Left Wing Extremists in India – Internal Conflicts

Internal Struggle of Indian Comrades

The following are the main issues on which there appear to be considerable differences among the Naxal groups and which are primary causes of conflict between them.

  1. The analysis of the first phase (1967- 71) of the Naxalite movement and the line of struggle to be followed
  2. The position that armed struggle is the principal form of struggle and the armed guerilla squad, the primary unit of struggle
  3. Whether the contradiction between feudalism and the Indian masses is the principal contradiction in Indian society or whether India has emerged as a capitalist state and hence, the contradiction between capitalism and general public is the principal contradiction
  4. Whether it would be prudent to form a united front with various forces and movements like the dalit, farmers’, ethnic and regional, and ecological movements etc.

However, these are not the only issues; several other issues pertaining to ground reality and control of territory are crucially linked to the functioning of Naxalite organizations.

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