Traditional Timber Distribution (TD) Rights

Under the traditional rights prior to the ban by the court, people used to get the following benefits:

1.      Timber for house construction. A tree of pine (deodar) etc. used to be given in 5 years at a nominal price.

2.      People were allowed to graze their animals and though the grasslands were that of the forest department, rights of grazers were recorded and continued.

3.      Fodder leaves for the cattle were allowed.

4.      For firewood the dry and dead trees were allowed.

5.      Wood for the agricultural equipments and other household needs like bamboo baskets were permitted.

6.      Grass from forestland also fell into the ‘TD’ rights category.

Apart from these, certain non -timber produce were also allowed, namely:

1.      Fruits and flowers with quality of medicinal value.

2.      Edible mushroom.

3.      Medicinal plants, roots and bark of trees for various kinds of activities. For example cannabis sativa commonly known as ‘Charas’, which has a very high intoxication level and the leaves are banned under the NDPS Act, but the stem has a very high fiber content that is used to make ropes and even local shoes.

In a period of five years under the process of silviculture (art and science of raising trees), timber from trees was provided to the farmers for construction or maintenance of houses.

It is interesting to note that after the formation of the state (Himachal Pradesh) in 1971 and then subsequently the coming into existence of the Forest Conservation Act of 1980, this right of the farmers had remained intact.

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