What are MASVAW’s Tools/Processes to Bring About Change

Ice-breaking Tools of Change

Along its journey, MASVAW has been raising awareness and building capacity of men in different fields such as in academia, media, private sector, with other professionals on a wide range of topics including men and gender equality, gender based violence, violence against women, masculinity, male reproductive and sexual health, men as responsible partners for women’s reproductive and sexual health and as responsible parents and the sexual rights of young people and sexual minorities.

Being sensitive, all the above topics require use of appropriate tools targeting different age groups. Some very effective tools such as flash cards, the game of Snakes/Ladders, and an activity book for younger generation have been developed and are used in various activities. These tools serve as ice breakers, to initiate and facilitate discussion and further the understanding of the target group and stakeholders on specific issues.

The games in the program were designed in a way that they reduce gender stereotypes prevailing in the region and are used to facilitate interaction among the participants on gender related perceptions and behaviors.

Snake and Ladder Game to Sensitize Men

Processes/Interventions of Change

If games and activities are important tools to create and sustain interest of the participants and audience, workshops are the primary catalysts of change. They set into motion the correct understanding of our highly gender-unjust society resulting and how it has evolved from the patriarchal mindset that exists inside every man. Workshops provide fresh angle and the correct perspective to view what goes on inside a man’s mind and in his surrounding social atmosphere. Discussing issues in peer groups and sharing personal observations and actions further reassure and support the participants.

Researcher Emily M. Maosa (of University of Liverpool, UK) who studied behavior change of MASVAW men found workshops to be the most effective intervention. She noted: “The interventions of MASVAW that have helped the men to change in their behavior which were most cited by the respondents were workshops. The workshops helped the men to understand about womens rights and reach out to other men.”

Other tools of change such as rallies, seminars, and meetings, support MASVAW’s work to organize men against violence and gender inequality by creating right social atmosphere and also generate awareness for public accountability to address VAW. MASVAW groups provide a safe and supporting environment to men to vent their feelings and resolve conflicts and confusions. MASVAW also trains facilitators who support men in freely discussing their personal issues.

Watch this Video: Drama Competition Organized by MASVAW

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Overview of MASVAW’s Work

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