Important Features of the New Timber Distribution Policy

H.P. Forest (Timber Distribution to Right Holders) Rules, 2010

After the court order, the new policy drafted by the state government has the following features:

1. No Timber Distribution shall be granted in the urban area. Timber Distribution will be done at one place only; Right Holder will specify the place of choice through an affidavit. Option specified, it would not be allowed to change.

2. If a person has timber available on his own land holding, his rights will be limited only to his holding as per the provisions of the Himachal Pradesh Land Preservation Act, 1978 and rules made there under.

3. If a right holder has sold trees from his private land holding, he will not be granted timber rights for 10 years.

4. In case a right holder has land holding at more than one place, he shall have option of getting Timber Distribution at one place only. For this purpose a Right Holder shall submit an affidavit giving details of his timber rights at different places and his place of option for exercising his future rights. Option once exercised shall not be allowed to be changed;

5. With effect from the date of notification of these Rules, no Timber Distribution shall be granted to a landowner who has purchased land after obtaining the permission of the Government under section 118 of the Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, 1972, irrespective of the date of purchase of such land.

6. Timber rights shall be granted only to the head of the family as per the revenue records.

7. Timber rights shall not be granted for the construction/maintenance of buildings meant for commercial or renting purposes.

8. Timber Distribution shall not be granted to the Right Holders, if trees for the purpose are not available silviculturally in the forest where concerned right holders have Timber Distribution rights.

9. Timber Distribution Right of a Right Holder shall be suspended upto 10 years if he is found to have mis-utilized the Timber rights or committed any forest offence after he becomes eligible again for Timber Distribution.

Further the new policy also specifies the quantity of timber:

1. Timber Distribution shall be granted in converted form from the depots to be specified separately as per scale fixed below

  • For construction of new house  =  3 cubic meters; and
  • For maintenance  =  1 cubic meter

2. Timber Distribution shall be given from salvage (fallen, dry standing), silviculturally available green trees in the order of preference.

The periodicity for grant of Timber Distribution to the Right Holders will be as under:

  1. For new construction once in life time or 30 years whichever is later,
  2. For additions/alterations – once in 15 years, and
  3. Sufferers of natural calamities/fire sufferers: As per actual requirement as recommended by the Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) and after personal verification by the ACF/DFO concerned.

Priority for grant of Timber Distribution. Priority for grant of Timber Distribution shall be given to the Right Holders belonging to Below Poverty Line. Right Holders above poverty line shall be granted Timber Distribution on first come first served basis.

Size and dimensions of Timber Distribution timber. The Timber for distribution to rights holders shall be converted and sold in different sizes other than the standard sizes made by Himachal Pradesh State Forest Corporation Ltd for commercial purpose.

Objections to the New Timber Policy

Suggestions to Improve the New Policy

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