Best Ways to Counter Maoists Violence in India

Any comprehensive strategy to neutralize the Maoists must follow a two-pronged approach.

1. Strategies to win over the poor tribals, dalits, and landless farmers, and

2. Strategies to neutralize or eliminate the armed hard-core Maoist leadership

1. Strategies to Win Over the Masses Supporting the Maoists

1.      Initiate special development drive for all districts of the Red Corridor. This must focus on developing basic facilities for education, health, drinking water, road, and food security through PDS scheme. Backward Districts Initiative (BDI) component of the Rsahtriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY) needs customized for these areas. The recent announcement of Rs. 100 for each district should also be integrated in this process.

2.      Employ locals only for all the above developmental work, except for the tasks for which skill is not locally available.

3.      Suspend all mega projects that need dislocation of people for few years until the tribals’ have access to basic facilities as mentioned above and education has helped change their understanding of the developmental issues.

4.      Give preference to local youths for employment in police and security forces.

5.      Implement land reforms and distribute surplus land to landless farmers.

6.      Provide easy loan facility at simple and generous terms through nationalized banks so that private lenders don’t exploit poor farmers.

2. Strategies to neutralize or eliminate the armed hard-core Maoist leadership

1.      Improve and strengthen police response by improving actionable intelligence collection and sharing mechanisms on the pattern of Greyhounds in Andhra Pradesh.

2.      Modernize the police force by including latest weaponry, night vision capability, and communication equipment, and improved training. Identify and reinforce the vulnerable police station.

3.      Looking at the increased casualties of security personnel due to IED/landmine blasts, provide more number of mine protected vehicles (MPVs).

4.      Retrain all police force stationed in Naxal affected areas so that they are better prepared for intelligence gathering activities.

5.      Cut off Indian Naxals from their Nepalese counterparts by strengthening forces at the Indo-Nepal border.

6.      Prepare a separate commando force under a central authority to surgically neutralize hard-core Naxals.

7.      Deal sternly with police and security staff found dealing harshly with innocent people. Set up a special human rights vigilante to overlook the conduct of all involved in anti-Naxal operations.

8.      Device a proper surrender and rehabilitation policy for the Naxals.

9.      Unleash a propaganda war through radio and television broadcast and other means to wean away people from the Maoist camp.

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2 Responses to Best Ways to Counter Maoists Violence in India

  1. Siri says:

    Quite thoughtful means to tackle through two pronged strategy,much needed. Do you support govt. holding talks with Naxalites? If so, do you think laying down arms should be a pre condition for talks ?
    Want to know your wise reflections 🙂

  2. Atheist says:

    Doesn’t​ make much sense,half of the things which you mentioned have been done-

    1) As you pointed out previously, Building roads makes Tribals wary of Companies which might come. Moreover,Road building contractors are attacked and killed by Maoists in which Tribals are the most Fanatical Warriors.

    2) Employing locals in work is generally the norm. MNEREGA is the best example.

    3) Development activities can’t be started when Tribals fanatically support the Maoists. Laying water pipe lines carry the risk of being attacked by Maoists.

    4) Yes, Locals are given preference in counter naxal forces. The CRPF raised its Tribal Division

    5) Providing Low interest loans to farmers and others in rural areas has been the norm since the 60’s. Hence the existence of Gramin Banks

    All these measures have been adopted​,and yet the Tribals seem to attracted to Maoism. Why? Only one reason,They are Primitive by Nature. In the immediate period post independence, Ambedkar had said that he would prefer Islam or Christianity for they forcibly pushed development amd civilisation down the throats of the unwilling and underdeveloped over the Hindus who were selfish with knowledge and didn’t dissipate it to the Tribals and the Dalits (He said that Hindus were so selfish that there existed Barbarians (Tribals) (His words,not mine)in the midst of a Great Civilisation (Caste Hindus, Buddhists and others)) and kept them in Primitive Barbarity. Now, The Hindu is being criticsed for dissipating the Knowledge and the Development. I don’t understand,Are the Tribals criticsing for the sake of it?

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