Who says The Poor are Useless for the Society?

Bad Publicity of the Poor

Human beings are like fingerprints, no two are alike. There will always be some who are more equal than others and some will always be smarter than others. So inequality will always exist as a gift from the nature. Of the five fingers in the hand, all are important although all are not equal. No one in his right frame of mind can say that the little finger is of no use so let us cut it off.

However, when it comes to society things begin to turn topsy-turvy and commonsense goes fishing. For some strange reasons, everything in society gets decided by the rich (Can someone tell me, why?). They grab power or buy politicians and start framing policies that suit them. Their “lifestyle” becomes a priority and its sustenance the prime focus of all their activities.

If you think carefully, you will discover that all problems of the world are created by them. Even all the prejudice and divisions of society can be attributed to them. A good example is their attitude towards the poor. Thanks to the widespread influence of the rich, the poor are treated with scorn everywhere. Look at so much misinformation about poor people; you don’t need much gray matter to understand who created them. It has become almost a fashion to blame the poor for everything: from laziness, to crime, to drug peddling, to violence.

I fail to understand how suddenly a man with no money becomes bad. Or, for the same logic, how having money turns a rascal into a noble person. When I try to understand the rich, the truth appears that more often than not they are just “poor souls” with some extra cash. Even if they have more than what they can count, story is not much different.

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