the land which belong to a cnt person.I have taken a housing loan from SBI when i have purchased that flat in 2012.Now again i need some finance from the same bank.The bank says the flat comes under cnt act.I am not sure whether the bank is right or not.

    • SKR says:

      I think best person to answer you query is Hemant. But He will not answer. He speaks on only those subjects which is of no use.

  24. amit31absurd says:

    I bought a piece of land in the year 1992 from an ST. Can you tell me what is the future of this land? Will it be ceased sometime later?
    In 1992 the land was part of Bihar and Bihar Scheduled Area Regulation Act (1969) was applicable. Is this land secured after this act or is there still any risk?

  25. sanjay kumar says:

    i m bihari mali cast. i do railway job at ranchi from 10yrs. can i purchage a land from own sharma (carpenter bihari) at ranchi ?

  26. vibhuti says:

    Dear Sir/MaamI am vibhuti Pandey and I want to buy a land in Adityapur Jamshedpur.The land Which I intend to buy was bought in 2003 from Bhuinyan, which is OBC listed in CNT Act.The buyer was by caste Hind Rajput who is The current owner at present.The mutation is also done by the name of current owner. Now My query is:1. Should I buy the land?2. Will the mutation be allowed if I buy this land?3. Will I be able to avail Loan facility on this land for home construction??I am service man with an MNC company.Pl advice..Warm RegardsVibhuti P.+918540921585+919022638089

    • Shailendra says:

      I can reply this based on my experience. Recently I saw many properties have been bought, which was origionally belongs to Mahto(Now in CNT)which was sold to non Mahto 10-12 years back, And now the person which bought didn’t face any problem in Mutation. But I suggest donot believe on me blindly. Go to Block or KarmChari of your area and directly ask them this question His answer will be 100% correct. Bank related question can’t answer because there are n number of constraints.
      Hope this will work for you.


  27. Karans says:

    Or kuch hai to jldi bataiye…sir G

  28. prashant says:

    I have purchased a plot of land which is of CNT free but at the time of mutation block officers clearly ask me for Rs.500/desiml for their work which is not any legal charge.What should i do ..?

  29. VIJAY KESHRI says:

    HEY…i purchased a land some years back from a ST,.but i had no idea to take the land reciept. and now its getting difficult for me to get the land reciept inspite of many attempts. my land is badly trappped in this act. although i am having all the papers of land but getting the reciept is still getting difficult. and without the reciept i cant sell my land and i am in an urgent need to sell it. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SOLUTION

  30. Md Younush Ansari says:

    Chatanagpur Tenancy Act 1908 to abolished .We want development like Gujrat , Delhi ,West Bangal, Karnataka , Utterpradesh ,Kerla , Tamilnadu, Punjab & other developed states of India . In these states also Tribals & backwards are residing. Chotanagpur Tenancy Act & Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act was approved by Britishers to restrict the Development in these region , so that they may get Slaves easily. Think it. Plz pass it to Hon’ble Prim minister of India.

    • Md Younush Ansari says:


      • Shailenra says:

        You want to spoil the entire political career of Many Jharkhandi leader. There are many leaders whose entire political career depends on the such discreminationg policies and fooling poor Aadiwasi’s in the name of moolvasi, aadiwasi ,perdesiwasi etc…

      • topno says:

        cnt is being favoured by STs themselves. It is the necessity of the present age for STs otherwise cheaters type of persons will ruin the life of STs/SCs . When Jugad/bandobast sometimes does not work they give absurd comments or statements. Will the elacted representative of the people or people of so called culture have any courage to do any good work for the STs. We face problems sometimes because of our ignorance/ cunningness/bad systems etc. etc. but it true that many are eying for abolishing cnt to enable them for exploitation of the weaker people

  31. Ravi says:

    i am planning to buy mahto land. mahto comes under CNT act? please let me know. Who are comes under CNT act by caste wise? please let me know Shailendra.

  32. Dilip Kumar Sharma says:

    I want to known about right of act. How it affects on land transfer? I am bihari carpenter and can I buy land from a mahto . Pls. Let me know. If yes then tell the procedure.

  33. Sethuraman R says:

    Thanks for sharing this post with us…its really very nice and use full information….ROC Software

  34. Binay says:

    Sir, I plan to buy a flat in a reputed colony from a general cast person, who owns the flat for last 20 years, but the colony was made after acquiring land from Mahatos around 22 years back, will I have problem in getting loan and registration of flat, please advise.

    • Abhishek says:

      i am facing the same situation and advice you not to buy the property…invest further 5 laks and get a cnt free one

  35. Bablu Bodra says:

    I am belong to st cast. I want to buy land at other block & other thana then it can give me permission by DC pls replay me

  36. Dear Sir
    I want to know that weather a general person can take over the lease from sc, obc person .
    matter is as bellow….
    an obc person has taken a plot from SAIL BOKARO(JH) on lease basic of 33 years. now the obc person wants to tranfer the lease to a person of general caste who is leaving at kolkatta.
    Does the general caste person take over the lease(plot) from obc person

  37. abhay kumar says:

    i purchased aplot in ranchi (ormanjhi) in 2010. due to act mutation was not done .i tried so many time through broker also ,but there are not any reply. i want to know what is future of my plot.(land belongs to KORIYA family). please advice me.

  38. ANJALI JAISWAL says:

    Dear SIR
    I M ANGEL and i want to know dat wat are the different kinds of tenants have been recognised under CNT Act 1908?

    • Goodpal says:

      The CNT and other acts protecting the tribals are fast losing relevance in today’s world where the government is actively promoting corporate interests. The way to go ahead with your query is to visit a local laywer who deals with the CNT act.

  39. birendra mahato says:

    Hi…I belong to MAHATO and wanna buy land from SAHU caste. Is it free from CNT Act ? I am worried to invest such a huge amount. plz reply………

  40. Akashdeep says:

    Hi there. going through the posts was a real learning experience. I am from Bihar and my mother is from Ranchi. I am by caste a Kayastha. Have been planning to buy waste land in Jharkhand for personal use/ forest development/ plantation. Recently have got some offers for lands about 2.5 acres and I am interested. Don’t know the procedure or the restrictions but from reading the posts here, it seems it is a real difficult task.
    None the less, would appreciate if some advise is forth comming to make me finalize the matter. I hear things move only on coins in Jharkhand and anything can be achieved. I don not believe in this but if that is the fact then how to go about it. Can anyone suggest a lwayer dealing in CNT matters with mobile number and address. Would be grateful.
    regards and thanks in anticipation

  41. Akashdeep says:

    In addition to my previous post, I would also be delighted if some property, about 2-3 Acres is disclosed which I may be interested. The area of interest lies basically near Forest as I am a Forest buff.

    • Shailendra Rai says:

      Hi It looks like you are interested in investing some big amount of money in jharkhand. I will suggest pl do not do so there is high risk that you may loose your all money. Do it in Bihar where there is less risk if you have carefully checked the papers.

  42. Akashdeep says:

    Thanks Shailendra Rai.

  43. shashikant says:

    do c.n.t land purchase to carpanter obc cast in resimential purpose

  44. shashikant says:

    do c.n.t land purchase to carpanter obc cast in residential and small plant purpose.

  45. Santosh Sinha says:

    Sir,I have purchased a land from Mahto caste in 2010 last but I could not done mutation after that stay order circulated by government. I want to know that is there any effective date for cnt act on obc land.because when I get registered that time and after that some month also cnt act not imposed on Mahto land can I do the our purchased land mutations .

  46. masih khoya says:

    the govt. has aquired my land for poultry farm 50 years ago but there is no any use by govt. and my position is continue could it return to me If yes How

  47. hi, could you plz tell me about the section which talks about the tenure of land and why is it difficult to get a loan.

  48. I am an OBC and i am trying to sell my land. so is it necessary that i have to sell to the people of my own caste or i can sell to anyone in the OBC community?

  49. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    I have a CNT free residential land in Getlatu(Near bsnl training centre), if anyone want such land please call: 8252771261 OR hseguru@yahoo.in

  50. Chandan Roy says:


    I got an old registered property with the state government before CNT act get implemented. But later the CNT got implenment on the same. LIC housing finance issuing loan against the same but Nationalised Bank dont. Please help whether this sort of property will fetch any difference in future if I purchase such property at present

    • Shailendra Rai says:

      Jharkhand is one of the most useless state, there are n number of social issues, so I will suggest do no do any such invstement here try in nearby state.If goverment was allowing sale and purchase of OBC land till jan 2012 how suddenly that become illegal? And if government do no know the state rule how a common person will know.

  51. sumit kumar says:

    I , sc ( paswan )want to buy land of st ( manjhi ) . can I buy it under CNT act …..if no which land can I buy as sc ( paswan ) . please help me out

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  53. Saty prakash says:

    What are the castes comes under CNT act of jharkhand? Does TANTI (Tatwa) is a notified caste under CNT act?

  54. Sukanta says:

    My brothers are in deal with a plots in Ranchi infact paid some advance too, builder/dealer has mentioned that land owner is Munda and he has exception in CNT law as he was village chairman and not required to pay tax.when I went there to just check – I saw many families are peacefully bulit house and staying there most of them are forward community. I am also excited to get a small piece of land there.. Can any one confirm is there any such rule/facilities — or my bbrohter are trapped in unwanted zone/deal????

  55. Deogharia says:

    Want to buy a land (belongs to ST community), but a gated layout developed and land is inside, I see many already build houses and people already staying there. I have no intention to further sale it and want my next/next generation to use this purely for residential purpose.

    Builder mentioned following steps
    1. Land will be transfer / given to my name under sale agreement signed by seller (from Munda community) before notary and witnesses

    2. Post that I can put boundary, build a small house

    3. Apply for electric connection and holding number (I don`t know what’s this)

    4. Get included in society

    5. Start staying

    This looks exactly similar to the process we have in Deoghar (Jharkhand) for non- saleable land, there are thousands such house in Deoghar. I heard even Bank given small amount loan (say 10 lakh) for construction

    I don`t have other area like challenging / process to buy tribal land.

    As I mentioned I am intended to use the land purely for my stay in constructed house (no plan for resale, no plan for putting any business etc)

    Is it ok and safe to go ahead do full payment and get the piece of land on my name???

    -Deogharia AK

  56. pankaj says:

    Can an sc category guy who comes under cnt act purchase the land from another community like obc which comes under cnt act?? can it be baught from other circle/police station ??

  57. sushant says:

    I am belongs to OBC caste I want sell of my house. due to bloody CNT act I could not able to sell this property. and this property very necessary to sell. following this bloody act nobody showing interest to take this. if any one want then very low cost saying.on that cost it is possible . have a any process to sell or can registry. or can I change my caste or can I go to General caste

  58. Rajdeep says:

    I am planning to purchase a plot from General caste . He had purchased it from a St but the St had purchased it from a general . I want to know wether the land will be a general or St land

  59. alok kumar singh says:

    i am alok singh belong to general (Kshatriya ) cast . can i buy land in jharkhand from obc ( gupta ) cast seller for building home . plz help ….
    we are staying in JHARKHAND till 1987 …..

  60. Pingback: Local tribes protest changes in Jharkhand land laws | Kractivism

  61. Narendra Tiwary says:

    From which date OBC Kahar,(Rawani) cast came under CNT act.in Palamu Dist.

  62. Pingback: Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, 1908 – ALL INDIA LEGAL FORUM

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