Why Climate Change is a Gender Issue?

Climate Change means Human Suffering

Climate change debate continues to be afflicted with global disagreements and political maneuvering. But it is neither a mere political issue as politicians want us to believe, nor only a carbon emission issue as environmental scientists and some NGOs appear convinced about, and nor a money making opportunity as some carbon traders want us to bet our lives on. It is also not about performing the annual ritual of organizing international debates on United Nation’s platform in one corner of the world or another and allowing states to quarrel and blame one another. It is also not about creating innovative strategies such as REDD or REDD+ – impressive acronyms for Reduced Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation, which will allow rich countries in future to treat forests of poor countries as carbon warehouses and trade them as stocks, without solving the climate change problem.

Above all, climate change is a global issue with a human dimension. It is all about suffering and survival of people, particularly of the poor, weak and vulnerable groups such as women. Sociologists might have proved to their satisfaction that men and women are equal and the gender issue does not exist wherever they live or go. But the problem is, nature’s brain behind climate change does not understand their language.

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