Importance of Timber in Himachal Pradesh

Timber is a necessity for the people of Himachal where two-third (67%) of the total area comes under the forests. The people have just 10% of the land for carrying out agricultural operations. Hence, the forestland is part and parcel of daily livelihood of the people of the state and especially farmers.

Another important issue that needs to be reiterated here is that timber for house construction cannot be replaced by brick mortar etc because of the following reasons:

  • Region being under the seismic zone the houses with wooden structures are best suited to meet such an eventuality.
  • The hilly terrain has low road density thereby very difficult for the people to carry industrial material like cement, sand etc meant for constructing such houses.
  • The state falls under the temperate zone with extremely cold weather conditions. In such an environment houses made with traditional wooden structures are more suited to live and can sustain for more than a hundred years. Brick mortar cement cannot replace.

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